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May 12th – 18th, 2024

Do THIS immediately with your social media…

If you’ve only been on 1 social platform, it's time to start expanding. 

YES…if you're only on Instagram or TikTok, I'm especially talking to you. 

Hear me out…

Relying on a single platform for your online presence is becoming increasingly risky.

Let me break it down for you with what’s going on right now…

TIKTOK – There’s talk that TikTok might be banned soon. Nothing’s set in stone, but if TikTok is your main hangout, it’s smart to start building your crowd on other spots too. I don't want you left high and dry and starting over elsewhere and causing a halt to your business. 

INSTAGRAM – Instagram is rolling out some big changes, including paid tiered plans that promise more visibility and extra perks like links in Reels. The plans are ranging in price from $15 per month to $350 per month. But here’s the kicker—lots of creators feel like they’re being pushed to pay up to get the reach they used to get for free. There's talk that Instagram is already suppressing views and reach to try and push businesses into their paid tiers. This could mean less cool content and more ad-like content clogging up our feeds. As IG rolls this out it could very well mess up reach and user activity for everyone. As marketer’s we gotta be aware of this and ready for it. (And no I’m not suggesting you grab one of the paid tiered plans once your account is offered it.) No matter what, this means that reach and views are going to be all over the place and we need to ensure our businesses are not solely on Instagram and in the hands of the IG gods. 

With 2 significant platforms going through 2 pretty big events, if you haven’t launched in other social spaces, the time to do so is NOW.

Check out other platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, or newer ones that might fit what you're about. 

Heck, be ready for a whole new platform to emerge…ya never know! 

Putting this into action doesn't need to be difficult. 

Take your previous content and recycle it onto the new platform as you build it out. I suggest making small tweaks, so it’s not identical, but overall you don’t have to start from scratch.

And most importantly…DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR FUNNEL. 

Many, especially those that have put all their eggs into the Instagram basket, are also NOT building a list. (It truly hurts my entrepreneurial heart when I see this) 

A social media account, ANY social media can be pulled from us at anytime. 

We don’t own it, we’re borrowing it. 


Emails are fantastic ways to keep in touch without worrying about algorithm changes.

And your business keeps going regardless of what sort of issue, tantrum, or test a particular social media platform is going through.

and that’s the whole point… 


I want the business you’re building to be around for years to come, and that means omni-presence and list building are key. 

This week, look at where else you can begin to post content and create a following…

and take action. 

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it's time to get it done. 

Branching out means you won’t have to sweat it when one platform changes the rules. 

Plus, ya never know…it may be exactly what your business needed to find more awesome people that match your ideal audience.

Lastly…use this as a way to further step into your own business identity.

Yes it’s scary to think about expanding…

The comparison-itis, the worry of “I’m not ready” comes into play. 

WATCH THIS from Brooke Burrough

She sat down with Dave on Friday and in this one short clip she hit on all the things.

She touched on fear, worthiness, and worrying about what everyone else is doing and instead do what feels good for you and your business. 

Ya gotta check it out! 

I hope this clip gets you motivated to take action and to step into your own online identity and direction, and of course I hope you expand beyond just a single presence on one social media platform. 

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