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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friend Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary we have yet another episode with this time this morning, it's going to be somebody who comes from my neck of the woods, a fellow construction dude. This man is a concrete cutter, probably a little bit of a harder worker than I was. Construction days, James Welcome to the show. 

James: Thank you for having me. 

Dave: You're welcome, my brother, so concrete cutting it is.

James: Yes, yes, I run a big diesel saw that kind of concrete. I usually just cut up to make 1415 inches deep and that's all I do.

Dave: Now, is that something that's run by a machine or is that something that you literally are sitting there holding the saw?

James: No, we do, we do hand saws and things like that but my job specifically what I do is I run a four cylinder diesel soft so it's, it's about 3000 pounds it's a big, big song. 

Dave: Let me see your hands. 

James: Yeah, they're not your gloves, your man. My wife doesn't like rough hands so I try to keep them soft. 

Dave: There you go. Attaboy. Alright man, so tell us a little bit about how you got started in online marketing and eventually how you found Legendary.

James: Well it all started really back in 2005. I was introduced to an MLM. That had a. They had a partner school, Basically, that had just a bunch of affiliations, my time they might link and shop at those stores. I got a commission out of it. Up to a certain volume, you know. Yeah, I did pretty well with that for a few years and then I branched off and started doing other things on my own.

Dave: And that was the big A right company to start with Ram way. 

James: Yeah, yeah, that was it. Great. I can't say anything bad about them. They are a great company, they are awesome, but I still use them today, a little bit but not affiliated with them at all. And then, last year, and 2020. I started, we got into a family situation where I had to make more money than I was making. So I started looking around. I thought affiliate marketing was a good thing back then. That was in 2005 I think it was. And last year, I'm like, That was a great thing. I'm gonna try doing that again. But I want to do it on my own without an MLM. And man, I tried. You know, there was the Amazon selling books on Amazon and there was, you know, looking at any affiliate links you could find trying to gather more but it went nowhere. I didn't know how to promote. I didn't know how to get real customers or anything that I saw on TikTok. For Legendary and I went to go check it out, and man it was the course, just, you know, I paid $7 for the course. And within day three. I, it just blew my mind. Everything that you guys offered so I went over force and got everything I could. And I don't know what else to say.

Dave: Yeah, you've invested in quite a bit of education here. I can see just from your account, you've enrolled in our blueprints and bought many of our kind of one off courses and stuff and how has that changed the game for you for, you know, making money. Right, needing to make money and starting a business for that reason, but also investing in education and, and, kind of, I guess, putting some skin in the game if you will and, and, You know, I guess, speeding up maybe the learning curve a little bit versus going out there and watching free YouTube videos and trying to kind of piecemeal it all together on your own, how has that changed the game for you.

James: Well, it's kind of it's narrowed it down to a simpler process. It's given me a lot of ways to change my attitude, my lookout on things, and it. There is a lot there, and I bought a lot, all at one time, and I kind of skipped around in there. So, I didn't. I didn't get it all the way I needed to. So at first and then I had to go back to start here and work my way down to the blueprints the right way. And then it all started coming together.

Dave: What is it like for you to know also with us, when you buy a piece of education, a program that it's going to be there, and also that you're going to get dates. For example we just completely renovated and updated a completely new version of the Affiliate Marketing Blueprint. And most of the Guru's and goblins whenever they launch a new course it's a 2.0 that sells again for retail price and everybody has to buy it all over again. What is, what does that like for you, what does that mean to, because I know what it means for me. I'm the one who's creating it and then making the decision to roll it out and just give it to everybody for free who's already bought it, what is, what does it mean for you as a client?

James: I don't know how to answer that question, to be honest with you, it's, it's seeing that. It makes me want to go back through it again and relearn more because you're updating everything's new information, and this industry changes all the time, obviously. Right and blowing that I have all your courses, or your teachings available to me with any update just means a world to me that I can keep updating my own business. And by the way, my goal is to help other people. So whatever information you give me is information I give them. Yeah, and that way everybody can grow together and we can help each other out.

Dave: Well I think coming from the construction trades you know that your reputation is everything, because if you, you know, if you want to set yourself apart from all of the others. Tom, Dick and Harry yayhoo's as my dad and I used to call them yayhoo's right you know who's this yayhoo, basically the guy who comes in and just throws things together, kind of sloppily cuts corners does, you know sells you a dream on the front end, and then you can't get them to show up for the job. Once you've given them that deposit or, God forbid if you paid in full. Never do that with most builders until they absolutely finish the job. But in this industry, those yayhoo's exist as well. And I think that's one of the reasons why a lot of people call things scams and are very skeptical because I would say the majority of people over promise and under deliver. Was that something that was important for you when you were coming online to kind of look out for who are the good guys? And who are the scoundrels, and how can I avoid the scoundrels, and align myself with people who I know are doing the right thing even when nobody's looking?

James: When I went online, I started looking for a mentor. Outside legend maybe another affiliate marketer that I can see is doing well, you know he's promoting his things. I look at how many followers I have. I look at other people that are following them and seeing where they're at because if I see people following them and they have good success. They are following them. And if they're doing a course or anything, you know, I'm definitely gonna get into it, there was one affiliate marketer that that really, really helped me out, right outside of the business blueprints, I was going through there and like I said I was getting all jumbled in there. He really helped me put things together. 

Dave: And that was Brian? 

James: That was Brian Brewer. Yeah Hey Brian, awesome. Of course there, and I went through and copied his funnel, you know, and it, that was what I've seen my first mission was after, after mentoring with him, and which was that as a story that that will tell forever seeing that first big commission. 

Dave: What was that like, tell us, give us a nutshell version. 

James: Well, when I saw it, I was getting frustrated because I wasn't seeing any results. There was one day and I saw $2.80 And then, you know, a couple days later I saw $100 You know and I posted that all on all Legendary like I got my first image you all so excited about it because the system works. After that I didn't see anything for a while, and got a little upset. You know I was ready to quit. Brian Brewer, went through things with him as a, as a try to pick things back up and, and nothing happened and then finally I'm sitting on the couch, my wife and I'm just sitting there watching the movie I'm so now I'm you know I'm gonna, I'm not gonna do that I'm going to do something else. And I have a notification in my email, open it up and it was. You earned your commission or can I say the amount I mean, sure, in my first big commission was $2,850, and like holy crap, I got to my I show it's my wife and she goes, you're going to get downstairs and start promoting North right now. That's why I came down and started making more TikToks.

Dave: Literally that minute?

James: Yeah, it was then ya know.

Dave: Netflix and chill came to an abrupt end and you went right to work?

James:Yeah, definitely. Anything that I do, you know, I, when I leave things I always look at it as if somebody else sees what I've done physically or online or whatever, that's going to be a piece of me. So when people see that especially what I do physically you know concrete lump and cut concrete. I want to make the straightest lines I possibly can. Does anybody who drives over it, or walk past it is going to see if there's a real split in the line. Nobody's good, they're going to point it out and make fun of it, you know I can't be proud of that product. So when I came online with affiliate marketing, I looked around and I tried different things that did what Legendary did. And so I promote Legendary because it's nice to me that people are seeing me, if that makes sense to you. 

Dave: Sure 

James: And I don't want people to see me as a scam or seeing me as flip flopping you know, and Legendary definitely isn't that. So I, that's why I like to promote Legendary

Dave: Yeah that's totally cool, I get it I mean, I have often as I've and I think one of the reasons why we have so many affiliates is the same reason why I promoted many of the things that I went through and get value from when I was learning the business. I would go through something, a program, a training, I would get value from it. It would, it would have an impact on me and I would gain clarity and then I would be able to use the, what I learned, and then it was just an obvious. It was an obvious next step for me to say hey how can I how can I share this with other people I was, it was almost like a natural thing, right, so that's one of the reasons why we do zero affiliate recruitment here at legendary like everybody is always, You know I hear people who are quote unquote talking shit about Legendary on TikTok or wherever, which by the way, is not hurting anybody who's doing that by the way is not hurting us any. It's just a public service announcement, doing that is that actually it's helping us, because it's kind of like the more you say my name, the more you say our name, whether it's, especially if it's bad. People look at you a little bit like, is that really how you get down you talk shit about people, that's how you try to lift yourself up, and then they come over here and they experience what we're doing and they're like, Wow, that's this is actually pretty cool right so, however, you know, we don't do any affiliate recruitment we don't, we don't try to get anybody to become affiliates of Legendary and sell our stuff people go through it get value from it, develop a story like you did, You know this this opened my eyes it was really useful and then they hit us up and they're like can I become an affiliate of legendary it's, it's kind of a pretty natural thing. But, for a lot of you who are getting started, that may become your path as well. You may want to become an affiliate of ours and that's totally fine, and you and you may want to go and be an affiliate in another niche, you may invest in our blueprints and come on to our decade in a day and we'll show you all of these different niches that you can be an affiliate for and things you may not even realize that you could do, and you may start out in the make money online space and working to make money online space for a year. And then you may say hey you know what I want to go back and, and I want to specialize in sort of target down on a specific niche. Teaching construction workers how to make more money than proud of their construction business, you're teaching plumbers, I've seen people even get specialized one today. Once they started to get comfortable with selling their own coaching and or courses could go back specifically to plumbers or specifically to attorneys or specifically to a actual very targeted niche and offer coaching or consulting or courses to show them how to grow their specific business using the marketing skills that you now know, so there's so many different directions that we can go once we understand the sort of mechanics and some of the dynamics of selling information on the internet we start out with affiliate marketing. We start out, oftentimes, you know, becoming an affiliate for maybe some of the courses or programs that we got value from. Maybe we stay there for years or decades, maybe we adjust it develop our own courses or coaching and specialize, or target in a different niche, but there's so many different directions that we can go and it was interesting James, because you said you were sitting on the couch, you were about right, but that bigger commission that you received gave you a boost. Now where is your head out? I just gave you a little bit of a 30,000 foot perspective about what's possible. Are you no longer needing those, those reassurances of commissions dropping into to validate this and get you excited, can you now see the bigger picture about where you're going and what you can do. Can you talk to us about that from your perspective?

James: I don't need those reassurances anymore I know the system works, and it is based on what I do if I, if I stop, You know, and take up a month break those commissions are probably going to slow down quite a bit. But if I keep consistent, keep promoting and put myself out there. I'm going to see them coming in again. And, and, and, as far as growing. You can use everything you learn in the blueprints. It doesn't have to be just affiliate marketing, you can use it in every aspect of your life, really. I mean I use it, you know some of the things I learned is I talked to my boss about it, you know, and he's, he's actually become curious about legendary because I do talk about it so much at work and he sees me sitting in my work truck, you know, main TikTok and what are you doing, but no it's he's all keep them completely informed what I'm doing. My goal is not is not to quit working for him. Right now, because he is a tremendous guide, it's a small family owned company. 

Dave: That's awesome. 

James: And I love the guys that I work with, so I don't want to put them in a bind by just quitting. Dave: Sure. And why would you want to cut off a stream of income from a profession that you know exactly how to make money, and you can you can you can completely for the most part, predict how much time or how much effort or energy you need to put in in order to get a certain amount of money, and you can cover your bills and cover your expenses by doing that, I went over the 24 hours in a day kind of exercise, last week with a guest, and if you've got 24 hours in a day you've got eight hours, say call it nine, you got a half hour each way, let's call it 10 Let's call it 10 Right, let's just get crazy call it 10, you've got, you've still got 14 hours, let's say the eight eight hours asleep. All right, so now you've got 18, You've got six hours left. What can you do with six hours? Well let me tell you something most people what they do, if you look at your phone and you look at the amount of time that you spend on your phone, you it'll, your phone will tell you what you're doing without additional six to eight hours or so, it'll tell you that you're on Facebook, screwing around, it'll tell you that you're on in scripts screwing around. But what if you got super focused and I'm speaking everybody got super focused, and took that additional six to eight hours, let's call it six to be super conservative, and you took three of those hours, exclusively every day totally and completely on your family, they probably be blown away, they parallel Who this new person that's totally full, they feel like they had a brand new dad or mom, or husband or wife, because you've probably never given them three hours of exclusive, no phone, no distraction time. And then the other three hours with exclusive business building, whether it be content creation, emails, building funnels, strategizing, it really is interesting when you, when you look at the math of a day and how many hours are in a day, James, and you say, what if I got real militant with my time management. What can I accomplish in terms of work, family, in my business what comes up for you as I say that?

James: Well, things that come up to me are time management. I'm one of those people who say I don't have any time. And that is because I really don't. I work with my job, early mornings, you know, I might start at 4am and 3pm. I'll come home, grab my son out of preschool and have dinner with my family, and be back to work by six o'clock in the afternoon, and work till one to three in the morning, come home shower, take a quick nap and get back to work. And that's how my days are all week long until Friday. So usually on Friday night, Saturday I'm usually catching up on sleep. And then so Saturday afternoon I'll get up we'll do something fun with family go out to eat dinner, whatever, and Sundays, I try to spend half my Sunday, doing, TikTok videos getting some training done, you know, doing a little bit of research on what, what I can do to make those bigger commissions again, and just try to grow on Sunday afternoons. And that's really the only day that I spend on this. 

Dave: Wow. Really?

James: Yeah

Dave: I wonder where I wonder where else just you based on what I just said could find more time, just by, again it's 24 hours and every day, you know we all have the same amount of time, and even morning hours, days, that's crazy man, 

James: One thing I do is I bring my notebook with me and I write down ideas as you as they come up. Yeah, if I'm not cutting if I'm waiting for a lane drop or if I'm waiting for a contract to come show me what I've got for the day you know I'm putting stuff down or, yeah, yeah somebody, another contract says something to me as like you know I use that, you know, and I'll write that down right.

Dave: I like that. I like to, I mean you got to do what you got to do with the time that you have. But that, you know, so all of you listening, just think about the time and again you can look at your screen time on the phone it'll tell you how much time you're on various different apps and in really being successful just like James said, has a lot to do with figuring out how to better utilize the time that we have, because you can make more money, you can't get more time. Right, but making more money has a lot to do with how we spend our time. I love the idea of having a notebook, not even a phone, I just like the idea of a hard notebook, even if it's a pocket notebook. Yep. Show us yours. I love that. I love that.

James: I think you can’t see the picture but there’s words all over the page. You know, on my TikTok yesterday I made a video of how I do them.

Dave: I love that. Well, the reason why I love that is because sometimes when we pick up our phone to use our notes or whatever. It's so easy to just accidentally hit that Facebook or accidentally hit that whatever, and then more down a rabbit hole, Right, and we've given up yet another 15 or 20 minutes, because we, you know just it's hard it's this this thing is something that we really have to have discipline about did you have any issues at all with getting distracted and allowing this thing. Okay, so, so talk to us about that a little bit. How do you mean the distraction monster because this is a gift and a curse. Right, it's helping you make money, it's helping you build your business but it's also a big distraction monster, how do you balance the two?

James: That's a great question, Well it's, it's, for me it's just, I tried to stay focused because I'm on limited time. So I tried to, actually I go through, like I said early I go look through the people that I follow, like Brian Brewer, Jonathan Montoya, and all them, And I see who, who's following them. I'll go into their tech talks or their YouTube channels or their Instagrams or Facebook's and I'll see what they're doing, or even legendary marketers, Facebook page and and just, you know look at look at who's there, and I'll try to follow them and see what they're doing that's I'll make notes off of that type, because it is a huge distraction because if you just jump on TikTok and start scrolling through your dances, you're gonna see you know, it's very indexing, you know, like you said, 15 20, 32 hours have gone by, and girls dancing shaking their butt

Dave: Right your instincts kicked in and you got distracted right it's like oh shit, you know, your wife comes out there starts yelling. Exactly right. It's like she walks up on you and you like got some, you know, somebody dancing like oh I’m doing research honey. You can get into a trance though, can't you it's like all these, I mean, this is why these apps are so powerful apply so many people are making so much getting so much traffic and building their business from these apps is because they are really hypnotic they, they'll pull you into a trance, a little bit and so you've got to be careful as you're doing your research to really be purposeful, if you're going to do research and you're going to, you know, I mean, dude. One of the things that I do with my five year old and it works really well is every single time that we sit down like we go routine at night, and that we have so much amount of show, right, so we'll sit down, and she'll get like some Garfield, or she'll get some spirit or she'll get some whatever she's into that day, and we'll set a timer, so this timer right now she likes to hit the green button. So I say 10 minutes, and then I hold it up and she likes to hit the green button, and I would invite you because sometimes we are adults. We think that things that apply to kids don't apply to us like we're too good, or we're too, we got it all together, but sometimes setting that alarm man is such a powerful thing because if you're like okay I'm going to do research or I'm going to write an email, I'm going to set myself an alarm for five or 10 minutes or 15 minutes, and when that timer goes off, I'm done. I'm done. I haven't done that but I probably need to, yeah, I'm done, because, dude, you can lose time, the same way that the other thing is, when my daughter's watching a show, sometimes I'll have my phone in my hand as well, I can easily lose time too, because I'm looking at whatever I'm looking at and then before you know it, maybe we've it's gone on 20 minutes I don't know how long she's been watching the show, it just okay it's time to turn it off I like snap out of it, got to turn it off and then she's like, ah!

James: I'll get into a trance just like that on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday, I'm doing research. I'll be watching my sons and daughters watching Youtube videos of kids playing with toys. 

Dave: Exactly dude and then and then the kid is like the kids kind of taken by surprise and is thrown off guard and then doesn't know what to expect as well and then does it build good habits and routines, and it has doesn't have a sense of time as either, you know some people have a sense of time, you know like kind of like some people don't have a sense of direction my wife's like that like she doesn't remember how to get back she's brilliant but it's, she doesn't have a good sense of direction where I can go into a parking lot at the airport after being on vacation and find our car. Well, I can get lost. I don't have a good sense of time, right, so that's something that I don't have I can get, I can be late, I'm late for a lot of things and I can get kind of just in a trance. So, I'm just talking about time management for whatever reason, I just, this is on my heart this morning because I think that we just constantly have a lot of people who are struggling and don't know why and I think one of the big reasons is about how we use our time, and that we don't set up accountability pieces with timers and so forth. In alarms, right, you can do it a couple of different ways. You can set an alarm for 15 minutes or you can just use this timer feature and it doesn't matter what you're looking at on your phone that timer will go off. And it's just what can I do to hold myself accountable, right, that's it. I wanted to go back one, one time to not being in a rush to quit your job, I like that. So many people are so in a rush to get to the other side where the grass is green and they want to quit their job and that's gonna make them happy and that's gonna make them complete and you seem like you're a patient man at least that's what you just said, Why do you I mean, obviously, the boss is a good guy, so forth but why do you think, from just a, a new entrepreneur business standpoint, do you think it might be a bad idea for you or others, to just prematurely, quit their jobs, to go full time as an online marketer?

James: A huge thing, people call me Mr patients. They're not saying I'm the most patient person they've ever met. But yeah, don't just jump in and quit your job because you're putting everything into this, because you will get certain you know small Commission's and big commissions and then all of a sudden there might be a month or two with nothing, and then you're scrambling to make money again somehow so if you're if your goal is to quit your job. I would say, don't quit until you have at least six months worth of money in your bank, at least six months, where you can pay all your bills and everything with no worries. And that's, for me, I'm not looking to quit my job right off the bat like I told you earlier, I mean that that would be a goal, we do have things we want to move we know we want to get close to the beach or you know whatever and, and those are nice things to do but that's more of a five year plan. So maybe in five years, I'll be able to quit my job. But at the same time I have affiliate marketing, business on the side that button, all my spare time into that is going to gain each word in five years, maybe I'll have an extra $100,000 in the bank, or more, you know, I mean that is my goal, and a couple of nice vacations to the beach in the meantime. That way every month I know I do have recurring if you $70,000 months, you know, where I don't have to worry about having to find another job when we do.

Dave: Yeah. So, this would be a moment, in full disclosure that I have to say, Do as I say an audit I did, because I did not personally have six months of finances when I quit my job, I didn't have a traditional job though. My dad and I basically were doing one off jobs, remodel tile, bathroom, kitchen stuff, and we didn't have, I didn't have a steady regular job, to where I clocked in clocked out work for a company, again it was just my data and I, and you know I had about $1,000 And I think that $1,000 came from me selling my vehicle, you know, and in my back was kind of against the wall and I just didn't have any work in the near future, that I was another kitchen another bathroom to remodel and I basically just said, Look, you know, I'm just kind of going to build this full time instead of sitting around and doing nothing or looking for more construction work. I kind of went all in on building my business. And so I think you've got to take a look at the situation that you're in, you know, if you're unemployed right so 2020, 2021 has brought this kind of unique situation for a lot of people to where you may be unemployed. You may be sitting around on your ass doing nothing, sitting around at home, collecting unemployment, whatever. What better could you do with your time, and I don't know I'm not here to judge I'm not here to say what you should or shouldn't do, but it's,  you have to you have to look at your personal situation I buy a pen, and you have to make an intelligent assessment of what you have going on if you have a good job that you like, and even a good job that you don't like it because I think there's also a myth that you're going to start a business and you're going to love every minute of it. Like I don't love every minute of my business I don't, I'm not happy all the time it doesn't always go my way. I'm to a point now where I'm pretty comfortable and pretty stress free. And I have a lot of fun doing this, but it's not always been like that, particularly in the beginning, there were some hard times, there were some, there were some times that were uncertain. I didn't know what was coming next, I was all over the place. My wife was frustrated because I didn't stick with things. There was, all I've been through all that I've been through multiple MLMs at the beginning when I had, I was in this company that set out these, these numismatic collectible silver coins. They were they were just silver numismatic and we paid like $100, a month for these things and they were like worth 20, 25 bucks, you know, so, anyways, times got hard enough due to where I literally had to take those numismatic coins and take them to a jewelry shop and sell them, because I needed to pay my half of the bill. I mean, dude. Like, there's been a lot of different times to where I've had really, You know, I was, I was really frustrated as well. But I didn't have a steady job, I was always sort of somebody who bounced around so it made sense for me to go full time early on because I didn't have a full time job. We had a guy, Nathan Lucas who's a part of our community, he's a, he's a piece of diamond affiliate with us I mean he's a, he's an awesome dude, you know, he, he stayed in the military for years after, and I think he just recently quit but he had made a lot of money, a lot of money in his business. It was actually quit and then went back part time because he sort of just missed the kind of camaraderie and so forth that he had, in the service. So, again, I like to say that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Sometimes it's artificial turf, And if you can have your cake and eat it too. Meaning that you can have your full time job in your full time stream of income and get better with your time management to where you can also build your business on the side. It makes sense, it's the smart thing to do. So I just want to tell everybody don't get sucked into the gurus and goblins and bro marketers out there who make you feel bad, or like you're not somehow part of the cool club if you also have a job, because that's bullshit. And it's not reality. Do you agree with that James?

James: 100%  Most people out there do have a job, and when they're looking for something they can relate to you more if you also have a job, and you're struggling with your time and you're trying to get where you can show them that it is possible, you're going to do it and try, if I can do it anybody can do it, I know that, you know, I’m the average person, and Brad, Brad just made a comment, what's up, Brad, regular viewer here and badass Legendary Marketer has been on the show before, he said I believe knowing you can quit your job can actually make it more tolerable I agree with that. You got it, you got a lot more swagger in your step. If you show up to your job every day. And you know that you got something in your back pocket.

James: Yeah and going on that I really feel that if you feel like you don't have to have your job. Yeah, you're going to perform better because you're gonna be less stressed about it.

Dave: I agree. I agree. So it's a great goal to have like let me get it, let me let me let me build my business to the point to where like I literally do this job and I keep this job because I like it because it brings me more security, but if I lost it, say for example, some crazy thing happened I mean let me scratch my head here and think like a pandemic hit like, we would never expect right in 100 years, a pandemic hit, and everybody and their brother got laid off and was all the sudden sitting at home scratching their ass going, oh shit, what am I going to do next, right, let's just imagine something weird. It Easily happened like that. Never. And you had something in your back pocket and you're good. That you knew. Yeah. Yeah. And there's so many people that are honoring to see, TikTok of people that did that, you know,

Dave: And that's called luck when preparation meets opportunity. Is that what that is. Yeah, because right. A lot of people were looking at us and others online going oh you're just looking it's like what I did prepare this moment, preparing for this moment for many years,

for this opportunity. Basically, the end result, they don't see the struggle beforehand, and all

the years of doing it when internet marketing, selling courses or selling products or whatever wasn't the cool thing to do online. That was the scheme thing, that was the scammy thing that was the thing that was, oh you get a job bro, like, Sure, around on your way you want to be an internet marketer you want to be a cool guy. Right, I've taken all those punches bro,

James: You're still going to get if you're new, you're still going to get that, no matter how popular affiliate marketing is extremely any website affiliate, you know, click that to get a link, whatever, no matter how popular it is, no matter where you are, you're still going to get that.

Dave: I still get that to this day, not only on post whatever but I mean I get that from friends and family, dude. I mean people who just feel us, I think it's just projecting their own, you know dislike of themselves on to me. It's not about me, but I still get that sort of weird look or that kind of like, Oh, you think you're whatever, I mean do it I'm telling you, it never ends. This path, you know, it takes a bit of thick skin. And I think that the earlier you can get the negative comments and build some tolerance for them. I think the better you know because if you're going to blaze your own path, you're going to go against the grain. Even though it's more mainstream now, it's more easily understood now than ever. You're still going to get that hay, and that jealousy and those kinds of those, those, those comments of the trolls out there and the thicker, the quicker you can, the quicker thicker picker upper. And anyways, the bounty, the better, right, I got the marketing phrases in mind.

James: I like it, because, the more people are talking about me behind my back, the more they're gonna say something to somebody's going, you know, I want to, I want to see what he's doing, you know, there's always gonna be somebody there. Look, there's always somebody looking.

Dave: Of course there is man and I mean, you know, the beautiful part about the internet is that it's not just people buying things and watching things following people on the internet. It's not particularly persuaded by social pressure, because you're doing it alone, you're doing, somebody is doing it in there, so it's not the herd mentality. People are not people who are not persuaded by the trolls as much because if everybody was doing it in a room together, you know like, whether they're buying something or getting involved with something, and it was everybody doing it in the room together. Nobody would want to be the first one because of the social pressure of the first one walking up in front of the room. But the reason why the internet is so great and why people buy so much stuff online is because they get to do it at the discretion of their own home with their phone or computer isolated, making their own decisions not influenced by other people. And so, it's why it's the easiest selling and marketing opportunity to make money that ever existed, because it's not persuaded by the social pressure that most people that, that human beings have had to, you know, have had to overcome in decades and centuries past, people can now make buying decisions in the in the comfort in the discretion of the secrecy the privacy of their own home. And so, you know, you can have this whole world that you're involved in that you buy from like for me it's like watches and I have these like little underworlds that I'm involved in, nobody even knows that I'm involved in, because it all happens between me and my phone or my device in the community that I'm in. Right. And so I think that, you know, a lot of you who are just worried about what people think you need to realize that the world is a lot bigger than what you're used to, like you're used to your little group of friends and family that exists in your world your physical world, but there's a virtual world that's a million times bigger than what you've been experiencing that can literally take, I mean that you can get involved in either as a consumer or creator and and experience things that are way beyond your imagination, whether it's, you know what we're doing marketing and building audiences and making money. I mean, it's to think about for me all the people buying from me over the years who have not met, they don't, I don't know them. Right, I don't know that I'm talking about hundreds of 1000’s of people, maybe approaching nearly a million people who have bought a book of course something like that attended a seminar. It's mind boggling. It's mind boggling James and you'll have that same experience 10 years into it if you stick with it to where you'll have sold things, you'll be the same guy same dad same husband, all that just your regular self, but based on the value that you bring to the marketplace, you will have had hundreds of 1000s of people who have bought something from you or through you, because of the decision you made to market and sell on this thing called the internet in these phones and computers and to me it is like the eighth wonder of the world. It's something that nobody ever thought possible, But these devices and these platforms have made commerce possible in a way that is maybe even more mind boggling and compound interest, which is, which is a mind boggling thing, I mean just, if you study compound interest, how it works. It's a mind boggling thing. But I'm getting lost a little bit right now and just my own kind of, I get to get blown away by this James because, to this day 10 years later I'm just as excited about this as I was day one or week one, because it keeps getting bigger change, it's never like, oh I've checked all the boxes, and I've covered all. I'm always like I continuously feel like a freckle on the pimple of a gnat's ass in this whole digital world, because I'm one of 8 billion people in the world who have only reached a small fraction of the people out there, and the potential is is is big as I want to grow. It's hard to wrap your head around, sort of like space it's infinite. It's hard to wrap your head around how much opportunity there is because we've been lied to for our whole lives. That opportunity is you trade time for money, you get what you want, you get what you work, you work hard you make money, you get $1 Raise etc. And it's like, as Warren Buffett said, if that's true, ask some of the secret millionaires and billionaires who've never heard of that there's, there's 1700 new millionaires back in 2017 or 18 by Forbes date 1700 new millionaires that were being created every single day. I'm sure that's more now wrap your head around that. Right.

And then tell me that it's not possible for me, telling me that it's not possible for you. That's why I'm ranting. Anyways, I want to give you the final word because your, your that you're the spotlight here and we're excited to have you I've been blasting your tick tock handles so hopefully people are going to go, following and lift you up and and support you and knowing that you'll do the same to them but if somebody was on the fence right now James and they're saying hey do I want to get involved in this legendary community or do I want to pull the trigger on this online marketing thing, you know, I'm not sure I've been burned before etc. What do you say to those folks?

James: Try it. Try it for the 15 day challenge, it's $7, where you got that's cheaper than a cup of coffee you pick up on your way to work, just try it. Go through the 15 days, finish it. If it's not for you. You lost seven bucks, and actually you didn't even lose it because you gained knowledge, you know you're going to use that in other aspects so just, just try it. If you like it if you want to go more by the blueprints, go through it and start with where it says start here. Don't skip around everywhere, Because you're not gonna see any results that way, start here and work your way down, everything is laid out for you. Just if you need help. You've got a Legendary Facebook group, you've got other affiliate marketers who are always willing to help and give the things that they've worked so hard for to see results from you. They're going to give it to you, Brian Brewer. How he gave me his plans he basically gave me his business. And I just copied it and ran with it and never looked back. I mean, and I'm still going through blueprints. Every day I go back through and I learn a little bit more because you update it, and there's always something new for me to see. Another video to watch is going to help me. Essentially I can help any of you.

Dave: Yeah, well, bro. You know, I like and I do predict that people are going to speak about you the same way that you speak about others, Brian, etc. Here in the very near future, if they're not already, because, you know, it's funny you know that that's what happens is, you know, when we know a little bit more than the next person and we choose to share that, even if it's scary to think of ourselves as like a teacher or something, you know we share that we just share what we learned and we share it humbly went off the lie and that's called education based marketing, you know, and then all of a sudden somebody says that changed my life or because of you. And it's like, really, like, holy crap, you know.

James: I would love to get there right now. I see myself there. I just see myself as the guy on TikTok, pointing out little things you can do, you know, Legendary, and just, just get started, just try it. You don't have much loot and the cost of going further is nothing. Once you get your first couple commissions, everything has already paid for everything else in profit.

Dave: Compared to starting in a traditional business. Take a look at the equipment that you would need. I mean it. Actually at one time I wanted to start a construction business. I wanted to get the licenses, I mean just just just going into study to take the test. They've got these things that you got to be a licensed contractor in Florida just to study these courses to study to take the test, they help you, they help you pass the test. We're twice as much as our blueprints are just to study, to take the test. That's not counting any tool that's not counting any equipment that's not counting any trucks, that's.

James: Anyway, brick and mortar business myself I did spray on truck bedliners. Yeah and I mean, just the cost of just starting that was outrageous, and you've got so much. You got so much money that you have to pay out before you can get anything in. Just make it simple. It was ridiculous. I mean I don't see how anybody in today's world can actually do that. I really don't, because I see things like this I see often, that is low cost to get started, and the outcome is tremendous.

Dave: We'll keep up the good work brother. Hopefully you'll come back. Keep us posted and, and, and, you know, continue to tell us about your journey and, You know how are you doing with your job and how you doing with your wife, how those hands are doing if they're getting any softer or rougher, maybe we'll have her join you next time for the for the intro and let us know whether your hands have gotten softer rougher over over the months of you doing more in your business but anyways.

James: I feel a little stiff from typing.

Dave: There you go. Alright brother, we'll talk to you sir. Thank you for having me, see ya James. Alright guys, there it is, James. I think it's pipes, how do you pronounce your last name pipes? 

James: Yeah

Dave: James Pipes, I like that. Pipes. Alright man, you guys have a fantastic day. It's Monday I'm fired up. I'm full of just passion and zeal here for yet another week, another opportunity to do what we do, it's a blessing I really look at it like a blessing. You know, that's why I stay energetic and energized about this is because it's a blessing. It's a great opportunity . I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to do what we do every day. I stay humble and hungry, and I invite you guys to do the same. I'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode. Wake Up Legendary. Peace.

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