Most of us don't take enough time to think about the long-term impact that we want to make as online entrepreneurs. That's pretty evident by the tactics used to attract people with the “right now” focus. The truth is, we all need to develop the skills to last the test of time, because only then can we experience real success and have it be there long after we desire to work.

On this week's Legend's Webinar Series (9pm EST), we've invited super-affiliate Keysha Bass to come and train on her strategy for longevity. For more than 5 years, Keysha has been an amazing testament to what hard work, dedication, integrity and mental toughness can get you.

Check out this revealing interview and make the decision to join us for her training tonight. Thank you, Keysha, for being so willing to deliver life-changing value to our industry at large, and to our members here at Legendary Marketer.