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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What is going on my friends, this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. Now, it was Memorial Day yesterday here in America as you guys know and what better. We didn't plan this at least, I didn't. We have a retired Army. Can I just say, badass Superwoman. Welcome to the show. Michelle, well, how are you doing?

Michelle: I'm doing awesome, how are you?

Dave: Michelle I'm fantastic thank you for your service. 

Michelle: That was amazing, thank you for providing support. I am very well. 

Dave: You're very welcome. I was sitting around last night, my father and uncle were over, who are both, you know, from the, you know, from, obviously from my previous generation. And I was noting that, that. Now, of course you are. You're a superwoman. We have many more. We have many more people than just males in the service, I'd say more so now, maybe than ever I think so. Which is awesome. And, and, yeah, there was, I have a lot of service, uncles, you know, Father stepfather pretty much every person from from that generation was in the in the military, one form or another, and so I of course thank them and I made a post in our Facebook group, of course, not just for service members but also families of service people right which oftentimes I, I would assume, Get, get maybe less thank yous, you know what a sacrifice that they make as well I can only imagine what it would be like for my wife to be with our kids alone, without me. What if I was overseas or just somewhere where I couldn't be with them. You know, yesterday just in the spirit of gratitude for servicemen women people is, is, is also, so can grow with this, this sort of mission that we are on here as entrepreneurs for freedom. I thought it, I thought it segwayed really well. So one of the things that seems to be a wire for you is freedom, how does that tie in to. Can you just speak a little bit about being a military woman? And now, I guess, protecting and seeking your own freedom, in a little bit of a different way.

Michelle: Yes, absolutely. So, I gave up a lot, being in the military. Now granted, in the amount of time that I spent in the military I never went overseas. Okay, the types of jobs that I had. I didn't go over I did recruiting for a little while, things like that. But I tried so many times to start my own little side hustle, if you will, but because I have to get sent away I was thrown away for a month or I go away for a week or two weeks or whatever the case may be. It was really hard to keep that do the army at the same time so it was really really hard for me to give that up, because that's definitely my heart was and I tried for so many years, I gave up a lot, I gave up time with my kids. I gave up a lot to serve the country and it was right toward the end I couldn't prefer more years. I chose not to. I said I can't, want this too bad. Just wanted to be able to work when I wanted to work wherever I wanted to work on the go sit on a beach and when I go sit on a beach. I felt tied to that obligation because of my work ethic and the way that I work myself. I give, I couldn't do a half assed job for either one. So, give my 100% So I gave my 100% in the army, and then I was like, I gotta go. And now, for myself and it's amazing.

Dave: Yeah, I'm thrilled viously, there was an element of providing for yourself and earning a living. But in the spirit of service and service to others and in your country, something that I'm extremely grateful for the more that I, the, the kind of learn about how wonderful our country is not America being better than others. Just the idea of democracy, the idea of of the freedoms that we have, I have traveled to other countries, and I am appreciative I am grateful and I think that that's why so many people from around the world, look at America with such as, you know, with such respect or or, you know inspiration as because who doesn't want to be free. Who doesn't want to be able to choose and decide and vote, and all that and I mean I I'm excited for how far the country has come in terms of giving more freedoms to more people. But, man, I'm excited for you because now you're focused 100% on your freedom, and that really is kind of a cool chapter that you've entered into so how long have you been focusing on this exclusively? Michelle: Well, today's the beginning of six months. 

Dave: Wow so you’re like a newborn, like my son turned six months? 

Michelle: So six months I've been going like straight at it because retiring from the army, it's a job itself like medical appointments, you've got certain requirements you have to make it takes a year, a full year to retire from the army, so it was a job in itself gathering documents from 33 years, it was it was a job in itself to try to retire and then they had to pick up my household goods and get those delivered for six months. So, the whole process in itself so January, and I gotta say my first TikTok was January 26 And I started promoting Legendary market I say you know my lives all the time because people like, I want to get on camera, and I'm like, even you guys, look at my first TikTok, you can see the fear in my eyes, was an awful video but I did it, I just, I climbed out of my uncomfortable skin, and I did it and it was amazing. Three days later I got my first commission. I was like, oh my God has worked, so I just went nuts, and I love it and I'm having, I literally tell people that in my life, you know what I do. I make videos for a living!

Dave: We've got a couple of other things going on too. You've got a Pinterest, you've got you've got Facebook you're marketing on you've got YouTube as well. We'll talk about that here, just in a moment but I love them. I love this attitude and this kind of advice that you give people which is, you know, basically, what I hear you saying is what you think you're unique. You think you're the only one that's uncomfortable, you think you're the only one that's afraid. It's kind of like we all had to walk through that and I see so many people who, what, it seems like to me are looking for the secret shortcut that's not going to, it's not going to let them feel like it's like you're a human being, you're going to have feelings you're going to be afraid of shit, you're going to, you're going to things are going to be scary. And like anything in life, If you want to push through that fear. You gotta face it. And that's what I did, and if you want to stay where you're at, then you're welcome to stay, but if you want to build a business and make millions of dollars and, or whatever 1000’s, Hundreds whatever if you want to do something different, you're gonna have to but that's kind of what I hear you. In your own words you said that but you kind of went into your badass military Super job and you're just kind of like any, you know, if you want to kick some ass you can kick some ass or you can not kick some ass and that's totally your choice, right, that's absolutely right. Yeah, I was in the military for 33 years. Yes. That really is, is something else I really just impressed by that dedication, and that sacrifice, and it really is such a cool thing and I'm so happy. You seem happy. You seem like you're excited now, it can't all be rosy, but you seem like you're generally excited about the journey that you're on.

Michelle: I can't even tell you how excited about the journey that I got that I'm on because I found, I found my thing. So when I was in the military I taught soldiers okay there's a lot of civilians you get you get good leaders you get bad leaders leadership is something I took very close to heart, so I tried to be the best leader that I could be in my, my saying if you will be the leader, you, you know what I mean, be the leader you were meant to be, and that's that's who I am. So I lead, and I teach, and I've come across so many people that didn't want to teach other people like oh no no no, if I'm the only one that knows this. Okay, I looked the other way. If I teach everyone how to do this I can go sit in the smoking area, like they could do it for me and I'm open and that's exactly what I did and I taught soldiers throughout my career. Now, I'm teaching budding entrepreneurs and I'm so excited about this because I get to teach the things that I'm learning and it's so exciting to me. I go on my lives and I teach, and I got a lot of inspiration from Paul Liqrui Francis and Casey La, and Brian Brewer. Brian's the one that brought me back, I guess you could say, and I reverse engineered and I was like, oh my god this works so now I'm super excited and I'm teaching other new people, just the world if they weren't gonna there's so many people that have no idea like what's affiliate marketing, I'm like, you don't know. Come here, let me show you. This is amazing and I'm so excited about my life and I go live, almost every night. Well, almost every night, and I'm so excited to do it and I have a, a tribe of raving fans that just sit there and I can only imagine them going, like at the screen like watching me like oh I should do that, and I'm so excited, so I found my thing and my thing is to help those that are confused and overwhelmed because I spend my time in a world of confusion in the world of overwhelm.

Dave: And I don't know. Before you kind of found Legendary and started down this path, it. You said that you lost or scammed or whatever, to the tune of 25,000 in the past so it's not just been overwhelming. But it's been, it's been, it's been lost, it's been a loss from following the wrong information from the wrong people. It could you just speak to us for a second about, about, about the importance of vetting people, and their importance, and maybe how you get differently than you did in the past or the add maybe less, maybe more esteem or less desperation, I don't know, in your own words tell us, tell us how you get people now and how you vetted US versus maybe how you vetted, whoever you dealt with in the past.

Michelle: Right, I did do my homework, okay and I know a lot of people don't do their homework, okay I look at the risk that's involved in getting started. So if I'm talking about a $7 risk versus a $1500 risk I'm gonna, I'm going to look more heavily on that 15 $100 risk versus that $7 Like Alright I got seven bucks for a cup of coffee I just won't have coffee. Let me check this thing out, let me watch this program and then you're like, oh wow this is real stuff in here, versus a $1500. Like that's substantial to a lot of people, you know, so I'm going to vet them. I'm going to some now if I watch reviews. There are so many things out there that you can look and find, there's going to be several people that he went on, I think, a scam and things of scamming people are just going to say that that's just people. Okay. But if you get more of the positive than the negative, you've got to make your own decision like nobody can make a decision for you, you have to make your own decision. So, and everybody goes through their learning process differently, not everybody learns the same, you don't like it. On Click Funnels like that, like, I could go to some funnels, you know what I'm saying like funnels I got. Okay, active campaign on love active campaign on automation. Oh my God picked it up. Love it. Everyone's gonna do that. So you have to make your own decision on who you decide to invest in, and if you feel the value and you've got the relationship and people ask me in my lives if you know about legendary I give them my full transparency, because I believe in being honest with people, I don't want people to buy from me and then be like, she's a liar. Not everyone can say that about me so maybe 100% Honest, and I absolutely love everything Legendary and like everything and I'm so regretting not purchasing my swag before today, amazing to have my swag on right.

Dave: Well, what do you think I mean and you I think you just have a unique perspective because you're you're military you're you're used to looking for holes and suspicious things and enemies and, you know what I mean like I just think of you like you're this badass sniper who's always kind of like, you know, protecting and kind of on the lookout, I mean, we, there are, there are tons of gurus there, there's, there's tons of different people that are pitching the latest greatest seminar webinar this and that and all this stuff. I mean, I just, I'm asking this because there are people who literally come in before, brand new, they got people hitting them up in their private messenger saying, Oh, come over here and come into this, do that and it's all kind of secretive and. But what do you think, what do you think is the thing that separates legendary and I don't mean me, because I'm not Legendary Legendary, but I'm just a, I'm just a, you know, I'm just a cog in the wheel, I'm just a part of it alone, I can't do this. It's a community team. We've got over 80 people that work inside of our company but your experience, what do you think is the thing that sets Legendary apart from the other gurus courses and programs that exist out there online.

Michelle: That's an easy one, Dave, it's the community 100% And I talk about your community on my lives all the time I say, if you get stuck, you can go in the community and ask your questions and there's always someone there to answer you in the community itself you, you build relationships with other people inside of the community that become literally besties, like friends like I've met so many amazing people inside your community that I'm like, I wouldn't have had these relationships if it wasn't for your community, like the community itself on the internet. I can only imagine if we were like, all in the same place, like, can we all get together like that would be amazing. The community is unmatched. And I click funnels. So if people are coming into your community and pulling people out. That makes me feel dirty. That just makes me feel dirty. You know what I mean because we're all together like a family and that's the way I am. I help people. I help people, you get stuck, you hit me up. I don't care who you signed up under, hit me up, I'll help you out, you get stuck and I have tons of people reaching out to me like Hey, I heard you know I put a little new video to help someone just because it's a lot easier to do a little tiny two minute video. Then what did she mean by that, you know, so I do have someone hit me up and they're like, Hey, can I get a copy of that funnel? Yeah, sure. Here you go. It's gonna help you succeed. Absolutely. I look at the community as a family in the community. I love it. I absolutely love the community.

Dave: I agree. I mean, well people are everything. You know, I mean, if you think about who this company is or that it's really the company is a company is nothing, its people, you know, a company is just a logo or something, but it's the people who are behind the company or the family. A family is just a word, a family is. The people are what make a family special, or great or whatever Legendary. And yeah, I bring that up just because, like there are so many people who are new in sort of a little bit naive, and they kind of come in to for example our Facebook group, and I've, I've, you know I've went back and forth on this, just because I want to protect people from it snakes that get into their inbox. But you know what at the end of the day, it's kind of like people, they don't need a protector, you know, they just need education they need, they need to take responsibility for their own decisions, as well, they need to learn how to ask the right questions and vet people, if somebody comes into their inbox promising them some, you know pie in the sky and they go for it, it's kind of on them, you know what, I think, entrepreneurship, similar to capitalism, which is another is another kind of thing that we embrace here and in our era, right, land of opportunity, right. Some people don't like capitalism. I do. I also like programs that help people in need. I do like that as well. People who are underprivileged or disabled or have, I like that too but I love capitalism because capitalism is the kind of, you know, format that has allowed this old construction work in ex junkie, you know, to build a life and a business, you know and use online marketing which thankfully requires no degrees or experience or anything, and in some respects, that's a challenge because any old  yawho can come out here and talk should say he or she is the greatest thing since sliced bread and there's always going to be somebody who's going to be looking to buy some sliced bread, but in the other, respect, it gives anybody and everybody a chance. Anybody and everybody has a chance. And you know what, the beautiful thing is, we ultimately get exactly what we deserve, not based on our worth. But based on our output in our effort. 

Dave:  Right. Yeah. And I think that's a big smack in the face for a lot of people now who suddenly get back exactly what they put out. Yeah, and to take responsibility and ownership for that and to say, I'm exactly where I am because of me. What ends up for you as I say that, which is a tough pill to swallow, and you want to, people want to skirt around that, but ultimately, that is kind of what it boils down to.

Michelle: And that's why I'm in the business of helping kids with, this is a lot to swallow this type of business if you, if you've never been online digital marketing, business isn't a show.

Dave: What business isn't hard, they're all hard.

Michelle: I put that out of my lives about, you know, you have to learn the skills first, you can't just jump in or think you can learn, you can learn some things on YouTube when I tell them that, sure, but you don't have the actual systematic process what's the one one step two, step three, you're hoping that yields right. So, I tell them all you've got to learn plumbing to learn how to be a plumber. An electrician is one I mean electrician and affiliate marketer needs to learn how to market. And that's what Legendary Marketer gives you an education on how to do that, Just that. And I'm telling you my. Every night I go live, my leads would just blow up, because people, people, they got to trust you. If they don't trust you, they're gonna go somewhere else, and that's, I'm into building relationships with people and helping people.

Dave: Well let's talk about that for a second, I mean, I'm looking at your TikTok, which has been a focus of yours, you've got 46,000 followers there which can ultimately mean nothing. So, if you don't know what to do with these followers so those of you who are just judging and criticizing yourself because you don't have many followers, just stop just know that it doesn't matter you can have one video that blows up, and you get 100,000 followers, and then you have no, no idea what to do with them. You can have a couple of 100 or a couple of 1000 followers and have deep bonds, and add tons of value and make tons of money. Do you agree with Michelle and take us through how, what you would do if you were, day one what have you learned in the last six months today, that is generating the results that you're getting.

Michelle: Well, what I have learned is followers mean nothing. Followers mean nothing if you could have 15 followers, you could have 15,000 followers, what are you doing with those followers. If you're, if you're building relationships with those 15 people or you're not, you're treating them like nothing, then you don't deserve 15,000 followers, you've got to treat 15 followers like 15,000 followers, it doesn't matter. And I've learned that I've learned, then you've got to follow, let me just say that so everybody hears that. You got to treat 15 followers, like they're 15,000 followers, what do you do with them? So what So what do you do with them talk us through you said you go live every night you send your teaching, talk, talk us through kind of what that kind of looks like and of course we can go and we can follow you and see what that looks like but talk us through sort of what goes through your head when you're about to go live. Do you pre plan what you're going to say? Do you do Q and A's talk us through a little bit about your kind of planning and strategy.

Michelle: I do a lot and I think the army taught me this because once I learned something, it was just there, so I didn't do well like reading a script, I just, so I do, don't do a lot of planning, I have my tabs open to them there. But I basically take people through what affiliate marketing is because like I said there's a lot of people that have like no idea about this type of business so I started with hey you know Amazon right, Amazon has an affiliate program I take them, and I try to pick something different, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's, I pick another company, and then I open up my Google and I try to get them to interact with me by saying, Okay, give me a passion. Give me something and someone challenged me when that game was great and I found out Pez candy does not have an affiliate program. So I just typed in whatever they say and one guy was like a tree cutting service so I'm like three funding service affiliate program, and there was there was like yes in there, so I tried to get them to interact so I can show them, you can literally promote anything and then I take them through an affiliate marketing funnel, like what is a funnel, right, like people like what's the funnel, and I go through explaining that and then I take them through with using funnel Linux one an actual funnel is and how you take them through every company has upsells, what's an upsell, where you go to McDonald's you're like hey can I get an evergreen they're like, want fries with that, like that's an upsell, where you go, Hey, can I get a number to mail you want an apple pie with that I'm like That's enough. So, every company has them online buying something day by day to get a third free. That's an upsell, so I'm trying to get them in their own layman's terms, what do you think they mean and then I take them through. Picking a product builds it into an email sequence so granted I don't do extreme detail into any of those, but I let them see each piece of it. I go on to click funnels, I go into Active Campaign, I show them what it looks like so they can kind of visualize it in their own mind, and then it makes them like, oh, okay, well maybe it is easy. And then my, what I offer is I offer a 30 minute zoom call with everybody. I will, when you get finished with that 15 day challenge you schedule a call with me and let's get your system set up and running. So I give that to several people that I helped set up, and they're off to the races right now. It's awesome to watch them grow, I'm loving it. I'm loving that part of it. 

Dave: So, is that your bonus for them signing up through your link?

Michelle: I guess you could say and I do tell them that yes.

Dave: Okay, so kind of interesting guys to think about what, what can I do? What can I offer somebody to sign up through my link, right? Couple of things I just want to tease apart and point out, from what she said first of all we're working backwards with the bonus thing. That's a great bonus. And the reason why that's a great bonus is because if you can get on a zoom call, or, or a call with somebody. You can even do that earlier, Michelle, like I would even offer for you to say when you're on day four, like for example if you're an affiliate of Legendary and guys, I just want to be clear about this, everybody doesn't have to be an affiliate of Legendary and that's not a requirement for buying our products and it's a completely separate thing. We teach affiliate marketing and how to do it, the fundamentals which, as Michelle pointed out, the fundamentals were the same in every industry and in every niche so if you can understand how to do affiliate marketing and make money online space you can know how to do affiliate marketing, in the, the diabetes space or the help your baby go to sleep in their first six months of life's niche. So the reason why I say just back to the offering the Zoom call earlier, is because you may influence more of our blueprint sales for you if you say, book a call when you're, when you finish day three, right, when you finish day three, because then you can get on the phone, and you can tell them your experience, and you can give them a little bit of that third party validation in third party right versus when they get to the end of the 15 day challenge, because they see offers throughout the 15 day challenge, if they're serious about this and if they want to take their training and their experience and their commitment to the next level than that we have the blueprints programs. And so, it may help you, Michelle, to have that call after, say for example of once you finish the first three days of the challenge, book a call with me and give me a screenshot or so, some proof or just, or you could just say once you're finished with, with day three. Whoops, oh, I'm sorry, I thought I froze there for a second I thought I lost you. But yeah, do you see what I'm doing? You understand what I'm talking about, of moving that call earlier. I want to. Yeah, I want to. Alright cool, I think that would, I think that would really help. I think that really helps. But anytime you can be in contact with your customers, and Brittany Riddleball just pointed out, day three would be great for her because it's all about funnel building right so it kind of makes sense, right, because on day three, we talked about that. So just think about guys, when you're an affiliate of any product program or service. Make sure that you're familiar with the company that you're promoting their process, so you can plant your or or plant the seeds of your bonuses in the, in the right places. Okay, in the right places. So you can influence more sales because Legendary Of course, if somebody refers a customer to us, then we pay that customer, or that affiliate on everything the customer ever buys, which is, which is unique, that doesn't always happen. But, but, and that's a question that you want to ask yourself. When you become an affiliate for a company, do I get paid on everything they ever buy, it's just one of those things to consider. But since you do here at legendary at least, and that's what you pointed out, being aware of what happens on the back end of the company that you're promoting is important because you can place your bonuses or follow up calls or coaching calls, or at you know getting started Fast Start calls whatever you want to do or Fast Start bonuses or whatever you're offering as additional value for them to buy through your link. You can strategically place those in a way because if you've got on day three, you could say, Well, are you how are you liking this. Are you serious about this because there are going to be some other options. If you want to take things to the next level, and I don't always recommend everything for everybody, but if you're sub, and based on what you tell me I'll give you the recommendation but if you say you're serious. If you say you have a bit of a budget to be able to invest in your business, then you may want to consider taking them up on the blueprints because this is my opinion on them, and you, you'll learn more about them. 

Michelle: But, you see what I'm saying you can, and I’m really transparent about all of my lives in reference to blueprint people ask me, Did you buy the blueprints? like yeah I absolutely did it's worth every penny of it, you know, and it got me to where I'm at right now and I tell them, I can tell the people that reached out to me. They didn't purchase the blueprints. It's totally 100% obvious. The other thing I offer is my Facebook group, and I've had people that signed up under other under other people, that totally get in your group. You got to be an affiliate is literally a private group of my affiliate so we can become legendary together if you will, so all of my legendary marketer affiliates are in one group in one place. Let's help each other grow so let's go let's grow, I call it my moolah mentors tribe. 

Dave: Wow, that's cool. That's very cool. That's very cool.

Michelle: And it’s an Active Campaign if they sign up and that's why like on my beacons page you see more than one lake, because people on my lives like, how do I join the group. So I give them my Click Funnels or Active Campaign, I'll let you in my group, you've got to be an affiliate it's technically a group.

Dave: Yeah, you got to buy through my group. It's, it's, yeah, I mean affiliate marketing, like, it's it's cool because, like, you know, if I was like let's say that I had you guys got to be creative, too, like if I was somebody who already had a funnel builder which I want to I want to just mention funnel Builders here in a second why I think that it's the most time wasted bullshit thing that people spend tracks. Should I go with Click Funnels or build a roller. I mean I don't give a shit if you go mix for God's sakes, or, I mean, seriously guys, I know that I know that I'm being a little bit of an asshole right now, but it's like, stop wasting time, acting like whatever software you use is going to make you successful, it's not, you can use, Tom, Dick and Harry's funnel building website extraordinaire, the thing, the things going to go out of business in three months, doesn't matter, because you could build another one using another company, it's a commodity. The reason why we're not a software company is because I don't want to be in that business, quite frankly, we may come out with some software and some funnel builders in the future, wink wink, nudge nudge, but who gives a shit, you know what my message is going to be when we, when we if we ever get into software and selling any tools. It's going to be like, I don't give a shit if you buy ours or not. I don't give a shit, because it does, I don't care. Right. No, I honestly guys, I'll be completely frank with you, I don't give a shit if you buy training from us or not. You can buy training from Tom, Dick or Harry, right, you can buy training from Gary the guru, if that's where, if your heart and your gut says, Who is cheaper, and you want to go buy from Gary the guru. Uh, well welcome you back with open arms when you realize that you made a mistake, or hopefully you don't make a mistake, hopefully. But here's the thing is that people think that I really care, and I'm going to sit up here and convince you to try to buy this or that or like it, guys, it's all about, like software and training or different software is like we're to the point now to where there's so many different options out there. It doesn't matter. Just close your eyes and throw a dart, because you're it's not going to matter, the software you have, it's about how you use it, it's kind of like I used this analogy in the Facebook group do they somebody was like, you know, for the millionth time Clickfunnels or Builderall or ActiveCampaign or I get that. I just like to say look okay. No carpenter goes into Home Depot and sits around in a circle, Jay, if you know what I mean, asking the other carpenters, what brand of a hammer, do you use, nobody does it because every hammer drives and nails, it's, you can get the most expensive hammer and I've been on construction sites with guys who it's kind of like the asshole who buys the pic set of pings in golf clubs, right, and thinks that's going to make his game better and he still goes out there and throws his back out because he's digging into the. He sucks, the better the clubs don't make you a bit like it's like, I'll use a military reference, you can have the newest, best most badass ar 15 The most expensive one, or you can have the old Hound Dog thing with a little bit of rust, and you know what it ain't gonna make you a better sniper. If you can't, if you don't know how to shoot the gun, you're still going to be an asshole who can't get the gun, am I right.

Michelle: You're absolutely right. That's exactly it. I like to use Clickfunnels but I became very proficient in that software. Okay, so I like to give my students, my fans, you know, options. Okay, well let me try to learn a different software, try and learn something new. So once you find one that resonates with you, it doesn't matter, it's just a tool, like you said, it's just a tool. Find it. If it's easy for you to use, use it. And that's exactly what I did. So, when to write the software, it's just a tool to get you to where you want to be and it doesn't matter what tool you use

Dave: Somebody who's listening to this for the very first time is going this guy here is something else he's a. This isn't very professional, but it's like a part. Tired of professional art yeah tired of smoke being blown up your ass. Aren't you tired of Gary the guru who comes in the nice Su and just blows absolute snake oil right up your anus. I know I am. I'm just tired of all of this bullshit. That is, Like, my thing is about. This software is the best. It's like no it's not, it's because you know what the reason why we sell training is because what you put on pages, what you write in emails, what you say on videos, that's what matters. It's not the software that you use, it's just, it's, it's not. Nobody gives a shit that you're in a suit or not in a suit that you've got your hair combed or brushed or not that you've got makeup on or not, that you're overweight or underweight or, or that your voice is high pitched or low pitch to whatever that you're Christian or Muslim or black who honestly they, it really, we don't care. We just give a shit if you care, and we and we care that you're actually telling, and teaching and give adding value you're, you're telling me something in my life, because as a human being, I'm a selfish bastard who the only thing I care about when I'm watching a video is how does this apply to me, that's human nature. Yeah, yeah,  and you're doing that well because you're focusing on being interested in people's needs, Instead of trying to be interesting yourself.

Michelle: Yeah, right. And that, I'll tell you, one day that changed the fear game for me when it came to videos like I was a stuffed shirt on YouTube videos. I'm sure. I'm like, God, you suck. So when I started going live, that's when I kind of came out of my shell and I became, Michelle, and I'm just like, like everybody comes in my life, they're like oh my god I love your energy and I'm like it's so not fake I'm like yeah, this is crazy. Come hang out with me, and people do and they love it and they need that motivation, like, let me show you how to do something like this, I literally make TikTok videos for a living.

Dave: If you're, you know, here's the problem, if you're being a stiff ass, and you are putting too much, you know, everybody can tell if you're trying to be perfect, you know what I mean, and what you're doing is you're reminding them of that school professor that they hate that made learning boring, insurance, and that's honestly that's subconsciously what people are thinking, it's like the minute they tune into your, whatever, and it's just like your old stiff professor, you know, whatever and they're like, this sucks like I don't want. So there's an element that you should all give yourself permission to just let let your hair down a little bit, you know, I would almost challenge everybody to look your worst, right, for like 30 days just instead of worrying about the hair and the makeup in the, in for us guys, It's still the same thing it's the hair and, you know, I mean it's like, I gotta, I gotta get the part right and I gotta, you know, whatever I mean you should have seen me when I first started I'm this ex, homeless, recovering drug addict who's homeless and doing drugs 30 days, you know, not 30 days ago I was still trying to glue my ass back on after 30 days but I got an online market about 12 months after I got clean in 2008. And here I am trying to you know be on video and have my hair and I'm like hi, my name's Dave Sharpe, it's like, that was the most, Not me. And everybody sniffed it out because they got a built-in BS detector. Everybody has that nowadays, and when they sniff out, you know you trying to be perfect so that back to my piece of advice, you know, everybody's trying, branding, and let me show you how to build your brand, right and it's like, no, don't listen to anybody here's how to build your brand. Look, your the worst for 30 days one why. Because you're going to get comfortable in your own skin. In the best brand that you can ever develop is a brand that's authentic. Why do you think, Ilan musk, I'll never forget I was watching Joe Rogan which I never watch this shit because it's three hours long and I'm like, I don't have time for this, but I do like Elon and I'll never forget, Elon was on Joe Rogan's podcast, and Joe bust out this massive spliff. You know what I mean there's a huge joint, and he fires it up in the lungs, the richest guy in the world. You know what I mean. And Joe takes a couple of jokes and passes it to Elon and Elon is like, is this illegal, and basically you could, he didn't say fuck it, but you could just tell he's like, is this illegal. Okay. You take a couple of jokes and then hand it back to Joe Rogan, right, it's like, come on, you don't I mean, that's the most bad. It's crazy. Like so. There's an element of quote letting our hair down and I think that the first those first 30 days would be good if everybody, Or the next 30 days gave themselves, took on that challenge to put less emphasis on yourself and how you look and sound, and just more emphasis on, because if you know you look like shit, like and nobody that I think looks like shit but if you know, that's not what you're focusing on tonight I'm gonna get ready, no showers, wrinkled clothes I seriously. I think I've worn it probably three or four times. It was literally laying on the floor when I came in at a tank top and I just picked this shirt up off the floor, and I put it on. It's probably dirty, maybe has a little fungus in the armpits, I have no idea. I don't care, because it's not important

Michelle: Right it’s not important, you know what I mean. Right, I can’t smell you. That's it 100% If I Was anybody out there that's new. That's like being scared by giving anybody some advice, it would just be yourself. Okay, people don't read, there are some people that don't resonate with me because of my energy and the way I talk or whatever and they're like okay this growth rate I can't, I can't. So they don't, they're not going to come to my world. But there's tons of people that do resonate with me and my energy just like someone's going to resonate with someone else because they're. I'm not gonna say stuff here but because they're a little more professional than I am, you know, to me, you're going to get your own unique audience because of your unique self. So be yourself. That's it. Don't try to be anybody else. We'll all take it.

Dave: I think the problem is people because of how society sucks, our identity from us. It's like when we finally want to turn the page on our life and start a new chapter of entrepreneurship for building a business, something like this and somebody tells you to be yourself. So almost like I don't even know who I am. I've been a mom for 20 years, or I've been in the military for 30 years, or I've been at a job in a cubicle for 20 years, I don't even know who I am. And so I think part of this journey, and that's why it's been actually therapeutic for me which I'm not saying that, by our shit and it's gonna be therapy. I'm not saying that this business has been therapeutic for me because it has, It has allowed me, or it's challenged me to focus more on others instead of being so self absorbed about myself and am I okay am I doing this right. Do I look okay which is what society kind of is, it's always about Image, Image, Image, Image, Image, in being perfect in sounding perfect and all this bullshit. And I think that for me, it's been this great sort of, it's almost been a it's been a it's been a secondary benefit you know is it's challenged me to be more comfortable in my own skin, and the more comfortable I've gotten in my own skin, the more that I've embraced who I am, the more that I've accepted who I am, with all my flaws and imperfections all the things that even other people have criticized. Oh, Dave, you're too hyper Dave you're arrogant, Dave this Dave that we're all the things shots that people have taken over the years, I've just, you know, in, in, I've turned all those struggles in the strengths, like if I am a little manic, you know, it's, I am a little bit, so I try to put that energy into, into my, my content in hyper now and then I'll, I'll maybe I'll be calmer for the rest of the day my wife will have to deal with me bouncing off the walls. You know, because I drive her friggin nuts, you know, when I don't know I'm like a dog that needs to be walked every day. And if I don't, I'm like annoying everybody around me. Right. you know, but I don't know I just, it's, it's, I think that this business, being an entrepreneur particularly online marketing but all the different ways that we can channel energy and emotion out even trauma I've turned struggles in the strengths by taking my past with addiction and so forth, and talked about that which has had an element of a therapeutic element to it. I've turned those struggles in my strengths by mess into a message, and it's been a channel for me to channel emotions, whether they're, you know, happy or sad or angry or mad. It's, I'm channeling those out into and I'm also working on accepting myself because I'm getting on camera with all my flaws and imperfections, all my gray hairs and wrinkles, and I'm just focusing more on you than I am on me, which fills my spirit in it and the end result is more happiness, more impact and income isn't a weird how we, in order, there's a sane and recovery 12 step recovery that says if you, you can't keep what you have unless you give it away. And what that means is, you can't stay sober unless you help others stay sober, and that is a paradox, and I think it works the same way in this business that you can't keep what you have, or gain more until you give what you have a way,

Michelle: That's the knowledge, it's the knowledge that we have. So, I learned something, I teach it. Hey guess what I just learned today, check this out. And so you Yes, and I can't. I think it was Brian. Man, Brian, I'm just saying, You know what I mean I am not worthy, Brian. I'm telling you, he is, he got me to where I'm at because I'll tell you what, so many life, life happens, life happens to every one of us, and it's how you come out of that and how you use, you know your strength I lost my sister I lost my father like two years ago,

Dave: My condolences to you and your family for those recent losses.

It's how you come out of that and how you, you build on that. And that's, that's been my Michelle: strength, and I know that I kind of miss them every single day. And I know they would be so excited to see me right now. Sure, but to teach other people and to help other people is what I find I meant to do. So when I was a millionaire, it's really irrelevant to me. I want to help other people that are struggling, you know, and show them that there are ways that you can do this without showing your face on camera. Let me show you how. There are ways to get over that fear and I tell them to go down and look at my first video, you'll see, go look at my YouTube that first one. Yeah, no, not good. Okay, but I'm learning and the more you learn, the more comfortable you get in the skin, you're developing, if that makes any sense. 

Dave: You know, I'm getting a lot more knowledge every day so I can't tell people enough, you just got to start, the only thing you have to do is start, are you an action taker, take some action,

but I'm not an action taker, learn how to be learned how to develop that muscle you're born a certain way, born an action taker and I know that because I'm watching my six month old work his ass off trying to learn how to crawl. I mean, I'm telling you we're all fighters. We're all fighters, we all fought early in life. And over time we just had different messages that were given to us from different people in society and so forth TV television shows all this kind of stuff, professors, teachers, bosses, that just kind of put a blanket on that. And I'm telling each one of you, we are fighters, I'm telling myself this too, I got a, you know, I'm a fighter, you got to tell yourself, I'm a fighter, it's in my nature. I thought to walk, I fought to crawl, I fought for everything that I have. I fought to stay alive, in many cases, I can, I can fight, and I can get anything that I want to show your proof of and you're not just inspiration for, you know, service people who are coming out and that's not easy. I don't have personal experience with that. But I also am not stupid. I know, particularly for people who have been exposed to traumatic things , and you're in the military for any amount of time you're going to be exposed to some things that are traumatic, maybe more people than others but that's not easy to transition. It's not easy to transition out of any career, but particularly out of military service, my lord. So your inspiration for those people and I would encourage any of you guys if you are having challenges making that transition you're recently out of the service or you're going to be in the near future connect with Michelle and gain some experience strength hope from her around that particular area, but you're also an inspiration for all of us civilians who are just trying to figure our shit out. And, and, you know, survive and thrive on a daily basis in a new area and a new business and get things kind of going so thank you for that. Keep up the fantastic work. It's wonderful. It's beautiful. It looks good on you. And I hope that you'll come back and keep us updated and lead me to learn from you and gain from awesome energy.

Michelle: Absolutely, my pleasure. Dave, thanks so much for having me. It's been great, it's been a great experience. I can't wait for more, I can't and I just got one piece of advice for anybody out there listening, you got to go get it. Ain't nobody got to give it to you. You got to go get it, so go get it.

Dave: There you go, Michelle, thank you so much, it's wonderful and beautiful. Have a great day, and again thank you for your service. 

Michelle: Thank you so much. Appreciate it. 

Dave: All right, my friends, there it is, we've got her, you know, TikTok up there. You can connect with her, and, and follow her and also please remember that you can go back and listen to these episodes on Apple, and on Spotify, Just look us up, Wake Up, Legendary. For those of you who are not kind of getting these little text message reminders every day they're really nice to get, I get them as well. You can see, is all we sent is just a little reminder with a description of the episode, and then a link so you can click directly to the live, okay so that is on the screen you can text the letters WUL caps or no caps doesn't matter WUL 2813-296-8553 Get on that text message list because tuning into this part of the community that everybody talks about is, is getting to see and hear from people every day. Like Michelle, who are using the strategies, the training, leaning on the community, and going out there and changing the world, but most importantly changing their world. And you got to start with you, you got to start with your home, your family yourself, and then work out from there. And the more people you help the more money you'll make. That's just how business works. All right, my friends. I'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode. Get the hell out of here, be Legendary.

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