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The affiliate marketing sector is worth $12 million. It's one of the smartest ways for online businesses and content creators to get involved with marketing.

So we've created a list of educational affiliate marketing training materials. Turn on your inner autodidact and get reading, watching, and trying this advice. You'll find plenty of resources in these materials to learn from the best affiliate marketing training.

First, What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products and services in your content (videos, blogs, etc.). You are only tangentially affiliated with the product. You will get a cut of their sales for directing customers toward them.

Some people promote affiliate products related to their field. For instance, if they convert travel vans, they may link the solar panels and mattresses they install. Each time someone buys from this link, they earn a commission.

Others strictly promote products they have no connection to. They may do this in a series of online video reviews or blog posts. Either way, they still receive a commission on the products they promote. Affiliate marketers get paid when people purchase from their link.

Why do you need to take a course or read a book on how to do this? The intricacies of optimizing your marketing are worth having an expert opinion on. Not all affiliate networks are built equal.

eMarketing Institute Affiliate Marketing Course and Certification (Free)

The major benefit of eMarketing Institute's courses is the free e-book you get to download. Study from it and keep it even after your certification exam. Even if you don't bother to get certified, download the free e-book. Build up your library of excellent affiliate marketing – for free.

Beef up your resume with some related certifications from eMarketing Institute. These also come with free downloadable e-books, including for Web Analytics and E-Commerce.

The Advanced Affiliate Marketing Playbook by Graham Fisher and Jonathan Ostrander

Turn on your listening ears and dive into this Amazon Bestseller, ranking #19 in Web Marketing.

Available as an audiobook for on-the-go learning and e-book, The Advanced Affiliate Marketing Playbook: Learn Secrets from the Top Affiliate Marketers on How You Can Make Passive Income Online, Through Utilizing Amazon and Other Affiliate Programs Successfully! gives you the playbook for affiliate marketing.

After reading, you will understand the challenges ahead. It also covers writing effective sales copy. This best-seller sets you up for the long game to make sure you are prepared for what comes next.

Money Guru's Affiliate Marketing Training Youtube Playlist

Want to learn more about affiliate marketing in your spare time? YouTube is the people's university, with any kind of how-to video you might be looking for. This includes affiliate marketing.

Check out the Affiliate Marketing Training Playlist by Money Guru. This is a series of videos that run from about 7 minutes to 35 minutes. You can sneak some basic education into down moments of your day with this playlist.

Plus, it won't cost you a dime!

Affiliate Marketing by Noah Gray and Michael Fox

Check out Affiliate Marketing: Launch a Six Figure Business with Clickbank Products, Affiliate Links, Amazon Affiliate Program, and Internet Marketing, the 4.5-star Amazon book by Noah Gray and Michael Fox.

Available as a paperback or e-book, this breakdown of Affiliate Marketing answers the questions you have been asking. Learn how to avoid common mistakes and pick a marketing niche with Gray and Fox's guidelines.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Blogs & Videos

If you're getting into the affiliate marketing content business and you don't know ahrefs, you need to. This site is full of SEO-tools to use to get your webpages and blogs ranked higher.

But they also offer a wealth of knowledge after being in the business for so long. Check out their blog and YouTube videos on beginner Affiliate Marketing for some simple, free breakdowns of where to get started.

ClickMeeting webinar: How Affiliate Marketers Are Using Webinars to Promote Products

With ClickMeeting's ClickMeeting webinar: How Affiliate Marketers Are Using Webinars to Promote Products up on YouTube, you can watch this expert webinar on the use of webinars in affiliate marketing.

Watching Zach Johnson of MoneyReign Inc. cover this unique way to use affiliate marketing will no doubt expand your scope on the process. The presentation element of learning from webinars can be a great way to tackle difficult topics that remain flat on the page of a book.

Get the Basics Under Control

Many of the affiliate marketing materials out on the web are free to access. This is great, as it's always beneficial to dip your toes into a new topic without making an investment.

The one downside is that some of these materials online may not get as deep as you want to take your affiliate marketing to the next level. You may not have a real person instructor to reach out to with complicated questions.

That's where moving on to a more directed, intensive affiliate marketing course will do you well, like ours at Legendary Marketer.

Use the basic materials out there to walk before you run – but then run with us.

Why You Need to Jump into an Affiliate Marketing Training Program

With all the amazing resources out there, it's not hard to pursue further education about affiliate marketing. Why not join a formal affiliate market training online? When you join one of Legendary Marketer's Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint you get primo access to our affiliate marketing training course material.

In our Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint, we show you how to get started with affiliate marketing as an online business. Promote others' products through an affiliate network and then earn a commission if they buy it after clicking on your link.

Enroll in Our Affiliate Marketing Training Program

There's a lot of great affiliate marketing training programs out there – but you'll understand if we say we think ours is the best.

Are you ready to jump in with our affiliate marketing training program? Watch this free video to learn how to earn high ticket commissions and supercharge your earnings.

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