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Wouldn't it be amazing to help others lose weight while earning a significant income? Well, that's exactly the opportunity Le-Vel is offering their direct selling representatives.

Imagine the possibilities this business could offer you. Perhaps you want to leave your day job or buy a new car. Maybe you could take multiple holidays a year to recharge your batteries.

While this sounds like a fantastic work/life balance, is the company really telling you everything you need to know? Entrepreneurs love to take risks, but they need to be calculated.

Too many people lose their money by investing in businesses that turn out to be little more than pyramid schemes.

The financial damage can be devastating. You can also lose friendships if you encourage acquaintances to invest in the wrong business.

If you want to find out if selling weight loss patches with Le-Vel is a legitimate opportunity, you're in the right place. Let's dive in and find out more.

Who Are Le-Vel?

Jason Camper and Paul Gravette are the company co-founders. The business has been in operation since 2012, and the owners boast of having over 40 years of industry experience between them.

Focused on the Health and Wellness sector, they claim to have more than 10 million customers. With over $2 billion in lifetime sales and 30 patents, they seem to have a solid corporate base.

The most eye-grabbing figure for entrepreneurs is that the company has paid out over $1 billion in commissions. If you're thinking of becoming an independent direct seller, that's going to get your interest.

The website is slick, and they've clearly put effort into their marketing. There is a whole section for the Thrive by Le-Vel products.

You can click through each product, and they are honest enough to state there is no guarantee of clients getting the desired results.

So far, so good. There is obviously an investment in the company, and they don't make obviously false claims. However, when you look deeper, you may have some questions their website doesn't answer.

Is the Business Legitimate?

Le-Vel claims you can make money through direct selling their weight-loss patches. This is a good sign. Many multilevel marketing (MLM) companies are little more than pyramid schemes.

This is because you can only make money by recruiting other people. Le-Vel makes it clear they have a marketable product, and they will pay you for selling it. This means they are a legitimate business.

However, this fact doesn't mean they are offering you a good opportunity. You need to decide if the product provides real results. Weight loss products have a poor reputation in the marketplace.

You need to consider if you would buy this weight loss patch yourself. If not, then selling Le-Vel products to others is going to be difficult. There is also a disclosure on the website which is concerning.

They admit the Le-Vel MLM statements on their website have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This can make it harder to convince someone the product you are selling them is safe.

Le-Vel's MLM Model

MLM marketing companies offer independent direct sales representatives two ways to make money. The first method is to sell the product directly to customers.

However, it can be difficult to find customers without an advertising budget. You could even lose money investing in marketing and not getting a good return.

Many people try to sell without advertising by appealing to friends and family. You'll probably make a few sales, but this is not a good approach. People may resent being asked to buy products they don't want or need.

These buyers will also not be long-term customers.

If you'd prefer not to sell directly to consumers, you could try the second money-making method. This technique requires you to recruit your own team of sales staff.

They are also independent sellers, but you get a cut from each sale they make. This is because you recruited them into the business. The problem with this approach is that your recruits may not be good at sales.

You might spend a lot of time helping them learn the ropes, only to find they leave the company after a fortnight.

These reasons are why MLM companies often get a bad reputation. This is not always deserved, as many are excellent businesses. However, there are other more effective ways to earn a substantial online income.

The Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Affiliate marketing involves selling a product that belongs to someone else for a commission. It is different from MLM marketing because you can build a business and scale it to make exceptional profits.

You can own your audience, build an email list, and allow customers to see your personality. When you create content, you can profit from it many times over.

You can write engaging blog posts or make videos that showcase the product's best features. When you've done this once, you can be making sales from that one content piece for years to come.

You can also repurpose content. If you write a blog, why not turn it into a podcast? You could do an interview with a customer and make it into an article that you can publish in online magazines.

The possibilities are endless. However, many people fail to make money with affiliate marketing. This is because they jump into the business without knowing the crucial marketing tips to make their venture a success.

Affiliate marketing has been around for many years. But it constantly evolves. It's vital to have a mentor who can guide you and help you become profitable.

There is no easy way to establish a successful business. But listening to advice from people who have made huge profits is invaluable.

Partner With Legendary Marketer

This Le-Vel review should give you a good idea if the business model is right for you. If not, you may want to become an affiliate marketer.

The experienced team at Legendary Marketer has created multiple successful affiliate marketing businesses. They encourage you to put in the hard work that is necessary to build your company.

When you have questions about the next step you should take, they can give you real-life advice. There are no guarantees when creating an online business, but partnering with the right company increases your chances of success.

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