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  1. Tiffany Longdottir
    Tiffany Longdottir says:

    I really needed this wake up call today, I was really discouraged when I wasn’t able to continue with lessons 7 through 15, I have been trying to get the money, but it just seems like the doors are being closed. Thank you ladies for giving me the the encouragement that I needed.

  2. Debra Graham
    Debra Graham says:

    It’s scary! I’m afraid to spend that first $30 and fear that I won’t have the motivation to keep up with it. I live on a fixed income I’m disabled, and I don’t have a whole lot of money and I want to get that motivation back but I don’t know how to do it. Your morning video was awesome. I hope I can keep all that in mind, throughout the day. These last few years have been all downhill for me. And I do want to make a change I just don’t know where to start. Thanks for the great pep talk.

  3. Gloria Powell
    Gloria Powell says:

    I paid the 30$, so what is next? I am getting another LabTop, my other one broke and I know I need one for this business. I’m just needing to know what is next! How do you make a web site?


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