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Dave: Good morning my friends this is Dave Sharpe, Welcome to Wake up Legendary.  This morning we have an incredible example of what's possible. I'm going to welcome him right away to the show. Because I'm excited to jump right in. Steve, welcome to the show my brother.


Steven: Hey, what's up, Dave? Thank you.


Dave: You're welcome. You welcome thank you for being such a incredible student and now the student has become the teacher. Isn't that? Isn't that weird how that works? It's just exactly I told you it was going to work and and look at you now you were at our mastermind in attendance back in whatever whenever it was, when was that December of 2010 number? Yeah. Okay. And you're going to be actually speaking in teaching. This next mastermind here coming up in just about a month. How does does that even feel real to you?


Steven: You know, is is no, no, it really doesn't. Back in December actually. Funny story. I don't think you knew this. But I was sitting in the back of the room. I was one of the most quiet people at the event. And I turned to my wife at one point. And I said, I love this event. I'm going to speak at this event. I thought that you guys only did it once a year in December. So I thought, You know what, next December that's my goal. I'm going to speak at this event. Wasn't until this time and may, someone in our community said hey, you go into that main mastermind for legendary, and I didn't even know it existed. And this was before you guys even asked, Hey, speak at the event. I was like, oh my god, it's all happening even faster than I could have imagined. And, yes, it's unbelievable.


Dave: That that's the great example. That's a great example of setting goals, in shortchanging yourself. And I always say that that's why I'm not entirely sure that goal setting is really that imperative or important. Sometimes ignorant action is Yeah, because I don't even know what I want. When I'm getting started. I didn't even I don't even know what the hell is possible. What I need to do is I need to take as much ignorant action and what that means is it's almost ignorance on fire. You know, it's, it's like the less you know, sometimes the more just, you know, it's kind of like ignorance is bliss, like in life, you know, like, you're just kind of, you know, people say that about people who are just kind of living their life as if they are unaware that anybody else is even there and almost it's almost true that if you can somehow do that at the beginning. You have a you have an advantage to the person who's overthinking every damn thing. What was it like for you?


Steven: Yeah, no, that's that's exactly what I did. You know? What? I went into this in December. And, you know, we had that exercise at the end where I broke the board and said job through it. I, after I did that, I left that event. And I said that's it. I'm I'm leaving my job. I didn't know how I was going to pay the bills. I didn't know anything. I just said enough is enough. I said this is Plan A. I had no plan B all I had was a cell phone and a camera and I told myself what my wife seven months pregnant and it's this or homelessness, and that's it. Nothing else. I committed to this and it's every single time in my life that I have committed to doing something with no plan B burning all the books and as you said just taking ignorant action. It's always worked out successfully. Every single time when we moved to Hawaii. I took ignorant action. We had no job no plan. We just moved there and wanted to live there. Live there three and a half years successfully joined the military. surprised everybody with that ignorant action successful burn those boats, you say this is plan a there is no plan B and I will not give up and you find a way and it just happens and life is like okay, I see you you're serious. You You can have it.


Dave:  I think I think that's absolutely right. And it's weird how the world works. And I think that can fit into anybody's belief system. You know, I think if you want to look at it as God sees you take an action or the universe sees you take an action or just people in in and around your community even if that's online see you take an action and and see you're serious serious serious in the world kind of conspires to to help you make it happen. It is very true. That when you're doing the least the world has no real place to like it doesn't create opportunity for you. Because yeah, it's like the universe or people sense you're doing the least you're not. You're just you just want something without offering any value. You got to give a piece of yourself to get anything in this world. But when the universe really sees you give it a piece of yourself in going all out. And it's an energy thing. That's why I think the ignorance on action is a great kind of, I've always remembered that term. You know, and yeah, and I heard it from a guy in in network marketing, you know, who was like he used that term and I was it's always stuck with me and it applies in any business because again, at the beginning, it's less about knowing everything. And it's more about just figuring out how to pick yourself back up and dust yourself off. Would you agree? Yeah.


Steven: Oh yeah. picking yourself up and dusting yourself off is a perfect way to put it I spent six years earning point learning, online marketing, sailing, spending almost $100,000 in education from people who were just not right for me or just with you know, you spend the money and they just leave you out to dry. They leave you out hanging. And it happens so many times. But, you know, I just I never gave up on that. I kept just ramming into that wall ramming into that wall until I found what works. And that's why once I believe too, I don't know about you, but once I find something that works, I believe in just doing it and doing it and continuing to do that consistently, without deviating and going up to like shiny object syndrome. I see some people do that. Sometimes. They get distracted and when they do, they end up starting all over. You know, I spent six years starting all over finding what works when I find what works. I'm just gonna stick with it over and over and over and run it till the wheels come off


Dave: Yeah, no, I eat that is such a that is such a big thing and people that's a lost that's a lost philosophy. People People really are nowadays in society about hot, shiny and new and we'll throw things out I've seen and I've done it myself, thrown out things that work. Brian burr is a great example. He's a he's a top student and affiliate leader in our community. And yeah, he says, you know, hey, I had an affiliate business that I got bored with, I think is his kind of, you know, throw it out, throw the baby out with the bathwater story. And he got bored and kind of just got shiny object syndrome. And if you look at all the great businesses in the world, the McDonald's, I'm not saying you got to be a fan of the product. I'm just saying good business sense. Just good sound systematized businesses that don't require they don't even require constant reinvention. It's or, or real or real innovation. You know, I'd rather be in McDonald's then. Then then in Apple, because Apple, you're constantly innovating. You got to have smart people but with McDonald's, it's all about systems. Chick fil A it's all about systems. There's so many businesses, even Leaf Filter I just had Leaf Filter installed on on my office house and it's just it's, it's, it's, it's just a systematized business. It's not a bunch of 1000s of products. And so when you said stick with something, when it works, stick with something and really ride it until the wheels fall off.


Steven: I really don't.


Dave: I just would like you to say more. What do you mean by that? Can you be more specific? Can you give us an example of what the opposite of that has looked like in your in your business career?


Steven: Yeah. So as you can see I have the company here and starting this business. I found some things that work. And I continue to do them every single day. Like you said, my wife and I were just having this conversation last night that every successful business does they have a system and they keep following the system that works. You know, I'll use an example back in I think it was the 80s Coca Cola tried a different type of coke, and it was just a colossal failure. They were angry, they wanted them to go back to the original recipe. And so I think that in my own business, and I make small transitional changes in my business, but I don't do anything astronomical for instance. I won't switch around my products that I'm offering. I if I if you believe in the product, and it's part of your system stick if that product, you know, Colgate one time went out and tried to make lasagna at one point. Don't don't. And so yeah, so over the six years I did that tons of times. I went to a business economic site and you know, I sent a broadcast out to my few followers on Facebook saying how excited I am and this is the business. This is the one and then I did it six more times for six different types of businesses and switching in. It wasn't only that the few people I had, they didn't take me serious. They couldn't figure out what I was doing. And I just looked like this crazy guy that was running around and you know network marketing and then I'm in drop shipping and I was all over instead of being a consistent Yes. Yeah, yeah. So that's exactly what I mean. And every time for instance, my wife and I, we walk we go to Costco up the road. I walk through that Costco and all I think to myself as an entrepreneur's this system is astounding. They don't change and their their Coca Cola or their Pepsi products have been like 40 or 50 cents for they just have something that works and they don't change. They're boring, but look at they're a billion dollar company. It's


Dave: It boring works. Works in Yeah, ugly cells. You know, it's another sort of, it's another contradictory truth in marketing is ugly cells. You know, what do we mean by that? We don't mean ugly people, folks. For those, you know, somebody on this thought that you know, or 10 of us. It's ugly pages, you know, just just plain white. You see these pages that we use, they're plain white, they don't have any fancy designs. They don't have any, it's just about the words. It's about the message. It's about the gift, you know, what are you offering them in exchange, you realize when you have a targeted message to the right person. You don't need all of the frills and frills. But going back to what you were just talking about is man I just wonder how many of you just by your, by your you're just dropping a comment below can relate to what Steve just said, can relate to that jumping around that starting a new thing every three to six months. And, of course, you know, part of the reason why we get some, you know looks and sort of hesitancy from some of our friends and family. We got to take ownership of our own side of the street. Yeah, because we're jumping all over the place. We're doing a different thing every three months a lot. I mean, I'm grateful that I still had the support of my wife at the end of my last business that I finally succeeded with. I mean, you know, she she does matter of fact, I had, I started a company that sold courses and did affiliate marketing before legendary, and we did an event. And I remember we had 1200 People in Atlanta. This was in 2012 and she walks into the room. I mean, she was ready I mean, I was so was so erratic with my business hopping in in entrepreneurialism, like you were just describing. You know, I wouldn't, I wouldn't have I was difficult to be with. I was a difficult person to be with I still sometimes but but she walked into the room and was just like, holy crap, like I wow, you know, she she had no idea you know, because she had no idea that was even coming or and I think that's, that's an example of sort of probably what's happening with you and gonna happen with your wife. Here, probably already to a certain level and will continue to help continue to happen. And, you know, it's, it's that, you, you, you know, people people get used to you one way you know, they get used to you always, always kind of always trying new things and they sort of roll their eyes a little bit and then when you succeed, there's, they have to adapt and in in, you know, it's obviously because you've adapted and you've done something different. Ultimately, it's not about it's not about them, one of the one of the best ways to convince and get the support of your spouse anyways as to as to start making some money right, Steve? Yes, it's amazing. Yeah. I mean, you can you can have the best you can plead with them for years and and, you know, come on, just get behind me and I and I promise you just one more time one more bit. They're like, Oh, I don't think so. But I'll tell you the minute the minute you start bringing in checks you know, people are like alright, let's let's let's Alright, what do we got to do here? We do we need do you need to get up early. Do I need to put the kids to bet you're what do we do? You know, you got this? Yeah. Yeah, I mean, my first check was $2.50. But what Steven brought some belief into the household in our desperate of like, like, you know, just hopeless household. That's what I was starting to where we were at. So what has it done to your marriage or your relationship, your your own personal mindset in confidence now that you've started to pull in some pretty serious cashflow. Yeah. As as as I'm reading there, right off your shirt. But yeah, how has that changed? How have how have you seen shifts in the dynamics between again and your own confidence or in your and I always say, Steve, that you have to act as if you're successful before you already are. But then when you start to actually pick up momentum like you've done, what's changed what's different what what's what's weird that you've had to get used to or what's nice that you didn't realize you were really going to appreciate about having some this extra cash flow and having success


Steven: This so this is a fantastic question, Dave. And I'll tell you first, today's the 22nd Four months ago to the date December 22. I earned my first $100 Check my first $100 here and I will tell you, it was life changing and I tell people in our community this all the time to is they have a goal of 10,000 20,000 a month, whatever it is, is the most important thing is that first sale, once you get the system down and you get that first sale, if you find that first person, I promise you there are going to be 1000 plus people just like them who will do that. All we have to do is scale. What you're already doing, just keep doing what you're doing. So for me, it was the most just like you it was so exciting. to first get that first $100 that came in because it created the belief finally created the belief that wow, I can see what I'm doing with this. And you know, it's that little spark that says Okay, I'm ready to go another day in this and then it happens and it happens again. And the next thing you know, it's when when you reach a point where you're, you know, financially free I know that's kind of a buzz term. It's used all the time, but when you reach that point, realize, wow, once all your bills are covered and everything, but what's beyond that in its fulfillment, and I start looking at it and I think my wife and I look at each other now all the time since we have all our time with each other with our kid with our newborn. Say, you know, what can we do for other people now, what's going to make us feel the most fulfilled waking up every single day? And those are the actions I take and we found that spending as much time as we can, helping people educating them on the same way we were able to reach this and coaching them that's what fulfills us every single day. So yes, that first check, it creates the belief and then you just keep going. It becomes a certain point it becomes a tipping point where it's about just fulfillment. It's about serving other people and you realize you stop looking beyond I stopped looking beyond my I look beyond myself. I started looking really at other people and how I could serve them at a deeper level and use my blessings to become an even greater blessing for other people. So that and what it's done for our marriage. Oh my gosh, it's our marriage is already fantastic and we are really truly best friends. To know that the financial aspect of that is handled and little things like being able to go out at a Tuesday at 10 in the morning and just go walk around the mall together or go to Legoland whenever we want or something small like that is just it's incredible and the time the time freedom I wouldn't change it for the world. What I hope everybody, she is this time freedom because it's really getting your time back is the greatest blessing of all. 


Dave: I'm looking at something Steven and I want to pull it up and I want to let you look at it here and see if it brings back


Steven: Any any memories for you see, oh man is you may or may not look good for that. I did want to touch on your other point that you mentioned. Go ahead. When you're switching around to different opportunities and things that people if people have a hard time kind of figuring you out. But it's funny when you find the right system. And you don't tell people kind of what you're doing and you just quietly go about it and it starts working. Then people start your family and friends start finding out about it. Instead of you having to tell them about it. They start coming to you asking you about it like hey, how How's it been going? What are you doing? That's really interesting all of a sudden, I'd love to hear more about that. And they start to you know, at first you're looked at maybe like oh man, he's kind of weird. What's he doing out there to? Wow, how can I do that for myself? Or hey, that's really interesting. And they, they eventually most of them start to shift and see you in a different light and start to attach you to being an entrepreneur or a marketer or whatever your business is. Yeah, it's really cool to go from I remember the past when I was like, Hey, would you guys please buy this network marketing thing from me? Please friends and family. I'm begging you know, people coming and saying hey, so you know, are you gonna do any more interviews or anything? I'd love to watch and see what you've been up to. And that's really cool that you got all this stuff going on. Tell me more than that diamond


Dave: Is cool and it's nice when you when you actually don't even have to talk to friends and family. I mean the I don't even talk to friends and family about my business and and I try to avoid talking about business. At all costs with anybody who I don't already have business stuff with because it's just need to I mean, it's Yeah, and I don't want to I don't want I've had so many people like like if somebody legitimately I can help I will like I'm not I'm not saying I'm a total dick. I'm just saying that. No, I don't have to and I can relate to that feeling like I wanted to put you know I wanted to turn every friend family person within three feet into a lead into a process. You know that I and I don't like that. Feeling. I don't like the feeling of of figuring out ways like looking at every friend as like a potential customer. Like I want to have some separation in my business and my kind of I won't have friends I don't talk about business at all with at this chapter in my life. Now there was a chapter when I first got started that I didn't even want any friends in I just wanted to be in isolation and build my business. But you know, what I've learned is that I want to have friends and I want to have entrepreneur friends that I don't have to explain or even talk. I don't have to explain to you what what we do. And then I want people who I don't have to talk about business I can just have and I'm able to have that why? One reason because I know how to generate cold traffic. And when you know how to become the hunted rather than the hunter. Particularly know how to do it on the internet. It's almost we're already almost in virtual reality, aren't we? Because the internet is sort of this virtual reality world where we go to, to live out this sort of alternative life, and you can do whatever the heck you want to do. I mean, literally, we just happen to be you know, empowering people and hopefully all of our students are as well with the information that they learn here. But then yeah, I sort of look at it as what I turn off the computer my phone you know, I've actually also got a family and it's weird. It's weird, isn't it? There's there's almost built in separation there in yesterday. You know, Steve, I just bought a boat. So yesterday afternoon, you know, I'm practicing so I just turned I just went out on my boat. And came back and was like, Oh, holy crap, what's going on with the business and didn't hadn't even thought about it. And it's wonderful separation. So there's also an element that I think is really wonderful about this business, which is if you set up the right pieces in place, meaning that you begin to have some discipline around your phone and you learn how to turn it off. There really is this beautiful separation between this sort of alternative reality that we're all building our businesses in and then we get to kind of go and live lives with our families and our husbands and our wives and our children and not have to see our customers all over in the community. I don't really think that a lot of people understand the pressure that a lot of people lived with being local business owners in going everywhere and never been able to just not have somebody come up to them and know them. Or, like, you know, like I actually have wonderful anonymity. Even though I'm somewhat famous on the internet, personally. Tiny little sliver of the internet I have complete and total anonymity in autonomy as an entrepreneur once I turn it all off, and it's a really cool thing to me. That's so cool.


Steven: Yeah, I've had the same thing I love I love to be able to turn it off and then you know if we go grocery shopping or something, I'm not noticed I'm just walking around and just get to do my thing live my life and that yeah, that's that's really cool to be able to separate that. Like you said it. It does require a degree of discipline, be able to take higher requires a degree of discipline to be able to step away and to say, you know, for instance, my phone is my research device. Primarily, it's my business device. And when I doubt, I when I work on it, I work on it and when I don't, it's you know, family time, and I want to spend time with family. I've told other people in the community and it's a big reason why I don't prefer to do one on one consultations is because it takes time away from family away from newborn. I don't know how long a free 15 minute zoom call is going to run over against anybody but I want yeah, I want systems that are able I'm able to help people were able to help people but also maintain that time. With family and those other facets of our life that are extremely important. So I totally it


Dave: should never need to get get on the phone if you don't want to. I mean yeah, never need to do a webinars for individuals. I mean, those of you one on one coaching sessions are offering that you don't need to do it. Yeah, you're offering and giving up too much. If you were closing you know higher sale there. There needs to be more report. One of the reasons why we have people that talk to people here at legendary is because sometimes people need questions answered. For a higher price sales but for lower target sales. You don't need you're probably repelling sales. You're pushing sales away from getting on the phone for $7 $2 or $10 or even $20 or even $100. You know, there's nothing but a video or a Google Doc or something when you learn how to communicate both clearly in video and also put together clear documents that just explain things you don't need ever to get on. The phone and do one on one stuff as an affiliate. And so I'm glad you I'm glad you have that perspective. And I'm glad that you know you're not you know going to burn yourself out with a lot of different activities that you know are not really truly aligned with what I think this this this business can can do for us this business really truly can. And here's how you what you need to ask what does financial freedom mean to you? Does that mean that all your bills are covered? Well, that's a something that you can set that's a milestone called a goal whatever but that's a milestone Okay, now I'm financially free all my all my bills are paid. But what is time freedom mean to you? Because that's just as important to me as it is financial freedom if I have all the money but I have no time. That's that's not what I want. And so you know, time freedom to me means that, you know, really what it means what I found out, Steve, that it means is that no, I don't have anybody that I have to that I that I that I where I'm at today. Okay, and this wasn't always true for me. I've had jobs. I've had bosses I've had I've been the follower, not the leader, everybody needs to understand that about me. I'm not sitting here saying that I can't have a boss or don't want to have a boss because I was just born like this. This isn't Maybelline maybe she was born with it. I mean, I've been in the trenches in the gutter. I've had bosses, taken orders, I've done all that. But today time freedom means to me that I don't have to be anywhere at any given time. And I don't that nobody you know, there was there was a couple of things that I'll tell the story about it later. on down the road. There was a couple of things that recently popped up opportunities that I would have had to do a lot of other different stuff that I don't want to do with my time. And and so I said no to that opportunity. Because although there may have been money involved, maybe a significant amount of money, it would have significantly impeded it would have significantly screwed up.  And you know, the last thing that's that's really important to me, Steve is does what I what I'm doing, how does it affect my family? How does it really affect them? Because a lot of times we need to ask our spouses. Well, I'm about to do this thing. Do we need money? A lot of times, Steve, you'll get to this point with your with your wife, well, you're looking at her and you'll want to do something and she'll say, you'll say do we need the money, do it. And that's where you will make that's where you'll have to make a decision about is this really in the best interest of my ego? Or is it the best interest of my family? Yeah, I'm in right now. I have two small children in the house. And so I make a lot of decisions based on my ability to be available for with time with my kids. Yeah, I'm with my wife. And that's why I don't want to be famous. I don't want to be speaking on stages all over the world. I don't need to be on everybody's podcast. I don't want to be doing I want to be doing one piece of content at 10am for an hour every day guaranteed, but not a million podcast. You know, it's exciting when you're early in your career. I know Steve and we're thankful that you're gonna come down and be speaking at our event. But as as but in the in the future. There's going to be a time to where you're going to say no. Because I got a stake because I got into this business this home with my family or do this or do that. And in this decision is in the best interest of my of my family. And you'll turn down business opportunities, you'll turn down various things that maybe even today you would say yes to you'll say no to those because you know, it will impede on your time freedom. Eat on the values that you have in what is in the best interest truly, you know, if if we stay on the right track, especially as men our egos get in, you get the best of us and we want to take it to the next level. But a lot of times hold that us men need to take it to is leaning in a little bit more on our household. Instead of going out there and taking our business to the next level. Sometimes we need to take our fatherhood to the next level. You know what I mean? Or we need to take our me that's a lot of times what I needed I don't need to make more money. I need to figure out ways that I can spend more one on one time with my daughter now that she has a little brother around that that's stealing up all her time. You know, so she these are the things that are just as important in this business funds that freedom. And, you know, those are a couple of things that have sort of that direct my decisions nowadays and not all money motivated. It's not all what's gonna make me the next biggest bang what's going to help us even take legendary to the next level. I don't even know what that means. I mean, it's just how do we grow the company in a slow controlled way that keeps it safe, that keeps solid that keeps it you know you operate. I think we operate sewed I operate so much differently now than I did when I first got started. And I just wonder if you're feeling a little bit of that posture. And I think it's a posture thing at first. We're real desperate and we're just wondering if anything we do is going to work. But your postures changes a little bit and you start to think about value of your time a little bit more. Start saying know a little bit more as that started to happen with you and you just named it about the one on one call. But I just wonder has there been any relationships in your personal life that you've said, you know, I don't think I'm gonna, I think I'm gonna say no to that person about that or I think I'm gonna stop doing this. How have things changed where you've started to either value your time or begin to get clarity about what is important to you, besides just making money and besides just helping people.

Steven: Oh, but first preface that by saying I think it's easy for a lot of people, myself included to forget that money is not the only currency I'm the very currency as well. And it's often a currency that a lot of people put second to money, willing to save 50 cents here to waste a week there and the money Money comes and it replenishes if we do something, you can get the money back. You can never get that time back. Growing up in a family that didn't. I had a unique story because I grew up in a family that was very wealthy, and then they I watched them slowly dwindle away to lose everything and just end up on government. assistance by the end of it. So I've experienced everything from a lot to scraping nothing. And I remember remember family members playing defense with money at the expense of tremendous amounts of their time and so yes, time. Time is an absolute currency. It's super important. It has definitely changed my perspective. You know, I've looked at it and what as I've earned money in this business, I I now look at things that I wouldn't have looked at previously, such as, how can I save more time? The one on one consultations that's just one example. What other examples are you know, today, maybe I'm going to take three pieces of content. I'm just going to repurpose them and honestly just put out three videos I put out months ago on social media, too. It'll see brand new people who have never seen it before. And it's already there. It's already an asset, and I might just choose three super popular videos I've created previously. republish them, and it teaches a whole new wave of people on social media, some things they didn't know previously. And it saved me hours and hours and hours of creating the videos of editing all of it. And so I do that sometimes and I pepper those in to save time, because I don't know if you knew this or you looked over our community but our number one mission behind our community here is to help families stop missing important moments in their children's lives is exactly the reason I created this business to help moms and dads. I have to trade time for a paycheck exchange for losing that valuable time with their children. People they love because for instance, you know, today I got to be in there. I got to watch my son wake up my newborn son and hold him and that is one less time I'm going to be able to hold him as a young as a young newborn and I want to cherish those precious moments. I want to help other people be able to have those because I promise everybody listening, that is more important. And the money. That is the reason you're going after everything you're doing the reason you're striving every day is to have those precious moments that make you smile. And just fill you with love and fulfillment. I couldn't agree


Dave: I am putting in the chat in the comments a link out to a a gift I can't share my screen maybe maybe you could click on that Steven and maybe you could share it and kind of pull it up for everybody I just put it actually up put it in our private chat as well here in the you should be able to click on that and maybe you can share your screen I just need to update my settings here. But I haven't right here. A little imagery from our last mastermind event. We did a board break and Steven broke through. I think you wrote You said your job. Isn't that relevant?


Steven: I just wrote job and all capital letters.


Dave: What was specifically the significance or meaning of that? Was that quitting your job was that what was that never going back? What was that?


Steven: Yeah, you know what, it's never anything personal against the job itself. That treating trading that time. There it is. If you guys can see it. Yeah, trading the time for for money was the biggest reason I did this I did not want to trade. I did not want to continue on that path of trading my time for so little. Because I believed that my talents My God given talents put somewhere else could be more valuable to more people. It could help our family have more time together because I was trading a ton of time and I was trading my time for very little and it you know going here, I kind of took a risk with everything. I took a lot of money to get here. And if it didn't work, I don't know how I would have gotten out of the job. I know I just went back and I full on committed as I said to I'm going to do this. I'm going to quit this job even though I'm not ready. I don't feel ready. And I'm going to do it because I'm making this decision for myself. And I think everybody out there should really work up to get to that point and say hey, you know what? I need to finally do what's best for me and quit giving in to other people and really just do what fulfills me. And yeah, it's a feeling it's hard to describe, but I just said enough is enough. And I got to that sticking point broke the board and within


Dave: It I know what you mean it's it's weird. I've been smoking cigars for a long time for four years or so pretty regularly and I had I had three cigars in one day the other day and and just just just just woke up the next day and just didn't feel like smoking cigars anymore. You know, and just haven't had a cigar you know, in two weeks and I get it you know sometimes you just you wake up and there's nothing wrong with smoking cigars. It's just that you know, I have an addictive personality. And sometimes you know, you put an addictive chemical with an addictive personality and you get it sometimes I can take things that you know from an enjoyable place to it every day two or three times a day. And I just I just woke up and I was just like, this is unmanageable, and it's I've just literally left a bad taste in my mouth. And and I don't want to do it anymore and I don't know where I'll be in six months or whatever. I literally still I still have cigars sitting in my humidor at home. I mean I had actually bought new lighter new cutting cutter new everything and it got there and I I didn't feel like smoking anymore. It's the weirdest and I'm known for smoking cigars like with my friends and everything and and when you just when you you're done, you're done. Right, Steve? I mean, I get it. You say you were just done. You were ready. And and the breaking the board which you showed that image just a minute ago and I've I'll put it in the comments again. I mean, this is that moment that Steve's talking about and this is why going to events and this is why having these these moments matter. They feel weird when you're doing it can even feel awkward. It's like oh, this you know, this is weird or this is corny or whatever. But it's like, aren't you just tired of giving up book what everybody thinks? I'm tired of listening to that. The weakest link of inside of your own head. It's like that is there's the most powerful version of yourself and there's the strongest version or there's the weakest version of yourself. And the weak version of yourself is the is the voice that says you know, you're not good enough or don't do it or whatever. And and, man it's something to to really just put yourself in a moment where you can have where you can take an action that it may not even feel like it's a breakthrough in that moment. But you realize once you've done it that it was a breakthrough. Right? It was a breakthrough. And both why we do the board breakout events is because it's literally a breakthrough. It's anchoring anchoring a moment before DNA and you you're physically doing something so you you anchor that with the emotion of that. And now all of a sudden, you've you've told your body and you've anchored in around this, this this obstacle of quitting your job. You've anchored all this energy and this emotion in in in now. That really is the best version of yourself. It's the most powerful version of yourself. Yeah. And that's it's very difficult to step into the most powerful version of yourself when you're just Home Alone in the shitty environment that you've been in. Yeah, somehow you think you're gonna have a break through. It's like, it's like sometimes you got to get out of the environment. Sometimes you got to invest in a pair of these and just tune in to wake up legendary. You're going to walk every day you listen to this shit every day, and that you can't let the weakest version of yourself run the show.


Steven: Absolutely. Absolutely. Hey, Dave, I wanted to ask you to have you maybe you've experienced this but so yeah, I let the weakest version of myself run the show for a very very long time. Most of my life, in fact, and did it feel like a you are meeting a brand new person when you you kind of unleashed yourself and you said I'm this person? Was it like rediscovering yourself?


Dave:  Well, it was like it was like it was like just it's like discovering that I am everything that I that I thought I was but totally doubted and totally doubted because of how society just beat the shit out. of US. In our in sometimes even parents and guardians shame us they make us feel like shit and they don't even mean to you know we shame each other we can be doing something when they're little like my kids in the dance and and do an acro and cartwheels and stuff and if I wanted to beat her down, she might do one and I'd say that wasn't good enough or why do you We just beat each other down. But I realized when I started in this business and I started doing calls and doing video just really unleashing this voice and all this energy that I had inside of me. I really was like holy shit, like I got some fire in here. And I really when I when I unleash it without worrying about what everybody thinks without worrying I mean, because if you take all that away, I am powerful. But if you bring all that back in all the worrying about what so and so is gonna think I mean, I get specific, I got people's names, I got their faces we all do. Because that's how our brain works.  I let that go or when I say when I just am really in the moment with with my with my with what I'm doing my content, my video, whatever. And I find that being on video allows me to do that because I it's almost like a tunnel. It's like blinders. I'm just here with you or I'm here with the video. And I'm not I'm not so worried about everything else. Everybody else but but when I first started that, yeah, it felt like I was unleashing almost like The Incredible Hulk that I didn't know was inside because and then when people started listening, I was like, I was like, sometimes I'm even like I can't believe that people have me up on some pedestal. I mean, I'm the ninth grade dropout that nobody nobody was listening to nobody learning anything from except what not to do. You know and here I am teaching in selling education in here. Right so are you feeling a little of that unleashing the halt yourself in feeling that that sort of that confidence boost that that you're I feel like that's what you're asking me? Are you experiencing something similar?


Steven: Oh, yeah, no, absolutely. And you get you know, it's crazy to because you get everybody's gonna get those comments when you get you start getting some recognition and people are gonna say oh, you're XYZ you're this, you're that and comment about it. And you just brush it off and the next day. That's why you remain consistent. You make more videos or you work on your business even more and they they eventually they go away because the matter but what matters the most is finding the people who resonate with your message and who are looking for your your service who are looking for your help the people who really care, because you make this content and I make this content. We run these businesses because we care about people. And we want people who also care about our messages, but we can't there's that certain degree where you can't care too much. Or Freezy you don't want to save screenshots on people and messages and say I'll never said



I'm detached from what people do with my content. Honestly nowadays, like like, I want to help people but like, I'm also not I'm also I don't have this, this message that like I'm only doing this because I want to help you. I'm doing this shit because because I like to get rich. I like to be wealthy. I like my family to I like to be able to do whatever the hell I want to do whenever I want to do it. And I'm not afraid to say that and and isn't it great because what I just said is what everybody's truth is and some are just afraid to say it. And then and it is a beautiful thing that what I do also has such an impact on people. It's unbelievable. It's an added benefit than just like wow, so I've become addicted to that I've become addicted to wanting to add value to what and you know what now I'm that guy everywhere I go. I add value everywhere I go. That's my number one. Like and I do it unconsciously I add value in terms of just if I go to a party, um, how can I help or can I can I participate and contribute to the entertainment rather than coming in and just expecting to be entertained? Like I'm a value add are everywhere that I go I'm a value adder. And so so so it's it's, it's, you know, this this this business is just it checks all the boxes for me in ways that I would have never been able to dream if I would have been able to pick when I was young pick a business that you want to go into. I would have never been able to dream up a business this cool this because it just checks all the boxes. I can there's a lot of businesses that that people are really they're like, oh our product really helps you but they know the product doesn't help they just bullshit they know you're not going to use it or you're not going to whatever. And I mean, what what is better than then then teaching you know, this is what every teacher in American in the world deserves to get paid like, like we get paid. Because we're teaching I mean ultimately if you're packaging something in your packaging your information or you're an affiliate for somebody's course or coaching program you are selling information and and we're getting paid in ways that's equal to the value that we're bringing because we're educating people. So yeah, for me that's that's a really exciting thing. It's a really exciting business to be in because a there's high profit margins. And I like that I like being in business to where I can earn enough money to stay excited about serving my clients. Why don't you get on here every month. If I wasn't making any money, I wouldn't be as this excited to get up. So I need to be making a lot of money. So I will I need to be in a business and I'm making enough money that I feel excited to get on and actually deliver value. Next. Next. I get to feel actually good about what I'm doing because we're helping people like you said next step turn it off and I get time freedom. Next, I don't have to ship manufacturer build event. You don't have to I don't have to warehouse I don't have to ship. I mean, again if I was to try to pick the perfect business model when I started or or even now there was something better I'd be doing it just checked all the boxes for me and it's not if there was something better I'd be doing it and I'm even saying that we're teaching core for how to sell information coasts, courses, coaching events, and then also a Philly marketing but we're also doing that. Yeah, we're not talking about ecommerce and then but selling your course it's like we're actually making legendary did almost 20 million last year selling courses and information. We're doing it over 100,000 people went through the challenge but we're doing it you know, so there's nothing that's more real than more authentic and transparent as that in I'm even rebuilding numbers public. Private companies don't usually do that. Just so in there's good profit. It's good profit margin. Don't worry. You know, not all it's not all expensive. Those of you who think maybe that legendary is not a good financial position. We are we're strong. This is a game changing business. And it just it's just as Game Changing today as it's always been. And obviously I'm just excited as I was when I started. 


Steven: Me too. And when I started in December, I want to be clear with for anybody who's going to this event in May. You haven't lost the fire on December. And I think that's so important to be able to within yourself in the morning, reflect and recapture that fire you have when you're at these live events and live it every single day of your life so that four months from now, you can still look back and say I've still got the same fire I had that day. Now, I've gotten a lot of people to who have said well, I don't want to be wealthy or anything. I think we all should just admit to ourselves, want to be just be wealthy, have permission to be wealthy to go after. Because you're not born wealthy. You're made poor, poor and that's exactly what it is. Yes, and stopping at some point and saying, well, that's just enough. It's never enough. Because that would be shortchanging the people. You love your future generations and you're doing a disservice to the limited time you have on this planet. Get it as much as you can. Do as much as you can for others. often as you can just live it and honestly be wealthy you have permission to do it and admit to yourself that it's okay.


Dave:  When God wants me to be wealthy, you know, there's there's places that you can find in no matter what you believe where your God wants you to be held wealthy just and and, and you can't do much unless you are you know, you can't you can't do much unless you are but I can tell you the things that you can do for people when you are is is really fulfilling. It's really nice. When it's been life changing for our family and for our fulfillment and the fulfillment and feelings that we get from being able to give to our family and to people who have helped raise us and even to strength. There's a lot of good that can be done when you when you have a strong business, a strong business will help you to live the life of your dreams. And yeah, it's not it's not it's it's it's just as simple as that. It's as simple as that a good strong business will help you lived the life of your dreams. Money can buy happiness You know, I think I've been to too many events and too many rah rah things to where everybody's like, you know, the money, the money will come. We don't care about the money blah, blah, blah and it's like well, we're all here for because we need to make money and because we want to make lots of money. I mean, it's it's it's it's, there's nothing wrong with that. It's just what are you doing for your money and Is it is it is it the most you know, is it the best possible thing you could be doing? And that's always a question that I asked myself even like, is this the best possible thing I could be doing with this hour? You know, if it's not, you know, then you have you have some questions you could you could be asking yourself you know, and I think that's an opportunity for some of you I saw a comment that was like, Well, I just bought the blueprints two months ago and had all these people and all these emails coming into my telling me about the latest and greatest and this is the best business and it's like, you know, just pick something and it's like just go do something even if it's wrong. Even if you got to start one of these shithole businesses go snap on it, and then you'll come back and see what we have in the value that you have in your hands. But don't sit around and do nothing. I want to end with this theme of the ignorance on fire because I think the comments that I made about it and the comments you made about it were really really powerful and it's one of the things that I've seen every single person that successful here everything single student and I don't want to just say affiliate because there's people here who are creating courses and doing coaching as well. And but every student here who who gets their business off the ground has an element of ignorance on fire and what that is, is that you don't need to know everything. You don't even stop to ask questions. Sometimes you shoot first ask questions later it's just ignorance on fire. Fire about what you're doing you're on Yeah, you're don't even eat you're not even paying attention sometimes to all the details because you're looking at the bigger picture. You're looking at where you're going ignorance on fire. If I'm on fire, what am I doing? Am I standing still no I'm running ignorance on fire. I am moving I am going forward I am if I'm on fire I'm also screaming I'm running ignorance on fire my as I'm running towards my destination I'm moving you know and in that's what I've seen from you over the past, you know, four or five months is just are you ignorant? Hell no. You're way too smart. And you know it that if you sit around and think for too long, you're probably gonna, you're gonna, you're gonna have paralysis by analysis. So when that are sometimes we have to do is shut this off a little bit. Get down in here. Get down into here. Put settle set a match to our ass. Set that baby on fire. Ignorance on fire final word goes to my man.


Steven: No, I mean, I the only thing I would leave you guys with is is back just to time, em as a currency and with this this event coming up it changed my own life. Been like I mentioned for months to the day since I made $100 And you know now it's been pretty much 100x that and it's because I went to that I immersed myself I basically just set myself on fire and dropped into mastermind. And the thing I want to leave you guys with is go out into the world and surround yourself with people who have what you want, but intimidate you. That's a big reason why I went to the mastermind, why I'm here right now. I want to be around people who are at the levels of life that I want. Also, give me those butterflies and intimidate me. So surround yourself with those people. Don't surround yourself with people who you're comfortable with. But surround yourself with people who are going to challenge you to grow and just be consistent journal and meditate every single day. It'll translate into your business and it really that consistency can change your life.


Dave: Even we'll see here in a couple of weeks in Orlando, Florida brother.


Steven: Looking forward to it Dave. Thank you for having me.

Dave:  Man, we'll talk to you later brother keep up all right. If you all want to meet Steven you want to learn from Steven you want to be in the same room as Steven and just not only be able to you know probably get some of those same feelings that he was just describing a little bit of maybe butterfly houses that was the guy was watching on on wakeup legendary, but ultimately, just look over. shake your hand and realize that we're all just like you that we're all no different than each other. We all have fears that we all have anxieties, you know, and that we're just regular people and that's one of the most powerful things of being in that room when we have these masterminds and these live events here at legendary is just being able to talk to somebody to meet somebody to really just see that they're real and that you know what if they can do it, you can do that. I'm telling you, that's honestly, oftentimes one of the biggest takeaways so if you want to come to the event, reach out to your business plan advisor or support at legendary If you don't have a ticket yet there may still be a few available and if you own a mastermind ticket a spot go and register in your back office. We do still have a few spots and meet us in Orlando in a couple of weeks. I think that we just made a post in the Facebook group about it just this morning. So All right my friends. We will see you on Monday for another episode. Go and follow Steve on Facebook cashflow marketer cashflow marketer, incredible episode from somebody who was just at the mastermind four months ago, just at the mastermind four months ago as a brand new guys sit sitting there who was at the starting line and is now going to be speaking and teaching at this upcoming mastermind if you want to learn from people who are making it happen now, right now. 10 years ago under the mastermind, meet learn Listen, dream a little bit we'll also be in a 15 or 20,000 square foot mansion dream a little bit see what's possible. And at the very least meet meet us back here on Monday for another episode same time same place get out of here. Peace.