Actions Steps To Improve Our Affiliate Program For Our Next Chapter Of Growth

Each year, the leadership team at Legendary Marketer evaluates the previous year’s wins and identifies areas we can improve upon. We strongly believe that a company that doesn’t continue to focus on improvement, growth, and vision will become stagnant. 

We believe this constant self-reflection, self-awareness, and evaluation process has been the #1 reason behind our growth. 

It’s also what has equipped us to provide excellent education and maintain high satisfaction amongst our customers… plus have a percentage of our customers choose to share our education with others as affiliates without us asking them to.

We strive for a new level of excellence each year and we constantly evaluate and refine our operations to ensure they align with our core values. 

Recent events have prompted us to take a deeper look at our affiliate program, not as a reaction, but as a proactive step to reinforce our commitment to integrity and quality.

Since the inception of our affiliate program, we have maintained strict compliance guidelines to ensure that our brand is represented ethically and accurately. Despite our efforts, we have identified areas where some affiliates may not be fully aligned with these guidelines. 

We experienced a rush of new affiliates over the last year and now realize many did not actually go through our compliance training nor did they have the marketing experience needed to properly align with our values.

To address this, we are restructuring our affiliate program to be more exclusive. This means that we will be ending our current affiliate program until further notice and no longer accepting new affiliates at this time. If you have a current active affiliate account you may continue to use it until we re-launch our new affiliate program at which time you’ll need to reapply. However, we strongly encourage you to complete the compliance training in your affiliate back office (if you have not) and ensure your marketing follows our compliance guidelines and all legal requirements. 

Additional questions about our compliance guidelines may be directed to: Questions about online business legal requirements should be directed to your legal counsel.

Moving forward, all affiliates, under our new program, will need to apply and undergo a thorough review process which will be done in coordination with 3rd party legal and compliance experts to ensure all active affiliates are aligned with our values and expectations. This will include a thorough review of social media accounts, funnels, and overall marketing practices. There will also be additional steps placed to ensure all affiliates actually complete our compliance training and agree to adhere to our policies set in place by our legal team.

We will begin with accounts that have not have any activity for 90 days OR MORE. With active accounts, there will be overlap, and rankings and commissions will not be affected.   

Our goal is not just to continue to grow, but to grow responsibly. We want our community to be a place where integrity and transparency are paramount. By taking these steps, we are reaffirming our commitment to you, our community, and to the values that drive us forward.

As we navigate these changes, we’re even more excited about the future. We believe that by strengthening our affiliate program, we will not only enhance our brand's reputation further but also provide our affiliates with greater opportunities for success. How will that be? With the updated guidelines,  it now will be an exclusive community of like-minded, ethical marketers who ultimately want to be a positive light in the online space. 

Thank you for your continued support as we improve our operations and programs to an even higher standard. 

To further explain this, Dave shares this during Wake Up Legendary….take a listen!