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Dave: What's going on, my friends? This is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to another episode of Wake Up Legendary this morning we have Ricky on the show and as the title of the show says he's proof of why you shouldn't give up. Please help me welcome Ricky to the show what's up buddy.

Ricky: Hey, what's up pretty good and you?

Dave: Fantastic. Now you told me you're a little nervous, let's shake those nerves right out, man.

Ricky: Yeah, it's exciting to be here this morning. Bruce Bruce Bradshaw, my second language is French. I speak French. Hello everyone, you're going to see a French guy from Quebec Yeah.

Dave: There you go. Nothing wrong with a little nerves and a little excitement. So tell us, tell us how you, how you found us man you lost your job as a sales manager you've been in construction, I can relate to that for a long time. What happened, how did you find Legendary Marketer?

Ricky: Yeah, when they change, the big guy in the company. Things went, went down so I was searching for something. And first I found, I searched for drop shipping and I found drop shipping first. I learned a little bit from that. And at that time, my job was done, and my dad was at the end of his life so everything went wrong. So, when my dad passed away last December and I lost my job, last March. I found it. Suddenly, you know, the lights ever came on me, it was an affiliate marketing icon. So I was in a place called wealthy something, a guy who says you're not, you're in a good place here. Oh yeah, I said, Oh yeah, you sent me a link, and that's, bring me to Legendary Marketer and 22 minutes. After that, it was the beginning of the 15 Day Challenge.

Dave: Boy, well hey, we're glad to have you, and, and, and, and that's, that's, I'm sorry to hear about your father. I read that and, you know, we all at some point will have to go through that or have already gone through that and I'm not looking forward to that day in my future. And so you said that you weren't able to, you know, do some of the big things that you wanted to do for your dad but you, you now want to be able to take care of and do some of those big things for your mom.

Ricky: Yeah, that's right, yeah. When you bought a pickup truck for your daddy. That was one of my goals. Yeah, and he. Yeah, I can't, I can, I can do that but for my mom now I take care of her. And we're gonna go to the hockey game in Montreal together. I take care of her because, you know, you never know what's going on and what's going to happen later.

Dave: Yeah, well I've got a saying that I say, which is nervous. Get out of here alive. So, you know, the sooner, the sooner that we can stop living with regret I guess, the sooner that we can lean in, make the call spend the time with the people that we love, is is is better because then we just get to rack up that savings account, of, of, of, of memories and so forth. And so, yeah, this, that was a big driver for me. What, you know, was family, what else, what other things are motivating you to do this besides just wanting to take care of mom?

Ricky: Yeah, my family, for sure. My four why’s, I have my three kids. My twins, my little one and my wife, that does my biggest why because, yeah, he, I love, I love my family a lot so I want to take care of them and yeah that's my first why and I don't, I don't want to go back for another company or boss, a lot of company. Just call me and say, We want you and, but they don't want to pay, they don't want to pay. They wanted me to go two hours on the road, four hour back to back and no I said no, and they didn't want to pay so I got to stay home and I got to build my own business, for my family, my three kids, and my wife.

Dave: So you've, you've been able to, and we'll put up your banner right now go Ricky de you've been able to take your TikTokchannel to over 200,000 followers. Talk to us about how you've been able to do that.

Ricky: Yeah, that I don't have anything more than the others because I did the, you know, I took the 15 second lead I think for the beginning. After that I follow all the tips you guys give with Matt and the Thursday afternoon it Thursday afternoon at three o'clock. He taguth me a lot of tips to build a TikTok, I think that so all I do is put the 123 Step and call to action, and have fun with that because before May 29 of this year, for social media for me it was zero, and nothing at all for me and those social media in your house, just for my kid playing private together, you know, make some TikToks. So, they play together but once I heard, I started with Facebook, not Facebook. It was complicated for me. First the language and all this stuff and, and they were putting a stick and my will. So one day Matt and I said, Go on, TikTok. Okay. Go on,TikTok, so I tried TikTok, and I started was the worst one. I look at the others, other people that do the same thing and I put my spin in it. And after that, yeah, I just, all I did is do that but constantly, ha. In the beginning I did three to five videos a day. And it was English, I say, I was out of my comfort zone in the beginning in English, with the courses and all the stuff like that. It was a little bit struggling for me because, you know when you speak French, and you go ideas at all, you don't understand all the words they know, but inside of that business do you have words that, yeah, my partner, you know, Google, that's my partner now Google projection is my best friend. So, I started English. I said okay let's go. I build that but each day constantly I have the flu. You know I got the COVID-19 A few weeks ago, we do some video, and stuff like that and never give up and keep going and one time I had a video come viral and, well, it was awesome that, That's why I have a 2000 Something follower because of one video.

Dave: What's your most viewed video?

Ricky: It's five 5,500,000 views. The second one is, maybe 5000. Use only, but the 5.5 million is with 40,000 comments before I was in the rock man. I was in a rush and you know you can. On Instagram, I put, I tell people to DM me on Instagram because I can speak with a you know, push the button and I speak record and send the message so my tone is okay, but inside of the tick tock, and everything makes stuff and on TikTok, you know, you, you do something, you come back and everything gets mixed up so I don't like to talk for that. But, yeah, yeah.

Dave: The comments just get off, they don't, they're not in, they're not in numerical order or though.

Ricky: And 40,000 comments, do you have to do that 15 minutes to go on the bottom. Just to answer the question, or. Yeah, and I don't like to not answering somebody, I don't like that so I like to answer everybody, so yeah.

Dave: I just wanted to ask you just just as a side thing because of course we hear, you know, the news and all this kind of stuff about what's happening but so you, you caught the virus, and your family, I would assume also got it?

Ricky: My twins but they did, they did have nothing, you know they are positive, but I don't know, I'll say in English, they have nothing. There's no symptoms, no symptoms, no things there, and they were, you know, and a part of the house is laid over there. And me, I was air and 12 Bite well 33 hours, 35 minutes a day for two weeks, and I had a good bed of my twins, air, and my wife and my little one, negative. So, three. The family was split into three. And yeah, after 24 hour I was here and, oh man, people are in jail and stuff like that. For 25 years, for example, two weeks here so I was working on my business. Sleeping comeback. I was in a 12 by 12 room for two weeks. But I have a big man Fluke who just has the two vaccines. Yeah, so it was like, you know, a guy we are that always has a bigger flu than other people you know, man, man flu. Yeah.

Dave: Nice, nice. All right well cool I was just I was just curious about, you know what how your family did through that. So fantastic man Fantastic, well, that really is interesting. What, what would you say that, what other tips would you give people in terms of being consistent, you know, in terms of having consistent results and, like, what have you done, what did you do to get started creating content. Did you do a lot of pointing in it or did you start Are you are you You are you talking on videos now. Even today, you're not talking on videos.

Ricky: Oh, I start pointing because my English, you have a big accent but I don't care. Yeah, because of that business, I started talking in English before I was able to, you know, go out to the restaurant in color, a meal, but not the compensation. Because of that, I started my English at May 29 A couple of weeks after I was able to do some live and I say, yeah, come on, Ricky, let's go button, the button big button red button and go live, and, oh, he was, I was there for four hours in the night, I was not dealing with people all over the world. It was awesome and, yeah, people were great with me because I wasn't a friend so sometimes I didn't know a word. 

Dave: So hold on a second, let me, let me. Did you say you just started speaking English in May?

Ricky: Yeah, in the beginning of the year because I was learning dropshipping. And after that, after marketing the courses and stuff like that. Yeah, I start speaking in English with that business.

Dave: Unbelievable and believable. I mean, I just had a couple of excuses for today that I was going to that I was thinking about making, and you just absolutely wiped them out, you just you just absolutely terminated you kill those excuses. I mean, I just want to make sure everybody heard that, Ricky just started really speaking English. In May of this year. Get out of here.

Ricky: No average

Dave: Fuck out, he says no average right exit kicked off. Come on. I mean, you know, Ricky. Ricky. Ricky, it's like we can either have excuses, or we can get results man excuses or results, it's like you can't have both.

Ricky: Now, when I was a sales director, I had a team of 45 people, and on the whiteboard, it was written, no excuses that I took from the Montreal as one time that the general managers were written in, in the room. No excuses. So, yeah, no excuses and I read that in a lot of books, you know, and no excuse, I said, Come on, Ricky, kick my box and go ahead.

Dave: I'm just, I'm shitting myself over here, do you know that word shitting on yeah I'm shitting myself over here because I'm just, you know, Larry Acker says and I thought I had problems, I mean, really, it's like, it's like holy crap, I mean, I'm speechless. I don't even know, because that is one of the most powerful I mean I've we've had people on the show before who, you know, English is not their first language, but I mean, it's like to come on line to, to, to unfuckin real, I mean really, I mean it is, it's unbelievable. I mean, it's it's just taught, Ricky, what else would you, what else can you tell us about being about determination about, I mean, what, what else have you've had, you've had the virus this year, you've learnt you're learning and you're learning English and you're starting a business this year, online, you know you've, you've got a tick tock channel that you've taken a 200,000, and oh by the way. You've also got a French Tik Tok channel that you've just started that has 12,000 followers so you're now doing two channels one in English and one in French. 

Ricky: Yeah, and in French, you know what, I point something to, because I think in my head, if somebody was in an office, you know, where they have to be quiet, and they don't ever hear part, something like that. If I'm talking, they don't see what I'm talking so they're gonna screw up, maybe a chance to have a. Yeah, a lead over here. So that's why I continue to point at my stuff and have fun with it. But yeah, past August 18/17 I started my French. And you know, in French, that that popped up the third night I was in French. So people who are, what's that, because here in Quebec, Canada is actually quite big.. I think that he said you know, and I wasn't but you know what, it's not everybody, they are comfortable with English. 

Dave: Come here real quick. Hold on, this is my wife, this, this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy right here. He just started online, in, in, just learned English in May of this year, blowing up and taking his. He's got 200,000 followers on TikTok, I mean, I need you to take over the show so I can go change my underwear.

Erin: Wow Congratulations. 

Ricky: Thank you. But I learned a lot with you guys because I listen.  Thursday afternoon. I learned a lot with Drew. Drew is sn awesome dude, you're awesome and Bonnie came, you know, it was my client advisor at the beginning, and she was uh, encouraged me and she said, Don't bother with that you're doing great and yeah, it was

good. Start listening a lot of listening in English and I continue with that because after that when I come back in French. It was hard for me, you know, in French it is always bigger, I don't, I don't like, you know, English is smaller, phrases and French is three times smaller. So, I used to adjust myself with that but yeah, in French, like I said before, when I started in French. Everywhere else speaking French. And, but nobody wants to make any effort to learn English, and I said hey, learn it because it's an international language. The first language internationally you want to have a small business, keep in French. If you want a big one. A big territory, speak in English, we'll learn it. And sometimes people do it with, you know, with Google Prediction and stuff like that but, yeah, that's my, my case and friendship. 50% want to do something or they understand a little bit of English too. But the other 50% Don't know. 

Dave:  I agree with that, I mean, English is definitely the international language, and I think that a lot of us who speak English naturally take it for granted. You know we don't we don't realize how awesome it is yet, have that as our first language. I wanted to point out a thing of point that you made, which was that people might be in their office or a lot of people are probably in their office in, in, they may not be able to listen to audio Can you say more about that because I think that's a big tip that a lot of people may not have caught.

Ricky: Yeah, because when I started university for sure I was not talking in English but I did one, just to, again, get out of my comfort zone. I did it once in English but at one time I saw. I was my, my volume at zero and I saw that video pass on my for your page and I said if you don't have a title on it, and people are in an office somewhere at the doctor's place, with the boss and they don't have any ear pods. They're going to just scroll your video and I said, I gotta keep if I'm talking I gotta keep reading some stuff, you know, because for both people. I don't want maybe miss an opportunity with the just one lead maybe it's mean the difference to sell that, not to everything you know?

Dave: Yeah, yeah, I think a lot of people. Yeah, just we don't, we don't take that into consideration. Hold on a second. I've seen, can you mute yourself for. I think when, when, when I'm talking and, yeah, there's it sounds like there's typing if you're not, if you're not muted or whatever. I don't have anything to say, more than, than what you've already said. I mean it's absolutely just for me, it's absolutely incredible to think about, you know, somebody coming in and learning English and in getting in improving their English. And in building a business here in 2021, which for those of you who might be wondering 2021 has been the best online year for the majority of us who have been online for the past 10 years, because so many people are kind of, they're sitting at home and they don't want to go back to work and or they're still at home because of restrictions, and so they're forced to be on the internet. And I just, you know I was just kicking off a decade and a day training this morning with new business blueprint students, and I was saying to folks, you know, if we treat our business like a business, it will pay us like a business. If we treat our business like a hobby, it will pay us like a hobby and hobbies cost us money. I can, I can promise you that because I've, I've got a couple of hobbies, right, one of them's right there, and that that bad boy, and now all these, these are good. Usually if you buy the right ones you can get, you can get most of your money back but it's still a hobby, it's not something that I'm doing to make money with. Right. and I treat it like a hobby, it's not, I don't get up every day and, you know, think about what sort of business deals I can do with watches, although I do, I do fantasize about them a lot. As a matter of fact, I got one that's coming in today. But my point is that, when, when, when we get serious. We can, we can , we can decide that we want results, more than we want excuses. We will start to look at situations in our life and be more strong about them, we will look at the people in our life. We will say, why am I hanging out with you because you're keeping me poor. We will look at the friends that we've had that we spend so much time around that, that are negative and cynical and pessimistic, and they're there, they're always complaining, and we will finally ask ourselves, why am I spending so much time around you, you're keeping me from having the car that I want, you're keeping me from having the house that I want, you're keeping me from living in the neighborhood that I want, you're keeping me from sending my kids to the school that I want, you're keeping me poor. Eventually when we start to treat our business like a business. Instead of like a hobby, which costs us money. We will get serious and we will take a serious look at our lives, you know, we will take a seat. We will also begin to take responsibility and ultimately say, Why am I keeping me poor because there's nobody that's stopping me from walking away from this conversation. There's nobody that's stopping me from walking out on this job that I think there's nobody that's stopping me from saying, No, I can't come out and have beers, tonight I'm gonna, you know I'm gonna stay here and work on my business. There's nobody that ultimately, I realize how powerful I am. And just like you, Ricky and I'm fired up. As you know, I want to learn the language that is the most universal language. If I want to make the most money, I should learn English, because it's spoken in the biggest economies around the world.

I don't know that language. Although my language, I'm screwed, you know,

That's an easy thing to say, oh I don't know that language, it's not a language that I know I'm, you know, I don't, I can't know English. Right, I've heard that you know no English. But you said that, I'm going to learn the language in May of 2021. You changed everything for your life, for your family, for your mother and also in your father's memory. What powerful , what powerful. What a powerful decision. What a powerful, what a power move that you made, and that you can, even as you were dealing with, you know, the virus, and you're sitting in your bedroom, experiencing what it's like to almost be in jail, right, and you're sleeping in you're working and you're sleeping in you're building your business and you're resting and you're, you're taking care of your family, you're isolating your quarantining but you're still in there with your computer you said, hey, I'll be over here two weeks as long as I just give me my computer and my phone and make sure that I got a Wi Fi connection. Right, that's a powerful man. That's the kind of, you know, this is what keeps me coming back to this industry to this business to you people what makes me want to be connected. I said this this morning on the decade today I said, you know, when we started Legendary Marketer. I had some success, some significant success. I had my house was paid for, you know, My, my bills were mostly paid for my vehicles were paid for my, I had, you know, some I had done fairly well managing my money with previous Internet businesses previous things that I've done, and it wasn't like I started this business because I wanted to be a billionaire, you know, I started this business because I've missed. I missed working with a community of people to hear these stories because I know how to run a business on my own. I can do affiliate marketing. I can sell courses and do it totally on my own. But these stories working with people in hearing their stories on a daily basis in teaching, and then having people use that training and come back and share their stories, is literally the most rewarding thing, it's, it's just so powerful, and I'm sure that each one of you who are, you know, taking action and getting you begin to get feedback from people and they say the same thing they say, Wow, thanks for that video or Thanks for that tip it was life sharing a life changing. And, and, man, this, this is what gets me fired up and I just want to say that, you know Ricky you said that you were nervous and all this before the call but I guarantee you that I have gotten more out of this call than you have. Because I get inspired, I get inspired by this and I wonder how many of you who are watching, feel the same way. It's like, you know, surely we listen to people because we, we want, you know we want tips and stuff like that but sometimes the biggest thing that we can get is a big kick in the ass. That reminds us that, hey, look at what he overcame, look at what she overcame, I can overcome my challenges and I can overcome my struggles too and Ricky I just, I commend you for that. I'm so glad that you got through the sickness and everything this year you happen to, you know, I haven't had my turn yet, I haven't had my turn yet I've been mostly, you know, isolated for God's sakes, but I just want to congratulate you and I just thank you for coming on and sharing such an incredible testimonial with us this morning, man.

Ricky: Yeah, thank you. Thank you to you because, yeah, when you guys asked me to come in I said yeah, why it wasn't my paper you know on my objective my, my goals to be on the, on the show, because I see a lot of people go over there and nice people, I learned a tip wach day, I listened to something, ej, and yeah, it's awesome to be part of that today and, yes, thank you. It was a awesome.

Dave: Well listen, have a fantastic Friday, give your wife and kids our best. Thank you so much. Be Legendary buddy, stay Legendary.

Ricky: Yeah, thank you. Thank you, bye everyone. 

Dave: Have a nice day and good weekend. All right, we'll talk to you soon Ricky Thanks buddy. 

Ricky: Bye bye. There you have it, my friends. Listen, I want to let me, let me shoot. I want to make a plug about the mastermind. We have a mastermind coming up in December . The third, it starts on the third. I think we have sent emails out. Okay, we have sent emails out for you folks to register for that if you own the masterminds program, and you have a ticket to that, then you can come to that mastermind in December, and I just encourage you folks, we're going to be talking a lot more about it here leading up to it, and there's going to be some FOMO, fear of missing out some FOMO, right, that was a dad move I had to like spell it out what FOMO meant for you. But anyways, there's gonna be some FOMO, for some of you who don't register and then decide you want to come later when all the hype picks up about it we start talking about it more, so make sure that you register today for it, if you want to come. What is the email address? If they aren't just easy they can send an email to what events to register if they want information about registering. Okay support at legendary marketer, calm, if you don't know how to register. Last but not least, let's leave some shine, let's give Ricky, all the love all the, all the thank yous. Let's go follow him, let's lift him up. Let's, like, comment, you know I always say this, this is how we can support each other by liking, commenting, sharing, interacting with people stuff, even if it's just to leave them a comment, when we see them going live and just say love your stuff, you're incredible. Right. You know, even if you're not, you have to watch every single person in the communities content, but just to leave a little comment just to lift them up just to like him just to lift them up right just to show love, that's one of the ways that we can support each other, and send some good energy and vibes to other folks in this community. Listen, my friends, if you ain't inspired after today check your pulse, be legendary my friends, love you all get out of here have a fantastic Friday great weekend. We'll see you back here on Monday. Just keep kicking ass like Ricky, be like Ricky. Peace.