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Matt: Hello everybody. It is Wednesday October 6. We're live. It is a beautiful day here in Phoenix, and even more beautiful day, where our guest is calling in from, which we'll find out here in just a second. For those of you who are just tuning in, maybe you're just scrolling Facebook and you're like oh my gosh. It's Legendary. What's up, good to see you happy to have you here. Every Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern we have a Wake Up Legendary show that we do with live guests, it's unrehearsed I mean I just walked into our little recording room online. We use the stream yard for that. I just walked in, and five minutes ago said, Hey, you ready to go live. So, we are going to live with Valentino, what's going on. I would tell everybody where you're at and where you're from and where you're at currently and if you could give us all a nice little view of that beautiful scenery again, that'd be great.

Valentino: For sure. Well I'm originally from Romania so that you had another guy from Romania like last week. Yeah. I was born and raised there and I went to college and university there but then I moved here in the south of Spain, like five years and a half, because of the weather, like we're in October and it's super super nice and we're gonna have a lot of super nice days by the end of the year. We always wish to live by the sea and here we are. Yeah, living here and working here and I'm just in Spain. So from where, from where I, I can see the African coast. Some people here on the beach, sunbathing. Others are already in the water so even the water is pretty cool. Now what's the winner, really nice. Yeah. Yeah. I'm glad to join you, glad to get the chance to speak. I don't know, let's crack on. 

Matt: I love it. Yeah, so. So you're in. Can you, can you tell us a little bit about what you're doing sort of as a job and how you're working this and are you full time online Do you have a job. What's your journey online?

Valentino: My journey online is pretty short. I just started like this is my first, my first venture online. I always had like this, this business. The other business has a business. I like supporting my wife and we started and when we were in Romania, we just went critical when we left we solved it. And I've always been like this type of, you know, doing business and hustling things and you know making commissions and other other things. I've always liked working in sales in radio, but I'm really passionate about tourism. That's why I came to Spain. I'm officially a licensed tour guide. I practiced for three years, but now I'm working full time. I'm working as a transport company and I'm managing all the logistics and all the operations so I'm like, Chief of traffic. The traffic officer and also I'm handling all the drivers and all the vehicles so the maintenance, small company, so I do a little bit of everything. I'm still working my full time job. Okay. I was off for one year because of COVID. Our business was shut down. It was the same way, when I started to see people promoting it. Little by little you know it got to me so I started the program and then I felt like, Okay, this is something that again I can do I like it because it's online, so I went pretty hard in June, July and August, June and July I was at home I didn't work at all so I had a lot of time to spend learning, studying, watch all the materials and stuff and then in August I began. I came back to work, but I still like every night when I get home like two or three tickets, join your workshop, which is amazing. Every time I see it, you know, every night the video to videos or watch this or posting and stuff like this and little by little it is starting to pick up and now in September. I'm working like, like in this bigger I'm working like 12/14 hours a day, because we're, we're working on transfers we work with a whole sector here and it's a big season for the golfers. So I'm all in the office but I still have like chairs like to post a message in a Facebook group, you know, ever converted minutes conversation with someone or a call or with people looking to start affiliate and I still, I mean why my Commission's with with legendary came in September when I was super super busy. You know, there were people that I talked to, I talked with in August or beginning of September. Then I forgot all about it and started working and I was like getting home at night, opening the computer, and I see an email with $500 Commission and another one $1000 Seems like okay do you got me for good. I'm not. Never gonna give up.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, the more you sort of just get, like, if there's a new well it's just, it starts to feel real, I think, would you agree?

Valentino: Your level let's say a fourth of faith in it it's going really really up on then yeah I mingle with everything with Facebook ads, we read everything's I make Commission's like with Facebook ads I did we click funnels, promoting the offer or promoting stuff like this it's like everything I saw in Legendary I have 100 ideas. The first possibility is that I have to quit my job. I'm going to be busy because I already have like, okay I want to do this. I want to do this long term. I think they pay out because, yeah, I see that they work and the strategy where we'll just need to hang on and not deliver every day. Give, give it time every day.

Matt: Yeah. So, in your, in your. We, for those of you who are newer to the show. We ask our guests for a little, a little questionnaire, and he didn't put a lot in there most guests just put a few sentences for each answer but you'd said that you're been doing some Facebook organic marketing and I thought, you know, all of the hype and buzz around, tick tock, which is great, but also be helpful for you to kind of explain a little bit about your strategy for how you go about generating leads on Facebook, and we can do like just a little mini lesson for people on just sort of your your strategy of maybe your guest posting, maybe your posting in groups, maybe it's your messenger. In a nutshell, we first sound cool if we were to go into that and then share how you've been able to do that.

Valentino: Yeah, so, I have a TikTok channel. I have around 4300 followers. Problem is, the location and I cannot cheat the algorithm too much, you know, so I get some viral videos and then they get stopped and then I need to reset the phone.

Matt: Yeah, for those of you who are wondering what he means there it's sometimes you'll get a lot more followers and likes and views on TikTok based on your physical location. So, if he's in Europe or Africa or, you know, wherever he's, it's going to be harder for him to get traffic from the United States is what he's getting at.

Valentino: Yeah. Sometimes I drink it and sometimes you know like the first three days, I posted all my views in the United States and I got like 1000’s or 10;s of 1000;s of views. But after two three days they just discover where I am and I'm not using any sim card, nothing the form is brand new. So I don't know how they can actually track my location, everything is turned off but yeah whatever. So I had to look for something else. You know I had to find another way, you know, it's like you always said it's just a small problem. There is always another solution. Yep. So what I do with Facebook for example, for now, like I know I have a Facebook cover and a bio and a link so, like, set up a funnel on my Facebook profile. But before this I did this, like, a week ago so but all my time doing organic marketing on Facebook was simply with my normal profile with no links to affiliate marketing and if no cover saying that I do affiliate marketing was simply in groups, replying to people and telling people what I do or how I can help them or like the training that I've got from the day about how to set up ads and how to, you know, use a funnel and stuff like this is where I see a lot of people are struggling and they're just trying to spend their leads and send messages and one of the things that I never did was send messages to someone without, without asking for permission or. Yeah, you know, it's like always okay, our reply to someone without implying anything. Okay, you need to do this or you have to do this or check these and we, if they want to contact me they want to message me then fine I'll, I'll, I'll try to help them but we get to the point where they asked me okay so what, how did you learn this, you know, how do you know so much stuff like this so that's what I tell them that, yeah, I've learned this from here and if you're really committed and you want to do something for real and have like a, you know, a good backup and someone who can help you out and always fish information and you should join it because it's it's it's really good. It's really powerful and it's really up to date, let's say,

Matt: Yeah, so if you're if you're an affiliate marketer right and you're in like a certain niche like weight loss or something, you can join groups around weight loss right that's what you're saying you can join these groups go into these groups and watch what people are posting, you can reply to them. And you can even reply hey look, I've got a great solution, it's helped a lot of people. When then do you say, do you reply in their comments on the posts. Yeah, okay, and you say, DM me if interested or do send me a DM.

Valentino: No, I just replied trying to help them like, you know, genuinely like I don't like for example I mean groups with coaches or Facebook ads or I know Clickbank groups or you know affiliate marketing groups. People ask, like, I don't know how to do this, how do I get my reason to promote the site. Why my account is blocked by my messages are blocked or, you know, just tell them okay you have to do this, this and then they start messaging me and what I tell them if you need more help, then feel free to message me and if they message me then I'll reply but I don't sound like. I mean, sometimes it's like someone enters a group and asking for help is a total newbie. And I just leave everyone comments and I just enter after you go through all the spam. If you aren't, you know, you can message me and I'll try to help you but I know because like I spoke with a lot of people and they only had like they post a question and they get like 15 messages from everyone trying to sell them something like being really pushy and people just say that they just don't, you know, they just don't respond to that anymore. You need to know to be sincere and be real. I'm not, you know I always say, like some, some of them are. But what do you gain from this and it's not about what I gain it's about the help that you can get. Right. And, you know, if you want to go ahead and you go in. The decision is yours. I'm not trying to sell you anything, I'm just introducing you to something that might really help you and teach you how to do things properly rather than looking for a short path or stuff like this.

Matt: Yeah, there's a few things to unpack about that strategy. So, one is the mindset that you took, right. So, here let me share my screen real quick, let me see if I can do this, share screen, and I'm gonna share my screen, but let me know if you can see this Valentine and if you can't, then I will just take it down. 

Valentino: Yeah, I can see it. Okay, it's probably a little small but you can see it. Okay, the first the first thing I think that to take away from that is your mindset and mentality right So Mote a lot of people are going online on TikTok and they're starting out right away generating leads by creating content on TikTok or on viral social media platforms right and because you were able to get quite the attraction because you're overseas, you just said okay, there has to be a way forward right when a lot of people contact me in that situation, they're like, it's all over. My business is dead, it's over. There's nothing else I can do right, and you didn't do that but number two is you. So you've got into that mindset of there has to be a way forward and you found a path forward that path in particular was through Facebook organic and it led to your first high tech mission. And then strategy, solve the exact problem that he was working with, that he was facing which is, you know, this is going to be skimpy in the world. He's located over here, and his audience he's trying to reach us over here and by posting on Tik Tok he's having a hard time doing that so he had to find a different way, a different way was Facebook. Facebook organic. So, in the Facebook organic strategy right on your profile. Tell me if I've got this right, you've got, you've got like a little bio, right, and you've got info about different products or services that you're offering in your niche. So, on this profile what do you do or what did you do that was important in your success like what, what's, what should people if they're if they're starting out on Facebook, what should they focus on on this, on it on their profile?

Valentino: Yeah, as I said my profile was the original profile so when I started I didn't change anything because I see a lot of people like when I joined study to join groups like all the others will again messaging me even in the legendary groups they messaged me they helped me with this. And they all have these fancy profiles and stuff. So I said I'm not going to do that. So I'm not going to have a Facebook profile, I'm not going to change anything at the moment, I'll just stay with my original profile so I didn't change anything for like two months and I have. So I just went with my normal profile with no nothing regarding affiliate with nothing regarding product or anything, everything was just commenting on. Yeah, it was just from commenting and trying to help people out in other posts and in other groups and I didn't do like guest post or nothing like this, just, you know, trying to be natural and do the thing that I believed in, and also I didn't want to spend money, creating a fancy Facebook cover. Right. Because, yeah, you know, For someone in the beginning that doesn't make anything like in the beginning. This is like okay I spend my money on this. Right, I was just trying to do it the easiest way possible. And yeah, it worked out. Now I do have a Facebook cover for my, my profile saying that, you know, I help beginners you know start an online digital business and they don't need no following and no experience. I have a link to my website which is my name spelling That's a funnel there that's taking the legendary but I have like I say I borrowed some of the tools that other legendary affiliates use, and they're very successful. I've taken advantage of that. So yeah, it's, it's nothing fancy, it's just, you know, the information is there, you just have to start practicing and import it to us. And, yeah, if I have like several pages, different pages for different niches that I tried out like a family, a parenting page. And I've run some ads there for baby products and parenting products and stuff like this. Sure. But, yeah, they all require time so I see how they work and again, you know you join a group and you join a conversation, someone who just you know has trouble putting my baby to sleep or my baby's one year and doesn't sleep well. Well, I use this and this is very good and very good reviews so you know genetics.

Matt: So the main thing about this Facebook strategy is that you're finding solutions for people, right, so rather than pitching and selling and trying to create posts that spam your link instead you're matching offers to people who are actually looking right so people who are actually looking are seeking a solution. So you join these groups, and inside of these groups is, most people know, there's people posting all kinds of stuff, people posting How do I lose weight people put, you know, how do I get my one year old baby to go to sleep. And there's affiliate offers out there guys for everything, every niche, everything, I mean, there's affiliate marketing offers for courses on how to teach people how to shoot basketball better. Like, I could go to my local LA Fitness and, and, you know start poking fun of some guys who have a bad jumper and be like hey by the way, I got a great course for you and make a little affiliate commission look, I think the big takeaway for me is that you became a problem solver, right and this is a theme that I hear across lots of, lots of our top affiliates top affiliates in really any niche, they become a problem solver, and that rather than trying to spam their link or trying to hard sell anybody, they just simply look for people who are who are seeking something already, because then you can enter the conversation that's already going on. You don't have to spark up the conversation. You don't have to try to manipulate or twist somebody's arm or sell something to somebody they're not looking for. In this case, you're already just matching what people are already seeking with something that you think is going to do. Help them, you know what I mean.

Valentino: Yeah, it's, it's, it's how I understood affiliate marketing like you're you're you don't sell you solve problems. Someone told me this. Right. you're done saying you just solve problems. When you get to help someone to solve their problem, then yeah, they're gonna pay. And like in in the future, the bigger problem that you can get to solve or you will learn how to solve, you know, the more money you're gonna make, because you can charge more and more you can sell more expensive stuff or, you know, things that but some people they just put a high price on that problem. 

Matt: Yeah, sorry I didn't mean to cut you off, I just think, I think that one thing that this might just be like a full disclosure for everybody who's maybe a newer affiliate or you're an affiliate marketer or something. I do think it's important to kind of disclose this is going to require maybe a little bit more time, would you agree. Yeah, yeah, just a little bit more time and energy on your part. Simply because you're going to be sorting through posts, you're going to be looking through posts and not that there's anything wrong with that. Some people have more time available than money, like there's some people who are out of work or can't work. This type of strategy something like this is really valuable because you can spend a bit more time you have to sort through some groups, you have to look through grit, you have to join the groups you can actually hone your craft a little bit on how to message, how to talk with people how to reply and give, and you've got to give real value if you just try to skate around it like sometimes on tick tock, you can go out and create a video that goes viral, and it took, you know, 10 minutes to create and it's, you know, maybe there's some value in that you're showing people, Hey, you can make money on the internet. But in terms of this style of Marketing involves real value to people. Did you find that tough when you were new, or how did you go about that?

Valentino: I don't know, apparently for me this, this conversation type or, let's say, how to reply and how to speak with someone. It's what works with me, what works for me. You know, it's how, like, I don't know I haven't tried for example, because I want to try doing forums and get into forums and also engage. I just didn't, didn't have the time for that but yeah it's one of the things that I'm going to start doing because they also work really well with affiliate marketing and once again, people that are on forums they are looking for, for something. So when they get there they make an account, we ask a question because they want to know something. So, again, the customers are pre qualified let's say, if you see from a commercial point of view, you know they're pre qualified leads, because they are there because they have that problem they won't go on a forum about cars if they don't own a car, they go there because they have a problem with their car or something like this. So, but yeah I don't find it, yeah, it requires time to look for groups and to see a lot of spammy groups. I just don't waste any time. And when there are also groups or people, you can find genuine people with, with no desire to start a business and they're serious about it and yeah, Apparently I connect to this type of ad, I'm still in contact with a lot of them. A lot of people that I, you know that I introduced to Legendary, are still trying to help them and they still reach out to me. Yeah, with different things and I still, You know, with no strings attached, I try to help him the best way I can. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know like for me I, again, I'm looking at a lot of videos and I'm following a lot of successful people in the online medium let's say and I see what they do and some of them like sometimes they share three consulting and it's how I got it, you know, like, be honest, you know, don't try to push a sale don't  just try to help and just study let's say a little bit the human behavior because Yeah, apparently does the city, the more you study the behavior, the better you understand how, what are they looking for I mean I had like in one night. There was this guy asking about the commission here or something like this and I just left a comment like it was 12 o'clock at night or 1am and I just looked for something serious when I told him something like he was starting. Okay, I said just take a look at this and I sent him my link. Just take a look at this and then Google it if you don't believe that's something real that you, you, you can join in. When I woke up in the morning I had like four emails. He joined everything like the marketers club and so they just asked me, How do you do a funnel? How do you put it up there? Can you take a look. How do you suggest I change here or what's missing? And they just like every two weeks they ask me something and then they say, oh so listen I want to join this and if you can send me early all happy to join and you can make a commission. Yeah, because I'm gonna pay for it anyway. So, you know, that's another, let's say natural way of doing it because it's, you know, people know I mean you tell them that. No, you're an affiliate you might make a commission out of it but because you had them a lot and they're grateful and they want to give back.

Matt: Yeah, I feel like I just didn't take us off track, but I just wanted there's something way back where you were talking about even matching something that matched yourself with sort of that method. I think it's important for people to match your personality to a marketing method right there's a lot of people banging their head against the wall trying to make a marketing method work, that just doesn't fit their personality that well. And they're trying to force it because it's what everybody else is doing. But also, you know now that I say that, there's also an element of identifying what actually works right so it's not so much that you can just choose to do anything for your marketing. It's also you have to be able to leverage systems and technology, right so in your case you're leveraging systems. Existing sort of places where you can go find the conversation and find the conversation that's already happening, right, like we talked about earlier. So you're leveraging those but you're also, you found a marketing method that works for you. So there's two pieces to that one is, where are the, where the systems and where's the leverage, and then two is, which one fits me best or which one sort of meshes with the best? And if it’s Facebook is awesome, if it's TikTok awesome, if it's Instagram awesome, but you've got to be able to find that and it takes a little bit of experimentation and a little bit of trying.

Valentino: I follow people and they only do like TikTok or they only do like videos on TikTok and Instagram, and I see people that are only doing like Pinterest or not, you cannot do it all of them at the same time like my grandma and I'm going to do Facebook. I’m gonna do Pinterest then I got to stop the podcast and just, you know, it's when you start want to do it all, but it's better to master one of them and, you know, it's, it pays off quickly, then you can move on, start introducing another, another source of traffic or what yeah, I'll stick with Facebook for the

Matt: Cool, well it seems like it's serving you well you had a pretty big September so congrats on that balancing, if there's, there's new people out here. Two things. One is, where's the best place for them to follow you is that on TikTok, and then the second piece is, if there's people who are newer here who are just getting started online you've been online for a few months now. What would you say to those people who are here, or you know just trying to figure it out, and are wondering where to start for traffic? What, what would you say to those people?

Valentino: Well if they want to follow me then my handle on tick tock is And on Facebook, it's funny Nicola, you'll find a picture showing me in an orange suit. An orange shirt. I know if they want to start. See the majority for example, they stopped on TikTok, again I think for people based in the US and Canada. It's a very nice way. But my main advice is if they join something, if you join a program, whatever program it is, if you join something and you need to stick with it for some months, you cannot expect to be okay in one month or two months. Well I'm going to start running ads and I'm going to get rich. It doesn't work like that. So I've learned on my own, I got my account blocked. I've been through all of the deals you know, and it's, you just have to be patient, work for it and you know Don't try any shortcuts, just apply what you've been told like if you've, if you're gonna join Legendary. I think that's the best choice that you can make and stick with that program and rewatch the training. Everything is there. You just need to know I've been through it. I haven't been through it all, I admit I haven't finished all the materials in affiliate marketing. But, I watch something and when I see it again then a new idea or new concept, a new way of promoting something comes up in my mind, you know, and I start implementing with. You cannot expect okay so I'll do this and you do it two times and you're gonna get commissions or you're gonna get, you know, you just have to stick with one strategy or one constant constant thing for a long time, and you start to see where it's where is it working, what is not how someone should reply how best to what people respond to some of them will respond, some of them not, you know, fix me every or, Like,

Matt: Yeah, and I think, I think, yeah, I think that's really well said, I think, especially in the early days, but at times the expectation is you're going to get rich quick or something, or it's going to take off super fast and then you have, You know you message 10 people if nothing happens and you're like, oh my gosh, you know, and it's, that's just always how it goes. If you need anything, let me know, always available, and yes for sure and your value today.

Valentino: Oh, thank you and yeah I've reached out on email a couple of times and you reply. For me it's one of the most important things that you know you always, you can always ask someone and, and you get an answer, you know, it's all you join a workshop and you put your questions there or there is always someone backing you up and that is really important because things are changing algorithms are teaching, just need to keep like no have ever string re-united starting like okay I don't feel well now so I need some advice or where do I go have a place to go. You know, that's one of the nicest things with Legendary that I like. So yeah,

It's awesome. 

Matt: Nice meeting you in person. Um, yeah, we kind of talked about emailed a few times and. Nice to meet you in person. Have a good rest of your Wednesday. And, yeah, we'll have you back on maybe in a couple months.

Valentino: I hope so. Fingers crossed.

Matt: Awesome. Alright, see ya. Okay guys. Have a good rest of your Wednesday, make sure to give him a follow you can find him on Facebook or on tick tock. Give him a follow up saying you got a little bit of value today if you did guess. And, yeah, we'll be back here tomorrow day we'll be back here tomorrow, Thursday and Friday at 10am, Eastern Time. Same time, same place as always, we've got some awesome guests lined up and take it easy everybody see ya.