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Matt: Greetings everybody welcome in, Happy Wednesday, it's Wednesday September 1st. My name is Matt. I'm here to live with you. It is 10am Eastern, it is 7am. My time so let me move this around on my screen a little bit here and there we go. Okay so, sometimes, typically on these, we have a guest and we've got guests lined up for about a month out, and this morning we had a last minute cancellation so instead of having a guest, what I thought would be cool is if we did a basically free mini lesson. And we do this from time to time when we have a no show or, you know, something comes up or whatever. And typically, I'll bust out the whiteboard. So if you're tuning in live with us, and you haven't seen my little, my super incredible whiteboard drawing skills. Well, you're going to get to see him today. 

Okay, so we're gonna do a little, we'll do a little whiteboard session this morning, and it's gonna be fun. It'll be engaging. I'll try to take some questions along the way and do a little heart in the comments if you can if you've seen my whiteboard drawings before. And we're rockin ‘right away. For those of you who are just tuning in, just joining us, I just mentioned that we had a last minute cancellation from our guests, and so we're going to do a free little whiteboard training it's gonna be pretty engaging, and we're gonna do some drawing on the screen, and it'd be totally free if you don't know me my name is Matt I'm the CMO here, and I host these every Wednesdays, typically they will host, most of the days, and then I host every Wednesday. Okay, so we do these every single weekday at 10am, Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, if you're newer or if you don't already get our text messages you can text the letters WUL 813-296-8553 So, you send a text message to that number on the screen, and the text message should only say WUL. All right, no, sometimes it does autocorrect or some random crap so if that happens, just make sure it says WUL Okay. 

All right, so this morning, and typically when I do these kind of whiteboard sessions here's, here's typically what I do I bring some sort of train of thought or something that's on my mind, and has been, you know, either haunting me or keeping me up at night, and I want to share it with you all so there's been something on my mind lately, and it's, it's something that should be the number one focus for affiliate marketers or for digital marketers for anybody who's marketing a business online, and for some people it starts out as the focus, and then they lose focus right, and they start looking at and directing their attention to a lot of different things. Sometimes people call the shiny object syndrome but really I don't think it's as much shiny object syndrome as it is. What I'm going to talk about today, I think it's just a lack of clarity, a lack of clear focus on one singular thing, and making that one singular thing, the main thing. So I wanted to start off though, with a little drawing to set this up. Okay, so if you're paying attention, watch on my screen as I draw this out for you. I want to just start out with just a little example to show you kind of where I'm coming from, or where I want to set this up for the day. So, this is a little road intersection here okay so imagine that this is that this is a little road and we've got a four way intersection. Okay, so we've got traffic coming from four ways, alright. And we've got a little intersection here. You probably see me draw this, or something similar to this before but basically for most internet marketers. The, the, the collision or intersection of perfect traffic, and let me actually put the word perfect here. Perfect traffic meets perfect offer equals sales. 

Okay, so you put perfect traffic in front of a perfect offer in front of the perfect traffic, and that equals sales or what we would call conversions, right. So a perfect offer gets put in front of perfect traffic meeting the right person, right the right offer at the right time, sometimes somebody says, okay, so that is the intersection, that's where dollar signs start to happen. Now, I said it's the number one focus for affiliate marketers now, there's an interesting characteristic or an interesting thing about affiliate marketers, Okay, that's a little bit different than let's say, a business owner who owns the products right what's unique to a, an affiliate marketers that they don't actually own the products. Okay, you guys all understand that right, you don't actually own the products you're selling , and what we focus on here is selling digital products that are owned by somebody else. So, in the affiliate marketing world, you don't control everything, you don't control every piece, and specifically you don't control this piece right here, The offer. Okay, you don't control the offer, or, you know, sort of the conversion rate, the rate at which it sells. Okay, you don't control the sales process. 

Okay, you don't control the actual like checkout process right there's a lot of variables that an affiliate marketer, doesn't understand that they don't control, that they don't, they're not able to, to adjust or play around with, or test, or be in control of right now there's benefits to that and there's also downsides to that you have less control but the benefits are, you don't deal with things like merchant accounts, okay, you don't deal with things like support, you don't, none of that crap. Okay. You don't have to deal with any of it. None of the overhead, payroll, all of that stuff you don't have to deal with. So with that leaves affiliate marketers to leave their complete and total focus on something called Finding and getting perfect traffic, meaning the number one focus for affiliate marketers should be. As you can see right here on my screen to drive traffic, and I can't write very well but it's to drive traffic. 

Okay, so here's what happens. Now some of you were like well that's pretty simple. Well here's what happens. Here's what I watch happen. Okay. What I watch happen time and time again, is that a lot of people they'll come online. Okay so let's call this, let's call this guy, Larry. Alright so Larry comes online. And Larry's happy go lucky he, He's got his phone here, and Larry hops on TikTok Okay, Larry goes out and gets 5000 followers. Okay, and he starts to make some money. Okay, great job, Larry, nice job.

Way to go, get on TikTok, you face your fears and you're killing it right now. Larry goes out and gets 500 customers. Now I watched this happen all day long so pay close attention here because what I'm doing, and remember right now we're in this, we're in this time in place. Now, do not give me any political nonsense in the comments, I will ban you immediately but we're in this little political time right now where people are fighting over vaccines, cheering, giving vaccinations, whatever. What I'm doing right now is I'm giving you a pure digital vaccine, okay, here's the digital vaccine. When, when you hit 500 customers, if you're not there yet, you're going to start worrying about this, okay, you're going to start worrying about, you know, the thing that I'm going to talk about here in just a second, you're going to start feeling what I'm going to explain right here so I'm giving you a little miniature vaccine, so that it's a little dose of what's to come. So when it comes you're ready for it. When it comes and you start to feel like you're ready for it. So, later he goes out and gets 500 customers. Okay, so now he, he begins to wonder, you begin to wonder in the sun and in this subtle persistent part of his mind he starts to wonder. I thought I'd have more money by now. I'd have more money but I don't know what's going on, maybe this offer doesn't convert quite as well as I thought. Or maybe it is. 

Maybe, maybe their sales process isn't as good as I expect, right, if conversion rates, or maybe something. Now, this little creeping doubt is mostly the cause for the distraction from what should be the number one focus, people start to feel a little bit distracted, they start to put their focus on little things. For instance what comes into his mind. What about their sales team is their sales team doing good enough. 

All right. What about their follow up, what about this company's follow up, what about the, what about what about their conversions maybe their conversions aren't as good as I thought. Right. And so what they try to do is they try to search and solve the company's problems and start to solve company's problems that aren't their problem to solve. And then here's what happens. Right. Actually, it sort of compounds the original issue, which is there's not enough traffic. Okay, so if they're not getting enough money. The only real thing that they can control, or that they should even try to control is this one thing right here, which is traffic. Okay, so, meaning how many eyeballs can they possibly generate and how many leads can they generate through this sales funnel through this sales process, right. So, there's not enough traffic, now they start to get a little bit distracted with all these other things that are out of their control, but now they're, they're wondering, right, a seed of doubt has crept in, maybe they got a message from somebody on Facebook saying oh they're that products not as his products not as good as you thought. They're not as good as he thought, now how do I know that this happens because I get a lot of emails about it, because I get people asking and wondering, there's nothing wrong with this, you're free to wander whatever you want. But what happens when you get into this mindset of, you start to play around in your mind and start to, you know, your thoughts run amok as Michael Scott would say, whew, you lose focus on the one thing that can actually grow your bottom line revenue. It's the one thing you control completely, which as a digital affiliate marketer is traffic, it is clicks, its leads, Right. So, what you have control over is your content right, is my content good enough. What you have control over is going live, whether that's a webinar or whether that's on your TikTok or Instagram or YouTube. What you have control over, Facebook, Well you have control over your lead generation, right, you have control over all of these things, and focusing on just, and this is all considered getting traffic, focusing just on these three things, is your key to remaining focus but also to not getting distracted by a bunch of complete and total nonsense that are frankly just outside of your control. Right. So, when it comes to the number one focus. There's only a few things that are actually inside of your control. One is your content, or your ads content and number two is your funnel. Okay, not, not a fit other, not other companies funnels, your funnel. Okay, three is your lead generation. Okay, and watch me break this down real quick, and how this looks. 

Okay, So let's say you're on YouTube, let's say you're on TikTok. Let's say you're on Instagram. Okay, and let's say you're also you have a few paid ads running right now. All of these are are funneling into your little sales funnels, and they all funnel into a opt in page we call it, okay, where you're generating leads okay so you're sending all this traffic into an opt in page. Okay, now, whether you use a bridge page or not. Either way is fine but typically, we recommend using a bridge page. And guess what, really, from this point on, there's basically a massive brick wall. Okay. There's basically a massive, huge brick wall at this point. And everything beyond that are things out of your control. Now, listen, I know some affiliate marketer and, and I'm speaking to many of you who are from network marketing or in sales. Many of you who are in network marketing or in sales have been told to focus a lot on these things that are out of your control. You've been instructed, Your, your uplines told you that super awkward, or if you're in sales, you've been told to work, the pipeline, right, and you're ready to get on those calls call those people, tell them to buy whatever. Listen. Affiliate marketing is different. Okay, So, the number one game in affiliate marketing is traffic. All right, it's driving traffic. So you've got all of this traffic right here, adds you to TikTok, Instagram, all of this stuff. It's all going to an opt in page, It's all going through your bridge page. And from that point on, yeah control, nothing. Now, I want to see that with a little asterisk because, technically, maybe, maybe you could control something around money. But all of that energy, all of the energy that you're spending here means that you've lost energy here at the beginning, I've lost energy at the beginning at the traffic generation peace and this piece, the beginning piece is worth 10 times more than this piece over here, the energy of things out of your control, it's valued 10 times more maybe 100 times more. Do you get what I'm saying there? What I'm saying is this. On the front end of the sales funnel. You have your traffic generation, your content creation, your funnel, you control all of that stuff your opt in page, all of that energy you put into focusing on just that specifically these days in content creation. Just in content creation alone is worth 10 to 100 times more than the energy would place trying to convince somebody to buy or fix some sales process for your vendor company that you're promoting, whatever it is that makes sense.

You're trying to fix a problem that's outside of your control. You've lost focus. You've lost focus, the only main thing, the driver that you control is the very beginning of that funnel, let me draw this out just a little tiny bit bigger for you. Let me hammer this home. One more time. You've got your YouTube channel. You've got your Instagram, you've got your TikTok. Okay. And maybe you've got some ads running. All of this stuff is going to your funnel. It's going to one hub back it's going to an opt in page. Okay. All going here, and if you place all of your focus on this right here. It is worth, infinitely more than if you try to go and place all of your energy on things. Things that you don't control. What's a good acronym for those things you don't control? Okay, so rather than putting it here, it's worth 100 times more to place that energy here. Well what does that mean well it means, number one, that you place all your focus and intention on how do I, number one, create very viral content extremely viral content, real valuable style content that's working right now on TikTok, it's ramped YouTube, it's been working on YouTube. Typically in the YouTube world you're doing more live content and the TikTok where they're doing more short term content. So, what I see working a lot in terms of, for instance here so if I was on TikTok, and I was, if I'm out there listening right now. And I'm on, I'm trying to make it work on top, I'm thinking about getting shot on TikTok, there's a couple things that oh and by the way, that is the first place that I would go to right now, I would start on TikTok today. All right, I'd focus on a few things. I would make one video a day. And rather than making five to 10 really crappy videos every day, I'd make one very high quality decent video a day. One extremely good quality piece of content, a day that people are actually going to feel like, Whoa, I learned something today, that was cool. Right. That's the kind of stuff that gets watched over and over and over again. Then, because those are little 15 second to 60 seconds longer I know but these style content things, then what I would do. I would go live for that and put all of that energy into writing five pieces a month and I would put it into one content a day, and I live every day. When I say I would go per day to be about 10 minutes, it could be 30 minutes, it could be an hour, and I would just go through how I went about creating content today, I'd go through how to create a little status. I would give little bite sized pieces of how here's how to set up a sales, right. Here's how to set up an opt-in page, here's how to do it. Here's how to split test your capture page. And I literally go live, I probably go live with a green screen behind me right now in particular that's really popular with our little green screen behind me or a plain white background with a little, you know number one focus for affiliate marketers or something. Right. And, and then I give this little lesson, right, and I'd make it real simple. Now in the beginning you might be brand new. If you're brand new and you're like geez, I'm going to go live once a day, maybe go live three times a week or something Monday, Wednesday, Friday right, but put it in your bio, and let people know hey I'm going live, because I see people who make and build real long term connections through going live, people who post three times a day and weren't making sales and suddenly they went live, and sales started pouring in like a wildfire. So that's what I would focus on. That's what I would focus on is just those things. And listen, if you can just focus on and place all of your focus on this piece here.

It makes your life so much easier. It makes it so much easier because you're not worried about, oh my gosh, well maybe their sales process isn't as strong as I thought or maybe none of those doubts creep in. And the way that you know, the way that you know you can just focus on those things, if there's other people in that industry with product or service who are being successful, then you don't have to worry. Maybe I'm being hoodwinked or maybe it's just not working. Maybe it's just me, you know, if other people have done it, and you place all of your focus on driving traffic. There's your magical formula. That's your magical formula. But driving traffic is the number one thing that will kill a business if they can't do it well, but it will also explode a business, if they can do it well, and I've seen it and I've done it over and over and over again for those of you who aren't members of our business blueprints for the last, probably 12 months, I mean, we have gone live. Every Thursday we do a Thursday, blueprints training, and we go live, and people. I mean these are just ordinary people, but people go on there, and we'll, we'll go through there. We'll go through their TikTok. And they'll be like, Hey, here's my tattoo or can you look at it. Right. And sometimes we'll actually go through all of that, sometimes not. But typically when we go through it. Here's what I found. I find the same thing every time it's, Hey, Matt, your content, you're creating three to five pieces of content a day, but it's just not quality. It's not, it's, it's not giving people real value right it's not showing people how to do something right specifically in the health niche, right, it's not showing somebody how to actually do something it's not educating somebody so real interesting lesson, your, your copywriting skills aren't that good, you need to brush up on some copywriting skills to keep people interested. Right, that makes sense. All right, leave me a little comment here if this is this helpful, can you guys give me just a little bit of feedback here.Just a little bit. Here for instance, and I'm going to just share this.

For instance, if I was on a TikTok. Here's a good example. Let me give you guys an example. All right. So, this guy, Dave's weight loss, he's an affiliate marketer, okay. And I don't know the law, I don't know when he posted this so hang on a second, posted this about a week ago. He posted this 8/23 He posted this 8/17 So he does not post every day. Okay. He doesn't post every day. but this guy, Dave's weight loss has 529,000 followers. This means he's driving a lot of traffic. Right now all of these videos that he's got on here are just there, they all have a bunch of views, but many of them have 90,000 196,000 Right, tons and tons of views, and he drives traffic to an affiliate product last I checked, I look I don't know who this guy is so I don't you know I don't want to have a conversation about this guy specifically, but, but watch this, watch this. Do you see this, do you see this headline, every single one of his videos starts out with a captivating headline, if you're taking notes, if you're listening, please, please write that down. He starts out every video that gets watched a lot with an attention grabbing headline. Five alarming signs that your blood sugar is too high, right. What a headline. What about this one. This one's viewed 9.5 million times. Drink one cup of this before bed to burn fat, sleep like a baby, right, you guys see this. Now, here's a little bonus tip for everybody who made it 30 minutes into this live on, on, on Google Chrome, you can use this little tool I'm going to put it in the headline it's called sort for TikTok. It's a Google Chrome extension if you type into Google actually back, put it in the comments here. I just put it into the comments right now so you can see the link to it right now, if you're here on a mobile device, don't just write down sort for TikTok. But what you can do is you can hit sort for TikTok, you can hit sort, and right now on my screen you can see, it just sorted all of his videos by most watched the least watched, and, and what you can do is you can see what are the top viewed, TikTok videos. Now, if I was starting out in the weight loss niche, I'm gonna, I'm gonna shoot real straight with you and I'm not gonna mince words, okay, if I was starting out in the weight loss niche, you know what the first thing that I would do is I would go, and I would probably transcribe this video, word for word, and I would maybe change a few things to it, but I would probably just recreate this exact video, but I would adjust a few things and maybe I would try to make it a little more entertaining or something, but for the most part, I will keep this transcript the exact same, just maybe change the headline, a little bit. Okay. Because all this guy's really doing is he's probably either taking some sort of YouTube videos or a book or something like that and taking many lessons out of it and just putting it there. Right. And listen, if you want to even give credit, you could put like, you know source, and in that text at the bottom of your video output source, here's where I found. You can find the source at the bottom of this video, super sad, but I will go through and here's the reason. Because now I'm going to generate, probably, I don't know maybe a few million views I don't actually know maybe a couple of 100,000 views or something, but their algorithm is already said that this works. So rather than me guessing on what valuable content is I'm going to go watch a bunch of his videos, I might even put them in a spreadsheet, and I'm gonna see what the market has already said is valuable content. See the difference. This is foundation one two driving traffic. What people have already said is valuable. And rather than reinventing the wheel. I'm just going to start there. Okay. Can I get a little bit of feedback in the comments if that makes sense to you. Right. These are shortened. 9.5 million 4.5 4.15 Foods You Should Never Eat if you want to lose weight. Right. All video content is copywriting. That's all that is video content is just copywriting. It's simple. You've got to give a great headline, you've got to capture them in that first 30 seconds. If you don't do that, it's over.

It's over. So start every video with an attention grabbing headline, something that's going to help them avoid pain or shame, it's all wrapped up in emotion. So, figure out how to grab people and grip them with emotion. Right. Fast food you should never eat again. Two tablespoons that will melt, belly fat away. Three unusual secrets to lose weight fast you haven't had these before, right, this is just copywriting. So what you'd be good to do today is to actually look at a channel like Dave's weight loss, right, and rather than watching a whole nother course on copywriting. Stop it, stop watching courses, you'd be good to go. Get in the nitty gritty of your niche and see what's actually working and become an investigator and problem solver. All right. That makes sense.

Okay. So, don't reinvent the wheel. Start, and, and, yeah, grip with emotion. Learn copywriting, but go out and sign what's working in the marketplace right now that's your best bet at success. So hopefully that was helpful guys. We're going to wrap up for the day. And again, If you're getting started, don't worry about the things you can't control. Right. The T Y DC things you don't control worry about driving traffic, which is the one thing that you have full control over that you can build a complete skill set. Okay, that's the one thing you should focus all of your attention and energy on. And tomorrow we'll be back here, same place 10am Eastern, we'll be back with an awesome interview so be sure to tune in. We'll be here live, I believe Dave's back tomorrow on Thursday and on Friday. We'll see you again tomorrow.