Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends? Welcome to wake up legendary buddy Dave sharp if you don't know me, and I have a guest today, and his name is Paul Griffith, and he has a Well, first and foremost, he's an incredible marketer. He also has a secret micro webinar strategy. He's talked to us about it before now. When I hear that somebody is still using a strategy, what that tells me is, wait for it. It's working. It's working. Okay, it's working. Right? I got a smile out of Paul there. What's going on my brother, welcome to the show.

Paul: Thanks for having me on. I'm excited about this. How are you doing?

Dave: It's good to talk to you again. I'm great. I am. It's all good. It's all good. Okay, we're doing our thing. We're dumping computers, webcams. It's all good. Like, hey, so listen, is that the truth or what man, when you see an ad that's been running month after month or year after year, there's one thing that you can know for sure is that ad is working for that person.

Paul: 100%.

Dave: So as much as it is you as the whoever is a TV watcher or radio listener or Facebook scroller, you may say, Oh, I've seen that ad millions of times. And let's just say that you're a marketer. And you're saying often, instead, I'd like to. I don't know if I've got a nearby Of course, I got if I put on my marketing shades, right, if I, what I can instead say to myself is that boy must be working. There's something that I can learn. And I can remember when I had you on the show, what was it a year ago? 

Paul: Yeah, we got on the show pretty quick, after you know, getting into learning what I've learned. It probably was about a year ago. Yeah. Almost. Europe. Yeah.

Dave: And you're still kind of perfecting and running a lot of the same things that you did back then

Paul: Continuously learning, but I'm doing the exact same method that I was using. And it was less than a year because I think I learned from you guys and came on, like around January. So it's been less than a year for sure. 

Dave: All right. All right. So we're going to be talking about that micro webinar strategy. We're going to be talking about what you've been doing. And you're going to be teaching our audience the nutshell version of how they can use it too. And of course, we'll give them your links, and they can go check you out as well. But for those who don't know who you are, take people back just a little bit and give them that snapshot. As to how you got started. I found Legendary back in January of this year.

Paul: So I'm a regular guy, I worked a management job at one of the largest retailers in the US, a largely intelligent world. And I ended up quitting my job I started a digital marketing agency, I was doing drop shipping, I was doing all of these things off tried it were entrepreneur minded, or we want to get a race. We've all dabbled in a lot of different things. And honestly, I said, very and probably years ago, honestly, I've seen the ClickFunnels community, I've seen a lot of different things. And I never took action. And then over the pandemic, my digital marketing agency advertising for brick and mortar locations, obviously those doors closed. So I pivoted to affiliate marketing, as we all know, everything's digital and elearning space is huge. And I wanted to get into legendary a year ago, and I started learning from the community, I started learning and that and then I found my way, which was educating people through what I call a micro webinar. And I do that through a live training on tick tock as we are all having a lot of success on that platform.

Dave: Yeah, so what has this transformation life change, I mean, what is different about your life now then back right before you kind of got started, you know, lost your job or your agency, all those businesses went down in your agency, I would assume there was a bit of panic and scrambling there. Anyways, take us through just how your life is now and how it has changed compared to that time.

Paul: I think that a lot of people when they get started, they are looking for income, right? And I was looking for freedom. So when I started I actually quit my job before I found legendary and I was just doing it and stuff to make a living but I enjoyed the freedom so much and then I got into my agency and it was going okay, but it was a roller coaster, you know, it wasn't consistent. Then when I found the training, I went through the training I took. You know, I won't say any numbers, but I'm doing really, really well. You know, I'm able to take that money, invest in other things and really put it back into my business. And I think that with the training, and now that I have all this freedom, I can not only help my mom and my family around and do the things that I want to do, cars, traveling, and it's all because of the training that I went through here. So what I like to say is being consistent and doing what I actually do every day as educating people through micro webinars has allowed me to get a know how and trust where people are inboxing me and contacting me on levels, even if they don't actually convert into actual commissions or anything. I feel like I have more impact over people than I do, then anything I've ever done before. And it's because I'm really out there educating and trying to change people's lives. So right now, for me it is much more important from an income because I didn't start this for money in the first place. I started it for freedom. So how did I get to connect people? Now, on that level? I have a lot of fun, honestly.

Dave: Yeah, that's great. Do you find affiliate marketing to be less stressful than the agency work you were doing before?

Paul: Locally, absolutely. agency work, you have to understand, working with businesses and clients, they're busy working in their business. So they have this idea of what they need to happen and what they want us as marketers to go out there and try to do what we think we'll work in the business and actually get their results. So it's always a conflict, to try to not only get results, do what they ask you to do. And sometimes you lose clients that way. Because if it doesn't work, you're not going to keep that client. But if you don't do what they tell you to do, it's going to cause friction at the beginning of your interaction. So it's a real struggle with affiliate marketing, low barrier to entry, no products or services, I cannot go out there and promote things that I know that people have success with. Without this education, it wouldn't have been possible. So I have to love the fact that I'm here and I'm one here for less than a year. And it's absolutely amazing for the results that I got. So I'm grateful as ever.

Dave: I think one of the things that people you know, when they get into the social media marketing agencies, which Ty Lopez was pushing that, and you know, now he's, you know, I made a post in our Facebook group about Black Friday how we don't discount our products here and Legendary, and that $2,000 course that he was selling, I'm not mad at I think he's a he's a stud he's a hustler. He's a great entrepreneur. He's doing some big things, but that Social Media Marketing Agency course and what's also ironic is he was making his money selling courses keeping that in mind. Don't watch what people say. Or don't listen to what they say. Watch what they do. Paul, are you still with us? Matt, if you can have him leave and then come back in. Yeah. So check this out. I don't want to lose my train of thought and we'll try to get Paul back in you know, I was talking about Ty and a couple of years ago he was selling a social media marketing course that's been recently discounted. Now he's selling it for, you know, a couple 100 bucks. But what happened was because he had such a big reach we had all these people now starting social media marketing agencies and and and the problem was is that they went from wanting to quit their job to then now they're, they're going out there and if they were able to close clients say it was a local business now you don't just have one boss at your job. But you have to remember when you're getting clients now you have multiple bosses, okay, from all of those different clients. Right, Okay. Looks like we got Paul back. Paul, what what I was saying was basically was that what I think a lot of people don't realize with agency work like marketing agency, which is fine if you I know a lot of people who use these skills to go out and run Facebook ads for people or do copywriting for people and become a XYZ Sultans or paid ads expert or copywriting expert. The problem though is you have to realize that say you have a job and you want to quit it at that job. You have one boss. Well, for each one of those clients, they're a boss. So if you have 10 clients, you have 10 bosses, right? And, you know, sure you can still have boundaries you can but sometimes managing both this marketing and sales of getting that client but then also the delivery on the back end is too much for a brand new person. So a lot of these business models where they're like newbie, friendly or not Really newbie friendly. And the reason why selling other people's products as an affiliate is the most newbie friendly business model, because you only need to focus on one thing, which is selling other people's products doing the marketing, you don't have to worry about the product. And it's not, although I don't, I'm not, I'm not dissing network marketing, it isn't network marketing, right? It isn't, we're going out and recruiting friends and family pushing lotions, potions, or pills or whatever kind of products that that company offers. We're a freelance affiliate, so we get to market and promote multiple different products. And again, we're not even worried about the merchant processing or the customer service, which those two things alone are massive, only the marketing. And so that leads us into your strategy, which is this micro webinar, so talk to us a little bit of how you discovered this.

Paul: So if anybody is in the course creation elearning space, we understand that one of the most successful ways to promote something is through a webinar, but a lot of low end offers that you have, it's kind of not, I would say worth it, if you will, but I go live a few years ago, people were like, if you're a marketer, if you're this time now there go live on Facebook once a day, and they're saying this because we have the reach, and for me, on TikTok, when I go live, I do a presentation. And it's clunky, it's literally me turning around my camera, showing different levels of how to introduce people into this space. And there's a lot of people out there that use hashtags and different things about affiliate marketing. When they get into the space, I show the process of whatever product, whatever service that I am looking at, I show the process and let people understand what it is. And then I bridge that gap from them being successful by letting them know how to learn. So I don't say anything about my product or service until the end of my presentation. People are staying there as long as my presentation goes, they're probably interested in learning more. And then that is when I let them know, Hey, this is how you want to get into the space if you want to learn more, or this is the product that can solve this problem for you.

Dave: Or the training that can solve this problem more.

Paul: Absolutely. So when people get in that space, I literally that micro webinar is me literally teaching them when what they're going to be doing or how to learn or go through a training. And I pull up different tabs on the computer, I show them what the beginning of it is getting in space, how to find traffic, how to leverage other people's videos and things like that, how to learn how to connect with people to get them to like know you interest rate, and then I actually point them to whatever program and at that point, people are usually begging for me. Like I've had days where without high tickets, I'm doing very high numbers because of the amount of people who lie and that my webinars are working for me 100%. So I've been doing some presentations on my own to show people how to do it. And people have been inviting me and other groups and asking me to do things. And for me it's mind blowing, because at this point, it is literally me going out there to try to teach not very technical as you guys can see our boss, internet service or whatever it is, I don't think

Dave: You dumped your webcam at the beginning of the live, we were wondering if Paul was even going to come because of technical difficulties , but you're just like me, dude, I can hardly set up my iCloud and get them all connected and stuff. And I don't know, if I set up a new phone, if I'm going to lose all my pictures, I don't really still understand all that stuff yet. They made a lot of these simple things when you get a new iPhone where you just hold it over. And it just I don't know, it just talks to the other film for people like me. And I think people really think that I'm a technical genius, they, you know, they think that I'm this coding guru. And the truth is, you know, I log into Aweber ClickFunnels, and I get a headache, too. I mean, it's not like I love doing that stuff. I just set it up once. Make sure to test it, make sure it works and then turn to the content creation and the teaching in the value of vein and just send people into that funnel, some will have some wall who cares who's next.

Paul: And another thing I tell people, a lot of people here have different strategies to what they do. Micro webinar has been working for me consistently and there's up and down months. I lost a family member throughout this time and I just didn't have the energy to do my method. But I had to remember that staying consistent and really understanding that life will happen and I have a duty to go out there and do what I love. I wholeheartedly believe that there was a webinar that I probably was on five, six years ago, and I was looking at the process and mimicking the movement and understanding what was going on there. And I went through so many different trainings, even if they were webinars where I didn't have the money to actually invest in when I had the opportunity, I went out there and figured out a way to invest in myself, I went out there to say, hey, and even about money that I'm putting out there, it's been 60, 70 $100,000 in college, and no offense to college, I won't tell anybody not to go to it. But the culture is very, very odd how we are willing to go straight out of high school, wet behind the ears, not knowing what we're doing the banks, handiness, 1000s, and 1000s of dollars for something that is not guaranteed, especially if you're not going into medical, I'm not trying to preach here. But if you're not going into all of this stuff, yet and still, some people are very afraid to invest in a non-traditional education, it blows my mind. So when I go out there, sometimes I'm not even talking about the actual product that I'm promoting. I'm talking about what got me to take that decision. And if people know anything about sales or anything like that, we move on emotion. And when I can connect with people on how, what kind of emotion that they have, because they felt like me when I said that, I think a lot people, a lot of people get into it with a more emotional standpoint, which is going to be going longer than a logical, there's many different things out there to sound logical to do. But when you move that logical understanding with emotion, people get fired up and they get ready to go. So those are one of my things that during my life webinar is after all the logic is done, and the training is here and all that I let them know my purpose, my why what got me into this, and it moves them in a way to really take action. So that would be one of the biggest tips for me is don't be extremely logical. When you're going into things. People don't buy off logic, they move to emotions. And if you can just connect on a level and stop trying to necessarily make it seem like everything is sweet. Everything is amazing. I believe if people tell their genuine story, people really connect with them. You'll be surprised how many were in places, Jessica. And now they're getting fired up because they feel that they can have the success or the freedom that you are that you've got with the same process. If that makes sense. Hopefully it wasn't too much.

Dave: No, no, I was I was I was I was, it was not too much at all. And as a matter of fact, there's several things that I want to work off what you just said, first and foremost, what you were just talking about was, you know, non traditional education. Now I did an interview that went live on Thanksgiving with Dana here. I don't know if anybody who's listening in on today saw this interview with Dana, but she's an education administrator in Massachusetts. And well, quite frankly, if, you know, if you can't take it from her, who can you take it for? Right? It's just somebody who runs and designs public education programs here, although she is doing her best to be of service to the public and a great citizen, and is obviously passionate about education. She's also what, what is she doing in her other time in her personal time? Well, she's using non traditional education, which she went through our 15 Day Challenge. Now she's turning around, and she's doing affiliate marketing and in moving towards, you know, selling information in non traditional ways. The other thing that I brought up on that particular interview with her was this, this graphic from Eugene Swartz, which is the five levels of customer awareness. And, basically, it's the kind of people who are totally unaware of even what the hell you talk about to people who are aware of the specific, say, course product or company that you might be promoting. Okay, and so everybody falls into one of these categories. It what I'm hearing from you is that you're talking mostly been like to people who are most aware, but what you're doing on these webinars is you're just talking to people who are unaware that that what you're talking about May that what you're eventually going to promote to them may even exist. And the only thing that they may be aware of is that they have stress in pain around their job or what they're doing or the amount of money that they have saved or how much you know, they have saved them. And, and and you're also talking about sort of the traditional system of education and so forth, you're getting into technical details of software, etc. You're because After all, and you tell me, Paul, you've been doing these micro webinars on TikTok now for a year, the majority are the majority of the people that you're running into. Somewhat unaware or simply problem aware of the meaning that they're, they just want a solution to their problem, but they're there, they're they're not even really clear about what the problem is. And other solutions are available. For example, they may not even know what affiliate marketing is.

Paul: But I'll tell you what, 90 I would almost say 95% of my followers have no clue what affiliate marketing is, I think people obviously, you have, you know, fitness, industry, relationships, health, wealth, and you have things that are generally the population wanting to improve on their, you want to improve on your finances, you want to work on your relationships, you want to improve on your, your health. So for me, when I go, when I go live, the one thing that I always establish, before I do anything, is let them know who I am, what I've done, where I am now in freedom and how I did it. And I'm going to show you how I was able to escape the nine to five, learn a new skill set through non traditional education. And oh thing that I asked right after that is to engage where my audience is coming from. Have you ever heard of dropshipping? Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? Have you ever heard, and almost all the time, 90% of them have never heard of affiliate marketing? So I'm like, Well, let me show you how without a product or service, blah, blah, blah, you can actually leverage big companies like Amazon, Target, Walmart, I go and pull up tabs of all these programs. So I can validate that this is something that it's real, because these people come in and they're telling me, oh, this might be a scam. This is multilevel marketing. I'm like, stick around guys. And I promise you, you'll be grateful after this presentation, I have nothing to pitch to you guys unless you want to learn more. And from there, everyone's relaxed, their guard is down, I can get into the presentation.

Dave: And oh, by the way, at the end of this, this like live session, because we don't even use what what I want people to realize is that people who are listening on your lives, don't even know the jargon probably if you say webinar, they wouldn't, they wouldn't even know what you're talking about. And so, you know, just saying, you know, what I love about affiliate marketing is also the ability to say, and hey, when we're done today, there's nothing for sale. I personally have nothing to sell you. I'll point you to some different places that you can go and potentially take a course. But I personally have nothing to sell you. So now you're like all the pressure is off of you. And I think for those who feel awkward about being salesy. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Paul: People are begging me at the end of my webinars, how do you learn? How do you learn? Let me learn and I'll be honest, I have a unique following. And the algorithm on TikTok is very, very unique. And I think I have like 66% women. And when I talk to my peers and other people that percentage. How interesting, and I think I said this the first time we met, but at one point, I was like almost 70%. And I'm like, not that handsome. I'm definitely not like you know what I mean?

Dave: Give yourself a little bit more credit now. That I'm not, I'm not into guys, but I'll tell you, you ain’t ugly brother.

Paul: I appreciate it, brother, I appreciate it. So I had to pivot my jargon and the way I talk to people on some things, and I even make content, believe it or not, I have not made a video on TikTok in probably 10 days, I don't have to because I understand that the algorithm and how my live webinars gave me three to 500 to 700 followers every single day, the way I structure it. And this is what people don't understand about the algorithm. When you go live. Your life's going to go out to different people, there's no hashtags, they're not going to go out to people that are most likely to stay on in their lives. So for me, 90% of them don't know about affiliate marketing. So at the beginning, I make sure I get them to engage. Hey, tap that screen, I'm going to show you guys exactly how I was able to do XYZ and monetize. And I'm going to do this for free to show you guys because I want to be like I want to be known I want to be trusted I literally say that I want to program it into their head that that's my goal at the end of the day is for you guys to help me build my personal brand. So one day I can hop on stage and I can motivate, I can inspire, I can teach people how to become free because the world is going digital. And right now we're in a weird space. So it motivates people to do all the things that I want them to do. Let me know where they're from. Let me know what they're, they're not in all that engagement in those comments. The other day I had 1000 people in my life and I didn't make a video for seven days. 1000 people and

Dave: That’s insane. Do you know how hard it is to get 1000 people like on a zoom or a Gotowebinar? 

Paul: It is impossible. The fact that I can get people near the end of my life, I usually have about 100 people in there. And that's okay with me. Because 15-20 People listen to me, if I was in a room somewhere, and there were that many people, I probably would be like, holy shoot, these people want to hear me speak about stuff. And I am not the brightest person, guys, I, I hate to say this, but I read it like a fourth fifth grade reading level. In my senior year in high school, I also graduated all academic. So put things in perspective, I'm not going to let my little things cause me to be your or fail at things, I'm going to figure out a solution and go forward. And for me, freedom is so important that I've figured out a way to make this work for me. 

Dave: And I don't know how long maybe tick tock will be this great as ads get on a platform. I tell everybody right now, it is a great time to get on here and start pivoting people from TikTok from Instagram to YouTube, or whatever you guys want to do. This is the time to be alive, like what is on your email list in your Facebook group, I mean, as many places as you can get them in, sort of have them. So you want to connect. Yeah, you're obviously not going to own your Facebook group or your TikTok profile. But get them on that email list, get them on a community text message list. I mean, there's so many different ways, and it's getting cheaper and cheaper to be able to use these tools. I want to go back to just a few details for people who are thinking you know how you've given so many great tips about how to introduce the webinar and sort of kick it off. We've also gone over the fact that we're not really doing a lot of technical jargon, for example, breaking down landing pages and breaking down autoresponders. And all of those different tools. If you want it to bring out a diagram of how something works, that might be fine. But oftentimes, the more detailed you get into it, the more questions somebody is going to have or the more confused they're going to be if they want to buy the course. For example, our business blueprints you want. If you invest a significant amount of time and money and say, I really want to do this, we're going to take you in, we're going to show you a finger by clicking step by step how to set everything up. But up until that point, we here at legendary who are converting more, I mean, as high as any other offer that's out there online for as long as we've been doing it. We're not converting that high because we're getting people lost in the weeds. We're converting that high, because we are also telling stories. And we're helping people to understand the big picture that, look, there is a big shift that's happening right now it's digital. It's got to do with information. And it's easy, and it's simple to get started. And you can start with a really easy business model. And you can even do other things from there, which is where we came up with a core four ways of selling information. And just getting people to understand that pointing out to them. Look, watch what people do, not what they say. So let's go to let's scroll down to the bottom of the screen if in let's look by chance. I don't know. Do you think that actually, let's type in Amazon. Let's just type it in right here. Okay, wait affiliate program dot Amazon, hold on a second. So Amazon's affiliate program Welcome to one of the largest affiliate programs in the world. The Amazon Associates Program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers, TikTokers, Instagramers, Facebookers and just human beings or their cell phone, be able to monetize their traffic with millions of products and programs available on it on Amazon. Associates use easy link building tools to direct their audience to the recommendations and earn from qualifying purchases and programs that challenge each one of you. And I'm just pretending that I was doing a micro webinar. I challenge any of you to go to any of the large sites anywhere on the internet, scroll down to the bottom of the site. You can even go Command F and you can type in An affiliate. And you can see, well look at that become an affiliate right peasy.

Paul: So right there before you even click on that link. So right there one of the things that I do, I go to Amazon, everybody shopping on Amazon and I say, Hey look, we're gonna scroll to the bottom because you guys are already buying things you want to do, I'm going to show you how to get paid. And then I show them that thing that says make money with us, of course want to make money with the biggest online retailer in the world, they're begging you guys to make money with it. You can sell your product here. You know, this is my, this is my spiel, if you will, you can sell your product on here, you can develop that you can do all that stuff. But if you're anything like me, you don't have a product, you haven't developed the app, you're not a coder, you can leverage their product to become an affiliate for free. I click when I like to go there. And then what I do is I go to hashtags in TikTok, and I show them people that are showing their face and not showing their face opening the boxes and reviewing products. I do some numbers with them. I get them excited about that. And then from there, go over there and I say look, Now me personally, I like promoting digital products in the information age, they solve a big problem. They really help people, whether it's relationships, whether it's fitness, whether it's how to actually be an affiliate, and I go through that spiel, and I show them digital marketplace. I show them Clickbank. I showed them Digi store 24, then I let them know I said I'm giving you guys a lot of fish. But I want to teach you how to fish. So I'm not here. Just being that person when I'm going you don't know what to do. This is a digital marketplace for affiliate products. So when you search that in Google, you're gonna find more websites like this, and you can do that research. Then I go in there and even after that, they're like, Well, how will we promote these digital products? I said you can leverage other people's content. There's things called stitches, duets, then I go into products, like maybe a keto diet, especially right now I'm talking about health and fitness. I asked people in my life, I'm saying, Hey, you're gonna have a New Year's resolution, what's the number one thing you guys want to solve? Everyone's saying health or make money. Perfect. I show them a health or keto diet program. And I show them exactly how I would leverage existing videos on the internet by using either us or actually showing, hey, this is a keto friendly cookbook that I use. And here are some of the best recipes that I found on TikTok. That video, I give them the credit. And I tell them how to actually start that business. After I get done with this, this is at that point where people are like, Hey, how do I learn how to do this step by step. And I say, Well, if you want to learn exactly how I learned, this is the program I got to. And to go back to the point that you were saying about jargon, you'll have one or two people, a few people are like, Well, you got to set up an email list, you got to do that. So I look. And I start talking about all the other small little technical things, I'm going to discourage people and make them feel that they can't get started. Because of those things. I'd rather cross those bridges when you get there. Because if you start now, then you can pivot and start learning those other things. But if I tell you guys, so much really technical stuff that you don't understand, it's going to stop you in your tracks. That is why I'm pointing you to such a low offer that you can learn the foundation of this, and you have more education, if you happen to want to get into this full time. And when I say that guard goes down, people convert. And it's exciting for me, because I know on the other side, it's education, what it did for me, and if they work hard, they stay consistent, consistent, and they follow this path. Detach yourself from the end goal, just by the process. Anyone can be successful doing this, I want to say that, again, following the process and detaching yourself from the end result in the goal, you will be successful. The issue a lot of people have is they do this consistent work consistently. Some people say in two weeks, they haven't had any conversions. And then they get discouraged and they quit. It might not happen in your first week. Like other people, it might take a while to get people to know you like you and trust you. But the body of work that you do is going to compound and you're going to get those results. a little long winded. But I want to make sure people understand that.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah. There is a lot of gold in there, it is hard to really add to that. Then, you know, I think one other thing that has been helpful in my webinars is whether it be little lives that I've done and quite frankly, each one of these this morning that I do on wakeup legendary kind of a micro webinar, right. What we're doing here is we're educating a lot of the new people who are new to the community who are kind of scoping us out just going through the challenge. Why do you think I'm doing these every morning? I mean, do you think I'm doing these because I just you know I have nothing better to do or I am getting paid by Sirius radio and I know I'm doing these because I want to demonstrate to people who are existing or who are new. That a we Got a lot of people in our community and you can get a lot of different perspectives and see a lot of success stories. So that's number one, there's huge social proof. That's number two is, is that each and every morning, you know, I'm having conversations like this, educating folks, not particularly on the mechanics and details of things. That's not what these, this is a this is, although it's a value based show, what I'm trying to do is I'm staying at a high level, and I'm, I'm helping to, I'm helping people understand that this is a real business model. And I'm helping, of course, pointing a lot of our community to different people in the community to network with and learn from as well. But that's what I'm doing. I'm bringing up graphics, and showing little, you know, walkthroughs, like we're doing here, these are all micro webinars. And, and I don't five days a week, you know what I mean? That does Wednesday, but that along with our other advertising, along with our other things that we're doing here, as well as having affiliates, we're also doing, essentially micro webinars by going live and the truth, here's the truth, I don't prepare for these lives in the morning, I don't, it's not like, there's a big production team that's behind the scenes, I pull up to the table running over here this morning, just finishing up a yogurt, you know, having a coffee, you know, and and I'm going to just kind of go through whatever comes up, whatever questions come up, it, the point is showing up, and I'm showing people more than anything that what I've done using this business model, what I've done has changed my life. And it's changed the lives of 1000s of others. And overall, that's the biggest point that you're trying to make, is that what you're with these micro webinars also with your content, that what you have is real, in what you have to say and what you'll show them and where you can point them can change their life, because it's changed years and 1000s of other people too. Only not to teach the mechanics and get into all of the little details. And the truth about even webinars where you're selling a multi $1,000 product, when you get into the weeds, you actually hurt the sale. Because again, if you teach too much on the webinar, then they're going to go and try to implement what you've taught them versus buy. Or you're going to bring up questions and cause confusion and overwhelm. So your best strategy on any webinar, whether it's a live micro webinar, like you're doing on tick tock, if it's what like what we're doing here, or even if it's a, you know, webinar, where you're pitching a multi $1,000 product, you do not want to get into details, because you will overwhelm people and they will feel like it's too hard. You want to sell the story, you want to sell the testimonials more than anything. You want to show them the potential and that it's real. And then say, Would you like me to help you get started with this? If so, then let me talk about where we can send you to do that.

Paul: 100%. And I think people overcome complicated things. And there's a lot of people that get in this space. And they want to talk about the jargon because they're proud that they know this stuff. And they don't understand it. It's really alienating people. And they're following because they're like, they're watching this stuff. And I see a lot of people. And it all works for everybody differently. Like if you go through all these weight legendaries and you look at people, people talk about different strategies, some are the same. I think that I found out early on that I just like talking to people, you know, and I don't mind going live. It actually strokes my ego to get to talk to people, because the people that I'm talking to that's above me, I'm obviously trying to get there. And then the people that are next to me or want to learn what I've learned, they're really looking up to me when I come on, and people are like excited about this. And really, people are talking about my energy. And I'm like I'm getting from you guys. And you guys are not engaging and saying things. It's crazy to me. So for anybody that's going out there and you're proud about what they learn and they want to get into this. Leave the technical jargon out here. And I think you're trying to home in on that because the more you sound technical, you're going to get people to say, Hey, this is too much for me. This is how to make a website. I don't have to understand how to do this. And some people don't even know what funnel builders are. And you guys are talking about, like, oh, do I need a website? No, you don't need a site you were going to get a funnel builder and you're going to have this and I'm like, What the heck is a funnel? What is a builder? might be easier than somebody building a website from code, but they don't even understand what that is. So That's one of the conversations that I have when I'm around people. I'm like, anybody come in and start talking about technical stuff, because they're proud of what they've learned. I'm like, You're just confusing people at this point, let me show you how simple this can be for TikTok, and those pages, and I show everybody how they can leverage other content and mimic unnecessarily copy at all, but model other people's success, they get excited about it, because that's, that's one of the one you know that, that is, I'm going to do this. And I'm gonna promote this. And this is how I'm gonna get eyeballs on that offer. And it converts. So yeah, don't overcomplicate this, it is not that complicated. And you guys, at the end of the day, you're learning marketing skills. So you can go out there and one day, you might start your own product or service and, and I think affiliate marketing, I can do this for the rest of my life. But you never know what kind of passions you'll find when you start making some really good income, and you start doing multiple streams that spill all our dreams. So yeah, I think I think it's really important to go out there and, and then start doing affiliate marketing. I love it. I'm so grateful, honestly. multiple streams, what was that multiple takes multiple streams to fulfill the dreams, right? You have to have multiple different income streams to get what you want in life. And I think that that's very important. So a lot of people that get into affiliate marketing, I think that's the only thing they can do. I'm starting a brand right now, that is a clothing brand new apparel brand. And I am sourcing trash from the ocean, we've been into apparel. And this is not like slang was plugged in because I don't have a website or anything up. But I'm sourcing trash and trying to make a sustainable clothing brand by reducing the energy and the consumption of water for my clothing. And I'm really passionate about cleaning up the ocean, I know if we lose the ocean, we lose our life. And a lot of people are not paying attention to this. And I think it's a great time to get into this because I'm able to take my profits from my affiliate marketing business to dump a niche. And I would not have been able to do that if it wasn't for affiliate marketing. So I get to follow my true passion. Because I'm making income from this. And I believe I'm going to manifest a $100 million apparel brand through this actually and it's all because of Legendaries education and what I can do here as an affiliate marketer, changing other people's lives, and creating some really active income in the process. 

Dave: I am right behind you supporting that vision every step of the way, bro,

Paul: I appreciate it man.

Dave: Like, this is what I do this is why I do this is why I'm here is because I have you know, I hear dreams and visions, like what you just shared. And I want to try to help make that become a reality. Like, that's, that's how I fill my heart. And where I get my joy, you know, is from 1%

Paul: You're 100%. It's like every time I wanted to invest in this, it's like life happens and other things. And when you have just one job and an income, that job is nine to five, pay all your bills, wherever it is your side business. Start thinking about, you know, wealth, like everybody, some people get into this and that they can get rich quick, one of the things that I love, I think it's like a four and a five. And it talks about how to master the inner games of wealth. And I have the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. And it was on my desk the first time I went through the training and I'm like, this is a sign for me because this is what I understand that elusive but also attainable generational wealth, you can create that income. And you can start looking at things like I don't want a Lamborghini. I mean, it'd be nice, but I don't care about that stuff as much as the next person. But I do want to create products and services that impact the world in a positive way. And I think this program literally does that. And it's also positioning to me to do what I want to do on the back end because well, affiliate marketing, so yeah.

Dave: Well, gosh, I love the ocean. I mean, I'm right now in the process of shopping trying to pick out a boat that I like, just a fishing boat like nothing crazy. Not a big yacht. I'm also not like I'd rather rent somebody out if I'm going to go out on a yacht. I don't want that kind of maintenance. You know what I mean? I'm uh, I don't you know, I want to control things. I don't want to own everything. You know what I mean? I'm kind of more of that sort of wealth builder. I don't need lots of maintenance on a bunch of things I'd rather invest in. Yeah, like you said generational wealth and to just be smart with my money, teach my kids good values and stuff like that. But I am jumping a fishing boat because now that I've got my kids kind of to a place to where in this business to a place to where I have a little bit of time to be able to go back out and get into the ocean. It's one of my favorite places to be. And so, I love that we share that. You know, that love for the ocean.

Paul: For sure. I grew up in Michigan so the Lake Michigan was like the ocean for me if you've ever been to Lake Michigan If you haven't been there day, you have to go in the summers most beautiful thing, whether you're going up to capacity, Charlotte Boyd, Traverse City, or you're just going to like Grand Haven, but you can see 15 feet 20 feet clear through this lake up north and it will amaze you. If you start looking into it. I think it's rated like, third best beach for music and upper north Michigan, Northern Michigan, the third best beach in the world. So yeah, yeah, that's my TikTok right there, you can go follow me, like I said, my content is, it is interesting compared to the other affiliate marketers that you might, but I tried to do a really good job with connecting through my life. So like I said, I haven't posted a video, and probably 10 days or something like that. But I go live almost every day connecting with my people. So

Dave: It's kind of fascinating to think that Matt sent an email out because on Thanksgiving, we had that episode with Dana, the educator, the administrative educator from Massachusetts, we pre recorded that. And then we hit live on Thanksgiving, it was live, you know, so it looked live, right? Because you can do that on stream yards here on Facebook. And, Matt wrote, we can send out really powerful emails because we send out the replays of all these every week to our entire community. And he was talking about just the power of in that case, I spent the day before Thanksgiving, an extra half hour doing that interview. And people want to live as if it was live. And I don't know what I was doing. Right. But I was alive. And just to think for you in this business, not to say that you're not doing other things, I don't know. But you could be doing other things after you go live for 30 or 45 minutes during the day or an hour or whatever it is. And you say you haven't made a video on TikTok for 10 days. I mean, if you wanted to, and it sounded like you had some healing and grieving you needed to do this this year. Also, I love that this business model allows you that sort of time freedom when you set up a system like you've looked up to be able to not just ignore the business because this isn't a unit, because it's automated.

Paul: Yeah. So it's interesting that you say that I told myself and a lot of people try to do things really advanced, I told myself, I can make $100,000. And in a year that I'm going to take that process that I proved that it's successful, to run some type of ads and make this where it's even more automated. So I can focus on my apparel brand. And I'm going to do that. I literally told myself, I was not going to open up any of my awards, or plaques or anything that I got during this process until I literally have them in the boxes behind me still, like I don't care about them as much. I love them. And I'm proud of them. But I don't want to have my brain think I accomplished something. You're still working bro. Like still working like I mean, literally those boxes are right there behind oppo. So for me, those accomplishments are great. But I have a lot of work to do. And I'm learning and I'm feeling men to really understand what it is to build up big. I am fascinated by what you accomplished, honestly. And every time I'm thinking about it, I'm looking at things I'm like, how do people do this? How is this working and I'm, I'm really, really excited about her and I want to. I can't explain how grateful I am that I went through this program that people are on the fence and they're watching this video. Stop it You spend so much a year you went through education. The reason that you're on here watching this is because you feel either avoid or side you are saying like I want something more, I need to have some type of purpose and I want to create. And this is one of the best ways you can do it without having to go out there and don't know I just would. I've done drop shipping, running ads to horrible products that I spent more than the blueprint has cost me you know, so like, you might spend $1,000 testing a product that doesn't work, and your second, your third and your fourth product and then you say it doesn't work. It's not that you might not have found a successful product. In affiliate marketing, you can find products that are already converting and attach yourself to the process that they already have in place by understanding the marketing aspect of itself. That's how I feel about it, man. I'm grateful for nothing else. I'm trying to remind myself that every day

Dave: Yeah, well a good theme coming off in the holiday season. I do want to let everybody know and also congratulate you for hitting platinum rank, which would put you at that six figure earning Mark within a year. It's not a guarantee of income that anybody else is going to do the same, although we have many folks who have done that. But I just, you know, as you were talking and you said that I'd like to make 100k a year and I know you have other mult. I know you have other income streams, and you're doing other things, but just with us, the income that I know, it just was ironic. I went over and I looked at your back office in case you had hit Platinum with 100k in earnings on November 3.

Paul: Thank you, man.

Dave: That's a good way to end that's a good note to end on. We didn't even throw that out there at the beginning. No, y'all know that right here? In just right off of the back of him saying he had that goal, what if I can just earn 100,000? Well, I know. Because you have multiple streams that you've surpassed that you've made just from the income that I know about. So again, that's no guarantee most people who try online who joined any gym who invest in buying courses in our businesses, they all fail, mostly because they quit and don't do anything with it. Maybe they don't feel supported, whatever. But you did it. And we have a lot of people that have done it. And if you want it bad enough? Well, I don't think I need to add to anything that you've said. Because you've made the point clear. And the truth is, if any of you who are listening, want it. It's here, it's here for the grabbing and coming up at the beginning of another year. My question to you is, how is this going to be different than all the years before? And how can this be a defining moment in your life? How can this be a fork in the road for you not not to continue to do the same thing expecting to design. But to make a different decision, a powerful decision, and not a decision that requires a ton of work, we're not talking about going to the gym, and working out every day, I know, everybody's big, I'm talking about sitting your ass down at your desk. And just staying there for a while. Until you can give yourself a chance to actually get some results. And then you build on those results you get excited than you but I'm not even talking about you even got to lift the dumbbell you can eat whatever you want eat five guys in fat is as you want, I mean dad bought to make enough money, then you can take some time off and go to the gym and hire a nutritionist and you can have a you can challenge yourself to lose and all that weight that you gained from sitting your truth is that that, you know, I'm not going to say that health and fitness is not a great goal to have being healthy, is being wealthy. But I want to be financially free and get your time back.

Paul: Money is a tool if you can, if you can leverage it to get your time. It's the one thing that you guys can't get back is your time. So I'm more inclined to tell you guys to get your freedom and like you said, you are spending eight to 10 hours a day, 12 hours a day at a job fulfilling a person's dream who started that business that you're working eight to 10 hours fulfilling their dream and we get home and we're like, oh, I'm exhausted. I'm sitting on the couch, I'm gonna do this. I'm literally closing with this. But you should work at least two hours a day on your own dream. If you can dedicate eight to 10 to 12 hours for someone else's dream. Just keep that in your mind. You're going to work to fulfill someone else's dream. They started a business and they hired you guys to help them get their next Lamborghini or or whatever it is go out there and spend two hours on your own dream and figure out a way to make yourself because this is proof every single day you guys go live with people that are successful in it that have stayed consistent. And these are normal everyday average people like myself, so I'm rooting for every single one of you guys watching this video and I'm grateful for Dave sharp and legendary. I really appreciate you guys.

Dave: Alright brother, I will talk to you soon. We'll see you soon. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to talking to you to back on the show sooner than another year. We'll have you back hopefully in a couple of months. Absolutely. Take care brother. All right, but Alright my friends, you can see his TikTok handle and you can absolutely be Paul a part of your network and a part of your community as Paul's a part of our community here. @Paullivefreefrancis, the man with a plan this Monday and the man that you all heard it from the horse's mouth. It is possible that One year transition doesn't matter where you're at where you came from what you did before this it's possible we're not here to blow smoke up any answers we're not here with smoke and mirrors, here today gone tomorrow, banana in the tailpipe and all the other tricks in stuff that the goblins are using out there. I made a post in the Facebook group, it triggered a couple of people about not doing Black Friday. Well, you know what ain't gonna be no damn Cyber Monday deals either because you know what? Why would I want a product that one of our other customers paid full price for learn to know your value. This is not retail. We're not selling a t-shirt here. We're selling information that will change your life if you apply it and we're going to keep talking about it until you believe it. I love you. Get into the blueprints, finish the challenge. And my friends we'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Get out of here, be Legendary.