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Below is the transcription for Wednesday's episode: 

Matt: Hey, welcome, Happy Wednesday. We are here to live for Wake Up Legendary. As always, this is not a simulation. This is not a pre-recording. We're actually here live, a few minutes late today but we're still here whether we're rocking or rolling. So, if you are here with us. Let us know in the comments you can leave us a little comment and let us know that you're here. I see some familiar, some unfamiliar, Laurie, Kara familiar names to me, Robert, Angela, what's going on, Glenn, Gage what's going on. Angel, James William. Awesome. Good to have you guys here. Welcome in, and if you are newer to our community or this is your first time tuning in, we host these every single Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern. And, I mean, typically, holidays, we're here, like, I mean it's, it's literally every freaking time so every freaking day so if you want to tune in and you'd like to get a reminder every time that we go live. Over here, you can text, WUL at 813-296-8553, you'll get a short little text message every time we go live in fact that, if I look down here, I have my text message right here, and gives me a little link I can tap on to join this stream so it's super easy. And if you want to do that, you can simply text 813-296-8553 Today we've got an awesome guest. I'm really excited to chat with her, she's got all sorts of cool stuff going on. And, and is just super skilled I'm very very curious to get to know her. And so we're just gonna bring her Sarah, what's going on?

Sarah: Hi, how are you? 

Matt: Good, I'm doing very well. Where are you calling from?

Sarah: I am in, where am I? I'm in Palm Beach, Florida. 

Matt: Sweet. Cool, moved from Hawaii to there. Yeah, a Southern way my parents are still in Hawaii but yeah okay now just came because of the pandemic and everything and I thought my parents would come with me, but they did in Hawaii. Nice.

Nice. Awesome. So bring us into your world a little bit like we don't know you, it's our first time meeting you. It's my first time meeting you. Bring us a little bit into your world of how you find digital marketing, how you go online, why did you go online. Tell us a little bit about you.

Sarah: Yeah, yeah, Well first of all thank you for having me. I appreciate it and Legendary Marketer and Wake Up are very cool spaces, like even the value just from these videos that you guys offer for free is really awesome so thank you. Yeah I got started in digital marketing, back in 2016 That's when I first learned about it, but I didn't do much with it because I didn't know how. There weren't there wasn't something like this that I was aware of that I, I felt was honest and ethical, and that could teach me the basic skill sets and everything, but I was at the time, working as a cleaner, and before that I was working in corporate, and I was just very unhappy. Very overworked, underpaid, stressed out, I know a lot of people can relate to those feelings and emotions. And I was always just grinded I felt like I was just always working and non-stop and just didn't have a life outside of work, and it was, I was at this point in my life where I was like you know I can. I can't live this way anymore. I know I have to give and I think everyone has felt that at some point they have that inner calling or that inner pole to do something more with their life, but they don't know how to go about it. Exactly. And so I was just praying to God and I was like to show me something, anything, I don't care what, and then I was introduced to digital marketing and affiliate marketing, and I was like, Yes, that's what I was looking for like something that's, that's rooted in helping people, that offers service products, but that can also create passive income streams for me so that I can help even more people because that was my main thing that I wanted I wanted to help more people. Because I knew what it was like to struggle. I knew what it was like to grow up in a very poor family, to have very little. I come from a very big family. I have seven sisters. So we grew up, like, huge family just not with a lot though so I have very humble beginnings. And I was just, I thought that I had to because I grew up poor, I had to be poor my whole life, and then I saw these people doing affiliate marketing and digital marketing, they had kind of similar stories to me like I grew up on food stamps or, you know like whatever it was just like a very similar narrative of poverty mindset and then they were able to break that chain and I was like well if they can do it, why can't I like what makes them so better or different or special. And yeah, so I got started in affiliate marketing, took it seriously in 2017 and four months later I was able to quit my cleaning job from the initial start date. Now my, I was hustling, I was working really hard that did that come like, I don't want to make it sound like oh I just slapped on the link, and it was like, there was a lot of work that I did a lot, especially a lot of work in here, a lot of mindset shifts that I had to go through. The cool thing that I thought I was able to do while cleaning houses even though it was the most humble, hard working job I've ever had in my life was that I could just listen to whatever I wanted, while I was cleaning. So, all day long while I was cleaning I was listening to podcasts and books and just expanding my mind and learning from so many people I was already doing that but I took it to a whole nother level and I felt like, Okay, this makes it worth it cuz I feel like I'm getting paid to learn in a way and then just making some extra cash to keep me afloat. Yes, so that's how I got started and then. Prior to that I was blogging and still do. I have my blog where I work with other people to help them with their blogs because building a brand online is super important. A lot of people are just relying on social media. And that's, that's great in one way, but it's not because those social media accounts can be stripped of you like that like people get their TikToks taken away their, like, their Facebook's their Instagrams you don't technically own that even if it's your name like @Sarafaith or @Matt like they don't care, but if you have a self hosted website and blog. You own that nobody can tell you what to write, what to do. And so I became very passionate about that. And so I make a full time living from blogging as well which is really cool. But affiliate marketing is a great component of like an income stream, and I've been able to just learn so much and yeah I have a lot of people asking me like, hey, you know, you talk a lot about affiliate marketing, but is there a course that you can promote and, or like, Do you have a course and people were asking me to teach it, but I couldn't find something that I could put my stamp of approval on and say like, Yes, like this is what I would, You know, share with you. And so I started researching and then that's when I found Legendary and I'm like you know what, I'll take one for the team. Seven Bucks let's try this 15 Day Challenge. That happens. That's like the cost of a coffee these days so I was like, What am I to lose? And I was, I was actually very pleasantly surprised and I was like you know like, this is something I wish I had started out like if I had had that 15 Day Challenge and applied it like took notes like listened to every video, plus all the free content from Wake Up legendary and everything. I was like I would be lightyears ahead. And so it was exciting to be able to offer that to people people messaged me all the time say oh my gosh like I've gotten such great results like I've learned so much, like it's such a great educational piece and here we're going and so I'm working with 2025 30, different affiliate products that were, that are in the blogging business niche, and health products because I do have a degree in health science so that's my story.

Matt: That's awesome. Yeah, yeah, like I had like, like I have certain kinds of interviews like cue questions or whatever and I feel like you were like, You got yourself to a point, and then like said them to yourself. That was incredible. No, so I wanted to go back to like, I feel like with, Well, there was a lot to pull out there. A few things jumped out to me is, I had a similar experience when I was working in basically in a coffee warehouse where I was like, you know, not making very much money, but I always had headphones that are always listening and I was always, I totally resonate with that, like the just, just the little times throughout your day when you can pump your ears, full of stuff that's like even just giving you new ideas or sparking new ideas or sparking new sort of inspiration. It's so powerful. I love that

Sarah: It’'s always feeding your mind with, with just positivity and a different perception from people who've gone through similar or even worse situations because I always thought that like, oh we had it so bad as kids and then, like I've listened to someone else who had way worse and I'm like, Well, look what they're doing, like, they were able to get out of that situation so I can I can too.

Matt: Yeah, wow that's very interesting. So right now you have this whole blogging brand to like you've got like multiple different brands going on and everything like how did you. Okay, the whole like what you said about blogging and having your own platform having your own thing, right, what you said about that is so powerful because it is true. But the truth of the blog thing right so there's, there's sort of pros and cons right like to get set up on a tick tock account start creating content and you can do that, boom today, and you could have five videos up at the end of the day, right, on a blog, like there's a little bit more learning curve there's till you actually getting traffic, there's a little bit more of, like, sort of work involved in intensity but, like he said the big payoff is like, you control things, right, like for the most part. Obviously, Google has a little bit to say about that too but, but for the most part, like, you're never going to get it taken down the contents always going to stay there, unless you're really conspiring some crazy terrorist organization or something right, like, for the most part, your contents always going to stay up it's always going to be there and you actually hold the keys to it. I feel like that's so powerful, and that oftentimes, I shouldn't say often times but sometimes people are so short sighted. When they come online, it's, it's crunch time or they're in a bind or whatever that like, there's like what's a cool little side hustle I can do that fast, right, but you've really taken a long term approach I mean you're already like you're kind of like five year four or five ish. And you've got this really long term sort of vision and feel to everything that you're doing, what, tell us about that, like the long term approach and why that's important.

Sarah: Yeah, no, I'm glad you brought that up because I kind of like, hit that for a second while I was telling my story but it, it's so important because I think we live in such a touch and go world now everything's instant from like food to like our phone to social media, and we feed off of that like instant like instant share read blog and we get a lot of gratification out of it and there was a documentary that came out about like how social media is like literally like warping our brains like controlling us to be less patient and everything. And it's, I'm not saying that social media is bad and saying that it's, it can be used in a bad way if you don't have a long term planning and mindset because like you said, and I was saying that like those things can be taken away like that I have a friend who had like, 150k on like their social media and they got taken down for them posting a video about like a belief that they had like they didn't do anything wrong, it was just tick tock was like nope, like your cut. And so then that traffic source, cut off so much income, and they put all their eggs in one basket which I've said from the beginning I was like, That's great that you have that but like don't put your, all your eggs in one basket and a lot of people that's what they're doing. And I just, I don't feel I would be a good teacher or coach or, or friend even if, if I didn't, educate on that and so you have to have a long term mindset. And you can, what's nice is that because of apps like. TikTok and Instagram and then like Snapchat spotlight and YouTube shorts where you can gain virality pretty quickly. You can leverage those absolutely in conjunction to building a brand that has this like a long term game of. And I would say like a website or blog, something that is your own self hosted, nobody can take it away from you do that simultaneously and you can feed traffic. The traffic. A lot of people who were on. And if anyone remembers by like buying signs, I felt like five seconds, like it was like, I seconds, and there were all these like Vine stars that just went up like had millions of followers overnight. And then a lot of them like nobody knows where they went, they fell off the face of the earth because they didn't redirect that traffic from mine to another traffic source like a website or blog, they didn't capture those email leads, they didn't, nothing. So I would have to do both, you know, Definitely take advantage of TiC tock, specially and just like all these different apps and use them to your advantage use Instagram reels and, you know, YouTube shorts and like within like your brand and mindset you know because not every app is going to be for you. But that's important too, like some people are like okay I'm going to be on Snapchat and I'm going around here and there and then it's like, no, like, stay focused on like two, maybe three, maybe, and really just leverage that while you build up a brand and a loyal following because that loyal following will follow you wherever you go, like I have people from my original blog that I started on Tumblr who still follow me to this day, years and years later before I was ever making like I didn't even know you can make money from blogging I first started it, like so. I'm talking about a long time ago. Those same people have watched me travel all over the world, they saw me live in Asia, they saw me live in Hawaii, they saw me go through these ups and downs, and they're still here and they would probably still be there later on then. And I'm not looking for this huge massive millions of followers of people I don't care about that I'm not a I'm not a numbers person really, I care more about the quality of those people, and who I can help with, I'd rather have four shiny quarters than the 100 little pennies, even though they might equal this thing. I'd rather have those four quality rock solid people because that's which one you know, and so I would say do both, definitely do both but don't, if you're thinking like, I'm just gonna rely on TikTok, and like, hopefully go viral on Pinterest, like, wow, like, let's come up with like, think long term social media could be taken away from us tomorrow, and your desk yourself if your TikTok, your Pinterest or Instagram or any of those apps were taken away tomorrow, would you have a business. Most people would.

Matt: Yeah. So, now all of that said, you do have tick tock. Yeah, you're smart enough to look at it and be like, hey, it might be temporary, but while it's temporary. Like, we should jump on. Yeah, yeah, for sure. What's been around for a little while like what's been your experience about TikTok, what do you think about it.

Sarah: I think it's a fun app. I think it's really cool, it's nothing like it has existed before, all these other apps are now copying and following Sue, they can see the game because they introduced short form video, and that was the primary focus of the app, whereas like Pinterest was all about the visual aesthetic and then, now they're copying with tick tock with their idea pins, they're called they're like story pins Instagrams follow, you know, they're copying them too with like reels and stuff and but short form video is the name of the game, and so like if anybody has an issue with being in front of the camera, I'm not saying that you can't be successful. I'm just saying that, like, you're gonna have a harder time, because people want to see your face and they want to see your name and what you're putting yourself behind a lot of people are hiding behind their phones and I just, I feel that you could get so much more out of it if you, if you're just willing to put yourself out there, you know like put your name with your brand and everything. I think it's a lot of fun, if there's a, you can. It's a double edged sword though because when you go viral on it. All this love can come and then all this hate can come to it's like, so you get this, this, these like two major feelings and you're like well this is great because like my business has grown I got like, 5,000 leaves overnight and then you're like wait, but like someone just told me the like jump off a cliff. So, like, literally could be like one or two or both ways so I would say, leverage it 100% I have multiple multiple TikTok accounts for different businesses, and they're all doing great and some I just have, because I am a Christian and I believe in God and I have an account where I just share more about my faith and there's no links, there's no like, hey, buy this or do that like, I'm not looking to sell anybody anything on that account, you know, I don't want to treat them like a bank. It's not everything has to be a transaction, but it's, it's such a powerful app to teach people on, like, and put in under a minute like focus on value, focus on, on, what can I do to bring more value to this video or this, this person even if it just hits one person focus on what is valuable versus what will go viral, because typically what is valuable will go viral. And so if you're focusing on that you can create so much more longevity and again it's like a lot of people, and I'm not hating on this because I've done it too, but like a lot of people will focus on that, like, look at how much money I made in a month or like two months or three months and that's fine like be proud of your results and everything of course, however, make sure that you are the bulk of what you're teaching and sharing about is how you got there, instead of just being like, oh woke up and $40,000 in my bank account like that's not helpful to someone who's starting out and it doesn't even know what affiliate marketing is or. You don't even have to actually educate people and teach because then they will treat you and look at you as a thought leader and then as an expert within that field and. And so yeah, I think it's a great app but you just have to be a little careful with it and do not put all your eggs in that basket because I know a lot of people who got their accounts taken off.

Matt: Yeah, it happens all the time, and it happens, I mean it happens on all kinds of platforms, too. I feel like it. So, specifically with like, Yeah, you said something I wanted to go back to. not putting your eggs in one basket and also like, like for instance the whole like sharing, sharing my end results right like sharing my end result and this would happen and this would happen in sort of the Make Money niche, this would happen in this would happen in the weight loss niche I'm trying to think of different niches, this would happen in a lot of different niches that have sort of before and after resort type posts, is what you'll typically find is like, how do you how a marketer frames, whatever they're pitching will end up sort of being the result of like, it'll end up giving them the feedback they are either looking for or not looking for meaning, like if you create a bunch of posts that are like I made $40,000 overnight like check this out. What will happen is you might drive a lot of sales. And those sales are going to be people who are pissed off because they didn't get that same result, right, and this leads us to this whole thing like misleading marketing and all that stuff right and we talked about that earlier. And, but then on the other hand, like what you said, and I thought what you said was exactly pointed correct was sharing the process you had to get there. And when you do that people realize, like, oh, Okay, this is not gonna be easy. I'm going to have to learn, and all of that stuff. This is a marketing strategy called pre-framing. So all of that is pre-framed for people so they actually like to have a bit of understanding of what's coming, and they don't feel blindsided when they purchase something, it's the same weight loss. Sometimes people promise you know overnight weight loss right and then people are pissed off and yelling about that and so I just think if people sort of learn, and come to understand that there's like this whole pre-framing that happens, it changes the feedback that you get. So, for instance, there's actually like, there's been affiliates for us, that have come back to me and been like, well people are mad or people like purchased or whatever, and then you go look at their marketing, and it's all about, right, it's all kind of super misleading but it's all a little bit like, Well, dude, like it's gimmicky. Yeah. And so no wonder if you're making sales based off of a gimmick. No wonder people are pissed off or unhappy or refunding, right? And that's the kind of thing where people come to me and they're like, well, what's the typical refund rate well, what's your marketing look like, right, but this is a bigger, it's a bigger picture, it's a bigger story than just what's our refund rate looks like they're really low, but for some people who do a gimmick type marketing, they're much higher. Right. That was just such a great point and I felt like for how somebody goes about creating content and everything like thinking through that and pre framing that while also still being able to drive curiosity and actually get views and attention is super important and it's a real skill, very, very real skill.

Sarah: Oh, totally. And you said that, so perfectly and I think that it also changes the quality of leads that come into. If you, if you're, if your only focus is all about the money, right, like it's just like money, money, money, money, you will attract leads that come in and their only focus is money. However, if you're teaching about value, and education, and, like, even just the honesty of being an affiliate and disclosing that and the legalities of it you will attract people who take that seriously, and then your refund rates will be very low. I have people who might have bigger lists than me or bigger followings, but their refunds on those affiliate products are astronomical, whereas mine are like, they're not basically non existent there's a little bit, you know, because that's just typical, but across all my affiliate products like I can, I can look at them and be like, Look 99% of that will be in my bank account because there won't be this huge refund rate, because I know I'm doing what you were saying like my pre framing work so important but not, that's not taught enough Unfortunately so. Unfortunately,

Matt: In your process of creating content and everything like which, like, then we've got a couple different, like, TikTok, Instagram stuff like which which. Do you have a preference like TikTok that we would put up here so people can follow you?

Sarah: Yeah, I mean for, since we're talking about affiliate marketing, I would say, @thesocialaffiliate with someone that people can go into, you can go and check it out, you know, feel like not to follow or just come say hi, like I saw you on their questions I really try to answer as many questions. My Instagram I just read, did it because we're doing like a social experiment so I got rid of, I had, like, 1000’s and 1000’s of followers on my old Instagram and I decided to delete that so that I could start a new one, because a lot of people are saying that like Instagrams dead, I don't think it's that I think it's just changing, and I think that they're creating the trend, more to a business platform, even though it started out in some social media platforms so you have to just go with it but if you want to talk to me that would be like the best place to ask for about. 

Matt: Awesome. And then the other one is oh how we blog right @ohhowweblog

Sarah: yeah that's more blogging, educational stuff because there's, I had to create two separate ones, Just different questions and stuff and

yeah I like it, you took something and then just super niche down, I think that makes sense. Matt: Yeah, absolutely. 

Sarah: He just said oh I follow you. I know I've seen you before. Like there's people on here.

Matt: Oh, that's awesome. With both of those are you actively just daily creating content and then also producing on your blog too?

Sarah: Yeah so, I, I'm in the process of hiring another VA because I just need help and I have so many, I have a lot of different projects beyond all this, so I have, I'm just a very passionate person. 

Matt: But I love that you said that in the questionnaire, I was like wow that's such a great word. Sarah: Yeah, it's the best way I can describe it and I seem to attract a lot of people in my life who are too. I just can't do one thing, I have to do. Yeah, so it's especially on the affiliate account. I aim to do daily content and my process for that is I'll just kind of see what's trending in terms of sounds and stuff. That's a great way to grow. And then also just taking like my own spin on something like there was, I think one of my recent videos, it was like, because I'm not in the fashion area at all. I couldn't care less about it, like it's just not my thing, but there was this one, like a sound where you show what you would wear into a fashion show or where he would wear something special. And I was like well, I work at home a lot and I go, I mostly go out on, you know, weekends and stuff and hang out with friends because I'm working throughout the week but I was like, I really want to do this sound, how can I do and I was like, you know, maybe I could show what I used to wear when I worked in corporate life versus what I wear now. And so I just did like all these like montages of me and like pajamas, because that's what I wear. And I was like I'm gonna keep it real and so I do this talk with Matt, I'm gonna wear loungewear, it wouldn't feel authentic if I would like show it up in a blazer and like classes like that, that wouldn't feel authentic so I was like I'm gonna rock the leopard onesie, and, you know, but I did that sound and it was fun and they brought in that like video alone brought in a lot of reason people are like, what do you do that allows you to work online in your pajamas. So I got a lot of messages, privately about that. Yeah just go with what's trendy and and just have fun with it and think outside the box, and you never know. You never know what you can create. 

Matt: Yeah I feel like it's funny because back in the day, like if you were to do this whole thing right now like you're in like the pajamas and you do this thing people just be like, This is so fake. There's no way this is real, and you're out here, and now it's just like, after the pandemic and year we just have people are just like, Oh, she's one of those.

Sarah: Well it's funny you said that because TikTok, I feel like changed that perception because Instagram was like the crowning or the crown of all social media platforms like everybody loves Instagram because it was like this highlight reel, whereas TikTok comes in and they, I mean, I think they also lucked out a bit because they rose up during the pandemic and people who are home anyway. Like, what you would post on Instagram is very different than what you would post on on TikTok like you could wear no makeup like you could have like barbecue sauce on your lips and people would be like I don't know I resonate with her, like, Let's make her go viral, like, that's the, that's like the mindset there whereas on like Instagram, you probably wouldn't post that and so I think that's why I like the app because it's, there's like this acceptance of like dopiness and stupidity and silliness and it's just nice, you know, It's more chill.

Matt: It's so nice. It's so refreshing. 

Sarah: Yeah, great word choice.

Matt: People have taken a total business approach but turned it into a fun platform like it's, it's a more fun platform to create content as opposed to something that has to be super instead. Like, there's nothing wrong with it well and even Instagrams getting that way. Right, so like the introduction of real is obviously their attempt at liking something very, very similar to TikTok and how they're putting the attention there and stuff, so okay. What for, for people who are just to like shift gears for people who are newer thinking through like, well actually, you know, for people who are on like day one of your, you know, your day ones a long time ago if you could think back to your day one, like, really tell people to focus their skills on or, or like what would you focus their time and energy on. In the early days if they're if they're working you know working a job working a cleaning job, and trying to figure this whole thing out.

Sarah: Yeah, I love that question. And that feels like a million years ago but. And I'm glad it feels that way because it's, it wasn't this overnight success and I don't want to ever paint that and I hate it when people do but I would say do legendary marketer, I can honestly say that through the 15 Day Challenge. I wish to God I had that at the start,

Matt: I get to honestly, and I'm, I'm like no trying to cut you off but every time somebody says that like, and I'm obviously biased, like, I'm, I work for a company like, but honestly, like, the amount of hours and headaches that like, I just, I just did not understand and I didn't have anybody to guide me, so sorry just keep going.

Sarah: No, I'm glad you brought that up but I felt exactly like it was just like a headache, and just there was a lot of snake oil ish Ponzi scheme like BS out there that was just like, Okay, goodbye. But I would say the skill sets you would definitely want to focus on would be copywriting. Copywriting is where you write words that connect, and convert people to do, and take an action that you want them to do. I, one of my constraints is copywriting, so I've been paid to copyright people and stuff. And you know you just develop the skill as a blogger, you have to, but it's obviously copywriting just learn all that you can about it. The main emotion that you need to have in copywriting is getting empathy and getting your buyer. So in order to get more buyers, you have to get your buyer, you have to understand what's going on here for them. Now, you're not writing from your perspective, I hate to break it to you guys, it's not all about you. It's not all about me, but it's about them and their issues and if you can provide a solution and show empathy and that you understand what they're going through, like, you could, like, if I understand that and you don't and you and I put up the same post, I'm going to get more sales, and you're not because I understand my buyer, but if we both do that then we're both getting sales and so just make sure that you get your buy it really starts to develop that quality of understanding people. Talk to your audience to make sure that you are mixed down. Do not be that person who's like, I promote this, but I also promote that I have, like, 500,000 different affiliate products. Do not be that person because people will not trust you at all. They just won't, and I didn't start out with promoting as many products as I do now, that was a very gradual thing, because I knew that my blogging community needed specific products to run their blogs and businesses. So it was a natural fit. So be very, have a very high standard, on what you will put your name on, and what you will say yes to and what you will. Who you, who you will work with just because someone's handing you money, it doesn't mean that it's worth it. That could make or break your brand. And so, that's very important, also develop a skill set of honesty and integrity. I don't know if that's a skill set, but the characteristic, the quality of it. A lot of people. And I hate saying it but I don't know why, like they have a hard time with being honest about the fact that they're an affiliate for the products that they're promoting, and that I find that so bizarre, like it's like the weirdest thing to me because like, why would you promote something but then when someone's like, are you an affiliate for it and don't like cool, I don't know maybe sort of kinda, like, just be honest about it be like yeah I'm an affiliate is I'm proud of it and like, yeah, I get a commission at no extra cost to you and here's my disclaimer, check it out and if you want to keep it great if not don't like people appreciate that and I have been told on tick tock that I'm one of the first people on that app to, to be very open and honest about the fact that I'm an affiliate for said course or product or I could screenshot you so many different times people have written that to me and that tells me that people are being a little bit quiet because they think that like well if I tell people that maybe they will lie, it's actually the opposite. If you are honest about it people, people are more likely to buy and want to work with you and I've screenshots of that too. So, just, just be open about it. And then just develop the mindset that things take time. You know, and that it's okay if you know for me it took four months to initially quit that job, but that doesn't mean that I was in a place of like okay well now I can just retire and kick my feet up like no I was still working and hustling. But I was in a position to be able to help more people I was able to help my family I was able to say yes to things and, you know, because I was making money a little more passively, but just because you're making money passively that doesn't mean that the work doesn't stop. And you have to know that maybe my timeline is going to be different than yours, and to not to not to not try not ever compare yourself. I know people say that, and it's hard, but do not compare yourself. It is the thief of what is it Comparison is the thief of joy. And it robs you of the opportunity to be grateful and glad to have the opportunity to look at your life and all the blessings that God has given you. And if I could go back I wish I could like slap myself across the face and be like Sarah like do not compare yourself, be patient, it takes time and yeah just continue learning and growing and reflux and show up to, you know calls like this this is like free value that you get, you know, from your time is valuable and life has valuable, take notes, you know, and just, I'm just like thinking of all the things I would have done differently, if I had started out but those would, that's what's coming to you right now, that's, those are the main ones.

Matt: There's this undertone of like, no you actually said it out loud of legends like sort of just like, like, like, just genuine pride in like what you do right like just taking pride in what you do. Taking pride that certain parts, you know that are difficult or a struggle are going to be part of your journey and that's just okay, like it's not a big deal. And yeah, I think Dave always says like, you know, stop comparing your day one to somebody else's day 600 right and that's like somebody who's been content and creating content and creating content and going out at heart, like, don't compare your day one of fumbling around a TikTok app or a blog or to somebody else's, you know, day, 1000, where they're seasoned and they've been doing it forever and they have momentum. It’s such a different thing.

Sarah: Right and you also don't know what that person had to overcome in their mind in their heart or like if they didn't have like some people have a really, I didn't. When I first started out I had family members that were like they're like, like they were like literally praying for my salvation and they're like, God, help her, because like, we don't want you to fail but like you need like psychological health if you actually think you can make money and then now those same people are like, weed. So how does it work? Please, like Teach me your ways so it's funny how it comes full circle but like, some people have really awesome support system, Great, but like not all of us had that and so maybe that's going to be the driving factor for you to work harder, you know, but don't, don't try to prove them wrong, prove yourself right and focus on helping people. I think money is just a resource and it's a means of exchange of value and how you exchange people if you drop a $20 bill on the ground that $20 Bill will stay on the ground until another human being comes and picks it up, so you need people to circulate money, But if you want money to be in circulation to you, then you need to help more people. And so just focus on giving value and helping people focus on your mission, the money will come later, you won't have to worry about that. the focus on your mission and your value. But like that's just how it worked for me and I was like okay, like, it's simple. 

Matt: Yeah, it's simple.

Sarah: I'm not saying it's easy but it's simple. 

Matt: Bingo. Simple not easy, it's simple, it's, it's, it's less complex than people think. It's simple, but it requires a ton of work, you're exactly right. Cool, man, I can't say it any better. Thanks for coming on. Do you have any final parting words? I felt like what you just said there was like, such a perfect capstone on this. Yeah.

Sarah: I would say just to keep going, guys, you know, I think we, God gave us all this beautiful life and what we do with it, you know at the end of the day, we do have free will and what you choose to do with that is up to you and you know just choose to live a magnificent life that's, that's rooted in service and helping people and. And now that I'm thinking about it, that was what I wanted to say, when you ask like, well, what would I have done differently starting out, I would have been more grateful. It would have been a lot more grateful because gratitude can bridge the gap between where you are to where you want to be. And you can create a magnificent life that's authentic and true to you, and that helps other people. And you can do that more quickly when you have gratitude, because things can always be worse. And I know that this was a hard year, so hard for a lot of people. It was a hard year last year. I had never gone through a pandemic before. It was like I was new to that. And so, I know we've all gone. It feels like it feels like through the wringer, but there are people out there who've had it way worse. And just always come back to gratitude and when you, when you think you want to give up, when you think you want to just call it quits. I know I wanted to call it quits a million times, I'm sure you did too, you know, you're I mean I did. Yeah, like you took a step to the side because you're still here, you know, and it was just like, wait, I think I'm great. So, just come back to gratitude and remember why you're doing this because I think at the end of the day you're only going to go so far for yourself, you can only push yourself so far but when you have this, this luminous, beautiful why, and it's outside of you, it's helping your family, your friends, your community, other people that will pull you forward to a place that you never knew you could go to. And so, focus on your why and stay grateful. And be kind too.

Matt: Awesome, well, Sarah, thanks for coming on and it was really great and maybe in a few months, we can have you back on and check in again and see how things are going. 

Sarah: Yeah, that'd be awesome. Thank you for having me and I appreciate you and Dave and everybody. Yeah, that's a lot of fun. 

Matt: Alright, sounds good. See you. Alright guys, another day. We've been doing these lives now for over a year, every single day and it's just cool to have real, raw, transparent, vulnerable Sarah on so that was really cool. So, again, Sarah, thanks for coming on. Please read through the comments because there's just a lot of people visiting. We had to share and it was, it was really great so I will be back here. Same time, same place tomorrow everybody so tune in live 10am Eastern, you can find us on our Facebook page or in the Facebook group, and have yourself a good Wednesday.

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