Below is the transcription for this epsiode:

Dave: What's going on my friends? This is David Sharpe here kicking off this Wake Up Legendary show this morning. How y'all doing? So this morning, oh, we have a kindred spirit. Somebody who understands what it's like to put in a hard day's work out in the elements. And also likely with electricity crawling under houses, you know, breaking into walls and, you know, putting your life on the line every day, potentially touching 220 Lots of energy and getting thrown back. I was just talking to my dad about that the other night, the other day as he was wiring stuff

for his house, but this gentleman Taylor has gone from electrician to building a successful business online. 20,000 followers on Tiktok rockin and rollin. Let's hear how he did it. Taylor, welcome to the show, brother.

Taylor: Thanks for having me.

Dave: Where are you calling from? 

Taylor: Charlotte, North Carolina. Okay, awesome, man. So, um, tell us why you know, being an electrician is not a bad trade. It's not a you know, it's not anything to be ashamed of. It's good, it's good quality. It's a good quality career. Yet. Here you are looking online and building an online business. Tell us what happened. What motivated you to start looking and how you found Legendary.

Taylor: Actually, I was just working long hours and just knew it wasn't for me. And it wasn't leading anywhere. I wanted to see my future. I actually saw a video online. Most people are familiar with the guy, I forget his name, but he's the guy who goes up to people and asks people in nice cars what they do for a living. Oh, yeah. I noticed a lot of people were saying, Oh, I do affiliate marketing.  There's a lake called Lake Norman. And there's million billion dollar houses on there. And there's a couple of docks with helicopters. I always wondered like, what are some of these people doing so watching his video and really just got me thinking so I looked more into it. I actually saw a video about Legendary and stuff. And for $7 I said, Well, I might as well try it. I mean, all these people are getting rich from it. So I found it. 

Dave: You're a straight shooter, her brother. Oh, yeah. So what happened? You saw these people and we only paid seven bucks. And so you, you signed up? You said what the hell? You know, I have nothing to lose.

Taylor: You know, for $7 I mean, that's breakfast, or anything like that. So I just gave it a whirl and wow, I mean, the information that legendary teaches and everything like that blew me away.

Dave: So you feel like you had a, like a brain opening that you can never close back again. I mean, did you see some things in here that you can never unseen here again? What were some of those things that really were exciting for you?

Taylor: Oh, yeah. I mean, even just watching YouTube videos and understanding like here's something they're talking about, and then there'll be leaving you guys the link down below, if you want to go check it out. That clicked in my head immediately. Okay, that's actually affiliate marketing. 

Dave: And then you realize, wow, affiliate marketing is through everything. Almost online.

I've been participating in affiliate marketing for years as a consumer, right, you probably realize that.

Taylor: Oh, yeah, for sure. You see something on TikTok like, Oh, that's a cool product. Wonder where they got it and then say, oh, it's down below and then you just click and you're not even realizing where you're going?

Dave: What a nice guy. What a guy. Exactly. Link for me. How convenient, right? Oh, yeah,

Taylor: For sure.

Dave: Yeah, and that's what a great affiliate marketer does is makes it so seamless and makes it so convenient for their viewers to click. It's, it's the affiliate, the affiliate really is and I don't want to be. I don't want to scare anybody away with a big sales word. But you know, people oftentimes are in the mood for buying a car, but it's just the experience that they have, which determines where they're going to buy it from a lot of times, sometimes even the brand. And what we are, as affiliate marketers is we're almost a welcoming committee, you know, we educate, it's almost like you ever been to a, I don't know, a new gym, or a hotel room to where they take you around, and they say, Hey, here's the showers. And here's the sauna. And here's how to get into your locker. And here's let me know if there's anything. Well, we're doing the same thing as marketers out there. Which is, we want to make it really easy and convenient for people to buy from us. So you started to make the connection as you were watching videos through the challenge and thinking back to videos that you've watched on YouTube and so forth, and you've clicked a link in a bio, you're realizing well, I've probably contributed to a lot of affiliate marketing commissions. And I understand how this works. And did you begin to believe that you can do it too? 

Taylor: Oh, yeah, I realize how easy it could be pretty much just promoting anything you want, as long as you just build a brand around it.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, even electricity, even content for electricians could be a valuable niche. Because you know, I remember when I was doing cow work and in carpentry with my father, we were oftentimes, really, really, we would find ourselves also watching construction shows outside of my columns, this old house, those kinds of things. And so people who are used to it in a splint job will oftentimes find themselves watching content about that profession after work as well, just because they're familiar with it. So I bet you didn't. And I don't know if you're interested in being an electrician, if there's any opportunity there that you saw. But there's so many different niches that you can be a part of even offering value in the trades. But what direction Have you decided to go and what niche Have you decided to focus on?

Yeah, I've done that. I've also realized a lot of people love pets, dogs. I have one and I had a page for him before I even knew about affiliate marketing. And I was like, Wow, there's so many pet products out there because everybody loves their pet they're gonna buy I mean people buy jackets and stuff for pets. We can pretty much make a regular video about your pet and also legally some kind of bone or a jacket or life jacket or anything that revolves around them. Most people are going to definitely check that out.

Dave: Totally. I've got a great little surprise. I forgot to let this out yesterday but yesterday we actually had to get a guest on and she had a bunny page. I don't know if you caught that episode or not. But she this is her bunny page me lo dot Luna the bunds I didn't I didn't show this yesterday but you know you're absolutely right. I mean bunny rabbit content free roam bunnies good bunny tips follow more you know and of course in her link know what what she's got here right now oh donate to the bunny rescue I really these things where you got multiple options on the page I really I really you guys really got to I would just invite all of you who are doing this to split test it against just driving them directly to a opt in page with only one choice okay? Because you know I've got 123 choices up here at the top have got 12345 choices right here and although she actually is doing really well with this I guarantee they're still just from understanding human psychology a lot of people come to this page and just don't know where to go so I would just I would just encourage some of you guys to to split test some of these beacons pages with just driving directly to a landing page and then just doing the fall you know just promoting these additional products that you want to promote in the in the email follow up. You do it too. What's the what's the what's what's your perspective about using the link tree or the beacons thing on your in your in your bio link.

Taylor: I've seen it work for me. Just because you can add multiple social media so if someone finds you on TikTok they can. I was gonna find you on Instagram as well, or anything like that.

I'm not, I'm not talking about where you are, I'm talking about the link itself. 

Dave: So I don't actually cover this in training which is why so many people do this. But Taylor I'm talking about these, I'm not talking about your link to or your you know how on mobile, you can go to YouTube or go to Instagram. I'm talking about when you click your link, you've got three options here. So if somebody can, and I'm just giving you a little bit of feedback here, if somebody can go to your, if somebody can go to your, your Instagram right through, let me just check your let me just check your profile. Okay, so check this out, bro. So, so I've got your, I've got your profile pulled up on on. And you've got the Instagram button that's set up right here for somebody to click to go to Instagram, right? Yes. And then and then and they're already on TikTok, right? 

Taylor: Correct. Okay, so they can go to Instagram. So I'm just curious why you have TikTok in Instagram here as options when they click your link?

Dave: Yeah, I use it for Instagram. So I can find my TikTok as well.

I got you. So you're using you. So you're using the same exact link from both Instagram and TikTok? Correct? That makes sense. That makes sense.  I got you, I got you. That's actually not a bad that's actually not a bad strategy. In it, you know, you've got to start your business here. And it's the top option. One, one, Pete, let me go, I am sharing. So if you folks are out there going to use a link tree or a beacons page. The way that Taylor is doing right now is probably the simplest way that I've seen done versus where you've got five or six different links that take you to all kinds of different pages, paces, places, and I'm concerned for you guys, if you have too many different options on your link tree page, that people are landing there and getting confused, and they don't know exactly where to go. And then they're, they're bouncing off of that page. That's why these LinkTrees and these, these, these beacons pages are coming so much. Because I think you're using her lawyer is probably the smartest way that you can use it because it's so simple. And you have two social media accounts, but one place where you're directing them into a product or service or training. But some of you out there have 10 different things on your link tree page. And I'm telling you, there's no difference between using a regular website and a link tree page, you might as well just toss the sales funnel out. Because the whole point of using a sales funnel is that when you send them to that landing page, there's only one thing for them to do. It's either opt in or leave. And that's why we get such high opt in rates. So some of you who are aligning all of these different things tailor this is not directly to you, because now I understand what you're doing. This is a heads up to some of you that direct response marketing. The reason why it works, the reason why we've sold hundreds of 1000s of dollars worth of courses and services on the internet is because we use direct response marketing, which is a step by step marketing process, which only ask the customer to make one decision at a time as they're proceeding through a very intentional sales funnel that explains and offers one thing at a time. So you can see how when I see LinkTree pages and Beacon pages with 5, 6,10 options on them that you see where I'm going with this tailor. I'm ranting right now, but you see where I'm going with this.

Taylor: I've definitely seen counts with, they'll have everything they're promoting. But if you're going to try to promote like ClickFunnels or something like that, you don't want to put that on there. That's what your email responders are for. It gives you the back end offers as well. You don't need to try to promote everything all at once. 

Dave: Thank you very simply, and well said it took you two minutes to say that took me 12 hours fine. Man, what other tips, what other nuggets? What other secrets have you learned that you could just spit fire at us and just drop on our heads that maybe somebody could take away and learn from your experience?

Taylor: Yeah, one thing I've noticed with a lot of beginner other marketers, when I first started, I kept hearing was you need to make five to four videos a day. Sometimes quantity or quality is better than quantity. Even when I see a lot of people have these videos, and people comment, help, or whatever they tell them to do, like, comment down below if you need help. A lot of people will not even reply to those for days or weeks. I mean, you're getting the lead there, go back and look at some of your old videos and reply to some of those people because they're interested. I've noticed that has helped me a huge, huge bit, just replying and actually taking the time, not really maybe taking a day off and just replying to some of those comments and stuff. And because you have a lead right there in front of you. Take advantage of it.

Dave: Yeah, I think that's so true for a lot of businesses. But especially us, we have people who have fallen through the cracks and opportunity that's sitting right in front of us. And we just don't follow up with it. So I love that. And that's an element of some manual marketing that you're that you're that you're suggesting here. Now you've got all your automation and your leverage setup. And quite frankly, folks, when your videos are going viral in your emails are going out automatically. That's a taste of leverage. And and and what we're saying is sometimes emailing, reaching out, having conversations, doing things live, like we're doing right now, is also needed. So can you just reiterate that one more time in just just as quick as you can that you're what that last strategy was you're reaching out to people manual, I just want to make sure that they're clear about that.

Taylor: So you're having new people come to your video, and they'll comment, hey, can you help me out? Rather than send them straight to a link? I know, it's a little bit more work. But I mean, one on one conversation more likely someone's going to buy if you can actually relate to him or actually help them out and teach him a little bit more about what's going on in the course and stuff like that before, whatever questions they have, right? I mean, sometimes it's just about asking, Hey, how can I help? Like what do you still need to know to be able to determine if this is right for you? People come back to me, and I'll even let them know, Hey, if you have any questions after the training or anything, feel free to reach out to me. And even with the training, they have you guys have a place where you can go and comment, hey, I need help with this, which was a huge help for me. Because sometimes you go through the training and you learn but you're still somewhat confused on exactly how to start or something like that. But everybody in this community was so helpful. I mean, you could ask anything, and everybody's so willing to help each other. And we're not really competing against each other, which was super nice. Dave: Making a stink in the comments about collecting emails, come on. Of course, we're talking about collecting emails here, folks. Go back and listen to the replay and listen to what I'm saying. Make sure you're paying close attention to what we're talking about here. Because if you miss hearing some of this stuff, then you know, it could be a day, a week, a month of setting something up the wrong way. And going in the wrong direction. So we're just simply talking about a very simple thing like LinkTree and Beacon links. And if you want to hear that again, go back and listen to the replay. But moving on, so what are some of the things that you've noticed about your kind of approach to creating content? Just the videos, what the videos are about how long it took you to make them, etc? In the ones that do really well, versus the ones that don't do so well? What do you notice? Is there anything that you've noticed? Or is it a total mystery? Tell us what you've learned in that area.

Taylor: I've watched other videos that go viral, just taking what those are and actually putting their own little spin to it. Whether it be new music or a little bit of changing a couple of words here and there, making it your own. I've seen those really go viral. Other than that, don't let a video that doesn't go viral. Make you feel bad or something that not all your videos are going to go viral. I

Dave:  I‘ve learned that, guys. Let me tell you something. I mean, I remember a time tour going viral, you had a better chance of getting struck by lightning. You know what I mean? And now hearing, you know, Thursday, February 24 of 2022 We're saying things like you know if a video doesn't go viral, stay in there. Ice let me let me know Let me be real clear about something. If you go viral, don't count on that. Don't count on going viral. Don't count on it. Tom Brady didn't build a career out of throwing Hail Mary touchdowns. He didn't build a career out of just closing his eyes and just winging it in hoping that somebody caught it in the Enzo. He built his career and I was able to really understand this when he came to Tampa these last two years, the greatest football player of all time, built his career through throwing 10 510 and 15 yard receptions. And if you would notice, go back and look at the tape go back and look at the Games whenever he would come back in the fourth quarter, he would eat you alive with those who drives tailor, you had to have watch one or two in your life to where he just pick you apart 10 yards at a time.

Taylor: Every single Sunday I'm watching football so definitely.

Dave: So why am I telling you guys that? It's because, man, there's so much I wonder if your expectations were set high after you went viral and you had to bring them back down to earth and realize that that was the icing on the cake, not the foundation. I just for those of you I don't want to do a disservice. I don't want you guys to go buy a training or a course or stick around here because you heard Dave Sharpe say that you're gonna make a video go viral. Be rich and famous. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Get great at 10 yard receptions, get great at 10 yard passes. You know, just like when I played baseball base hit base hit base hit. If you hit a home run great, but focus on a base hit. And so I don't know the tale. I just wonder if after going viral once or twice, you had to reset your expectations.

Taylor: You know, once I went viral, I remember I was on the like, and I actually came off and looked at my phone. I was like, Oh my gosh, look at all these views. Sometimes the views are great. But like some of those views, though, to the sale of some of my best videos that I've made sales of only 1000 views or something like that. So I mean, don't get so hyped up on the views. It's more about the comments and delete and stuff like that. But yeah, definitely going viral. You're up, your heads are way up there. And you got to kind of bring it back down and understand. Okay, not all my videos are going to be like this. It's okay.

Dave: Yeah. And I think another goal for me is to have so many sources of traffic that I don't even know how to turn them all on. It's kind of like having so many faucets in your house is flooding in, you just you almost walk away from the house before you try to fix it in turn all the faucets off, I want to just be have so much traffic, that if I had an assignment to try to figure out where it all came from, I'd just be so overwhelmed. I just walk away from it and say, I don't even know how to turn it all off. And so I'm so that's one of the things that I've begun to focus on. It's been a big shift in my life in my business with multiple streams of traffic, and leaning into my business to try to make money. So I’m not distracted by multiple streams of income, you know, so I don't have to if I want to make a million dollars a month, I don't have to make $100,000 from 10 places I could just lean in. And I could focus more on my business to try to make it make more money. And then I can do that multiple streams of traffic, more traffic period. And then I can take the money that I made it invested in in the back end wherever I want. How have you dealt with distractions? How have you dealt with the multiple streams of income, which was one of the first things that's thrown in your face as an entrepreneur, and actually learning that in order to get a stream streaming, you have to focus on it long enough, and really put some serious attention on it. And sometimes if you walk away from it to go start another one, you lose it. There's more details and dynamics to this game than what's said in a soundbite on a YouTube video. So how have you dealt with distraction shiny object syndrome? And how have you stayed committed to this stream?

Taylor: Yeah, once I first started I wanted to post on every social media, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, all that kind of stuff and realize, okay, this is a lot especially when you start getting some of those views and stuff. And then I focused on which platforms actually made money for me and actually spent my time using those rather than kind of have myself everywhere because you just can't? Just can't. But once you focus on what you're good at, try to key in more on that.

Yeah, and also, are you repurposing your content to get more bang out of one box? Are you going over to Instagram and repurposing TikTok videos? Or have you dabbled in? Has anybody messed with the new Facebook rules yet?

Dave: Yeah. You, I have seen some good success from Facebook reels as well. 

Taylor: I usually repost my video, even if a video goes viral one day, don't be afraid to repost it a couple of days later and see how it does. Because sometimes you're Yeah, we often go viral even more than the first time, the second time around or something like that. So don't be afraid to do that.

Dave: You know, those of you who think you're sitting on the sidelines, it's probably a common pattern. If you think about it, like, like, a lot of times we we think, you know, we're so creative as humans and dynamic, but the truth is, is that a lot of times we use the same excuses over and over again, you know, for things that we want to try to accomplish. Or at least they have the same theme. And one that I've seen a lot of people use in this industry over the years. It's just, it's too saturated. You know, I've missed the boat. And, you know, I'm sure there's a lot of people who are saying that even who are watching this right now, yes, some of you, I'm calling you out. Is that common? Is that a common limiting belief that you often have on soundtrack in the background, or that you actually say to yourself, and the reason why I bring that up, is because the opportunity is just going to keep growing. I mean, now you got Facebook reels, you don't think that these companies have tons of money and tons of time, and you think they're just going to lay down? Traffic and data is everything. There's going to be a world war over this stuff one day, I mean, these platforms that are popping up tic tac, Instagram, Facebook, I mean, these companies are making billions of dollars, they are going to continue to compete for our attention, because that's how they make money. So if you think tomorrow, these platforms are just going to pack it up and just say, No, you know what, that was fun. That was a good run, I'm done. You're nuts. You're nuts. You're crazy. You're lying to yourself, you're talking to a ghost, you're talking to Nope, you're talking to nobody, you're talking to a dumbass, you're talking to a dog, you must be talking to a brick of tree, and they're not talking back, or you're hearing voices. And that's okay. We love you for hearing voices, but they ain't telling you the truth, the opportunity is just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger. And these companies are not even trying to hide the fact that they're copying each other to try to keep up. I mean, I know Facebook owns Instagram, but fuck it call this get it live.

Taylor: I was actually talking to a guy yesterday about what he's like, I don't have any followers, how much will succeed? I said, all these companies are really competing against each other. So they're gonna show your real ones whether you have one follower or 100,000 followers, they're wanting to promote so they have more attention on their site rather than TikTok or Instagram or anything like that. Just start posting videos and build and play them for brand new people in front of you.

Dave: They're desperate men, they're desperate for us. And you just don't realize that because we don't feel like we have power when we're first starting out. But you do, you do have power, you just have to step up to the plate and in order to receive it, the companies will give it to you because as Taylor said, they are competing for our interest. And you know, they know that if a brand new content creator creates a video on their platform, a viral person will be loyal to that platform for a very long time. So they're trying to get you more results from your actions. There was some controversy the other day about tick tock whether the views were actually views or they were just, you know, impressions. You know, like people were actually just stopping to like scrolling and they were counting that as a view or somebody was watching it for three seconds or 10 seconds. But the bottom line is the platform's want to get you results. They want you to come back and keep posting. And did you ever think an electrician from South or North Carolina would be here doing online marketing and then sharing his tips and secrets with 225 people live and then 1000s More who will listen to the replay?

Taylor: No, I never thought I mean, I've always thought I've always won To promote other companies like, you know, it was a job that I could do to just talk about people's products and make videos. But I never thought the success I would have would be like this at all, or even close to anything like this.

Dave: So somebody was sitting, you know, on the checkout page of the challenge and getting ready to come into our community, but was highly skeptical. What would you tell them based on your experience in what you've accomplished?

Taylor: I mean, anybody if I can do this, anybody can do this, honestly. I mean, I'm just, I didn't really go to college. I had an associate's degree in HVAC. And that's about it. So I mean, I'm not super smart. Never had straight A's. Just got by in school. I mean, anybody can do this. It's not that hard. Just you gotta stay committed to times, even when it looks rough.

Dave: Yeah, what doesn't look rough at the beginning? You know, Taylor, great job, man. Keep up the excellent work. And keep us posted. If you have any major breakthroughs. Hit me up. Let me know about them. I want to stay up to date with what you're discovering. And yeah, come back in a few months. And keep us posted on your journey. And let us know where you're at now and what else has been going on.

Taylor: Of course, Appreciate you for having me.

Dave: All right, my brother. Well, hey, we'll see you on the internet. All right, stay Legendary.

Take it easy. Thanks, brother. All right, my friends. There you have it, another one. I mean, these sessions just never end. You know, they never end every morning. I mean, my thoughts and prayers this morning are, you know, I've been watching this, this this senseless stuff going on in Russia and Ukraine. So if we have anybody in our community, from Ukraine, any family there will be thinking about you and their safety and hopefully, you know, just, it's sad and senseless. And yeah, hoping and wishing for all of you today to realize what a precious gift that we have, that we do live in the world with a lot of crazy people who want to take happiness and success away from us, who want it all for themselves, or just don't want anybody else to have it. Sometimes those are dictators from crazy countries, or dictators from countries, I shouldn't say crazy countries, there's a lot of great Russian people. But sometimes it's our family members who you know, are jealous, you know, friends, but either way, you know, this world is a safe place for us to go out and achieve our dreams and build our self esteem, and make our mark. And no matter what craziness is going on in the world. And no matter what craziness is going on in our lives, each moment is still a miracle, each moment is still a blessing and the opportunity if you can pull a chair up to a computer, pick up your cell phone and do a little bit this work for yourself and build yourself a business and a life. It's a real honor. And my hope is that we all will take advantage of that with passion today. Knowing that somebody else out there doesn't have that same opportunity hasn't found this or just simply doesn't, you know, have the wherewithal or the means to be able to do it. But we do and so today that's going to be my commitment is to just be mindful of this amazing opportunity that we have knowing that I'm really privileged and I'm really honored to be able to be doing this in doing it alongside with all of you. Okay, doing alongside with all of you. So let's again, once again, shoot some prayers, thoughts, vibes, whatever it makes sense to you out to the world, particularly people in Ukraine today. And even those who have hatred and dominance in their hearts, pray for them that they might find some sort of, you know, that they might have a break throat and actually see that we can collaborate. You don't have to compete and dominate each other. Alright, my friends, we'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Get out of here. Love you all. Peace.