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Matt: Hello, good morning, welcome in my name is Matt, and it's Thursday, August 12 I've got a little cup of coffee so I'm in a good spot, a better spot than, than if I didn't have a good cup of coffee, so we've got an awesome guest who's going to come on Today we're on day four of our Instagram real challenge and we've been doing as well. And we're just you're rocking over here I mean we're having a good summer, and we're looking to. Yeah, we're just, we're gonna have a good little interview this morning every morning at 10am Eastern Monday through Friday we get on here live we do wake up legendary bring on a guest, somebody in our community or somebody who got referred to us but most people are just inside of the Legendary community who are getting results they're working hard, and, yeah, I, I've had the pleasure of kind of getting to know our guests this morning Kelsey just a little bit through our business blueprints and she's just working hard grinding, and she's tried different I will I won't tell her whole story, but she's, she's tried different MLM stuff and her friends and family we're super pumped about that. As I've been there so I get that, and good morning to all of you guys who are just tuning in, and what we're going to do is just bring on our guests, I mean, screw it, let's do it. Kelsey, what's happening?

Kelsey: Hey what's up. Good morning, everyone. Thanks for coming on. No, thanks for having me. I'm super excited. I know in my Decade In A Day training, the one goal I set was to eventually be on the Wake Up Legendary show so here I am today, like, a little less than two months later.

Matt: That's awesome. Congrats. Thank you. So tell us a little bit, you're a military spouse and you've done a lot of moving. Tell us a little bit about your journey and how that led you to looking online for just something to do basically.

Kelsey: So we're currently in Germany right now. We got stationed in Germany. Geez We got here like early April, but before I was here we were in South Carolina, and I was only in South Carolina for about a year and had a job. Their job was crazy like my hours. My hours were seven in the morning to six at night, and I would work every other weekend. So it'd be like Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday, and then Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday, like it was, it was a lot, it was so draining, so I knew coming to Germany, I didn't want to do that so of course I'm job searching here, and I was still trying like kind of finding those same jobs where it's like, oh, it's the weekends are sometimes here and the hours are kind of crazy and it's a half an hour drive. So I was feeling very discouraged, and this is kind of embarrassing to say but one of the days, I broke down completely like I had a mental breakdown and I was scrolling through Tik Tok and an even older woman today but I saw that she had an online business and was making money. So I was like this is like a sign or something like on my phone crying and I'm just like let me see what this is about. So I immediately signed up, had your second guess, and just started like I literally gave it my all. And since then, I mean this, I do this full time now so thank God I saw that tick tock video. Eventually, like where I am today.

Matt: Wow, super cool, super awesome. So when you, when you dove in and got started. Were you already kind of conditioned in the place where you were like, I already sort of know that there's people out there doing this kind of thing. And, or did you have some skepticism or what did you think,

Kelsey: So I was a little skeptical, just because I just dive in headfirst like I didn't even consider anything. And like I've done, like smaller MLMs in the past so like I kind of know how those work and after doing some Google research I knew this was a little bit different. Not like referring friends and family and bugging the crap out of them because I've done that in the past. So I'm like, I'm somewhat computer savvy in a way. I have a degree in accounting so I know how to like, do some computer stuff. So I was like, you know, this is perfect for me and I really didn't know that people were actually making pretty good money online from social media like TikTok and Instagram like it's crazy, like, and now that it's like wow this is amazing.

Matt: Awesome, super cool. What, what, when you got started. So, when you get started with a, with a challenge and with, you know you're diving in and you're trying to sort through what's legit and what's not and you're you go through day one you go through day two, you are through day three, what are you thinking.

Kelsey: I was a little overwhelmed, I'm not gonna lie, just, and I feel like that's everyone's first reaction, you're learning something brand new, like it's okay to be overwhelmed, I mean, I feel like being overwhelmed is almost a good thing. Just because you're learning so much. And I've even gone through the 15 Day Challenge basically twice like I've watched some videos because it's either I forgot or I didn't write something down, or, like, I caught something I missed the first time.

Matt: Cool. Yeah, I feel like the whole overwhelm thing, I was just, we're on a decade of the day last Friday. And so he's like oh my gosh I'm so overwhelmed and I kind of, maybe you heard me say this before too, but I sort of unpack and stretch or I unpack why having your brain stretch to that overwhelmed state is a good thing it's a healthy thing it's, well there's, it's really like the sort of the rapid exponential, mental growth or whatever you want to call it like, that's one way to go about it I'm not sure it's the only way, but I think it's the best way, where you're just, you're short of, you know, thrown into the deep end right away and it's like swim. Okay, I guess as a funnel, and social media and videos and somehow they connect and how do I do this again, and then you sort of like even with the challenge or the decade of the day you kind of rewatch and you're like, oh, that connects to that and that connects here, drive traffic here. And I do think the overwhelmed feeling like Bridgette just commented, super overwhelmed I think the overwhelming feeling is like largely pretty common. What, um, what, what, when you're getting started creating content. So take us through this, when you're getting started, You're, you're creating content, what, what was that like, Are you a content creator by nature?

Kesley: Definitely not. So, I actually started the 15 day challenge, I think, mid May, I didn't start actually making content until mid June, June 12 So I waited a while to just put my face out there because I was so scared, I was like what are my friends gonna think what's my family gonna think, I don't know how to make a video never, I've never used Tik Tok before this. So YouTube will be your best friend when you're first starting out because I had no clue, like if you scroll down to my first few videos like they are atrocious like don't even do it. I feel like once you start, it gets so much easier and like you learn from other creators too and everyone's so supportive like it's okay if the videos aren’t 100% perfect because at the end of the day, no one really cares. No one's really looking at it, looking into it that much.

Matt: Yep. And honestly, so I think I think here's what, like, a lot of that's a good point. And I think what a lot of people don't realize is when you put out your first couple like crappy videos, crappy videos. I think that like, for the most part, the people who see those initial first few videos and are like wow that video sucks and they swipe. It's like, there's probably another, like, 3, billion, I don't know how many people are on TikTok but there's at least hundreds of millions of other people who will see your next video, right like so, those are original 100 People they showed your first real shitty video to those people will never see you again. Ever. And guess what, they're probably going to watch about 100 more TikTok videos while they're sitting down and they will be evaporated from your brain in about 60 seconds right so it's only our weird sort of like it's maybe not narcissism, but almost narcissism that thinks that like somehow people are like, thinking about, you know, in three days they're like still sitting down thinking like wow and Kelsey’s videos are so crappy like. What does she have any business with, creating a TikTok video for? You know what I mean, it's funny like scrolling through TikTok. It's like two days later, like I couldn't even tell you the most viral video I watched, more or less the worst video that I watched.

Kelsey: I mean overthink it 100% Like just don't overthink it and just post it. And yeah, like I said my first few videos were terrible. But it gave me confidence and it helped me get out there and here I am today I make like three to four videos every single day. 

Matt: Yeah, totally, totally. And even just because we create on our end like our staff and stuff we create some TikTok accounts in different niches and stuff like that and basically what we do is, is we create them and, and sort of model after other videos to see sort of what takes and what doesn't and see if different niches are taking stuff like that. And what we found was, what we found is basically, if you can take certain, so we found a couple things. Number one is, if you can take original videos from people who are, Let's say they're out a million followers, there's a certain formula that they're using to get views, and it's typically edutainment. Super educational videos with a little side thing of like maybe humor or a little like weird thing, like for instance, one thing that, that I did was I created this like TikTok and I was teaching people how to create T shirts on Fiverr and create T-shirts without needing inventory and one of the, one of the tools was using Fiverr and so I said five RR. And I stole that idea from a guy named Austin who used to be. No, he still is on TikTok, but anyway, I saw his video I was like oh that's really funny because I looked in his comments and ever, like there was like 10,000 comments making fun of him about saving five RR right and saying like Miss or miss mispronouncing things and just doing weird little nuance, things like that, we found works really well. But for the most part, like your first few videos are going to take a really long to get where I was going with this, your first few days will take a really long time to create, and there won't be much payoff so tons of time, little payoff. And then as you go those two things balance out where it's more like a lot less time than before, with a lot more payout because I'm actually starting to get the hang of it, I can get a feel for it. My personality is less uninhibited. It's more free and sort of just free flow, and that's where people start to feel like, oh okay, like this, this person's school, this person belongs here, and that tastes a little bit of time. And so, you know, people who are sitting out here, watching us live on Wake Up Legendary are judging you know, my day. Whatever. I'm now Dave 30,000, to their day too, it's just not going to work very well. Same with your day 60 Or day 90 To your to their day one or two, it just, it's an unfair comparison.

Kelsey: Definitely, definitely. And I guess one kind of good TikTok  tip is, like, follow other affiliates that are in your niche like, you know, in the make money online niche like Barb McGowen and Michael Patrol and like there's, there's so many. And you guys can model off of each other, you guys can chat like, oh, this worked really good for you like any tips on how to do this and I guess like don't really be afraid to reach out to other creators and kind of see what they're doing, see what's working for them, because honestly like everyone's super helpful at least like the people that I've come in contact with like everyone is willing to help you. You just kind of have to ask sometimes and just reach out.

Matt: No, it's very true, it's very true, and some of them, and that's really interesting because some of the most successful tech talkers and content creators that I see are people who definitely took training, but what they did is they took it a whole step further and then they started reaching out and networking and connecting with people, and, and sometimes I want to give an encouragement to everybody who's on here you get a little bit. You get a little bit hesitant or you get a little bit like, I don't know if I should reach out, they're busy or whatever, right, and then you don't reach out you don't get that help that you want, but if you just sort of break through that. Those are the people who are willing to just sort of break through that just be like, Hey, I love your videos, I saw you do this, is there a reason you do this or I saw you do that, and you'll be surprised at how, like, especially somebody who's like lower to mid tier, maybe not somebody who has like 8 million followers but somebody who's that like, like, you know 10 To 50,000 followers or something like that or 100,000 followers, they'll probably message you back and be like, hey here's everything I do like and whoa, and then I also do this and I do this and I do this and you're like, oh my gosh like this is great, and you can build long term friends like, which is really powerful too, but I feel like more than anything like when people start and that's like, like we are legendary we can't really take credit for that. Because mostly, you know, we sell a digital product for $7 and we sell our Blueprints for 2500 bucks I mean, you know, we have other things that we sell to, but we don't sell a lot of stuff like, in the grand scheme if you get into other for instance like we talked a good bit about like ride talk a good bit about Motley Fool, in terms of like they're a stock investing education platform, so you can buy for, you know, whatever. $250 a year or something, their advice on stock picking right and it's a membership and then and then as soon as you get in, right, like sometimes people criticize legendary for, you know, only being about selling. I mean as soon as you get into the Motley Fool, you are sold and pitched, probably five to 10 different. totally different high ticket products at like 1500 ish to $2,000 a pop. And, and, I mean it's, it's from day one, the moment you get it, like, hey, hey, we've just got this brand new live webinar coming out and on that webinar they teach for about 15 minutes and then they pitch, and it's, but I think that, like the community when we go back to the community aspect, there's no community aspect in that. But there is a big community aspect in the in the way of legendary but we don't sort of like we can't actually take credit for that at legendary that was more of a byproduct of us just kind of, hey, let's get everybody in put together in a Facebook group or like let's, you know, just let people sort of network and do their thing, but it is a really powerful thing about sort of the community. Anyway, that was.

Kelsey: You're good, You're good. I wanted to circle back. I know you mentioned the blueprints, kind of going back to my story. I told you I haven't haven't been working since January. So when I heard just the 15 Day Challenge at bay, like, I had no money, like I was broke, I had probably had like $900 to my name, but like, just to live off of that is really, really difficult, especially another country you know everything so brand new. So what I did was I had to use credit cards to pay for my training, like I was going headfirst like I was diving deep and I was like I need to make this work. And honestly, doing that helped me in two different ways like of course one the education of the community 100% And then to the back of my mind I was like I need to pay off these credit cards now I want my investment back. So I feel like that motivated me to work even harder than I would have if I didn't purchase, just because I was like I want him to like have to pay these off, like, let's go and just dive deep into this.

Matt: Yep. No, I exactly what I did, I mean, when I was first starting, and it's funny because, Like, in your case, I don't know if you feel the same way but like in my case, I'm like, Would I recommend for someone else to do that or not, I'm not sure, like, you know. Yeah, right, like crazy. I did the first time, and so it was funny because when I was first getting started in 2011 I was laying in my bed in Chicago and I mean, I was very very broke, I just got out of college, just married. I was like 21 or 22, and I was laying in bed and I was texting. A mentor of mine, and there's this big event live event that was happening in Orlando, called live the dream, and it's kind of like a, it'd be similar to like, if, if legendary hosts in a mastermind like, kind of similar, except there's gonna be hundreds of people there, and there's like a $500 ticket, you got to get flights, you got to do all this and I was like, I mean dude like I have like 100 bucks in my bank account like it's actually not possible you know I mean and he's like well, like just thrown on a credit card or something and actually the interesting part is he that he wasn't. He was like dude I'll buy your tickets, like if you can get here, I'll buy your tickets, I got a spare bed like buy your plane tickets now he, he was wealthy enough that he could have bought my plane tickets but what he said was he was like hey look, this seems like a pretty defining moment for you. He said, owning a business involves a lot of risk, and, you know, a few 100 bucks for a plane ticket if you put that on a credit card or if you find a way to borrow that money to pay it back or something. It's what a lot of businesses do especially pretty rare that a business wouldn't do that to some level to get started in some degree like my wife started therapy practice therapy practice got funded and started on a credit card, and it was a six months free interest credit card and pay it over off over a year, and her business, smoking, right, and so, but he said this is kind of a defining moment like, maybe, that if that amount of risk and that amount of. If that's too much, then you might have to just be honest with yourself that like, hey, this isn't for me. I can handle this and tolerate that and that's okay but you just need to be honest with yourself. And so long story short, I have this internal sort of thing, where it was like, well, dammit, I like I don't want to just, I feel like if I say no to this now I'm kind of saying no to like this forever. And so I bought that plane ticket and I went, and it cemented that as a reality for me, even though it's on a credit card, and then, you know what I did, which was even. I mean, not that that was dumb, but what I did that would probably dumber, was I ended up putting, I don't know, 25 to $35,000 worth of just buying traffic because back in that day we didn't have tick tock, by traffic we had to place ads we had to do, and you can still do that now. To this day, it's overvalued, I mean, the amount of traffic that you can drive for free now is more than it's ever been in the history that I've ever seen. And, you know, long story short, and sort of viewed that as well. I just sort of viewed that as an investment. And I thought to myself, like, hey, I want to learn a high income skill that I know is going to pay for a really long time. And what I ended up doing was I said, Look, there's going to be a day where I'll, I'll pay all this off and I'll pay it off faster than if I was going to go to school and get an MBA in marketing, and, and I'll probably learn more, because it'll hurt when I lose money. Rather than me going and getting drunk for four years or two years at a college and, you know, whatever, and not really learning anything in the trenches, and it was true. I mean there was a day where it might have been over the course of a couple days or a couple months or something but paid all of that off, And mine was more of intrapreneurship where I learned how to work inside of companies and bring value to companies with my high paid income skills, and it was sort of hanging out in communities, it was learning, watching reading, consuming a lot of content watching a lot of videos and it all kind of piled up into this experience where no I, well I really understand marketing, like I really know how to carry out detailed thorough marketing campaigns that I just I didn't know how to do that before, so I'm not perfect, but it did pay off in a big way for me and I think that there's sort of this like Megan says, you know skin in the game to hold yourself accountable, and I think that that's probably really true of your story too. Kudos to you. You did pay it back. I mean, we did accomplish that, so that's great, congrats.

Kelsey: Yeah, yeah and I did it in a short amount of time too and I feel like I did it in a short amount of time because of me going all in and using my credit cards, you know, and I feel like if I didn't do that, I wouldn't, I wouldn't have been as motivated.

Matt: There's that pressure, and honestly, I see that sometimes where there's a little bit and I'm not. I just want to huge disclaimer I am not encouraging people to take on debt just start a business on the internet, most people who buy anything online they don't make anything but the truth is like what I see is that when there's a little bit of pressure applied it doesn't have to be financial, it could just be something else, but specifically financial pressure for people, it creates this sort of, well it can do two things for you it was the healthy thing. For some, it creates an unhealthy pressure where they're willing to do anything out of desperation. In your case it created this healthy motivation, like, Hey, I, I'm going to put in, this is a great entrepreneurial trait of yours. I'm going to put myself in a situation, I have to figure it out. Right. rather than doing this sort of nonstop mental game where it's like, oh my god oh my god, should I do this, should I not should I do that. Oh my gosh, is this right or is this wrong or what do I do? And then, and then they never do anything, but in this case, that sort of healthy pressure pushes you into a place where you're like, Tim, I'm gonna figure this out, and I'm gonna make it happen.

Kesley: Yeah, exactly. And it was crazy to me too and, you know, people have reached out to me for advice and tips, of course I always answer the back but some people say that they think it's too saturated. There's too many people doing it. And I'm like, okay, like Riddle me this like millions and millions of people go to college for the same degree, every single year, and you don't think that's too saturated either like it just blows my mind I feel like people just overthinking, like, No, I can't do this, I can't do that. And it's like, you can't because you're not willing to you need to kind of jump over that barrier of, you can't to I can and I'll make time for it and I'll try my hardest and it just blows my mind sometimes, no excuses but things people will say to like get themselves to believe it's not true. They shouldn't start it and whatnot.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. At the risk of being inappropriate Dave, always at our masterminds calls that mental masturbation, where it's like, sort of like you're entering, and it's just like you're overthinking everything and it's just so it's yeah it's really cool to have in your, in your content creation, in that content creation process for you, like, are you, number one, how many videos are you creating each day. And then also, like, do you go live or like how frequently are you messaging people? Do you do a Facebook group like what does that look like for you.

Yeah, so when I first started on every single day I would do at least three videos. This past week or two, I've kind of scaled back a little bit, just due to like, you know stuff going on in my life but I just haven't really had the time to do it. But normally it's like three times every single day and what really sucks in my situation is I can't go live, I've tried to go live. But I think because of where I am. It doesn't work like it'll allow me to hit live but then it says connection loss like, can't do it. Like, maybe it's because I'm in Germany, I'm not sure exactly why. But yeah I can't go live, so that's kind of a bummer but I did start using Instagram. I'm slowly learning that and what's so cool about, you know, just buying $7, 15 day challenge, there's, like, so much like free training even after the 50 days like exe for example this live show every single day Monday through Friday. And if you have the blueprint, the Thursday training with you which is 9pm my time I think 3pm Eastern time. And it's like, and plus you have the Facebook community and everything like there's so much free education, and I feel like sometimes people just look right past it, and they don't even know you don't even see it.

Matt: Yep, I agree with that. I agree with that. Then, I feel like, yeah, I feel like with the whole that's super interesting with a life I'd never would have guessed that the, what it is, in terms of connecting with your audience connecting with your people. What do you, what does that look like, I mean, are people, mostly messaging you just asking how do I do it or like, do you, do you convert most your sales through doing that is mostly automated what does that look like.

Kelsey: So I get a lot of comments in what I'll say is, you know, because I have a free ebook linked in my bio and I'll say, Okay, grab my free ebook and then message me with questions so I'll follow them back. I won't directly message them first. I don't want to be too pushy and kind of scare them away or overwhelm them. I feel like sometimes people get overwhelmed. So I say, you know, Just grab my free ebook and message me with questions. And I would say eight times out of 10 but when meeting me let me be like, oh, what does this mean like to know more about this. So I'm not the one messaging them but one messaging me and I feel like that's really helped me it gives that personal one on one aspect. And of course, they can always message you on Instagram, if you're not following them, which I think is huge. I wish TikTok had that. And if you have your Instagram, linked in your TikTok, anyone can do that.

Matt: Yes. Yeah, I wish tick tock had that too. Yeah, I think it's interesting, they didn't put that in there that feature,

Kesley: I know I mean, I get it but I don't want the same time I mean yeah there are a lot of, you know, the younger generation on TikTok, so it's kind of like a safety thing. But for business owners, it's a little bit more difficult.

Matt: Yeah. What was he, um, so you created this ebook, did you have an idea for that. Did you like, buy a white label ebook? Did you create the whole ebook yourself and read it yourself? What did you do for that?

Kelsey: So I kind of went like the cheap route, I mean it's so, it's a simple to I mean, I spent a lot of money on it but basically I just created a short little four page ebook in Google Docs, and then I just converted it to a PDF, and that gets emailed. As soon as someone opts in to my email list, and it probably took me, I don't know, less than two hours to create. I kind of just did a small little guide if nothing crazy it just kind of gives the person overview of what affiliate marketing is and what I do every day so it's kind of like a good little like first step and if, like they think it's something that they could do or they have interest in it that they've messaged me.

Matt:Wow, fascinating, that's cool. And two hours. That's nuts. I feel like I talk a lot of people creating lead magnets and stuff, and that's exactly what I tell them to do, go to Google Docs type it out, and then also you can take it a layer of if you want to you can find somebody on like Fiverr or something be like hey here's a Google Doc, go turn this into a PDF for me and make it look beautiful and put images in there and stuff like that too. But you don't even have to do that like people really after. And honestly, here's like, here's one thing that I think is, is kind of badass and cool is if you really take the time to like put together a, even if it's like two pages and you craft it, and you make it really valuable, and you give real value, it could, it can literally just be all size 12 Arial font, and like, and, and people would look at it and be like, maybe this person's like, really onto something or like maybe this person's actually got like real information, and they're not trying to be like a marketer and like make this all pretty and, you know what I mean whatever, because there's, there's a lot of people who write like stock market letters or financial newsletters or like, or even just like copywriting newsletters and don't use a single image, it's like a sans serif font and like it's a couple pages just just nothing but content, and I respect like I kind of look at those people when I read those and I'm like, this person's like, they're on another level, they're not spending time on all the design and stuff although you could do that and I get appeal. They're actually just creating really great content that's concise and thought through, and not bloated and sort of overdone.

Kesley: Yeah, yeah definitely like it, like I said, it only took me two hours, I just quickly you know I ran it through Grammarly after to make sure no spelling errors and I just uploaded it and like I feel like when people you know, do their lead magnet or their free ebook or whatnot, they overthink it, they're like oh it pretty pixelated pay for this and pay for that. And it's like just starting off small. You don't have to give them this 50 Page beautiful ebook that costs you $100 To make like, just put something in there you know like tell your story, you know, people don't want to hear that. I feel like the biggest thing is just don't overthink it, just, just do it.

Matt: And I also feel like I also feel like one thing, I mean, if you're confused or you're not sure, like how to create a lead magnet or how to do that like, honestly, yeah, open a Google Doc, and start typing. But here's the thing is, like, most of what most people don't understand is like you could in virtually any niche that you're in, like, Okay, So let's say that I'm in like keto, or let's say that I'm in, I always give the example, like dog training right so like let's say I'm in the. I'm in the dog training niche, and maybe I'm like a little newer, but I'm really interested in it, and I think I can create good content with my dog around that content, you know, that concept or whatever. And, but I'm not sure what I would do in a lead magnet giveaway or something right. Well, number one, like many affiliate companies, they actually have lead magnets you can give away for free. Number two, you can probably look through their course, buy it for 37 bucks, get some ideas, and put some little teasers, in a lead magnet. Three, you can probably go on YouTube and find some awesome ideas for a lead magnet around like dog training watch and watch some training videos, stuff like that. I just think like, even I know what I used to do is, if I had paid for a course, and it was in my same niche so like I, maybe I'll buy a course on Google ads, and I'm also selling other courses in the make money online space. I would do, little tiny lead magnets like how to generate brand new customers on Google in my here, check out my two page report on how small businesses can generate lead flow on Google, using this one simple Google Ads trick or something like that right and I would go through this course and I would take some notes and then I put it into my own words, and not give away the whole course or plagiarize but I would, I would get some takeaways maybe I'd spend 30 bucks on ads and test it out and then put it into a little giveaway thing, right. I just think for the most part people overthink that process and they and they think, Oh, I haven't got the results or I'm not a dog training master. It's not the requirement marketing is just to get somebody's attention it's not to claim that you're the end all be all of whatever niche or industry, you have so much more freedom. I think that people just need to realize they have way more freedom than they give themselves credit for.

Kelsey: No. A lot of times too. Sometimes I'll get messages and people want a one on one training session with me and I'm like, I'm like, I wish I could, but like, I'm still so new that I feel like I don't have enough to give you yet, like I'm still learning. I said, you can take the same training that I took, they're like well why don't you offer them just because they see me and they see what I'm doing and they see my results. They just want everything for me and I just can't give it to him.

Matt: Yeah, well, Kelsey the easy way to work is, is, whatever you are selling or whatever, are recommending you just you just tell them you must complete this training, and then you get free training with me.

Kelsey: Right, well I've actually done that in the past. I've heard the word first it oh my god it was so well I said the first 20 people to sign up for it, I did it after a viral video too, so I was watching this, actually have a huge viral video the next video I made a video and it said, I'm going to do something I've never done before the next 20 people to sign up for this $7 business, dollar challenge in my bio, gets a free Zoom meeting with me, and I immediately everyone's commenting like I signed up I signed up I signed up, and then I said okay once you get to day three messaged me, I should be back, of course, like, message me any questions you have along the way. but we'll do the Zoom meeting after day three, and it motivated people to actually start the challenge and of course a lot of people will find a challenge to ever start, but just from that I had. I mean, there were a lot of people that signed up and got the Zoom meeting. So yeah definitely helped. 

Matt: Nice. Yeah, I, those little things are really good. Also, I think that people are a little hesitant to offer something like that because they're, they think that like oh my gosh, like, I'm gonna be flooded, but the reality is, like, not everybody's going to buy, and then not everybody is actually going to claim that session right not 100% of those people claim that session right, not not even,

Kesley: I think, like, five or six actually did claim, like they actually made it to day three, and then did the zoom with me.

Matt: That's cool. That's awesome. And I, you know, I also just want to say like, people. It's just funny. Now that I'm on the other side of like having gone through that, that growth that you're going through right now, and seeing sort of like one thing that's really helpful to me is I started going to live events, here's what I saw, I saw that the people who are selling coaching, and who are selling like a group coaching package right for like five grand or something. I realized I was like, these people in the skiff sound bad, but like, these people are not smarter than me, like, these people don't actually know more than me. Like, they just had the guts to offer it, like they just have the guts to be like, no you know what, Like, 99.9% of people haven't made five grand on the internet before, and I'm not to do that because I did it. And I have the value of feeling a little bit nervous about it. But the truth is, the results in the proof are there. And, or even 10 grand or 100 grand but people overdo that they overthink that right they overthink like they overthink like they turn on a rampage chair but they turn, they turn the whole coaching thing into thinking that they must instruct a person on what they're supposed to do. But the best type of coaching that I found especially in the early days in the sort of grassroots I'm still getting going, is much less that and it's way more like, it's like, it's like a mid, high ticket offer that's like a, let's say $1,000 to it could it could be up to $5,000 or something like that. And it's simply a, Hey, would you like didn't look once a week, on how I, on how I built an XYZ business right, or like how I built a full time business on TikTok. So here, here's what it is and then you just basically give the offer and you say like, here's, here's what you'll get for 1000 bucks, you're gonna meet with me in a group setting for six weeks and it starts on September 1 or something like that. I'm just making this up. If I were you. I'm basically saying if I were you, here's, here's something I would consider and think through, again, don't stop what you're doing, but you can build out this really simple offer that's like hey, if you want to work one on one with me, you can make an application on this page and the, the page would be like a ClickFunnels page or something, just got a video of you, and then beneath it is an application, and that can be a Google form that you embed or it can be whatever kind of form. Form on ClickFunnels Right. And, and it just basically is like hey, here's the deal. A lot of people want to work with me. A lot of people are really interested in how I've been able to do this. So here's, here's what I do every couple of months, I accept a new, new batch of people right, and what you could do is you could just make it a monthly thing so if you're going to meet with me four times over the next month, and it starts, and we started up again every single month. And all we do is for two hours a week, we go on Zoom, and I on pack you get to sit and basically look over my shoulder and watch as I go through my routine, and I'm going to show you how I create my content. I'm gonna show you how I find my content, I'm gonna show you how I set up my funnel. And if you don't think that that wouldn't be worth 500 bucks, or 1000 bucks to somebody totally crazy for you. But for you, you get away from one-on-one coaching, you don't have to get into that if you don't want to. It's group style, which means that people sit in on a meeting or a webinar on Zoom, and they sit and they just look and watch and you say hey, here's my holes, here's my whole screen. You've got me on camera. Here's my gripe, here's what I'm doing, ask me questions as we go. I'm gonna create a video to the end you can even share your phone screen, as you're in the TikTok out alright here we go. You guys ready here we go. I'm going to make this video, whatever. And, and you can unpack your best performing videos, you can go back to the best performing video and say, I'm going to actually recreate this video and do a couple things differently. Here's why. And, and you can go through that with people over four weeks, two hours a week so you know, your whole like group coaching could turn into three to five grand a month to maybe 10 grand a month for two hours a week, eight hours a month, right, like that's a that's a stupid profitable business,

headache, and we're. Oh my gosh. And then you just because what I did back in the day is something similar to this, and I just set hard boundaries, I said, if you have questions throughout the week. If you're wondering a bunch of stuff. I want you to write those questions down if they're not urgent. Don't type an email to me that scattered and unclear, come to the call with those questions, we'll get those questions answered. Even if I have to stay an extra 1020 minutes to answer your question, and then, and then after that, if there's something urgent or it's a little thing or something, you can send me an email with a screenshot, I can get back to you. But what I found is when I set up that hard boundary, it created, it made people, formulate their questions clearly and then it also made people really respect that boundary and value what they paid for. So anyway. All I'm saying is, there's a few things you could do to make that really work if you set something like that up, the first thing is, you would have that I did is, as an affiliate for a course as I just said you have to finish the course before you can even qualify. That's it. You can't even you can't get on one on one with me and there's exclusivity right, but then there's sort of this A, she's not, she's not able to spend a bunch of time with me on Zoom or, you know, I'm not able to just use up all of her time for free, like that's not a thing, and that's healthy for people, people need boundaries, people are unbounded boundaries a lot. And you can set that boundary up and you say hey when you finish day 15 I'll give you a little link let me know. Send me a message, I finished a 15 I made him finish the whole dang thing. And then, then, message me, I'll give you a little link, and you can see how I do my private coaching, and you can. At that point, you can sell it for 1000 you can sell it for 2000 you can sell it for whatever you want. But it's a cool way to supplement your income by doing it as a four week thing. Last point, and then I'll let you go. And I'll let you know that by doing it in a four week thing it's very specific why I do that if you ever get sick of it, you can just stop right. So, don't do this, monthly, monthly, monthly, monthly, and then you're like, oh my gosh these people keep paying, and I'm stuck. Right, yeah. Just make it $1,000 Or, you know you can set it to 20, you can set it to 5000 and people 50% Discount say hey I just launched this, you can have it for 50% off, and we have to finish the challenge, and you've got to buy and whatever. And then at least if you really get sick of it, and you really don't like it, and you're like hey you know what, I just want to be an affiliate, which is what happens with most people when they start doing that, they're like okay I think I just want to be an affiliate, or some people are like, I never want to be an affiliate again, all I want to do is coaching I love this I love people, then you can say like, I'm done with it on to the next thing. Anyway, what comes up for you?

Kesley: I was gonna say like what's cool about you know Starbucks, a 15 day challenge. You know the blueprints is, yeah, you start with affiliate marketing but there's so many different branches to brands, like if you really aren't feeling affiliate marketing you know there's online coaching there's, you know, mentoring, there's the masterminds like there's, there's so many options to take and I feel like people just think it's only affiliate marketing that I can do and it's like no like once you are in it like you can you can grow so big and I feel like people are just like oh I only like want to do this and like why not try different things. I mean, I'm still so new, like I want to eventually try coaching. I've actually talked to a girl that just signed up below me . Her name is Kelsey and I'm helping her right now one on one. But I told her like eventually one of the coaches so I'm gonna, you know, kind of, you're gonna be like my guinea pig. I'm gonna help you out. And I think that's a really really good start to me eventually expanding, and I haven't even gone through all of the affiliate marketing section of the business blueprints like I'm still learning, and what's it's crazy. There's so much content it's such good content. I feel like I still have so much more to learn, and I'm already on the right track 100%.

Matt: Yeah, but oh there is an, the new affiliate blueprints insane, like, yeah, it's insane. And by the way, in the realm of the coaching thing the coaching and consulting blueprint is really underrated in terms of the resources that are given there so make sure to look through that too, especially through like the PDFs and stuff like that because I feel like those are really valuable. Yeah, interesting. Cool, I think, like, sometimes I get into these, these, these calls and we start going down this whole, you know rabbit trail and stuff like that. And then I sort of like ice, like, come back out of the hole, and, and then realize like, okay, you know what, like that was cool to explore that, but keep rockin keep doing what you're doing, Because it's working, and add on things as you want here or there, try different things as you want here and there, but you've really got something going and you're killing it, and I think that's a big credit to your consistency to you're definitely a, a very good student. 

Kesley: In terms of how you look at not just training but you also look at other marketers, which is really key to, and like, yeah, like a huge thing even marketers that are in your niche and I feel like that like the biggest, I feel like the biggest help for me is all sometimes you know going to the doctor is nice for like a totally different time relating to me and see their viral videos and what they're doing. Because if that's working in their niche like let me transformative time, and I feel a lot of will miss that opportunity and they just need to, you know, expand what they're seeing, because, of course, a lot of people that are that make money online niche only watch make money online niche videos, and they only recreate those videos, and I feel like they're missing out on a huge opportunity to look at other creators in totally different niches. And I feel like that. It's funny because a viral video that I had about a month ago was from a niche where they build tiny homes and houses, and that is when I used that idea into the make money online niche, and it was in it blew up. 

Matt: Super smart, super super super super smart. i Yes, I hope that just sunk in for everybody because that was of everything I said and everything you said that was a big golden nugget of. Yeah, Robert just said that as a gold nugget look at other niches. Yeah, and getting into those other niches and sort of like just giving a little creative thought a little creative energy, connecting it and then, and then I think about the other thing. The last thing that I want to say. It's just a compliment to you that you've been very strategic in the way that you've taken sort of those ideas or those content ideas, or what have you. And you've taken them, and you've become a real like you've become really meticulous about how you execute the content, like, like, I think that sometimes we talk a lot about at Legendary just get started just post your video. There's also a level of truth to like, hey, you know, taking an extra 10 minutes or an extra 20 minutes to like, just make sure that that word is placed just in the right spot and make sure the timing and the duration of your, of your captions are put right in the right spot, says it just the right way and it kind of captures a humorous element or captures a, you know, an interesting like whoa, it makes somebody come back and watch it again like being a student just as I would call this content production, not the creation aspect of the production element. Not that it has to be amazing camera angles or anything like that but like, just little tiny curiosity things as I look through your channel. Man you have become a master at that and that's one thing that like that will really really help, long term, because that's the kind of, that's the added layer that you go from, you know 5000 views 8000 views to like millions of views, potentially.

Matt: And it's in that one viral video that I had, it was about like a side hustle that I found, but I never mentioned, the actual side hustle in the video. So of course that created curiosity, like what is she doing like What's she doing from home, and of course like comments were like how how do I start, how do I start, how do I start another big thing is, replied to every single comment, like, if even if you can't do all of them down the road like weeks later, you can still reply because then that pushes your video out again, which actually just happened to me last week I gained 3000 followers because I went back to my viral videos I commented back the people that I missed the first time, just because there were so many comments. 

Matt: Yeah, that's like it pushed a huge video back out to the view page.

Kelsey: yes it did and I got like 5000 likes on it and then even more comments and I was like, oh my god like this is overwhelming me right now, with everyone doing it, But it's cool, like if you ever have that our own video like maybe don't respond to every single comment maybe leave a few and then go back to it in the future.

Matt: Wow. Now that helped me a lot. That was a gold nugget. Cool. Wow. See, thank you enough, especially with that last little bit there, that was awesome. And

yeah, if you need it, I'll, we'll wrap up because we've been going here for an hour we could sit here and spit and keep going but. Thanks for what you contribute to our community. I know you give a lot of time and energy to helping people and we use that and thanks for coming on and if you need anything. Hit us up, let us know, you got any final words and final thoughts.

Kelsey: My mom just messaged me wanting to say hi, so hi mom. You know, I really appreciate you guys inviting me on the show, like I said, when I first got into the decade in a day this was like a dream of mine, this is like my first goal like beyond the Wake Up Legendary shell so I'm just happy to be here.

Matt: That's awesome, really cool. Um, well if you need anything, let us know you're a rock star. Kelsey: Thanks a lot.

Matt: Yeah, we'd love to have you on again someday. 

Kelsey: Sounds good to me. 

Matt: Awesome. Alright guys, well have a good Thursday, we'll be back here again tomorrow we do these little things every Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern or we just like to highlight people and and see what's happening in their lives and see what's getting them results, I think that, You know, you might do yourself well to watch this back again and take notes because this turned out to be. There were just little tiny things Kelsey was dropping there that I don't know if everybody caught fully but they were amazing little gold nuggets in there, and, yeah, you might, you might do yourself a while to check that out again. So, we'll be back again tomorrow on Friday and then and today we're just about to send out the email for day four of the Instagram challenge you. So we're on day four now and we've got some today is going to be a really awesome day to talk about how to grow your Instagram following, faster, so we've got some tips from Chris on that, and it's going to be a great Thursday, we'll have day five, tomorrow to wrap up the Instagram challenge so if any of you are new or unsure how to get reminders, you can get reminded every time we go live, you text the letters WUL  to 813-296-8553 And then what we do is we send out just a short little text message. Every Monday through Friday, around 10am, I'm gonna get a text message from us, and there's a little link that you can just tap right in the text message and you'll join. We'll join the live and you'll tune in to the live right on film. So, that's all we got for today guys. Have a great rest of your Thursday. See you next time.