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Over 80% of advertisers and publishers have switched to affiliate marketing in the last year. If you're ready to elevate your income, you're likely exploring marketing courses.

Becoming a successful affiliate marketer means investing in the best courses. Learn everything you need to know about the SAS affiliate marketing course and why it's right for you.

Everything You Need to Know About the SAS Affiliate Marketing Course

As far as affiliate marketing courses go, SAS is one of the most popular. SAS, or Super Affiliate System, offers a comprehensive course. As a legitimate, reliable program with clear processes, you will learn the essentials of marketing directly.

The course covers six weeks with 50 hours of training videos. These videos are in English, but subtitle options in German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Each part of the SAS program is broken down into microtasks so you can take as many breaks as needed. If you're working on building passive income, you'll benefit from this kind of flexibility.

Before you get started, there's a welcome unit to guide you through the program. You'll discover how the course works, what it includes, and the basic benefits of using the program.

Basics like goalsetting and support resources are covered. The rest of the units are divided by week, which is broken down for you below.

Week 1: System Setup

The first unit of this direct marketing system teaches you all about setting up your affiliate network. It highlights the use of Google, Facebook, and Youtube ads. It also highlights website and presale page setup.

It's important to learn about website hosting before you invest in paid ad campaigns. Once you have the site and system set up, the system guides you through different paid ad setups.

Week 2: Google Ads Setup

This unit covers the basics of Google Ads but doesn't go into extreme detail. You'll discover how to setup up campaigns based on keyword search. Then, the unit teaches device and location targeting.

You'll also learn about ad split testing. Unlike other MLM companies' affiliate courses, SAS doesn't cover keyword match types. It also leaves out auto versus manual bidding on ads.

SAS leaves out defining what negative keywords are and their impact on Google Ads. Earnings per click aren't included in this unit either.

Although these details are excluded, you still learn essential information for paid Google Ads. The simplicity of the unit ensures you won't be overwhelmed with excessive information.

Week 3: Youtube Ads Setup

After learning about Google Ads, this affiliate marketing course guides you through every part of Youtube ad campaigns. Youtube runs on Google Ads so that you can extend your marketing efforts there.

This unit discusses channel and ad setup. It also explains why you should exclude mobile targeting for your direct marketing efforts. And, you'll learn common mistakes to avoid when advertising on the platform.

Week 4: Advanced Ad Tactics

Once you make it through the first three weeks of the program, you'll learn more advanced information. This should give you enough time to use Google and Youtube ads, so you're familiar with the basics.

This unit covers tacts for Facebook, which has stringent rules and policies for paid ads. Here's an overview of each microtask within the unit:

  • Common Facebook ad mistakes
  • Staying compliant with Facebook's rules and policies
  • Breaking through overcluttered newsfeeds
  • Advertising to people's inner motivations
  • “Hacking” peoples' trust
  • Creating profitable, engaging headlines

Each of these segments teaches you how to leverage excellent copywriting without overdoing it. Staying compliant on Facebook is easy—once you know what rules to follow. As a novice affiliate marketer, you'll soon appreciate the value of compelling copy.

This unit doesn't teach you copywriting hacks specifically. But fortunately for you, there are tons of free, high-quality copywriting courses available.

Week 5: Presell Pages and Scaling

Moving into the fifth week of the course, you'll learn about preselling pages, something any MLM company uses. As you grow in experience, you'll need to scale up your presell pages, too.

This unit covers split testing each of your presell pages. You'll learn how to avoid common mistakes, too. Then, it addresses the basics of scaling up and how to bump up your payouts.

Once you're confident in your direct marketing abilities, you can start scaling up your affiliate campaigns. One great feature of the SAS affiliate program is its inclusion of preselling page templates. (That's an invaluable resource, especially if you lack the time or skill for web design.)

This section reveals the big moment and strategy for internet marketers' financial success. It reveals the “secret” of leading traffic to sales pages to bump revenue.

Week 6: Product Selection

The final week of this affiliate marketing course ties together everything you've learned. No matter where you are in confidence and ability, you've got to apply everything you learn at some point.

Once you make it past basic and advanced ad tactics, it's time to choose what you're selling. Product selection is all about picking a niche you feel comfortable in.

Once you have a product selected, you'll discover Clickbank offers. You'll even learn how to find offers on other affiliate networks. And, most importantly, you'll learn which mistakes to avoid when choosing offers.

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