Below is the transcription for this episode: 

Dave: Alright my friends what's going on this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to another episode of wake up, legendary I can tell you, I'm feeling legendary this morning, there are some mornings that I am not, and I have to Wake Up Legendary I woke up, Legendary this morning. I already have been training how to have a great morning and excited to speak to our guests this morning, helped me to welcome to our show virtual stage. Okay. Ruben Hernandez what's going on my brother?

Reuben: Hey Dave, thanks. Thanks for having me.

Dave: You're welcome, man. You're welcome. Where are you calling in from?

Reuben: Wichita, Kansas, USA right in the middle of the country.

Dave: Man I don’t think I’ve ever spoke to anybody in Wichita, Kansas.

Reuben: Yeah, we're right smack dab in the middle of the country that is the air capital of the world, all we do is build these airplanes.

Dave: Okay and that's exactly what you've been doing for the past 25 years?

Reuben: That's exactly what I've been doing for the last 25 years. I am really not that happy to say that but, you know, that's sort of what my story is.

Dave: So you've, you've tried other businesses you've always dabbled. What led you to Legendary in online marketing?

Reuben: Well, like you said, I've been an aircraft for 25 years, and for the 25 years I've always had a side business. I had a vending machine business. I had a bounce house rental business for the last 15 years. I just sold a couple years ago and I was about to go full time with that. Okay, so I've always had, I've always had another side hustle on the side but I've never really had enough money to quit my full time job. Okay, so what happened was, when I had the bounce house rental business, I started to learn how to do web, how to do web. With SEO design, and that kind of stuff. So that sort of led me to, it was a natural transition over to like affiliate marketing because I already knew how to market my business much myself. So when it came to the point where I decided to walk away from the bounce house business, I got all these marketing skills and I have always heard about affiliate marketing but didn't know exactly what it was exactly. So that sort of led me just, just a normal transition from marketing my own business, to finding affiliate marketing. That sort of thing happened.

Dave: Gotcha. And how did things make sense for you, was it the 15 Day Challenge did you go through that and you got clarity and you decided that you liked our community and you were looking at other people that tell us a little bit about how you found clarity about what affiliate marketing was and why you decided to start with that business model.

Reuben: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Like I said, I was sort of a traditional SEO website builder. And so, fillip marketing was sort of backwards. I don't know exactly how to explain this when you're more one on one. Affiliate marketing made more sense because I could actually directly talk to the customer via, via a sales funnel instead of just building a website, just going to broaden that out there with affiliate marketing it made sense to me because I was able to build a little sales funnel and target the exact person that I that I wanted so he cut it, cut to the chase with your program, I was able to streamline exactly what I wanted target exactly who I wanted in the sales process made so much sense and it made my life so much easier through your course to ultimately get to the goal of what I wanted to do, if that makes sense. 

Dave: So it does. I mean if anybody's not familiar with, with, with SEO and building, blogs, I mean, you know, basically, is setting up a WordPress site, which is something that you know you need a hosting account, you can pretty much upload a wordplay, press site to that hosting account and you just kind of begin writing articles, you know, you begin putting content on the blog and you're targeting specific keywords or key phrases that people might be typing into groups or for example, you might have an RV blog. And so you're, you're going to write articles about what are the best RVs to buy. Under $50,000, you know because you're thinking, What will somebody type into Google, and then on that blog, maybe you have, you know, I don't know, a guide or books or courses or some sort of affiliate links out to various things that you're selling on that blog. And the challenge with that, it's a great model, but you have to be dedicated for a long period of time.

Dave:  Absolutely, and it's really a, it's, a solid foundation of a business, if you're committed to it for a long time, but it's slower than molasses. What else would you add to that?

Reuben: Yeah, absolutely, that was sort of what might be attracted to affiliate marketing was because affiliate marketing, actually, as you will know is passive income. So like you said, when I'm, when I'm building a website you know the SEO process is just slower, so it's time consuming, and with my story with me, still working a nine to five job and having to work 50 hours a week, you know, having to come home and then continuously building websites we can keep updating websites and continuously, the SEO world is always changing so all the changes where you have to keep up with everything. So it really is trading time for money you continuously are working what I was doing was creating another job for myself, you know, whereas affiliate marketing. My goal was to create passive income. Okay, and that's what the business model affiliate marketing does is it absolutely creates passive income, but my, my goal is I like to sort of join both worlds because I believe there's a place for both of them, as far as being an affiliate marketer building the simple sales funnels that are really automated and can create passive income via there but I think as a business model just in general, I think an affiliate marketer has to have both worlds because I think you have to have a website to act as a hub for your business. Yeah, so I think that's maybe the challenge that I'm trying to do is that I'm trying to join the two worlds where I want to have affiliate marketing, and have passive income I want to build sales funnels, but the same time I want to have a guarantee of a website for long term. For my long term goal of having an affiliate marketing, slash digital marketing business online and omnipresent, sort of ways.

Dave: And really it's just about driving traffic, it absolutely is, you know, so. So, in terms of your,

your approach, since you already know a bit about blogging and writing, and kind of ranking content online for various different niches or search terms, you know, there's, you can never have too much traffic, absolutely online. So, if we know that you're building up we just throw up your TikTok handle Ruben Hernandez on TikTok and you built that profile up to over 40,000 followers in a short while. And also, also we talked about multiple streams of income, but on the internet, multiple streams of income, what you what, more importantly, is a better thing to talk about is multiple streams of traffic, which you're also doing with still blogging, so we'll talk about that in a second but I want to know more in a second how your blog, what give us some tips on that but first, since you said that was crazy about the TikTok, 40,000 followers. What happened was crazy and how has that gone for you?

Reuben: I'm really not an outgoing person as far as being comfortable on cameras and I don't know how I'm doing now, but, you know, great, great, thank you for that. I have no idea what I'm doing I'm just sort of going on a whim here, but anyways once I found TikTok I just sort of got down there I just said what the hell just this let's see what happens right. So, the first I had some success I had a couple 1000 followers involved you know that's that's pretty cool. At the same time in my mind I'm trying to figure out, okay, am I going to go to ClickFunnels website and I'm going to go to WordPress website. So I had that in the back of my mind but I thought well I got plenty of time, you know, there's, I'm not, you know, the first month I really didn't get any leads for a couple of weeks so I thought I have plenty of time right. So anyways, I'm about to close to the end of the second month, I started getting another couple of 1000 followers and I thought okay, you know 2000 followers a month. I haven't quite figured out exactly how to do the sales funnel WordPress and stuff, but then at the end of the second month in one night I went to 15,000 followers in one night. So at that point, I was just blown away, not for one that, you know, we all have this complex if you want to follow me or whatever but it just blew my mind that overnight I had 15,000 more people that want to follow, you know, and then I was really failing forward, because at that point, overnight I had 25,000 followers but I didn't have my funnel set up, because it was a crossbreed sort of between a my WordPress site and then your landing, squeeze pages and sales pages that you provide, and I had a double opt in on there like I had leave an email twice and had an all messed up. But to answer your question, yeah with the traffic TikTok was a wild ride. I just continuously gained followers and, you know, and I'm trying to learn exactly who my market is because at first I was getting a lot of people that I was getting a lot of older people and then I was getting a lot of UK people so part of the challenge for me now that only driving traffic is trying to find out who the heck am I talking to you know who can relate with me and who I resonate with. So that's sort of where I'm at with that.

Dave: What have you discovered about who you're talking to and, and what are some of the looming questions that you still have that you're trying to answer right now?

Reuben: Well, one of the common factors. One of the common feedback that I get is because I'm an older gentleman, I think I come across with this trust factor so people tend to trust me. And I think that's, you know, I don't know my face or maybe just seem like an older gentleman whiter wiser guy not that I'm old. But I think that people trust me. To that effect, and I think that my biggest obstacle may be would just be to find that, find my target demographic so I can target them exactly and tuck exactly to them because I didn't really confused at this point, and I don't have any problem you know saying that because I'm trying to fail forward, because I love that phrase, trying to find exactly who I'm talking to so I can say hey, you know let three days, I'm talking to you, this is exactly what you need to do this exactly right. 

Dave: Yeah, well, I just want to give you some feedback on that question and on that on that issue, because it's, it's the answer for you, I think, is right there in front of you in the challenge that I think we have is we want to cast too big of a net sometimes, you know, we don't want to leave anybody out. And what happens is, is, you know, we end up trying to speak to everybody and we speak to nobody. And so I think that, I think that what's important, yes we need to figure out who we're talking to, but who. But if, if, let's just pretend that everybody was, was you, right, everybody knows you, just pretend that everybody was you everybody was your same age, and had your same challenges because are you marketing products and to make money online niche?

Reuben: Yes. 

Dave: Okay, so what's most important is, is that you understand the problems that the person is having that is would be interested in the, in the solutions that you're selling, right here that you're marketing and what those problems are, or those pain points are, are telling me what are the pain points that you have or have had that have made you interested in wanting to make money online?

Reuben: Okay, well, like I said before I've been with the aircraft company for 25 years, and it is a great job and I do have great benefits and I was able to support my family through the whole time. So in a perfect world, someone would say, Yeah, you got to make you get there, right, but I've always had this voice, I've always wanted to have my own business, I wanted to have my own thing, I wanted to live on my own terms. 

Dave: Keep going with that, talk about your story, tell me what you're paying for and points are.

Reuben: Okay, what would that what my point is, is I'm tired of always going into my nine to five job every day and not feeling fulfilled. You know I go in there, in the mindset of all the people there are just sort of just the humdrum going through the motions, you know, it's a factory blue collar setting, you know, and I'm walking around and I've always had with my head in the clouds so to speak. I've always wanted something more. I've always wanted to be for myself, I think myself not to go into my hope, not a victim mentality or my background but I know. I expect it. Dave: Don't be afraid to speak it.

Reuben: I can come from a little rougher background and a poor background and I know that I'm not sure I think I know that I broke the generational curse. You know, because I come from a line of people who have families that's poor, we really haven't had a lot of opportunities or a lot of We come from poor families. So with me, I broke the generational curse by having a steady job and raising my kids and I've been married for 20 years, so I've totally gone across the grain and changed everything right. So now even, even from that aspect whenever people say, from my neighborhood or from my area, they say, man, you know Reubens life is easy, but he got this big time job and you know, he because my job is and which is that we build aircraft that is a good job, packing it in, he's this he's that and then he came from the neighborhood and now he's doing this. But me, I still want more, you know, not only more for me I think it's my turn. A lot of people in this space don't want to work the nine to five for their whole life. I did it for 30 years, so I'm like the opposite. Yeah I'm looking, I'm looking to retire in the next three years, maybe sooner, though, the way things are scaling maybe sooner because I want to retire I want to do it for, for, for, for me, for my family and I want the freedom, and I want the opportunity to finally live. You know I've been putting in work for my whole family, which is fine. I've been working for a whole family, and they're all provided and they got everything, and they're good to go. And now it's going to be my turn. That's what I'm waiting for. Does that make sense?

Dave: Now I don't know about any of y'all who is listening in right there. But if I came across that video we just took that clip, and that was on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, I don't care where I found it. Somebody just held a phone up to my face, and was like, listen to this guy real quick. I would be like, I feel that right now. I feel that.

Reuben: Well thank you that you actually brought that out of me I didn't know what I was gonna do this you know what was going on. Yeah, bring it out man cuz sometimes people are a little hesitant to bring it out you know I don't want to write it.

Dave: You see it's in there in, what, when you speak your pain points your own personal story about a product or you know, a why you pursued a particular venture product, you know, you know, I wouldn't I mean if we were sitting here talking about, you know, we were sitting here talking about a health supplement or a pill, and you were like, look, all my whole life, I've wanted to get ripped I've wanted this six pack I've I've walked around I took my shirt off and I felt embarrassed like I had a dad bod or a little flag hanging over land boobs or whatever, right, and now look at my six pack, finally got it, it's my turn. So, now, you know, you, I want you to check this out because it worked really well for me. So my point is that, that it's less, I got to figure out, less who exactly the person is that I'm talking to, and figure out more. What are my pain points that I can talk about that I can share? Honestly vulnerable, right, that I can, that when I share them, It hits other people in the gut, and then you know what the right people who are attracted who do trust you know what it might be an older crowd it might be a Hispanic crowd we don't know yet. Right. We don't know yet, it's less important to know exactly who I'm targeting and more important to figure out and go inside me, and bring up that good shit that's in there.

Reuben: That's making so much sense it's almost like I'm doing it backwards . Is he that's my analytical brain with SEO? I'm trying to target everything whereas what you said. He just brought it out on me that I need to just be me and tell a story, and then that's going to happen.

Dave: Yeah. I mean, be me, it is a generalised statement. It's, it's, I need to figure out a way to tap into some, some emotion. I need to tap into some passion. I need to tell a story. You know, that's what I need to do as a as a marketer, I need to, you know, I need to figure out what story can I tell that people can, that will touch on the pain points that people will say, some of them, ditch i i It's my time to I've been working my ass off for the boss, this job that I like that I'm grateful for, or that I hate that I know what it's my time now is I've put in my work, I've taken care of everybody else my entire life. And it's my time, you know what that does psychologically to people. It tests, from a marketing standpoint, right, because it's all about psychology, right, right, we want to, we do want to understand people. What that does, when I, When I told when I told the story that you just told us that taps into that sort of almost like nature of, I don't I'm not calling you self centered. Yeah, but everybody, there's a law of self preservation. Nice. Yeah, everybody wants something for themselves, right, they want to be first in line, they want the best.

Reuben: Yeah, that's exactly, you know, once I talked to my wife. My wife has been totally supportive. The whole deal is I sort of tell her because my youngest son is 15 so in three years, he's going to be 18 of course, so my daughter just started college now. Okay, and I have their colleges basically paid for. Okay, at that point in three years my son's gonna graduate. Okay, and I have everything all my ducks lined up in a row. Yeah, you know, so they're in my mind at the actual I certify, not that I have to justify so you know what I did, bam, bam, bam. Now, my thing, and then I don't think that's gonna be a problem because I've always been able to make money I've always been able to see the opportunity, like I said, the shoe wants foreigner, afraid to leave my job, but now I'm gonna be afforded the opportunity, because of this program because this community, the people that I'm with have been awesome they've been manager has been teaching me and it's just man so awesome right and I'm ready for me. 

Dave: Yeah, well I think a lot of people can relate to that, and it's, it's, for most of us who have tried things in the past, whether it was a vending machine business or whether it was, you know, it's, there's tons of products that are absolutely game changing life changing save lives, whatever that are sitting collecting dust on a shelf because the creator, the founder or the inventor, couldn't tell a powerful story about the product. Exactly, exactly. And so what we need to do is we need to figure out which is why my number one thing. For over a decade now, this business has been story selling. I need to figure out how to unleash that inner, you know, passion and vulnerability, and I need to be willing to talk about that, those ugly pain points that I might think are embarrassing or whatever, because that allows people to kind of relate and until I can get somebody to say, I am having that pain to see we talk about people's we touch on people's pain points and get them to listen to us. One of the best ways is by telling our own story, not just looking at the camera and saying, Do you hate your job? Do you hate your boss right? Right I mean because we can do that, but it gets old when we have somebody screaming at us, trying to just pitch us that feels like a pitch, absolute whereas nowadays, marketing, you know, native style marketing where we're just creating content like all the other content creators out there is better. It's better. It's better absorbed by our viewers, our potential customers. When we tell it in a less threatening way that lowers their, their, their buying defenses, because we're just telling our own story and that's why I asked you what's driving you what are your pain points. Now what's going to happen as you tell that story, and that becomes your message that you just told and I want you to go back and listen to this and I want you to crystallize this and clarify this, is you're going to see the people who resonate with you, there will be some commonalities with your customers, you know maybe there'll be Hispanic as you said maybe there'll be 40 to 60, maybe 50 to 55 We don't know yet, but that's less important to focus on them right now. Right, And more important to figure out how to unlock some of these hesitancies that we have to communicate a powerful message and a powerful story is that,

Reuben: That makes so much sense and then with all the different social media platforms out there, it makes it so easy to be able to be able to relay that message out there, you know, just like just TikTok, and I started reaching out on Pinterest and Instagram reels like, like, well, of course you know a lot of people are doing that, but, but yeah now I feel a lot better. That made me come out and say it because I was probably lacking in that area. I was probably lacking in the area of them saying okay, who's this guy that's on TikTok pointing around saying you're tired of work he is tired of this. And instead of being the genuine mice myself and, you know, I do have a story to tell, and this mine is genuine, it's going to resonate with somebody, so I'm learning a lot right right now like I said, I'm loving it, right, right now you're throwing knowledge right now. I love it. 

Dave: Well, it's just an experienced man I mean, absolutely. You know, it's just being in the marketing game for a long time and in, you know, just seeing what works and what doesn't and after a while you just, I have focused so much, so many times on other stuff over a decade, and, and what always works, what's built this company what's built other ventures in the past has always been that powerful passionate, vulnerable, let me tell you my painful story, what it was like, What happened and what it's like now. And so you can, because my listeners are in that first phase, like there's that painful place to where they haven't found a solution yet. And when I tell them what it was like, what happened and what it's like now, selling the structure that heroic journey story I unlock. You know, I unlock a connection between me and my viewer that nobody else has with them, because everybody else is out there, you know, everybody else is pointing and doing all right. And, and, and that's cool, that's that that works to a certain extent, it gets you started, you know the pointing and the music and the trends and so forth that gets you started that gets you kind of from that kind of that that zero to like to like that level one or two, but to take it to the next level, you have to begin to build your brand identity. 

Reuben: Exactly, that's what I'm working on now. 

Dave: You understand?

Reuben: Yeah, no, that's exactly what it is, as I've said, I think I've been fairly successful with the pointing with the driving traffic which have and all that but now I'm at like, Okay, now what, and that's where I go more to the point where I think that one thing I'm going to be able to offer to potential clients is not only getting them started with affiliate marketing, but building their brand and building omnipresent via a website and learning how to host and learn learning how to build your business and an operating from from one centralized website.

Dave: Yeah well you have a lot to offer. I mean, just like the majority of us have a lot to offer. It's just kind of like that, that life changing product that I said that so many people have invented or the skills that they have, but they don't know how to market it so it just sits on the shelf or it stays inside of them. You have a lot that you can package, and offer both as an affiliate and also as your own course creator coach, or running your own events virtual or live right kind of core four that we teach here you. You have a lot of knowledge and a lot of information that you could charge for easily. Okay, easily, and I, this is not a guarantee of income, but easily generates a six figure income, I mean that's the starting point for you based on what you know and how you could add value to other people's lives. That's not the problem. The challenge for you is to dial in that message to attract people to where you become the hunted. Instead of the hunter, as the way that you do that is now that you've done the pointing and the music's and the trends and you've gotten a couple of videos to go viral, You got a little bit of a list and a little bit of a following. The next step is you need to develop that brand identity, like I said, which is Reubens own, you want people to be thinking about you. I want to do business with that guy because I relate to his story. He makes me feel comfortable. I trust. And, and I and I know him because he's told his story. I relate to it. I've. He's been where I've been. And this is the guy that I want to connect and work with. Does that make sense? 

Reuben: Yeah, no it does because I think that I do resonate with a lot of the people that are in the nine to five, drive, drive because I am a blue collar worker as well. And I do do like a lot of people do I don't get up at five o'clock in the morning and work 10 hour days, and work this Saturday, so there is a trust factor when they are sure that somebody, you know, knows that that I'm going through the exact same thing they're doing. I'm making sure I'm waking up sometimes a couple hours earlier or staying up late or when everyone's asleep to put the work in to try and accomplish where I'm at, or what I'm trying to do.

Dave: Well, you are a trustworthy guy brother, and you are a guy that is worthy of listening to following and doing business with pain, pain premium fees for your knowledge and your advice, and, and what's most important in combination with dialing in your message and your brand identity is continuing to build your belief, because for you to be able to, this is a challenge for all of us we have to believe that we are worth a $5,000 price point, the question is, what's your hourly rate, you know, that's a question, it's a mental exercise to say, right, somebody asked me to work with them right now for a half a day, what would I say my fee is, you know, and it's a mental exercise to, to, to, to look at how much do I believe I'm worth. And can I confidently without hesitation, without laughing without looking down without I mean looking somebody's dead in the eye and say, that'll be $5,000 If you want me for a headache consulting, right, because it's a lot of people think that selling high ticket stuff is about the tricks and gimmicks of sales funnels and all this kind of stuff. It's 1,000% it's what Well, let me say, 1% of it is that it's the mechanical stuff, 99% of the dynamics, it's the confidence in the belief in yourself, and the belief in in the conviction that you have when you tell them the price, and what it's going to do for them, and then not have to act, desperate, not have to beg just say this is what it is, if you want it or not, if you don't, there's other people out there who are will be willing to pay that, that the next level of building you in your business in your brand what's coming up for you as I say that?

Reuben: Yeah exactly how I'm going to continue to, to go through the process of what I've already built. I'm going to, I'm in the process of writing an ebook to use as a lead magnet to sort of help give more resources, and of course I'm building a website, all about all about affiliate marketing. So my goal now is just to continue to drive forward, and the community I can't talk enough about, but how much help that I'm getting just with with you spit knowledge today and just everybody that it's just, I'm getting all the help I can and I want to in turn help people as well, doing that but my endgame is to, to, I know everyone says this and everyone's familiar with, with, with Calvin Hill, you know, but that sort of I think I think that's sort of how my direction is going to go because he talks a lot about the WordPress sites, he talks a lot about doing the SEO and being out there so I think my long term game is going to be the affiliate marketing niche to make money online of course but, but, broadening it out a little bit more with the with the website, SEO, and helping people, not only start affiliate marketing business we have a 15 day business challenge, but also a built a brand builder built their business. Yeah that's my goal.

Dave: Well brother, the sky's the limit and we're here to help in, you know, take what we talked about today, put it into action, come back, and let's keep working on it. Let's capitalize, keep clarifying the questions that you have and see sometimes it's just and this is the power of, you know, call it coaching mentorship feedback, whatever you want. But, you know, sometimes, a quick conversation, a little bit of feedback, a little bit of perspective can make all the difference in the world to give you the clarity that you need to now know, you know, the focus.

Reuben: There's other people that I've that I've talked to that's in the same space, and just a little bit of feedback that that they gave me on what I'm doing, necessarily wrong or I'm doing right, but the feedback has been huge, you know, for me, and that really helps just like today I'm taking away so much information, taking away so much knowledge it's going to help me moving forward. And I just know after this, a lot of people are gonna reach out to me and say hey, I saw you on the show. This is what I think are this this that and that's only going to help because, you know, lots of times when I first came into this space you'd hear people saying that, I'll just want to help people you know I really want to help people and at the beginning you think they're probably not genuine, they're just saying that. But really this community, your, your community to build that we're a part of really does help, we reach out and in turn, I built that man, that man mentality. I'm not just saying, I want to help you but really meaning it, I mean who does that shit I you know I really mean it. You know, because the change is just making my life. And everyone says this and it sounds cliche like yeah whatever but the changes making in my life on my bed I want to have. I want you to have that chip, real, you know, and I'm being honest, I'm just saying. It's crazy.

Dave: Well, and, I mean, people can tell when you're genuine and when you're not Not I, I feel your genuineness and it's also the beautiful thing is, the more value that we add, the more we attract income into our life, we give, we have to deliver value, and then ask somebody to do something. So I'm going to give you this value, I'm genuinely here to help. And if you want more than go check out my course, Right, or if you want one, and that's gonna have to blend. You know, giving value but not becoming just people pleasers right because that was a lot of what you were talking about in the beginning of the show was, you know I've done so much for so many people that now it's my time. Well, he is correct in the formula for taking this business and blowing it up to the moon is, you know, doing whatever I gotta do to get my business off the ground which you've done pointing to the trends. The music. The TikTok viral videos but then developing that brand identity, and adding value telling your story and giving invitations and recommendations for people to come and get more from you, by following your recommendations buying your courses, going, and, you know, taking your recommendations for the products that you're promoting so you know. Look brother, you're on the you're on the path, you got the passion to you got the excitement about it you're, you're, you're open and humble and willing to take the feedback, and I appreciate you being so open for the feedback because it's helped a lot of people on the show today as well who were just listening in, so I'm sure everybody is very grateful for you being so willing and so and have taken action that we can actually give you feedback on. 

Reuben: Absolutely, yeah thank you for that Dave I feel a lot better. I mean, I didn't know what to think, coming into this of course, you know, a little nervous but I feel comfortable with the way this is going and, and just the fact that you were able to bring out what was inside of me. You know what I mean and I think that resonates with the people just being genuine and just trying to do the right thing and trying to just push push forward. 

Dave: Yeah, we'll keep up the great work. All right, brother. Have a great Friday. Thanks for sharing your time with us. Okay, come back and see us here in a couple of months, and let me know if there's any other ways I can help, okay buddy. 

Reuben: Alright, Dave, thanks for having me. Alright, see, Ruben. All right my friends go follow this man, RuebenHernandezJ1 on TikTok, get connected right, lift them up, give them some comments, give them some likes, give him some feedback, you know, reach out. Alright, that's what this is all about. It's about, you know, lifting each other up supporting each other's ventures and businesses. We'll be back for another episode. As always, on Monday, have a fantastic Friday, a Legendary weekend. Get out of here, change the world, start by changing yourself for. All right, We'll talk to you on Monday. Peace.