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Matt: Hello Hello good morning, everybody. Happy Thursday. Good to see you guys. If you're tuning in with us, leave us a comment, let us know where you're tuning in from. And we've got another great guest today, I'm pumped to talk with him. He made some mistakes early on that I see a lot of people making edits or getting started on social media. And we're going to unpack that so for many of you who are just getting shorter just figuring out, you can learn from his mistakes, which is really all that businesses is either learning from other people's mistakes or learning from your own mistakes and figuring it out as you go so as much as we'd like to hand you sort of blueprints to how not to do certain things or how to do certain things and here's what's working best at the end of the day like, there's, you know, there's an element of which every entrepreneur has to figure it out, and you're going to be approached with really difficult or hard situations and you've got to figure it out. So, I'm pumped to have Jaden on if you're tuning in if you just joined us. We are 100% Live. This is not pre recorded. We go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern, and we also text each time that we go live. So if you want to receive that little text message, you can go to, you can text the letters 813-296-8553 text WUL, that's the message to 813-296-8553, and you'll get a text message it's nothing intrusive. Every single time that we go live, Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern. Alright so, without further ado. Also guys, if you are out there, and you can hear me okay and you can see me I want you to welcome in Jaden, to the show. Give him some clap emojis or give him some sort of like, you know party emoji or something Jaden was going to be here. While you're here, thanks for taking time out of your day will tell us a little bit about you to your work in Marketing, and you're, you know you've got a family, and you're, you know, just trying to just trying to get a little bit more freedom, tell us a little bit about your story, your journey. How did you find legendary and how did you come online? You've tried a lot of different things which I really resonate with because I tried a lot of different things in my early 20’s too so I feel that.

Jaden: Yeah so yeah I do have a small family. I am trying to get more more time freedom and you know, financial freedom for them but it's been going for years, you know, probably five plus years and I've been trying everything, you know, I've tried everything I even tried affiliate marketing at the start, but it was a completely different program and it was, it was like it's a completely different type of business because just the way that they went about it and everything was so different than Legendary but yeah I've tried it all. It's just that everything has failed. For me, and it seemed like you know maybe it was me. Eventually after time, you know, after failing everything over and over again. You know, like, it gets hard and you get down on yourself but, yeah, yeah. And from that experience, you know, I started my own marketing business and I got my nine to five from that experience. And then I did find Legendary. And at that point I was like, I really didn't want anything else. I was kind of done with it. And I was thinking, oh no I can't, I can't do this but I was looking it up for my brother you know my brother asked me about affiliate marketing and I was gonna, you know, teach him a little bit about it and I found it from another one of your affiliates, and I took I took the challenge you know it's only $7 I just decided to just take it and it was, it was amazing, you know, it's a complete difference and I could just tell that it was different and, and just different from everything and and that you know you actually really wanted to teach us and you didn't even clearer than you. If you promoted your platform or not you know you just wanted to teach us affiliate marketing. And, you know, you do your own thing.

Matt: Yeah, I'm big on that. Like, there's a lot of, there's a lot of people in this industry who were like, I'm just here to tell you to be our affiliates and it's like, I get one to get what you know like I've heard that before, get one to get one. Like, it's kind of funny. Do you feel like, do you feel like in your. So your journey of, like, he sold a bunch of other stuff he tried network marketing, I mean, what was that experience like and but I'm more curious like, what was it that drove you to do that or to look into it even or to, you know, like experiment with that?

Jaden: Yeah, so I tried network marketing. Everything about network marketing was, I hated it because I had to try and pressure my family and friends into buying something that they didn't need just, it was the worst but no I'm not great at sales and everything, I'm really, really better at sales. That's maybe another reason why I failed everything but my by Why is my family I just, you know, I want to be able to have more time with my family and be able to, you know, not have to worry about money, and just worry more about my family, and have time for them, Everything. So that's really in my way. That's what pushes me to want to be able to succeed and I just always wanted to be my own boss and I'd never could see myself working in a nine to five for the rest of my life, you know, it just makes me sick and sad thinking about having to do that. Matt: So, yeah, you're saying, I mean, did, did somebody. I mean, did somebody ever explain that to you or talk with you or did you just have a sense that like, Nope, this is just, this ain't gonna be my thing.

Jaden: I don't know, you know, my dad was self-employed, so it's a little different but. And my grandpa was well off. You know he had multiple different businesses, but I hadn't really talked with him much about it, and I just, I think it was just me, I just, I didn't want to. I didn't understand, you know, why would I have to go to a job every single day for the rest of my life and just work my life away. It just isn't for me.

Matt: Makes sense. Yeah, I've always felt that way too. I mean, at least, it's been quite a while back now like 5, 6, 7 years or something. I was working as a coffee roaster, and I was driving, like I was driving like 22 miles each way to work, and I was working with some like basically a 40 year old dance they just like they had cashed out like they were just not. They did not want to be there, and it was obvious. And, and I was just like this, but I've always sort of felt that way I had. I had like a mentor who's sort of introduced me to the idea of the four hour workweek and I'm not a big. I'm not a big big like four hour workweek like that's a real thing kind of guy, but I am the kind of person who likes the underlying idea behind that book is really automation, and it's silly the idea 40 hours a week is really silly. Like it's just, it's it's an archaic foreign stupid idea basically like this doesn't really make sense for the modern world, especially with,

especially with all the technology and innovation that's happened it's like at what point do we as humans not need to work 40 hours a week like don't we get to reap some of some of the benefits, as people, you know, or is it just Jeff Bezos who gets to reap the benefits. But anyway, I've always felt that same way too. I resonate a lot with that. So coming online, tell us a little bit about, you know, you do take the challenge you kind of go through, then you also. And you also end up starting like a tick tock channel and stuff like that like what was that like, and you know we kind of we kind of titled today, avoid this like the plague. This one mistake so you know I think what you're telling me is there's a lot of mistakes you made, but we can also talk about, you know, the big mistake that you made with tick tock and sort of trying to, trying to figure that out right off the gate, how do I get more followers and stuff like that, just tell us what that experience is like.

Jaden: Right, so I was, I was pretty much done with everything for you know all these different businesses online and everything but then I found legendary and went through the training just because it was only $7 and it was amazing, you know, I could tell it was different and I you know I knew someone that was seeing a lot of success on tick tock, I could see that and it was crazy but yeah I went through the training I, I got the business blueprint upgrade. I saw it because I wanted to learn. You know I loved it. I just, I was like, I could see myself actually being able to do this and actually succeeding. Yeah, so, yeah, I got it. And everything I learned I set everything up and I did start picking up general keys, you know, everyone's seeing. And it was really hard for me at first, you know my first video I recorded and recorded and recorded over and over again, it was hard on video, you know, yeah it was it was hard to get it right and I felt weird and you know it was hard but I started my TikTok channel, you know, you get used to overtime and it gets better. And yeah, so I was starting my tech channel at zero followers, personal accounts and trying to get 1000 followers to get the link, and you know I really was the one mistake I was trying to get past that and to get to 1000 followers faster, because I wanted to have a link so I could make money. Right. So I, you know, looked up some ways to get some followers and so one of them was, there's this app that you can buy followers for tick tock. And so I went and I got some calcium followers. And then I also did some of the following groups. And, you know, you, you follow everybody like their comment or whatever and they follow you back and so you have to get followers but I did both of those things I got 1000 followers but my videos just every video was not not doing good at all. I think my highest video was like 500 or something. And it just was horrible. So, I realized that that was my mistake, you know, I bought these followers and they're just random people from like other countries. And so TikTok was thinking that these types of people you know wanted to see my content so it showed it to them and then they would just scroll right past, they wouldn't actually watch my videos or care at all. And so that was my biggest mistake. You know, it was also a learning opportunity all that time and growing. I had to start another account. So I just scrapped that account completely because of it. I feel like it already messed up the algorithm prediction. Yeah, So I scrapped it, and I went to a new one and just started from zero again and didn't, you know, avoid the follow groups and did not buy any followers. And seeing a lot more success there, a couple videos and I got a video with like 8000 views.

Matt: It can make all the difference because even, even this guy Ryan had the same exact experience, and it wasn't even like he did, actually, in his case, he didn't even do anything like that, It was just because a little bit different, but it was just something about it, there just there just wasn't the traction that there were else that there was elsewhere for other people. And he ended up just going out and creating different TikTok. It's like I just feel like something's off here, something doesn't seem right. I don't know. And so I was like, ah, you know, go create a few videos that look like this and like you know within his first 15 videos or something he had a, he had a video that got me in 500,000 times, and he went from basically no followers to none to like 25,000 followers, and it was just a matter of him just creating a new account. That's crazy.

That's crazy, and I think it's not a bad idea to just get a new account if you're starting out, you know, get a new account and just practice. Get your bad videos out and then maybe start a new one.

Jaden: Get all those get all those sketchy bad ones out and then just keep it moving.

Matt: Yeah, I don't know, to me, I just, I feel like. Well, to me, I feel like there's just a lot of, there's a lot of theories and a lot of things that people throw out about why TikToks not growing or why it's slower or why you know whatever and to me I just think it's really great content first of all, that always wins, but there's also just weird things about the algorithm that we just don't understand and sometimes it's just like, I don't know why this, I, you know like that tell me why tick tock. Like there's they have aI learning robots that just like maybe it got reported twice and they're like well this looks, edgy, you know, and so it's just, I think it's a matter of, you know, so we have a 15 second free leads course, I think a lot of people in our community are teaching people how to do tick tock and at the end of the day it's like, again, people don't have perfect information about all this, and also the algorithm doesn't treat everyone equally. So, at the end of the day it's sort of like Facebook ads or Google ads or tick tock, organic videos or YouTube videos it's like nothing is going to, it's this online space, while the opportunity is created equally. The actual implementation and the actual execution of it like Gary Vee talks a lot about execution. The actual execution of it is going to require entrepreneurial energy and sort of a figure it out mentality. Even if you're working inside of a framework of something like the blueprints or something like that 15 day challenge or, you know what I mean. Yeah. What comes up for you when I say that?

Jaden: Oh, yeah that's true I think of like, it's true. You know, sometimes you're not going to have as much success as other people. It doesn't treat you equally but then it's the same, because I've found success on TikTok. And then, Instagram, I posted the same videos on Instagram, no watermark or anything you know I made sure everything was right. I posted them on Instagram and I cannot get more than like five or six views. And it's just, I don't know why, but it's just Instagram doesn't do good for me. But TikTok does and then also Pinterest, you know, I've done a lot of good on Pinterest as well, posting the same videos, and I don't know

Matt: Just taking your TikTok videos. 

Jaden: Yeah. Yes. Idea pins on Pinterest and quite a few people have saved my pin or whatever and it's harder to get to the link and I think, but still it's, It's seen a lot of engagement. 

Matt: So, yeah. Yeah, one thing that you can do with different sort of networks and stuff like that is you can also add tracking tags, you know, like, like, we offer that as to our affiliates where you can make tracking tags in your links right so basically what I tell people to do and click funnels, whether you're using Clickbank is Clickbank also offers it most affiliate programs will offer some sort of tracking tags, and you can just like you can duplicate your funnel. So you have like here's my tic toc funnel, and then in ClickFunnels you also have, or whatever funnel builder you use. They also have, here's my Pinterest funnel, and then at the end of your funnel, your button to whatever affiliate links that you have, it'll have that little tag so that way at least you know I feel I'm getting a bunch of traction on Pinterest, are they actually converting, Yes, no, and you can really keep track of, like, We're men, I guess, if nine out of 10 sales every single week are coming from tick tock. I mean, maybe it's worth it for me to get a sale a week from Pinterest, maybe not, or maybe 90% of your sales are coming from Pinterest, and you have to know it. You know, so it's, it is one of those things where I don't recommend super complex tracking for people who are just starting, I do recommend just some basic tracking tags, just so you have an idea and you can kind of learn anyway. So, you know, in terms of your content creation strategy and stuff like that, like how much, how many videos are you creating, what's been the biggest hurdle like how does, how's that been going.

Jaden: Right now I've actually been just creating one video a day, and then trying to go live. When I can go I'm just really busy right now. I have a lot going on. I can only manage to create one video a day. I really should. I shouldn't sit down one day and just make a bunch of drafts, you know, but right now I'm managing one video a day and some lives. I try to go live every day but it doesn't always happen.

Matt: Yeah, well I mean it's, you have to work within the timeframe that you have and you have to be realistic with yourself. I don't think there's any, you know, right or wrong answer to that. Honestly, man, here's my thing. Here's my thing. I think that there's people in our community who spend too much, and this is going to be a little bit controversial, but I think there's people in our community who takes too much time trying to get a certain volume of of videos out versus taking the same amount of time or immediately, less time and creating one amazing viral piece of content every day, or even every other day, and, and really like, and what I mean by that is really locking into, like, for instance, Drew and I drew is one of our marketing advisors here, and we start ticked up channels, occasionally, and we just, we post stuff to these tick tock channels and just see what we can do to grow our TikTok channels right. And what we do is we go into different niches. Correct. So, fitness, make money online dog training, things like that. So we'll just choose a niche or recently we chose to make money online, and we wanted to do an experiment for our own affiliates. And so what we do is, we'll do a search, we use a tool sort for tick tock so we can sort channels in Google Chrome by the most watched to least watched videos on any channel. And then also, we'll go into the search function and search hashtags and see which have the most views that are done really recently. And we'll go in and we create spreadsheets. Exactly which videos are the most popular and will model content right after that, and it takes a little bit more time. But if, generally speaking if Jaden goes out and he creates a video that's like 150,000 views, the odds are pretty good that if I create something similar so for instance let's say Jaden creates one that's how to make, how to start your own t shirt brand without having any inventory or your own website. Right. And here's step one here's step two, step three, well I can go on and I can create that exact same video because I'm not saying that I've done this, I'm just saying, here's how you could do it, and then all I all I do is I changed the company that I talked about rather than, let's say, rather than using red bubble, I use principal. And so I change up the content that way, maybe I work in just a tiny bit of humor, or something in the video right. And now I've got a totally unique piece of content but it's built based on the same headline that you use on the same hook that I know works because you got 150,000 views. I did this about eight months ago with a guy named Austin and I did it with one of his videos. He had 250,000 views, I got 360,000 views over the span of about three months, and that video alone. I had about six other videos on the channel. All of them had basically no views, and that video alone grew me to over 10,000 followers. So I think that and it took me a little time, right, that recording that one alone took me about six hours, but I think that people underrate, you know, between me actually like recording it and getting it right and timing it and then getting it faster and faster and faster. I think for the most part, I think people underrate the ability to create a really solid quality piece of content that people watch and rewatch and watch over and over and over again. And it can grow a channel way faster than creating like six pieces of content a day and you feel like you're hustling, but at the end of the day the content is like no one wants to watch it. And other people. Oh sorry, I was just gonna say I even think for the people who are making five videos a day or whatever three videos a day, like they should test for a month, like, Hey, I'm just going to create one piece of content a day, and that one piece is going to be killer, and it's going to be based on stuff that I've seen work in other industries or my own industry, and rather than trying to reinvent the wheel or, you know, tell my story, which again is fine and it's good, but that one piece of content, let me do this for a month, where I'm building it based off of other content that I know works and I'm usually more of a blueprint rather than sort of shooting in the dark like I think people's channels will grow a lot faster.

Jaden: Yeah. Yeah, I agree, that's actually probably my best video. My best performing videos have been doing that, you know modeling off other really successful trends or other successful videos that other people have done. And I just model off that change it up a bit, and then do my own video. And those have actually been my most successful videos I think so. 

Matt: Yeah, because it's based on what the algorithm already said works. Yeah. Yep. I also just think, in general, Jaden. I think what I've seen is that people who have learned the skill of copywriting tend to do really well on TikTok because all of marketing, I'm working, marketing, all of the marketing is really copy, and it's creating compelling copy. So like when people go on TikTok, it's like well why isn't this working, I say, typically the first response I have to them is, we have this really great course called The copywriters playbook, you need to get better writing compelling copy, because if you can get them hooked in that first three seconds with a really bomb headline, like, you're going to get them hooked for most of the video, and that video is going to get 5000 10,000 Somebody just asked in the comments what is viral Well, it's different for different channels but generally like a viral video would be like over 5000 views would be a minor viral, but I consider for somebody who's a little bit newer over 10,000 views is a good sort of viral video and got a lot of push on the for you page. I would say that that's a decently viral video. I mean, really viral would be like over 50,000 views. To get a video with over 50,000 views is pretty difficult to do. Not that it's not doable but I mean it's a little more rare. Yeah. Did you agree with that?

Jaden: Yeah, no I definitely agree and it's, it's crazy even just from 5000 views, you know how many leads you can get and how many new followers and everything, engagement on your videos. 

Matt: Yeah, very true, very true. Yeah,  I like that. And I wanted to circle back to kind of where we started with this will take combo. I like the lesson that's learned there of, sort of trying to go for the followers and figure that out and then having the realization, and I feel like there's a lot of conversation going on in our community right now about how, you know, that little mini shortcut is really just not worth it because of so many people getting flagged and having account shut down and all this stuff and it's like well yeah, generally speaking on any social media platform when you try to take shortcuts, it usually doesn't work, usually the case, but it usually takes certain learning and and just flopping around and being willing to fail, right, which you are. And that willingness to sort of just fail over and over and over again, that's like, that is one of the keys right I mean eventually, you have to you have to take accountability for those failures which, you know, I struggled with for a long time, but you've also got to sort of own them, and then you've got to move past them because sometimes people also just love enjoying sitting in the failure and like, Oh, I'm the victim right like a lot of people, when that happens, you know what happens with your channel, they're like well you know TikToks out to get in, and it's just, yeah, it is another thing, you know, wouldn't you know it, and someone's like, looking for it but you know I think you deserve a lot of kudos because you just you, you push through that initial barrier, and you got it up and running, you got to go in and now you're doing super well like for the size of your following list. How many people are on your email list just curious?

Jaden: About a little less than 400, not many. 

Matt: Well, no, I mean, look, I think that's huge because I just tell people all the time if you can get 100 leads you can get 100,000 days, no question about it. But people don't believe me when I say that, but it's like, Look, you already did it here once at a small scale, it's like, and if you can generate 400 leads online there's very few people who can do that, like, very few. The amount of people who come through our challenge who actually end up going out and really running after something and getting 400 leads is pretty rare but also like people, what ends up happening when people sort of downplay their followers are like, Oh, it's only a small list, and the grand scheme, maybe it's a little bit smaller the list, but like I've seen people, I tell people a story all the time. I've seen this lady, her name's Andrea. She's actually a mastermind member at legendary, and she's been in affiliate marketing for longer than I have. And probably like 15 years, and back in 2012, there was a contest, so that this guy was launching a new company, and he did an affiliate comp competition. And there was this guy who had a list of about 210,000 people and other people who had a huge huge list. And with her list of less than 1000 people she beat all of them in an affiliate competition, less than, less than 1000 people on her list. And the main reason is because she decided to sort of double down on the idea of really cultivating that list, and really pouring value into that list, she would host webinars and she would actually email out like valuable stuff to them. And, or she would send out a free ebook randomly on a Friday afternoon, just like this lady is awesome like who is this person and she really put a lot of value and work into that to the point where she could extract lots and lots of profit from that list. As you know, sometimes people are like, well my list isn't very big. I'm not going to give it much attention. Well, if you will, you will reap what you sow, you know, feel free.

Jaden: Yeah, very true. And, yeah, I agree, you know it's 400 it's a lot, but it's good, I think, I mean if you.

Matt: Yeah I was just you say one of your big high ticket sales came from that follow up right?

Jaden: Yeah, yeah. One of my biggest sales did not come from, like I offer a free ebook, and it has you know my links in there and everything but I offer that and he didn't even open that email or do anything. A couple emails. Later he opened that email and clicked on that and looked into legendary and I got a high ticket sale from that. So yeah, it's in the follow up, money's in the follow through.

Matt: Yeah, I always had a guy who non stop all he would say is fortunes in the follow up the fortunes in the follow up ad when he said that but he was right. Well Jaden, we've got a lot of people and I'll let you have the last word here today, but this has been awesome and I love hearing sort of your journey through the, you know, just all the inner workings the psychology of figuring out how to do this whole thing on tick tock and, you know, buying followers and it's just funny because I've been totally when I was like 2110 years ago, like I did all of that. And I don't know there's nothing wrong with that. It's just you're just trying to, How do I keep this damn thing. But we've got a lot of people here for, who are trying to figure this out, or maybe thinking about going on Tik Tok, or maybe thinking about making that first video what, you know, what would you say to those people who are thinking about getting going, or thinking about getting started, what would you say to those people?

Jaden: I would say, if I can do it you guys can do it too because really you can go look at my videos and my following it's not very big at all. It's crazy, you know, I, my videos aren't doing that great. A couple of them have done all right but it really hasn't been that great or amazing or anything and I've seen lots of success from it still. So, it's because I offer a really good offer, up front, a free guide is what I do. Yeah, and I have a really strong email follow up system. And so, I would recommend setting that up. Once I stopped my first account, I took the time before I started my other account to set up my emails and everything and set everything up my free ebook, and so I don't have that offer to give to everyone. So I'd recommend doing that and yeah so I mean I don't have tons of views or anything but I am still able to, you know, pull out lots of leads for my videos and and everything, I get leads in every day still. And I think an important part of that is to have a call to action in your videos. You always want to have a call to action so you always want them to comment. You always want to tell them about your link and you know why they should go to it. I always want them to engage with the videos and everything and that's I think that's the reason why I was able to get so many leads and everything from my videos. 

Matt: Great advice. I love it. Well, thanks for coming on man, I'll let you, I'll let you get to your job and get to your tick tock creation. You go, it's tough to do. And, yeah, thanks for coming on. If you need anything in the future or absolutely anything. I'm an open door so just let me know and I can help you.

Jaden: Awesome, thank you Matt. Good to be here.

Matt: Alright see ya. All right, guys. Hey, go give Jay the fallen, I put his TikTok right here, you can go give him a following, and let him know that you're you tuned into this episode, and, and, yeah,

we'll be back here tomorrow on Friday. Same time, same place, we're here every Monday, or every day Monday through Friday weekdays at 10am Eastern, and we'll be back here again tomorrow so have a good rest of your Thursday, See.