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Matt: Greetings everybody welcome in to wake up legendary it's let's see Tuesday, August 24 We're live. I am live, this is not a simulation, it's not a recording or here we're live as we are every Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern so 10am Eastern time, over here on the west side of the country, it's 7am Eastern here for me. And, yeah, I am guest hosting here this week. Dave is out this week so I'm guest hosting this week, and Dave will make his epic return next week, and we'll keep rockin, as we always do. So, if you're tuning in with us and you're just joining, let us know where are you tuning in from in the comments, it's always good to get to know you guys, and it's kind of fun to see, you know we have on these wakeup legendary calls people from Australia people from New Zealand from Canada, from Africa, like South Africa, we've got people from all over the place, and it's just fun to see. So, we really do have one of the most diverse sort of interesting scattered around communities that you'll find online but we also have one of the most friendly and supportive communities as well so on these shows basically what we do is we bring on a guest, and we've got a pretty long lineup of guests in the pipeline. And basically these are people who are clients of ours or maybe they can be affiliates of ours who have taken our training and got results, or you know somebody recommended them to us and said hey this person is getting great results online, and you should interview them so we bring them up. But anyway, today we have someone really special. Her name's Jen and I don't need to tell her story, Jen. Welcome on, how's it going?

Jenn: Hi! 

Matt: Thanks for coming on the show, how's your morning?

Jenn: It's going very well thank you, it's been busy already.

Matt: Awesome, get to tell us, bring us into your world a little bit. You know you've done sort of, I mean you worked a lot of jobs. You've tried network marketing, you quit your job I think earlier this year, Maybe, just, just bring us into your world and who's Jen and what's, what's her journey been like,

Jenn: Well, first, thank you so much for asking me to be here like this is like crazy. So, my name is Jen Kelly. I'm 47, I'm a mom of two boys, I have an 11 year old and a 17 year old who are just 18 year old. We just dropped him off at the airport this morning because out. So we have been on the go. Early this morning, I'm married. We just have been living in Charleston, South Carolina for the last 10 years. We moved down here from upstate New York. And yeah, I, that's my, that's my thing, we are a very active family, our little guy plays travel football. We play softball. My husband and I were always going so I think I've always had an entrepreneur bone in me. I've had, I started out, I started working at like the age of 11 like my little guy. I had a paper route. I don't know if anyone knows. Does anybody know what a paper route is anymore?

Matt: I did it when I was little, yeah. So I think when I was like 10 or 11, my mom. This is really funny because I always wonder sometimes how my entrepreneurial spirit was born. And, yeah, when I was 10 or 11, I didn't make like any money from this I don't think, maybe like $30 a month or something like that, which to me at the time was like whatever I don't honestly know why I'm doing this but I think the neighborhood I grew up in just needed somebody to do it. So my mom was like I need to teach my kid how to like, do some work so she would get on a break, we would get on bikes together, and bike around town with a freaking bag on and I'm like, tiny little freaking kid so my dad, mounted a basket on the front of my bike, which looks super lame and I was just like what is happening. And, but anyway, I, I do think at some level, it was significant enough that it taught me like hey, like, here's how you. Here's how you get up early in the morning and you work for, for what you want.

Jenn: Absolutely. Yep, and that was like something, I'm so I'm so grateful that my dad got me into that at that age. And it just kind of kept going, you know, I got a part time job. After that, you know it was going. Working myself through college and all that good stuff. And then a few years ago, I started making jewelry. I started making scrubs. I started making lip balms just to try to get some extra money. I do like to do things like that but, um, it just gets to the point where I was just like, This is crazy. Like, I'm not really selling a lot of stuff, putting a lot of time and a lot of extra money. Sure. And then I got introduced to Network Marketing six years ago, and I didn't know anything about that. I like a lot of people if you're into network marketing, you know, you start with a product, and it just kind of goes from there if you want to take it, take it, whatever. Yeah, I didn't see the opportunity in that for like a year. And when I did it clicked and I was like, Okay, there's, there's something to be said here, and I just started I jumped in with both feet, and I was the fake it to make it a person. And I faked it pretty dang well. And it wasn't pretty. I learned a lot from the industry. I don't doubt it. I mean, I'm still in it, I, that's how I got out of my job at the beginning of this year. And I have a lot of respect, you know, for the people that do things like that are just business people, entrepreneurs and stuff like that. But long story short, a few months ago, like, I think it's been three months since I've been in affiliate marketing. I haven't been on tick tock for very long. Maybe at the end of last year I was sorry if I jumped around a little bit, no jump, it's awesome. I was watching my youngest on his phone. He was cracking up and I'm like what are you laughing at, and he's like, Mom, I'm on TikTok gotta see this. I'm like, okay, and I started watching him, and he's like, You should get on it and I'm like, You're crazy! I am not getting on that I am not dancing and doing all that and that's nuts. And, well, what happened was curiosity got the best of me. And, you know, in the corridor, I'm like, like so funny, you know, and I'm like, but as I was watching it, I was seeing that there was professionals out there and like people that are giving you value and just sharing like tips and different things I was like wait a second, this is more than I thought it was, I'm like there's something to be said here. So, I started my account and I didn't know anything about it, I am not techy whatsoever. But I jumped in and I'm like, Okay, what I need to do, I'm asking my kid how to run the app because they know better than I do. And he's like, Okay, you got to get to 1000 followers, and then you can go live, and then you can, like, okay, alright, so I just started posting different things, and even like it was crazy. And then I was like, oh my gosh I got like 500 followers, it's pretty cool. And then I was like, I got 700 followers and then I got to 1000 I'm like, I got to 1000 followers, he's like, now you get to go live and I'm like, Okay. And then, and then you find out you can put your link in there and stuff like that. And it was just like, I forgot what I went to I get to 7000 followers, and he's like, You need to go live and say thank you and I'm like okay, so I did and I came back out and he's like, did you do it I said Yeah, and he's like, How long was your life and I'm like, 10 minutes. Dude, it has to be at least an hour and I'm like, Are you what? So I started learning things from my, my own kid about tic tac and I just kind of well,

and then just started noticing after getting into affiliate marketing. I was scrolling one day and I saw Barb McCowan she was doing a live. I didn't know a lot about affiliate marketing, but I heard about a 15 day challenge and I heard it, like in the back of my head, I'm like, and I jumped on her live. And I said, Is this a 15 day challenge?” Yes, it is affiliate marketing. Yes, thank you, that's all I needed to know and I jumped off, and I went and I watched the video and it took me about three minutes and I was in I was like, I want this. And I didn't know, I have a clue. I was like, I don't know what this is, I just saw an opportunity and I see that it's, like, real and I see it's authentic and I see it's genuine. It's like real people doing it cuz I was watching some of these people, I'm like, Okay, if these people can do it. I can do it. That was my whole mentality of like getting in, I'm like I'm not a techie, but I'll learn it, it'll take the time and I'll just learn it, I'll just learn the skills and I'll just go I had no. I just didn't have any. I didn't put any strain on myself when I got into it. I was just like, I'm going to go in here, I'm going to learn, I'm going to do the challenge. And whatever happens happens. So I did that, and it was crazy.

Matt: Yeah, I feel like I got a lot of likes, that was awesome by the way, you're an easy interview when someone can ask them questions like, yeah, let me go. I feel like you have that sort of, you have a really, really positive, sort of momentum, like flow about you and energy, And it yet is not surprising to me that you were able to be successful with different things because it does seem like in 10 minutes we've only been talking for 10 minutes but in 10 minutes, I get the feel that it's kind of like you're gonna do whatever you got to do, no matter how uncomfortable to succeed, which is the only way that you succeed in network marketing for sure. Yeah, like that's just, that is just nonstop discomfort, trying to like, you know, like, figure it out and the same thing is true of affiliate marketing is non stop sort of stretching yourself, but it is cool, at the end of that journey where it's like, because I've had not a ton of success in network marketing but my first, like, you know, few $1,000 Online was in network marketing, and I mean that took forever, it took forever, to like break through there. And then, yeah, but I, you know, it's just non stop, sort of pushing you, pushing through discomfort and like just this is awkward. I hate this. And eventually, you realize through all that you grew a lot, and you as a person really stretched and expanded, which I feel is really cool. Do you see your non techie though you said, you know, not super techie and your learner is basically learning tick tock for your kid. What has that been like on that journey, what's that been like for a non techie to go get on social media, and basically leverage technology for a business I mean you're doing super well generating tons and tons and tons of leads and generating a lot of sales to like what's that been like?

Jenn: It's been exciting and it's been challenging, all in one. Because yeah, I didn't. I just jumped in with both feet and I just like I get I had that mentality. I think that comes from I brought that over from, You know my previous experience, personal development is huge, like, always working on yourself, like, that's what I got the positive part of of the network marketing thing I learned a lot about, you know, you have to grow yourself if you want to grow your business, you're going to have to grow yourself like work on yourself more than you do your business is what they say and it's so true. So that's what I do every single day, and I just, I just have the, the thought process of, you're not gonna, you're gonna make mistakes, right, you're, you're just it's just gonna happen, you're not going to be perfect at anything. Don't even think about that, and like before this interview I was like, ah, what am like, what, just do it. Just jump in, you're just, you just got to start, and you just gotta do it so. And now, not even nervous because I'm an introvert like I'm just like, it's very, I'm surprised I could do these TikToks, I think it's a different scene, when you're Yeah, that's when I got into what I was doing before I was there like talk to everybody that comes three feet in front of you, I was like, Dude, are you freaking crazy like that's insane like I can't do that. But, you know you just you just learn along the way and from what I've gotten like, I worked with Drew, and that guy is awesome like the whole staff will you guys have is just amazing, the skills I've learned, and learning, like when I was told, like funnel I'm like, I don't even know what a funnel is, you know, or email respond, I'm like, oh, okay, just I need extra like I'm an extra person. So I saw that help, like I was like okay I need a little extra here. So I talked to Drew, he helped me out a few times and I was, I'm so grateful for that. And he got me started and I was like wow, I can, I look back now and I'm like, What I didn't know before about just funnels and emails and all that good stuff. I'm like, I can learn from other notes and stuff I wrote in an ebook. Like I wrote an ebook. Yeah, like I would never thought, like, just the growth you get from this end and thinking, you know what you can do this, it's going to take you some time, but you can't if you give yourself the time, and you just give yourself some grace, I mean, I know some people jump in, they're like, I have not done anything and in two weeks. And this is not working for me, and whatever and I'm like, dude, digit. I was in network marketing for six years. I just walked away from my job, the beginning of this year. Yes. So you've got to give yourself some grace, and no it's a process, you know, and if you're willing to to grab onto that and to tell yourself you know, every little every little thing you do every single day is moving you forward. You may not see it, you may get a sale, you may not get a lead, but trust me, all of those things have a ripple effect, and they build up, and they snowball. That's what I do in my life. Like, I get it, buddy, if you, if you need a buddy get a buddy, I connected with Jessica, you she was on the show. A few weeks ago. She's a mom, she's a frickin rock kicks ass I was just like, I want to be around people like that. Now we do live together on Friday mornings and Sunday nights and it's to moms making money online, we do it tax you know it's like, find those people I mean I resonate with a lot of people, like, I found Barb, I watched Brian Brewer I watch Calvin Hill you told me to watch Stacy La. You tell me what to do, I'm gonna do it. Yeah, that's the mentality that I have, be around the people that are doing it, and where you want to be. And then, and then just keep doing the little things every single day to move forward.

Matt: Yeah, no, all of that, all of that was super helpful. That's like, and just is what I thought was especially helpful. It is sort of like being a sponge, when you're not techie or maybe you don't have the hard skills, because the soft skills you've got patience and and sort of grinding it out a little bit. But when you don't have the hard skills, you've got to sort of be a sponge and really look. You did something that I feel like a lot of people don't have the intuition to do sometimes, which is, and people can learn this so if you're out there and you're like okay this is me, well let's just tune in a little. You went out and number one you sought sort of help or guidance, but two, you were very already active, like, sort of, like, so to speak like pounding the pavement, right, like, you're already digitally, you know out walking the streets like What's everybody else do it, you know, it's sort of like, I'm going to pull open the TikTok app, and I'm just going to reverse engineer, like what, what's going on what's everyone else doing How's. How's it working for everybody else, but you've also brought some innovation where you're doing a live with other people. And people love that. By the way, I mean, that is like, that's super, super social proof. When you've got multiple people on and it's not like oh it's just this one weirdo, tucked inside their closet who's going live trying to convince me to buy something, you know, it's like, but I also felt like the part about too, you know, when people don't see results in two weeks or something. And this will be a bit of a tangent, but I had the same experience where it took me like legit five to six years to actually, like, break out of my shell and really find success because I was scared of success for so long, and now it gives me a lot of perspective right because we live in this tick tock sort of instant world where people can go and tick tock and get 10s of 1000s 100 1000s of views within like hours or days, and make sales and make money doing it. And it's very real and very powerful. But what I think is like even potentially, you know, and that helps me give guidance to those people and give perspective is really the word it gives a perspective and it helps people see that there's a bigger picture to this that maybe they didn't originally see or maybe they didn't originally think about or maybe they're just so locked in that they need money right now that they don't have like good bigger perspective and that's really helpful and I'm thankful that you know you share that here with our community and online and stuff because it's really like, you know there's a big is a lot of talk about the vaccine right but really what you're doing is you're vaccinating your audience by saying hey look, like, this is a long journey. This is a journey and you've got a lot of time that if you take your time and learn the skills and do it the right way and get out of your comfort zone and do it. I just, to me, that's something that's so valuable is basically learning. It's just outlasting people like it's so funny how that happens, but it's, it's really just a determination in, or it's a mental shift it's sort of a whole perspective change of this isn't just something I'm trying out, but it once it becomes sort of this like, actually for the next like 20, 30 40, 50 years like, I'll change and shift and adapt how I do it, but I'm going to do this online thing, like this is going to be my thing that I do, and I'm going to become a really good marketer, on the internet, and I'll change and adapt with the new apps or new times or, you know, something comes out and smokes tick tock, then I'm going to be the first on there, killing it right and so, anyway, I just I say all that because that's that perspective I feel like it's so so valuable.

Jenn: Yeah, and I, and I'm very real on my lines like I don't sugarcoat anything. I am not I mean I just draw on there I tell you exactly what I am a full time mom full time wife. I just found this, I jumped into it. It wasn't overnight like it took me five to six weeks I think just to get everything set up. Yeah, so, because I'm not that techie person and if you are out there and you are that awesome. I think that's great. I am not. And I think there's a lot of people out there that can resonate with that they're like, Man, I don't know if I really have the skills to do this, does it, you know, I'm telling you, you have more in you, I've learned over the last three months that I am capable of so much more that I give myself credit for. It just took me stepping out a little extra and saying okay John, you're going to try this, you're probably not going to get it on your first try, but you know what, once you get past it. Now you can look back and say, Wow, I look at what I accomplished. And it's just those little things like that, that's just like, wow, if I can do that then I can do this, and if I can do this, then I'm gonna do that now. And it's like, now I found getting a Facebook group set up like so I can help more people with that, you know, it's like, Just give yourself that grace and that credit that you can actually do this and if you're willing to put in I always say if you're willing to put in the work because it's not, you're gonna have to put work into it, it's not like you just sign up and you just get, you're gonna have to put some work into it, just like anything else, you know, like when I'm alive with Jessica, she's a nurse, she had to go to school to learn those skills right. She just didn't pop up out of bed one day and say I'm going to be a nurse, let's go at this. No, you have to learn skills in order to do what you want to do, and this is the same thing here, there's no difference here, you get the education, you put it into action and you, you go.

Matt: Yeah. Oh 100% And he said at the very start of that, how you're kind of introverted, and, and that the techie stuff was a lot and that basically, the takeaway that I took from that was like all this techie stuff you're not there with technology and to get on there and actually do that was like. Like, it took me a long time, but here's the funny part for anybody who's listening. What I found a lot of times is people who are not really super hyper bubbly and also people who are a little more kind of like tech challenged. They tend to do really well with video creation and video content. And I think the reason is is it takes so much energy and work to make themselves, even just get on there that there ends up being this sort of real, raw candor and vulnerability because, you know, people who are, and there's nothing wrong people who are really like bubbly and outgoing and whatever that's cool that they're used to sort of using filters and using sort of like kind of throwaway phrases, sometimes they don't really mean anything and people watching them, they're just kind of like, okay, whatever. You know, but then you get on with somebody who's like Jen and it's alive and she's stumbling, a little over words or she's kind of like, yeah, does this work and like people are like who is this person, this is hilarious. It's fun and like, it just feels sort of like a real human interaction would be right. And I just think like, and even for you it's just like that takes so much pressure off because once you sort of realize that like those, those sort of candid moments are like the real moments that people build trust with like people actually start to begin to trust you and they feel like it's not an act or they feel like it's sort of not this show, and it's more like, oh well I'm just here like I just learned I just figured out how I can go live on tick tock was happening to everybody. And, and that to me is such an underrated soft skill that's, you know, a blessing and a curse. Obviously I mean if you're not techie and you feel like you know you have the internal doubt and everything or whatever, it's, it's a little bit like it's, it could be a curse in a way, but also it's a huge blessing just in that like, I've always seen those individuals who have that they always, not always crush it but a lot of the people I see crush it, are those people like Dave for instance is a great example, he's probably the best. If, if people could just have a day or a weekend like one of our masterminds in the room with Dave. It is so transformational, like, it's, it's like when we go to masterminds like sometimes it feels like I just sat through a group therapy session because he'll bring people through this, and he has a just a gift like it's just a talent, it's a gift, but like, he doesn't want to hang out with people all day like that is intensely exhausting, but having that sort of real candid like, Hey, I'm on stage at our small little, you know 40, 50 person mastermind, and I'm speaking, and we're having a real interaction that's real and raw and meaningful. That's like that is sort of where he lives, and is like, gifted, unlike anybody else, I think. But, again, like if you get him behind the like a, like a website, a website builder or something, or like an email autoresponder and like he's like supposed to create something like that's not what he loves to do and it's not where he's best spending his time it's not really what he's great at, and he would say that but, or even like, you know, I don't know if the whole like video thing came naturally to him but it took a little time, you know, it took time over, just having created a billion videos to actually get it to work and figure it out like when a new app is released like Dave isn't the first person to get on that new app and like figure it out, he's like super techie or anything it's kind of like he does the same thing you do, or anyone else does. I fumble through it I kind of figure it out like, here we go, you know, and I just think that there's a lot of power in your personality and I wouldn't underrate that I would overrate I would you know on the scale of what do I give value to or what do I really think holds value. That to me is like super super high and I wish that more people who have that kind of feeling about themselves, would just be like, hey, it's gonna be a really valuable experience for me to break through on this, I'm gonna learn I'm going to grow, but also like people are gonna really enjoy me.

Jenn: Yeah, it's a Yeah, and being shy and vulnerable it's difficult to do that sometimes I totally understand that but if you can get past that and just not give a rat's ass about what people think. I mean seriously. Yeah, you've heard it before, like you're going to get out and you're going to do videos. People are on there, the haters are going to come out and guess what, it's called Block, it's used. I use it all the time. Don't even worry about it. Just keep going, like, it itself is like the best investment you can make as in you. Just doing that and going back a little bit it's like it's so crazy because when I say to people. Yeah, it took me five to six weeks to get this up and running. It took me five years to go through a two year college because I didn't know what the hell I wanted to do, like, in I came out, broke right so you can go into something like this and put five to six weeks of work into it aside, and I don't do income claims but it makes some money. Yes, it's crazy. Like, it's so crazy how our world is today. Yes, I think it's so valuable to find something on the side to do because of last year and probably when it's kind of becoming like smart like think smart, but five to six weeks of something I didn't think I was going to be able to do and I took action on it, compared to five or six years of what some people do. Yeah, really think about it and really put that into perspective. In this day and age.

Matt: Yep, 100% And I think people woke up to that and that was a thing like for us we saw sales went way higher. During the last year because there's just go look at Google Trends right like more people are searching for a way to do something on the internet than ever before and now it's really funny to me because in 2012 A lot of people just said like, anything that you were doing to make money online was a scam, like, because it was so new and novel right even a lot of people say it say that about Bitcoin I'm not like a huge crypto guy or anything, I'm not going to go on this crypto rant or anything but a lot of people think like, you know Kryptos like some sort of weird scam or like it's just for an unknown and must be a scam or something or, you know, all of affiliate marketing is a scam or something, and. And now, with affiliate marketing or making money on the internet, it's like, well, everybody knows somebody who's making money on the internet, like, little companies like Etsy really popularized that and now, like a lot more people are really really discovering what affiliate marketing is and how it works. And on top of that, you know, and this happens in waves in every way you know probably I'd guess in 10 years if things continue as they go like, we'll be paying each other through Bitcoin, and it's just like, This is what we do, we just pay each other through Bitcoin, and it's just, who even knows if dollars will exist, who knows, maybe not, maybe they will I have no idea. But, you know, it's sort of the evolution of those things. I do think that a lot of people who see the big successes are the people who are willing to sort of tune out voices that are like, you know, to a certain extent, I mean, if 100 People buy your course and 95 of them call you a scam artist, well maybe you should listen. But yeah, if there's one or two, usually for us, who, you know it for people like me, for instance, I'm a super introvert and I'm super sensitive, so when I hear people say certain things or use certain words, even if it's one out of 1000 that one voices, is just going to eat inside of me, and I had to kind of learn to not let that happen, and sort of have a bigger broader perspective but yeah I feel like there's just, it's an interesting, it's an interesting game that happens in our head and I sort of feel like being at the, if you're willing to tune out that voice or those voices, you're going to be inside something at its earliest and if it doesn't work out, you probably haven't lost a lot but if it does work out, you know, at the end of 10 years or 15, 20 years everybody's going to kind of be looking back at you like, oh my gosh like I forgot you were doing that 15 years ago, and now it's just finally mainstream now, And all of everything that's happened over the last year and a half is really made people to be like, Oh my gosh. No wonder you spent 10 hours a day trying to learn digital marketing 10 years ago you were a genius like who could have ever seen this, it's like well I didn't see this coming, but, you know, I did want my freedom and I did want the ability to have an income that's not dependent on me being in an office is not depending on me driving to work, I hate driving working sucks so worst thing ever. I like there's nothing worse than me. Before I came on board at legendary I was doing affiliate marketing, I was also working a job and I would drive 20 miles each way to this job. There Phoenix and I was like, This is dumb, like this is really dumb there has to be a better way I've always felt that way but I think people who are willing to act on that belief or are exponentially at an advantage but. Okay so, so as you're alright so your whole journey leads you through network marketing and affiliate marketing, tell us. And I'd like for you to just encourage people or who are here, and we'll kind of wrap up with this thought. Tell people who are here and our look because I've been watching the comments and there's a lot of people who are like you, in the same space as you save headspace. They feel similarly to you in terms of, you know I'm not very techie or this makes me a little nervous. What would you tell those people who are thinking about getting started, maybe creating their first piece of content, or, or committing to creating a couple of videos on tick tock today, what would you tell those people?

Jenn: I think you just said it, commit to doing it like just say like, there was a few weeks ago where I want to go live and I just sat there for like a good 20 minutes, or what am I gonna say, What am I gonna say, What am I gonna say, What am I gonna do I put it off. I finally said, What the hell are you doing? Jen just presses live and go live whatever happens and I press the Live button. I had like 30 people in my live. And I was just going back and forth answering questions, Because people out there are looking for you. There are people out there that you're going to resonate with that are going, I want Where's Matt I want to see Matt today he brings something to me, I need that in my life right now. Where's Jen, I need her to show up today. Help me. I need to show up now because of what I've learned and the experiences I've been going through that I can share with people and say who, if it's just one person. Okay, if I put one tick tock out there or one Facebook post or whatever it is, wherever you are, and I can influence one person to make a change in their life. That's, that's it. So don't think about you. I know it's so hard to be like, Well what if it's not perfect, what if, what if I get laughed at Bob, like you have so many stories going through your head. You got to start telling yourself the right story. You got to start your story around saying listen, Sally out there is looking for me. Okay, I need to show up for her. I don't know what she's going through right now in her life, but she needs me to show up today, and it might be two words that come out of my mouth. I'm gonna cry because I've gone through this. But you gotta show up for other people. You have to make it about other people, it's not about you as much as you think it is, it's not about you. So keep that thought into your head like, who am I going to inspire to do something different with their life today. I mean, you don't even know what people, people are going through so much shit these days. They just need a light to show up, and you can.

Matt: Yep. 100% Wow. I can't. I can't say that any better. That's really that as well said. Thanks Jen, I appreciate that, that you just, I hope that you keep doing this, I hope that you keep. I know that you will keep showing up for people because I can tell the conviction is real and Geez No wonder, no wonder that people love tuning into your life so love hearing from you. So, the comments are exploding at go back and watch, and, and read some of the comments Jen because they're a people, people love you in a way that, you know, it's pretty rare, which is really cool. So I just wanted to give you props because, you know, it's, it's a tough journey battling through getting started on video and video marketing and I feel like it's really paid off for you. Monetarily too, but also in, in probably something more meaningful. Which is, people love you, and love hearing from you which is also, you know, it's, it's a more valuable asset even I think then, a few 1000 bucks, because, because that kind of shit lasts. Yeah, that kind of shit is a skill that you can take to any industry at any point, and you know how to market. And so anyway, I just wanted to say thanks and again thanks for coming on. And if you need any, you know, you've got my email we've emailed, I don't, I'm not, I don't like I don't open emails and I'm like oh god it's Jen again, like I just, if you need help or you need something, just let us know like our staff, that's what we love to do. 

Jenn: And that's what I love about you guys here is like this community is so supportive and I can't thank you guys enough I mean, You and Drew and Dave and Dave that’s my business advisor who just got in touch with me again the other day to say hi, how are things going, it's like, you really have like a personal touch. And if more people could see that. I mean, it's just amazing. So I thank you. I'm so humbled to be here today. Thank you so much. 

Matt: Cool. Awesome. Well, good seeing and nice to put a face to the name and we'll stay in touch. 

Jenn: All right, sounds good, see ya.

Matt: Yeah. All right guys, that's a wrap for today. Jesus that was. Yeah, I would go follow Jen, if there's one thing I do today, I would go follow Jen. I tune into our lives. I tune into everything she does. And because that's really powerful stuff. We'll be back here again tomorrow same time same place 10am Eastern we're here every single day at 10am Eastern Monday through Friday. We've got another, another one right lined up for tomorrow, and we'll see you tomorrow. Peace out.