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Dave: My friends, good morning. So, thank you singular and plural, my friends, I am talking directly to you. And I'm also talking to our family here. Good morning to each one of you, good afternoon, good evening, it is, let's see, September 17 and I am fired up here's why. Our guest this morning canceled at the last minute, literally, literally, about two minutes before we were ready to go live. And I think that's a familiar situation for a lot of people in the spirit of the fact that it just didn't work out the way that you planned. And one of the things that I've sort of learned about entrepreneurship and marketing is that it's a lot of time and not going to work out the way that you plan to work out. So just again, and I'll reiterate this a couple of times over the next few minutes just so people understand what I'm talking about. Our guests this morning canceled at the very last minute. Now, a lot of people would, in that situation, especially if you're not conditioned, if you're not conditioned to adjust quickly. Okay, if you're not, if you're not used to having to, you know, think quickly on your feet and pivot, almost like it reminds me a lot like baseball. All right, like baseball what baseball taught me when I played baseball when I was young, especially being on the pitcher's mound and I throw a pitch, and somebody hits a line drive right directly back to my nose. I got to think fast, boom, I gotta catch that ball, I can't just lose oh god I don't even have time to think above about or not do, you know, you're seeing that Progressive Insurance commercial where the guys like coaches people on how not to be their parents, you know, always think that one's funny. 

So anyways, this morning, our guest canceled about two minutes before we went to live here, and, you know, because I've been in that situation so many different times. It's not a big deal to me. It's, it's, I can pretty much think on my feet. As a matter of fact, one of the things that I love to do, you know, as a mentor, right, there's a lot of people who call themselves mentors in this industry but really then go on to blow a bunch of smoke up people's asses, my job, I think, as a mentor if I'm going to be a mentor to anybody is telling you the absolute, son of a bitch and truth about what is really going on and what really happens day to day and not just pretend like it's going to be. Let's all hold hands and run through a field of flowers, it's going to be great, It's not, it's gonna be scary as shit sometimes in for, for you, if you're brand new and say, for the very first time you are doing some sort of an interview or you're doing a live webinar or you're going live on TikTok or something. And all of a sudden something happens, you know, your kids come busting in the door, or you can't get your slides to work on your computer or your internet goes out and you're five minutes late or 10 minutes late and you're all frazzled, how do you could, How do you keep your composure in that moment and how do you still follow through and deliver like a professional. That's the question. And I titled this episode. This number one secret to unlimited confidence and motivation, because the, the number one way to build confidence is to develop trust in yourself that you can pull through anything. And then once you do, you become inspired by yourself in your own story and you no longer have to rely on other people to inspire you. 

In other words, when you're at a gas station, you don't have to go to the gas station.

You can just fill up right at home. If you just fill up right at home. And for me, you know that is been one of the, I guess secrets of my success, you know, and it's not something that I purposely did I just look back on it now and I say, you know that's probably the number one way that I've developed confidence, and then also ignited motivation because I actually develop confidence through going through situations that were tough, and getting through them like somebody in once again if you're just coming on, or you're just tuning in, our guest canceled very last moment. I mean literally two minutes before we went live, and because I've been in this sort of a situation so many times, it's not really like a panic mode situation. I'm not going to cancel the show because our guests didn't show up. I used to do this show without a guest, you know, and I would just come up with things to talk about, come up with stories to tell, come up with value to deliver. You know, so again, the number one secret to confidence and motivation is, first and foremost, expecting things not to work out the way that you plan them. Expect also in your marketing that people are not going to do exactly what you want them to do. Right, that's life. Some call it Murphy's Law and get all negative about it like well, It's always something. You know we don't have to go to those extremes but the truth is that life is life, we're not actually in control. We're not in control of Mother Nature and we're not in control of the other 8 billion people on this planet. And so people are gonna do some crazy shit that you don't want them to do and you ain't gotta be in control level. The only thing you're in control of is your own self, and what you do. And so when somebody doesn't do what you want them to do, or what you planned on, or even what you agreed on. How many folks, or, or even yourself, do you know that when a business deal or something didn't turn out the way that you wanted it to turn out all the sudden that completely ruined their entire future they got depressed or they went into kind of this mode to where I, I knew, you know, people are just bad, or whatever it just kind of ruined them. Well that's a lack of acceptance, and Lisa said it right. People will disappoint you, in the guest this morning. 

I don't want to make it seem like he disappointed me. He didn’t, because, honestly, every single day when I wake up to run and operate and doom and build my business, I don't, I'm not relying on other people. If nobody shows up. Imagine this, if nobody showed up. Not a single one of you showed up. Okay, we got almost 170 people. We were seven or eight minutes late and we got 170 people on right now, if 170 of you, and they'll probably be 1000’s more than listen but imagine if not a single one of you did. Tomorrow, I woke up and just, I don't know none of you liked my haircut or my hat . You know, you're like oh this guy can tell he's got dragon breath I can't even I can't even watch him. I can't, I can't smell it but I can't watch him, right, and then none of you just showed up, none of the team of Legendary here showed up. What would I do, what I just, I guess it's all over. I guess it's all over you know nobody, nobody wants to listen and nobody showed up, nobody showed up to the party. I don't give a damn if you show up to the party or not I'm still turning 38 You know what I mean. Life goes on. Life goes on. And that's part of the, I don't know if it's, I don't know if it's Killer Instinct. It's certainly a learned behavior I can, I know it's not something I don't want anybody to think that this is something that I was born with or anybody else who's executing on a high level is born with. It's not something that you're born with. 

It's not something that you know is in your DNA, you either got it or you don't, you know, you're either a badass entrepreneur who can pivot and deal with ups and downs or you're not you're a loser. I don't believe that it's a learned behavior. And at first it hurts like a son of a bitch, you know, it's kind of like the first time you ever got your heart broke, you know, you were like the light you were suicidal you're like oh my god, life is over, you know and hopefully that was young, you were young when that happened, then, you know, over the next couple of years you you know you were like okay you know hey I'm going to win some I'm going to lose some, you know, I'm going to get dumped a few times, you know, not everybody's going to be for me.

And the same thing happens in marketing and sales which ultimately is the foundation of what we're all doing. You know if I based my kind of self esteem, off of the 97% or 96% of people who say no to my offers every day, because our like front end challenge converts at about 4% to cold traffic. That means only four out of 100 are saying yes and three or four out of 100 are saying yes. And I can take that in. Let that snowball and be like, 96 people out of 100 Don't buy don't like this, it must means I saw you no no I, when I started to realize that the conversion rates, I mean that's that's how marketing works I mean that's actually a fairly good conversion rate you start getting down into 1% one to 2% That's when it's like, Shit, I need to do something to improve this offer, you know, you start getting into three and 4% It's, it's like wow, this offers crushing it actually, it's a pure standing, the big picture. And I think sometimes, you know, we get, especially if we're new, we get kind of stuck in the moment and we make mountains out of molehills. And in the long term, in the long game one little day where something doesn't happen the way that you want it or once or twice or three times a day, when something doesn't happen the way that you want it, you know, my wife and I were reading just being silly last night and reading that the average person farts 10 to 20 times a day, you know, I'm thinking to myself, golly, all these beautiful human beings that I see all over the world. They're actually farting 10 to 20 times a day. I mean I know I fart 10 to 20 times a day. That's a minimum right but all of these people all over the world who are beautiful, smart 10 to 20 times a day. I mean, it's kind of like, there's a lot of shit, no pun intended, happening on a daily basis. And in, if I'm farting 10 to 20 times a day and I'm having. I think the average person has 1000’s of thoughts. I can't remember exactly how many thoughts. I think that you can just Google it, how many thoughts do I have a day. I think it's like 6000 or some crazy mess, you know, if I'm farting 10 to 20 times a day. If I'm having 1000’s of thoughts per day, if I'm having, you know, dozens, or, or hundreds of interactions, whatever, you know probably dozens of interactions with people each day. If I'm doing dozens of things in my business each day, there's a good chance that some shit is not going to go the way that I want it to go, and I need to expect that.

And the way that I'll build my confidence is by overcoming those just in the moment. Okay, keep going, you know, just like this morning the guy didn't show up, you know, really excited to talk to him just like everybody else, but he didn't show up and what am I going to do. Oh, cancel the show. No, I'm leaving. We're going this, I'm leaving 100 in, you guys, you know, you think I'm funny this morning. Great, I wish you know, I tried to be a comedian in the house and they're like, funny, like come here and you guys take a button. That's great. Sometimes you don't need to get new material, you just need to get a new audience, you know what I mean my wife heard me tell the same jokes 1000 times so I'm always just trying to find a new audience. Instead of getting new material. But, you know, building confidence, and then and then becoming inspired, really, I think the biggest secret to becoming inspired is really truly becoming inspired by your own story. And if you can overcome the low point where you're at, When you start because we all start a business or start a major life change. Because we want change, because we consider our lives at a low point, or like it could be much better. So, if you can overcome that moat at that point in your life, and build your life up to a place where you're doing better. That's gonna take a lot of little kinds of stops along the way to where you're overcoming shit, that, that didn't go your way, you know what I mean that's how you get to the top, that's how you become successful. And each one of those situations is going to build your kind of story and your pride in yourself. And eventually what will happen and this is kind of why I tell my story so much and why I use my story so much and I literally do I. I tell my story which basically, for me, my story is, you know I was homeless and addicted to drugs and alcohol. Back in 2008, and I got clean and I've been clean since then, and had a chance to build businesses, and really turn my struggles into my strengths and my mess into a message, and you can substitute, whatever my homelessness and addiction with your, wherever you're at right now is at one of the lowest points of my life. I was depressed, I was suicidal. I was going to a job every day and felt like an empty shell, whatever it is I was in mountains of debt, right, each one of you has that low point, right, that you can talk about, and then you begin to build your hero's journey, which is full of ups and downs, but, of what it is, over time, you're going up, right, because eventually you'll be in a better place, and you'll become inspired by yourself, and then you'll tell your story, not only because it's a great tool and it is, it's a great tool to build reports a great tool to market to your audience, it's, it's, for me, it's the number one most powerful thing that out of all the marketing stuff that I've taught the number one piece of feedback that I get from people is showing them how to go from just being a mechanical marketer, where do I point where do I click to understand the dynamics, your psychology and the psychology of others. 

And one of the best ways to, you know, hook into people, is with story and telling a hero's journey. But it's really cool when you come to, when you start getting inspired by your own story, and you actually look forward to telling your story, you actually get excited and pumped up when you tell your story. Why? Because you're inspired by how far you've come. And when that happens you never need to go to the gas tank. You don't need others to motivate you, you don't need others to pump you up, you don't need to go to other places. You don't need to watch endless YouTube videos, you don't need to watch endless motivations, this or that you don't need to become a seminar junkie to where you have to go to a seminar jump up and down to be inspired and motivated, it's built in.

So invite and look for and expect those moments that don't go the way that you want them to go, expect them. All right, know that they're coming. Here's another thing. I don't usually announce this because I like to speak to our general audience of marketers who are taking the skills that we teach and utilizing them and using them in various different niches, whether it's to make money online, whether it's the health niche, whether it's the, you know, some, we've got people in all kinds of different niches, using these skill sets promoting all kinds of different products today at 3pm Eastern time we're doing a webinar exclusively for our affiliates. Okay, people who said and decided that they wanted to become affiliates of Legendary and use our marketing systems and promote our products, okay and utilize all the tools that we provide, as a company to partner with our affiliates to help you convert sales, make money, build your business, build your list, and ultimately get to where you want to go. So if you're not an affiliate, okay you can actually go down and apply to be an affiliate, okay, and you will do that by simply going to our front of our site. And again, if you don't want to be an affiliate, you don't have to be an affiliate, okay, but if you want to you can go down, you can go right here to Legendary marketer, calm, and you can go down to the, to the bottom of the site and click affiliates right here and you can sign up to be an affiliate, you can either sign up for free, or you can sign up for pro, either one, and we'll email out today to all of the affiliates we've been emailing out, but we're going to email out a couple more times before 3pm Eastern time. If you're an active affiliate, an invite to that webinar. And on that webinar what we're going to talk about is the number one opportunity that's in front of all of our eyes right now and it's bigger and better than anything that's been, that's that's that's existed in at least the last decade since I've been online, and a lot of us are just not taking advantage of it the way that we can, so we're going to reveal what that opportunity is so it's crystal clear to you and then we're going to give you some training that has already just over the past week helped some of our affiliates to go from, you know, struggling to becoming number one in terms of most sales done in a day so it's really, I'm really excited about it so if you want to come to that webinar at 3pm Eastern time. For email and register for that webinar, or again, come to scroll down to the bottom of the site you can click affiliates right here down at the bottom of the site. And this is usually how you find all of the affiliate programs for any company or product that you want to be an affiliate of usually, you go right to the front of the site scroll all the way down to the bottom and you'll see something that says affiliates or partners or affiliate program affiliate opportunity, something like that, and that's where you'll find the affiliate application but anyways I'm really excited about that if you didn't get that email. You can of course, you know, contact customer support at Legendary and we'll get through that link as well. And I'll see those of you who are affiliate on that webinar later this afternoon at 3pm Eastern Time and for the rest of you, I want to just invite you to expect those challenges and all of you really okay I invite you to expect those challenges to know that things are not going to go your way. And the more that you expect that, and then you overcome that, the better and quicker you'll build your confidence, and the quicker you'll get to that place that you want to go, so you can turn your struggles, into your strengths you can turn your mess into your message and you can turn this business, both into a source of profit, and a livelihood for yourself. And this is where it gets really cool, and where it gets fun, and where it gets meaningful. 

You turn it into the greatest source of inspiration that exists inside of your life. and that's where you really become an inspiration to yourself, you become an inspiration to others. You know, sometimes your family, you know, sometimes they come later. But especially you become to, you know that inspiration to people out in the world and you who's sitting there who's just, you know, thinking oh what do I have to offer all the sudden you start getting comments and messages and emails back from people saying, the value that you deliver it really changed my life. Thank you. Thank you for waking up and doing what you do. And then that just pours on and adds to your inspiration before you know it can nobody hold you down and.

Alright guys, get out of here. Have a fantastic Friday. See you. If you're an affiliate this afternoon at 3pm Eastern time. For the rest of you, we'll see you Monday at 10am Eastern Time for another episode.