On this week’s episode of Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe sat down with Curt Hadley to talk about his affiliate marketing business. Curt spent a large portion of his life afraid to be in front of the camera, and in this interview he shares how he overcame that fear.

If you’re someone who might have some fear or skepticism about getting in front of the camera, this interview is for you.

Getting Comfortable Behind The Camera

Curt Hadley, also known as @thatoldbaldaffiliateguy on TikTok is from southern Oregon. When creating his TikTok account he originally wanted a unique and memorable username and decided that he would put a personal spin on his username. For years he has worked in the television and radio industry and has done mostly behind the scenes editing, writing, and promoting. Curt no longer wanted to be a behind the scenes guy, and wanted to face his fear of being in front of the camera. 

Curt explained that the reason he was always so afraid of being on camera wasn’t because of his appearance or the lack of hair on his head, but because there was something inside him that was holding him back from being comfortable on camera. He was worried about what others might think about him.

Something that really helped Curt to over his fear of being on camera was remembering that everyone starts somewhere, and that perfectionism is not the goal. “Eventually I came to this realization that people don’t think about me as much as I think they think about me,” Curt said.

It Only Works If You Work It

Curt realized the idea that people wouldn’t like him was all in his head, when in reality, his viewers ended up liking his TikTok content more than he ever thought that they would. He now has 51.9K followers on his account and over 84.9K likes on his videos. 

One huge tip that Curt shared with David Sharpe is the business models he tried in his past didn’t work because he didn’t work on them. So many people sign up for things or buy courses and never start them, or they put zero effort into them and claim they don’t work. The reason you might be telling yourself that something didn’t work is because you didn’t put the work or effort into it that’s required to be successful. 

Setting Boundaries Within Your Business

Curt also brought up how important it is to set boundaries within your business. This might mean setting boundaries with your customers or even people who are committed to misunderstanding your affiliate marketing business. Curt said that he has been asked many times before by customers and viewers about private coaching sessions, but has set a boundary to not offer coaching sessions yet. 

Instead of coaching sessions, Curt has actually created a Facebook group so that he can help multiple people at once. He often posts short training videos, videos from his TikTok live sessions, and even infographics for his Facebook group members. He wanted to create a Facebook group because it would be better for him to answer questions for his viewers and followers who might all have the same question or would like to learn more about a specific topic. “I want to set boundaries but I want to be available,” Curt said. He shared that there is a fine line between being as helpful as you can with people and taking up less time helping them. 

Creating A Strong Call To Action

David Sharpe shared that having a strong call to action at the end of your video is a key factor in guiding traffic to your site or email list. Saying “click the link in my bio” is an overused phrase and oftentimes viewers already know where to find the link. It’s more important to give them a reason as to why they should click it, rather than telling them where to find it.  “There’s always a different and more powerful way to approach what we’re doing,” Dave said. 

Another tip that David Sharpe shared was to not reveal the name or company for your product or business right away in a video, and allow for suspense to be built by the viewer. If people see your product straight away it may deter them from viewing the rest of your video because they will pre-judge it. “If we tell them what it is, they go and they google it themselves,” Dave said. 

When first starting out in your online business you might find it difficult to get in front of the camera, or even set boundaries within your business. Applying these tips will help you to learn how to get comfortable with creating content. 

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