Below is the transcription for this episode: 

Matt: Happy Tuesday everybody, we are running a few minutes late today but my name is Matt and I am here live, and we are at, at least my time seven away am. But if you're here and you're part of our Instagram challenge, and you've been posting Instagram reels starting yesterday I want you to give me a thumbs up, hit the like but also give me a thumbs up here in the comments and let me know that you've been part of our Instagram challenge we're doing a five day Instagram challenge if you didn't already know that. And in this little Instagram challenge group, We're doing free little mini lessons each day, and we've got, you know, last yesterday. I think yesterday we had somewhere around 1300 comments of people posting their reels and lots of people who are brand new to this whole thing. Diving in headfirst, and getting really cool results. Some people. And I wonder if I can pull a couple of these up, let's see. Let's see, let's see, let's see, let me do a different share screen here, share, share screen. So we've had a couple people who have just, I mean they literally just got started, like Nathan's over 500 views in his first 30 minutes. So this happened very fast. Mira got her first commission. We've had this, this person is the Bluegrass affiliate she had 20,000 views she had 8000 views here, if you guys can see this I think you can see it yep 3600 views for AJ 8000 views for Mark, and the list kind of just keeps going. Sure, this is Callum I think Callum was 6300 on his very first ever video 3500 3200 For Melissa. So my point in showing you those is, there's an incredible opportunity to get a lot of engagement on Instagram rails right now. We started this challenge just to get you in the habit of creating it, It forces you right so when you wake up and I say to you, you've got to make two videos. That's it, that's the only thing you've got to wake up and you've got to make two videos. Suddenly, it puts you into engineering mode it forces you to be an engineer to figure it out as well before your anxiety levels maybe were too high, and you're like, I don't really know how to do this I don't know how to post this how do I get started right. So, the underlying goal of this challenge is that it just forces you straight out of that anxiety and like pushes you straight through it, and there's a lot of people that So Amanda, just commented, uh, what kind of results, is anybody getting a lot of views, Amanda just said I got over 6000 views on each of hers. And this is only day one. The other thing I want you all to remember is like, this is day one, you're just starting a disease or first thing you've ever posted. Okay, so just keep that in mind and remember, we're just getting this thing rolling. You know, to create mastery, it takes a little bit of time sometimes so. Anyway, thanks for joining us here live this morning we've got an awesome guest, you don't know, on Monday through Friday, okay 10am Eastern, we go live with a new guests typically the new guests sometimes somebody has to cancel last minute, we don't have a guest, but we've got a lineup of like, 30, to 60 people already scheduled way out. And one person that we wanted to bring on his name's SK and he is from London he's killing it, and has been selling different test style stuff, and has had a really good week almost making $5,000 in a week, and so on a feeder thing so SK, what’s going on? SK: Hello. How are you?

Matt: I'm doing good. How are you doing today? 

SK: I'm good. 

Matt: Yeah, good. Well thanks for coming on. I appreciate it. 

SK: Thank you for inviting me. 

Matt: Yeah. So tell us a little bit about you and your story over the last few years, you know you're working as an engineer, and doing some other stuff and then COVID has lost your job loss, can you just bring us into your world and kind of what happened.

SK: So basically I came to London in 2013, so I came in as a student I say you can study engineering, I say automotive engineering, and after finishing that I got into engineering field, I got married as well so Mike was going well, and then COVID it lost my job in New York straight away so I had to shift from engineering straightaway to retail I was working part time in retail, while I was doing engineering, and I basically had to shift to that job because I needed a job. And shortly after that in January, I went for divorce, so my marriage was suspended, and like I needed something to be distracted I needed something to have a distraction. I have a history of, like, tenuously now another history of brands so I just didn't want to fall back into it. And then I basically needed something to get distracted. I started, I came across someone's post on Instagram I think about social media management. So I was looking into that. And then I came through TikTok, to Legendary. So I just went into it. I started the challenge, and it just went from there. From January till now. So like, during this whole time I've tried different social media platforms. TikTok wheels you're doing. I've been doing it for the last couple of months. I've tried different methods of TikTok. I've tried showing my face. I've tried showing without my face. I've tried different Pinterest, Twitter, pretty much anything you can think of, I've tried it, and I think I've finally eventually liked it, got to the point of learning where I'm like, I know what I'm doing. Finally, still learning every day but getting there, and just helping people every day.

Matt: That's cool man. That's really cool. So you're, you're working really hard.

SK: I'm sleeping like three or three hours a night, all year round and man I remember when I first started, it was, it was four hour night see again. I was and, you know, some people say, Well, isn't that unhealthy Well I, I feel like there's probably seasons of life right like where there's just, there's this quote from Elon Musk where he just says, you know, at the end of the day, I worked 80 to 100 hour weeks and it's double what everybody else is doing. And there's more work that can get done during those hours, and it's just time, it's the science of time. It's just as our works, but I don't know if we necessarily want to promote that style. Yeah, but I will say like, there's certain seasons right and so I also think that there's the other side of the coin where I see people who, you know, I see people who sort of downplay or kind of shit on that lifestyle because they're uncomfortable with it or because it's, for them it doesn't work, but the truth is is like they, they're what works for someone doesn't always work for everyone else. And so when people apply that to every single human it just doesn't make sense because I go through a period of time, about 10 years ago where, you know, for two or three years, it was fine for me to sleep four hours a day and when I woke up I was like, I'm ready, I'm hungry. And, you know sometimes when you're hungry, it's like, I don't care what time I'm waking up or going to bed or, like, I just need to make sure, eating something. And drinking your coffee, and all you know it might not be sustainable forever, but it might help me get my business off the ground,

because that's what it is, because I was home working I'm still I still got my nine to five job like I do have enough resources to leave right now but like I still have it for some reason. And like, I'm trying to balance my time with what I'm doing. So having that job waking up in the morning coming home like I finish around 10 o'clock and then I'm up at like four o'clock just doing what I'm doing. Pretty much,

Matt: Yeah. Yeah, and I just think people when they have a job or when they have other things going on, they're able to put in a little bit of time but if you're able to, you know, even. So, what I found was helpful for me was putting a little bit of structure around it so it was like Hey, as it was always based on the condition that I could function. So I had two minimum wage jobs. I was working as a $7 an hour barista and I would get up at 4am or 3am, and I would watch Google Ads training. Facebook ads training that I'd figured out how to create viral videos and all this stuff are blogging, back then, and I would do this. I would wake up at three or 4am work until about six, so a couple hours. Sneak those in before everybody else is up and for me I feel like it's finding your rhythm. For me, I just enjoyed the feeling of waking up before the rest of the world. It made me feel like there was a secret power that I held that everybody else was resting and sleeping and slumbering, and I felt like there has to be something that I'm going to take away from this. There has to be a payoff someday. That took a long time for me but there was a there was a point where started to pay off, and then the, you know, I would, I would go to work and work, whatever 10 hours a day or something and they come home and do the same thing for five hours while everybody else is sleeping and drinking beer and watching TV. I was working right so I like that kind of mentality but I would put boundaries around it. Do I have the energy and then maybe I'll only do it for 30 days right so then, for some people they need that structure of, I'm only going to do this for 30 days so if I'm only going to do it for 30 days. Then, I'm not gonna just do this indefinitely and make my life chaotic, I'll do it for the month of June or I'll do it for the month of September, right. So, you're crazy busy, you are pumping hustling, tell us about the different styles of business stuff you're selling, like just tell us your journey of how you got into sort of selling things online.

SK: Well, basically I started off with Legendary. I finished the entire 15 Day Challenge. And after that, while the while I was going to the Mac I was following up on Mega vision really and different people come on every day and they have like different, different ways of modeling, and I can, I went through a lot of the videos and I've tried a lot of the training techniques and stuff. And one of the, one of the things that I really wanted to work on, like people's mental health, something to do with mental health, and I was kind of trying to focus on that at the same time and like I was just seeing different ways of how I can do that and then I went into software as well, because like I was I was a bit nerdy with computers so I thought I was just going to go into the software field, see how it goes. I went and found a mental health product, an online therapy, and other products. So, I went a bit crazy on that, and that's me off the ground. And then, and then I started with the software product. It was basically online therapy. And as soon as I sign up for 200 bucks, pretty much, and then every therapy session I will give 50%. And like I spent, I went through quite a few of them until I found something that actually I thought was helpful. Yep. So, that's kind of what could we have no, like, I didn't start off with any make money online niche I exclusionary started with, because I just wanted to be a little different from the crowd and see how it goes and I wanted to see if it works and I did do all that I did like when I started I was worked on time so I didn't have time to actually go and learn new things every day I was pretty much every single hour Australian taking some something new. I was reading a book and I was doing something else. And I reached the point where I think in two months, I've been grinding, and I made no money, and I could feel the burnout, like I could literally feel myself burning out like, there was nothing to do, there was nothing I can do. And I just like, okay, like can I just give up so I actually did. I did give up. I took a week break. I just did nothing for a week. I was like okay this is not going to work this coming up, but, but then like when reality hit me like I have to go to work, I wasn't happy at work like obviously I was working in retail at the time. And 10 hour shifts 10 hour shifts on my feet. Retail managers and you know how it is like getting customers. I've literally been covered by customers like every single day on a daily basis. So then I kind of noticed at some point that I'm actually good with people, like I can talk to people, I suck at copywriting I'm honestly gonna say suck at copywriting, I am terrible at it. Maybe, but not that good, but talking to people, talking to people, I'm really good at. So, that's when, that's when I started at TikTok about, you know where people said different quotes. So people have different quotes, they're not before the modulation but about like just little bits of quotes. So what I started doing was I started taking this course, I started taking animation videos from YouTube, and started joining them together. And that kind of blew up. That literally blew up like I think I went over about 10k In less than a month 10k followers. And yep so that's how it started.

Matt: What types of videos? 

SK: It can be anything like it can like the video, does not need to have a connection with what they're saying, pretty much, it's the reason for me going animation is attention seeking, like, it's literally going to grab your attention so there's something going on, even if like sometimes I would call video sometimes it's different animations sometimes 3d So anything that's going to grab their attention, and that you know how the dictum algorithm works so that the more people see it, the higher it goes, and like, it just started going straight away. And then, again, we Instagram that time. And what I started doing was I just started owning my TikTok, getting rid of the watermark, and putting them on Instagram. And that's the other going as well at the same time. So I was like okay that's actually working, and that was working and I had people start messaging me and they were talking to me they were asking me about how to do things, blah blah blah how I got started, and that kind of led me to because instantly, if you know Instagram and TikTok is like really annoying to text, they're like their messaging system is horrible.

What I started doing was, at one point, I checked my stops, all the links in my Instagram and TikTok, I did not put any link that there was only one link there, which would lead them directly to my Facebook Messenger. So anybody who wants to talk to me, they would go through me, and I could talk to them, I could. So basically what you do in a sales funnel is like basically treating them through the processes and so I basically made myself a sales funnel. I started talking to people. I know, I can't copyright obviously So following up emails is not going to be my best thing. So as they started talking to me the more they started talking to me, that's how literally my numbers went up, because I started talking to people, people started trusting me trusting the other person, and I, as I went through it I went to the point where I stopped sending anyone links. I literally would have liked to shoot a conversation without sending them any links, and I would wait for them to ask me. So I would wait, I would mention what I'm doing, but I would never say, okay, go, go do this, I will just mention it. And I would just leave it at that and leave it and like I would just build up their curiosity and what I've noticed, I've also faced is even like in in lots of places, people would just come and people would just talk bad about something and they would just send me a link and be like, This is good. That is good. I would just go there, I wouldn't, I would say what I'm doing. I will say what they're doing, I will say thing dividends, but never ever send the link. Like, I've just completely stopped that until I've asked, and I don't know if you know this, but like, last month I've literally hit my first 15k a month, and sent a single personal link before being asked.

It's amazing what, what, helping people and allowing people the space to make a decision for themselves. Right,

exactly. And the only thing like I think like there are obviously there are some leads and stuff which you know are going to convert. What I did was, every two, three days I would just go and I would just send a message ‘hey how you doing?’ that's pretty much like you know how to follow up emails, my Facebook Messenger became like literally my email list. I became the sales funnel. Right. So like, things that I was not good at and things I'm good at I kind of mix that up together, and just put that in and that's pretty much what's been working for me, like, yeah, that's pretty much it.

Matt: That's really cool, and I feel like it's a refreshing way, in the era where lots of people seem to be spamming their links on social media, and lots of people seem to be, how would I put this inserting themselves into a sales process a little bit, it doesn't fit. I feel like your approach is so refreshing.

SK: Yep, so I've actually had people tell me like when they reply like oh I can't believe that you've applied, like I've messaged so many people no one replies I'm like, it's just connected to my messenger and like my phone, like I literally have to put my phone on airplane mode because it just doesn't stop pinging now. Yeah, so that's just what it is like, I just got rid of all the links I got rid of all the funnels, I don't know, like the one thing that I do is like I just put in the opt in page opt in page of them so they can follow up with the funnels, with whatever I'm promoting whichever software even legendary so you guys do have your own follow up system, you guys hire copyright like professionals to write your copywriting, I am nowhere near that so I know.

Well, we don't. I mean, Dave and I read all of our copies, because you guys are good at it. I'll be honest with you if you haven't, practice.

Matt: Yeah, probably, probably the end but the minute I saw that I can talk to people like I can literally talk for hours and hours and I can read very close with people like a lot of the conversations that I've had, like literally went very deep with them. And like I can remember I can pretty much remember whoever so far, whoever bought anything from me. I can remember all the way from their kids names, so I can just, I'll just go very deep in that, and that's pretty much how it is like so they feel the trust in me. So you know in a sales funnel where they say like talk about yourself, blah blah blah. I just keep that and I just put myself in there, and through a meeting, they have questions like, they actually have a human to take from, and that will add together guys always say, people don't buy products people buy from you. And that, by that portion of the people buying from me, I am putting a lot of emphasis on that. And that's pretty much why all the hours, like I am, I know I'm working extra hard like I know I'm working a lot and like I'm talking to a lot of people every single day but it's working out. Yeah. Yep, and pretty much even someone I've spoken to yesterday, she just like she spoke to me for the first time yesterday she needs some help, and she was just amazed and she was just like, she couldn't believe how much I was helping. She's from she's actually from legendary she's broke she said he's gonna be on the line so I hope she is somebody I spoke, I spoke to her for the first time yesterday and she's just like, she was impressed on like that speech he was like, I just like helping people. And he helps lead me to something else that's good, if not, fair enough.

That's cool, that's cool and I feel like I sort of feel like there's this. It always feels over simplistic, but just helping people, is a real thing, right, and like, and, and this is not like some sort of cliche thing that, you know, people talk about just in this industry writer, it just didn't see affiliate marketing industry like when people remove themselves out of that. Right, there's, there's multiple industries and businesses that that principle is true. Here's an example. When I go to a card like an auto mechanic, okay and I'm gonna get my car fixed, those people are, just like some of the people online, they're known for. There's kind of sketchy tactics, and the, the, the auto mechanic, the first one that I found that knew how to look at me and say, Hey look, most people aren't going to describe to you exactly what's going on in your car, they're just gonna walk out to you, and they're gonna say this thing needs fixed. Here's the deal. And, yeah, and, and what I'm going to do is I'm going to walk you out into the shop, I'm going to point to every single thing that I think is wrong or needs to be fixed with your car. It's your decision to either do the research, or take my advice on what I think you would do. And if I think something's going to be good for three or five years and you don't need to fix it. I'll just be honest with you, and I'll just tell you hey, you could probably put that off for about two years, we'll put a reminder in our system to remind you in two years, hey remember that thing that couple years. Might be time, you know, Now to do it and then you can save while you're, you know you can save 10 bucks a month, and in two years, we can do it, you'll have the money, and the first guy that did that I still remember it was maple garage in Denver, Colorado, and I remember it because I've never had a mechanic do that for me before, and I never went anywhere else when I was in Denver I always went to Maple garage there near downtown Denver, and they were the best, they would actually describe things that things I could understand and they were so here's the word- helpful, right, they were so helpful. Take the time, just like you deal with that and this applies to any business is long as you are helpful, and you give good service, and you provide an actual real, tangible value to somebody, it changes the relationship now suddenly they're like, I can't even though you you're not getting paid for this. You're giving me all of your time and energy. This is crazy.

SK: I know like a lot of people, they think that they're trying to help people may not be coming over salesy but I have actually experienced it myself I have done it myself I have done wrongly, where I think I'm coming off sales, but I still like when I wouldn't reread my conversations now, at some point. So that's why I stopped, I stopped sending them any links because that is the ultimate way that you can show someone that you know sales. Like, I am genuinely just helping you. And that's what made the difference and I've noticed that with a lot of a lot of people, they just come off like that. And one of the most recent sales I've had, it was from someone who sent me a link. So they just like you know one of the first people who just like spamming with big links blah blah blah, send a message like, hi, man. How are you doing, that's what my reply he's like, yeah, the sales pitch again, and I'm like listen, I'm not talking to you about sales, I know you're doing a sales pitch but you're doing it horribly wrong. And then I tried, I actually like spend some time explaining it to him, I think it was like two, three days to him I did water steps and blah blah blah, and like he did some things, and he eventually became my customer, like he's a good friend of me now, and he's actually improving what he's doing. So, in the first couple of the first whole week I did not send a single link, and like I know people get like when they start talking to someone they're like oh I need a sale, I have to send the link somewhere. It doesn't need to be like that. He just, you just talk, you just talk, if you get a sale. If you don't get a sale you get a connection, that's what I say. It's either you either get money or you get someone to trust you, one or the other. 

Matt: Oh, that's deep. 

SK: But that's pretty much how it is, you may be talking to 50-100 people, you're not going to get 1500 sales, but I can assure you, right now I can get 100 people to do something for me, someone I've helped, I'm probably much more. So people who actually like who have gained their trust people who I have helped in the time people have not made any money from, like there are people have made money for someone else and I've helped them through this, like, even though I had no benefit of it, which I know like someday the future, they may they will come back they have come back to me actually like people that have come back to me like after three, four months when they see me doing something new, and they're like oh I wanted and I wanted from you. So, that can, that happens and then like within this time. Like, I've learned to get my own separate bubble as you call it, I just as I say like you do have the burnout I did have my own burnouts, I still have like some ice. You know when you just constantly keep getting tired when you're not sleeping, you're constantly just tired of everything. I've got my own separate bubble I've got people who actually motivate me to wake up to basically do things every day, people who just talk to me constantly people who just like the losers, there are some people I just go on phone calls with every night just to have a chat just to like freshen up, and they keep motivating these A B someone is texting me all day just checking up on me. People are making sure that I'm eating and that I'm sleeping, which I tend to forget a lot. That's pretty much just like the more you help people you actually like, build your own community and view your own trust. And that's, that's pretty much what's the difference between what I'm doing, what made me like what gave me success and like what I was doing when I first started it was like, I started from nothing, I had no idea how to do any. When I started it was just completely blank. Like I had to learn all that and I just, I just got rid of the sales sector is the human factor in it, so I just treat anybody the way I would treat them if I met them in a pub. It sounds revolutionary, but it also sounds very like simple common sense right yeah,

because once this, once the money starts coming people kind of tend to forget. They do tend to forget like, oh I need to maintain that paycheck. I did not make a month of money until I went through the lesson trilogy, like it is working for other people. I know like you got the funnels and stuff but I just put the human factor.

Matt: And I also feel like, you know, there's some people who are gonna sit on here and hear that and then what they're gonna say is, they're gonna say, Well geez I don't know if I want to do that forever but I also want to give you a tip, and give everybody else here tip. Eight you don't have to do that forever I talked about my, that's how I started. And I did that for a long time, a lot of messaging, tons of interaction, lots of just in the nitty gritty with people. And eventually, I sort of built to a place where I had enough testimonials right so all those people I just, I said hey, I don't know if you got any value from our interactions but I'm just wondering like, Would you ever consider writing, like, a couple sentences about your interaction with me, or creating like a short 32nd video about our interaction, and most people because I gave them the option of written or video. We're like, Yeah, of course, like you were so nice, and they write things. Here's the thing is though right things about you that you look at you're like whoa, like this person really like values what I gave to them and it helps validate what you did, but also, you can put that right on your pages, and what it helps to do is to automate, right, you can now start to automate because now that you've built a little reputation and brand. Now people are more likely to trust you and less manual labor has to go in, because you can sort of reap the rewards of what you need those seeds you placed younger out.

SK: So that's the it's just basically the starting off so I would say I'm still starting off but like level but I did have like people compliment me which is like, which kind of blew me away like I realize that they're seeing me like that, like, as you said, like you don't really see it like you're just helping someone and you don't see how someone else's.

Matt: And that's a powerful lesson. What a lesson for people and. Oh. Are you frozen? I think he might be frozen. All right, can everybody see me okay. Because I think SK might be gone but it might be me who's gone so I'm not sure. Okay, I'm still good. Okay. I think we might have lost SK. His internet might have gone out, so move him off the screen, and that's okay we can kind of wrap up. I felt like we kind of hit on everything we wanted to hit on there. And I think his internet went down so guys if you are newer, or if you're unfamiliar with our brand new, brand new Instagram five day Instagram challenge that we are doing. I want to share my screen here real quick with you. And just briefly remind you that this, This new Instagram challenge is really powerful. Lots of people are seeing great results on it, and you can go to the Legendary Marketer Facebook group, and you're gonna see it right away. Okay, you're gonna see it right away I just posted a link in the comments, and you'll see the Instagram challenge here, make sure to jump in on this Instagram challenge. We're going to wrap up for the day, and I hope you guys all have a great rest of your Tuesday. Oh SK, he's back. I'm going to give him the final word before we close out. Hey, I think we lost your internet but you're back, man. Just went out. Give, give the people a final farewell. Do you have anything to say to people who are just getting started creating content? 

SK: Yep, just, just go ahead and do it like my first videos that I've ever made, were just like me talking randomly. I had long messy hair, I didn't care about what it was like, as soon as you get rid of that fear like the first few videos you are going to be very scared, but get rid of the fear factor just put it out, and the world actually sees you in a much better light than you see yourself. So whatever you think yourself the world thinks 10 times better than that and that actually happens a lot. So, that's what it is and like if you're starting, if you're starting out selling some DVDs starting off even athletes marketing something. In the beginning I will switch to helping people, don't, don't try and sell switch to helping, and you're gonna see your results blow up I've literally seen people go from make no money for months to like talking to me and then making money in the first 13 days in the first one week in the first verse month, like, he will. That's not the mentality changing, everything's gonna change. 

Matt: Yep. I love it. I couldn't have said it better. SK thanks for coming on. Now we're also always here to help. So, if we need anything, Just let us know. 

SK: Thank you. 

Matt: Awesome. All right guys, that's a wrap for Tuesday. We'll be back here tomorrow with another guest for legendary at 10am, Eastern, we'll see you back here again. And let's, let's rock it we've got Susan here who just said she had less than 30 followers she's up to 50 had 1200 views on a video 800 on number two, and I can't wait to see where you're at in five days but I also can't wait to see where yet in about 30 to 60 days, because that's going to be insane. So, for everybody who's here. See, I'll be back here tomorrow again. I'll see you back here at 10am Eastern.