Below is the transcription for this episode: 

Matt: Greetings everybody. Welcome. Happy Tuesday. I am guest hosting today for Dave. It is 8:02am Where I'm from 10am. Eastern. And we're live baby. We are live. Happy Tuesday. Good to see you all. Okay, for everybody who's here. Let's bring on the guest for the day. Lia, what's happening? 

Lia: Good morning. 

Matt: Where are you calling in from this morning?

Lia: I am in the Bay Area in California. 

Matt: Cool. Right on. Very cool. Phoenix is half half the time we're half the year we're in the pacific time half the year we're in Mountain Time. So right now is mountain time. It's a little easier but yeah, this year I’m waking up for these damn things at 7am. Cool. Yeah, I visited this in the Bay Area back when we were thinking about moving out to Oakland in 2016. I think we wanted to move to San Francisco but it was like wow, so the original Oakland is also expensive. And so we were like you know what, we're gonna just opt for Phoenix and not pay a gajillion dollars in rent. Anyway, Cool. Well, thanks for coming on the show today. I'm excited to just talk about your journey and story and you've got so much going on and you've got a big kind of why about why you're getting going with online marketing and digital marketing and stuff. So this is cool. And I'm excited for our chat. As I was kind of looking through your I mean, you're just your whole journey of starting with legendary and figuring out how to get going and just bring our audience into your world. A little bit. So go all the way I mean, you can go back as far as you want. In life story if you want. Sometimes that sounds crazy, but you know a lot of times people have little entrepreneurial moments throughout their life that kind of lead them to this place. But tell people a little bit about your story and your journey and maybe your husband and I think that's powerful and, and tell us how you found Legendary. 

Lia: Well I've been trying to do online for the longest time regardless, like I've tried Shopify drop drop shipping, even Amazon FBA. Everybody is totally dedicated to it because I've always worked nine to five and a few years ago, my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's. And so I knew that I needed to figure out a way to make this work. And I got lucky enough to stumble across Stacy La. She's on YouTube, and just started following her and watching her videos on YouTube, which brought me into Legendary thinking and so my goal was because I have a husband who has Parkinson's, he and I want to travel and we want to enjoy life and spend great time together while he's able to do that. And so that's my why. And so Legendary was a blessing. 

Matt: That's super cool. I love that. And then you found this, how long ago was that? 

Lia: This year and it's funny because Stacey talks about, you know, one of her videos she's like, the way that I'm getting free tracking traffic is TikTok is craziness for kids, you know. And so once I started doing TikTok, and I did create this as my second account, through trial and error, but a second account is going really strong and my husband and I, once the world opens up again, we're gonna hit the road. 

Matt: Nice, awesome. So you're still doing a nine to five because you've got like you can work from home and everything. 

Lia: Yeah. So because we're in the Bay Area, we haven't been called back in the minute we get called back in pretty much when the world ends up and that's what I'm giving notice. 

Matt: Okay, yeah, got it. So, I mean, you're doing really well, like you're making good money. You are, you're doing super well. So congrats on that. That's awesome, your last month for you crushing it. Let's then like, what's been you know, as you started on TikTok, this is just hilarious to me because just so many freaking people on TikTok, it's crazy. And, you know, obviously go back 10 years ago and be like, dude, like, everybody and their dog is getting TikTok and making $1,000 Or more like so fast. I just, I can't even my brain is like this is how is this possible? But just the pure amount of like impressions and traffic coming from TikTok is crazy. Tell us about your first account. Tell us about what it was like to start creating content on TikTok. I'm so curious. Were you nervous? Was it overwhelming? Like how did that go? And then tell us about the transition to the second account. We have lots of people who go through multiple accounts and tell us about the whole situation. 

Lia: So I mean, that was awkward. It was super, super awkward. And I just kind of had to force myself to do it. And get over that mindset, you know? I'm not being spied on. It was weird. And you know, getting inspiration from other people. In the second account. I was lucky enough when I started that account at about the same time that you guys launched the TikTok training. The free training really showed us how to find inspiration from other creators and not reinvent the wheel. And so I started doing that and that's when my account really blew up. But I also did it like having fun right? So you have to be yourself. And then so now enjoy it. Like I mix in stuff that makes me happy every day. Because if you don't, you're not going to enjoy it. 

Matt: Totally, totally. And that's a big key to those fools. Like that's a big one that I probably could have gone into more detail on but I'm glad that you just applied that because it is a little bit of common sense. Like, hey, you need to figure out ways to like enjoy this have fun with it like making really your own and like I think that one one thing that people struggle with that is unspoken thing is like a little bit of a lack of belief in their in themselves of like, Am I funny? Am I cute? Am I like you know, can I have fun? With this? You know, like, can I be playful? And I think that like sometimes people go through well, I shouldn't say people go through, I should just say like I for a long time lost a sense of playfulness, in content and in like, just marketing and stuff that I do because I lived life. I lived a lot of life with this thing called internalized shame, which is just like, I didn't leave, I was enough. I didn't believe that I was good enough, that I was lovable. Like all of these things. I just, I would never say them but I felt them. And so what happened was, in marketing at my work, I just had no sense of creativity or that I can be funny or that I can be entertaining or that people would enjoy it, you know? So it's just a funny thing where like, I feel people have lost a sense of play and if they could just unpack that or uncover that or sort of remove strip away that like fear of whatever they are fearful of. They'd be able to really make it their own. They'd be able to make it fun and engaging and I don't know if it would be exciting. What do you think? 

Lia: Oh, I agree. I agree. 100% and even it's a mindset thing too, because at first like when you get like your first haters to that are just like you have to realize too, that when you get your first haters you're doing you're doing great when people actually care enough to tell you that puts you down it means that you are you're on the right track, right, you've actually gained everybody's attention. And so that helps a lot and I can just kind of laugh at it. I mean, it makes me sad in a way for them but I can laugh at it too and realize, okay, I'm doing all right. I've got haters. I've got people making fake accounts to make money online. 

Matt: Totally. And I don't know why. Yeah, I don't know why some people, you know, feel the need to do that or something or I don't know. But it is funny because once you start to get people's attention and they start noticing some people are like, Oh my gosh, did I do something wrong? Because that's the gut response, but in the world of content, that's the total opposite like, there's this one dude, he I don't know what nationality this guy is, but he does this stupid dance. And he has a fanny pack on the front. He does this dance. And, and he like, it's the only content that he does. He only does this and he goes out in public and does this stupid dance. I guarantee if you've been on Tik Tok, you've seen this guy because he's on the front page all the time. And his glasses are hanging really low on his face and it just bothers people so much. And he just non stop. All he does is content now as he just replies with videos to those people's content telling him to stop and never do another video on TikTok. Like, he doesn't talk to them. He doesn't engage with him. He just does comment replies. And you know what's funny is that now people are like, people like comment on his videos, and they'll just be like, they'll intentionally reply with outrageous comments because they want to be the next one that he does. They want to be like the next comment or that he does a video reply to and so like they just want to see their own comment on his thing. But now he's built this entire brand just on being playful with the haters. And like just kind of thrown it in their face in this ironic way. I don't know. It's just such a it's like it's just such a mindset shift to see that all as not just like scientifically, this is engagement and great for the algorithm but also in just a more overall like just playful way like geez is this really this serious? We're just on TikTok. It's just a frickin social media app guys. Like, let's just have some fun with this and have fun with it. And we can all kind of laugh at it rather than it being this super polarizing. thing. I think that's the approach. Dave talked about this yesterday on the show. I think that approach gives people this feeling. I'm not desperate. I'm not like this sales person who's trying to non stop pitch you. It gives more of this like I'm operating out of abundance and my cups overflowing. And I have fun with this. This is a new thing for me, but I'm having fun with it. And you know, I like these that I feel bad for you a little bit, but it's okay. Like we're just gonna have fun and play around. And even even at that you know, like, sometimes I'll respond a little bit to you know, I'm not I'm not getting rich off of $7 I'm actually doing this to help people because I'm excited how it's working for me.

Lia: Yeah, I mean, if you think I'm getting rich off of the seven bucks you got some other things going. 

Matt: When you're out creating content? Do you have a type of content creator? Yeah, I always find that it's interesting. There's like, there's some who are just super structured. They have set days where they do their thing. There's others who are just like nope, I get up on a whim to create like a little series of five videos. I'll just create them randomly and post them. Do you have a schedule that you've built out or what's your what's your vibe? Like? No, my husband tells me all the time I'm like a cooked up squirrel for the place so if I see something that makes me happy I'll immediately like to go do that. So I don't I will batch out from time to time. And I try to post something every day right now because it's been the holidays. Actually TikTok has, you know, the question right now. So I've just been reposting and I haven't been doing anything because I'm just enjoying myself which is the great thing that you can do that that's the best thing about this business community is that you can do that. But no, I don't do what makes me happy when I'm not feeling happy. If I'm not feeling it, I'm not going to force it because it's not going to be genuine. 

Matt: Yeah, I get that. That makes sense. A coked out squirrel. That is hilarious. I feel like my wife would describe me like that sometimes. Where I'm like I just function. It is what I was telling somebody the other day. Oh, we were on. We were on like a team meeting in Legendary and I was like telling people I'm like this close to ADHD. I'm not there. I don't think I went through some diagnostic questions but pretty damn close. And because like I'll have you know, I've got 18 tabs open on my computer at all times. And I can just boom one to the next to the next to the next and the next thing women and I'm refinancing my mortgage. The next minute I'm like running ads on TikTok. The next minute I'm writing an email the next minute I'm like, you know, and it's just like I think if somebody sat down next to me who has like, just intense structure, like that's how they function and operate, they would be like, Oh my God, I need a cigarette like I have to get out of here right now. I feel like I'm watching something illegal. But for me I'm just like I operate that way my brain functions and fires that way I'm sure I could learn a different style and structure but yeah, it just something doesn't feel right or real or genuine and when it does feel that way then boom. I'm into this flow state where I'm like, here we go. Now it's time to roll. And I think that's really powerful. The reason I asked the question is because I think it's powerful because we have so many different types of people come on the show, and people need permission to be like, hey, guess what you don't have to be this certain style of person. You don't have to be see back in the day when I visited Italy like four years ago that I learned that back in the day like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, a lot of these people who are artists basically they didn't finish most of their work like Michelangelo when you go look at the huge David statue in in Florence. You walk in and are lined up in rows leading up to that are all of his unfinished versions that he just like have tons of different sculptures that are completely unfinished and formless. And the way they describe it is like, you know, currently, like current day, these guys would all be prescribed ADHD and put on medication. And today, you know, coked out squirrels today or back in that day, it was just viewed as creative. You were just a creative person, you were just a person with a huge imagination that had no shame about starting something and not finishing it. You didn't get called a shiny object chaser, you know, it was mostly just like hey, you know, I'm I have a creative part of me or who I am is very creative. And that's who I am. 

Lia: I do have to make myself do the parts of the business that are fun to me, right so I do have to schedule time to build my funnels and you know, the other the other non TikTok stuff.

Matt: So yeah, yeah, I think that there's an argument to be made about reposting to reels and reposting to shorts and reposting Pinterest, just because there's enough evidence of those producing something and helping and you're already doing the work anyway. So might as well but I do feel I still the vast majority of evidence that I've seen is still that like, it seems as if TikTok reach just their sheer reach as a brand new beginner seems to be the highest on TikTok from just a purely organic standpoint, I think that that's true. Have you done any sort of posting to other platforms with your existing content yet? 

Lia: So not promoting Legendary but I do post to have other accounts. And I do so and I'm doing pretty well with some of those, especially on Pinterest. 

Matt: Cool. That's awesome. I love it. We're gonna have to do Sunday we're gonna have to do training on Pinterest because there are a good amount of people who are doing really well on Pinterest, I think and I've sort of figured out the ways to post and the ways to go about that. So that's cool. Okay, so there's a lot of new people who watch this. There's a lot of people who are kind of brand new like Hey, I just found you guys yesterday. And they're starting to go through the challenge. They're also watching some of these shows, and they're like, Okay, interesting. Like, how do I get on TikTok in social media and start to begin, like putting out content and how do I get going with that? Do I need to wait to get permission to start posting? Can you talk to those people? Just about like, you know, what advice would you have for those people? What advice would you have as people are going through the challenge and then also starting to start to create content and they've never done it before? 

Lia: So even if you're going through the challenge, I think the best thing to do is just to start creating your TikTok account, right? Because you have to get to those 1000 subscribers. The biggest mistake that I made initially was doing a business account so I can post my link. That's the first thing that will get you banned. So much that you can't do. I learned that the hard way so don't do that. Okay. But just start getting comfortable because after you go through the challenge, and you start realizing the tools that you have, yep, you already have that base and that comfortability just hit the ground running. And I think that's the best thing to do. Just overcoming that TikTok hurdle, I think, is the biggest hurdle and that's just a huge thing. That's a huge thing that you have to get through. 

Matt: Yep. Cool. I agree with that. I think that I will personally have grown accounts. I tell people that I've personally grown more than one account on a business account fast with very few videos, but I always give a caveat. But I do think that you're right that starting with a creator account or a personal account right away is the best way to go about it. And I also think the reason that I give that caveat to people is because I tell people to look at it, forget about the account style, forget about the hashtags, forget about all that stuff. What you'll find works by far the best is actually creating engaging content. Like that sounds so simple. It sounds so stripped out and basic and whatever but the truth is, it is like if you can create interesting edutainment like you can educate somebody, but you can also do it in a way where they're like, I like I kind of like this person. This is interesting. And you have your kind of personality spin, you'd let your personality come through the video. You can blow up on TikTok fast. So yeah, I agree with that. And I also agree, because I get some people who ask me that kind of what he said was like, I get people who ask, you know, hey, what do I do next? Like am I allowed to just start to think like, you're allowed to do anything. You can do absolutely anything you want. Like, no one's holding you back. No one's telling you what to do. This isn't like a job or this isn't like school. You just start your account, you begin generating a little bit of followers. You post and you realize, wow, there are actually people who see my videos. This is crazy. That's another reason that I tell people to start on TikTok is like, you're gonna have humans watch your videos like real friends are going to watch your very first video immediately when you hit post. And yeah, it's gonna not explode, but like, if you stick with it long enough, you're gonna have a video eventually that'll break through. Get 100,000 views or something like that, but maybe 100,000 views and that one video alone can save you. You know, 10,000 or 20,000 followers, and your life can be changed overnight. It’s crazy. You wake up the next morning and you're like 99 Plus. It's like, what just happened? Did I like to break something? Is this okay? Like what's going on here? Right, right. Because you've had a couple of videos that have gone like well over 100,000 even into 200,000 and when those videos start going, you know, that's when I tell people when you get a video that starts taking off and you see it taken off. There's a couple things you should do. You should start posting a lot of videos to your page that are about you and that are really curated to tell your story and your journey right because they just discovered you now give them more and then also go live and turn followers into paying customers. There's nothing that does that like going alive. That is where I've seen so many people go from like hey, I've got a I've got 50,000 followers I've got 100,000 followers and they don't seem to be converting like they do for other people are like I can't, I can't get those people to buy something from me. Go live for a couple hours. Just talk about your journey. Talk about what you're working on. Talk about what's worked and what hasn't and give people an actual story to connect to and tell them what to do next. Like I've told people to you know how when you go live, you can do a green screen behind you. Like I've told people just go live and be like me like learn how to and then whatever you're selling. Learn how to train your dog from home, learn how to make an income online, learn how to lose 10 pounds this month, right? And then that and then just tap the link in my bio and that could just be sitting above your head as a headline, like a, like a roadside, you know, and, and like then people as they're scrolling are like, Oh, I know what this is about cool. Lia. I know Lia, or you know, I know Robin. And, and it's it man is it like there's just so much power in people being able to to make the jump from seeing you on video to seeing you in a live format and they're like, Oh, I'm actually live with this person. She's not just a weird scammer who's, you know, posting these random videos from her basement or something? You know, like she's just like, she's a normal person. This takes it to a different take on the relationship from a cold to kind of warm to like, oh, like I could see this person maybe being a friend or like you know, it's like a totally different vibe. I mean, I mean, I haven't gone live yet. I've been watching people's lives. I have certain people that I consider mentors. Like Magallon and yeah, and yeah, like they're great. Calvin Hill's lives are amazing. And so I've been watching them. But no, I mean, I'm not going to be Calvin. Right?

Matt: Why would you say that? 

Lia: Well, because, I mean, I'm going to be Lia right? I mean, he’s so cool. He’s just so cool. 

Matt: Yeah, but he's had years and like literally decades of being like a producer and being in rooms of people that are like, you know, like like he's just not he's just the limelight doesn't really scare him just because of his sheer the sheer amount of time that he spent in front of people I think. So I get that. 

Lia: Yeah, he teaches I mean, he really does teach and so mighty met some sort of sparks that she really teaches so. So yeah, that is one thing. I'm kind of planning out a strategy to go live. And the ones that resonate with me and the ones that I enjoy watching are. I like when people tell their stories. But I really like how they teach. 

Matt: Yeah, totally. I could not agree with you more. And I'm glad that you've grasped on to that and like you hold on to that. Because honestly, that is one of the very biggest things that people who are successful, they'll do one of two things that a lot of people will not necessarily teach as much, but they'll spend time connecting with people. And then to the other style is that they teach and they teach very basic stripped down, and what they'll do is like, I don't know if you've noticed this on Calvin's live, but when he goes live, what he'll do is is he'll he'll talk through the same thing, the same concept over and over because people come and people go and people come and people go, so he talks about the stock market and crypto like non stop and everybody's like, where's he going with it? What's he trying to sell me? What's he going to do? And he talks about how there's a bear market coming and then when the bear market comes, he's like, You need money to invest. This is how people get really wealthy. You need money to invest. Here's how to invest. There's a great $7 digital course you can learn how to make money online to have your own little side hustle online. I've been killing it by doing this exact business model. And here's where you can go to purchase this little $7 course. And it's like the most I'm like, wow, that's genius, but it's really simple. He's taking something that he's super interested in and loves to talk about. And then he's just like, Alright, I'm just gonna sit around and talk about this because I like to spend all day talking about crypto anyway, like, go just go live and do it here with everybody else. And then yeah, over the course of a couple hours, he has 50,000 People who watch and then a certain amount of those people just flood in and purchase whatever he's got to sell. And then other people like him and I think Ian Mccluer. He goes live every day around this time in the morning, and he's more like he's a bit more like a connector like I've seen I see him call people out by name like, Hey, I saw you yesterday. And they're like, oh, that's weird. And he's like, Well, we, you know, we chatted about XYZ yesterday and I saw your name, you know, welcome back. And they're like, are you serious? And it's just simply like him being mindful and aware. And people love that people like in a world where we just don't really connect with people all that much. And we felt very disconnected to like pop onto somebody TikTok live and be called out not like called out but like be recognized and branched out yeah, he's really cool too. I've watched him because he also tells stories like his former life because his former life was pretty entertaining. When people are like, when people are like oh, man, I just don't know how to tell my story or whatever. I'm like, go look at his thing. And for those of you who are wondering, his handle is the entrepreneur guy. I'll put it in the chat, but he has this Yeah. So he does this thing where he tells a day in the life of a bodyguard, and it's just a simple way to tell stories that are kind of funny or interesting. But all of those videos get watched so much like they get so much for your time. It's crazy. And people just love that story of that journey and like the thoughts back on like old memories and stuff and even retell some of them. Because people haven't seen them before, people, you know, just following them today didn't see the one from a year ago. So it's like I could just easily retell that story. What would you do if you were to go live? Well, when you go live have you thought about or like or considered what you'll talk about or have you given that much thought at all? 

Lia: So I mean, probably when I do go live and start going live. That's where I will share my story because I think that that is better suited in a live type environment. And what my why is it's my way is to put in a 15 second video. So I'm sure that will resonate with people because  everybody has their things. Everybody has their why’s and so that is out. But I do also just want to teach because I also know that I struggle with everybody else. And so that's really what I want to do. 

Matt: Yeah, and you can tell that journey about starting Shopify and stuff. Like I think people underrate their ability to like to tell little things like that, like for you or for me, like when I started I started with an MLM and travel industry, and I just had no clue what I was doing. Like I didn't really know but that journey of like me starting an MLM, failing, like, totally botching. I felt like everything. Like I could tell that story on a tick tock live and I have on webinars back in the day, so many times, like just explaining that journey, and people were like, Oh, dude, me too. And like even you know, you could go live and you can be like, Why Shopify Sucks, or like, you know, Quit Doing Shopify, you know, like something that's like, whoa, you know, like, what are you talking about? Like, what do you mean stop Shopify? What are you talking about? And you can create something pretty polarizing and just tell your story about like, you know, yeah, I started the Shopify store. That was gonna get rich didn't work out, you know, and like, and just, like, have fun with it. And, and, and people would see that headline as they're scrolling, come up on their freakin page because they'd be like, oh, whoa, whoa, hold on a second. You know, how did I find this person? I think I like finding little moments like that with your shifts. That would be really cool. And I'll be looking out for I would love to win and just watch and enjoy and be part of it. 

Lia: Thank you. 

Matt: That'd be awesome. Cool. Any final words for I'll give you the final word for people who are here who are you know, they've got their TikTok created, but they haven't quite posted in their drafts folder is big, but they're, they haven't quite posted any any tips or thoughts like get started and getting going. 

Lia: Just just post it just, you know, just just look at what makes you think just what makes you happy. First and foremost. Makes you happy because people will pick up on it. That's, that's the most important thing people will know if you're happy. Just be happy. What makes you happy? I like that. I like that people do have that intuition. And they can tell they can get a sense and I like that advice a lot because I get a lot of I get a lot of emails and messages about like will critique my tick tock or what can I do better on my TikTok or like, what do I need to improve and it's hard to pinpoint that feeling I get when I watch somebody's content, they feel scared or they feel fearful and I'm like, I don't want that emotion. Like I know I would even come here to watch that. I want to feel happy. I want to feel like they're alive and they're living and there's something meaningful to share. 

Matt: I love that so much. Thank you so much for sharing that today. 

Lia: Thank you for having so of course come back in a couple months. Let us know how things are going. We'll probably see you ramped up to gold here pretty soon and then we'll reach out and come back after I go live and yeah, blow up. Nice. Let's go. I love it. All right, cool. Nice meeting you and thanks.

Matt: Alright guys, I'm gonna put our TikTok up here on the screen for you to go follow her. To @makemoneywithlia. You can see her there and also put it in the chat. Just in case some of you are watching the replay and just want to copy and paste it or whatever. Go give her a follow our community is all about supporting people not tearing people down not you know making stupid comments on people's videos. Just go comment on a video or two of her say hey, so you want to Wake Up Legendary, great episode tell her a little bit about what was inspiring what was about. Maybe Maybe she said something today that you know you had a little like aha moment and go comment on her video and let her know that because for Lia and if for any creators here knowing you know what resonated and what hit you know, when she starts to go live, maybe now she talks more about that. Because she got good feedback from you all about what you know about her story or about her journey was powerful or impactful. So go give Lia a follow on Tiktok be supportive, like her videos. That's what we do with each other when we bring people on this show. We're here to just support and lift people up. So we'll be back here, same place, same time tomorrow. I'll be back on Wednesday. Tomorrow the 29th we've got another awesome guest lined up and we've got a stack week. In fact, you know the really cool part. I'll end with this this week. I think it is one of the first if not the first ever week that we've got an entire week just of women. And there was a time back when I first started with legendary that we had like there was like no women who were like killing it. It was like just a bunch of dudes. It was weird awkward energy. And I'm just so happy and it's it's so much more fun with like this balance of like, there's guys there's girls there's young there's old there's just a such a good mixture but this week is just is a complete week of nothing but women because women simply just be killing it in our industry right now. So kudos to the ladies who are out there dominating go and you'll be on the show next. Although we've got quite a lineup or booked out quite a few weeks but we'll always be reaching out if you're killing it or crushing it and you're doing super well and we haven't heard about you let us know and send us an email to support at Legendary marketer calm or if you want to recommend some money for the show. Let us know. And we'll be back here tomorrow at 10am Eastern as always with another guest we'll see you then