Setting the Record Straight - Addressing False Claims About Legendary Marketer

Recently, we were the subject of a negative marketing story that included misleading claims made by 3 individuals and a self-proclaimed “expert”. 

We want to take this opportunity to clarify the misconceptions and deceptive claims of this story and reaffirm our commitment to the tagline that’s been written on the front of since the beginning of our company's existence: Online Marketing Delivered Simply and With Integrity. 

Our goal with every course and piece of education we release to our customers is to introduce and teach digital marketing skills to everyday people looking to build an online business or upgrade their current business with digital marketing strategies.  

As we continue to revisit our commitment to ethical positive marketing, and being the example for our students, Dave has this message above.

Now speaking directly to our students, it’s our ultimate goal for you to create an online community you love, in a niche you’re excited about, and can amplify positivity in the online space. You attract what you put out, and negative slanderous marketing efforts will bring a community with the same focus. 

This is one of the few things shared in the article that we agree on – everyone should do their research before purchasing any product or education.

We recommend you take a strong look at anyone resorting to negative and attacking marketing tactics and if you want to be associated with those types of tactics online. 

We want to assure our community and potential students that we remain committed to providing high-quality education and resources in digital marketing. 

We have thoroughly researched these claims and have proof to refute them. We encourage anyone interested in our program to reach out, ask questions, and make informed decisions about their education and business pursuits. 

As always…Stay Legendary.