Dave: Hey, what's going on my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, coming to live here on this beautiful Thursday. And we are bringing you yet another guest, another client student versus another big guru guest where we're going to talk over your head all day and talk about things that who knows some of these podcasting shows and content out there nowadays, I swear it just, you know, 1000 of these of these gurus sort of all saying the same things. And what we're talking about here on wakeup legendary is what it's like to get started, what it's like to do it from scratch, what it's like to do as a school teacher, like our guest, baseball coach, like our guests this morning. So with that being said, Ryan, welcome to the show, buddy. 

Ryan: Hey, good morning. Thanks for having me on. 

Dave: You're welcome, man. So you're calling in from Georgia?

Ryan: No, I'm just outside of Lexington, Kentucky. 

Dave: Well, welcome and looking forward to hearing your story. And I was a baseball player growing up. So I certainly have an appreciation for coaches and baseball specifically. But this isn't about me, this is about us to tell us how you, you know, got involved in this whole online crazy world and how you found legendary what, what were you looking for? Did you find what you were looking for less or more? And kind of where are you today? 

Ryan: Okay, well, first, let me apologize. It's a little bit from my voice here. I've been fine all week. And then last night, I had a little bit of a cough. So hopefully that won't deter from what we're doing. Yes. So I basically have been a teacher for 25 years, I've always taught at the elementary school level, I've always carried a second job, the entire time that I've been teaching, I've pretty much had a second job of some kind. Well, and when COVID hit, of course, that affected my second job, I had another business where I repaired cell phones and tablets, and I was a mobile tech. So I would meet people I would drive, I would go meet them at their house, and I would fix their phone there. Or I would meet them at a restaurant and I would fix it while they were eating dinner. And that type of business well, when COVID hit, that pretty much got rid of that completely. Nobody wanted to touch on their stuff. And, you know, they didn't want to reach out. And so at that point, that business basically just completely shut down in an instant. And, you know, so we had kind of, you know, been a little dependent on that second income, to be honest, you know, as, as kind of our thing that we used for extra stuff and that kind of thing. So I ended up, you know, trying to I started the research process started looking around, what can I find, that will allow me to do something to create an income, but at the same time, not carry hours that are assigned every day after school so that I'm never seeing my kids and my family. And I'm missing everything that they're doing, I'm missing their activities. And, and so, you know, I looked for two, three months, probably everything I was finding was you need to be here at these certain hours in here at these certain hours and this type of thing. And that's just not what I was looking for. And I've got some friends that, you know, they go through the whole tick tock thing and find funny videos, you know, and shoot him to you through text. So I ended up getting a TikTok account for that reason, because I could never see what they were sending me. They were pretty funny. And you know, one day I was just flipping through, you know, and there was a make money online video, you know, when I saw that, and I thought, okay, whatever scroll on past, you know, and it took me probably, honestly, probably about 10 times of seeing that same guy's video, different videos over and over in order to actually grab me to the point where I said, Okay, let's see what this is about. And I did, and the first place that it took me was the sales page or you know, the laptop lifestyle page of Legandary’s funnel. 

Dave: You mean that the sales page for the 15 Day Challenge? 

Ryan: Yes, sorry, the sales page. Yeah. For that 15 Day Challenge page. 

Dave: And that's what led you to Legendary? It probably looked like a laptop lifestyle page to you versus what you have been doing your whole life which is in person and teaching and in classrooms and on baseball fields and stuff like that. So I don't know, surely it was a laptop lifestyle robe bed, desk couch, I'm working from home, I mean, totally different planet.

Ryan: It completely made me look like a kid that stepped off the bus in the candy shop. I was like, Whoa, what is all this? You know, I had no idea this type of thing existed previously, it wasn't in the circles that I was trapped. You know, and so, you know, I started with the 15 Day Challenge. And, you know, that's kind of how it is after I started watching the videos, and on TikTok, I decided, Okay, I'm going to do this 15 Day Challenge. But then I also kind of went down a little bit of the rabbit hole of YouTube. You know, just researching, what is this all about trying to find everything that I could find. And you know, that, that can be good. But that can also be frustrating. Because there's so much that's out there. And it's hard when you're brand new to really know what is credible, and what isn't. When you're looking at that stuff, you know, and here's a person who has zero sales experience. I've never done anything like this ever before. So, you know, I didn't really know what I had when I had it. In terms of you know, when I started with legendary and doing the 15 day challenge, you know, I honestly, I didn't really know anything about Legendary at that point. I just knew that this sounded like something that I might do. Yeah, you know? 

Dave: Yeah. I mean, your brand. You're somebody who's come in who's there's, there's not a there's not an example of somebody from more of a different planet, meaning the offline versus online world. Somebody who, excuse me, but I just want to be blunt here for everybody use you and Ryan, you know, you got thick skin and this is the truth. Probably a lot of people your age who would also I mean, for Christ's sakes, there's people my age. I'm younger than you. I don't know how much I think I am. I'm 38 and younger than you. 

Ryan: You are, I just turned 49. 

Dave: Okay, so you know, I look old for my age and others look young for their age. So I'm starting to not assume people's ages. Especially if I let all this gray grow out. I already mate with a damn near gray gray beard, I think but we're not going to find out. I did have a big goatee there. I got like a rainbow. I got red right in here. Gray right here. A little black. You know, I see you got the same thing going on. Pepper going on here? Yeah, yeah, we got to sprinkle in a little cinnamon there. That is so yeah. Not a person who could be as far away from this world and these skills as you I mean, besides the communicating part and the teaching part. I would say that that's a unique advantage. But if you think about the experience that you have, as you're listening to this, you have experienced that I Orion doesn't have. So don't, you know, act like Ryan has some crazy advantage because he's been teaching he doesn't or I have some unique advantage. People used to look at me and actually said this to me, Ryan, now that I'm thinking about it, it's kind of crazy. They say, Well, I don't have a drug addiction. So like you said, Well, thank God you don't, right. I mean, you want to go out and create one? You know. So I mean, instead of looking at somebody and saying, Well, I don't have that, maybe it's better, you don't have what they have. And it's better that you have what you do have. But again, back to my original point. You've pulled a rabbit out of your hat. You've done what many say couldn't be done, which is go from offline, mostly to online and now you're having success as an online, basically a freelance Digital Marketer where you're doing some affiliate marketing and you're beginning to build your email list. How does that feel, man?

Ryan: Oh, it's awesome. I mean, it truly is great because the freedom that it provides is just not something that you can, you know, you just can't walk out and get that every day, you know, you know, I'm, I'm a teacher every day is I'm going to school, I've got a classroom, I don't want I coach, it's a rigid schedule, and it's there. And in this particular business, you know, it doesn't matter if my daughter is playing softball. And, you know, I can work around that, you know, and in some cases, to be honest, if you absolutely had to, you could do it from your phone, while you were waiting for the game to start, and you're sitting there during warm ups or whatever, you know, I don't miss the crucial things that are in my life. As if I were carrying a nine to five type of second job, you know, another job with hours, where I would miss. And so you know, the freedom that it provides in time, and then the freedom that it can provide financially, you know, there's just no comparison to that. And, you know, I have an end game goal with this business. As a 25 year veteran teacher, I can retire in two years at 27 years. 

Dave: Oh, and receive your teacher retirement, is that okay? Yeah. But there's an issue with that, for me. I'm 49. And I can retire at 27 years, which makes me 51, when I can do that, but 55 is the magic number to get the full pension. So I take a penalty each year. You know, prior to that I go, however, that penalty won't mean anything, if I have this business, right. And to be honest, I'm looking at this business as being my primary source of income anyway. And that just being a secondary thing, on top of it.

Dave: Isn't what you just said, the opposite of what you said, you know, going the route of saving the 10%. So you stay I mean, I can't tell you how many times growing up. And throughout my life, I've heard people say, Well, I stayed until I was 67, or 65, or whatever it is, because I wanted to get my full pension. And in your case, you know, what is it? I mean, is the 10% penalty, or is it 50% penalty? I mean, roughly, what do you know approximately what it is? I think it's going to be about 8%. Now, I thought you're gonna say 50. And then I was gonna have to really sell this idea. But even if it was 50, even if he was 50. My question is, would you be willing to roll that dice? And, and I ask you, Ryan and everybody else listening, if you had been working for 25 years, that's okay. But here, check this out. It's only 8% It's not. So, I mean, if you would consider 50. Then certainly something like 8% is, you know, a freckle on the pimple of a gnat's ass compared to you know, it's just a small slice of the pie of the full 100%. Boy, I couldn't back that, you know, and I don't like to make decisions for people I never do. But I couldn't support that decision more because that 8% versus you going for and spending, that's five years, or excuse me for four years, four years that you would be doing something additional after 25 years of service, or 27, or whatever that would be at that point. And you're in the prime of your life. I mean, why wouldn't you take those four years and build an amazing foundation? I mean, quite frankly, you could be two in four years, you could be two. Absolutely. Well surpassing and beyond what your pension is going to be. And that's me saying that assuming because I know your pensions are not going to be probably 10,000 a month, you know, I would assume? No, your pensions are not going to be six figures a year, which is about 8000 a month. Okay. So, making $10,000 in this industry a month is not that hard. Now, that's not an income claim. That's not saying it's going to be easy, but the way that we teach you how to do it, whether you're doing more of your strategy, where you're connecting with people, one on one on Facebook and kind of selling them via the DMS or you're using TikTok and doing more of mass audience, one too many marketing strategy.

It's not hard to get a couple of high ticket sales if you're constantly driving traffic throughout the month, and whether you're making 1000 2000 and even up to four or $5,000 per sale, it only takes a couple of sales to get 10 that took to hit 8000. Let's just call it a six figure income for a year. And I don't know about you. But you know, the first time Ryan that I ever made a commission the size of a weekly paycheck. I was never the same again, it was almost like taking a drug that you were almost instantly addicted to for the rest of your life or something. I just thank God that this hit that I got wasn't something that was going to sabotage my life, but was going to help me to grow my life. What has it been like for you to receive a payment from a transaction? When you don't even have to be there in person you're in it's the size of a weekly now I'm assuming that you've had that happen. But have you had that happen or something close to that happen? Tell us what that first experience was like, and kind of what changed your outlook. 

Ryan: Oh, it's incredible. Because my first big high ticket sale was the same amount that my two week paycheck is for teaching, you know, to all of us. And all of a sudden here it comes in and it hits you. And you know, I was ecstatic. I mean, you know, I was so excited. I screenshot and I was texting my wife and sending a sentence. Friends, I'm like, check this out.

Dave: Like a child, you know like, look at my new toy. Like, it's like, I get it. I totally get it. 

Ryan: It was like Christmas all over again. You know, you wake up and all of a sudden there's a present. Yeah, and it's a big one. Yeah. You know, it's an incredible feeling. 

Dave: I mean, after 25 years of service in teaching, I mean, dedicating your life, your life, to the education of others, being underpaid, likely underappreciated, the most thankless job in the world. However, the best job that a human being can do, I mean, really, is to spend time with our kids, or, I mean, it takes a special human being to be a teacher. And here you are, at the end of your career, you only have five more years to go and you're going to collect that full pension. I mean, life's not bad for you, Ryan, but you know, you got a taste, the problem is not a taste of what it's like to have leverage, and you got hooked. 

Ryan: Oh, absolutely, I got hooked. And that just drove my motivation even more. You know, once I know, once I started bringing in sales like that, it was all about making sure that nothing stopped me from handling those daily activities that you need to do, you know, those things on a daily basis. And, you know, what could I do to learn and advance my business even more, you know, because you never stopped learning, you know, and I can say, as a teacher, and people are always like, Oh, you're you're a teacher, you're supposed to say that. But it's the truth. I mean, really, truly. 

Dave: And now, you know, when you said nothing could stop me from continuing those daily activities, I would assume probably not even your daily job you've had for 20 years, you're not going to let it stop you from doing your daily, you know, daily method of operation that you need to do in your business. 

Ryan: That is correct. That's correct. It's a little different when I work with little kids, because I'm in an elementary building, but yeah, wow.

Dave: What, how, what grade or age are the kids that you are teaching? 

Ryan: So I teach. I take science classes, and I teach computer skills as a specialist class, just like there's PE art, music, and then computer lab and computer lab. 

Dave: What grade, what age? 

Ryan: I have first grade through fifth grade every day. 

Dave: No wonder you're trying to get out of there. You're coding the first graders? Huh? You ought to try coding with first graders coding. I mean, in all this that's gone on with I'm not going to say the words because I don't want to get flagged here. But everything over the last couple of years. Ryan, you're ready to get the heck out of there. I get it, dude. I mean, it's not no love loss for the kids. It's not I get it. It's time you're at a point in your life where every day month year matters. And you found a way out, I guess. 

Ryan: And you know what the hardest part for me is, just to be honest, you know, because it's a marathon. It's not a sprint, no, no, in this game. And the hardest part for me is knowing I still need to go two more years. But yet, I really want to just go with this full time, you know. So you've got to keep that motivation in two different places. And you've got to continue, you know, because I've got to learn it on both ends, and that what they say, the candles burning on both ends, you'll find me before school doing daily activities, you'll find me during lunch, you know, no more Netflix. I'm working while I'm eating lunch. You know, and this is purpose, right with some purpose. 

Dave: I mean, Ryan, it's so much it's an electrifying jolt to your life, right? Because I mean, I think for a lot of us, we do this, especially coming out of what we've been through the last couple of years, I think a lot of people are also looking for a jolt to their life, not only a boost of money, because they're seeing all these people during the day, I want to be one of the people who gets rich or not poor, you know what I mean? You're only complaining if you're on the poor side, you know, you never complain, if you're on the richer side, and I don't care. You'll get rich and I hope you do, you're going to start to you know, you're going to start to to be a little bit more hands on with your money and in care where it goes, you know, care how much taxes you know, when you go from getting a check back every year to every quarter, you're putting out money. things matter differently. This is the life of an entrepreneur. But anyways, man, more money, more freedom, these are the things that we're looking for. And this is the things that many of us achieve if we, you know, get the right information from the right people in the right environment, and then apply it and so you came through the challenge, enrolled in the blueprints, started going through the training, tried TikTok a bit, didn't love being on video, gravitated towards our Facebook funnel that we have inside of the blueprint have been using that to connect and market on Facebook. Is that right? 

Ryan: That's correct. 

Dave: Yeah. So no TikTok, Instagram and YouTube being paid ads, any email drops, solo ads, strictly Facebook, organic marketing, I do still have my TikTok, Instagram and Youtube accounts from when I first tried it, but I haven't done anything with it outside of that, then you are correct. It is strictly just the Facebook side. And organic, nothing paid. So as you're going through the training, kind of talk us through how you gravitate towards that, and also how you made a decision to commit to that versus staying in that wishy washy gray zone. 

Ryan: The whole, creating the videos with TikTok and YouTube and stuff like that, it's not something that is out of my comfort zone. And it's not something that I can't do. But for me personally, I have always dealt with, I've always been in relationships that have been more personal. You know, I have more personal connections. And that's a huge thing and teaching, you know, until the child knows that you care about them, they don't care what you have to say. And I truly believe that I am better at connecting with people through something like Facebook, and creating those relationships and conversations and things like that over doing the videos. You know, I can talk in front of kids and my players and stuff like that all day long. But when I get a room full of adults, it just makes me a little bit nervous. You know, and this was a situation where I knew that regardless of what I did, I was stepping out of my comfort zone because this is a whole brand new business for me. You know, I'm coming from something that's on the opposite end of the spectrum. And at that point, I thought, You know what, let's go the Facebook route. Let's see how that turns out when I start talking with people, and I want them to understand that, you know, I'm here to help. You know, I enjoy helping people. Obviously, I've kind of devoted my entire career to doing that anyway, you know, I've taught 25 years 22 of those years, I've coached athletics at the high school level. I've been coaching Collegiate Baseball, you know. So developing those relationships was important to me. And I felt like this was the route to go in order to be able to do that. Because the point at which you can get somebody to come back and tell you, thank you for helping me or introducing me or getting me started on this. It makes everything worth it and it's kind of Why I do it to begin with, you know, the money, it'll be there, you know, I truly believe that I think it will be there. But I enjoy helping people. You know, that's just what I love. And there's nothing better than having somebody come back to you and say, I just got my first mission. And I wanted to thank you, because you're the one that helped me get there. There's no better feeling than something like that. 

Dave: Yeah, you know that from being a teacher, you know that from being a coach, but we don't hear it often from kids, you know, because they just don't know how to articulate it, you don't hear it until later in life, if you happen to run into them. But no, it's nice to hear that from adults from other people who are in your same position, it's also there's a camaraderie to it versus a, because we're all sort of peers versus being children and adults, you know, we're all adults. So, you know, it's, there's a, there's a more mature, there's a more, I think, as if you try this and now here's what I'm trying to say, if you try this, now those of you who are listening, it will likely be different than if you tried something like this. Previously in life. In, in, that's because you're, you're in a different place. You know, the people who you are the people who you're dealing with, at least in our community are extremely selfless now, they'll try to sell you something. So understand. Everybody's, everybody's running a business here, and everybody is able, willing and ready to make money and earn commissions off of anyone. That doesn't mean people are out to hurt you. It just means that it's the internet marketing community, at least Legendary is like a large village. And, and we're all you know, we're all kind of doing the best that we can to move our business forward, while not cannibalizing each other, you know what I mean? We have to continue to teach people to go hunt out in the large, you know, world instead of hunting inside of our own community. But my point is, if you try this, just to those of you who might be listening to Ryan, I don't know, maybe you have experience with this, too. But I tried something when I was 24, I was at a completely different place. 24, 25, something like that I was at a completely different place in my life. Actually even younger, one time, and then again, when I was 2425, and I was just at a different place. And it just took a couple a little bit of time for me to mature. Have you tried, I think also had to do with business models and stuff like that. But I also think there's something to be said for age and experience in just giving yourself a second chance. Was it different from things that you've tried before? And how so is it because of the business in the community? The education because of you? Is it because of both? As far as things that I had tried before we just referred to like past businesses or right, yeah. Have you ever done any? I don't remember, I read up that you had tried other businesses MLM affiliate marketing drop shipping? I don't know. But what I'm asking is, is that I think there's a lot of people who are so jaded by their past, they think that it's just going to turn out the same. And that's why they don't go back after it. So you labs. Yes, I think now the question clicked in you, you're clear about what I'm asking. 

Ryan: Yes. So I've been in some MLM. In the past. I've been involved with three or four. Like I said, I was always trying to carry some type of an extra job outside of teaching and I've been burned in the past. Yes, pretty much. Probably, I would say 75% of what I've been involved in, in the past turned out just never really pan out too much of anything at all. And one of them ended up you know, being shut down as you know, a Ponzi scheme and, you know, so yeah, when you look at something like this, you know, one of the first things I introduced this and start doing this and you know, I'm using my profile on Facebook so you know, there's I've got a lot of friends and family and past players and things like that on there. 

Dave: One of the guys that I used to coach with, you know, he's like, you know, he started looking at some of my results a little bit and he started messaging me about it, you know, cuz he was involved in some of the MLM stuff as well.Yeah, you know, you got a little whiff of a little opportunity. He sure did you know, and he's like, man, what's this all about? He's like, am I gonna have to go hit up on my family and sell stuff to them again? We're doing it right now, you know, and I was like, buddy, now you don't have to do that, you know, this is not a, this is not that style of business, you know, this is different. And if you want to know about it, sure, I'll be more than happy to explain it to you. But you don't have to go hit up all your friends and your family to try to get sales as you can if you want. But you don't have to do that. That's not how this is built. It's actually such a great selling angle or hook to use in your content to use in your tic tock so your conversations are even in your lives. Like I'm talking right now to you guys. And I'm sure you can relate to what we're saying. Because so many people have been through this to where they got involved in a business that was just unbearable, just miserable. And most of the time it was because the business pushed you back to, you know, kind of prey on your friends and family for support and pity sales is really, you know, or you had the one cousin or body or uncle or whatever that was like your guy who like was like, oh, yeah, they you know, it was crazy. Like, he was like shit, yeah, let's get rich, you know, sign up and realize he has to go chase his friends and family and realize he owes half of the money and the other won't call him back. And you know, it never goes anywhere. You know, the one guy you sponsor in your MLM. I remember I sponsored the guy. And when I was an MLM, but I did back with after I got clean, like before I got into affiliate marketing, he bought the $99 payout, the lowest value, even earned a commission on it for God's sake. So one guy I sponsored, you know what I mean? So like the only package you didn't earn a commission on, you know, and I'm like, I've been working on the guy for a month, he finally enrolls, you know what I mean? It's just a lot of work for not a lot of pay. And, and oftentimes, a lot of gritting through it, the business is out here that you have to grit through it, especially if it's not your personality, that fits your personality to be a social butterfly and fly around to your friends and family. And you know, it's not going to make your relationships awkward to be pitching them lotions, potions, pills, sex toys, whatever else, the latest and greatest fat wraps are out there, you know, that are, you know, being repackaged, repurposed, licensed, you know, white labeled, do these MLMs. You know, the products, the last thing they worry about an MLM, you know, the comp plan is the first thing they try to dial in. But this is just different. So, you know, I like that you're showing us that it's possible, once again, and we see this, but TikToks has been really hot to be able to use Facebook, the training will give you a great foundation inside of the blueprints. How did you like it? Or was it useful to you to have all those multiple different traffic strategies within that blueprints, training, so you could go through and pick something that was a fit for you? 

Ryan: Oh, you know, that's what allows you when you have those types of training in there, where you can go through and you can see everything. That's what allows you to really resonate with one of them, or a couple of them when you think, okay, all right, that's what this is about, here's how it needs to be done. Alright, let's see what this is about, let's see what it needs to do. And then you can go with one that you feel like is going to fit you. Or at least that's how I felt. Yeah, you know, I know that people have to step out of their comfort zones and things like that. But I still felt like it was, to an extent, stepping out of my comfort zone, just because I've always been a Math and Science kind of guy and a sports guy. So writing was not always my strongest area. You know, and of course, if you're going to do Facebook, you've got to be able to write, you're going to have to create content, you're going to have to, you know, get in there and start talking to people in groups and, you know, to be able to engage in conversations and things like that through written text. And so at least start the process that way. And so, you know, to be able to look at all the different options is extremely helpful, because then you can choose a route that you want to go and then dive into that, you know, right to dive into it deep and really learn it. 

Dave: You know, if you stay surface level on all those different things, you're going to struggle a little bit and see case studies. I mean, one of the things that I wanted to Make sure I did when I when I created this latest version of the affiliate blueprint anyways was gave plenty of case studies, gave plenty of case studies to show people that are using the strategy or show people who may have come on a training or a Wake Up show or a mastermind or whatever, wherever they share that that knowledge. They were really crushing with that strategy. And then going back and putting those real life examples, I think one of the things that a lot of training leaves out in today's kind of information course, you know, the world that we're living in, is there's not, you don't see how it's applied. You know, it's like for me, when I learn about a word you mentioned writing, I want to know how it's used in a sentence. Otherwise, it's hard for me to really get it, you know, what, how the word fits in to real life use, you know, and so I feel like that's a lot of the same thing that we see in courses and stuff nowadays is we see a lot of information, but you're not really sure how to make it work in real life, how do I actually apply these principles? And, you know, what we have here at legendary is a multi-faceted approach to showing you examples, both in the blueprints, and also daily on the show. I mean, daily on this show, people are getting a chance to be able to connect and watch and see other people who are using these strategies. And in this way, we don't have anybody in the blueprints who's still not an active strategy, which is another, you know, because we would know that there's too many people who are having success with it. So I just wondered from an educators perspective, how you rate it, and I could be sitting in my setting myself up for real bashing right now. And I'm okay with that. I'm open for feedback. But how would you rate our education and our process and system of delivering it, and then putting people into an environment where there's lots of people that are using it, and just kind of the process around getting somebody like yourself from brand new to having success?

Ryan: Well, I'm not going to give you an actual letter grade here. But damn it, I'm going to save this. I'm going to touch on something that I mentioned earlier in our conversation. And that is, when I'd said earlier that I didn't kind of really didn't know what I had, at the time, when I started, because the very first thing I ever did was the 15 day challenge in the blueprints, after I did my, you know, I actually took probably a good full weeks of researching out the things and looking in YouTube or whatever. Well, at that time, though, I still was so new to all of this. And there was so much that was out there, I didn't even know at the time how strong legendary was going to be for me. So I did what is probably one of the cardinal sins in the business. And that was, I got, I took the training, I had the blueprints, I was going through that stuff. And then I got shiny object syndrome. I was like, well, let's see what this is or what this is, and what this is. And what I found was, after spinning my wheels for a long time, and throwing money at things that I had no business throwing money at, I came back to what I had to begin with, you know, and I went back to the strategies that I was learning, you know, I hold Legendary and very high regard, especially after experiencing a lot of other things that are out there. You know, and that's my own fault. Because I want to say I didn't know better, but that's really not an excuse, I should have done my due diligence a little bit better. And making sure that I knew what I was doing was quality, and I had quality to start with. And I got away from it a little bit, and then came back to quality. And so, you know, if I was going to have to give you a grade, you know, I'm going to say that from a teacher's perspective, I'm definitely going to give Legendary an A because I dealt with a lot of season Ds out there. Yeah. And I had to come back, you know, and my advice to anyone that's out there that you know, is in a similar situation, you're brand new, you don't want to be credible, what's not, it's hard to figure that out. And you know how the game works when you first start, you've got all kinds of people telling you everybody's got an opinion, you know about things, you know, but you got to stick with those things. I feel like that has a proven path for success. And when you have that, why do you need other stuff? You know, and I believe 100% that, you know, coming back, going through training and going through them more than once, you know, you have to come back, you got to go back, you know, to basics and, and learn that stuff. And when you have a community, you know, legendary is had a huge community. And every time somebody asks a question in one of those groups, they're going to get multiple responses for answers, they're never left hanging, you've got a community that supports, and that is massively powerful. In this business, when you have a supporting community, you know, I have the, the ability to come in, and I can post a question, and I'm going to get responses and opinions from different people. Because people see things from different angles, they're going to see things from angles that I'm not going to see. And I need that input, in order to, you know, travel the path that I want to go. And when you have people that are supporting you, and you know that they're suppliers, then you have to take advantage of that, because you're going to hit those roadblocks, you're going to hit those things that kind of knock that confidence level down a little bit. And that's when you rely on the support of those that support you, in order to help you get through some of those times. And legendaries got an amazing community to be able to do that. Because it's constantly, people are always very positive, they're constantly on there telling others, you can do this, just stay the course just continue at it, keep going, you know, you're on the right path, Even if you don't feel like you are. And those are so important. You know, that aspect of support is just not something that I think it'd be very difficult to do without it. You know, I've got a small group of friends that weren't my friends previously. But now they are and we've actually gotten, you know, to be very good friends, with our own little chat group. And, you know, we rely on each other daily with questions and support and, and things like that. And it makes all the difference in the world, when you have that type of thing, where you can rely on other people to give you the little kick in the pants soon from time to time.

Dave: You know, there's a lot of reasons, there's a lot of components of why we have things set up the way that we have them set up. For instance, you just covered a lot of great stuff. But another thing, and another thing is just simply investing in yourself, it will feel big. Hopefully that won't always be the case. But to make an investment in yourself, to hold yourself accountable to put skin in the game. And so you pay attention because your focus goes where your money goes. It just does. I mean, follow the money. You know, I mean, that's that applies, I think in multiple contexts, but follow the money, you will if you go out and spend, you know, I don't know $50,000 on a brand new watch, you will take care of it. You know, because you know that you have $50,000 in a boat, same thing, at least, we would hope you would, I would hope I would. So when we make an investment versus just cruising in surfing the web and surfing YouTube University and just kind of that's not a commitment. That's the opposite of a commitment. That's no commitment. That's no accountability. Nobody knows that you're doing it, you're secretly surfing the internet, you're not doing anything for you. The only thing that you're doing is you're a visitor on somebody's website. And they're using that as a statistic to show that they're having success because they got a lot of people on the web. I mean, that's all and if you buy something, you're a profit center for another business. So when you realize like that, like, like, I'm literally just pouring my time and energy and money into a device that I get nothing out of when I don't. When I don't know I'm not saying there's something wrong with downtime, but when I do nothing except just surf the web. What a waste. Absolutely, I can just put a percentage of that energy in and over time that will build to become a snowball of return. If I don't quit. And I don't know I'm not a smart guy. You're the teacher but there's just no better investment. There's no better thing that you could do. Right now anyways, then shift a bit of that downtime a bit of that Netflix time a bit of that scrolly that scrolliosis that we all can get into so easy that trans just take carve a pay percentage or go some of you are like me, you're either all in or all like that out there is no halfway, well, then you get dramatic. You cut off Netflix for 90 days, I don't know, you started cutting things, maybe you got to quit cold turkey, maybe there is no halfway, maybe there is no halfway using, you know, TikTok or Instagram and every.

when you go on TikTok, you just get sucked in. Okay, well, maybe you need to get a different strategy. I don't know. But the point is, entrepreneurship is about personal responsibility. It's not waiting for somebody to bring me a meal, it's about going hunting enough to eat for a year, you know, and, and then also be able to feed others if I choose, you know, so I don't know, man, I just I love this conversation. And I love the fact that you are hopefully and I do have faith that this is absolutely going to happen. Going to earn what you deserve, and have the freedom that you have earned after so many and afters of wonderful service. As you know, a teacher in our society is a coach. And I just hope that you're able to get all of the blessings that you deserve brother, and if there's anything that I can do to help you along the way above and beyond what we already have going on and let me know. 

Ryan: Okay. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you. 

Dave: Absolutely. So wonderful. Please come back and see us. Keep us posted on your journey in a couple of months. And we'll be sure to send people this replay and send people to your Facebook to connect with you. 

Ryan: Okay. Absolutely. I appreciate it. Thanks for having me. I really appreciate it. 

Dave: All right, Ryan, I'll talk to you later brother. Right? You take care. All right, you can find my man Ryan, you know, you could just search his name on Facebook like you searched your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend last. Or ex wife or husband when you were stalking him last week. We all know how to use the Facebook search bar. And you know what Ryan's face looks like so you can find them, connect with them. And like his stuff, engage with us. You know what I mean? Like that's what this is all about lifting each other up supporting each other and growing with each other, you know? Yeah, just like Ryan said, I'm so thankful that he's got a support group but a group of friends. There's so much more you can get out of this besides just money. But you got to get started or you got to start over today to start to experience those benefits. So be Legendary. Get out of here. Make it a great Thursday. We'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode. Peace