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Dave: What's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. Today We have an interesting guest who is a veteran, a digital course creator, a motorcyclist and has used Legendary Marketer to skyrocket his results. Let's hear all about it. BJ, welcome to the show, brother. Thanks for making me excited to be here.

So thanks for your service, first of all. 

BJ: Man, thank you, I appreciate that.

Dave: And tell us a little bit about your journey and kind of how you came online and found Legendary. If I love that, I find that probably a little different. I did 25 years as a police motorcycle officer, and I retired and, and I started my own motorcycle training school here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And we started that back in 2014. And then a few years later, I wanted to reach more people. So I made a digital training course and put it on one line. I got into ClickFunnels. I went to Funnel Hacking live and I'm talking to other marketers, they're networking and they recommended building an affiliate program for it. And you know, and then I ended up starting to have affiliates sell and I made a membership area and made a digital course out of it. And you know, just went from there.

Dave: Okay, so how ultimately did you find us? 

BJ: They were telling me about people that I was networking with and were telling me about Legendary and how it would help me promote not only my motorcycle school here in Pittsburgh, but also the videos and everything else. And so I ended up, you know, a few years later, a couple years later, finding you on TikTok and remembering talking about your program, and they said it'd be really beneficial to help me market my own school, so okay. 

Dave: Yeah, nice man. 

BJ: So has it been fantastic. We blew up really, we saw licensing agreements for my school. So I used your program to help me and my son, my son's real big into the business as well. So now we have 65 locations across the country for my school. So we saw almost like a franchise potential licensing agreement. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah. So you've expanded when, over COVID?

BJ: We really started knuckling down and building all that everything in the back end, and focused on our marketing. And so we just took it from there and just kept building on it and what would you say has been the strategy or the number one thing that you've taken maybe from your training or experience here that's helped in that business? Oh, the marketing I mean, reaching out to people putting ads in front of them. We do Facebook ads for the motorcycle school. And the videos. So it really went, you know, just being able to put everything together, make everything flow better, have our back end better, and you know, just been tremendous actually. 

Dave: So are you playing around also with some affiliate marketing too? 

BJ: Yeah, after going through your course I had people who are looking to learn how to work online and no matter what your passion is you can use Legendary Marketer to market that.

Dave: You know, Matt, maybe four weeks six weeks ago, something like that sent me a video of you, and you happen to be our top affiliate for either that day or or the previous couple of days or something. And it was all from this little TikTok video that you made, where you basically were sitting in front of your desk, they're playing a country Western song. And, and you mentioned six, six firearms companies that you can be an affiliate for. You didn't say a single word is all you did. You said hey, here's six real firearms companies that will pay you to send them leads and traffic and you listed the six never a word spoken and that video went viral. You had a million views on it in a few days. It your account up to over 30,000 followers.

BJ: I was blown away by that. What we found in it was it was and I just started that tick tock, you know, not even two weeks prior to that and you know, when I first went on pictures and but I was um, thankfully I was able to have my link in my bio right before that one went viral. And I mean, it just took off and I mean, the next day I woke up, I posted it right before I went to a you know a family New Year's Eve party. And then the next day, I just couldn't believe the amount of views and traffic and comments and everything from there. Yeah.

Dave: Yeah. I mean, it goes to show you just the power if you have everything set up correctly. The power of what's possible with some of these platforms these days and again, set up properly is you use the right you know, mechanics and dynamics along the way, you know anybody in any niche motorcycles teaching, affiliate marketing or teaching online marketing.

Firearms Training, I mean, I'm just thinking of just trying to, I mean, self defense, parenting dog training. You could even niche down from there to Harley Davidson. You can always you know, you can create a a account, take five minutes, edit setup properly, get your link get your if you can, or at least get your back end set up for when you can get that link up in the bio and, you know, you you set up your back end to send that traffic towards that link and you create you know, content around edutainment edge educational and entertaining content around that topic, one message per per account and you can it really is mind boggling how simple it is to grow a business versus BJ. The things that I would think to do to build my business if I didn't have this knowledge, meaning all the offline beating the pavement making the phone calls, handing out the business cards. It's such an old school and absolutely exhausting way to build your business versus the strategies that we're using here in this community and people who are going through this education. And I look at a guy like you who's clearly a blue collar guy, and I'm a blue collar guy. You don't strike me as a guy who has sat in a suit in a corner office in a skyscraper your whole life, right? You're never a military veteran. I mean, so here we are guys like you and I are leveraging technology where there are so many other guys who look like you and me who are out there beating the pavement and struggling I mean, that must be why you say hey, I want to share this knowledge by actually having at least a stream of traffic in at least in a counter to in the how to build a business online niche.

BJ: 100%

Dave: Wow. So where do you go from here with you know how, what's next in the next three to six months for you? I mean, what would you like to accomplish in 2022? 

BJ: Well, we're gonna continue to expand our motorcycle training business. It's an advanced course, it's not for beginners. And so it's unique. It's a niche version of motorcycle training. And so we're going to start advertising and get it outside the US and start getting into other countries. And so we teach people how to run the business on the back end and so yeah, it's a we we only just expand to make it worldwide.

Dave: So this particular business, it doesn't require you to have physical locations. You're just selling the training to people who want to have the business and it's almost like you said like we said earlier a franchise, they then take your system and open a business in their local market to train other folks on riding motorcycles, etc?

BJ: Exactly. If they're not already trained and certified to teach the motor officer techniques. We send them in to get them trained and certified to teach. And then we teach them how to market their classes. And I'll tell you what, that's a huge marketing thing. I mean, you know, trying to tell some big burly Harley guy that year that there's more to learn. That was a tough sell. So we had to get out there and really shuffle you ever seen viral videos or motorcycle watchers going through the code courses on YouTube but that's what that's what we teach and what your self was capable of doing. You know? 

Dave: Oh, yeah. There's nothing more entertaining than watching a big burly guy on a Harley Davidson ride through some cones and do some interesting checks. You know what I mean? Right? It's right. There's not so much if you can capture that content, which is the entertaining aspect of it, and add a little nugget of education. There's a common theme of education and messaging on the account. And then that face maybe that burly, you know, big guy becomes the messenger, right of that account. And now for $0 Little bit of knowledge $0 You've set up a marketing basically, it's almost like a spring. You know how some ocean lakes are man made summer spring fed. You know, what do you want? You want to be? Do you want to have a lead source that is spring fed? You know, for me, I don't want to have to go building you know, these big pools everywhere and in bringing people to those pools and then trying to bring them out of those pools or complicate my marketing. I want to just be able to go to those places where there's a spring fed opportunity, where leads just flow right to Jacqueline endlessly. And with your business model, it's similar to what we teach here with the information aspect, right? You don't even have to travel when somebody buys your program. Because it's all online. They can access everything online and if they need your customer service, where you can get on the phone or zoom with them. So you've got the perfect setup here to use a platform like TikTok, or Instagram, because all you need to do is simply get your message. 

BJ: Exactly. And that's just the digital side. I mean, the physical locations, like when we sell a pro rider to anybody who wants to get into this business, you know, it's all outdoors you know, it's a they get a parking lot and they teach it, we tell him you know, the cones, and they set it all up. So yeah, right. I can see that. Like they don't even need a physical location. Right.

Dave: Exactly. I like that. I mean, that's great. You know, here's an example: friends of somebody who used experience from a previous career right and how, you know, I know another guy who teaches firearms classes at a local gun range, who actually is an active sheriff.

He can just as easily be a retired Sheriff but here's friends for those of you who are looking for ideas of information or expertise or knowledge that you may already have. BJ could have easily said, Oh, I'm just a police officer. I know how to protect and serve. That's about all I know how to do. I mean, you know, what am I going to do in this chapter of my life? I don't know. I'm helpless, you know, but instead you looked around at the various pieces of knowledge that you've acquired over the years and said, Hey, I've got something here. And right now, I've worked in the business. I've developed some of the systems but now let me work on the business. And let me create a leveraged saleable asset, right, which is what you've done, you've taken yourself sort of out of the equation in now, instead of running the classes every day, you're selling the franchise, you know, the license to be able to do that, and I don't know it's just a great it's a great example of an information business in a unique niche. And then using our strategies to be able to get that opportunity in front of more people around the country, or like you said, around the world. 

BJ: Yeah, the training that you provide is phenomenal. No matter what you want to put out there, whatever you want to promote.

Dave: Motorcycle business, motorcycle light training businesses included. Wow. So what do you think of this whole online thing and specifically, even what we're doing as a retired police officer, somebody who just you know I mean, even motorcycle stuff, what you're doing there is somewhat familiar to your police life. This whole world is different. I mean, it's the internet. What's this experience been like for you?

BJ: Man, it's been, I mean, a huge eye opener to the potential to be able to harness the power of the internet. It's just amazing. And I mean, you but you have to learn it the right way.

You know, it's just, it's incredible the amount of people you can reach the message you want to put out there and what you can learn online I mean, I was always terrible on computers. And so it took me a little longer to get everything dialed in. Though, when I came on, we didn't have computers. I had to write everything I did. 

Dave: Really? 

BJ: Yeah. In Pittsburgh. We didn't have computers when I first came on. No, not in the 90s and it was everything was written by hand everything was done by hand. And then a few years later, I ended up getting on a motorcycle unit and our motorcycle didn't have computers, you know, so at the time we never really had any. 

Dave: Wow. So here's even more hope for you folks who are feeling you know, technically challenged that, you know, here's a an ex police officer who you know, never use the computer, never use it, but you would think at least in some way, shape or form the man is going to be forced to learn how to use a computer you never did. And here you are using your cell phone using your computer, sitting down patients, patiently giving yourself an opportunity to learn and understand these principles. How important is that for somebody in maybe that baby boomer or quite quite frankly, honestly, you could be young and have no computer experience. But let's just say somebody who's, you know, had a career not on the computer and feels overwhelmed by this. How important is patience? How long or what have you done to be able to comprehend some of this stuff, understand it and apply it?

BJ: No, it was I mean training and I mean every theory is what revolves around training and like what I would do is I go on and I find something online. And then I would watch a video. I pause it and then I implement it on my computer. You know, I'd watch it on my phone or and I just started to pause it every 1020 seconds until I learned how to do it and figure everything out. I bought my first funnel on it at the end of 2017 and I didn't even know what a funnel was, you know, at the time. Yeah.

Dave: Yeah, no, me neither. I mean, I used a WordPress funnel back in the day called Optimizepress or something. You had to upload the plugin to your WordPress blog and, you know, go through and set all these pages up and stuff and I can remember doing that that was the first first funnels that I built and yeah, you don't even know what you're doing. I remember that. Remember that feeling of just kind of even looking at other people's stuff and just kind of watching the training, just setting it up as it's telling me but not really understanding. Right. And I do think it's important to understand the blueprint and that is one of the reasons why we call our kind of flagship program the business blueprints because the guy on the on the on the job site who understands how to swing the hammer but also how to read the blueprint, makes the most money and also understands the most about the job. Understands the job from start to finish. And kind of the big picture. And so at first Do you feel like you were just kind of following instructions and swinging a hammer? Do you feel a bit more now like you understand the blueprint? 

BJ: Oh, yeah, I understand that. Now. It was just a struggle at first and it took me you know, 10 times as long to do what I can do now. And you know, very simple, like anything in life, you know, first time you do something first couple times it's a struggle. But the more you do it, the more familiar you get with it. You understand, know what needs to be done.

Dave: So, I've got so you're the name of your business is pro rider, your motorcycle business. Your TikTok account for that is the @proriderMC Yes, that's that's a TikTok for the motorcycle business. And I just started, you know, at the end of summer.

And then @makemoneywithMCMullins is your affiliate marketing account? Niche account and that's the account also that had the viral video about the firearms affiliate programs, right, right.

Yeah, and I did notice that when you did that video you'd only been doing TikTok for about 10 or 12 days and you had sort of adjusted your view and adjusted your content a little bit. I want to talk about that here in just a moment. Show everybody this video that I I've been talking about

owner right.

Pretty simple stuff. You know, when Matt showed me that, and I talked about you a couple of times on Wake Up Legendary with a couple of different people. I thought that was just such a you know, you're only one video away. You never know that video ended up getting 1.2 million views and I think that video built your channel up to 335 maybe 40,005 I don't know how many you had before.

BJ: For a few days I had 30,000 followers and now I'm up to a little over 41,000 

Dave: Yeah. So I know, because your account was so new. I quickly was able to kind of look at the entire thing and see that in the beginning you were sort of posting more generic content as a lot of content from either other gurus or influencers. And then you slowly kind of move into this where we see your face and we've got kind of a theme going here and what happened in what have you learned?

BJ: Go all the way in you know, go go 100% And if you want to do this, you know get out there get your face on camera. Really it really goes all in. If you're gonna do something, do it right the first time.

Dave: So what was the shift in getting your face out there? You know, because for the first week or so you didn't know you also were using, like I said, generic content. So what happened here in this period which was only just a couple of days before your 1.2 million view video that really blew your channel up. You have about maybe 10 or 15 videos here of what happened when you went from not showing your face on your videos. Oh, yeah, it was just it took off from that point on I started getting a lot more views. Why didn't I guess? Like what was what was happening? You weren't seeing results like what made you do it? 

BJ: I was watching Wake Up Legendary in the morning, going through the training and listening to other people saying you have to get out there, you have to put your face on, you have to get comfortable in front of that camera. And so that, you know, I just listened to them and listened to the people who did it. Before me. So that's what wouldn't happen. Okay.

Dave: That makes sense. Makes sense. Well, now do you feel like you're a lot more comfortable making content? 

BJ: I don't really talk much and it is. You know, I'm probably gonna start doing that. And also another thing is I haven't gone live. So I'm gonna, I'm actually gonna start going live here, and

probably go live.

Dave: So yeah, you're not doing a lot of talk. Yeah, man. It's just crazy. You can do a lot of this marketing without even talking. I mean, it's just and you know what, it's almost better that way because there's so much in this that's watched while somebody is at work or in a wall a wall or lobby or you know what I mean a waiting room or somewhere where there's other people so then being able to just read the words on their screen versus have to listen to somebody can can really can really help you at least getting a follow or getting somebody to you know what I mean? Click a link and enter their email so you can get on your list or something. I think it's helpful. 

BJ: Exactly. I agree.

Dave: So a lot of opportunity, man a lot opportunity. What would you tell somebody who's you know, sitting on the checkout page of the 15 Day Challenge and is wondering and skeptical and if you know, looking at this Hey, is this some scammy Sham? Is this some? You know, is this worth my time?

BJ: 100% What do you have to lose? $7. Yeah, to someone who's interested, man, go and don't look back. At seven bucks. You have absolutely nothing to lose, everything to gain for 45 minutes to an hour a day to learn. What you learn in 15 days is going to, you know, possibly change your life.

Dave: And if a burly Harley riding ex cop can do it. You can too Right? Absolutely.

Alright BJ well once again thanks. Thanks for your service brother.

And keep up the great work, thanks for your service. And thanks for your time today. Very much appreciated. Welcome, and thank you and come back and keep us posted here in the next couple of months. Would you? 

BJ: Alright, sounds good. Thanks for having me on the show. All right.

Dave: All right, my friends. You can follow BJ’s crazy journey @makemoneywithmcmullins. Actually you can follow BJ at his Facebook group at Pro Rider. That's another place that you so if you're interested in you're another motorcycle up, you know, you're somebody who rides motorcycles, Harley's, you know, whatever, that's an interest of yours even cars. Here's a guy there's a guy get connected. This is why this community is so powerful. Again, come on tell me there's not a bunch of people who, you know, like to ride bikes. Bunch of people who may be some ex military, some ex police ex law enforcement.

We just use some acronyms that I don't know, I'm not I'm not ex law enforcement but I'm, I'm I'm all about it. I'm all about it as an upstanding citizen, supporting my police. Alright. Yeah, man. We got a lot of law enforcement. We got a lot of military, we got a lot of different people that you can connect with. That's right. Alright, so anyways, go and follow BJ in all the cool stuff he's got going on pro rider, of course, join us Facebook group, and also check out his Make Money Online affiliate marketing stuff at the link on your screen. Folks. Have a great weekend. All right. It's Friday. It's February 11. And still so much time to make February an amazing month. To make 2022 an amazing year. I just continue to you know, I tell you guys to tune into these shows every day. Because I tune into them and I get so much benefit from them. Just from talking to people, talking to people that are new, talking to people that are new and figuring it out. And sometimes when you're experienced you complicate stuff a lot. Because you've got a lot of knowledge and experience. You need to continue to hear a simple message. You need to hear a message of people who are brand new, who are just putting the pieces together and succeeding like that. You need to hear that you need to hear different ideas. And so text the letters Wu L to the number, the phone number (813)-296-8553. And we'll send you a little reminder every morning when we go live on the show and you can just click the link and come over here and tune in live even on your phone. And I promise that if you listen to these conversations for a period of time you'll be different things different see the world and yourself different our way more confident with it have about selling and making money and persuading and influencing people both verbally through you know in person and on video but also through the written and you know that's one of the that's one of the beautiful things about the internet is is we all now have an opportunity to be able to make the same amount equal opportunity with the the words that we use both on video and in person or on webinar, but also in the written word. So, you know, learn the skills. That's what I'm saying, learn the skills, because the playing field has been leveled and we talk about the seals absolutely in our training. Should you go through the challenge and finish it, Yes. Should you invest in the blueprints if you can and dig in, headfirst? Yes. And tune into these shows five days a week and soak up all this information. It's right here. And for most of us, a lot of times the answers are right in front of us and we just don't pick them up and use them. And so I invite you to please use this valuable information that these folks are bringing each and every day to this show. Get a reminder, make a commitment, make it a part of your routine and watch your life get better in your business grow in the direction that you want to see it grow into the direction that you don't want to see it grow. Alright, be Legendary my friends. Have a fantastic weekend. Get out of here. We'll see you back here. On Monday for another episode of Wake Up Legendary.