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If you've been searching for a new business opportunity, you may have come across a company called Juice Plus.

As a major multi-level marketing (MLM) company, they are often an attractive option for people looking to earn a substantial income.

While their offering may seem exciting at the outset, it's important to consider if it's really possible to become one of their high earners.

Read on for our Juice Plus review to determine if this company is offering the right opportunity for you.

What Is Juice Plus?

Jay Martin founded the company way back in 1970, but it wasn't until 1993 that they began to operate in the health and wellness industry.

However, it has enjoyed a long successful trading history and now operates in more than 20 countries worldwide.

The company's longevity suggests it provides products that are popular and that it can also generate income for its partners.

One of the most attractive aspects of Juice Plus is that it offers the chance for people to make money while making a positive difference in the lives of others.

There is also no suggestion that Juice Plus operates using the illegal pyramid scheme model. It's entirely possible for partners to earn money selling physical products direct to the public.

These are all encouraging signs, and there's no doubt some potential investors would be tempted to part with their money at this point. But, as with many MLM companies, it's important to look a little more closely.

Can You Make Money with Juice Plus

Juice Plus has a low entry fee of only $52 to join the business. This is one of the lowest MLM fees around and would appear to represent good value for money.

Their system processes orders, ships the products, and handles the billing. This leaves you free to promote their products to increase your earnings. They also have excellent support when you are advertising to potential customers.

For example, the company provides personalized websites and marketing materials. They also put you in touch with others who are already successfully selling their products.

To give customers peace of mind, Juice Plus also advises there has been considerable research that confirms the products can have health benefits.

These include positive results for the cardiovascular and immune systems, dental health, and the ingredients can even help to improve skin hydration and thickness.

So far, everything seems extremely positive. In addition, it is certainly possible to make money as a Juice Plus partner. For example, their income disclosure sheet shows earnings of over $340,000.

However, this is when the picture becomes more complicated. Only 0.1% of all US partners generated this income level. In fact, only 1.3% of their US partners made over $22,740.

In contrast, a whopping 97.1% made $3,180 or less. This is a concerning figure that raises questions as to why this is the case. It is possible there is too much competition in the marketplace.

Or, maybe the products are too expensive. Whatever the reason, it may be why many MLM company partners recruit others to try to make sales on their behalf.

When a recruit makes a sale, the original member gets a slice of the profit.

Perhaps this is the best way to make money with an MLM company?

MLM Company Downsides

It can sound like a dream come true; recruit lots of new members to become part of your downline. Build a large team, and they can make enough sales to send a significant profit your way.

But, you need to consider if this is really likely to happen. After all, if most members struggle to make direct sales, why would your team be any different?

You could spend your time recruiting someone, training them, and then finding they want to leave soon after.

Although the Juice Plus advertising is very professional and appealing, their own income figures suggest this may not be enough for new members to make sales.

Often MLM partners turn to selling to friends and family, but this can lead to tension as they may not want to buy these products.

They may make one or two purchases to help you out, but are not likely to continue to buy long term.

Unfortunately, many people who had high hopes of doing well in their new venture become discouraged and look for other opportunities elsewhere.

But, there is another way to make an online income without experiencing these issues.

Affiliate Marketing

There is no fee to pay, you don't have to sell to people you know, and there is the chance to earn passive income. If this sounds good, then welcome to the world of affiliate marketing.

You've probably already come across examples of this marketing technique. For example, when someone creates a piece of content such as an informative article or video and posts it online, they can include affiliate links.

These links take the viewer to a sales page where they purchase a product that belongs to another company. Because it was your content that encouraged them to buy, the seller rewards you with a commission.

You can leave this content on the internet, and people can view it and click the links for months or years to come. Over time, you can build a library of content to increase your earning potential.

If you become a trusted source in an industry, you could find your sales skyrocket beyond your expectations.

However, it's important to understand how to properly create and market content to maximize your chances of success.

There are many aspects of affiliate marketing that can help you succeed or fail, and partnering with an expert team can be a sensible investment.

Consider Legendary Marketer

You now have more information to help you decide if you can make money with Juice Plus. However, if you believe affiliate marketing is more profitable, we have a range of resources that can help.

At Legendary Marketer, we don't give you the hard sell. In fact, we tell you right at the start that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

However, with dedication, we're confident we can help you achieve your desired results.

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