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Dave: What's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe and welcome to Wake Up Legendary. Today we're going to be talking to Kelly, who is going to touch forests of course overcoming fear to start your online business. This is obviously a topic that you know relates to all of us whether we want to admit it or not. I want to remind everyone if you're brand new to the show, you know you're wondering what we are doing? What's this all about? What is this live wake up legendary? What do these people think they are? Every single day. We have folks that come out who have purchased our education through our courses, and they share their experience with it. unfiltered, totally transparently, there's no setting them up in telling them what questions we're gonna ask him or anything like that. They could come on and totally trash us if they want to. We deal with it at the moment. It's sort of like playing sports. You can't predict the game. You just go out and play. And that's how I like to do business, kind of like a sport. Just go play. You know, you can't control all of the scenarios all the time. And so and so, what I'd like to ask you, as you're listening, logging on, first and foremost, have you gone through our education? Have you taken our 15 Day Challenge? Have you enrolled in our business blueprints because if you haven't, might want to be something you consider doing because all of these folks have done at least one or both of those programs. The second thing is can you find another guru company person you know who is actually interviewing their clients on a daily basis, right, because that's the thing that, as far as I know, doesn't happen anywhere else. So put your seatbelt on. Get ready for a great week of interviews. A great week of shows plug in every day at 10am Eastern time. You can text WUL to (813)-296-8553 And you get a simple little text message reminder that looks like this “stay at home mom waited three months to finally post her foot in the door” right so it's just a look in a link right there. And you can hop right on no spam, no BS. We're not gonna shove our products that are training down your throat because you know what if you don't want it, you don't want it. If you want to buy it and then dig into it three months later, that's fine. We're not going to come chase you. And that's one of the services that we don't provide is daily door knock service to where we're going to come in, you know, pay, you know, make sure that you've gotten up to your computer and you know, let's let's open up that challenge you know, we're not going to do that. We're not going to do any sort of coddling chasing, but you know what? We'd like to have you everyday here's why, not because you're going to pump up our ego or quite frankly, even our bank accounts it doesn't matter whether you buy or not. But you will after you hear these conversations just like I do after some time, I'm a completely different person you will be too and that's why I come on these shows every day because I want to be listening and learning. Because that's how I stay sharp and no pun intended. But if you want to grow, make this a part of your daily routine. That's what I'm saying. With that being said Kelly, welcome to the show.

Kelly: Thanks. Thanks for having me. Great to be here.

Dave: You're very very welcome. Where are you calling from?

Kelly: Veazie Maine Yeah we’re about mid-state

Dave: Okay, cool. Cool. So Maine Wow, what how in the heck did you get started online and eventually find legendary

Kelly: I don't remember exactly what brought me to TikTok but I had heard that it was a fun, fun app to check out for various reasons. And I guess when things were a little slow during shutdown and whatnot, so I thought, well, let's check it out. And a lot of individuals had been talking about this 15 day business builder challenge and you know how inexpensive it was to check it out? And hearing about it so much it worked because I was like, very intrigued. I took it. I took the bait but it's the best thing I've ever done. Yeah, I'd, like I said, started seeing them. Got the challenge started in June. I really tried to perfect everything before posting my first Tik Tok and that was a waste of three months. I regret that. But there is nothing you can do about that now. I just don't recommend you sit on it and wait for things to be perfect because you can still learn what you're learning and the community is fantastic. They just are so willing to help with any questions. It's great.

Dave: Yeah, well, three months is a very short period of time anyways, I know it feels like a lot or it might sound like a lot in your first six months. But you look back a couple of years. That three month period will be the speck.

Kelly: Right. Exactly.

Dave: Okay, so you got started. What about going through the 15 day challenge because you said that was life changing? What about that started to turn on some of these aha moments? For you? And what were they?

Kelly: It just was so thorough, you know, you're thinking you know, how thorough can this be? It's, you know, they're just going to touch on maybe a little they're going to scratch the surface, but I was just amazed every day. It was so thorough, and yet not encompassing your whole day. You were able to get, you know, do that hour, hour and a half lesson and it just the excitement grew each day for me, like my advisor I was like, can you just unlock the rest of the days I just I've wanted to do it. I want to finish. I'm super excited. It was awesome.

Dave: Nice, nice. Who was your advisor? Do you remember?

Kelly: Bonnie King Yeah, she's awesome. She's a powerhouse.

Dave: So we titled this overcoming fear to start your online business. You know what it looks like you've done a few things in the past. Maybe a little network marketing. We tried some Amazon HBA and drop shipping. But both are a waste of time and money. So I mean, what it seems like you're somewhat maybe not fearless, but you're not afraid to try things. What fears came up with you for this?

Kelly: Probably fear of failure. Like this would just be another thing that I tried that didn't work out.

Dave: The things that you've done in the past failures.

Kelly: Well, they weren't successful, I guess in my mind because they didn't really I wasn't able to produce an income, per se for them. They were either programs that just didn't have the support tied in or there was just really no return on investment. So yeah, I guess I could kind of look at those as failures on my part.

Dave: So you were afraid of you know, this just being another thing. That you are going to have to throw over in that failure category and it's just going to be more time wasted.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah. But that changed almost instantly. You know, I just felt so different than anything. I tried. You know, in the past, it felt super genuine. It just felt different from the start, and I was super skeptical. I have to be honest, you know, just I guess being burnt. So it's prior to that the things that you said in your head like about your like, now we'll actually was super impressed. I mean, the obstacles you've overcome, and it was, it was really cool to see.

Dave: What are the red flags you were looking for? I mean, being skeptical. What were some of the things that you were looking for and I'm you know, I'm only asking because, well, I mean, it's just a question that you might not normally hear asked like, what were some of the red flags that you were looking for? What were some of the things that you were skeptical about?

Kelly: Yeah, the well being like the car salesman. You know, Spiel or something once you got it and that everything that looked great on the outside maybe wasn't that way on the inside, per se. Like it would feel authentic. But that never happened. It just it really enforced my feeling of this is the right thing, you know, each day,

Dave: So maybe that you were just going to go to a party that really sucks and you're not going to be able to get out or something like that. I get it. I mean, well, that's great. And that ended up not being the case, right? You had the opposite experience and that's fantastic. Kudos. You know, I don't know it's almost in this industry right these days with all these you know, social media, bros and everything and all the Lambos and the bullshit I guess that's out there. I mean, in a sense, you know, we shouldn't be congratulating and patting ourselves on the back for doing what we're supposed to do, but it almost ends up happening like that nowadays, because, you know, there's so many people out there who are just either unqualified aren't ready. Right? I think it's less that people are bad people in genuinely trying to take people I think, I think certainly some people are just, I guess, genuinely bad people and maybe it's easy to take people you don't have to look them in the eye or whatever. But I also think a lot of people are just really under qualified and have no idea what they're doing. You know, I mean, coaching people in creating this sort of a community with environment, it takes skill and experience to know how to facilitate this. And I think one of the reasons may be just me. I'm biased of course, but I think that people are growing here and succeeding is because there's an environment here where they can, you know, really learn and expand in their own way and feel comfortable and safe to do it. And you know, not like network marketing for me I remember you said you'd been with Herbalife at one time. For me it was a lot about flash and trash, you know, like selling the dream and living the night. here's an example going to an event in being shamed because you sat in coach and first class Aaron, I mean, producer, you know, like, you need to live a certain way and like, be someone different than you are and I think that you know, that just doesn't exist as much here in this space. At least not in our community, that sort of stuff is really frowned upon. So I think people have more space to grow. Do you feel that way? Like you're like, there's room for you. There's people who are like you here. It's quite a diversified group. What other things have stood out to you about the community and maybe others not about me? Of course, this is not about me, that has been beneficial to you.

Kelly: Yeah, I was just gonna say the diversity of I mean, you have all ages. It's just that it's not an obstacle. You know, your age. If you're young or old. Doesn't matter. You can still succeed. And that's something I saw right off the bat too.

Dave: Yeah, there's right. I mean, we were on the wakeup show every day. So exactly. Go and follow these people. And see that they don't disappear off the face of the earth tomorrow. We didn't just hire they're not, you know, this isn't TMZ we didn't hire you know, actors to come on and do the show. And then you go and you follow their TikTok and then all of a sudden note there's no activity ever again. When you can follow each person's journey and see what they're doing and see how they're building their business. And to me, it really is unique, it really is a unique advantage, I guess, if you will, because, you know, we learn from each other we learn both from being told, being taught in a classroom or whatever. You know, I mean, that's typically how humans have learned up until this point. But we also learn when we go out on the playground and we see the person doing the thing, throwing the ball, climbing the monkey bars, and that's where I think kids learn quicker. And I think the same is with adults. And so now you're here on this app field to be somebody who was, you know, not able to get it off the ground, but then you did and now you're having success and you're here on the show.

Kelly: Yeah, it's just kind of surreal for sure. This was definitely a goal of mine. I looked up to anybody that had been on before you know, thinking that's going to be me one of these days. I'm gonna make it on there and I just had a high regard for, you know, the company and seeing the results of everyone else. It's great to be a part of that. Yeah.

Dave: So what are some of the things that have been really helpful for you like when you learned that started focusing on doing this thing? things really started to change for you? What would you say That thing was or those two things?

Kelly: Yeah, I'm sure. I can say when I started treating this opportunity, like the business it is, then it all changed for sure. I was committed every day to have my same routine. I was literally treating it like a business because it is and before when I maybe was a little unsure myself. Maybe not setting up that routine just yet. It definitely was not as productive or, you know, monetarily even. You know, you just really have to treat it like a business because it is and once you do, you're gonna see results.

Dave: I had this visual, right as you were saying that in what I thought about was the way you walk into a room, you know, do you know how you walk into a room when you own the place versus the way you walk into a room when you don't? And it's your first time. They're so much different, right? And I feel like if you're not walking into your business every day like you own the place, but you're walking into your business every day, like it's something that somebody else owns, and it's like your first time there or whatever, you know how you enter that room so differently. Yeah, like I just think that you got to walk into your business and approach your business every day like you own the place. And that's just a different feeling in a different mindset. And all of that. Am I supposed to be here. Am I supposed to post this? Am I supposed to say this? It's like Hell yeah, I'm supposed to I own this place. Right? Exactly. extends to you. I'm just trying to think of an analogy that people can relate to that simple enough. You know what I mean? That you really get it? It's like yeah, I know that difference from when I walk into a room and I own the place this lounge walk in with swag and with my robe hanging half off and plop down on the couch. I don't care what anybody is thinking or saying or a fart right in the living room. You know what I mean? Just, it's just how you treat the place when you own it versus when.

Kelly: Exactly It has a whole new meaning at that point. I would also say that consistency, you know, shows up every day. Don't, you know, always show up for sure. And mindset is a huge one as well. Just believing in yourself, and there's going to be hiccups and that can be scary to think about, you know, what if this happens, or what if I, you know, stumble and you just gotta pick yourself right back up, and you're going to learn from that. You're gonna make your business better and you'll be better as a person because of it. So it's not all a loss, you know, it's those hiccups are learning opportunities. So, yeah.

Dave: And Aren't they all right? I mean, are all hiccups learning opportunities. I mean, you know, I actually heard something that the day that I thought was really true, which is you don't really learn a single thing from your successes, you learn everything from your failures, and I just thought, Man, how about that? You know, I mean, how about that? I mean, I wouldn't. I wouldn't say you don't learn anything from your successes. you learn so much more from your failures. Do you agree with that? 

Kelly: Oh, completely. Yeah, because you don't ever want to make that mistake again. Yeah, you're using all your resources to try to find an answer for that. And that's liberating as well. Like realizing, Oh, wait, I learned these these skills, these incredible skills to get myself out of, you know, a hiccup. And if I can't, then there's a huge community of individuals that are more than willing to to help.

David: And Athena wants to get catastrophic here. She says, “I would like to know what was the worst thing that has happened on her journey and what did she do to overcome it?”


Kelly: It was losing my TikTok account Well, it was the fact that I didn't I didn't lose it but got locked out and I tried many different ways. One that I hadn't tried yet. resetting my Apple ID or logging. In that way. And for some reason, that worked

Dave: So you got it back up then?

Kelly: Yeah, well, I didn't, I didn't lose my account. I'm not sure how I was unable to post but I was still seeing myself on Tik Tok. So I knew I wasn't banned. I just have some little arrows here. But that was probably the worst because I'm thinking I'm losing all this time. These individuals that are you know, maybe trying to ask questions, and I have no I can't get to them. So I've learned not to put all my eggs in one basket. That was that learning lesson

Dave: reading means never rely on just one source of traffic. Amy wants to know, did she get the blueprints?

Kelly: Yes, I did. Yes, I did. I was and I would recommend it. To anyone. It just built these skills on what I had already learned in the challenge. It just made it more clear and I found it to be worth its weight in gold for sure. I know not everybody buys it. But I did choose to Yeah, and I don't regret it for a second.

Dave: And there's a reason why everyone should not buy it. They're there if you're not if you don't want to take this thing to a more serious level. Then why buy it why get in it doesn't make sense. It's only something you should do if you want to commit to this and do this on a more serious ongoing level from a browser surfing kind of surf the web, kind of poking the bear a little bit or tiptoeing around dipping your toe in the pool. I mean, look, you know, your investment, any one person's investment is not going to change the quality of my lifestyle. So it's not like I'm sitting here telling you not to buy and that somehow hurting me or us I mean, the truth of the matter is any person who says their product is right for everyone. It is wrong, it's lying, or is uninformed. What we have is not for everyone. If you want to build a business online, using your phone, using your laptop, selling other people's products and then eventually potentially packaging your own information products and slowing them down in the form of courses, coaching or events, our information and our programs are right for you and our communities. will support you in a way that quite frankly the community is just a free bonus but there's a lot of value just in that that could be charged for and or turned into some sort of a subscription monthly thing mastermind but it's not it's just a support system. It's a leg of a bar stool that helps you to be able when you finally sit down in the captain's chair, you've got a firm you've got a solid foundation. It's Star, it's the right information from the right people in the right environment. You know you have to be getting the right information from the right people in the right environment. And this business model has been the best business model for a newbie, an average person or somebody who wants to just if even if I needed money quickly and wanted to build up a 10,20, $30,000 a month income affiliate marketing would be how I would do it. Not anything else. Not anything locally, not anything else online. And so there's definitely the power of the business model in the systems themselves. They work, they're proven. It's it's, you know, it really has to be a decision within you, the person who's you know, entering your credit card into the checkout page today because you're going to make a powerful decision if that's you, right. You got to say hey, look, I don't have to break my back. This is not me taking on a 40 hour a week job. But I need to put some time and energy into this and I need to stay consistent with this. See through. If I do that. The wild thing here is that you will likely succeed. The reason why you're likely to succeed is because the majority of people who start this quit. So it's almost a survival of the fittest. Who can not quit the longest? You know what I mean? Does that make sense to you?

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah, for sure.

Dave: Yeah. A lot of people's biggest fear is that they're going to, you know, somehow be played out of the game or compete or buried or so you know what I mean? Like, we feel like we're getting into the ring with a giant who's going to knock us out in the first round, and it's going to be it's almost like and I saw somebody who said, Oh, I haven't posted yet or that I've gone through training I've posted yet I haven't started marketing. Well, it's because you're looking at your first post or your first action, as if you're going to get into a boxing ring with Mike Tyson. And there's going to be four tornadoes going off inside of the boxing ring that you're going to have to hit as you hit the post, ducking right hooks and dealing with looks I promise you as soon as you post you can look around and it should be different in your life at your house. It's true. Nothing's actually gonna happen. All the drama is happening right up here. What happened for you to overcome that fear of your first initial marketing pieces and posts and what happened after you did them? Did your computer explode? Did what you fear happen?

Kelly: I had imposter syndrome and I still work on that. Especially in the very beginning, wondering what I have to offer people when I don't even have all the answers. But I've since learned that we definitely do have a lot to offer. We're you know we're selling ourselves short if we think that we don't have anything to offer. So working on my imposter syndrome has helped immensely. Just not being you know, not putting that pressure on yourself.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, I think that that's probably one of the most common thoughts that people have when they first get started is you know who's gonna listen to me when when there's you know, all these other people out here who have a similar and you know what, you can go into any business, any industry and think that and fail that is a guaranteed way. And you know what that story would fit in any industry if I went to a trade show and I was selling, I don't know boats? Okay, let's say I went to a boat show. And what am I going to do? Stand at the door and say, to each of the sales guys who walked through the door, how many years do you have too much experience? Oh, 20 years? 30 years? 10 years? years. Okay. And it's my first month. No such May. Maybe we can sit out all the boats today. I mean, that it's almost it's like, if we think about the idea of saying that in any other business or situation it'd be crazy but that is one of the most common things we said ourselves online is yours all these other and I think it's because the internet feels like such a small place Kelly because it's just right here on your phone. But you don't realize that the internet is the size of a boat show in a convention center times a billion. It's a massive asset. So the opportunity that's there where do you see yourself going over the next year? What is your goal? What would you like to accomplish? What’s your vision for 2022.

Kelly: Yeah, I am just going to continue on tick tock. Get more of a presence on Instagram and Pinterest. I have done too much with both of those platforms just yet. But I plan to have a YouTube channel and just try to improve my business every day to make it better than it was the day before. And that could be just through education or just taking action in some way shape or form. And it's just that each day gives me so much more self confidence like yeah, I've got this I am doing and it's just you can't help but feel like you get in somewhere you know. And I plan to obviously grow my business monetarily.

Dave: nice. Nice me to Kelly to you got a fantastic attitude and I love what you're doing and what your your story and just everything it's it's and I think there's a lot of people out there who you know you can reach people who may be you know, I don't know who you're who did you decided you had said that in your questionnaire who did you decide that was your kind of target customer.

Kelly: yeah, definitely stay at home moms because I have so much I mean, that's I resonate completely with them. That's what I've been for 20 years. So yeah, if I can help them, you know, maybe see things a little differently and have, like, have it all you can, you can take care of your kids at home. You don't have to go outside the house to work. But you could also make money, you know in your spare time. You know, around their schedule. Then I wish I had come across this so many years ago.

Dave: Well, well. How old are you? Do you have children that you're currently homeschooling?

Kelly: Thank God I don't have to homeschool. I have a senior in high school and my oldest is 20. So I'm on the last leg of stay at home mom.

Dave: But I’m thinking you're younger than you are. Well, good for you. I have a feeling by the time all my kids are, you know, in their 18,19, 20 I'm going to look like I'm 90 now I already look like I'm 70 seriously the Grays the wrinkles are out here.

Kelly: They're here they're definitely here with me 

Dave: I mean in 10 years my kids are gonna be 15 like my five year old and my one year old will be 11 so wow they grow fast. So Atomy there in terms of when your last ones came. So you got all that work done a little bit earlier. I'm going to be an old man. I already feel old And then they'll probably have kids and I'll be thrown right back into the ring. Isn't that how it works? Why is it like why am I realizing today that life's not fair.

Kelly: I know it's totally different. 

Dave: When do we stop taking care of kids?

Kelly: Well, you can at least send them off with their parents when you have your time. It's not a 24/7 thing.

Dave: Exactly. Yeah. Well, if you want to know more about Kelly and her kids and her age and all of these other go follow her on Tik Tok @solutions4youtoo and Kelly, Come back and see us, keep us posted on your journey and keep up the good work. All right.

Kelly: Thank you. So much for having me. Alright, see ya. Bye.

Dave: All right, my friends. Have a fantastic Monday. Please go and follow Kelly as I said on TikTok and Instagram to lift her up. Comment on her stuff like her stuff. You know, show her support and put that positive supportive energy out into our community in the marketplace. And watch it come back tenfold, stay legendary, my friends. We'll see you back here for another episode. Tomorrow. As usual 10am Eastern Time