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Matt: Good morning, everybody. Happy Wednesday, April 6. Well, good morning, anybody. It's morning because I guess there's some people around the world who think it might be evening or afternoon, wherever you are, whatever time it is. Thanks for tuning in and welcome to the show. My name is Matt and I post this occasionally, here and there typically Dave is Dave sharps hosting four days a week and I host one day a week. I've been covering the first few days of this weekend. They will be back tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. We live five days a week and have been for a really long time. We go live with people who are in our community, brand new people, people who have years of experience. It's kind of a wide range of people who are just all over the place in their journey online. A lot of or I should say most of them are just discovering. Discovering the sort of business model that they like to run. They're discovering how to get traffic, things like that. So we try to unpack a little bit about how they're doing that. Before we dive in with our guests for the day. I also want to just quickly mention, you text the letters WUL  to 8132968553. We have lots of people subscribed to our text message subscription. Every single morning that we go live you'll get a text message and it's just It simply gives you a little Winky just tap right in there. Super simple. And this morning we are living with a guest. Her name is Christie and she works full time as well. She has a full time job and then also has a full time job as a mom too. And let's bring in Christie for everybody who's here. Can you give us a big round of applause in the comments and welcome to Christie. What's up?

Christy: Good morning.

Matt:  Morning. Where are you calling in from?

Christy:  From my house. From my house in Florida.

Matt: Awesome. Well, thanks for coming on the show. Tell us a little bit about how you found legendary. Tell us a little bit about how you know you're doing pretty well. Now you're earning money. This is making you money. Tell us a little bit about how you know we're working overtime hours and how this sort of supplement works. This supplemental income from your online business has sort of changed a bit about your life and I find your questionnaire answers and stuff to be really relatable. So tell us a little bit about that.

Christy: Yes, absolutely. So I used to work 50 plus hours a week. That includes weekends. So Saturday and Sunday. And then like you mentioned I'm a mom of a one year old son. So 50 plus hours for me it's a lot of hours, maybe for some people it's not like that, that much of hours but it is a lot for me. But I never got to see my son because I had to leave for work really early. He's still asleep. And then by the time I got home, it was time for him to go to that so I never really got to see him and then I feel like I miss out a lot. And this is growing so much so fast and then I just want to be there you know, like experienced the whole thing and then I was actually on Tik Tok. I came across a legend on Tik Tok and I feel just like most people, I was skeptical at first I told my husband. He was skeptical at first, but I did my research. I did my research before I finally decided to start and I read a lot of good things about legendary from people's reviews and then I went to the website and there's just a lot of good, convincing information. So I finally decided to do the course. And by that I mean, it changed my life. Like right now I am able to like transition to work less hours to just 40 hours and it just changed my life in a way that I I don't have to worry about not making enough anymore and yes, I still work full time I still work my nine to five job but that's the job that I choose. Not the one that I feel trapped in so.

Matt: Super cool. I love it. And as you're sort of building out it will take us back to the you know, the moment you find legendary and you purchase it you start to get in the training. What's your thoughts as you're going through the challenge Are you like wow this is really cool Are you like I don't know if I can do this like

Christy:  I'm really grateful like I'm extremely benefited by it. It's really resourceful. So what I remember is what really got my attention. So when I did my research, like I said I saw a lot of good reviews about it. And then when I actually went to the website, I liked the fact that the emphasis is on. It's not like it's not like oh, it's easy, you know, like take this course and then you'll be successful. I believe you'll be able to do this no like the emphasis is on this course as it will be helpful to you. If you put in the work like if you're not if you don't want to put in the work. If you don't want to do that then don't take the course and that what really got me is knowing that he has the course will be helpful and it is really helpful like I started with zero knowledge and then and then I learned everything. I'm really thankful but the fact that I like most of the contribution is from me putting what I learn into action that is what really got me by and the course is really really helpful like it's so structured. It's literally it can be a little overwhelming at first by yeah but as I go like it starts to make more sense. And it's great.

Matt: Super cool. Did you when you got started so have you ever really liked doing content creation at all before like, what was your social media life like before this?

Christy:  Um, I like to not really No, I mean, I like to pose like something like random fun, but I never really like creating content like seriously.

Matt  Yeah, like it's what did you find? It easy or was it hard or like

Christy:  it's hard and easy at the same time. Like in my mind, I was just just enjoying the process like I don't need to stress out about it. Like you're not wasting your time you're learning might as well have fun with that. So yeah, that's what I've been doing just to enjoy the process. And just have fun. That's cool.

Matt: That's cool. So you've got what you have on Tik Tok? No, like 8000 followers. When was when you first started creating videos and what's how many like Do you have a set amount that you post or like what's your How do you go about the content creation?

Christy:  Yeah, so my first Tik Tok toe video I posted back in December. 2021. So in my mind, like, I'm gonna try my best to stay consistent, but I don't want to stress about it. Like I feel like part of the learning like don't stress about it, just enjoy the process. So my goal is to just stay consistent. Like if I could only post like two or three times a week, as long as I stay consistent, then it's fine for me. I think in the beginning, I was able to post like, I think two or three videos a day, but now I think I do like at least once a day.

Matt  Okay. Cool. I like that routine of like, once a day. Sometimes people are like, I post like, eight times a day and I'm like, dude, like,

Christy:, if I could do it, I would like yeah, that's really impressive. Like I would do it if I could, but

Matt  yeah, but I've also been telling people I think it's really important to make the pieces of content that you're putting out like to make them quality, rather than just non stop like just posting garbage. You know,

Christy:  right. Yeah, no, that's true. Be like even if I don't know what to pose like, I would go back to my comment section and then because like at one point, I get like multiple comments and then I try I will try my best to answer all of their questions so that I would go back and then if I can make a video out of it, I will. Or just like if I don't know what to post, I would be like, Hey, if you have any questions, let me know. Email me and just try to be helpful, like, yes, you're right. Like it's quality over quantity. Right? So just provide value, and all that good stuff.

Matt: Yeah, totally. I feel like you're from a content perspective. It looks really good. Like the quality is really good. And it to me, the reason I was asking about like, you know, did you find it hard or whatever it seems like you kind of jumped in right away and it was just kind of like you're off and running but from your first content videos, to now I definitely see an improvement to like, it's it's definitely you can see how over time you've started to learn and adapt and like feel out the algorithm a little bit more. That makes sense. What um, what are you on any sort of are you on any other platforms at all? Have you heard of any other platforms?

Christy:  Just Tik Tok for now. Wow.

Matt  Cool. Mastering Tik Tok. I like it. Um, and then, over time, do you feel like what's sort of the bigger picture like are you gonna? Are you going to stay in this job that you're currently in for a while until you sort of prove the concept bigger with more income? Are you going to build out on other social platforms like where do you see this going? I'm so curious.

Christy:  Right? So right now, I've been enjoying Tik Tok. I will want to do Instagram eventually. I will have to like to learn or I might as well just do it. We'll see. But yeah, so right now Tik Tok. The next step that I would take is probably I would take it to Instagram. Cool. That's the plan and then just, you know, build like, build another community, a great community on Instagram.

Matt  Yeah, yeah. You know what? I've been telling everybody this for the last couple of weeks on our Blueprints, training and on these lives. You know, when you go and do that, make sure that you don't miss out on Facebook reels also. Those are the amount of energy and sort of algorithm power that Facebook is putting into Rails right now. Is, is getting close to I think is getting close to what Tik Tok is that I don't think any site has really gotten super close, but I think that the amount of views and people following Facebook fan pages right now is something I haven't really seen since like 2010 or something like a long time back. Back when Facebook fan pages were a thing. And then and then maybe five years ago or so, Facebook, maybe four or five years ago, Facebook made this change, where they basically said we're not going to give any organic reach to our Facebook fan page. It's all going to be groups. And they're kind of backtracking now and realizing that was a mistake and because now everybody's on Tik Tok because it's the only place you can post organic content and grow a business. Yeah.

Christy:  Great.

Matt  Yeah, but don't you know if I were you Yeah, look into Instagram but also make sure that you know, cuz you can post things to Instagram that also go to your Facebook and it just connects directly over to your Facebook. So like just when you do that, it would be crazy to not also have your Facebook fan page set up so you can start growing that day because that's the beauty about the beauty about Facebook. If I can just rant for a second the beauty about Facebook is there's a lot to hate about Facebook. First of all, I know a lot of things about Facebook but the beauty about Facebook is that it's a storytelling platform, right. So the level to which you can engage is much broader. You can post photos, you can post long, written posts that are basically blog posts. You can post images, videos, all kinds of stuff. On different platforms and stuff like that. So yeah, it's it's yeah, it's just super, super powerful. And I think it seems like it's over the last 30 days. It's really been on the up and up and I'm telling everybody you know you should be omnipresent when you're creating your videos. You should be honest ceramiche Man, you already know this but yeah, so cool. This is awesome in your content creation and everything and you've got your side job like how are you finding that time? I'm mostly curious how you're finding the time for this like, Do you Do you now work typically like 40 hours a week and you come home afterwards and do it in the evening after the baby sleeps or like what? What does a typical day look like? This is crazy.

Christy: Yes. So after work, I would guess. Well, I do most of my work on the weekend. Like I said, work by it's just like one to two hours a day, sometimes less just to. Well, I check my email every day. But, like, on the weekend, I would just check my finals. And my email is to see if I need some improvement. I'm going to come up with a marketing strategy like a content strategy. I also record most of my content like on the weekend. So yeah, but yeah, it only takes like one to two hours. A day, sometimes less. And then yeah, after work. Now that I work like 40 hours, only 40 hours a week. I have a lot of free time. I mean, I come from working with people's hours. So anyways,

Matt  it's just funny because like, you know, I hear people all the time are like well, I've got a full time job or you know, 38 to 40 hours a week and I just don't have any time and you're like, Yeah, everything's like perspective.

Christy:  Yeah, no, I really love my job like I do. That's why I'm so thankful for the Corps from like, the fact that you know, I'm like at this point because like I said, like it's the job that I choose like it's great. It's like having an in house daycare for my son. So yeah, like being able to like transition. So like, I'm really grateful that after work, I would just respond to email and basically I'm trying to get back to people who ask me questions as soon as possible.

Matt: Yeah, that makes sense. And doing the content on the weekends makes a lot of sense, too. Because do you like batch content when you do that?

Christy: Yeah. I tried to do that. Yes. Nice.

Matt: Yeah. I feel like you know, batching maybe like five to 10 videos, and then you can post them over the course of the week which just makes your job and life a little bit easier. Have you ever played around with posting it at different times throughout the day? Do you have a time that you post that works best?

Christy: Yes, I do. But like even then. Even then it's not always 100% guaranteed like during this time yesterday it performed really well doesn't mean that it's gonna perform well for today or like the same day next week. So right now, yes, I used to have a specific time, okay, I have to post at this time, but now I just like whenever I have time, I'll just post it like I don't really care. Like I mean, I'm not gonna post at two o'clock in the morning. I feel like that's silly by you know, like, lunchtime afterward, just whenever I can. Yes. I don't really.

Matt: Yeah, it's just fascinating. I've had people from like, I've had people on the East Coast tell me that posting like, around nine or 10 pm has worked good for them. And then I've had other people who post like around then tell me you know, I didn't get any traction until I posted at like 6am. And for some reason I posted at 6am. And it just sort of like, take that in. And I just went super viral.

Christy:  It's just funny like with Tik Tok. I feel like how you say it, like sometimes I don't think it Matters what time like I used to think that it matters, but I don't think it matters anymore. Because let's say that you post at seven o'clock and then your views are low. And then at 11 o'clock, it would get like so many views so I don't think the time matters as much as the content that you post. Bingo. Yeah. Yeah, don't stress about it. Like for any of you watching, like don't stress about when to post, just focus on posting good quality content.

Matt: You just did. You just yeah, you just did something that I really like every week with people on webinars on our training webinars. I'm always asking these questions. And then I just did that dumb thing where I'm like, Well, what about the time that you post and you're like, Dude, it's you just did exactly that. It's dude, it's not the time that you versus the content that you pose. And it's so true, because there's people who asked me if this happens with hashtags. How many hashtags Should I post? Which hashtags? Should I post one hashtag and 10 hashtags? What should I do? And it's like, dude, like, videos could go viral with zero hashtags, like no hashtags at all. If the contents are amazing and you've got a great hook, the first three seconds, you've got a really compelling like, sort of quick moving video and a good call to action, or just things and then it starts over quickly. It can absolutely go viral fast, and basically all that other stuff doesn't even really matter. In fact, I recently saw this guy, you know, because people talk a lot about how hashtags put you into the right sort of place or, you know, whatever a topic and and, and, and I've seen multiple people in the last couple of weeks as you know, I stopped using hashtags because it helps me get more exposure. It helps me dive outside of this small little niche, make money online and actually new people are discovering me again. Fascinating. Yeah. Do you typically use just like a couple hashtags? Is that your strategy?

Christy: Yes. Just throwing. Yeah, I mean, you don't want to use a random hashtag you want to like, you want to make it as relatable as possible to your content. Yeah, you can't and then I wouldn't like coffee to use the same exact hashtag in the same order. I would Yeah, like, make it as relatable as possible.

Matt  Yeah, the more that you the more that you just use the same thing, same same caption and hashtags and stuff there their platform is going to look at your profile and be like, hey, something's a little bit fishy

Christy:  here.

Matt: Well, cool. This is awesome. Congrats on all of your success and see you Oh, yeah, okay. 8400 Yeah. Was it Oh, yeah. I was just saying congrats on all of your success. And if there's people out here who are watching, listening, tuned in. For those people who are maybe hesitant, they're going to set up their Tik Tok or their Instagram or their Facebook or YouTube or something. This week, and they're a little hesitant or something. What advice would you give them? What would you say to them? They're, they're nervous, and they're just like, they're feeling like geez, I don't know if I can do this.

Christy:  Um, so first of all adults press out about it. And during the process, have fun. Believe that you can do anything you can be whatever you set your mind to. Like I had several people email me, and then typically they would start with like they would give me like a little bit of their background like, Hey, I'm a mom are like, let's say for example, I'm a student, I'm trying to like they have my student loan. So can you help me with this? You know, affiliate marketing business and then what I always tell them is that, yes, you are more than capable of making it happen. You can do anything, you can do anything. You set your mind to set a goal. Stay focused on that goal. Stay consistent, put in the work and you will be doing just fine. Results will come and then I will be a beginner myself. And it's really hard because you want to see results right away. You want to see big results right away. Like I remember when I first started, I have this goal, like you know, a big goal. I won big results already. But over time I learned to just celebrate the small victory. You're new to it. Enjoy the process. Have fun, celebrate that. That first first email that you got your first lead like your first sale like my first commission. It's just like it's a really small commission, but I was so happy because it means that it works like you know, like until a beginner and it works and um, yeah, just celebrate the small picture victory and then just know that everyone's journey is different. And yeah, so yeah, and then I was gonna mention something about and then the thing about the course. The thing that I love about the course is that you can find answers like it has answers for everybody. It has training like legendary is there. No matter where you are on your online business journey, whether you're a beginner, whether you did something in the past, and you were really successful, and then you want to try again, like legendary has all the answer. I feel like for me, personally, that I think, Oh, that's cool. Yeah,

Matt  yeah, I feel like between Yeah, that's really well set between the training and then just the people that you connect to and are in the community. That's, I think everybody who comes on the show says, you know, the people here, and the people around are so helpful. Oh, that's really cool. Thank you. For that word of inspiration. That's really cool. And I also you know, I also just wanted to say for everybody who's listening or watching, you know, Chrissy did this, when she was working like 50 hour weeks and had a kid at the time under one right they were like six months or something. I mean, it's funny because there's so many differences and I don't, I don't know if excuses are the right thing, but there's maybe it is the right word, I don't know. But I like to think of it just more as like stories we tell ourselves in our head and we tell ourselves this story of like, Oh, I just don't have enough time or oh, you know, because we don't want to make our spouse mad or we don't want to take up time, you know, that we have to spend with friends or something but the truth is, is if you want something bad enough, I think like to get proof of this. It's like if you want something bad enough, you'll set up boundaries. And you'll say hey, this matters to me. And this could be a lot of things in life, relationships, Online Business, Education, whatever it is, but I think you know, what I took away today was you know, in the midst of a pretty hectic chaotic life, I would guess. You've got a lot going on and you found time so you didn't find time you made time. You made the time by setting hard boundaries. And and you went after and did it and and I feel like you're just getting started to your contents like going up. You're getting tons of leads. You're making sales, your incomes are growing month by month. over month so you're just crushing so well done and congrats on the success any final words? No.

Christy:  Yeah, just give any of you watching this keep crushing it like I said, just enjoy the process and yes, make the time to make it change in your life because your life will change. And you have that chance to make a change in your life. Take that chance and just just go for it. Just do it.

Matt: Super cool. I love it. Thanks so much. Christy I'll put up your TikTok so people can follow you and thanks again. Yeah, thank you. Yeah. All right. Here is Christy’s TikTok you can follow her at @christy.cdj and go follow her and watch some of her content. There's some really impressive, like viral videos that she's had that you know, when I watched them I thought there was interesting little algo the algorithm things that she's done in her videos that I think you could take away a tip or two from for everybody who's watching listening, make sure to go give her a follow and just give her a little shout out. Just say I found you on wakeup legendary and let her know what was inspiring to you. And someday you'll be on this show and Christy will be watching and then she'll go follow you. For everybody. Have a good rest of your Wednesday. Dave. We'll be back tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. For more wakeup legendary so make sure you tune in. We'll see you back here tomorrow on Thursday. Peace Out