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Dave: What's up, my friends, this is Dave Sharp, welcome to Wake Up Legendary. Our guest today needs no introduction, most of you know who he is, you've seen him online, you've seen him marketing, and he's definitely one of the good guys, as we as we spend time in this industry just like any industry. You see, and you learn about people you see people having success, and then as you spend more time around them, you really get to get to understand who are the people who have good intentions, who are the people who do it right and still get massive results versus the people who just, you know, not particularly that they're bad people but they just, they, they just, they just don't do things right, they just don't have the best integrity or they just don't, and Brian's just not one of those guys he is one of those dudes who, you know, absolutely values profits but also values people, and we're going to talk about some of the secrets that he that float around inside of his head, and that he uses inside of his business some of the principles, the strategies and the philosophies that make his business, what it is. So with that being said, B bro or what's going on, brother?

Brian: Hey what's up Dave, thanks for having me on. Hey to everybody who's on here live watching the replay. You just appreciate everyone who's tuning in and, and jumping on with comments and all that stuff and just happy to be here again, Dave, thank you.

Dave: If anybody knows Brian. Let's give him a big huge digital Legendary round of applause in the comments, I know you've, you've probably got tons of people who already know you and follow you and you'll, you'll have tons more here. By the time this is over. If you guys want to find Brian out on TikTok, you can follow him, Brian Brewer official, and we'll leave that up for the majority of the show. So, you know, it's interesting man I was, I was. I saw somebody, you know, who had posted something on social media, actually this morning when I logged on for a moment. And basically what it said was, it was a meme of a bunch of porta potties on fire, and it said if 2021 was a scented candle, you know, And so, yeah. So, and I said to my wife, I said, you know, what's interesting is, is to some people, this year is, is, is, you know, one of the worst years of their lives. I mean they're they're caught up in, whether it be politics, or whether it be all these various topics that are outraging people in that they're spending time on social media fighting with people. Maybe they've not made any changes; the pandemic has not inspired them to make any changes in their job or their financial situation. They're just, they're the same person with the same negative perspective, as they were back in 2019 before all of this stuff happened and I said, Isn't it interesting, you know 2021 Besides all of the folks who have been affected by illness or financial stress. I have compassion for those folks, but I'm blessed and grateful to have a skill set in a business, and that not only allows us to have a fantastic year and take advantage of all these people coming online, but also gives me an opportunity to spend more time with my family. And, and I said, Aren't those two different realities? Right. Aren't those two different realities and. and I think that so many of us focus on the mechanics, which is just telling me where to click. Just tell me, You know what, just tell me exactly what to do and if it can be done for me, then that's fine. But, but don't want to work on this piece, you know this six cubic square in space that sits on top of our shoulders. That essentially is the software that runs everything, and we'll talk about some strategies but I wonder, just to kick this off. What, what is, if you were to say, the one of the most useful mindset tips or perspectives that you use, and that you have or that you've developed over the years, to use in your business. What do you think, one of those might be?

Brian: Yeah so mindset is, is, is interesting and gets talked about a lot from, from a buzzworthy standpoint but I don't think people end up diving into it like they really should. You know there is some benefit I think in the Hey tell me where to click. Tell me what to do in the very beginning, for instance pre-written email swipes if we can provide those for an absolute beginner, that helped facilitate the conversions on a specific product. That's great. Sometimes it's the Headstart that people need. But where we run into issues I think as as folks trying to become better entrepreneurs and trying to make more money and try to be more successful is what happens after the fact when we have to start thinking to ourselves thinking for ourselves, we have to start solving problems on our own and that's where mindset, you know, really, really, really comes into play. And when you talk about things like the pandemic and I don't know if I can say that without getting this shut off so I probably just screwed this whole thing up. Sorry about that, but anyways, the point I'm getting at is, you know yeah you can look at the dumpster fires or the, you know the house fires, and focus on that, but we have to remember that we're, you know, where we focus is where the our energy goes so we really have to focus on and what we can control and what we can do the opportunities and really who we can help and who we can serve so that's the first thing service has always been, you know, in the forefront of my mind at least since I started seeing consistent success maybe before I started seeing some consistent success. I was more focused on the money but beyond that, you know, I guess, the reason we don't we don't focus on our mindset as much as because that's not as exciting as when we launch a funnel we can physically see that. And when we start driving traffic to it and start generating leads we can physically see that and when we get that first commission or that first $1,000 day or that first $30,000 month or whatever our next goal is. That's amazing, that's tangible that gets us excited, you know, the mental stuff that's kind of the boring stuff, and you know as I said to you just a moment before we got started, you know, sometimes you know you gotta, you got to remember that boring pays the bills in a lot of ways.

Dave: And you did say that to me before I said, Brian, I said I want to twist your arm today and I want you to spill some of your secrets and he said well, you know, he said, well, one of my secrets, is that boring pays the bills, and I said well, will you explain that to us on the show so Tell, tell everybody, including myself, what you mean by that.

Brian: Yeah, absolutely. So, first of all, let me preface this with a big, important Hold on just a second, disregard everything I just said because as marketers, we can't be boring. It's just not going to work we need to use those exciting hooks to get the attention to stop stop the scroll to get people to click on our ads so we can then have an opportunity to relay a message and get people to start to consider our messaging which is all comes into into account when we're building congruent affiliate marketing campaigns. So we can't be bored. But when I think of boring pays the bills when I think about is the movie Rounders I don't know if you've ever seen the movie Rounders Dave it's with Mel Neiman and Edward Norton and it's, it's probably an old movie I'm probably dating myself but let's say it's 15-20 years old now, and it's about card players they're poker players right, and, you know, Matt Damon he's one of those guys he's like I'm out there and I'm gonna play big and I've got $30,000 which he calls three stacks a high society I'm gonna push it all in and go against the mad rush and and and see if I can't double up or triple up or you know, see if I can put them on tilt, and guess what happens he gets wiped out. Well, who does he call? Well he calls his friend condition, you know, he says, Man, I need some help, I need some money I need to restate because I'm wiped out I got to get back in the game. And, basically, to paraphrase, you know, is Brian gives him this story like hey guess what, you know what, I'm a grinder. You know I go up there. I do the work every day, I sit down at the poker table for five hours a day or three hours a day or whatever time I have, I don't bet big but I win and I grind and guess what my kids eat. And so that's kind of the the reality of the situation is yeah there's excitement there's awesome things that happen when you make your first $1,000 commission or your first $2,000 Commission, and you want to go attack that and when you see the opportunity for momentum that's when you have to step on the gas, absolutely have to step on the gas. Once you start to see a little bit of momentum, but it's the boring things it's the posting daily on tick tock, it's the checking your emails and see who reached out, it's the Ooh boy, I haven't gone viral in a week maybe instead of just doing the same old thing maybe I strategically test for different hooks and see what see what's working right now. Yeah, boy it's the weekend but you know, I could spend five minutes to create a post to my Facebook group or check in to see how everyone's doing right, those are the boring things that absolutely have to be done, day in and day out and like I said it could take two minutes, it could take five minutes, but they have to be done consistently over and over and over again and that's how you start to see the compound effect that's when things start to happen because that one check in an email that one response to that one email might net you $1,000 commission or $2,000 commission because people just wanted to check in and see. Hey Is this legit? Is somebody going to respond to me or am I going to be hung out to dry. So, yeah, that's kind of the whole, whole mentality that I think gets lost on us, exciting marketers from time to time.

Dave: I agree, and it also can be, there's two things that specifically came up for me when I was getting clean. In 2008, the thought of doing the daily necessities and rituals in order to do proper self care to take care of myself to get clean and sober for the rest of my life were overwhelming. And what I was told was will Dave just do it just for today, you know, and that was like something that was, was I could grasp, right, I was like, okay, and oh by the way, I don't even know if I'm gonna still want to be clean and sober tomorrow or next week or next New Year's Eve. So they said, don't worry about that. Just focus on today. And that's probably one of the hardest concepts, although it sounds simple, the hardest concepts I've ever wrapped my head around because it's not about getting overwhelmed with going in doing tick tock videos or going live every day at 10am with somebody for 30 to 60 minutes. It's not about thinking about doing that for the rest of my life. Oh my gosh, how am I ever going to go on vacation, how am I ever going to get a break, am I really oh my god, how are we ever going to find that many people I mean when I first, when we first started doing this, it was like, are we going to have that many people

panic sets in, right. And then as soon as we started reaching out, we're like, holy crap we got waiting lists, you know, a month long, you know, so that came up for me just because of my own experience, get just focusing on the activities that I have to do today. The grind the boring, whatever, right, because it's not always exciting, you know, it's not always like every day isn't first day, you know, the first day of any job is exciting, and then you're 30 days in and you start to get to know your boss and the person you sit next to and they all look like goblins and smell like fish you know you hate them all. But you were just excited about it. Three, you know 30 days ago. The other thing that you know that sort of came up for me was that, that I think that we are truly entrepreneurs, specifically, understanding our brain chemistry is really important. And the dopamine in the adrenaline in the serotonin and all of these exciting things. These chemicals that make us feel excited and happy and in love and all this kind of stuff. All go off at the beginning of anything, the beginning of a relationship, the beginning of a business, the beginning of buying a new course and that's why so often we see people get so excited buying something and then don't even log in, because just the simple act of purchasing can be addicting, you know, because it's the start of something new, it's like, open, it's like getting a package to em, from Amazon. And so recognizing that our brain is set up like that, that our body is set up like that to fire off those chemicals at the beginning, and that is going to wind down in in decrease, and we have to find ways to get excited to reignite the passion, and also to to operate in maintenance mode versus always in startup mode, and I think what many entrepreneurs do Brian, they start up, really exciting. Boom boom boom boom boom gets boring self sabotage, quit stopping right before the miracle happens, and then go along going along. Okay, starting something new, yes this is really exciting, you know, and then maintenance mode kicks in and it's like well that's boring. Boom, stop. Does that make sense to you, do you agree with that?

Brian: I mean that makes 100% sense and that's exactly what this whole game is all about, you know, I had the, the, opportunity a couple weeks ago I was, I attended the Clickfunnels Funnel Hacking live. Part of the reason I was there was also this offer is inspiration not bragging but I got to get this dream car award trophy which is really cool.

Dave: Humble brag. Hashtag humble brag.

Brian: Hump Day. Exactly, so you get those when you refer people to click funnels which produces a nice passive income stream there, but but the reason I wanted to bring that that particular event up is because the keynote speaker, the person who finished that off with Tony Robbins, and given the world in the state is right now and people are a little hesitant to be in crowds and all the logistics that come in to play when you're sending up event like that the bottom line is Tony Robbins doesn't perform or speak live. You know as much as it used to so I thought it was a tremendous honor and, and the ability to see him in the opportunity to see him was huge and you know, kind of, to talk about the mindset thing and everything you just covered, you know, a lot of what he talked about with knowing your why, you know, why do you want to do this because like you said in the beginning, it's going to be exciting when you buy that course or you invest for the first time or use launch a new funnel, right like that, that feels like progress and that feels exciting and that hits the dopamine and it's like, here we go, but, but that's going to fade like you just said it's going to win and that's some people self sabotage, sabotage, if you know your why, you know, why do you want to do this it's not because of the money, what is the money provide or, or maybe you you really want to truly help people and realize that the more you give, the more you get or whatever your why is, you know, if you want a bigger house or whatever it is, that's where you have to keep your focus on. And, you know, and that's, that's really where we as entrepreneurs and I didn't invent this this is coming from from great people like you have to get out of your head, and you have to get into your heart, and that's, and that's where, where your why comes from it comes from your heart and the coolest thing I heard Tony Robbins say is think about this when someone's pregnant when someone's going to have a baby, you know, how do you how do you determine if they're, you know, if they're pregnant with the exception of chemicals test Rapinoe stick with you this, you look for the heartbeat right so the heartbeat starts before the brain that's how we determine life, even from the youngest, eight weeks, nine weeks old, we're looking for a heartbeat and so if we can focus more in our heart, and get out of our head which is Tony Robbins says if you're in your head, you're dead. Get into the heart know the why, that's when we're going to be able to overcome those dopamine drop offs and we're going to be able to stay focused continue moving forward, and you know another thing that you said that was interesting was, you talked about day one, one of the most successful companies that that I can think of right now is obviously Tesla and Ilan musk, but I also think Amazon. If I'm not mistaken Amazon's Mantra metallicities It's always day one and to me that like got to keep the excitement we got to go out there and decide how are we going to build something great today, even if it's 90 days down the road 120 days down the road, what are we gonna do today that we can, we can build something great. And, you know, just to follow up on the first thought you had, you know, you talk about, you know, this show right like when you want to do this show, like, okay, all those things I got to do, how are we going to get all these guests, how are we going to, how are we going to keep this up, how am I going to go on vacation. Well, that is, you know, is just fear, manifesting itself in some sort of, of tangible way where we can see it, and that you know that's, that's everything if you feel like you have imposter syndrome if you feel like you can't do it if you're afraid to go on camera if you think you're not pretty enough to go on camera or handsome enough to go on camera, you don't think nobody's gonna pay attention, all it comes down to is fear. That's all it is is fear holding you back and just an example of this show, you go live, you have a little bit of faith to jump in. You do what you know can help the business grow and guess what, like you said you Here you are, you know 30 day waiting list to get out I know you contacted me about a month ago to get on the show so I know that's legit. I know it's a 30 day waiting list to get out. So, that's incredible. And, you know, I know that was kind of all over the place but I just wanted to know, because it was, I mean this mindset thing you know as we started talking about, you know, it's so important to really focus on.

Dave: Well, I wonder how many of you can relate to that you know who are listening, how many of you are great at starting things but, but, you know, not so great at finishing them. How many of you can identify that, you get really excited at the beginning of businesses or relationships, but, you know, you sort of that excitement wears off, and you get moving into maintenance mode of either a relationship or a business is something that isn't as it isn't. It isn't particularly your sweet spot are where you're comfortable at, you know, and the reason why this came up for me is because I was literally just talking with, with one of my, my coaches yesterday, and, and we were talking about that exact thing, you know, I, we were talking about the, the transition from startup mode to maintenance mode and startup mode could literally be one, two years, you know, it could be three years, but going into maintenance mode, Where, where things are, are somewhat stable or to where you've been doing things for a specific amount of time. And you, you feel like you know what I am having a hard time getting to the next level or whatever. And I feel like I'm sort of stagnant or, or, you know, you can use many things to describe it but, you know, it's, it's, I just, I just, I see this as being such a common thing with with entrepreneurs and it ties in perfectly with the, with the boring, the boring pays the board, and I liked the distinction between that doesn't mean we want to be boring in our marketing, but we want to embrace the boring activities. And I also think it's easier as you get older to do that too, right, it's like, it's like the, the, the, the older we get, the for me, the more routine and structure is important. In fact, some years ago, Brian, I don't know about you but I was a free spirit, I didn't want any structure, I didn't want any calendar. I didn't want any commitment, I didn't want anybody telling me where I needed to be and I didn't want to have to be anywhere at a specific time. And as I became an entrepreneur that became even more of a belief system about who I was and who my identity was. And that started to cause problems for me starting to cause problems in my business, and it started to cause problems in my marriage, because I'm, I've got kids now and I'm with dinners at a specific time and when dad strolls in 20 minutes later 30 minutes later, whatever because he was working and he was having, he was in flow state or whatever. Right, I mean, we can sit here and say that, you know, your wife or your spouse needs to support you but that's not real life, they do support you, but being a member of a family is something that I had to grow up and learn how to do especially with kids and being in a business in learning that creating specific structure, and oftentimes creating boundaries, like, Hey, I'm working right now. And no I can't come and meet you pick you up. No, I can't come and go to the grocery store with you right now, whatever it is, I needed to either get help with structure, and get help with routine, which I did in many, many ways from my wife and I also needed to learn how to set boundaries with my time, and respect my time, more CB, having structure and boundaries in working on a calendar working. I learned that there were ways that I could respect myself, and respect my time and by saying no to other people who wanted me to be on their agenda, versus what I was doing, or wanted me to come out and socialize versus what was really a priority. By saying no and setting those boundaries that was respecting myself, and it was respecting my family that was respecting my Why did you go through that process at all or are you still have that come up as something that you're working on regularly, how have you embrace structure have you embraced structure, and what are some ways that you set boundaries with your calendar and your time to respect your why?

Brain: You know, there's really two things that came up for me and I've been through both of them, and probably will still continue to still continue to go through them to some degree. But you talk about. Yeah, I don't remember the exact words you use but you talk about, you know, things start going and then you get into this self sabotage right you know Yeah, because you don't want to do the boring you feel stagnant you know you start looking around and and you know back in 2018 I think I talked about this, one of the last times I was on this this wake up legendary show is you know back in 2018 I successfully blew up a $50,000 month business because No, I got bored or whatever it was you know what I mean and I stopped doing the things that were working but yeah as far as,

Dave: You know, that goes, have that experience dude, You know, yeah, yeah, and I might want to come back to that in a second. I want to interrupt your flow but I just want to make a note of that, please keep going.

Brian: Yeah, we just we can, we can definitely dive into that because that's you know that's something that a lot of people face and it's part of the reality. And then the reality of business you know it's not like you make it and then all of a sudden, boom, It's done. I made it, I'm never going to struggle again. So that's why, even if you're just getting started, you know, I know there's a lot of different people on this call and a lot of different people watching this replay, we're going to be in various states, starting and growing their business. But even in the beginning like when you're first struggling and you're not making any money or you're having a hard time getting your funnel set up or whatever current struggles you have, you know, embrace that because you're always going to have the struggles and there's just going to be a different set of struggles and the only thing that happens is the struggles, don't, don't disappear, it's just the stakes race, you know now okay now the almost struggles, and all of a sudden I got $1,000 month car payments or you know whatever and then you know $4,000 month mortgage or whatever, you know, as you grow you know your expenses are going to get to keep pace to some degree. But anyway, back to your your time, you know, restricting your time or scheduling your time, you know, I was the same way to I was like, I don't want anybody to tell me what to do and when to do and when to show up and then when you start making money, it's like it like throws gasoline on the fire like holy crap, I don't have to listen to anybody anymore. You know, which, which is a whole nother story which we won't get into but anyway, the point is, is, is when you get so free spirited and freewheeling and this is relevant to people are just getting started as well you're just like, I'm just gonna roll in and work when I want to and not when I don't. You can really fall into the trap of like, like you said, a flow state. It's like okay now I'm working. Okay, I'm in that flow state so since I've set up this freedom or or or whatever. Now I'm working from 5pm When I get home from work until 130 or 230 in the morning, which is great, but the next day you're gonna be, you're gonna be burnt, and now all of a sudden you're gonna be like three days like man I put in a, an eight hour day after an eight hour day yesterday and you know it just kind of wears you out, whereas when I found is like when I started scheduling which I was just deathly afraid of. It was like, Oh, well I really don't have that much to do today, and it started to be like okay cool, I gotta do this, I gotta do this thing I did this, guess what, I can get that done in two hours, then if I want to go to lunch with my wife, I can, you know what I mean so that's scheduling which which so many of us are so afraid of, actually is a tool to keep us on track and keep us, keep us focused and it really increases the efficiency, I believe.

Dave: You know, one of the things that I did Brian is, like, in the My wife and I did and I really gotta give her a lot of credit for that. Hear that honey I'm giving you a lot of credit for this. You know I always got to earn those brownie points you know what I mean. Gotta gonna, you know, as a marketer got to let them know all the bonuses and let them know how good the offer is but my marketing business taught me that you know, always, always announce what you're doing. So, so they know, because those brownie points matter, they add up and then you can cash them in. So, so, yeah man like we started to do the same thing every week, right you want to talk about embracing the boring. Alright, I want to give this just to me because your concept of embracing the boring is probably one of the most powerful things that I've ever done. And this is another way that I did it Brian was when we, when we especially had two kids, but even when we only had one little one at home. We started to run our week, the same way, every week, so. On Tuesday we would have a late night and be able to do whatever we wanted. Friday the same way so our nanny would stay late those two days. Every day a nanny would come, we would leave the house at the same time, and we work in a separate building separate from home versus working at home. Yeah, it's just, it's just something that, you know, we, we love, we love it. We do, yeah, exactly, yeah we leave the house and no kids, all that is kind of like going to an office but you just got another house right. So. So anyways, eat every week looks the same, right every week looks the same, it's not like what are we doing next week, when are we going to get around time, when do we have a night for a day, every week, it's already scheduled dude, it's already done it the nanny has a schedule and it's the same every week, but I can do whatever I want in that time. But for me, I also have a problem with, with, with, with, with telling time in how long are things going to take, you know, meaning that I don't have a good sense of time, you know, I have a good sense of direction but I don't have a good sense of time, and it's one of my, my weaknesses Mike Mike sort of shortcomings. So, it's helped me to be able to say, to be able to know what to expect and then I can put the things that I want to do whether it's work related, whether it's recovery related whether it's, you know, personal development, whether it's social, in fun related, I can put them in those places throughout the week, and not have to wonder or go months on end without personal time, without going on a date with my wife, without taking care and doing self care and doing recovery or personal development stuff, because it's already scheduled right now when we go on vacation, that's a totally different story. The other thing is at home with our children. We've got a routine to wear every day we dinner at the same time, we give bass at the same time, we go to bed at the same time so our kids are not up in, you know, going crazy and not knowing what to expect it, those routines, again, have to give my wife a lot of credit for this, as an entrepreneur, I was so resistant to those for a long time, those routines have helped me to be more productive and also to spend less energy planning what I'm going to do, it's the same reason why I wear kind of the same outfit every day. It ends up being a good branding strategy but it's also I don't have to sit in front of the closet for 10 minutes trying to try shit on and figure out what I'm going to wear for that day. It's already done. It's why I drink the same smoothie every morning, it's already done. So all of these things that are already scheduled are already picked out and done for me. Allow me to put more energy and more time into my business. Now some might say Dave That sounds like a boring life. I can assure you it's not. It's actually a very relaxing life, because I'm not constantly wonder what I'm going to do today where I'm going to eat when I'm going to eat when we're going home when we're, I don't have to worry about all that stuff because it's already planned so I'm not saying that's a good fit for everybody. But Brian That's exactly in alignment with what you were talking about with embracing the board.

Brian: Absolutely and you know it's funny you mentioned that time management thing because it's the big joke in my family what a Brian five minutes is. Yeah, I'm sitting on the computer in the office. Dinner I can hear is getting ready or, or we're getting ready to leave to go to or whatever. Oh yeah, five minutes. My wife always tends to see me 15 And maybe nine. So it just got to maybe something that's similar with entrepreneurs. Yeah you know you know when you were talking about this and talking about the structure and before you even mentioned the clothing. I'm thinking about like the Mark Zuckerberg and the Steve, you know, the late Steve Jobs world, they pretty much look in the same way every single day and what they're trying to do is they're trying to reduce the number of decisions that they have to make in a day, that don't move their business. Because I think we only have a certain capacity for decisions in a day and I think we hit a threshold at some point where we've made too many decisions in one day, and many of those on you know what sort of toothpaste I'm going to use, what time I'm going to go to the gym what shirt I'm gonna wear, what I'm gonna have for breakfast, I eat the same thing for breakfast every day. You know, I don't buy a ton of clothes I buy nice clothes but I don't buy a ton of them that way I know Hey, boom, just kind of go down the road and I know what I'm gonna wear just basically the next one in order, and it's not something that I set out and said hey I need to do this in order to be successful. But as I became more successful, I started thinking, okay, what can I do to improve the efficiency, what can I do to move the needle so entrepreneurs also always looking to solve problems, how can we, can we solve problems. So, if you're a beginner and you're watching this and you're like that's great for you guys you have systems that are in place and systems that are working. Some people watching this live or watching this replay might think to themselves, Dave or Brian I don't even know like, I've never set up a funnel so I'm gonna dive in there and, and I'm not gonna know what to do. So here's a little tool that I think anyone can use. If you can't set routines quite yet because you don't know what the what the day is going to look like what you can do, I think, which is helpful is in the morning before you pick up your phone before you get started right take two minutes take 30 seconds take whatever you have to first put yourself in a proper state, and not a state of stress, because you don't want to make any decisions in the state of stress, we're going to put yourself in a proper state where you think about something you're thankful for. You can think of it as a gratitude moment or just, just, just, you know, physically, you know, put your hands over your testing, I'm thankful for this and that'll put you in a proper state, Then the next thing you need to do, or you can do is say, Hey, here's the three things that I absolutely need to accomplish today, in order to move my business forward. And that could be as simple as opening my Clickfunnels account, or they could be as simple as hey deciding which autoresponder I'm going to use, or, you know it can be as simple as hey, I'm gonna do, you know, day six of the 15 day business builder challenge or I'm gonna meet with my advisor, you know, it can be simple things, but just decide okay these are the three things that I'm going to do that are going to move the needle today and then guess what, like okay cool. When I'm done with that, I'm done. That's my reward or why I'm not going to get distracted and I'm not going to have people pull me away from what I need to do because I know these are the three things I have to do, and if you if you stack enough three things over time, guess what before you know you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Dave: Yeah, and in really in order because what if you only can you know what if something does come up or that first thing takes you longer than expected, always start with the most important thing, I mean that's one of the things that I've learned is, is start with the most important thing that you have to do because that, that, I mean this is just such a golden Boulder, I mean, if you folks what Brian just said if you take one thing away from this call it that is such a golden nugget, make a list and then put that number one most important thing at the top, and, and just focus on that thing first, and if you knock it out great, you can move on but if you don't, and it takes longer, you can give yourself the time, and you don't have to rush yourself to do it, do it right, and it you know a lot of times when we think about it, we we overestimate what we can do in a short period of time and underestimate what we can do in a long period of time. And 365, powerful things in a year if you did 365 major moves over the course of a year. It's so much more than what most people do or accomplish because oftentimes people's list or wish list or to do list never even gets touched or they're just too busy getting ready to get ready. And they never even start. So if you start and you accomplish one thing per day. That's 365 accomplished, tasks, and that will move the needle in your business so far. So far, it's just, I'm telling you, it is so , so underestimated how much that moves the needle to accomplish one big thing per day so thanks for bringing that up. I wanted to touch on the $50,000 blown up business, because I think your experience in that is so valuable. I don't, I'm sure you've told the story before I don't particularly remember what it was, how it went down so I'd love to hear it again and I'd love for people to just just learn from your experience of being in this industry, and not just all what you do right all the time. I want to learn also from some of the mistakes that you've made in some of the things that you wouldn't particularly repeat so tell us about that story.

Brain: Yeah, I'm glad you touched on that and circled back to that and made a note of it when it came up because I think it's, it's really super relevant to the situation that a lot of people are probably facing in his group right now or going to face so this was. Yeah, dude, no exact dates on anything, you know, this decline kind of gets set in motion before the numbers really reveal themselves. And what I mean by that is you know you start to sabotage and things still go pretty well for a while before it really starts coming to a head there so you're just to kind of give the short version of it, you know, back in 2016 2017. You know, that's when I went all in on the kind of the model that I use now for anyone who's familiar with my business, lots of content on YouTube at this time. Now I do a lot of YouTube Tik Tok, Facebook but this was, this was back in 2016 2017 I was pretty heavy on YouTube, and it was my first go on YouTube was the first time I was putting my, my face out there I mean before that I was just behind the scenes product review blogs making some money but but nothing really significant. And it was in the E-commerce space and I had done some e-commerce and drop shipping in 2015 So I thought okay cool people really want to know what's going on here, people really are really interested in this. Let's start teaching it. I know Shopify has a great affiliate program. Let's create some courses and give them away for free and leverage, you know that affiliate program, other affiliate programs and things were going great, and you know it was the right time for me. You know, the E commerce and drop shipping interests was starting to explode in 2017, there weren't a whole lot of us on Youtube teaching it, and I mean money was flowing fast and lists were growing quickly and YouTube channels were getting, you know 100 subscribers 200 subscribers sometimes 1500 subscribers a day and things were things were going. Cool. And, you know, bye bye This is about November, September, October, November 20 2017 And I was like wow cool I can't believe this. You know I went from a waiter making 50/60 a year and I just, I just crossed $50,000 In a month and we're talking profit here at this point, and only wow this is amazing so obviously that kept me fueled for a little while but then the you know the board and start getting started to set in it's like okay I'm doing the same thing I don't feel like I'm growing now hey guess what, more people are coming to the YouTube platform and and talking about, you know this drop shipping thing so it's getting a little diluted so the combination of things happen and just to kind of jump forward a little bit basically I was like, I need to I need to pivot. Right, I need to do something different. And in doing so, I turned my back on a conversion process that I knew was working, I turned my back on and educated and even more ever more educated market that was interested in that drop shipping thing and I shifted to something I was like okay well let's teach email marketing or whatever I mean that just showed you how bored I was I just wanted to do anything different. And I think the first thing I realized is, I had all this fanfare and stuff because I was helping so many people and then when I switched topics Nobody followed. It was like, Oh, no one gives a shit about me, they give a crap about what they give a crap about right, you know, and it's like, Yeah, they're interested in dropshipping that stupid email marketing, and, you know, over time, you know, then you can't go back because you burned all your bridges or you cut your ties or you made your grand proclamation of dropshipping dead or whatever it was, and and you know, over the next year you know my business went down just about every month, consistently decreasing decrease and decrease. And a couple of quick lessons from that. First of all, if you go on to YouTube today there's still people starting to talk about drop shipping and ecommerce obviously it wasn't dying. So I probably jumped the gun. I see that a lot now. With tick tock, you know, it's like yeah, October 2020 Boy, it was a good time to be around. But if you missed it, it doesn't mean it's over, you know what I mean, you know, tick tock is still a great platform to get views. Just as YouTube is just as Facebook is if you do it the right way. You know, people are still interested in learning affiliate marketing if that's what you're promoting, you know it's people are still interested in it. But, you know, another thing that I kind of learned from that is, I lost focus on giving people helping people in a way they wanted to be helped. And once you lose focus on the customer and providing your value and really playing the game that needs to be played and then, then, everything can fall apart. So, if you're, if you're in a situation where maybe you've been promoting something for a little while and you had a little bit of success, if you're in that boat and it's starting to go down, guess what, it's not over. We still have confirmed proven conversion processes the same things that made you money, six months ago are still gonna work now you've kind of got a either reignite your spark or tap into your why, or something you said Dave on, I don't even know who you were talking to you as a random wake up legendary call that I, you know I don't have time to be on all of them but I do step in from time to time you said something about. You don't have to build, you know, I know you've said, you have to build another house, if you want to change it maybe just build a different door to the same house, and maybe build a different door to the same offer and I think that's something that could be super helpful for those who have seen a little bit of success and then with whatever they're promoting it starts to fade a little bit like Okay, Maybe not, find something different to promote. That's not validating the market that doesn't have a proven conversion process that was making money maybe instead. Just come at it from a different angle, reignite your passion, reignite the passion, curiosity and interest of your existing audience, which will then help bring in more like minded folks and things can be good and exciting again without blowing up your whole business.

Dave: This is. Wow, this is huge. Matt and I were talking yesterday about some, some ads just going over some ads that we're running and, and, you know, I, we so often when you're running a campaign or doing a specific strategy whether it's a paid strategy or a free strategy. If you're not quite hitting the numbers that you want to hit. I mean, the 10, especially if you're spending money on paid ads for example the tendency can be hard to kill it, you know it's not working right. And I went through the campaign and a funnel yesterday, and the big takeaway, the big change that we saw that we could make that would likely make a significant difference was just changing up the landing page, just changing the landing page. That was it, you know, to something that is that that has never been seen before. Right, that's just brand new, different headline, different color, Right. And sometimes it's just that simple. You know we were getting a 30% opt in rate on a specific landing page and I said, I'm pretty confident, we could double our conversion rate by split testing a different landing page, and in what that would do would double the amount of leads that we were getting. And that is a that's doubling your business in one

day, with more ad spend with no more, no more clicks, just better. Better. Five, like literally less than five minutes. It might take me longer to play around with headlines, than it is to copy and paste that headline onto the page, and maybe tweak the color or something. I mean that literally doing that inside of a Clickfunnels is, is a, is a 62nd thing, hit save, and it's done. So, yes, I believe we throw the baby out with the bathwater, we've, we absolutely cut our nose off to spite our face, we any and all things that describe us just quitting right before the miracle happens I mean really, and it's a, it's a, it's a very common thing that we do, I think that's a massive golden nugget. The other thing I took away from your story was, was that, yes, these, these, these, these business models like affiliate marketing these business models, like email marketing even, which essentially is, I mean is a kind of another way to say affiliate marketing, right, because you're just collecting emails and then emailing people offers. They've been around for longer than we've all been on the internet and they're going to be around for longer than we'll all be alive. I guarantee it, because it's just a proven business model that even large companies like Airbnb and Uber have, have, you know, have, have adopted, just in a slightly different way, it's connecting people who are in the market for a product with the company that sells that product in getting a broker's fee, a referral fee, an affiliate commission, it's all the same thing, right, getting a referral fee is something that has been around long before the internet in affiliate marketing is just the digital version of getting a referral fee for making.

Brian: It's, it's amazing so I don't know they, this is this is this is a new binder I just started, and this is, You know, I, I am always looking for the next big opportunity because that's what I do but I'm also smart enough now in a failed enough and have blown up enough businesses that were successful, to know Hey, don't, that this is work and still focus on it so for example if we're talking about how I promote Legendary Marketer how you promote Clickfunnels you think I'm gonna turn down, you know, do you think I'm gonna blow that business up anymore. Absolutely not. I'm just gonna work on making that as efficient as possible so it hums along so anyways, the point I'm getting at is, so now it's like okay cool. What else can we do on the back end right not changing my front end strategy but what we offer on the back end to increase the lifetime value of my leads and stuff like that when anyways I'm going through notes and I'm studying and all the grades and you're making different things, and the only thing I have in this big box here and I know you can't read it but I'll read it to you, and a reason I put a box out this this is kind of the key to the exponential business right, we're thinking, you know like the success Legendary Marketer has if we're thinking the success that Apple has and what it is it's the the key idea here is to put the distribution in the hands of the customers, right, if you can do that right like if if Apple fans are fanatical so the I'm on my Macbook and I have my iPhone, I have my air pods, you know, and I have all this stuff. And guess what if someone says what do you have I say I have an apple, you know what I mean. And that's how Apple fans are because it's a really, that the fans of Apple the customers handle a lot of the quote unquote distribution and in the way that they've created this community. Well that's what affiliate marketing is that physically puts the distribution in the hands of the customers by saying hey you like our product great go recommended to other people and we're going to pay your referral fee. So if you're in this affiliate marketing game or you're studying this affiliate marketing game, and you're like, Boy, this sounds like a passing fad, which it's not or this sounds like something that I could do for a couple weeks or a couple months and then I want to do something different. I would suggest maybe getting that thought out of your head because affiliate marketing is here to stay, it plus a distribution in the hands of the customers and that's the secret to an exponential business so it's a good business to be in and it took me a long time to get comfortable saying I'm an affiliate marketer, but guess what, I'm an affiliate marketer.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, it'd be silly, I have a pile of checks, amongst beyond the digital payouts we get, I don't know where they are my wife wants to pick them up but when we get, we get multiple checks per and I'm talking about physical checks still from various affiliate things whether it's, you know, products on Clickbank that we're testing and running to be able to teach our students, or whatever. Just getting checks for referring people wouldn't be nice if we got paid to talk about Apple products I mean in every time when we wore the airport, you know we're in front of a couple of 100 people right now and a couple of 1000, or more will minimum we'll see this replay, I mean, wouldn't it be nice if we, if we had, if we got paid for that, we don't. But one other thing that came up in your story for me and you. I knew what you were talking about but I want to make it. I want to elaborate, from my perspective, a little bit in case anybody else didn't know what you were talking about but at least this is what I thought you were talking about selling people what they want, not what you want for them, or not what you are passionate or whatever about was a big learning lesson for me back in 2015 ish. I was really really into kind of a sort of a heart centered, I guess that would be one buzzword, a, you know, a very, very personal development style business and I was selling that specifically my entire audience was all business opportunity seekers people who were basically proven to buy products to make money online, were less interested in personal development stuff. They would listen to it but they weren't proven to buy that. So I was trying to sell my audience of business opportunity seekers people were saying, I want to know how to make money online and I had already been successful selling them products of how to make money online, and I'm now turning and trying to pivot and sell them all kind of personal development style coaching, and they didn't, they didn't respond to it, they didn't buy it right, and I'm sitting around scratching my head going, Man, I mean this, this is, this is, I don't understand why they're not responding to this, but it basically was because I was trying to sell them what I wanted them to buy what I was interested in at that time, because I was going through a massive growth, growth spurt and transition in my life, and sort of stepping my recovery my personal development all that up another level. And so what was going on in my life entrepreneurs typically tend to project that on to their, in their in their business. Right. 

Brian: And I like to play with other people in this space. I like to see what they're posting on Facebook and like I know what they're thinking right now maybe that's the card player in me and I was like Yeah, I know, I know what you're going through right now.

Dave: I know exactly I know and it's like, entrepreneurs, typically online marketers and entrepreneurs in this space project what they're going through in their personal life onto their business, and it's not a smart thing to do, you know, being authentic and even being, you know, being yourself being genuine is is cool, that works that's a cool good thing to do be as genuine means you can give a shit about people, but but projecting what you're doing or going through or overcoming, or are interested specifically in your personal life on to your audience who is awkward that your audience is proven to be interested in something, and they're following you for a specific reason because you started talking about a specific topic. And when you transition to now talking about something different, or even promoting something that's different. They. They. it only makes sense that they're like, it's confusing to them, because if they wanted that they would have got it from somebody else, initially. So for me that was a big learning lesson because I, you know, I sold a few coaching packages and things but you know it was, it was just a struggle man and it was a struggle and I was like damn, I was like I just got done. You know my, I had a company before that there was a multi multi 100 million dollar meeting we were super successful and here I am, I thought, just like you did. Well, hey, I mean, they like me they'll buy anything because they're following me and they trust me and all this kind of stuff, but I had a huge reality check, and I was like, it is not about me, these, this is not, this is not Music Man, this is not like this is not entertainment like the movies, this is, this is topic related information marketing. And, you know, even if I was a country music artist and came out with a rap album, I may lose a lot of my audience. They may be in their head.

Brian: Most people wouldn't succeed at, you know the best way I can, I can put it is, you know, I don't, I don't eat fast food a whole lot but you know if I if I want, you know, a Big Mac or whatever I'm the I'm going to McDonald's well what would happen if McDonald's started, you know, cut their Big Mac out and started selling pizza would anybody go to him anymore, heck no, you know what I mean they'd be done for, and that's the exact same thing that I think you're talking about, and you know that's the beauty just to kind of tie it up is, is that's the beauty of affiliate marketing is you don't have to guess. Right, so when I, when I, when people asked me how do you find products to promote because I always start with the product so when I first started promoting legendary marketer, the first thing I did is like, Okay, let's get into the product let's learn the product. Let's see if this is something that, that, that we can we can we can get behind and we can believe in and obviously you know, fast forward it worked out great and then I built my campaign around and stuff like that. But what you know Pete What I say is, you know, start with the product because the offer is everything, find stuff that other people are promoting because it's validated guess what affiliates don't stick around promoting stuff that doesn't convert, and then, you know, from there, you know, make sure that there's enough people in the space seeing success and if that's the case, Hey guess what people want that product now figure out how you're going to promote it with your angle and I think that's the beauty of affiliate marketing like I just said you don't have to guess, you know what people want based on what what's selling. 

Dave: Well, brother. Man, this has been a masterclass, this is, this has been fantastic and super valuable. And I just can't. If you guys want to meet Brian, I believe you'll be our mastermind. In December, so we're looking forward to it. We've already got a. We've already got a packed registration list for that, and I'm thinking that if you win we do begin to promote that here in a couple of weeks, or talk about it in I think we may have you back on on a specific live just to kind of talk about that event, if you if you folks can get a seat to that mastermind to meet Brian, I would jump on that, I would jump on that as I said the registration list is already full, but we're going to call everybody, make sure that they're still coming in if some of those spots open up I would recommend that you jump on that. If you can.

Brian: There's something about being in that physical room if you can sit, I don't know if there's be a room but there's just something about surrounding yourself with that with people who are the same thing and doing the things that you want to do that's super, super,

Dave: For sure. I can't wait to do it, it's been, it's been too long, dealing with all this so, Dude, I gotta jump and I know you have amazing energy as well. And thanks so much for your time. Brian: Brother, it's always pleasure, always anything. 

Dave: Alright, Brian, we'll talk to you later Brother. Guy sounds great and thanks everybody who jumped on, we'll see you soon. Alright, go and follow Brian at BrianBrewerofficial on TIkTok, he is without a doubt, a legend. All right, without a doubt, that guy is a beast, and, and you just heard exactly why I say that so, my friends, we'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow, make an investment in yourself today do something that, That scares you a little bit do something that, that makes you step out of your comfort zone, and, and, and, and do today what others won't see you can have tomorrow, what others don't. But that said, peace, I got to run.