Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary and we have a phenomenal guest this morning Stacy law so many of you know who she is. Without further ado we're running a few minutes late. Help me welcome to the show. Stacey La what's going on Stacey?

Stacey: Hey everyone. Hey, Dave, how are you?

Dave: I'm hanging out in Orlando. I'm not in my usual spot. Like I'm hiding in a basement somewhere. But, you know, at least a Wi Fi connection is good, I think. And so that's really all that matters. You know?

Stacey: That's right. That's right. 

Dave: You're in Quebec, Montreal.

Stacey: Close to Toronto. Yeah.

Dave: Okay. Okay. That's right. That's right. We were talking about the last trip that my wife and I took up too. Nice. So you are rockin’, you are going to be speaking to our mastermind. I'm so excited to hang out with you. Are you excited to come down here to Florida?

Stacey: I'm super excited. I can't wait. It's cold here now so it'll be great.

Dave: Hopefully it's not rainy then it's going to be, it's going to be a nice fall season. Nice winter season down here and we're gonna have fun. These masterminds are great. We do a mat for those of you who don't know, who do you know, 15 20,000 square foot mansions, and they're, they're just a lot of fun. We're gonna have some awesome guests. Stacy. Brian or Andre. Sarah Ravel is going to be there. There's going to be a lot of our teammates there, a lot of our advisors there and it's going to be a great time. So have you thought at all about what you want to know about what you want to train on?

Stacey: Yeah, I think I have. I mean, when I think I know what I want to talk about. It's pretty clear. It's kind of the basis of how I run my own business. That's really all that I can talk about is my experience in what I've learned and what I know and how I operate. So I know exactly what I'm going to talk about. And I'm excited to share it if it's not really like one specific thing. It's kind of just like my system and I'm excited to share it because I know a lot of people think things have to be complicated, but it doesn't, it doesn't have to be complicated. You can make you know your life and your business. As simple as you want. And you can be profitable at the same time. So excited to share that.

Dave: So tell us back a little bit just for people who don't know, you know, who you are and how you started with all those just give us that nutshell version of where you came from.

Stacey: Yeah, so I mean, I was like you know how everyone kind of starts their journey. I was working nine to five, sometimes more than nine to five I worked 12 hour shifts. They rotated from day to night and it was at a nuclear station. So my journey started because I also have a young daughter and as a mom, it's really hard work. Those long shifts and being away from your family and you miss out on so much and you miss out on things like birthdays and holidays and everything because I mean, you have to be at work because I mean you have to pay the bills, and I think everyone can relate to that. And then you know, a few years ago I started seeing different ways to make money online and that's I know, I started searching for that because I wanted to stay home and the only way I knew to do that was to try to use the internet to to make money in some way. I didn't really know how to do it, but I was starting on my journey to figure that out. Similar to you know, Andre kind of said the same thing to I started with dropshipping as well which is much more complicated and I think a lot of people realize it is it's much more expensive that a lot of people explained that it is and it didn't really work the way I wanted it to and it didn't provide the life that I really thought I wanted because I was still working so many hours I was working my shift, like like 12 hour shifts, but like come home and work, you know, hours on this and I need to get two hours sleep. So, you know, I kind of struggled with that for a while. And eventually I was like, You know what I don't have time to do, and I don't suggest anyone necessarily follows what I do because this is my own story. So I'm just telling it like it is, but eventually I was like I can't work 12 hour shifts and tried to start a business at the same time. Like I'm killing myself like my health was awful. I was exhausted. I still kind of spent time with my daughter and two hours of sleep was just awful. So I just decided to quit my job and go for it. Like I just decided to go all in I'm like if I don't do this now I'm going to like kick myself later in in and wish that I did. So I did what you know I don't necessarily suggest this. I just decided to go for it. I trusted myself and like I'll figure it out. And my husband was super supportive too and was like thank you just do it. Like we got this we'll figure it out. So um, I kind of struggled along for a couple years trying to figure trying different things like all kinds of different ways to make money online and then December last year, I came across legendary in affiliate marketing and I knew what affiliate marketing was. But it was just kind of like the last thing I hadn't tried yet for whatever reason and and I think it was meant to be because once i i decided to kind of go all in with the 15 Day Challenge. I decided to go for it. I was like what do I really have to lose at this point? I've tried everything out. I learned that like I just kind of said before running an online business doesn't have to be complicated. When you have like a process that works like what they show like in the 15 Day Challenge in in with affiliate marketing in general. If you have a business that runs well like that you can have like a great income and free time at the same time. So I mean, it's kind of all history now, since I started the 15 Day Challenge in December and now we're What 1011 months down the road for almost a year to when I started and like my life is it's completely changed and and it's been like a journey of learning, right? Because when you take any training course, you learn what you're supposed to do but then your job after that to continue learning and building on that and perfecting that process because it's up to you to make sure that you get what you want. And you need to always be like growing and learning and becoming a better person especially when you're building your own business. And try to do that for yourself because there's no boss that's going to tell you you know what, you gotta get up, you got to be here at this time. You need to do this for your business that doesn't exist when you quit your job and you're running your own business. So you need to be the one that's on top of that. So maybe a little bit more than a nutshell but that's kind of my story. 

Dave: There wasn't a word wasn't a word too long, or word too short. Perfect. It's yours and all that in fact to be your story.

Stacey: It feels amazing, because I think a lot of people can even relate to that when you're going through it. So when you first decide to do something new no matter what it is, in my case, it was starting this new online business idea when you decided to do that. It's a big mental struggle because you don't know if you're doing it right, right. You're following steps but you don't have the proof that you are necessarily doing you're doing it right you know it's possible because you see that it's working for other people but you're just going through the beginning motion so to go through 11 months and see that the following the steps that are set out for you and being you know, consistent and dedicated to that, that it can result in something amazing is such a great feeling because a lot of people I talked to just don't believe that it can like work.   Everyone uses that thing like will it work and that's not really like that concept is like false belief like everything works. But what you need to do is be dedicated and consistent and work through it. No matter what because if you don't go through the post that process like from beginning to end, it will never ever work. It won't work. So to see that when you actually do follow something through and it results in exactly what you want. And more is like an amazing feeling. It's great.

Dave: You have I mean your your with with the skills that you've developed obviously the hard work that you've put in I mean you're legitimately on your way to basically millionaire status I mean to build a millionaire business to generating a million dollars in in your in your, you know, solopreneur kind of button. I mean, you have no employees, you have no office building that I know of you have no you know, it's just it's such an unconventional business model. You have no you know, tools or equipment that you need. To buy like a restaurant and you're not going to be profitable for two or three years, like so many brick and mortar businesses. I mean, how does that feel to know? I mean, you've already accomplished huge, huge numbers. And I mean, both from your audience that you've built, also income that you've generated. I mean, how are you in your family taking all of that in?

Stacey: It's kind of surreal, really because we still live like we did before. Like we're not big on like, like flaunting and anything like that we're very like conservative that way because we we just want to live a life or we can just beat up and I think like knowing that we can like what you just said like what like we're about to achieve I say we because I mean I'm in the front of the camera but like my husband is definitely behind the scenes so like if it wasn't for him, I swear I wouldn't be where I am today use my my work. With them for sure. But I mean, knowing that you can accomplish that. And what we're about to accomplish is such a great feeling because we've always talked like, like, my husband's name is Craig, Craig and I have always dreamed of and knew what we were capable of, but we just didn't find the right path to get us there. And seeing that we're on that path like we're well down that path and we're we're able to achieve the things that we've always dreamed of is is very kind of surreal, because you know, I know a lot of people kind of like once they start making a lot of income they change their lives and they're like buying expensive stuff and sometimes they you know, kind of lose track of like reality and, and things like that. But, you know, we really try to stay grounded and be realistic because we know that like the work we put in now, if we're trying to build a foundation for our future for ourselves like our kids, we want to make sure that it's there forever. Like it's not really for us that we're doing it. It's for like, you know, our future generations of our family that we're hoping to build this for. So we're putting in the work now to really work hard to lay this out and hopefully solidify something that maybe you know, my daughter can take over one day or at least learn from and create something of her own using like the tools and using what she sees us doing every day. So if a lot hasn't really changed in our day to day life, we are still regular people. I mean like I get up every day in the same house, I drive the same car, I think about the other schools and the difference is I have so much more time to enjoy those things. And I didn't get to enjoy any of that before like we actually just renovated our house as well. And in working at my job I never would have been able to afford that ever, ever like it. It's kind of like I can't even put words to what it feels like but having the time to enjoy these things. It is better than the money in a way because you could have all the money in the world and if you don't have time to enjoy it, then what is the point? Right? So you need to find that balance between income and quality of life. That's what I think we're doing right now.

Dave: So do you have any new when you say I'm building something for my kids and building something for future generations? I mean, I think a lot of times that it is in for me. In the past I've heard people say that it sounded ambiguous. One of the things that my wife and I have begun to look at is like 15/20 years down the road. What is the world going to look like? You know where we live right now in Florida? Is there a possibility that that could be you know, underwater, that hurricanes could be not category fours and fives but sixes sevens and eights and it's no longer even a safe place to live. We don't know that that's going to happen for sure. Maybe that might be extreme thinking. But we've got a lot of, you know, real estate rental properties, our primary homes there so we're going in January and we're looking for some property in a different state somewhere. We're going to be looking for some homes in the mountains. To where we could potentially, you know, go there, retire, go there if need be, or also set up a place for our children in the future. That is already established in case there's a need to move out of where we live right now. I know that you had mentioned turning the business over and I kind of fantasize about that to my kids. I have no idea. Right? But have you have any other things come up for you and Craig about what other ways you could create both generational wealth but also, you know, pass along something that is valuable to future generations? I mean, and I don't want to minimize just skills and values in information. But what other conversations have you had or have had in the past that are now more of a reality like what are your goals now that you've started to accomplish some of them as Maslow, as Maslow says in his hierarchy, right until you meet your basic needs. You can't begin to make you can't move on to the next level to kind of focus on some of those higher level needs. Now that you've met and exceeded a lot of your basic needs, you know that for so many of us it was a struggle at one time. What are some of your bigger goals now like what do you want to do in the next year or five years or 10 years that may or may not even be business related, but because of your success, you're now able to talk about or even plan.

Stacey: So, I mean, it's funny that you're even saying what you said about potentially looking at like relocating in real estate and things like that, because I mean for us and what you just said kind of like hit the nail on the head because I actually had this conversation with husband just a couple of weeks ago and I said like now that we know how to generate income because and we've we've not really perfected it, because if you're always constantly learning, but when you do step one, which is having the ability to generate income when you need it and like you said fill your needs, that gives you the ability to then now grow the income who's generating it is one thing, but then if you really want to build something that is really valuable for for years to come, you need to learn how to also grow the income that you're that you're generating because if you just you can only generate so much right. So we've been thinking of many different things that well maybe not many, but like at least a few key ones that we're looking at. Now that we have like the income that we can actually invest into things like real estate and and maybe not necessarily even living here in Canada all like forever because I mean, Canada is great, but I mean, these last couple years that really put things in perspective and you need to sort of keep your eye on where the opportunities are and where you can take your income and play it in the best place. So real estate is definitely one, maybe not necessarily here in Canada, maybe in the state. And also my husband is very into it. He really enjoys learning about investing in different things as well. So having kind of a chunk of your income that you are willing to invest into something and just let it roll or you know see what happens with it. Not a lot of people have that ability to do that. Like when you have a savings account. A lot of most people your savings account is like for the rainy day emergency fund. And you don't touch it right because you kind of leave it but when you have the ability to create income when you need it. You can take a chunk of money that you can say I'm going to maybe take a risk on and put it into something that I'm not sure of and it could turn into something else. So that's something that we were never able to talk about before. We never had those conversations before because we like I mean, we barely had a savings account for like it didn't really exist. So like that has changed everything and it gives you a peace of mind knowing that even if you know all of that doesn't work if everything feels around, I still have the skills I know to just do it again. I can start over anytime and that's a great feeling. And we can do it all over and we'll be good no matter what.

Dave: Yeah, and you've learned and developed all these skills in the last 11 months. Yeah, most of you who are wondering, you know, how long is it going to take me to develop skills to enter into a new market or career and start? You know, here is a great example and you see these day after day as we're as we're interviewing people here on the show live five days a week. Stacey's story is beyond inspirational and it's truly an example of what you can do if you're super focused. And you take this in treating your business like a business and like a hobby, but you see this every day and we hear this over and over Stacey that people have started three months ago or four months ago. And maybe there's something that's magical and unique about Legendary I don't know because I'm not paying attention to what everybody else is doing. But we have a lot of people who in the 3469 month period have gone through our training and have taken those skills and truly built something that is not just a couple of dollars here or there. That's a significant income stream significant windfall, but most importantly, what you what you talked about is a skills that you cannot take away and that is also what I think so many of us underrate and undervalue is the fact that even if you took everything away from me today, even if you took everything away from you, Stacey today, you and together with with your your partner, your husband, you know how to go in generate revenue, you know how to generate leads, basically, you know how to generate leads, and you know, how to generate sales and quite frankly, as I was talking about in a decade in a day training for new blueprint students this morning, these are skills that you can actually take to any industry promoting any product and make it a success. It's not you know, marketing always takes work. You have to find angles, you have to understand the psychology of who you're talking about. So it's there's there's there's both mechanics and dynamics of this process. But the truth is, I call these transferable skills, because Stacey, even if somebody said, Whoever would be too powerful to come in and say, Okay, you can never work on the internet ever again. You have to go and start an offline business, right? You could take the lead generation and marketing skills that you've learned and developed over the last 11 months. And you could be much more successful with that business than if you didn't have those skills. And thankfully, there's nobody that powerful yet yet who can tell you that you can't use the internet. So, you have this power, you have the skills, you have these powerful platforms that you know, even if you and this happens all the time, like we lose a channel or we something happens where you know, we have to pivot or we have to, you know, something, something stops working as well and we have to go and start marketing on another platform. Whatever you have the timeless principles, the skills that it requires to generate leads to first understand who your target customer is. speak that language that hits makes them feel understood. generate those leads, collect emails, build a list, and then pass them along. To to at the very minimum. If you weren't selling a coach course, or a coaching program course or doing an event, pass it along to a product that you're an affiliate of, and have a stream or multiple streams of income that is so underrated. I think people just have this mindset of like, get rich quick in the middle and understand the long term value of possessing the skills.

Stacey: Absolutely like I did not agree more with that when I talk to people in their first question: do you know about money? Like how much can you really make that much? I always have to stop and say, Okay, first like it's definitely possible, but you're like you're missing the big picture. Like those questions are very near-sighted because when you learn something like that, like what you just explained, and you literally have the ability to take that anywhere like you just said and in generating revenue, like those skills are assets that are so much more valuable. than the money because Okay, yeah, sure. Let's just say you just follow steps mindlessly without taking in what that what you're actually doing and you didn't learn and here you go, like here's however much money right, that money will be gone and then what do you do? What do you do, you know, that's gone like you don't have those steps to take again. So I mean, the skills alone are much more valuable than any money that anyone can give you because then you can do it on your own. You don't have to wait with your hands out for somebody to put money in there like paying your bills like you can do that for yourself and it's a forever thing, right? It's something that you can always do continually. So I try to, you know, put that into perspective for people when they're just so focused on, you know, how quickly I can make the money because it's not about that. It should never be about that. And if that's what your main focus is, you most likely won't succeed either because you're not focusing on the right thing when you're going through the journey of starting your business. Because when you're starting a business, that should never be how much money we're making today. It should always be how much more am I improving my business? What additional things that I learned today that I could put towards the business later to improve it? And what other opportunities have I looked for today that I could maybe get into later? And how am I continually improving my business and myself along the way, because when you focus on those things, you will generate income naturally without even really focusing on it because it will come to you when you're focused on that and actually genuinely helping people solve their problem because that's really the heart of any business, solving a problem. And helping people do that like that is when you will succeed. It really doesn't have anything to do with focusing on money.

Dave: You can see my email, right. Yeah, I can see it. Yep. So what you said is, it's all just so perfect. And it's I hope that I hope everybody we said that in a way that you were able to really hear it because it's just such an important part of this whole, this whole process. And I know it feels like what the hell are you talking about? Don't focus on the money and we're not particularly saying, just do things mindlessly. Even if they don't make money, surely pivot if what you're doing isn't working. But what we're saying is focus on, on adding value, on understanding the needs and the pain points of your customer. So when they hear you speak, they can say wow this person really understands me. And once you get that language down, you know, generating leads building an audience converting sales becomes much easier because people can sniff and smell whether you're being desperate and just trying to sell them something versus whether you're really you know, whether you really understand that I want to go back to something that we were touching on a second ago was this Maslow's hierarchy of needs and the fact that where most of us are is just in these kind of two first two categories of of life and we never get out of them, which is just trying to meet our physic physiological and our safety needs. And kind of what the what the concept of this this, which this guy this guy you know, Abraham Maslow was definitely somebody who kind of, you know, learned a lot borrowed a lot from a lot of, you know, psychology, legends like Sigmund Freud and auto rank and Carl Rogers and I could go into a whole I'm going to be releasing a really in depth training on a lot of a lot of these concepts here really soon. But what I want to talk to you guys just briefly about that I think will resonate with a lot of you is that, you know, a lot of us are just trying to meet these basic needs and his concept his philosophy is like what you can't really move on to creating space and focusing on some of these other needs until you meet the need below it. So we can't really focus on love and belonging, like friendship, intimacy, family sense of connection, because we're always so busy trying to meet our safety needs, like our employment or resources. You know what I mean? Like our money we're trying to, like what happens in this modern society is everybody's so focused on physiological and safety needs, that you know, the divorce rate is well over 50% You know, kids are growing up without their parents and it's not just because their parents left home, it's because they're always at work. You know, we have a society full of people with low self esteem and why Instagram and social media blew up so big is because everybody's trying to take selfies and get status and recognition and self actualization like the desire to become the best version of yourself. And doing true inner work never really happens because well, I mean, we can't even get past our safety needs because we're always working trying to make money. And what happens is, these first three to four needs are like really deficiency needs, so your motivation decreases as your needs are met. So for a lot of people, like once if you're always just focused on money, and then you get a little bit of money. Like if that's the only way, if you're not moving up trying to take the next step in where you can like, like once you meet your money needs you were talking about like really leaning into family and stuff. Well, the motivation for getting more of these needs. If you don't continue to grow, it kind of decreases whereas the motivation increases once these needs are met. Like once your self esteem and your self actualization needs are met. You actually know, if you can focus on that on a regular basis, your motivation to continue to do that increases, right so it's kind of like this, it's kind of like this you know, this is weird, like it's like a backwards its backwards in a sentence. You can also see, this is I think, a great great graphic that shows you that you know, your psychological, your physiological and your safety needs. Are more of your surviving needs, right? Whereas these love, belonging, esteem and self actualization are more of your thriving needs. And the reason why and maybe you guys can relate to this who are listening and I know I can't write because I mean, I was in surviving mode for so long because I could never get past those physiological and those safety needs and if I go back to my addiction days, like back in pre 2008 Like I wasn't even in the safety I was just in the physiological like shelter and food. You know what I mean? Like before we got clean and started putting my life back together. But for those of you who are wondering why you like it, why it feels difficult to get out of just always chasing money. You know, it's because we have until we meet that need, we can't lean into some of these other needs because those are based on needs. You know what I mean? The air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing, reproduction, that's a basic need till that need is met. That's going to be the predominant need that you have to focus on in your life. And then once you do that, you move to safety, your personal security, your employment resources, health property, like until those needs are met. That's going to be the primary need that you focus on. So it's going to be very difficult to move in to focus on family, and in a sense of connection and then into esteem and self actualization. And that sucks, right? That sucks. Because I, you know, the people for me when I when I was focused on just making money and but only my personal security and so forth, like of course I had low self esteem, because, you know, I would never really I was never able to focus on meeting that need of focusing on building my self respect my self esteem, my status, my freedom, right? Isn't that interesting that freedom is connected to a steam like having freedom, the freedom to be able to do what you want and move about as you wish is connected to a steam versus being told to sit in a cubicle. Or report to a job and clock in right. Of course that's attached to esteem because that's not how we were designed to be, you know what I mean? We were designed to roam freely and have freedom. So like what I'm hearing from you, is I'm hearing that now that you've met like a lot of like that, that need basically that safety need that financial need that that that you know that need to have safety with within your property, you know, within your career you've met that need now you're moving into, you know, family to intimacy to self esteem, right? Even self awareness and self actualization to where you're getting with your husband and you're looking into the future does that resonate with you and did that graphic of when we look at it from that perspective, does that make sense?

Stacey: Absolutely, because like in let me know if you can hear me cuz I think my head's just turned off. But like, that chart is exactly like it's funny seeing that because that is exactly how it felt. It felt like it was constantly a struggle in the order of like that, that pyramid is, is is almost like what my journey looked like. I mean, I'm definitely not anywhere near the top yet. I mean, I'm working my way up there. But when you're constantly just wondering how you're going to pay your bills, and what are you going to do it's like it's impossible to even think about anything above that stuff. You just can't even if you try for a minute. Maybe you could distract yourself with something, you know for short term but in the back of school for me anyways, in the back of my mind, I'm constantly thinking of that. And it's kind of a funny process when you actually make it to a step you've never been to before because it's almost like that way of thinking is a habit too because when you know that you are you know you're good with you know, you your safety is good. Like your needs are met. And now you have like you said the freedom to think about your relationship and what you're going to do with your time. You have to almost train your mind to not think about those bottom two steps anymore. Because you're so used to doing that that it's really hard to not worry and that's kind of some that's one of my personal struggles like a being like really open is is like the worry of you know what's going to happen I'm I was always I've always been that warrior, but I think I'm realizing now that it's a habit. So that whole path up to the top of the triangle is really like a personal journey you have to take because the smaller the step, the more difficult it becomes mentally. So the bottom two, I would say are kind of like it's almost like a physical struggle because you're going out you're doing the work to get past those steps to actually step up to the next one. But once you get past the personal you know, the safety and the physiological needs, the everything above that is all a mental thing. So it's a shift. So it's, it's like this whole experience has been so amazing because you learn so much about yourself and what you're capable of and that things that you didn't think maybe you you had the ability to do, like maybe you thought you weren't really great at relationships, or maybe you thought, you know, you weren't great at interacting with people or things like that. But really what it was is that you didn't have the freedom to actually think about those things and give yourself permission to do that. So, so many great things come from, you know, you know, and everyone says, oh, you know, like, it's just starting an online business but it's so much more than that. It's fulfilling every part of your needs. Like it's fulfilling everything. It gives you the ability to be who I think you're actually meant to be and you see your real personality and your strengths come out when you are able to actually just step up and meet those needs that you've been struggling with for so long. So it's just like I'm beyond thankful for this. Everything that I've learned and everything that all of the people that I've met and helped me along this path during this, you know, last 11 months. It's things that I never ever thought I would ever be able to do and it comes from hard work because it isn't easy to step up past those last two steps like you just said those are the most difficult things to do. But if you're willing to really put in that work and dedicate an amount of time and is a short amount of time, in the grand scheme of life to really like if you know somebody told me it would take a year you have to work your butt off for entire year but if you do that you will have like, what you always dreamed up like would it be worth it? And of course I don't know anyone who would say Oh, I know and maybe there's people who would say no to that. But to me, like a year of investment in working my time is so much it's worth it like it's worth like I can't even really explain it but like I think you kind of see where I'm going with this. It's just an amazing feeling.

Dave: Well, I'm gonna say exactly where you're going and I see where you are and I see how your words match your actions. And to me that's what's inspirational and what shows me and I think everybody else like what's possible with this and so, like I just I want to give I want to give everybody so much of you but I also want to I want to encourage those of you who are you know coming to the mastermind to get registered and come and you know, meet you in person and listen to you talk in person and like kind of sit next to us and be in the same room with us. And see that we're just, you know, regular people who sometimes, you know, you know, it may seem like we're, you know, I don't know, I don't know how it seems when you're looking at somebody online or whatever. I think we can tend to put people on a pedestal, but we're really just, you know, I know Stacey when I meet you, you know, just a regular person just like me like anybody else and I know that some of you who have mastermind tickets, you know making that decision to come it's you know, it's it can be it can be a scary one like to come like might feel intimidated or something I just want to assure everyone that you know, this oftentimes when you get in the room with people who are succeeding at high levels in and you see that they're really no different than you you know, they're really they just it's it's in here and the thing that's different it's just in here there's there's been some small tweaks. There's been some you know, maybe that person has worked hard enough to get through but and you're going to talk about your day to day kind of operations and process. You've used that to get past that kind of grind and need to meet your financial needs. So now you've grown in other areas you've you've evolved now you're starting to lean in, and when you bond more and spend more time with your family, you become a more well rounded person, you have less guilt and shame because you're not, you know, away from them so much. So you begin to speak with more confidence because you know, you're taking care of the things you're putting your priorities in order you know what I mean? You're in you're in, then you're building your self esteem because you have freedom. And I'll tell you if you folks want to have just like in that Maslow's hierarchy pyramid said if you want to have the ultimate confidence if you want to be able to believe in yourself and you look at are you here, Stacy or some of these other folks talking and you think they sound so sure of themselves? How do they sound so sure about what they're talking about, and they speak with such conviction? Well, it's because they've gotten to this place to where they've been able to access some levels of freedom. And with freedom comes just great like it says esteem and you feel more powerful you feel more like You're almost like your ancestral self you know what I mean? Like you're you're not, you're not shackled by the the cubicles in the chains in the punch clocks, you know, in the bosses, the jobs in the traffic of today's society, and I'm telling you that can really that can that can man that can bring a brother and a sister down, man that can make us feel just like the world's on top of us. And when you get you start to push that off of you and gain back some of that freedom. You feel more like you're on top of the world, not egotistical, but just more empowered, right.

Stacey: Oh absolutely. Like it's like being able to when that moment when you achieve the thing that you kind of always been holding up there right like you've been reaching for like that moment, and it doesn't matter what it is, whether it's something small like it can be like, it honestly can be anything, but when you get that like that feeling like the day that I walked on my job, like I'll never forget that like looking at that that nuclear station behind me I'm driving away and knowing that I never have to go in there, wear work boots, put on a plastic like never do any of that again, was so liberating. And I didn't even have anything I didn't. I wasn't making any. I didn't know what I was going to do. Tomorrow when I'm locked in there. But just being able to do that is just like a boost to your inner self right? Knowing that you actually can make a decision for yourself. It's possible because people tell you your whole life. It's not that they tell you you have to follow the system. Do all these things. Get a job you know, work to your hover over time, then when you retire. You get to make choices for yourself but not until that. So when you actually finally realize that you are quite capable of making decisions for yourself that are in the best interest of yourself. That feeling alone is bigger than anything else and that is what's going to drive you forward when you realize that you are capable of choosing for yourself and making decisions to choose what your future is going to look like. That is where your strength and where your drive comes from in at least for me that's where it what it is for me knowing that I can provide for my family in the way that I want to and I can create the future that I want to see for myself is is what keeps me going and really drives me because you don't a lot of the times you just don't realize that when you're just going through the motions of regular life and going to your job and getting up and driving in traffic like you said and sitting there and the same thing every single day that you didn't necessarily choose you're just doing it because you have to. So I mean that's a lot of it is just coming to that realization and I think when people like finally succeed it's when they finally that clicks when they finally realize I am capable of doing this and I can make decisions for myself and I can do what I want.

Dave: Yeah, it's not just an empowering moment. It's a way to literally take back your power, you know, and move back into a sort of mindset of owning your life. You know, and we all tie this back to the skills that we're developing here. I mean, it's all just about stepping out of what the stripping off of the road that others have paved for me, right which is basically a road from you know, high school to college. That's the next step on the road to the factory, you know, in the factory can be the New Dealer plan, it can be just the EPA office, it can be the, you know, it could be the grocery store, it can be what other other, you know, Job is there on it along the way. There's exits, you know what I mean? There's exits off of that, and those exits are scary. Those exits, you know, in many cases, they're they're they're mirages right because there's people out there sure many of us have tried lots of different things. But but when you you know when you sit on these shows every day and you tap into this community that we have here, and you hear this day after day, and you see people did morning after morning, and all of the stories of people who have essentially kind of taken that exit off that highway Have you know had somebody else paid me that's that systematic. You know, I think maybe, yeah, there's definitely I gotta use the right words too, because for some people, it's right like we, this is not right for everybody. You know? Like, this is not right for everybody. But I mean, if you're sitting here and you're listening to Stacey and me this morning, and you're shaking your head and you're going oh, my language like and I think a lot of for a lot of us our whole lives, we felt like we didn't speak like the same language like they were talking literally a different like we're sitting here, going into an office with a boss and they're all kind of joking around the watercooler and I'm sitting I remember me, I'm sitting around going, how do I get out of here? Like how do I get out of here? I never want to be comfortable here. I never want to be comfortable at nine to five. I never want to be comfortable and complacent. Because eventually I'm going to forget you know, like I'm gonna lose that, that drive and that motivation. I think that's what happens after decades and decades of being in that environment. That sort of society has been built for us . We stopped when I was five years old. She's like such a big dreamer, like you can look and naturally we are dreamers. Naturally we want to build naturally, we want to be free. And I think just from over years of just this sort of societal, you know, kind of road to, you know, a prison without walls. We, we kind of lose that, that, that dream that dreamer inside of us, and we'll get that back and or we get around people who are talking the language that we're talking, if this is getting fired up in you, then you're probably meant to be here. You're probably meant to hear this message. So don't stop until you fulfill those needs at the bottom. So you can get into those families so you can get into those self esteem needs. So you can begin to not just not just benefit from the physical rewards of this like the money in the house, but until you can, as you said, the experience some of that that esteem growth right some of that, the freedom that is for me, I think been one of my most empowering, you know, experiences that I've ever had. It's just a matter of fact, I was talking with my wife the other day and we you know, we were we were all we're always so aware of any situation that I might get into to where I feel like I'm sort of being told what to do you know what I mean? Not Not that I'm not able to follow rules enough that I might not able to be a good citizen, because I can follow you know, societies, like for example, like, you know, over the last couple of over the last couple of years, like I've gone along with doing what I can to keep people safe, right? I'm not talking about that stuff. I'm talking about like, on a day to day basis, like with work and stuff like that, like I want to feel free. I want to be able to be creative, I want to be able to make my own hours, and even if it's a struggle, focusing and being committed and being disciplined at the beginning, like I want to have a chance to be able to develop those skills. And for me, it took a little bit longer to develop like structure and like I didn't get my wife's help, honestly because she's really structured and organized, but I want to be the one who has a chance to develop that. You know what I mean? Like I don't want to be told you have to be here at nine and you're like, I don't want to be told that I want to develop that structure in that plan. If I'm going to work out I'm going to eat better. Like I want to develop that. I want to have a shot to design that lifestyle versus you know, having somebody tell me when to eat or when workout you know, and yeah, you know what I mean? Stacey: So yeah, I've been really empowering for me, and I feel it adds so much to my self esteem. So yeah, it's almost like it gets to the point. Yeah, it's like it gets uncomfortable when you've been. It's uncomfortable when you almost try to fit yourself back into that box. Again, you don't fit anymore. You just don't fit and that's the easiest way I can explain it is just, you don't fit so it's just not even worth it to try to go down that path because you know, I know who I am now and I know what I'm capable of. So I'm not. I would never like there's no, I would never go back. There's no way I couldn't. I'm not that same person.

Dave: Well, listen, I could obviously talk with you for hours about this stuff, because it's just so interesting. I think there's a level to this, right. I mean, I think one of the one of the really cool things that we do around here is we talk about the different levels not just you know not we were teaching people how to fish versus just giving them fish I think why this is I think that's that's my hunch. This is my guess why we have a lot of successful people who are growing. We're learning we're earning in lots of different levels and lots of different ways just because we're focused not just on the mechanics, but also on the dynamics and that's what I'm going to be talking about. A lot of the mastermind coming up is going to be a lot of these dynamic pieces. I'm going to bust out some of my training that I haven't done before that I've been developing sort of behind the scenes and go over some of the concepts that have helped me to grow to these next levels and achieve things that I wouldn't have ever guessed were possible. So, again, I could talk with you about this for a long time, but I'm going to let you go because we have to leave a little to be desired for those of you to remember, you know, and I'm just Stacey. I'm looking forward to seeing you there and thanks for your time today and, and just just stay Legendary and keep rockin. 

Stacey: Okay, all right, thanks. Can’t wait to see you guys in person!

Dave: Alright, see you later. All right, you can go and follow Stacy at the link here that I'm showing on the screen and she is a force of nature? Yeah, I mean, she's awesome. She really she really is and it's so cool to see to have these conversations, you know, kind of behind the scenes with all these great entrepreneurs and marketers in our community because, you know, it's one thing to watch them do their thing and it's another thing to hear the the journey behind you know, their business and how they got to where they're at and kind of, you know what, it's what it's like, and, you know, it's just it's really cool, like, as you can see, like, it's really cool. Like I get so fired up to hear these stories of that kind of startup entrepreneur who you know, just 11 months ago, you know, got started so, and now has rocketed. So go get registered. If you have a mastermind ticket. We'll see you in Orlando. I'm actually right around the corner from where we're going to be just right here this weekend. So it's awesome here. It's going to be a great event. There's obviously the house, the surroundings, the environment is going to be great, but the best is the people, the people who are going to be there, you will feel safe, you will feel connected, you will feel a part of because that's the vibe that we have within our community. And within our family. And so come with an open heart and with an open mind get registered today while spots are still available. You have to have a mastermind ticket. And yeah, we'll see you there and we'll see on Monday. Peace out, get out of here. Love you all bye.