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JoAnn: Hello, everyone and wake up. Welcome to wake up legendary. My name is JoAnn. I am a member of the marketing team here today and I will be your host of today's episode of wake up legendary. We have an awesome awesome guest today. I'm super excited for you to meet her. Her name is Bianca and let me welcome Bianca to the show. Hello. How are you doing today? 

Bianca: I'm doing really well. I'm doing really well. How about you?

JoAnn: I am doing awesome. So as always, if you are new to the show, you can definitely get reminders to check us out and whenever we go live you can text WUL to  (813)-296-8553. And get a quick reminder when we go live Monday through Friday, so be sure if you aren't getting these reminders definitely sign up for them. So Bianca, I'm super excited. How about you share with us really quick, why you picked today as your interview day and why that was important to you.

Bianca: Yeah, absolutely. So today is actually the seven year anniversary of the passing of my father. And you know, for the past six years, it's been something that of course has been a really sad day. And when I was invited on the show and I saw the date I just took that as a sign and put that today and moving forward it will be a day of celebration, as opposed to a sad day.

JoAnn: Oh, I love that. Obviously my condolences for your loss. But I love when you can turn any moment into a positive one and a celebration of life. That's amazing. So go back with us a little bit and share with us about your experience of watching your dad doing the nine to five and how you came about to starting your own online business.

Bianca: Yeah, absolutely. And I'd love to share a little bit of background of you know, where he came from and how he even got here, you know, to begin with, so, my dad grew up in rural Mexico and he was the oldest of seven children. And when he was four years old, he started working part time. So my dad was working on a pig farm and then he also was doing milk deliveries just to help support the family. And then when my dad was in the fifth grade, he actually had to leave school so that he could work full time so that my dad was 10 when he started full time work. And you know he had been doing that nine to five ever since except for my dad it was more so 4am until 6pm. So 12 plus hour shifts were something he was very much used to. And when he first came to America when he was 19 he was working three jobs. And then by the time that he started, you know, a family with my mother and we were all born. He was working one job, but it was seven days a week. So his work ethic has always been very strong. He's always had that mentality of needing to work to really support the family. That was his love language, that was the way that he communicated how much he cared. And that work ethic really passed on to me in so many different ways and I don't do manual labor like my dad did. But you know, just always being ready to rock and roll. Get things done. And push myself you know no matter what.

JoAnn: oh I love that. And those are qualities all of us need in our business, especially when starting out. So fast forward a little bit to what led you here and actually taking the leap of faith and starting something online.

Bianca: Yeah, absolutely. So there really was, I think, just a slew of things that had happened in my life and my family's life that kind of led me to this point. And it really started with when I was doing the nine to five and I unfortunately was not treated very well by my employer. This wasn't just me, it was the entire employee body. And it took me to be pregnant with my twins to really understand that. I had a high risk pregnancy and I was denied accommodations to work from home two to three days a week. So that I have less stress in my body and less stress for the babies. And then you know a lot of things happen. I watched my kids, you know, fight for their lives in the NICU for two and a half months, got back to work and just thought there's so much more to life than this. I need to be home with my kids. And then it was just a chain of events that kind of led them to me telling my husband one day said we need to we need to change this because I had the golden handcuffs at work, which means it's an HR term where they give you you know, a salary more inflated than technically the value of the role. So it makes it a lot harder for you to go somewhere else. And that happened to me and I couldn't stand feeling like I was a prisoner. And so um, we decided to sell our house and use the equity. We moved to Ireland. My husband is Irish and his family's there. They hadn't met our kids yet. And so we actually were planning to stay there permanently. We only stayed there for six months and my husband convinced us to move back to America. So we moved back this June and you know, it's like we went from having like a house and two cars and all middle class family to moving into a very small apartment and kind of like restarting our life and so it was just like taking these massive leaps of faith things that would probably scare other people and we knew that I knew that my you know, my family was likely really scared for us and the decisions we were making. And you know, then I found this TikTok video in October this past October talking about passive income talking about earning money while you sleep and I was like okay, you know what I've taken so many like big leaps of faith at this point like what is one more and what is $7 And that's how it started. 

JoAnn: Wow, What a story. So now that you have shared I read in the quick questionnaire that it was really that nine to five. What is it that you really hate, disliked in what you saw from your dad and from your own experience that you're like, I can't go back to that. 

Bianca: Yeah, yeah, that's a great question. You know, with my mother, I think that if he was such a strong worker, but at the end of the day, he really saw his, you know, leadership as people that he always needed to respect because they were giving him money. So it wasn't like I'm earning this and I deserve this. They're giving it to me. And I think that that mentality did pass on to me to some extent and of course it took me to have kids to search and understand, but you know, there's something that's not right here. The thing that really was unsettling to me beyond them denying my accommodation, you know, for my pregnancy, was having to ask them permission to go to the doctor. But this isn't just me. This is anybody who's in a nine to five. When you have children or even if you don't have children, you still have to ask permission to live your life. And that guilt that looms over your head when you go on your vacation and you feel like oh, I just need to check my email and I gotta make sure to stay on top of everything. Because you know that when you go back to work, just mounds and mounds of emails and you know, tasks and things to get done. It's like that's just that's not a way to live. That's like having that anxiety, having that fear and that feels like all of those things. Like why should we feel that way? And so like when this opportunity presented itself to, to have passive income to be my own boss to no longer have to ask that permission to not feel guilty to take my children to therapy. It was like Why wouldn't I do this?

JoAnn: Wow. Okay, so then here's my next question. Yeah. I'm sure there's some fear involved. Some concern you're going in, you're going to jump in both feet. Did you overcome that? Like I'm not going to do the nine to five. I don't have a million dollars in the bank. But I need to do this. I need to go down this path and start this journey. How did you do it?

Bianca: You know, what I learned from my dad is about being really resourceful. And one of the biggest, like things that I ever took from his life was that when he came to America and he didn't know English, he didn't know where to go to learn it. But he figured it out. He actually learned from Sesame Street, one of the things that are right in front of your face that's so easy and accessible, and you don't think about it and it's like that creative resourcefulness I used that I like, how Can I channel this into my life? Um, so I, you know, talked with my husband and he is a stay at home dad. He is with the kids to allow me to do things like this. And I started doing contracting work, because to me, there was just so much more flexibility I was able to say when am I available? And, you know, each week I'd have a set schedule, I can, you know, change it around based on whatever my kids might need that week. So that really gave me a ton of flexibility to be able to do this and honestly like I would not be able to do this without my husband like that's for sure. You know, he's just an amazing person and he's my rock and he loves this idea. So he's, you know, loves seeing my success so far and it's great and it's nice to know that I still have, you know, extra income coming in. I kind of learned that from, you know, the 15 day business builder challenge. We talked about multiple streams of income and how important that is. So having, you know, the two contractor roles plus this has just been really helpful.

JoAnn: Yeah, so it really sounds like it's not you're asking yourself, How can I do this? Being resourceful is so key, not just in your art business that we're starting anything we do. It really comes down to Alright, how badly do I want this? How do I make it happen and really just putting your blinders on if I'm going to figure this out. What can I do to make this work? And having a supportive husband, okay, so you went through the challenge? Were there any big aha moments for you when you were going through it?

Bianca: You know, a lot. I think that one of the things that really stuck out the most was about the mindset piece. That was just, you know, something I feel like Dave really just like hammered home and, you know, when it was talked about with Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and you know, recommended to read that I did. And there was just so much reflection that I did after reading that book and of course, after just taking the challenge in general, and I did think to myself, like, do I have a rich dad? Do I have a poor dad way like Robert  And I thought about it, it's like, well, technically, I mean, literally, my dad was really poor and like, you know, obviously like, built a really great life. Um, but like he never put me in a box to say Bianca you need to go to college and you need to do this like this is the only way to do it. It was like anything that I did was amazing to him, right? And he always just encouraged me to go out and do whatever I wanted to do to chase my dreams. He actually wanted me to be a singer, but he was a big dreamer, and I loved that about him and that I think just being able to really relate back to my personal life with taking the 15 Day Challenge just meant so much to me, because I just connected with it really, really well. And my mind was shifting and it was opening to the possibilities of leaving that kind of, you know, societal norm of going to your educational institution, getting your degree potentially even going further and doing graduate studies. You know, I got two master's degrees and I was very much aligned with the norm. And I still do not feel self fulfilled after all of that. And it's like we really, I think, embrace that, that for your educational institution track. And it's okay for us to put ourselves in student debt. And to have that, again, just, you know, looming over our heads for a good chunk of our lives thereafter, and thinking man, I've been successful, but then we're presented with this idea of, you can start to change your life in a minimum of 15 days, and just completely, you know, actually get a great income based on how much effort you put into your business and we get scared. Why is that? And if those were the big things that were kind of like running through my head as I was taking the course.

JoAnn: So for you, what was your why is that why do i Why do I have fear? Why do we as a society have fear? What do you think that was for you?

Bianca: A lot of it has to do with external factors. At least you know, for me it was the fear of judgment of what people would say to me because I've always cared about what other people think. And I'm the kind of person that you know, I would never want to hurt my family. I would never want them to feel disappointed in me. You know, all of those things, and I think a lot of people can relate to that. And that's really where the fear stemmed. And it was also the fear of failure of you know, doing something like this and failing but, you know, taking that same you know, frame of mind, you could go through four years of college and technically fail. By not pursuing a career that was aligned with your major. Alright, so you just have to put it into perspective.

JoAnn: Right? Okay, so we finished the challenge. We're learning everything. You've got a little fear, but you're all in, you're gonna figure this out. Yes, and I know people are asking about it in the comments. How did you overcome that fear to take action to poster first tick tock to really go all in with it and show up for your business?

Bianca: I mean, I mean, this is again, where you know, my, my father's story just, it pushed me. It pushed me to just keep going because this was a man who dedicated his life to supporting his family. And you know, my father died in a very tragic work accident. And so that is really been the biggest driving factor for me. is knowing that, what he was subjected to and what happened to him in the end, and I just thought to myself, only live once and if I continue to let fear drive me and be the author to my book of life, then when do I get to live? And so it was just a lot like talking with my husband and saying, like, here are my thoughts. I need you to hear my thoughts out loud. Like do you think that we can do this because I think that I can do this if you believe in me I believe in me like that kind of thing. And I just thought today's the day to take the plunge now I did. I purchased the business blueprints and that there was just so much more resources and education for me to access which I loved and I love that you can actually learn and you know, build the plane as you fly at the same time you can rock and roll and that was just so great for me to really start to put things into action. And you know, I did like drafts, you know, with my Tik Toks. And I thought okay, like today's the date that you're gonna put this Tik Tok out. And finally, I just really thought about everything. And I'm like, You know what, my dad did so much more and he sacrificed so much for us. Like I can do this Tik Tok and so I posted it and once I posted it, I posted three more that night because I was just so determined to like really just drive it home and put myself out there and it changed everything. It's like once you really take that even that first baby step, everything else follows suit.

JoAnn: Right and the world didn't end, the trolls did show actually. But let's go back to something that you said at the start of that, fear as the author of our book of life. Yes. That's, that's big. I mean, I think so many of us, that is who is the author of our life that's deciding things for us that is deciding our next step. And I said okay, that that the motion to control us,

Bianca: right, right. And sometimes we just don't even realize it because we think our comfort is a you know safe place but sometimes our comfort is in fear. And that's really I think what was happening to me before I left my nine to five you know, I thought I have a good paying job. We have strong benefits. The kids can access great doctors and all those things. It was like, but really I was making excuses. And I was driven by fear. I felt that I was a prisoner of my job. And it just had to do something to shatter it and to just start over. 

JoAnn: Wow, wow.Holy schmoly I mean, that's, I think that you nailed on the head exactly what majority of people are nervous about and really control whether or not they are willing to take action to really go all in with us. So to that person that's watching right now, and it's like she's describing where I'm at right now. How do I do this? How do I go all in with this? What's your piece of advice for that?

Bianca: My biggest piece of advice is definitely always self reflecting. Ask yourself Why am I still in my nine to five and then oh because I have you know job security. Why do you have job security and sometimes when you scale it down that much you start to realize that it's not really a reason. There's something else there and I think just self reflection is so important. Talking it, talking to someone, finding a confidant. Sometimes it's not our family when it comes to something this big, you know, taking a plunge and that's unfortunate to say but sometimes it's not. So finding that one person that you can trust. I mean, we do also have, you know, the marketer Facebook group. I think that's an awesome resource for people to ask a question like that and hear a lot of people also tell their story. It's so important. But being able to find that community of like minded individuals so that you don't feel like you're alone. And then just kind of going from there and sometimes we're not ready right away. But if you start doing the work by asking yourself the question, and by reflecting that is a step in the right direction.

JoAnn: Awesome, awesome. All right. So you are showing up on TikTok? Right and you're a little bit just starting out on Instagram but your main traffic source is TikTok, how's it going? How's that experience going for you?

Bianca: You know, it's going as well as it can right now. I haven't gone viral or anything at that point, but I'm okay with that. Because to me, I'm learning every single time that I post a TikTok I do still self-reflect . I do practice what I preach. And I try to understand you know more about things like the videos that have gone viral studying them and being able to, you know, do my own version of it. Seeing what you know, followers are most receptive to I think is really important. And just continuing to put out content. Now I do have, you know, two and a half year old twin boys. And it does get a little bit hard sometimes definitely. One of my sons, you know, was just diagnosed with autism and they both are in therapy. They were born very early in life. And so you know, juggling all of that does get really hard but time management has been so important for me to find that block of time that I can dedicate each day worth. I have a larger window over weekends, you know, saving videos of my draft and then posting them as I can throughout the week. So it's just I found time and time again, look, that consistency is just so important to not to let the numbers get you down. Because overall you're getting yourself out there and you're working on getting that organic traffic.

JoAnn: Right. Wow, that was huge. And that's really what it's all about being consistent. Yeah, time management. When you have the time and the drive or that creative spirit. Do a whole bunch of different videos. Put them in your drafts, So who is your avatar? Who what's the audience you're trying to reach?

Bianca: Um, I resonate most with individuals who do have children and you know, are looking for that way to possibly escape the nine to five so that they can have the flexibility to be home with our kiddos or even just be more present in their lives and they can right now. I definitely find that to be so important just of course with everything that has happened in my life. But I'm also opening or excuse me, I'm also open to helping you know other individuals because for me, you know, I've been an HR for 10 years and so helping everyone has always been my thing. But of course I resonate most with the individuals who do have little ones at home and are looking to have that flexibility.

JoAnn: Right. I love it perfectly. Do you put them on your videos or keep them off the screen?

Bianca: I put my son in one video and it did actually work out really well. Sometimes it's hard since he keeps reaching for the camera and I'm like, Oh, no. I mean, they've been in the room a lot when I make TikToks and for those ones of course I just mute the original sound and just kind of like you know, I'm pointing at Scotts nobody knows that my kids are screaming and jumping on the bed. Well it's been so it works.

JoAnn: have a video camera on them showing this being an entrepreneur running your business making content wins in the background, right keeping it authentic and real to the story. It's also an example of because back to what we talked about at the start, there's always a way you just figure it out. This is my roadblock. This is my roadblock. I can't do this. I don't have enough time. I have toddlers. I have this. I have that and this is my life and we're gonna roll and make it the best. It worked the best way possible. So for anyone feeling like they just don't have time. That's kind of common. I don't. I don't have time. I don't know how to make this work. I know you're dealing with a lot of juggling. So how do you practice time management?

Bianca: Yeah, it's a good question. You know, I think that with my sons and especially my you know, my son who was recently diagnosed with autism, I mean he's had it all his life we've noticed that. So the reason I bring that up is because sometimes he has good hours and bad hours and sometimes he has good days and bad days and that does dictate what happens in our schedule that day. So, you know, for me, it's always like you have to be able to roll with the punches and just say these are the things that I know I have to get done today. Absolutely. And then you just find ways to fit them in. I mean, last night is a really good example. My son was having so many meltdowns. Throughout the day. And of course, I was also doing my contracted work. And we went for a car ride late at night and I knew I still had to post them so I know as soon as they went to bed, I went and I did my Tik Toks because I'm like, I have to get these done. It's important for my business and I just have to keep my eye on the prize and you just always have to ask yourself, Why am I doing this? And I think that's always just a huge motivator and I remember on wakeup legendary just like a few episodes back somebody was talking about motivation plus discipline, that that's really what makes success and I completely just resonated with that. And I think that's just important to reiterate to people out there that if you want this bad enough, you can be motivated and you can discipline yourself to really drive this home. Right.

JoAnn: so I am going to put up right now where everyone can find you on TikTok @theresyncedmama, Give her some love, give her a follow, start watching her videos and it was so awesome to have you on today aka any last words shared with our audience, who are also just starting out where you are. You're newer to this. So any last piece of advice before we go for anyone starting out?

Bianca: Yeah, definitely. There's no time like the present really just put the excuses aside and maybe today is your day. Don't let anyone get in your way. Don't let fear drive your life. Please, please don't because you only live once. And so break down those barriers no matter what and you will find the opportunity.

JoAnn: Wow. Amazing and perfect and I can't wait to have you back on for another visit when you even further post on how things are going. I'll definitely be watching as well. I'm so excited for you and thank you so much for coming on the show today.

Bianca: Absolutely. Thank you JoAnn.

JoAnn: All right, everyone, definitely go follow Bianca. It is on Tik Tok. You will not be disappointed. I love her energy.  So everyone have a great day we will be back on live tomorrow and see you then take care, bye.