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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Well my friends, my friends, my friends, welcome to Wake Up Legendary very important very special call today because we've got a real warrior here with us this morning. Somebody who is an inspiration to me, and he's gone from being bullied. Okay, to step into his power to find his passion, and really seeming to be in himself. This is going to be a great story with integrated episodes by my friends. Please help me welcome Chris to the show. What's up Chris, how are you doing, my brother. 

Chris: I'm awesome bro I'm awesome. 

Dave: So, tell me where you will get into your story here in a second. Tell me where you're calling from on right now 

Chris: I'm just on my phone. 

Dave: Nice. How old are you?

Chris: I’m 18 

Dave: Okay, okay, well, tell us a little bit about your story my brother because it's an inspirational one and I'm ready, you know, I'm already, I don't even know you, and I'm already inspired by you, my brother. So tell me, tell me a little bit about your story and why you're doing this, man.

Chris: So basically before I got into online. All that like I didn't really know what I wanted to do, when I was at Kroger. So like before. Like, I would test like, do whatever, and I wasn't in a really good mental state because I was actually going into the patient's disability and all through my life. Like a lot of a no really like mess with like mental health and stuff like that. I was just lost. I didn't know what to do in life. Like, don't, like, I was like, Oh, maybe I get facial surgery, like, going over so I can feel like that's a thing so like I sold the cost for the facial surgery and it was really expensive. I wanted to find a way to make it work. So I resorted to a lot of ways, and I failed numerous times, but I kept going and kept going. I eventually found the city of marketing and all the legendary the really good community, and everything just worked out for me since and I've left, like, basically stability in the past.

Dave: Well, man, so. So basically, you started to kind of look for ways to make money online because you wanted to get this surgery, to be able to smile right. The facial disability that you have, keeps you from being able to smile. Is that right, my brother, how much was that or how much is that surgery. 

Chris: It was near $100,000. 

Dave: Really. Yeah. Wow. Well, you know I can, I can understand how that will, that, that, that'll kind of set you back in your chair. So, um, so, so you've kind of you've kind of. So from what I'm hearing you kind of like said okay look like sure, if, if I make a bunch of money then maybe I'll consider getting that surgery, but the most powerful part about what I heard you say was that you were going to kind of leave all of that, that, wanting to have something that you didn't have, kind of in the past, and just embrace who you are, what you do have and make the best out of it and that's kind of the mindset that you're in, this to this, you know today when we talk to you am I right? My dog, man, listen man, like, I don't know if y'all are hearing man saying but a lot of times, you know, we a lot of times we you know we we complain about things like like trivial stuff, and it's like, we don't know what somebody else is battling through or going through, you know, I just, I got a lot of props and a lot of respect for you for, for, I know you setting the thing that you was looking up to me with my brother I'm looking up to you my man economy. You know what I mean. So, so, so, how, how long have you been, how long have you been doing affiliate marketing and sort of talk to us a little bit about the journey like, I mean, was Legendary your first real exposure to it or talk to us a little bit about how you got started.

Chris: So I started. So I was 16 I think, like that, I gotta do something. So first, I looked into Thrall checking that worked a little bit but not really. And then I looked into, like, Lord Father, He called this, and then I finally found affiliate marketing, like off YouTube, and I didn't get any attorney. I was just stuck for months, I tried to build, I build cycles, blog stuff, etc. Like I thought I just couldn't get it to work. And I was, I was always hearing about Legendary Marketer, and people are saying like, if you really need help getting started in marketing was really help you stuck your head this month so I decided to hop on it, and it really helped me on getting by, affiliate marketing, like struggles and stuff like that, because I'm struggling for months. Like, I started in 2019 and then saw actual results until like week one.

Dave: So, you've been hustling and you've been on your grind for a couple of years. 

Chris: Yeah, because, like, I feel, many times I was like this or like, I like going to a job and I really didn't want to do, because, like that wasn't really like my end goal and my latest work a dog because I wasn't like see any vision, like, four weeks that because like I would just be there and just sit there. Like, if I started online like I could do something like, 

Dave: Yeah, it's your tenacity from such a young age. I mean obviously you're only 18 right now but I mean the fact that you started this at 16. And in, as you said, didn't see success, right away, tried many things and didn't see success, and, and that you, you stayed the course is really, you know, it's really, I think it's a big message of a lot of people out there. Here, for sure. What what did you know obviously I heard that you don't want to work a job and all this but I mean what, like inside what kept you motivated to continue to keep to keep hustling to keep trying, building, even on all those nights where you don't I mean, you were like, I'm sure you got frustrated just like the rest of us?

Chris: Honestly, I was listening to something that says Like. Like, I thought like that, to be honest because I was like, like, I gotta do something because I just looked around me I was like, I had to like elevate because either I quit and just live the life I don't want to live, and like, and just like let my dreams crash and never to use anything, either I like try and get there because the way I see it like if you want to get something like, since you're already here like us have to try it for us, like, there's like no point in not trying. 

Dave: Yeah. So, Let me ask you a question, man. Let me ask you a question. Let's say you went on, and over the next couple of years, I know you will. There's no doubt in my mind that you will be successful. But I'm just curious about this place that you're at and I'm sure every day you're working towards getting total acceptance of yourself exactly how you are. And for those of you who are listening Chris has a physical disability that keeps him from being able to smile. What if you, let's just say over the next 12 months, you made enough money to be able to afford the surgery, would you get it, or would you say, you know what, I'm not even going to get it because I'm going to continue down this path that I'm on now?

Chris: Right now I'm in a state where I like somewhere completely accepted because I was like, when I was born like this I don't really want to change who I am. So I completely accepted the fact that, to be honest like right now, it doesn't really affect me like, Like sometimes I'm actually glad that I had, because it just makes me my own special person. So like, I'm actually glad that I have this on

Dave: My dude, man. It's just, I just think that this, this, this episode this morning is, is a big blessing to a lot of us man because Chris, one of the biggest things, as you know man from from, I assume that you've watched a few of these episodes before like you've been a part of this community is that, like, you know, the common struggle that people have, which is basically, it's not the mechanics of learning like what to click in, like, like we're all mostly pretty smart people we can motional figure that out, but it's like a fear of rejection. You know what I mean. So talk to us a little bit about this mental process this mindset training that you've gone through that you've put yourself through to be able to overcome this fear of rejection or deal with the fear of rejection, that you may have, because I mean, I can't say that I'm completely over it to I am a human being I do have fears, but talk to us about how you've wrestled with this over the course of the last year or so.

Chris: So, in terms of like, like these people don't have visibility and like my like my build up?

Dave: I'm just talking about, we all have our. We all have our. I think especially when we get started I can remember what I got started doing videos back 10 years ago I would redo, I would do the same video 100 times longer tapes, because I was just I wanted to get it perfect, I want to be perfect, and I didn't, I couldn't accept myself for who I am. But clearly, that's been a big part of your journey, so I just want you to speak to people who are struggling with accepting themselves for who they are, who are scared of being rejected. That's what I'm, what I'm asking.

Chris: Okay, so does that make sense. Yeah. So it's just look at it from like a broader spectrum like, I think everyone was like, we're like a special guest, and like, so, like, I didn't really, except myself that then I learned to do is like, I just sat down said that like, I'm just be happy to sit down to feel discipline, and just said, I think I really have like a process. I just sat down one day and by just like learn to like that's something I'm gonna, I'm going to be here right now so I didn't really have like a thought process for like two people, except themselves, like just build on each other and you can do stuff I can push a little more higher state of mind. Some people are healthier than that's actually what you're getting in our hearts and minds, and probably towards consensus. I love myself, I love who I am, I accept myself for me.

Dave: Gentleman, you're wise beyond your years bro, like in terms of self care and self acceptance piece because the reason why I'm asking about this is because not, I mean, whether you had a facial disability or not, well, like, I think, at the age that you are this, this wisdom that you have about self care, which is what I hear you talking about, you know what I mean like, for me, I didn't really look, I mean I'm 37 now man I probably really didn't learn about self care until like four or five years ago like really taking care of myself like not doing stuff that makes me feel shameful or not like I realized that a lot of the reason why I felt bad about myself was my own behavior was the things that I did like for example, if my wife and I got into an argument and I said something mean, I felt guilty and shameful about that. It wasn't that I felt bad as a person, that was the behavior that I felt bad about. And so I learned to be, I learned to pause and think before I speak, I learned to try to go to bed earlier, eat better, like you said, Just learn to love myself more and accept myself before I was more an intern that built my self esteem, made me feel better about myself made me feel more confident, and that's kind of what I hear you describing that you've done as well. Right.

Chris: Yeah. 

Dave: Yeah, it's interesting. There's this phrase that I believe in deeply. I actually learned it in recovery when I was trying to get clean from heroin addiction back over 10 years ago. You know I had spent a lot of my life trying to think of myself as a new way of acting, you know what I mean like, like just like be like, you know like this, like it's all mental. It's about mental toughness, you know, and, and what I realized is, what you just said, which is actions. I can't think myself into a new way of acting, I need to act myself into a new way of thinking. And in, what, what that's what that's meant is that, and just to kind of explain what that means to me is that if I do the action my mindset will eventually follow my, my mind will follow. But so I got to do the action even if I don't believe in it. So for example, like, eating good, like if you've been eating like shit for years, who is deeply unhealthy doesn't doesn't feel good. It doesn't taste good, you know, we don't get those hits of sugar and all that kind of stuff. But if I do it long enough, eventually my brain will catch up and I'll actually enjoy eating healthy and not feeling bogged down and not feeling all tired after I get done eating. And that's an example of kind of acting myself into a new way of thinking. Another example would be doing a video whether I feel like it or not, and just posting it right eventually if I do that African enough I'm gonna believe I'm gonna have more confidence because I'm just gonna be better at it so talk to us a little bit about your journey of content creation I know you gave me an Instagram link. Is that your main method of marketing right now? 

Chris: Yeah, it's mostly through my Instagram and basically videos about my story, and stuff like that and people really like it. So, again, a bunch of traction with my Instagram like in a really short amount of time. 

Dave: So that's the gram, so basically what you're doing is you're, you're posting your reels, I see. Oh I see what you're talking about, am bro yeah Wow holy. Alright so all I'll let people see what you're talking about, and hopefully you guys can go, Whoa, give Chris a follow. Let me share, let me share my screen and we'll, we'll check it out together. So I like the fact that you're, that you're, you've got kind of this really clean process of creating actual content, actual posts, you've got a theme, you've got a brand of like colors here for all these posts, and you're really consistent with that. Now on the other hand you say that you're also doing a lot of reels here, which are more, you're, you're telling your story you're showing your face, stuff like that. That's an interesting combination. Talk to us a little bit about your strategy, kind of how you came up with, obviously you're on TikTok as well, Is that right?

Chris: Actually I did not sit down for a really long time and didn't see success, so I like once I was on tape, I was like, like almost every day for 200 days, and saw the zeros, it says,

Dave: Crazy bro. So talk to us about this, I mean some of your videos here on Instagram are just, just like blowing up dude I mean it's easy, like, over a million views on some of these some of these videos, man, I mean, are you are you just basically taking videos from that you do on TikTok and reposting them on on your Instagram reels are kind of, what's your thought process behind like how you've built this this Instagram profile?

Chris: Basically just honestly people's nice face having success, and obviously, like specific or like unique twists on the video, upload, and all that content for my 200 days on TikTok. I just recently did an interview.

Dave: Wow. I hear that a lot of men think a lot of people are sleeping on Instagram reels right now.

Chris: Yeah, this is just a bombshell right now like almost everything that goes viral, matter of the content, plans, they're, they're really trying to like, make sure they get their engagement with TikTok, so they're getting like creators.

Dave: That's really amazing. 

Chris: So now's a good time to be on Instagram reels, because they're, they're showing a lot of love. And they're trying to compete with TikTok. 

Dave: Damn, bro. Yeah. Wow, so that's, this is, this is awesome. I love how clean your profile is, man like everything's like talk to us a little bit about what branding means to you.

Chris: So, branding is extremely hard because they build some credibility and trust so that was my very first stage naked, very clean and build a brand around it. People we're experts on this to make sure everything was laid out perfectly, so that my grand will be solid because that's turning for a good cause is very very important.

Dave: You're the expert now my brother. Hey, I'm like, if like three to like, you're the you're the expert right now you're the authority on, on Instagram right now. As a matter of fact, you know what I mean, maybe we need to get you out, and get you training our community higher you come and try it out offline. But now this is, this is great, man this is, this is incredible. You know what I mean, like, I'm, I'm just impressed by, by what you've done, and just you're who you are man, and where you're going with all this. It's just, I think that this episode is one that a lot of people need to hear because, you know, we're all battling different things man but it's like, I think some of us, and I like your humbleness because you're not like, Yo look bad, like you, I, you know I can't smile if you can smile. Like, I mean you're not like you're the way that you've turned this, I like I've been saying this for almost 10 years. Turn your lesson to your message, turn your struggles into your strengths, man. You know when I was a dope. It was a junkie man, you know what I mean like, I thought, like, you know, I couldn't even go and apply for a job because I had charges on my record. You know what I mean like possession charges and just BS stuff that revolved around my addiction. And, you know, I was, I was like, how am I ever going to make a life How am I ever going to be able to make any money, you know, how am I ever going to even get hired for a job, and I, I went through a similar process that you described, although the circumstances were a little bit different. And I got online and like instead of being bitter, but that's what I can identify with you about that . Instead of being bitter about my, my, my circumstances, or, or in my case it was my decisions, you know what I mean, I decided to be better, not bitter. You know what I mean, I decided to be positive. I decided to try to turn my mess into a message. And that's what I've seen you do man, I'm seeing you do that right now, and it's, it's just a big deal. Chris So I hope that you can take these words in today for me, and let them blow you up even more with confidence and self esteem that you're on the right track man, and that as a young man, you have a future that you're going to inspire and impact a lot of people, and you're going to make a lot of money, you're going to have, you're going to have the life that you that you deserve you already have the life that you deserve because of how you're living in here, but, but man it's it's it's incredible is there, is there anything that I can help you out with any questions that you have for me. 

Chris: Honestly, I want to say it's a really big inspiration. You want to be one of those, like, just really wanting to sit down and talk to someone like this. I really like it. It's really like I'm doing this for a really long time, like it is nice.

Dave: Well it's bro it's my pleasure, man. You know what I mean like it's my pleasure, and you know if there's anything that I can do for you. Don't hesitate to reach out and let me know. You know, I'll drop you my email at the end of the episode and, and you can weigh that I can tell, you know, fortunately because you are who you are, you've sought out indirect mentors, some direct mentors, but sometimes when we're young, or we don't have money we got to find indirect mentors or people who we can learn from from a distance, who don't even know us, and then from the actions that we take and the results that we get, then we get noticed by people. And, you know, and, and then people want to help us, people want to mentor us, just out of because they're inspired and that's kind of what I feel towards you. It's kind of like this, you know there's a lot of people who want help, want you to do everything for them. You know, they want you to kind of want to hang out and, and you're a great example of somebody who's like, look, I want a hand up, you know what I mean, I want to lock arms with some people. So talk to us a little bit about how, just before we kind of wrap up here in a few minutes talk to us a little bit about how you've redefined your circle your friend circle who you let in your life after being bullied in school and in your younger years, as you said, how do you how do you how do you think about your circle now?

Chris: Honestly, I never had any friends, but I was, I was like, I was like, a social guy like growing up like high school, like I never really had that many friends I just had like people hanging around with, because like, Oh my God, he's like an athlete so like he has a lot of friends like he's just talking to you. So like I never really had friends I'd only have one friend, and I don't really like to let a lot of people in my circle. To be honest, and a lot of people think I think a lot of people think having friends is important. It's neat. Like, I think you can still be happy just having like one person like I have a moment like I only have one friend, still only one part of my circle, because like, like I can be there for myself and make sure like I'm hiking for myself.

I just know, like I know he was like a circle so I don't really see it as being so important. 

Dave: Yeah, well, let me let me ask, let me ask it this way. What have you found more connections, and have you found. Have you redefined what community is, I guess, now that you've found, people are like minded online?

Chris: Definitely I’ve found a lot of people that can really build my strength up online, and a lot of people that are like they were just teenagers looking, or like they're adults looking for a way to like, just let go like concrete on, so definitely a lot of connections online. Yeah, like me.

Dave: Yeah, I think, I think well, and we've all got our own kind of quirks and weirdness, you know what I mean. And, and, it's, it's nice. It was nice for me, too, to come online and find people who were all over the world who also had a passion for entrepreneurship and affiliate marketing and making money online. No, it just kind of opened up my horizons, you know what I mean like when you're growing up and you're in high school and stuff like that and your, your hometown. It's kind of like, is this all there is in the world you know what I mean like is everybody like this. And then you get online and you start marketing online and creating content and you, you, there's people from all over the world who are messaging you and you build relationships and it's just, I don't know it was life changing for me. And it's, you know, it sounds like that you're developing those connections as well, you're certainly developing them here, and I think that, that, you know, we've got, you've got a whole new fan base here just of people that now know you are going to follow you and learn from you and be inspired by you, and, and, and I'm, I'm one of them, man. 

Chris: I really appreciate that. 

Dave: You're welcome, bro. Well listen, any final words of wisdom or advice for anybody who would be sitting on the fence here at Legendary who's been wondering, you know is, Should I do this, should I go through this. I mean, what what sort of experience, would you give them based on what he what you've done here and what you've learned and the results that you've got from kind of take the next step going through our challenge being a part of our community, what would you say to that person who may be sitting on the fence or just what was your experience, kind of in a nutshell? 

Chris: Basically I would say definitely taking action can get you a massive gain you to like, like, really far and change your life, like in a switch, so like, I would say like, taking action can can really like change your life and just change everything around and like, you can just, like, change your future in the way you would like, completely like not imagine. Yeah, yeah. This is crazy. 

Dave: Yeah. I mean, would you ever, would you have ever thought, a couple of years ago that you, Or even if it was six months ago, whenever you really started to pick up steam, would you have ever imagined that you'd be, I don't know where you're at now on the mindset you've had and had made the money that you've made now?

Chris: Before I obviously did not know where I wanted to be like I did not know what the handle was, I had. So I definitely never imagined this.

Dave: Well here's what I want to tell you. All right. The results that you've got so far, even though they're being to you right now are the freckle on the pimple of a gnat's ass compared man, compared to where to what you're going to think when you look back in another year or two or three, and mark my words for that man, because you're going to have some months, and you're going to have some years in the future, that just, you're going to think you're going to look back in as, as, as big of results as you've had so far. You're going to look back to today, a couple of years ago Damn I was broke back then. Seriously, man. Like, like, even like, like it's crazy because we just don't know what we don't know. You know what I mean, we don't know it if we've never experienced it, but just the path that you're playing now in the, the, the momentum that you have and the mindset that you have and the story that you have, Chris, I want to remind you, man. This story that you have about, like, this whole facial disability thing and not being able to smile and doing this shit anyways. And in having the Kahunas, I mean you're the dude who I don't know if you've ever seen that meme, but he walks around with his Kahunas and the wheelbarrow. I mean, you know what I mean. You're that guy. You're that guy, you know what I mean. I mean, I mean, I mean, I've met a lot of people. I've met a lot of people in my 10 plus years in this space. And I've met a lot of people with big colonists but you know, big guts, right, for those who are listening, I know you're they're females and I know y'all are going well, I don't have gone is what do I have, well listen, you, you got your co owners female there sometimes bigger and better than most men that I, that I know So, but, but Chris, honestly, man. Your bravery, your courage, your story is inspirational . I've met a lot of people in the last 10 years man, but your story ranks up there as probably as definitely top 10 Maybe top five, maybe top three, like it's inspirational ish shit dude, so. So here's what I want you to just know coming from, from me man. Is it that brothers keep inspiring people, you know what I mean because people are going to look at their life and their problems and the shift that they're going through, and they're going to say. Seriously man like I'm complaining. I need to get in that and that's not that's not, I know you're not going to get bitter about it because you've already trained your mindset but honestly they're going to look and they're gonna be like you know what, like I can, I can do this, like, I can do this. It takes like it's some people's story and the what and their circumstances are just more inspirational in your, it would. It's not like you were just given this you work for this Chris, I mean the last two plus years, you've busted your ass and fought for this, so you you've earned the right man to be able to go out there and share that story and I just and I just want you to stop that man, and be a platform every chance that I can to come out here and share with us and be a part of this, this, this, this video okay my man? Keep up the good work. 

Chris: All right, thank you. All right, Chris, I'll talk to you later, my man will come back and see us. Okay. Enjoy your day. Our new Chris Alright my friends. Wow. Come on now, come on now. God bless it. Come on now. Let's go. You know, let's go.

Let's go man. Let's go. Let's drop the sheet, let's just, let's go. I'm gonna say, I'm gonna say something y'all read it every day, but I'm gonna say it right now to cover the kids' ears, I'm gonna say it right now. Y'all read it on my hat every day, I'm gonna say it out of inspiration from Chris. Fuck, average, Be Legendary. See you tomorrow.

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