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Below is the transcription for this episode: 

Dave: What's going on my friends is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary today we have yet another exciting episode. This dude is a delivery supervisor for Coca Cola by day and affiliate marketer by night. I love these stories about these kinds of people who are doing their thing, both day and night and, you know, work in their day job during the day and all their dreams at night. And so without further ado, everybody, please help me. Welcome to the show. Ben Fourtner. What's up, brother?

Ben: Hey, brother. Are you doing man? Thanks for having me. Very, very pleased to be here. Dave: Well, I love your shirt, dude. You got to represent it right. There you go, brother. There you go. Wear that at work one day, right. 

Ben: Today. There you go. 

Dave: Do you have to go in today? 

Ben: Yeah, I'm going to go into the office late this morning. So I can be with you.

Dave: Okay, how much time do we have? Are we on any time constraints? 

Ben: Not at all. I'm on your time. 

Dave: Okay. Well, Brother, tell us who you are. And kind of tell us a little bit about yourself in a nutshell and kind of how you got started down on this path. Marketing with us crazy internet marketers. Right?

Ben: Well, My name is Ben fourtner. Everybody, I basically work my nine to five, throughout the day, and I work on my business at night. I live a really busy life. I'm out here in California. And you know, I'm at the office every day about preprints. And I don't get home till about two, three o'clock in the afternoon, pretty much five days a week, Monday through Friday. And then you know, when you get home, you have to kind of decompress, be with the family, you know, take rest for a little while. And then I gotta flip the switch to working on my business. And I do that because I have some passion for it. So I try to, you know, kind of break it up a little bit between time so I can have my family time, but also do my business when the kids and the wife are asleep as well. So you know, how I kind of got into this business was just through TikTok with you know, a lot of people, you know, can pretty much relate right? So what happened was, if you look at my TikTok the early stages of my videos, my first 2, 3, 4 videos, were just with me, my kids, you know, that's the middle wing, right? We were just messing around on Tick tock, you know, you know, a while back and having some fun, and then I ran across some Tick Tock like everybody else does. And I ran into the man himself Austin Becker that everybody knows, Austin, I really, you know, gravitated towards his content. He's really passionate about what he is doing. And I knew this so I continued to watch his content and see what he was about and he was promoting legendary. And as you know what, let me give this a shot. And I wanted to do that because you know, me personally, I wanted more. I wanted some additional revenue stream for my family work at Disneyland. She was a cosmetologist, so she was doing all the hair and makeup and wigs for all the performers at the park. So but due to the pandemic she was furloughed and then later let go so she's at home with my two kids my son no he's doing homeschool learning and then my daughter she's three so she's not doing any scoring out but you know she she has her hands full with kids so you know I needed to find out what can I do personally to where I can bring in some additional income to try and make up for what we you know we lost at that time but I said you know what this affiliate marketing gig this might be for me Let me check it out. So I did I you know went into Legendary, I signed up for the 15 day challenge and you know, your teachings and how you come across with your message Dave it's just so you know, inspiring and powerful when you know somebody views the videos and and the courses that you teach, that was hooked, I was full of the new I was in the right place and I knew that this is something that I can definitely do because affiliate marketing you all you're doing is truly as you're promoting other people's products and in the process you're generating somewhat of a commission right. And I said you know what, I think I can do this part time while I'm working my nine to five job and you know, so because it helps me going to go into work early, and then also getting out of work somewhat early as well not getting out of five o'clock, but I'm getting out to three o'clock come home, be able to hang out with the family and then also you know, focus some time on the business. So I thought it was a great little mix that would really allow me to generate some income for my family, my family and that's what I'm doing now and I'm thankful that I got into the business I know affiliate marketing couldn't be a part of my life for a long time to come.

Dave: Well that really is a cool man. You really have Great attitude and a great spirit about yourself, man. I wonder if you were always just such a cool positive guy, or were you at one time skeptical of things like this?

Ben: I'm not really because I mean, I'm a real positive guy. So I'd see the positive light and everything. So even you know, with me being here, I do, I am a delivery supervisor for Coca Cola, I lead a group of 35 individuals on a daily basis. So I do have to stand up in front of a group and lead these individuals to be successful. So this in a sense, with affiliate marketing, kind of meshing that with what I do in my daily life, being a leader, and being able to, you know, speak with people, and actually help change their lives in the process, and get them to understand that Guess what, I'm just an ordinary guy to do just just what I'm doing and duplicate and do it even better than me. And so if I can inspire you, and empower you to, hopefully help your family as well, with some additional income, at the same time, that's what I'm going to do. So it's, I've always kind of been very positive. And I really take that back to my dad, my dad, you know, really instilled that in me when I was younger. And as I was growing into being an adult, and even to this day, as well, so I, I really thank him for a lot of the things that he brought me up to be and where I am now as an adult.

Dave: That's cool, man. That's cool. Yeah, I could say the same about my dad, not particularly that he's Mr. Positive, but, but he certainly has given me a lot, a lot of great qualities that I cherish as your pop is still around. No, you definitely must. Nice, man. That's great. Good for you. Good for you. Me too. As a matter of fact, my dad just took my kids to Busch Gardens today. As he was leaving, pulling away, said, wish me luck.

Ben: My wife will have to go to the store, my wife leaves to go get her hair done or something. I said, wish me luck. Because I have a six year old and a three year old and I love them to death. But you know, little kids, they like to bounce off the walls and test your patience, right?

Dave: Yes, they do. They'll make a very impatient man. I am very patient. So Wow. That's, that's, that's interesting. So where are you at? In terms of, of, you know, some people who work for big corporations are hesitant to come online and start to build these profiles and accounts and stuff. And where do you stand with that man? And because I'm asking you that question for others who are in a similar situation who are afraid of their boss seeing it? Or the company says or I don't know, there's all kinds of differences they've never done before. Maybe they've, I know, a lot of people who have corporate jobs who don't even have social media. So what went through your head? What were some of the things that you did? How did you make your decisions? And is there any advice that you could give to others who also are working not just nine to five, but have day jobs with others with big corporations That are clearly, you know, I mean, I'm not saying you're just a number, but but there's, there's 1000’s of employees, and you may not have as much of a, you know, a direct line to a big decision maker, like if you work for kind of a smaller company, and in things were a bit more tight knit. So what, what, has there been any issues with you? Or any hesitancy? Or were you just kind of full throttle and didn't see any, any issues with it?

Ben: Not at all, I didn't really see any issues with it whatsoever. I'm just an ordinary guy. Yeah, I work for a big company. And I'm in that type of leadership level where I have to, you know, kind of lead by example. Most definitely. But you know, I've, I've set myself up to have a side business from home as an affiliate marketer on the online space. And yes, it's pretty much out there for anybody in the world to see. It's not private whatsoever. But I'm doing something positive, I'm able to generate some income from my family, but I'm doing something positive. That's really, you know, I'm out there to help people and inspire people. And that's what I do at work. So I'm doing it now in two different ways at work and online. And if my boss wanted to come sit me down and say, You know what, I noticed, it was brought to my attention that you actually have a TikTok or Facebook or even a YouTube, I have all three. And what are you doing there? Why are you exposing yourself and I would, you know, I wouldn't let them know why. You know, I'm an inspiring guy. I like to help people. I like talking to people. I like to see the positive in people. And that's what I've tried to do with 1000s of people around the world, not just people within this building. And that's what helped. That's what kind of gets me going every single day and and Because especially with what we're going through right now, with the pandemic, you know, there's a lot of hurt and bad that's brought to the world, but there's a lot of positive that it's also brought to. And it's really helped people to really see the brighter lightest, you know, in life and see the light at the end of the tunnel that it is. It just doesn't stop here, there's more for you. And if I can really help conversing with anybody, like when I get when I speak with people through messenger or via speak with people through dm on tik tok, or, or whatever platform it is, that's my main focus before I even start talking about affiliate marketing. You know, I really tried to see where they're at in life and see what struggles or what goals they may have and see how they can, you know, intertwine affiliate marketing with what's going on in their daily life and see what I can do to help. Yeah, more of like, you know, motivational coach, in a sense. 

Dave: Yeah. No, I love it. I just, you know, there's a lot of people I think, who, you know, think that, well, I'm locked into this job, and I can't do anything else. Or I'm just afraid to lose my job, you know. Yet. There's nothing that I don't see that we're doing anything wrong. That's not what I'm insinuating. I'm just, I think that for so many people who have day jobs in regular jobs, they, they it may be, they might even feel like they're cheating. You know, I mean, like, cheating on their job. I do acid Dallas. And I think, I think there's part of, I think there's part of a limiting belief, a systematic or systemic, I guess, the kind of limiting belief that that you're the company that you work for owns you, right? In your, you're kind of that you have no more personal freedoms to kind of explore other passions or businesses. And I'm not saying that that's in writing anywhere. In some cases, it is right. In some cases, companies have contracts and so forth. But if I would have never ventured out in the afternoons and evenings, dinner, particularly more evenings, and early mornings, I wasn't, wasn't really still not an early morning guy. But back 10 years ago, when I was working construction with my dad, and days off, where we didn't have any jobs or whatever, if I was hunched over a computer, figuring out how to navigate in and build a business and, and do affiliate marketing and all the things that many of us are learning now or re learning because there's always something new to learn. I wouldn't be here either. You know, I think I think there is a big, I think, I think there's a big bridge that we all have to build between if we eventually want to do something like this full time, or if we want it to last, there's a bridge that we have to build between what we're doing during the day, our day job and whatever our businesses and and it's not about just quitting right away. Right. And it may not ever be about quitting that job, but it's about finding the balance between doing that and then saying, Okay, I'm done with that job. Now I'm gonna go work on what I want to work on with the rest of the personal time that I have with me in balancing those two. In being okay with doing those two things at the same time, I think is a real, I think it's the quicker somebody can can accept that and learn to do that I think the better that they're going to do, and not be in a rush to quit, and not feel ashamed to have a day job, right? Not not be like, Oh, I got to be full time or have all of these silly limiting beliefs that we all kind of tell ourselves. So what is ultimately your goal? Are you looking to eventually go full time? Or are you just looking to stay working, where you're at, and then also do affiliate marketing, and do them in, you know, in parallel with each other?

Ben: But my goal is to do this full time. But in time, I'm willing to be patient and willing to follow the process, because I know it's a journey. I've only been doing this since October 2012. We knew this. And I know it's not a get rich scheme. And I know I'm not going to be making thousands of dollars tomorrow. It's a process I'm continuing to learn every single day. I work on my business seven days a week. I'm a weekend warrior, because I'm passionate about what I do. And when I get home and I'm hanging out with my family, I need to work on my business. I am so excited to do this. I wake up every single day thinking about my business before I even go to work. So I know this is going to be a long term thing for me. I do want it to be a full time gig. But like I said, I still have a family to provide for. I have two wonderful kids. I have a wonderful wife. I live in California where it is very expensive to live. I have a mortgage, the whole nine yards So I do have my lifeline to help. Yeah, but what's what's so beautiful about this is that I've been able to, you know, establish an online business to help with all the little extras to help with, you know, going to San Diego on vacation, you know what I mean, just help with all that little extra stuff, you know. My son graduates kindergarten next week, so he's going to be going into first grade, so we're going to be doing a party for him. So it allows me to kind of pay for stuff like that. So, you know, that's where, when I speak with people, I let them know, my real life, you know, I'm a parent, just like you, I have a wife. I'm just like you. You can do this, but you don't have the time to do it, you do have the time, you just have to find the time. And if it's important to you, you can give up those one to two to three hours each day. Or if you're going to spend more time on it, you'll be able to find the entity and have to necessarily be all at once. It can be sporadic, you could block out your time to really be effective.

Dave: Time management is important, right? I mean, you know, especially if you're like you and have a family like me, I mean, man, you either get you either get good at time management, if you have a family and, and a job or you suffer, basically, this is always going to be the first one to go, right. So here's something to think about, right? Because if you're married or whatever, and you've got kids, and you've got a day job, and you're not, you're not managing your time, well, your spouse is not and you're not going to be your business is going to be the first thing to go. Right. So it's like either get good at something, if that's what you want to do. And it's not even for me, I know for a lot of us and Ben, you just hit on this, which it's like I want to provide for my family, I want to have some extra cash and stuff like that. But you know, I also want to just have my own thing. Right? Like, especially in this chapter of our lives, and for many of you have spent a lifetime raising kids and taking care of everybody else. Like for me, I just want to do what I want to do. I want to do this, what I want to do this time I started doing this, I love doing this, like I love doing it, why get up here every morning and talk about it and build the person that writes all my own copy and films, all my own videos and all this kind of shit. Because I'm not like, oh god, I can't wait to outsource all this stuff and go sit on a beach somewhere. It's like, I love to do this. And I think, for me, I had to get good at time management, I didn't have to stop my business, I didn't have to get rid of my business. Because my business kind of was, it's always kind of been my hobby. You know what I mean? Like, I've not really been, like, I like to go on walks. And I don't know, like I like to. I'm into watches and stuff right now. And kind of like I've had a few hobbies over time. But it's always just been my business bed. That's been what I'm interested in, like, in my off time I watch videos, and I listen to stuff. And I'm just fascinated by it. Like, I'll work if I can work, you know. And I think that, then you bring up the point about time management and learning how to balance things. And if we don't get good at that we're not we can't get rid of the kids, man, we can't get rid of the day job because that's what's paying the bills. Our business is what goes on yet again, we get back in this place, to where we don't have something for ourselves to channel our passions and our emotions, in that we get that personal feeling of payoff and reward. What comes up for you as I say that manner? Can you relate to that? And is that something that was definitely due to

What comes to my mind? 

Ben: It's really a mindset. Because if you can have the most positive mindset, you can do many things in your life, specifically working on a business aside from just your nine to five and you live a busy life with your kids and your wife. You know, guys, I don't even get three, four hours of sleep a day. You know, I'm up at two o'clock in the morning, I'm at the opposite three to open up, I open up the building for my team, get out and go to bed till 10, 10:30 at night. You know, so we go to bed late or the kids go to bed early. I'm working on my business and my time as well. So I suffer that sleep to work on my business. 

Dave: So you're in grind mode right down to like you're in grind mode. Like I couldn't do the three four hours of sleep each night like I got it, like I gotta get at least six. Like I got to get at least six and then occasionally I'll take it on the weekend. On the weekend, I gotta get up in the week with my kids and stuff my wife and I get up both. We both get up in the morning and we get up with our you know what I mean? So my kids wake up early. Do you know what I mean? Ben: Yeah, my kids have already been groomed to sleep in till nine o'clock.

Dave: I gotta get some sleep. I've got a five year old when the sun comes up. She slapped me in debt saying wake up, go make me breakfast, or let's go outside and play right here and her dude. She's like an alarm clock, little voice and she is like, it is time for the whole house to wake up. And then Sam, I've got a six month old If you ain't leaving, he's, he got he's on this whole facade comes up thing. So I like now what if you need six hours? Those of you who are listening, what if you need six, seven hours, you got to be more on point with your time management. Like if you got a nine to five, say you got kids and you need some sleep. Like you got to look at the 24 hours that you've got in your day and say, okay, ah, go into my day job. I got 16 left. Let's say I need six hours. So eight plus 6 plus 14. Right now I have 10 hours left. What can I do with that? 10? That's a lot of hours, dude. It is. I could spend five with my family and five on my business. A lot of people say, why can't there's not a time of the day bullshit. Eight hours, I'll give you nine, I'll give you 10 hours. On the day job. Let's say you got an hour commute, you got 10. Now you have 16. Right now you got eight hours left in the day, eight hours. Like when we look at it from that perspective of raw math, there's enough time,

There is a difference. You know, you've got to sit down and draw it out. And it really maps out your time. And I'm not going to tell you I'm the best at it whatsoever. Not at all. I'm still, you know, getting better at my time management. There's days where I'm like all over the place. Because of my work, and I come home and then the kids are screaming and the wife's frustrated and she wants me to take over. I've already had a rough day at work I like, but if you have to write you have to because you know your family's importance and your kids are important, your wife's importance. They come first, your business comes second. But you know, I also try to, you know, fit in my business time sometime throughout that afternoon or sometime throughout that evening. And guess what if I don't get to it that day, you know, it'll still be there. And I'll work. Yes. Beautiful Thing About affiliate marketing, guys, because we've built systems that work for us around the clock, right? We've built our funnels, we've built out our email sequence, we built out our content that is really, you know, running for us around the clock. So if we don't get to it right now we can get to it again later.

Ben: Yeah. I think you made a good point, which is, if I don't get to it today, that doesn't mean this is a failure and I need to continue not getting to it day after day. Like, I think a lot of people that happens with a lot of people it's kind of like working out, right? It's like, it's like if I don't work out one day. Oh, I've failed. And then I turn one day into two days, two days into three and then all of a sudden I'm not working out anymore. Saying working out everybody needs to work out it's not a fitness podcast. 

Dave: Like, look I struggle with all that stuff just as much as anybody else does. Like I have to get a trainer that's waiting on me as matter of fact I'm going after this to go workout and lose some of this pregnancy weight. But you know this Corona weight, but anyways, man, you know, if you don't get to it in a day, the important thing is it comes back to it. Because consistency is so key. So let's talk a little bit about what's worked for you. So what have you learned about marketing? What are you doing that's really working right now that you could share with the listeners about the strategies? I know you're doing TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and stuff. Why are you doing all three of those? And did you start in one place? Or did you just attack all three right out of the gate?

Ben: Well, I started with TikTok like a lot of people have and then I ventured off into Facebook. I just had a regular regular Facebook, I actually had a Facebook for family. And then once I got serious with this, I kind of asked all the family, I said no, this is going to be about business. Dave: Okay, so you're dealing with family friends, completely off Facebook and said, I'm not doing Facebook for family and friends, I have an Instagram, so I can save the family for Instagram.

Dave: I like that. 

Ben: So I kept Facebook strictly business. And then I continue to grow my Facebook and then I actually maybe several months ago, I started my facebook group. So I've been able to grow that which has been great, which allows me to really, you know, give a lot of additional support to a lot of new beginners in the business. So they want to come over and help me support them. Then I got into YouTube as well because I want to start, you know, really driving YouTube for long term sustainability truly, with building content and a lot of how tos and, you know, people interested in coming subscribing to my channel. So I tackled all three, but I started with tic toc as well, specifically, but what I do is just I show up every day, I'm consistent, and I engage. That's the biggest thing. I engage with my audience. I'm trying to build my brand, but also, you know, build my brand and since we're letting people know that they can count on, so I respond to all my comments. I like a lot of people's videos, I comment on people's videos. When people comment, you know, send me DMS, I try to get in depth with it, I don't just send them a one word answer. So I really try to just engage and really try to get as much as I can out of people that sometimes are very hesitant to speak, they're very hesitant to kind of open up to you. So you have to find out, try and find tactics to do that. And that's basically what I do. You know, so it's high engagement, building those relationships.

Dave: I think people undervalue commenting on other people's stuff as well. Like if you're out there, and you're like, if you're like, I don't think people realize how much traffic they can drive to their profiles if they leave awesome comments on somebody else's like if you've got a video that's going crazy on TikTok, for example, and you believe in awesome comment, like not just Hey, awesome video like that. But I'm talking about like, you really leave a thoughtful comment, like we had. David, I forgot his name. He's been building his affiliate marketing business exclusively on Twitter. And the number one thing that he did and we don't talk about this enough with with tik tok, the number one thing that he did that grew his account was leaving intelligent, thoughtful comments, on other heavy hitter posts that were going viral and going crazy, thoughtful, like, like adding value, like, legitimately also adding value, like not just coming in and being like, oh, great video, but like actually leaving a thoughtful like, here's, here's what's worked for me on this topic, like actually leaving a thoughtful comment. So that's engaging, of course on other people's stuff. But what you're talking about is that and also engaging with every single person that leaves a comment on your videos, and you're going live, is that right?

Ben: Most definitely, I go live every single day around 7pm Pacific Standard Time. There's days where I can't go live. And of course, with no family, but I try to be consistent and show up every day to where people know I'm going to be going live at a certain time. And that's what really helps grow your tik tok channel as well, you know, the algorithm sees you go live, and if you're live for X amount of time, it kind of boosts up a little bit more. But I try to do it all with Tick Tock and really, you know, grow my audience, but also know that, you know, they know who I am, I'm not just somebody on a video trying to spit up now. I'm a real person, and they can actually reach out to me and guess what I will actually respond, you know, so that's what I try to, you know, hopefully, they're comfortable with me.

Dave: So what, what, what, what did you do to get comfortable on video to allow your authentic self to come through, to have the courage to share story and personal details. So you can bond more and be a real human being to people instead of just somebody who people feel like they, you know, can't really connect with talk us through some of overcoming your maybe you had some uncomfortability with video, and also opening up as well to use your those personal details in your content?

Ben: Well, I think it just leads back to over the years being in a leadership level, because I've been doing this but for about six years now being in a leadership level within my nine to five day job career. So it allows me to have that confidence to speak to a group of people. Now I'm talking to millions around the world, totally, totally different. But I have the confidence to stand up in a group of 40 people and lead them in a discussion or in a meeting or in a training session. So bring that over to video. And now I'm talking to a video that's right in front of me and pressing play. I'm having to, you know, get my point across and give some value added content, to where hopefully it will actually inspire and help somebody who is different. So in the beginning, don't get me wrong, I struggled, you can probably go back to my early videos, and I did horrible. And I'm sure everybody can relate to that. And because you're consistent and you keep doing it, you're going to get better. And that's just what I continue to do. But I really try just to bring out my personality, and in my videos because you gotta be you. Because you know, excuse my language, excuse my language, but people can smell bullshit, right? So if you're being fake, and if you're not being who you are in videos, they'll be able to, you know, catch up on that. So just be who you are. And just, you know, press play. That's it. That's all you have to do. That's what you got to do to start. If you start doing it and being consistent every single day, you're going to get better, you're going to get more comfortable with it, then it's gonna just be like clockwork.

So you're talking about affiliate marketing you're talking about, that's basically the niche that you're in. You're talking about making money online and developing, you know, income streams and stuff like that. 

Dave: So one of the biggest, like, fears or, or issues that people have when they first get started, as they say, Well, what do I have the right to be talking about making money online? I'm brand new, I'm just getting started. How have you dealt with that? Was that an issue for you at all, the sort of imposter syndrome? And how did you overcome it? If it was? 

Ben: Well, I just understand where I'm at in my business and my knowledge in the business. And I'm not trying to go beyond that. So when I speak to somebody, I say, I'm not the guru. I do not know everything. But guess what, if you have a question, I don't know it, I'm gonna go get you that answer. And then I'll report back to you. But in my content, I don't try to say I'm making 1015 $20,000 a month, because I'm not everybody. And I'm not trying to portray that. But I'm going to let you know that I can actually help you. You know, get your business off the ground and help you get started and give you the tools to succeed in the beginning of your business. But guess what, you're going to have to do the work, you're going to have to go out there and continue to educate yourself, and learn the way you know about the business just like how I did, you know, nobody really held my hand, I had to actually go out and ask questions and interact with people. And that's the beautiful thing about this business. And the awesome thing about your community, Dave and Legendary Marketer and the Facebook group, everybody is willing to help one another. Doesn't matter if you're making three grand a month or if you're just starting out as a beginner and know little to nothing about the business. Everybody's willing to help you out, answer your questions, help guide you along if you need to. And if you know, you need to reach out to them for some additional one on one help Guess what, they'll probably respond and help you out. And that's what really allows me to continue to enjoy this business each day because I've grown, you know, so many friends since I've been on tik tok. And since I've been a part of Philly marketing, they're all over the world, all over the world. And, you know, a lot of them are some of your top affiliates like, you know, Austin Becker, and Brian Brewer and Jonathan Montoya, you know, and Megan and Ryan, and I could just keep going on on nonsurgical Sixto, there's a lot of awesome people named Brian, a lot of awesome people that I've met, and so thankful to me. And that's where, when I'm interacting with individuals that are new to the business, I try to return that favor, because it was given to me. So I try to help guide them along, hold their hand a little bit, you know, and so they don't give up, they can build that right mindset to keep going.

Dave: And, you know, man, that attitude, and that approach is the same exact approach that is used in 12 step recovery. And, and why that's relevant is because, because that's how I got clean, was, you know, I started going to meetings and, and, you know, had somebody who had gotten clean before me, who used me, as a way both to help me but also to help them. And in the end, what we would say is, you can't keep what you have unless you give it away. And that's kind of interesting, like a paradox, right? It's like, Wait, hold on a second. Wait, we mostly most of the time, I got to keep what I have by keeping what I have to myself. But the paradox and the power of that statement is that if I give it away, simultaneously, it's like the zig ziglar saying that if you help enough people get what they want, you'll get what you want. Same point is that and I think that's the piece that helps one overcome that imposter syndrome. And helps one overcome all those limiting beliefs and kinds of negative stories that we tell ourselves when we get started like, what do I have the right or I'm brand new, or who's going to listen to me or that person so much better when they just listen to them. That was at the beginning, and I still live by this philosophy today, that if I want to continue to grow my business, my life, my income, I have to help people. Same way that if I want to stay clean, I have to do I have to help people? I have to do some sort of service. Right? I have to do some sort of service. The way I serve has evolved over time. I go in cycles, right? Sometimes I'm of service to communities, sometimes I'm of service to just addicts who are trying to get cleaned. Sometimes I'm an observer to a friend. So lately I've been really upset. Most of my family has young children. But the point is, I can't keep what I have unless I have a way, which means that somebody helped me exactly what you just said, somebody helped me get clean, somebody helped me build a business. And if I want to keep that, and if I want to grow that, then I have to find the only way to do it, not learn more. It's not, it's not any other thing, like some of us think the way for me to become successful is to find another guru to take me through another webinar to do another thing to get right. That's not the way to take what I've learned, because somebody helped me, right, that's what we try to be here at legendary help you. And then you take that and turn around and go out there and use that skill now to take your information, whether that's in the make money, online space, or whether that's in the bartending space, or whether that's in the magic space, or whether that's in the helping baby sleep, an infant stage space, and whether that's, you know, empty nest, years after the kids leave space, and whether that's diabetes, whatever it is, take it out there, and then help people. And the more people you help, the more money you're gonna make. And it starts out by just helping them for free. And that's how it actually continues, we just help them for free. Within our content, we call that chumming the waters, right, we bring them to the boat by throwing that free chunk free chunk out there in the water. And then we offer an appetizer or some bait to get them to bite to say, Oh, yeah, that's cool. Like, I like that. Right? And then we rail up in the boat, right? But then we were able to do more business with them, we're able to sell the T bone steak, then we're able to sell them, the additional sides in the so forth.

Ben: Yeah, cause you're building those valuable, long lasting relationships, a lot of times in the end, they're investing in themselves. But guess what, they're actually investing in you. Because you know, what, you've been able to help them with what you've been able to do to help change their life, maybe change their mindset a little bit on, you know, what, there's actually more out there for me, I'm not stuck in my situation, there's actually more than I could, if I just apply myself. So they're invested in themselves to get themselves going, but they're really invested in you. 

Dave: Yeah. I mean, it's definitely a trust thing. And definitely, you know, something that that's, you know, it again, once again, there's another paradox I invest in you, then then you invest in it made, right, but it's always, it's always, if we I think life teaches us been that that hold on a second and get out of this. And in business, if you want to be successful, the question you have to ask is, how can I, how can I give something for free away to as many people as possible, give first, then receive. And that's the whole idea of this thing is, is is making the investment in somebody to be willing to give away content to give away your time in a free conversation on a DM to give away your time on a live stream to give away your time on a free show like this, like I do every day, to give away time and value up front to earn somebody's trust, to earn somebody's trust and to make a relationship a bond with them. And then to ask them to click a link to enroll in a training course because I think it's the right next step for you. By believing that I can say that with conviction, right? But it always starts with me with you. All of you listening, then in your business go out and help somebody get results in advance of asking them for any money, asking them to click any links, help them get those results in advance. Because if you can help them get results in advance for free on your TikTok, Youtube, Facebook in a live if you can help them get results in advance. Before you ever ask them for anything even before you ask them to click a link. If you can help them get results in advance. Right results might mean an aha moment results might be and this is another word for value, right? I'm switching out results because a lot of times they give value. What does that mean? It really means a result. If what I'm telling you can help you to get a result. Like hey, Ben, what I learned with my wife when she was really having a lot of big feelings instead of going into pensively and, and being like, well, I'm having a bad day too. Or why do you know what else you have to unleash on me?

Right? Instead of saying that what I learned was just to ask my wife, well, honey, looks like you're overwhelmed. How can I make you feel loved and supported right now? If my channel was about relationships or marriage or whatever, that would be a way that I could give you a result in advance. Because that simple little tip, you could use that it's clear, it's simple. It's easy to understand. You can use that and get a result with it. And then if you did Use that and get a result with it, then you would be so much more likely to take my suggestion to click the link and go watch another training, or go enroll in a course. That's what I mean by giving those results and value in advance. And it looks like you fake you've picked up on that then and that's why you're having the success that you're having. So what final words would you give people who are here within our community listening to you, the sound of your voice and your story today? What, What, what Final Thoughts Would you like to leave them with?

Ben: I would say, if you're new to this business, and this is something that you want to do, you know that this can really impact your life. Go go go into it full force, really be open minded, but also just have the most positive mindset that you can, okay. Because you're going to go through times where you're going to struggle, you're not going to understand something, the information that you might be trying to learn might not be maybe your way of learning. So you might have to figure out another way of how to figure it out. But ask questions, reach out to people, if you want to reach out to me, I will answer all the questions you want. Okay, so then open mind, have the most positive mindset as possible, because this is a journey, it's a process. And this can actually be a very nice business that you can do for you and your family as an affiliate marketer on the online space. So it can be a long term thing, but just the biggest thing, mindset mindset has the opposite mindset, and it'll take you a long way.

Dave: Well, brother, we're learning from you how to do that because you've got a lot going on and you're maintaining quite an awesome positive mindset and your family is really lucky to have you as a dad and a husband and a leader. They're at your job and a part of our community, a leader in our community, man. So keep up the great work, brother. And please come back and keep us posted. And let us keep learning from your experience and your journey here, man. It's awesome to watch. It really is.

Ben: Thanks, Dave. I appreciate you having me and very thankful and glad to be a part of Legendary Marketer.

Dave: See ya buddy. Alright. Alright, my friends. There you go. You can follow Ben on YouTube at Ben Fourtner. You can follow him on tik tok at Fortner dot official, you guys noticed also, we've been flashing those links up the entire show. So that's how you can find him. Go go hit him up, follow his stuff, support them, go lift him up. That's the way that you know, again, we can get back what we put out into the world. So if we support others, we comment on people's stuff. We like their stuff. And that's one of the ways that we can all support each other's businesses, right? A lot of times we scratch our head, and it's like, well, how can we actually lift each other up? How can we support each other's businesses, fellow entrepreneurs, supporting fellow entrepreneurs, businesses, because we all know that friends and family and stuff, they're confused, and oftentimes skeptical and sometimes even negative about those of us who are trying to build businesses and do more in life, right? It's unfortunate, but it's true. So how can we support each other? Well, we can support each other by liking each other's posts and comments and videos. And sharing whatever editing and all that kind of stuff helps our friends and fellow legendary marketers in our community, we didn't do that. So don't get frustrated if some do come back to you. Just keep giving, keep serving, and eventually all of that and that you know, that value will come back to you tenfold. Certainly not going to help. You know, he's going to go in and do his job and he's probably going to come back and work a little on his business later, after he spent some time with his family. And he's going on three hours of sleep, more power to him, more than three hours of sleep and you're ahead of the game. Okay, so be Legendary. Have a fantastic day. We'll see you back here on Monday. Get that hell out of here. Peace.

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