Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends and family is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary it's yet another day. And it's another dollar, dollar, the iron iron I used to rock and roll here in a second man I'm fired up today. We've got some. We've got some great guests. I was just chatting with them, and I'm gonna bring them out, well, what the hell without further ado, welcome. Kendra and Monique what's going on. All right, where are y'all calling in from? I know that, well first of all, who’s Kendra and who's Monique, introduce yourself, where you're from and also where you are right now.

Kendra: Okay, I'm Kendra, I'm originally from Maryland, and that's where we are right now. 

Mo: I’m Monique, I go by Mo, originally from Chicago but currently in Maryland, yes.

Dave: All right. Nice, nice. Well, welcome. Let's get Moe's name if we can change the MO there so we can have it. I don't know how to do that. But anyways, maybe the technicians, you know, in the background can help us out with that. So, um, so you ladies are a married couple, you are business and accountable, accountability partners as well. You, you have a son together. And, and you are kind of taking this plunge into the online world for the first time or is this something that you've done, you've tried before other things, give us a little bit of what led you to Legendary.

Kendra: So we tried, we tried drop shipping or we attempted to get into it, trying to kind of understand it but a lot of the rules regulate all those things kind of changed, and kept changing so it was proven to be a little bit more of a challenge. And with the time restraints that we have because we recently lived in Atlanta, so we were kind of like, okay, with the time that we have, what is it that we could do that we both can feel passionate about, and actually feel like we're giving value to the people that we're talking to, because you add value with your products but when you have things and services that you really believe in, it's easier for you to speak about them. So, this I would say is our first official goal online, but yeah, we had trial and error there. 

Dave: Is there anything you would add to that Mo is she telling it all, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Mo: Yeah. I mean, yeah with, I mean, started with drop shipping, we watched tons of videos like we went through the whole YouTube cycle of watching videos, everybody's doing it this way that way that way. It just became overwhelming, and so we try to do it our way with the tidbits that we didn't learn. And at the time that we were trying at Amazon, and a lot of other applications that we were trying to, you know you, they were very difficult, very difficult just to get your foot in the door, not even a toe. You know what I mean? So, it just got to the point where you know we needed to try something else that we could help peoplel with that we are passionate about and something that can create longevity for us, meaning we can revamp it each and every time but in a different way. 

Dave: So, so what happened next?

Kendra: So I got on TikTok. Very informative. And honestly, I was not a TikTok fan, I was like my son uses this application I can't use TikTok, what is that going to do for me. But there's a whole nother world inside of TikTok, and it was very informational came across a couple, I won't even call them influencers, they were you know people like me and her who were trying to create some longevity and some stability for themselves, especially when you know Covid hit and things of that nature and it was very inspiring and one, two videos in and I was like okay, so I showed her and I'm like okay we can do this, we can do this especially if we hold each other accountable. We can do this.

Dave: So you went through the 15 day challenge. Is that how you got kind of your, your foot in the door, your toe in the water?

Kendra: The 15 day challenge was very informative, very helpful and it led everything to make sense from the beginning. It wasn't a whole bunch of oh well yeah you know this and this and this and that but not really explaining anything, it said. 

Mo: Exactly, and that's what we like, I'm big on structure, so if it doesn't have structure. I'm wasting my time going to get lost or I'm just going to get annoyed, so the 15 day business builder challenge, the fact that you took it step by step by step, per day. It allowed the viewer to take one day at a time, really one day at a time, digest and absorb all that information. Try to make it applicable to what their passion is and what new venture they're trying to start and just continue through the 15 Day Challenge. With that in mind just building their knowledge building building building, and I would say a certain order, and I loved it. Yeah, I like how every day you have to stop. I love that.

Dave: Stop and process, now if you were to fast forward to today, you, you tell us about, just if you are you are you exceeding goals, are you on track. Are you getting results just to give us a quick snapshot of where you are today? Go ahead.

Mo: Well today, I will say that we went out last month. Yeah, we had a really big, really big day last month. We've been, you know, doing videos and shelling them out on TikTok, always looking at analytics, always doing that. And we finally have one big day, we had our 1k day, and we lost it. I was so excited. And since then it was just it just kept us inspired to keep going, keep going, keep going. And so as of right now we just, you know, moved to Maryland, getting everything together but we haven't lost sight of the goal. So we'll develop the content that brings people in, so we can explain how Legendary and affiliate marketing, US, and keep building that up. 

Dave: Gotcha. And how long ago was that that you went through the challenge. 

Kendra: April, we went through the challenge of April. Yeah. April has some big things, I could say that video content creation, things that were really big things for us getting our footing and feeling comfortable in front of the camera was a thing in the beginning. Stop caring, or wear regular black shirt or white shirt or just, you know she wears a white sox head, you know, just once you stop caring about the aesthetics of everything, you can create content back to back to back, and you know what, I feel we both done is created a genuine audience that actually wants to learn how to provide a service that will, you know, be rewarding for them and rewarding for who they're teaching as well and that was really important because, you know I like to inspire people to do greater things and think outside of the box and doing that has been really rewarding for me. I had a video a few weeks ago that's still trending on TikTok right now, And it was really exciting because everybody was like yes, I want to do this I want to learn, you know, I wanted to take back on my time and I want to be more present with my family, and that's been a really big thing because one of the biggest things that you can own is your time. And people realize that, but it's really important that it's become even more important to us as we've been embarking on this journey.

Dave: So is that one of the things that you're focusing on in terms of your content is the, the, I know you wrote in your initial questionnaire, so we can get to know you a little bit more was that you were talking about sort of the idea of getting your time back, the idea of society in how, in the messaging we get about finances and the messaging that we get about all kinds of stuff right but specifically, you guys are talking to an audience of people who want to start a business and want to build a business and want more time and financial freedom. What are the kinds of content, I mean there's so many different approaches that people take especially when they're new, oh I'm going to look at, you know, one way is just, I'm gonna look at what is working for other people and so we get into the side hustle style content, or, or, you know, more entertainment style content or somebody has a shtick like we had a gentleman who shoots all his videos from his bathroom and still talks a lot about, you know side hustles and stuff but what is your what is your groove, what did you, what did you find out that hasn't worked, and what is working really well for you in terms of your marketing and content creation.

Kendra: That's a good question and it's really funny because for me, what Works is controversy and entertainment. But for her, it's education, people like her page for the longer, longer TikToks the 15 seconds. It works for some but for her, she gets more out of the longer minute long TikTok where people can really absorb what she's saying and what she's talking about. But for me, that 15 Second, in and out kind of talking about how to use an intellectual property and turn it into money, things like that, or you know something that you have always liked, and using the word side hustle but also making it look like making it known that it doesn't have to be a side hustle right, it can be something that you can turn into your main thing, right, with me. 

Mo: I like to be funny. So when it comes to a lot of my videos, I tend to put a little bit of humor, even though I thought of a trending thing that's happening on TikTok at the moment. I know what's funny. And we know what can really relate to people. So out what's relative, what are we, we're coming out of a pandemic and possibly back into another one with the new delta strand

strand is actually American Airlines and then it's Allegiant after that so just right exactly, that's it's funny I don't care who you are, with the videos that we put out I tried to gauge, and pay attention to the, to those particular people, the people who want to actually learn, because I get questions day to day to day to day, how do I do this or if I do this, how will I do this so I love explaining the details to people, because that's what's missing with YouTubers that say that we have to explain this and they just skip over a lot of vital information, people just want to get started and if they have enough confidence to get started. The sky's the limit.

Dave: Yeah, I think that as just a side note for everybody who's listening. A lot of times we get way over complicated, and we just, we try to do too much in our content in our marketing. And I think the point that you just made that people want to just get started. Time after time, whether it's listening to our successful students who come on this show and tell us right from their mouth. We watched something for two months, three months, four months, seven months, I read the emails, I watched the videos, like it took me time. Most people, when they're, when in and also understanding who your target audience is very important because for me, I had to understand that my target audience was new people who wanted to get started, it wasn't people who were already started. It wasn't people who were, I mean it might have been people who were already started but weren't having success or, or who were quite unquote struggling, but it wasn't people who were already having success, those weren't my. And as a matter of fact, there was a period of time to where I marketed to those people, and they, they didn't, they didn't buy, they didn't respond because they didn't, they were focused on income producing activities and they already had their business up and running, it was the people who felt like they were stuck who didn't understand what they were doing who needed additional training who needed additional support. And when I transitioned back to that, that messaging and really understood who my target audience was, that's when, in, that's initially worked for me, and that is what works to this day, it's really important for us to understand who our target audience is generally. I'm not going to say all knowledge space, but for sure in the make money online space, and I would assume that most in the health space, like if you think about somebody who is your target audience for like a weight loss or a fitness program, is it going to be somebody who's already got accountability who's already motive who's working out every day, who already understands how to do their diet. No, it's not gonna be the person who's sitting around saying, I need to do this, and they see an ad that catches their attention or somebody who resonates with them. Same thing with relationship stuff, if your relationship is going good. You're not even in the market for that, but if you feel like you're in crisis, right, like you're trying to save your relationship or, or you're trying to get the girl or guy back then. Those are the dudes who are buying the how to get the girl back or how to, you know what I mean the women who are buying the Matthew Hussey relationship advice, he's a big guy in the relationship space are the chicks who are trying to find love. You know what I mean it's not chicks who already fall in love. So I think you make a great point. So, add anything you want to that but also want to understand for the audience. How did you both settle in to finding your own, like you said, I'm more in the controversial and I shorter, quicker content I'm more in the long form, detailed education. How did you both like, come to accept and realize that that was the style that you like and that's what you did best with?

Kendra: We actually were having a conversation, coming up with the road because we drove from Atlanta to Maryland which was a 12 hour drive, so we have to talk, but we were actually talking about how for her, I've noticed in her content that it is about the educational style, and I literally, it just out I can't remember what I was listening to I listen to a lot of articles but it says that you attract the type of person that you are. She's a very thorough individual. And because she likes structure that works for the audience that she draws in, she draws in people who need to know, detail by detail, I draw on people who are like, I don't know if this will work but I'm going to try it anyway because I'm an adventurous person. So those are the kinds of people that I draw in, and after a few hundreds of comments on videos, I realized that those are my kind of people and those are her kind of people so I encourage her to keep making that content because I had a little bit of extra time on my hand once you know job structures and things like that the type of work that I did my day started in it a little bit before her, so I had to analyst behind our content and say, This is what's working for you, and this is what's working for me so her longer videos were doing well and that would tell her we would have our little fireside chats at night and I would talk about, you know, this is going well you should keep doing this or you know vice versa. And it actually worked out really well for us. Anything to add to that Mo?

Mo: Yes, my guy. I work in banking. Okay, so I was around money all the time, helping people manage insane, You know, entrepreneurs like you can tell fresh entrepreneurs how their money works. I did see some Amazon FBA people, you know, when I was working. And so, you know, I took some of the things that I was seeing, and observing and learning since starting Legendary Marketer. I was looking at things a lot differently. So going into banking and finance, and, you know, talking with my clients and working with them and seeing what they've got going on. I'm like, it clicked. A lot more people are doing this, and a lot more people are wanting to learn how to do it. What am I good at? I'm good at money, I'm finance and I'm good at budgeting. I'm good at, you know, structuring a whole budget for people, why not add that to my TikTok structure, why not. It works for me at a nine to five pace, it can work for me here, especially if I'm touching on those really important things that are that, that are important to the audience, you know what I mean, they're gonna listen, especially if it's a way out, you know. Yeah, I feel that wholeheartedly.

Dave: I really love the difference in understanding kind of how you communicate, and in, you know, like, I'm more of a adventurous I'm not a kind of a detailed structure person I know I have to have structure, because if not I can adventure my way right out into the forest and before you know what I'm, I'm way out there, you know what I mean. My wife keeps me within kind of the boundaries you know what I mean like I play hard. I will go all out. She understands my personality, but she provides this wonderful structure and I've now adapted it, and, and I use calendars and I use routines and schedules and stuff like that as much as possible and systems like even this . My form of content creation, personally, is this show every day. At the same time, it's a weekly. It's a daily routine that's the same every single week. And the reason why is because for me personally, if we didn't have that I would never create content, because I don't personally like to have the phone and be just like looking for content opportunities all the time. Right. It's just not my kind of personnel, it's just, I don't know it's just, it's just not something I do especially as I get older I find myself less and less kind of interested in posting, particularly for any, you know anybody who's not business related I'm just like, I don't give a shit what they think you know what I mean so I'm not like posting on my personal Facebook profile or whatever, what I'm doing or what I'm eating anymore. But my point. My point here is that I am more of an adventurous, sort of, kind of, no boundary structure kind of adventurous. And so creating the structure and the routine for me to create content and record content works really well for me. However, the way in which I show up when it's time to record and create that content is very adventurous as you saw at the beginning when we got started I didn't come on and be like alright, let's plan out the conversation, what are we going to say I was just like, and I think that my style, I've had guests who are like, Wait, we're gonna go live, like, I don't even know. And I'm just like, what do you need to know, do you like because I'm just going to go wing this, you know what I mean. Well, yeah, I'm just Well, I'm going to flow but, you know, for, for a lot of people that's kind of really scary for them because they want to have everything planned out, but I think my point here is is that identifying both how to work within your daily routine, what's going to work best for you are you somebody who can kind of create content on a whim and make it interesting, and make it edutainment right, or do you need to set up structure and then secondly, the type of content that you create. Are you more of long form detail oriented, kind of more play to people's analytical side of their brain, or are you somebody who can sort of common kind of winging it and you're a little bit more adventurous and it's, you know, I think, if also if we're looking for content out there to model. That's also a good thing to know about yourself is, ooh, I can do a good job modeling this, whereas right if I'm looking at content that's not really exactly like my personality I might try to try to find content to model and recreate that is more, I just thought that was kind of a little gold nugget and I wanted to expand on that. Is there anything else that you would add to that that you feel like I left out or, or do you want to move on to how you're repurposing content on Instagram and TikTok, but anything to add to that last segment, are you good there? 

Kendra: Yeah, definitely. 

Dave: Okay. All right, cool. Sometimes I can get a little bit all over the place I want to make sure it comes across clear. So we titled this how to repurpose content on TikTok, and Instagram like a pro. And so, let's talk a little bit about how you are. Have you been repurposing it this entire time, or is that something that you're starting to do now. Talk to us a little bit about how you're beginning to repurpose or how you began to, and what you're doing as far as repurposing now.

Mo: Okay, so I started doing that. So when I got on Tik Tok and, you know, my father we started to get an increase. I started to toy around with how I can wedge, Instagram, and TikTok together, because I didn't have a lot of time during the day I had a nine to five, so I had to figure out what can I do to still get my content out there that people will see and receive. So I found that you know I just add my Instagram bio to tick tock and also in the settings you can have it or you can select to where whatever videos you upload to tick tock, it will automatically reroute you to Instagram and have it posted there. So that's what I was doing from the beginning. Oh wow, so I don't have to post in two places. Each time it can just automatically go over there as well. So I use that to my advantage. So, the moment I was doing that I, you know Instagram will pop up immediately after I upload into TikTok. My video is still the same, I might have to adjust some sizing, but send it on over. I get hundreds and hundreds of views per day. I get inboxes every day. Well, how do I do this? I even had people at work, asking me to do this, what is this that you're doing and like how can I get involved. I do hair, how can I do this or I like doing nails, how can I do that, and I will talk to them about different ways for that niche that they were talking about how this can work for them, but it's just like on both platforms, it's just working, and I love it. And now that reels are a thing. Yeah, we are doing. 

Dave: I think stripping the logo off using an app like snap tick. You guys can everybody watching concerts that and that's a little app that you can strip the, the TikTok logo or watermark off of your video and then re uploading that video, even if you got to do it manually reels, is, is really important, because there's a couple of different ways that you can, oh snap tick dot app is the app, there's a couple of different ways that you can upload to Instagram. You can obviously upload something that's just a regular post, you can upload it as a story, you can upload it as IGTV, but the particular function on Instagram, that's getting a lot of play right now because it's in competition with TikTok, are those reels Right. Those reels, and that's really important for everybody understand that's the reels that are on it, and I think we are the early adaptors, right now, for that particular landscape in the in the marketing space and quite frankly if you have a niche that's less known, like, like if you're in, you know fishing niche or if you're in the real estate niche or you're in the dog training niche or the, you know, wouldn't say personal development, there's quite a few people who are doing personal development stuff but yeah if you're in like a less known niche then you're really going to be early to reels and be able to take advantage of that momentum however TikTok’s momentum has not slowed down, I mean, Tiktok still I think a lot of times, marketers get into this whole it's oversaturated who would listen to me, when there's all these other people out there so how have you dealt with any negative self talk that has popped up inside of your head. How have you stayed empowered, not just motivated but empowered to be confident and to share your message? Give us a couple of tips from each of you about how you've dealt with your own personal self-talk and turned that sort of if it's, if it's, if it's negative into a positive. Talk to us a little bit about mindset.

Kendra: So mindset is very very very important for me because I do find myself getting into those negative talks or at least I did more frequently. And so when I would think to myself okay I've seen this type of content before, I've seen this kind of funny or I've seen this kind of punch line or something of that nature. I'll try to tell myself that everybody may have that bit of comedy within them and they may have a way that they would do it, but I still have my spin that I want to put on it, and I still go forward putting my spin on it and I'm proud of the product at the end of the day, because I didn't allow myself to doubt me and think no, don't put it out don't put it out. I just went on ahead and did it, and when I did it, I was, I got, you know I was received well. When I did put it out and so there's this thing about people that are going to be attracted to your content regardless of how many other times they've seen it, and you just have to know that your content is attracted to people that are like you, or people that aspire to be like you, and make sure that you feel confident and that your individuality is what's going to really make you stand out on platforms because you are an individual and nobody can do you like you don't think about the next person or what they're doing or how they're doing things just feel confident that the way you're going to deliver, it's going to be received by who is supposed to be received by and great and viewers, they're going to gravitate towards what's relative to the correct they are. Now for me, I'm a perfectionist, which is a gift and a curse has always been that way. So, I would have those negative tips. I will watch something that I do that's cool, and I will think to myself well yeah I can do it, but my brain gets so elaborate on how I want to do it, and it has to be perfected in each and every each and every step. And I tend to overwhelm myself because I have this such a high standard for this particular content that it brings more negative thoughts about, I don't think I'm going to be able to finish this I don't think it's going to be up to par I don't think it's going to be all of that. And so then I have to talk with her about it. I'm going to say then I come in, bring me back now, it's like you know what, you got this. Do it your way, period, just do it your way. Do it your way. Don't waste time on trying to think about all these logistics in regards to that video just put it out there, just do it and so I do it. I get a lot of messages and likes and followers based off of this content so it's like it is received and I just have to keep telling myself. Don't think too much. 

Mo: Correct. Having that accountability partners really, really, because when she gets to overthinking, I'll talk to her and tell her you know, it's just content, just put it out is something that you're passionate about, put it out your passion is going to show through people are going to feel what you're putting out just put it out for thinking. Don't overthink it. That's one of my mottos: don't overthink it every day. I tell myself don't overthink it, just put it out. Just be.

Dave: I mean you've, you've, you hit a couple of things that were really important but just to focus on that piece that you just said Don't overthink it. I think we all go through phases of thinking that what we create today is going to live forever and be on a billboard in Times Square and at all 8 billion people in the world are going to see it and watch this particular piece of content, all day long and we're going to be judged and critiqued and potentially nominated for a Grammy or an Academy Award and it has to be perfect, you know, and it's like no tomorrow, within an hour. It's gone. It's not, it's gone. I mean, most content is down in the feed within an hour. And that's, that's, in, we don't hope for that that's not what we want, because we want our content for people to engage with it and to like it and to get into it for it to be persuasive and so forth. But the truth is that the majority of content that people make is buried in the feed and nobody ever even sees it. Mine too. It's not like, oh, there are some people who everybody sees their content. Now, everybody as you get a bigger fall following bigger audience, bigger email list, of course, where people are going to see your emails but everybody at the beginning 98% of their stuff, nobody even sees. And I think, while that can be depressing. If you choose to focus on that, it's also a little bit liberating because it's like, you know what, it's not that big of a deal, it's not the end of the world this is not going to be what I remember, I mean they're not going to play this at my funeral this one TikTok video I'm about to record right now right, they're not going to say, and this is what an asshole Dave was looking at the video, I mean, what an ass this guy was legitimately not even funny right this was how bad he was on camera, you know, nobody's gonna say that so again. Yeah, it's, it's, it's hard to, to not overthink when our brain is literally built and made two produce 6000 thoughts per day or how many ever thoughts, it produces but it really is kind of, if I was to sum up the most successful people, as well as my most successful moments. It was those who have the shortest distance between idea and execution. 

Kendra: Bingo. That part.

Dave: And not just starting, but following through, right, because all of us have a tendency to be great at especially entrepreneurial types, you know, great at starting stuff but then, you know once we get in, it's like, oh man, let me tweak and what do you think about this and I'm gonna rebuild this whole thing you know I'm gonna, you know, let me rebuild the whole funnel rewrite every email and let me reshoot my bridge page video every day for the next 365 days, you know, and it's like you're not getting that many hits to it's not you don't need to split test it, you get it get 1000 views on it, so you got some data for when you create another one you actually got something to split tested against, you want to go and re record your bridge page video after you got 23 views. It's like, no, no, no, no, stop that. Leave that alone.

Kendra: Exactly. And then spend your day spinning your wheels on things that you should just leave alone to just let it and let it work, you know, I see some content creators. So my older videos were trash. I didn't really you know I'm not proud of them, but they're there for reference purposes and you never know, a person can see a video today and go back and watch videos from three months ago. And I'd say, because that content was relevant for them or it was a tidbit that they didn't get in the newer video, so just put the content out, leave it there, let it work, creating exactly forward. Exactly.

Dave: Don't spend time, my older videos all I could have did this different, it's like a relationship right it's like, it's like the early content is like all of our early relationships, you know what I mean, it's like, it's like, it's there, you can't go back and change it, you know, you made some mistakes. You crashed and burned, you hurt some people you got hurt, you know, in some of that early content is, You know you look at it too long, you get your own feelings hurt, you know what I mean it's all of us have that experience, and it's, you know, if you, if you, if you continue doing it, similar lead of being in a relationship you learn how to just do it better, be better be a better person partner, you know, and so, look, I'm really happy for you to I mean, you're, you're being. You're doing a great job, you're, you're, I think inspiring a lot of people in a lot of different ways. Keep sharing your message Keep sharing your, your voice. Keep doing your thing. Proud of you both excited for your future, excited to see where you go from here, and any final words for those who are, you know, tuning in and likely hanging on your every word this morning as they as they're inspired by your, you know, your work and what you've done so far.

Mo: I would say just keep at it. It is a journey journeys require sacrifice, they require a lot of energy from you. And this is something that you really want to be a success at. Keep going, just keep pushing, be inspired by what you do, be inspired by yourself, be inspired by all the things Dave's put up there all the wake up morning calls, just be inspired, be willing to take in inspiration, because that out of a negative mindset, think about something else, but just do not give up on yourself. 

Kendra: Absolutely not. You got it, she said. Don't give up on yourself and make sure that you show up for your sectional every single day, that is going to be most important, showing up for your business, showing up for the people that are waiting for your content because there are people waiting. You have a uniqueness to you that people are waiting for. So just show up. And one last thing, something that I am working on, and I'm pretty sure all of you guys weren't giving yourself grace, yes. 

Mo: Okay, so you've got 24 hours in a day. Right. We all say there's not enough time to do everything in 24 hours but if you have some type of system that works for you, and you can't complete something because you have this other stuff that you're trying to get done. Give yourself grace, whatever you're able to complete and do take it for what it is, you have another day. Just keep pushing.

Dad: Yeah, well, well said. And I, I love to give yourself grace. I also love the show up for yourself and it made me think about showing it for yourself like you showed up for your boss. Show for yourself like you showed up for your boss because when you showed up for your boss and you were like yes sir, yes ma'am, you know, if we treated our, you know, if we treated our business the same way that we treated everybody else our, our US ourselves as our boss, the same way that we treated our boss all of our lives. You know we all would be. We all would be billionaires, you know, but for whatever reason we sometimes. Well we just treat others and other people's belongings and lives, oftentimes better than our own and it's a it's a I think it's a journey of learning to love oneself, more, and also respect oneself or honor oneself or you talk about giving yourself grace, that's what comes up for me is, is, you know, believing that I deserve more. Believing that I deserve more. And, you both are a great example of that. So keep up the great work, and I will talk to you soon okay. 

Mo: Bye. 

Kendra: Bye. 

Dave: Kendra and Moe will put their TikTok handles up there you guys and gals can go follow them and connect with them and add them to your network in your you know your support group and your family and please lift them up, you know, one of the great benefits of this community is, is, is in one of the reasons why do this and we do this Matt does this every morning is, so we can connect everybody together, you know we can connect people within this community together. So you can, you know, you can go and follow everybody on various channels, and when they create something you can share it or comment on it or give it a like, you know, that's how you support fellow entrepreneurs you ever heard of the, you know shop local support local businesses, you know, instead of massive corporations, well. Let's support each other, you know Let's support each other by giving a like, giving a comment, you know just dropping some love down when you see somebody within this community creating something, you know, allowing the inspiration and motivation as they were talking about to come into your head and heart. You know not. Let's see your or a judgment, right or or not taking it on as guilt or shame or you're not good enough right the comparison itis we always talk about, so hopefully when we have these amazing guests on like, like we did this morning with Kendra and Moe you guys can go and follow them and when you see them out there, lift them up and the way that you do that, it's not, we're not. You can pray for them if you want you can do all that stuff. I mean whatever your spiritual practices, please pray for me while you're at it, but give them a like, give them a comment, you know what I mean, lift their content up, lift their message up. That's what this is all about. We'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode. Be Legendary and get the hell out of here. See ya. Peace.