Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends? This is Dave sharp Welcome to wake up legendary and today we're going to be talking about something interesting with someone who is using this strategy and and I'm really excited to talk to about it so Neville, welcome to the show my friend. Nabil: Hi Dave.

Dave:  Hi my friend, how are you today and tell us where you're coming from.

Nabil: I am from Canada, and I'm doing fine. I'm glad to be

Dave: Great, man. Great. I'm really glad to talk to you. And you know, you're using a unique strategy called Quara, is that right? That's right. And we'll talk a little bit about that today and how people can tap into this free, completely free, completely free tool, completely free platform to generate free traffic. And that's one of the things that we like most around here is free traffic, right because there's so many opportunities and so many ways to get it. And it is useful to learn and understand and know how to use paid ads. But today we're going to talk about yet another free strategy that is really awesome. So Nabil, First, tell us how you found Legendary.

Nabil: So, Dave, I am just like most people, I am an accountant. I work in accounting. So I worked for years and years in accounting. I just climbed the corporate ladder. But, you know, in North America like no the economy is not stable. So one day you have a job the second day you are laid off and stuff. So at the end of 2017 I was working as an accountant and when the economic crisis happened and oil prices went down, the company I work with is just closed, suddenly closed. So I was out of work. So I was on the internet. I was on YouTube, and that was the beginning of 2017 and I found somebody talking about how to make income and how to make money online. So I was interested. And then I followed that guy and he was selling something, I bought it and it was not so good. But that was okay because that was learning. Just an experience for me. Then after that I went to drop shipping and I was doing okay with drop shipping but I didn't like the process because every day I had to test a product and go through that process. I didn't really like it. So I I stopped doing that. Then I started writing blogs about technology and tech. Again, I did like it because I was not passionate about that topic. It was not my thing. So I just got burned out. I just got bored doing that. Then after that, I started email marketing again. I didn't like it. It was about fitness. I wasn't passionate about that. So I stopped that. Then about I think two months ago I peoples on because I am in that space I'm in the market. People started talking about legendary marketer so I was thinking it is just one of those products. That's one of the courses. I just didn't care about that but as this goes, people started talking more and more about it. So I got interested and I got into it. I got the 15 day challenge and I really liked it and that's how it started.


Dave: Yeah, great. What did you like about it? I mean, what's different about this in what you're, what we're teaching, what you're doing then other things in the past.


Nabil: Okay, as I said I took a lot of online courses about making money online, but when it comes to the general let's say an example of any product or like a 15 day business challenge, you see the price is $7 but the course is really well made. It is high quality and well made. Besides that you'll have your own coach if you have any questions. Is it like sending an email to Legendary or your coach knowing you actually can book an appointment and talk to your coach on the phone or on Zoom? Which is unique. I didn't see it with other courses.


Dave: Yeah, Understood, understood. So you've taken to this business model now. And you are marketing you're using Cora, tell us how you discovered that platform and what are you doing on it? 


Nabil: Okay, so for those who don't know, Quora is a question and answer. website platform. So people there ask all sorts of questions from how to fry an egg to how to make a rocket. It is my nature to like answering questions. I like going to this platform to forums and Question and Answer websites and I like to answer questions. So when I was trying all these business models, one of the courses I took they talked about Quora and I sewed it was great okay, but I knew from that time it takes time to get traffic from there. It's not just doing it today and tomorrow. It takes time. But as I said, It's my nature. So I started to notice, and served you with questions about MySpace. Which is my main niche. And wherever I can answer I give a good, useful answer. If you notice, they're like, No, people answer questions, but they don't give it all. I mean, it's not a quality answer, but for me, I always try to give a quality answer at the end or in the middle, something like that. I give them a link to go to my blog or to go to math wrestling, or whatever it is.


Dave: So you can actually post links affiliate links links to capture pages, links to your blogs, within these Quora answers.


Nabil: You can but the trick with that is what I noticed. I don't know if I'm right or wrong. But what I noticed is that if you are new on Quora, if you start to post affiliate links or links to your website or whatever it is, sometimes your answer will be deleted. But after you are established and you built an authority on Quora, nowadays, I post links almost on a daily basis. I've never deleted it. So you have to wait until you are established. But when you're new, maybe handle five answers in one of them. You can post a link, but after that, if you're established, you can post a link every day, every post no problem. That's my guess from my experience.


Dave: So how would somebody get started on Quora? I mean, how do you even begin? I'm sitting here looking at Quora, I logged on to Quora, I've obviously got an account here that I created, because my pictures there and I'm automatically logged in. But where would I even get started to find questions to begin to answer on Quora?


Nabil: If you notice, up there is a search box on a search field. Then your space for example is affiliate marketing rights. Just type affiliate marketing.


Dave: This is going to be what what have I now come into it looks like I've come into an affiliate marketing almost like a like what looks like a Facebook group, because I went into I went into a space so I guess Quora has spaces as well and they look a little bit like almost like a Facebook group. 


Nabil: Yeah, here we go. Okay. Now if you click on the left side, there are some questions or questions right here on the left menu. Okay. There you go. Questions. So these are all the questions that people ask about affiliate marketing. Then you can actually see the question that you want to answer by clicking on it.


Dave: Wow. I mean, I can see how this really can get somebody good at typing and communicating via the written word. I mean, wow. I mean, I really want to just stop for a second before we go any further into this because now I'm starting to understand what we're doing here. And one thing I want to ask is just because this has caught my attention to Start Free Trial, what is it asking me for here? Did you upgrade in whatever it's asking for? The four or $5 a month here?


Nabil: I never upgraded. I'm using it completely free? To be honest with you. It's my first time to see this upgrade thing, but I am using it 300%


Dave: Wow. Well, there's access to millions more answers like this browse ad free support the writers you like to hear from so I don't know if this gives you millions more questions, because that's really what we're looking for here. Notice it does say millions millions more answered. So But anyways, um Oh, it looks like what it did actually was it was it blurred out a specific answer from from a person? And in order to see this answer, it's asking me to upgrade so I don't know what's so unique or special about that answer.


Nabil: But you know, what, if what they think is as you as you saw before, Cora has a space MySpace is a blog or a space for yourself that you can create. Make your space free or paid. I'm guessing those answers are in those spaces that are paid. I'm just guessing.


Dave: Okay. Well, that's also interesting because, you know, folks, there's so many different places in so many different ways that you can now house content in charge of it. Now, my personal opinion is all these people who are doing this are only fans in these various different, you know, or there's a newsletter service that will help you to build up paid subscribers. I forget what it's called. But there's all these different services Patreon where people ask for a couple of dollars a month or $5 a month. The reason why I say all this is just because there's two things to really understand about this. First and foremost, if you want to charge for your information in your content, there's a lot of places to do it. And the second thing I'm going to tell you and I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna remind all of you have is just because the masses are charging $4.99 to access to all of their best content doesn't have to, you can price your information your education and your knowledge at a higher price point. And people believe it or not, will actually pay attention to it and appreciate the content more. Because well, that's just how human nature works. Now second, not to be you know, overlooked is the fact that well, you're worth it if you develop knowledge and experience to be able to charge you know, into the multi hundreds or multi 1000s for that. But it is interesting that even Quora has a place that you could visit if you wanted to essentially charge for your information, which is exactly the business model that we teach here at Legendary, it's selling information now. All of these different platforms and sites in some way, shape or form. Not or there are a lot that are popping up that are making it available for you to sell your information, your newsletter, the answers to your posts, your courses. What comes up for you as I say that in all these different ways. For somebody like you, who takes pride in your answers, who takes pride in your knowledge, who takes pride in in in serving others you want to be helpful knowing that that is where our economy is moving, his his information is accessible online at a premium and that, you know, you're kind of positioned to take advantage of that I just what comes up for you is as I say that


Nabil: Yeah, what if it is great. It is just amazing. Like know what you can do in the privacy of your home like no, you're just sitting in front of your laptop and you can do this you can actually earn money. It is amazing. I never expected something like this to exist before. Just to tell your story. First, about about 12, 13 years ago. The Internet is nothing much so I watch on TV somebody was talking like no you can make money from home just on the internet something like that. It was on TV. There was like an 1800 number I called and they don't actually give you some definite answer about what you are going to do but it's all vague things but I was naive, you know, like not to call that number and ask then they asked for $1,000 for information to show me how to do it. Then I said I don't have $1,000. Then at the end it was $4,000 . I gave them my credit card number and they took $4,000. Then they saved me one DVD and a book is not actually a book, it is just a print out of something. And that was the end of the story that says nothing happened with that. But now he can actually go on Quora, you can without paying a penny. Okay, just your time. Your information. You can make money with that. It is amazing.


Dave:  So you know I love I love how you know this is resonating hopefully with some of you who are feeling like well I don't know if I can you know do videos and I don't know if I'm feeling uncomfortable. This I want you to know just like Michelle Taylor says this is great for beginners like myself. So thank you for coming on and sharing this. You know, I want you to just say a little bit more about the importance of the quality of an answer. I see so many people working. I guess they're working somewhat hard. I mean, they're commenting, they're paying close attention to social media. They're putting a lot of time and energy into social media now. You know, they're saying that they're working on their business, okay, you're not just scrolling fine, but your answers are half ass. They're there the comments in the content, the creating in the written form, and we're strictly talking about the written form right now, folks, we're not really talking about writing a copy because you're not really writing a sales letter. You're writing an informative post in you're likely seeding in when I say seeding and I mean planting seeds, not just straight out pitching, but just gently planting seeds about whatever it is that you might be promoting or the solution might be but the important part that I want to that I want to ask you about the quality of your answers I seal I want to be clear about this. So everybody knows that you can't just run over the core and just start posting one liners that are just confusing and non valuable and are even difficult for people to read because if somebody reads your answer it's full of grammatical errors, and it just doesn't make sense. Could you do it fast and just try to get it done? It's likely not going to produce any results. And I want to be upfront about that. Because if you're the one who's doing it, I want you to speak about it. But am I correct in that and can you say more about the importance of the quality? And how do you know if you've written quality and or not?


Nabil: Does that give first of all, people are not stupid. They know what is genuine? What's not. And when you give an answer you really give helpful, full hands on you know when it comes to making money online or affiliate marketing or whatever it is. If you help people, money will follow. I truly believe that a quality answer means he is up. Your answer shouldn't be to sell something, your answer should be first of all to answer the question that's asked, okay, that you should be direct. And you should be genuine and you really just say what you think helps that person to ask the question. And remember, like no, your answer will be on the internet online is not only that person who sees it, a lot of people will see it. A lot of people will start sharing your answers. For example, if you have a quality answer I have many answers that are shared in many spaces that are paid and free.

Dave: So you have answers that other people are sharing; those answers into both other free spaces on more or the internet or paid spaces on Quora is what you say. 

Nabil: That's right. 

Dave: So people are truly in the know, that that activity is happening because you're able to track it and see it within your post. Is that correct?

Nabil: Yes. Every time somebody can like or upvote your answer, or they can share it. So every time somebody shares your answer, you will see it.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. So what else should we know? Or, you know, just to get started on here, this is such a simple platform. At least that's what it appears. But what do we not know that we should know if we wanted to get started on Quora today?

Nabil: So as I said, when it starts on Quora for starters, don't try to post a lot of links or on every answer, because what I noticed is that if you are new on Quora, and you start posting links, your answers will get deleted. I don't know if people get banned on Quora. I'm not sure but I know that your answer can get deleted. But later on, when you are established, you can post as many links as you want. There is no rule about that, but I'm just speaking from experience.

Dave: How do we know if a question here is old or not? And should we worry about that?

Nabil: So if you see that if you go down, that is sorted by or something by time by our posts so you can actually see the answers who got posted today. i The question that got posted today or a year ago. Wow. Okay.

Dave: Wow. So all these these are fresh email marketing. I just did email marketing there's so many like with me with the with the with the landing page. I even saw ClickFunnels in here. What are the 18 top free ClickFunnels alternatives? We could type in sales funnels. I mean, there's literally so many different there's so many different phrases I could look up in search for it. It's really insane. You know what I mean? I mean, I could just just just words with the word marketing. YouTube, you know, I could I could do tick tock. There's I mean, what what do you guys look at all this look at all this content on tick tock, all these questions on tick tock. I mean, you know what I mean, you guys are just wow.

Nabil: There’s a limited supply actually for questions that you can answer.

Dave: Oh, are they right? Yeah. There's only so many questions you can answer if you said yes. Okay. How do you know whether you can answer a question or not? I don't understand that. I guess. So. Let me go back. Take a talk. Okay, you that was what I just had pulled up now. Now start again and tell me how I can know whether I can post an answer or not.

Nabil: So if you click on the blue the question itself,

Dave: Okay. Alright, looks like I can add a comment there.

Nabil: It is. You can add a comment to kind of answer if you can go back and look for another question. You see if you go up there is an answer on the left side. That is the answer. Yeah. And you can put pictures, you can put links.

Dave: Wow, this is really like blogging. This is really like you know, like a full interface of What You See Is What You Get interface to be able to. Yeah, post links and post pictures and kind of you have bold, italicize everything, right? Yes. Very cool. A bullet points, numbers. I mean, yeah. Quotations at, so Okay, cool. So if, if, if, basically we have to click on the question to find out if we can answer, most of them look like we can enter them. I'm not yet seeing one that we can insert here. So if it doesn't have this answer thing now, do you know why that would be? We couldn't answer a question. Is it possible?

Nabil: Could be that you answered that question already. But what you can do is modify your answer or edit your answer. There's one thing I know.

Dave:  Okay, this one, this one we oh, there's a parent question. Okay, so we'll go back to the parent question. Okay. We can answer the paragraph. Yes. Interesting. But this is tick tock, guys. I just did a simple little search for TikTok space, TikTok mastery, and TikTok grow. So there's all these spaces on here, you know, nimble, there's a couple of, you know, platforms that people are using that are, I'd say you know, just either underutilized or not being utilized by a lot of folks in our community. And that's Cora. Certainly. Thank you for bringing that today. It's also Pinterest. Pinterest is another one that's got a ton of traffic. And if you look at the top traffic sites in the United States you know, these sites are up there, you know, these sites are these sites are Pinterest is the number 18 most traffic site in the entire United States which is you know, which is which is pretty pretty, pretty amazing. And Cora is not you know core is not far from that. Must be down in the top 100 somewhere but Ross I overlooked it but it's up there. You know, it's up there. And these sites are getting just millions and millions of people coming into them. I think the other thing that's really powerful about Quora is the 44th most traffic site in the United States of America which will let me see in December 2021. Quora got 233 million hits to the website in just one month. I mean, it's just an absolute that's as much traffic is only fans and all the people on only fans you know what I mean? Or posting content you know what I mean? I'm sitting here looking at this site, you know. Yeah, you've got you know, sites like Google but people are going on and typing Google to zoom in a little bit. Yeah, my bad. People are going in in typing phrases into Google and of course checking their email and stuff like that Google is, you know, people are doing Goku people are using Google as a launchpad to go other places but I mean, Cora with with these these millions of views per month, 233 million, those are people going they're staying on the site. You know, average visit duration, you can see it is up there, although they're giving Google a lot more, maybe that's because people around there are reading their emails and so forth. But the average site duration is what people are spending. Let's see here, nine minutes on average on Quora. Damn, they're spending 18 minutes and 21 seconds on average on Onlyfans. And yo yo boys. Need to get it together, man. Oh, spending way too much time on Onlyfans. But it's a big it's a big it's a big site, man. It's a big site. So what, what, what else? One final thing that you think is a non a non mechanical mechanical strategy. I mean, we've covered core we've covered answering questions we've covered the quality of the questions is important. We've covered that, you know, it's simple to do, you don't have to get on video you can link out but what about something that's that's not a mechanical thing. Something that's more what has been a major, whether it be breakthrough or something that you've done, told yourself from a perspective that you've gotten a bill to help you to build this business more consistently. And, and to you know, I know you're humble, but we obviously asked you onto the show because you are getting results. So tell us what, what's the intangible what can't we see help us understand that's what's going on with you.

Nabil: I always wanted to start a YouTube channel. But by nature, I am not a talker. Okay? My accent isn't as good because English is not my first language. So I am always hesitant to do that. So once I saw it was about a year ago, I saw somebody come to this show, I think talked about that like no, he said, people who don't start a YouTube channel it is about themselves. It's not about other people. So if they want to help other people, you should ignore how you feel about you going on camera, you should fear you should you should eliminate the fear of going on camera and what people say about you. So actually, I thought about that and when I thought about it, it's just about me, I am shy. I don't like to go on camera because I'm not a talker. I said I have an accent. It's not my personality to be on camera. So I took that advice and I started a YouTube channel about a year ago. And it is growing slowly but it's growing. I am just like you know, facing my fear, as they say. So that is one piece of advice I can give if there is an opportunity. You can do it. Don't be shy. Don't be afraid to just try. It is better to try than to regret later on years from now.

Dave: I really, really, really like that. And I have enjoyed your talking today and what you've shared with us. So I hope that you'll keep communicating both on Quora and of course, everywhere else your writing but also in video because you know you're you're you have a lot to give and you have a lot to offer and and I hope you'll just keep sharing that my friend. Thank you. Okay, no bill will talk to you later. Thank you for coming on today. Please come back. Keep us posted. I want to see this Quora traffic you know, traffic source for you below up and and looking forward to seeing where you take some of this video marketing will put your TikTok and your YouTube links up so people can at least connect with you. 

Nabil: Okay. Thank you, my friend. We'll talk to you later on Nabil, thank you. Alright my friends. Well there you go. I take it from the bill that you didn't open up your eyes to Quora then. They must be super glued shut because that was especially powerful. And as I was seeing the comments coming up for a lot of you who feel similar to build the you know, before he you know, developed this in heard this advice that he just shared. But if you're somewhat hesitant to go on camera, you haven't quite built up whatever you need. To do that then Quora Pinterest there's all these different places that you can begin to create content, answer questions, be helpful and begin to generate traffic leads and ultimately sales and that will grow and the momentum will build and and it's just, you know, ultimately, I am not. I don't care where you take this, whether you stay doing affiliate marketing for forever, or whether you go in, actually create a space on Quora and begin to charge $5 a month for it or whatever. Or I don't know, whether you go and you create only fans and people subscribe for $5 a month just to watch you sit there and talk about whatever you talk about or do whatever you do. The point is, folks, there are way too many opportunities and way too many platforms and way too many tools for us not to be out there, experiencing more freedom and having more control over our finances and future. So with that being said, and actually, before I end I want to point out one more thing that nibio said he listened to a guy who was on the show a year ago. So my friends, the value of tuning in and listening to these folks, fellow marketers, community members, other students who are getting results who have come before you listening to this show. Every day. It's not so you can come here and listen to me talk. I know. That's why I don't do the show every day, because that would be boring. But to come and listen to these other marketers who are using this education and going in applying it. You just don't know what you're going to take away. You just really don't know when something's gonna hit you right in the forehead. It's gonna wake you up and it's just going to give you a different perspective that you can be empowered to, whether it be shoot that video, post it video, you know, stop caring what everybody thinks so much. So tune in, tune in. Okay, this is free, says free? Absolutely. We have more advanced courses with more accountability and coaching, etc. But at the bare minimum tune in every day. And listen to these stories and strategies. You will get better. We'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Get out of here.