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Dave:  Hey what's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary you already know. It is a beautiful, beautiful day to be Legendary. Alright my friends, look, I've got another fantastic guest. His name is Brett and Well let's find out where the hell he's calling in from right welcome to the show my brother.

Brett: Hey Dave, welcome. Thank you for having me here.

Dave: You're welcome. Thank you for being willing to come on. Where are you calling in from?

Brett: Prague in the Czech Republic.

Dave: Wow. Worldwide, baby.

Brett:   Yeah and beautiful day as well here so it's nice to be on the call.

Dave:   When they say, www dot, right, that stands for World Wide Web, doesn't it, yes, yes, yes. And look at us man, worldwide here. You know, I think that's I think that's a fascinating concept for somebody who's brand new to kind of wrap their head around is the fact that they literally can generate customers, and obviously make money from clients customers that are all over the world. I mean is that mind boggling for you? I don't even know that I fully wrapped my head around that even after over a decade.

Brett:   Look, you know I love this because I practice martial arts and I have local martial arts school. And I can only teach that luckily because I cannot do it online because I cannot touch people I don't know. So, I only get paid when I teach, yeah. And right now, what's happening my school is closed for around a year. So, you know, it's really like for me it was like, I have to do something, you know, and the internet is like that is really powerful. I mean with that you can learn anything you want. You don't need to go to school because you can learn anything you want online. And then, if you are smart and you apply it, then you know why not having this World Wide Web and make a business from it.

Dave: Yeah. So let's, let's tell us a little bit about that what what has 2020 been like for you, you are, you have a martial era. Tell me what you are first of all, you're a black belt?

Brett: I actually teach Chinese Martial Arts called Ling Chen, and maybe if they saw the movie it man. So they have different versions so for example in version four, my teacher from Hong Kong is in it, so I go, he's a US Marine actually, but he moved to Hong Kong and I go to Hong Kong to study with him, and then I'm his representative for Czech Republic. And basically, it's something like black belt. But we don't have black belts, we just have the title.

Dave: So you, in 2020 Coronavirus has forced you to shut that down. So you basically are without, you're sort of kind of had an unwelcome surprise, right, of the year. So talk us through how that happened and what eventually led you to getting either online, back online, tell us a little bit about that backstory.

Brett: You know for me it was really, I don't want to say devastating right because I'm still here, but I really felt almost like depressed and then I was like man, no I'm I do martial arts, and why I, you know, if I feel that way, then how other people who don't have the mentality that I have, how they can feel, so I was like, this is really wrong. And for a week after, because I paid for my studio, I had to rent it out, and I did not even get money back, or, I even didn't, you know the owner didn't come and say Hey, today, you only. You only were here for a week, and then you had to close down so don't be don't charge you, but I still had to pay for the month, and then I basically said goodbye to the money, so I say you know what I cancel my contract for the studio for now. And I’ll just, I try to teach, privately. You know in my own home, outside but right now we can't even go outside without basically the mask here is crazy. So people are scared, and you know I just have to somehow survive this online. Probably the best thing.

Dave: So what led you to Legendary? Tell us how you found us and what I what you thought when you found us and kind of what you what your experience has been like so far.

Brett: I have, you know, in 2020 when I started to really figure out what to do with myself and I found different courses on like YouTube video so I changed my martial arts you took out to like make money online YouTube channel, and it was like, it's crazy. But, you know, I did that, you know, so I still have some martial arts videos there and YouTube didn't push my content so I worked really extremely hard like hundreds of videos, and no success. And then I tried to do different things. And, you know, blogging, but, you know, because English is not my native language, and to come up with text, like, 2000 words, it's like, it's really, it's not for me, so I like video. So then, I've seen somebody doing TikToks like maybe it was like summer 2020 And I download an app, look at it and as this is not for me it's like all these kids there, so I really give up on it but then like around November, somebody, I was on email list of someone I don't even know who was there, but I start focusing more on like, Hey affiliate marketing is probably good because I don't need to have the products, and there's already courses and products out there that people who are really good at it, that they created. So why Not? Like me, Like nobody, I don't have the support of hundreds of people. There were a lot of people who bought your course, and I've got emails about TikTok, so it was the 15 free leads. Yeah. So, I got it and I got, you know the cheat sheet and I said, Okay, I watch all those guys under video, and I said, this looks good. And then I actually get the marketers club, and I start to watch instead of going and watch Netflix, like I used to. I, Legendary Marketers Club was my Netflix and it still is. And I watched every day like five minutes was like six hours a day on, especially Matt I watch a lot of his videos because LA, he is on those videos. And then I realized that this education. This webinars are really good and I learned couple things about like Facebook marketing and as I'm gonna try Facebook marketing for for for whatever I needed and I started applying the scales for my businesses, and I've seen results, and I said, Damn, there's, there are course courses online that cost like, I don't know, $400, $500 on Facebook, for example, and here I am paying like, I don't know some really low cost. Marketers club, and I get all the information I need there, you know, not only about the Facebook ads but I watched about the psychology of selling and copywriting, and I really like, it's like, I first seen, Basically, a platform that has everything you need to, if you want, you can find anything you want to learn, and then you can start applying and that's what I really like about it I cancelled all my membership fees I pay like $40 there and $50 There $97 There, on different courses on YouTube, Facebook, affiliate, and then I cancelled it. Because all I need, basically, is this and I really like, I, I know it. Maybe I'm gonna sound like salesmen, right now, but I really do like it.

Dave: Yeah, well, we're, we're thrilled that you do it, and so you've also used the skill sets, particularly at some of the advertising, paid ads and so forth. Your, your wife or fiance has an economics, business is that right and so you've helped to apply. How have you used some of these skill sets that you've learned to be able to help grow your business?

Brett: First of all, we change the mindset about how to actually go about and find new customers for the products, and what we did is we start to create, putting more story into because here in Czech Republic, nobody's doing stories, everybody when I go to see the ads, everybody's like hey by my by my perfume by my shoes by my this but it's like who is this person. So right now we change around with what I learned. And those lessons were blessed in Legendary, and it worked, and people. What's really cool about this is that people start to engage in, and they start liking, commenting and asking questions, and I think that for Facebook, if they see that you have this engagement, The ad cost is going along. So, it's good. 

Dave: So you're using, so instead of, she's got a physical product right? Yeah she's some sort of a physical product candles or something like that right?

Brett: Yes, homemade candles.

Dave: Okay, and so what you were doing before I want everybody to hear this really closely because this is very important, particularly if you're wanting to run Facebook ads, a lot of you guys are wanting to run Facebook ads. And in this applies to all marketing it doesn't matter what the technique or the strategy is whether it's Facebook ads, whether it's YouTube ads, whether it's free, TikTok videos, but you are basically just pitching the benefits of the product at first you were just kind of selling the product just like kind of everybody else was hey, buy my product here's why my product is great. And what you started to do was inject telling stories about the product and telling stories about yourselves and why you created the product into the ads, which made the ad copy, probably a little bit longer, and, in turn, what that did was that created more engagement, more people were leaving comments like, wow, love it, great story, you're incredible such an inspiration that kind of stuff right. Yes. Is it? Am I on target?

Brett:  Yes, you know your stuff, this is exactly what I learned from you guys. This is exactly how it works.

Dave: Yeah, exactly. So, that's fantastic. That's that's great and also I would I, you know, all this stuff works. Brett in anything. So, for example, for you, like, one of the things that I love that I love doing it gets me in trouble sometimes because it's, it's, I'm throwing so many ideas that people but the applet what I want to, when I want to just say is the application of this style of marketing, direct response marketing in direct response marketing is where we solicit a specific response from somebody, and we, we bring them to a landing page, and we ask for their email, we bring them to a sales page we ask them to buy one thing, right, it's a direct response infused with storytelling style copy in videos. When we use those marketing strategies that sort of style of marketing, which is the marketing that we teach here, you. And then, and then. Okay, and then you combine that style of marketing with selling information now you happen to apply it to selling a physical product, but imagine, imagine this, that sometime down the road, doesn't have to be right now, but sometime down the road. You say, or immediately that whenever you wanted to, you said you know I don't want to take some of these martial arts skill sets that I've been teaching people in a live room, and I want to package that into a course, something that somebody can go through and watch the videos inside of a membership area that I sell them for how, you know, couple of $100 $500 $1,000, whatever it is, right. And now I've taken this information I've packed it into a course, and I'm selling it using these direct response marketing strategies infused with story. That's just one example. Right. Here's another example, let me just because sometimes when, when we breathe this stuff, we begin to see oh my gosh, how many different ways can I make money with this knowledge? Your girlfriend, or your fiance has a successful e-commerce business. So, using the strategies and the techniques that she's learned, she not only continues to run her e-commerce business but she turns around and she creates a course and a coaching program to teach other people, exactly how to use direct response marketing and storytelling in, in, in, in, in actually teaches them how to run a successful e commerce business as well see selling the information, see the world of opportunity. Now that those that it's not good to try to tackle too many ideas at once but my point here is, is that when we begin to learn these skill sets in this business model. We beat, and we, we start seeing the world through a set certain set of glasses, we see opportunity in so many different forms. What's coming up for you as I fan this Brett?

Brett: Actually, me and my fans that we already talked about it. You know, every time I learned something new from Legendary that I tell her because she always said Hey, tell me, tell me because it works. So tell me, so I always tell her, and then she's like, and she's like, You know what, we can play to do like webinars, or we can teach people here in Czech Republic, how to do it because nobody is doing it. And, and, like you said about my martial arts, I know that I cannot teach it, you know how to defend yourself basically through the video, but we just have a couple fighting principles that are actually, you can apply them to a business so I want to later. Do the mindset training from like martial artists, to a business, and how it actually helps how it helps each other. So, I will, I plan this for the future. That is for sure because I believe that these Asian fighting or philosophical principles can be applied very successfully. And this is what we really want to plan.

Dave: Yeah, so I'm thrilled to hear that. I want to give you guys who are on this, how would you like me to give you a secret, hidden marketing gem, That's completely free, everybody can access it.

Brett: Okay I want to.

Dave: I’m gonna show you something that's so cool. Okay, so cool. All right, watch this. I'm going to share my screen. I'm going to show you something that's absolutely so cool. It's going to be actually two things. All right, let me know that you can see my screen in 321 Can you see this. Yeah. Okay. Let me tell you something. Okay, first and foremost, this little website called and it's a place where you can come and get like, all these different old marketing letters, sales letter stuff like that, from different copywriters, different niches, all this different kind of stuff. Right. Well, there's their self defense if you just go on this site they're self defense. And, and what, hold on a second I, for whatever reason I that didn't bring up my results. Let me see if they're right here. Hold on a second. All right, so what I did was I Googled swipe self defense and it did come up with three swipes so you just kind of got to, you know, kind of work side a little bit and try different keywords, but self defense is actually one of the hottest niches. Over time, it's for whatever reason, you might put it under the health niche the health umbrella self defense as a sub niche, but there are some really, really, some really successful ad campaigns and some successful marketers that worked inside of the self defense niche. Because, I mean people who are like, you know, you would you would probably consider them maybe in America we call them to a second amendment that's your right to carry arms, you know people who are interested in being protecting themselves, they're there, you know, that's just on the forefront of their mind but who doesn't want to. Who doesn't want to be safe? Who doesn't want to protect themselves. So, on this site, there's some great examples of some sales letters of, of, of different marketers and different copywriters who have written, really, really powerful and successful sales letters for self defense programs, another one. This guy is pretty Legendary. His name's Matt I know him. I know. Okay, Matt Fury. Now, you may know Matt Fury as the self defense guy. Okay, or the poor the fitness program guide but what Matt Fury really is, in theory is also a world class copywriter. He's also a world class copywriter in one of the reasons why you know him, and one of the reasons why he's been so successful is because not only does he have the information and knowledge about martial arts, but he also has learned the skill sets to be able to sell his training and his information. And so this is a great example you could probably, you could probably go and look him up. Matt Fury, self defense and find tons of stuff from him. And if you, if you looked at it and you studied it, right, if you looked at it and you studied it, then this would be a absolutely and here's some of his products over here and probably it's probably going to take us to a sales letter, there you go it's a sales letter right. So, it's going to show you it's going to model for you, how exactly Matt Fury has used these direct response marketing principles, to be able to sell his all this is the business of selling information, Brett, what's coming up for you guys going through this?

Brett: I know Matt for a really long time and I've bought a couple of his books, so I, I really think it is a question right now telling me yes, you know, I should definitely try something like this. And I just had to come up with a great idea and the format.

Dave: Well see what what I what I'm doing here is just, it's not particularly throwing it on to you, Brett to say you should go out and do this right now. It's good for you to take the time to practice the skills, take your time to really decide what ultimately what niche you want to land in, okay, because you may not, this may not be the niche that you ultimately want to continue to stay in, but what I'm, what I'm trying to do for you and everybody else who's, who's listening is to help you to realize that these direct marketing principles, these skill sets that we teach You're Legendary can be applied to literally any niche. Okay, to any niche, and there's so many great examples out there, Matt fury being one of the best in the self defense niche that when you begin to when you, when you both learn the skills and you also see it being modeled by somebody else who's quite frankly, this guy's a Legendary Marketer, you begin to realize, Oh wow, I literally can apply these principles to any niche that really exist out there. And one other thing that I want to say to all of you guys who are, who are from different countries. I see a lot of people who come into Legendary and they say, you know, oh I'm in Czechoslovakia, I'm in Bulgaria, I'm in Norway and, and I'm on Tik Tok, and it's only, you know, the algorithm is only letting me, it's only showing my content to people within my country. Well, that may actually be to your advantage, because there's likely nobody else in your country that's doing or talking about maybe the topic that you could be talking about within that country, whether it's self defense in doing it in that way, or whether it's how to make money online, or whether it's, you know, example after example after example so entrepreneurship, my friends, is not about trying to fit into a box, which is what what society trains us to do and I see so many people come into our meeting and they, and they're trying to fit into a box, they're trying to be like everybody else and they're seeing the glass half empty, entrepreneurship and being successful, particularly as an online marketer is about looking at a scenario and asking yourself, How can I make this work to my advantage, because there are no promises, there are no guarantees. This is the real world, nothing is handed to you, even because you're learning these skills doesn't mean that your success is guaranteed. It's up to you to figure out how to apply these skills in a way that can, can, can create riches or wealth or help you achieve your goals. Right, it's there is that element that nobody can teach you or give to you. And that's the missing piece, because some of you guys have gone through tons of courses, or whatever, and it's like the only piece that you're ever missing, is just that piece of grit and creativity, where you connect the dots from what you're learning to how you can make it your own. Everybody's always ‘tell me exactly what to do.’ And that's like a factory worker that's like an employee's mentality, tell me the exact button. My boss doesn't tell me exactly what button to hit, and it's like, Well, guys, this is not a job. We're not your boss, even if you buy training here. It's like if you go it's like, think about it if you went to college Brett the professor's knocking, you know, even in the real world in the employee world then professors not going to come out to the job, and say ‘okay, Hey buddy, here's how to fill out the application. Here's the different places that we're going to go and apply for that right’, it's like so, at a certain point we got to grab our big boy and big girl pants and pull them up and say, Okay, how can I use this situation to my advantage. How can I take the skills that I'm learning, no matter where I'm at in the world, and maybe the previous expertise or information that I know and how can I turn this into a business, and that is like the missing ingredient. It's like somebody can give you 99% And I feel like Legendary here we give people as much as we can humanly possibly give them, but it's like there's that one last missing piece to where you actually have to put on your Creator hat, take off your consumer hat and put on your Creator hat. Right, and actually apply and test, and be willing to fail forward and be willing to take some risk. And that leads me to asking you if anything's coming up for you but I also want to ask you about that quote that's behind you, a journey of 1,000 miles. So I'm talking about exactly that. So, why did you write that on the back of your board for this interview today?

Brett: Because I believe that if you want to do something, it can be. I don't know, I want to make coffee in the morning. So the coffee will not just magically appear in my hand, like, like here, right, it's now happened magically, but I had to normally, I would have to go. And I have to press a button and create a negative coffee right so I have to take some kind of step towards it, it will not happen just by magic. And, you know, when I teach martial arts, I get so many students, hey, I want to learn how to fight. Okay, so do this, and I show them something and they look at it, I'm like, No, I want to know how, if somebody give me punch what to do I'm like no, do this first, and they're like, No, but you know, this is like I don't want to do this I want to really know what, you know, what I told you I said hey you know what you have to have some first steps on basics. Without it, your mind will not be ready to, basically, face the fear, or, you know you will, you will be able to, you will not be able to defend yourself if I just show you because your, your mindset is not set up right. And I think that people need to, It can be applied to business, if I think that I buy something done for you or us or a system or software that I press the button and I make $1,000 Next week, then our wait, maybe another 100 years before that happened. So, you know, I think that if I know that all I have to do is create a landing page set up autoresponder to send traffic. See how it's converting, see how my emails are converted and tweak it inside, for the best conversion. For the sake, I guess. So this is the action I had to take. I have to now learn how to create a landing page, How to give the autoresponder, how to connect it and how to measure the results, and it will not just be because I will buy Legendary. It will, it doesn't mean that. I know it, or that it will just happen like that, you know like I have to apply. And I have to do it, and that's basically the step I have to do. First step is to decide what I really want. And if it is making money online that. Okay, the next step would be deciding how and what I want to do, do I want to have my own product, do I want to be afraid of what I want to do. I don't know. You too. I had to figure this out. Once I have that I can go the next step but before. If I cannot decide this then I cannot actually apply the next step and the next step because I don't know what to do, and I don't know where I'm going.


Dave: The point that you're making is, you have to make decisions. That's what I'm, that's what I'm hearing from what you're saying, and I think what you're saying in terms of, you have to make decisions along the way, is such a key thing, and so many people, for whatever reason, Brett, are unable indecisive, or unwilling to make decisions, because when you make a decision, then you have to live with the consequences of that decision whether good or bad. And so many of us are not willing to live with those consequences, take that risk. Right, yeah. 

Brett: You know Dave, I noticed again through teaching my martial arts, I noticed that I always tell people that when I teach my school and my class is like life, but in life when you make a mistake right you see the mistake within the six months, year, 10 years and then you realize, it was a mistake. But in my martial arts courses if you make a mistake you get hit. So, you see it very fast. Hey, you made a mistake. And if you can't decide if you cannot decide, I'm gonna go for it now, then you basically are going to be slower than the other guy who decides that he wants to do it now and he will. And that will not wake you up. Then, you will never be able to succeed because your decision process is too slow. And I think that this is what I. Every time somebody comes to my classes, and I show them some stupid, basic thing. And I see that they are not able to do it and I come to them and I say, you know, I don't like this. Do you understand what I say, if I explained, I showed them I explained to them, they said to me, yeah I can, but then I go around and I see that they do it only once. I think they know it, and then they were asked, Do you want to teach me?' Show me what you learn. And I see that it's not the way I showed it to them. So I said, you know, I don't say them personally. But my head in my head, I know the person is telling, explaining something showing them even take their hands and do it with them. And then they don't, they are not willing to actually practice. When I know that he will quit within two weeks. I know that he will quit, always in every, it doesn't matter if he's doing martial arts, or if he's going to YouTube, or move, he will always quit. So, I like this. 

Dave: It's like you're telling my story of seeing people go through something very simple, very simple training where you only have to watch videos, and we instruct them to do something, and then they do it their own way, or try to take a shortcut or they go into the Facebook group and say, can anybody do this for me or just give me a quick tip or whatever, and unwilling to just follow the guidance that we're giving them. And then, you're right. Quit disappear, complain, whatever, that's so interesting that there's such a, a similarity between very similar.

Brett: That is amazing because I really, this way I think that every time somebody comes to my martial arts, I, I teach them self defense, but it's only a vehicle to teach them some new habits in their mind, and they're like I had this student who was skinny, tall, and really no coordination, no nothing. And I thought, he will quit because every time I tell him something. I said no, no, no, and he heard my no like after three years. He's helping me to teach other students. I asked him, Hey, why did you stop martial arts class? He said, I've never wanted to do martial arts, I just want to do something for myself. And when I came to your policies, it was different than just martial arts because you told me how not to give up. And I said, this is what I want for all my students, and now I can actually, because I cannot teach this physically one to one. I would like to do this in the future to business because I think that martial arts and business mindset is the same.

David: Brett I want to ask you a question. I know that you're, I know that you're doing, you know make money online content on your marketing. Do you use the martial arts analogies and do you talk about martial arts a lot.

Brett: Actually, now this call the first time I do it live, or on the video, I, I plan to do this, I've planned to do this for ages.

Dave: Do you want to know why I asked that is, I'm just gonna tell you why it's so powerful. And this I think is a great example for all of us to learn, right now in this instant and in this moment, how to take our current, whether it be job or knowledge or even current identity right because your identity really I mean, you've even got the martial arts shirt on today right is that is that is that the logo from your studio or something or not?

Brett: Oh this is can I show you something good. This is, we were in Taiwan, with my fiance. After you know we become successful with our e-commerce store, and they're like this store with really cool shirts, Asian style, and I'm gonna, I'm gonna, they were expensive, but I said you know what, I'm gonna get there because nobody will have this in Czech Republic, and, and I have like pads and everything everybody looked at me like, what, what is this on the airport, they go I'm kinda like mafia guy and all these things and you know I didn't care.

Dave: Yeah, that's cool. Okay, I thought it, I don't want to, I don't want to. I want you to miss my point. I don't want anybody else to miss my point either. It looks like Maurice Ellison just said he's doing storytelling. This is so cool. Maurice picked that up. Listen, Brett this martial arts metaphors analogies that you're using, you are magnetic..

Brett: Thank you. I'm gonna be shy from this. Thank you very much I really appreciate it.

Dave: I want everybody to really understand this, is that Brett, Brett is using his current knowledge and experience to apply those stories, and that confidence that he has to a topic that's, that's maybe not his core competency or not his righties kind of his YouTube channels about creating streams of income online basically making money online is to talk about making money online. And when I asked you, Brett. Do you talk about martial arts, in that you said Not really. And it's kind of interesting, because they're saying master storyteller. I mean here you are, Brett. Here you are. You're in your zone right now, you're talking about martial arts, this thing that you've done now, each one of you who are listening to this or we're gonna listen to this in the future, each one of you has your own martial arts, you have your thing that you've done for me, it was construction, right, and that's kind of interesting, because we have business blueprints, right, it's kind of interesting because I always told the story about my old truck, Right, and going to work with my dad working construction, and then I even gave my dad a new truck, right, there's all these similarities that I use to teach marketing, that I use to teach people how to make money online. So, what I'm, what I'm inviting you all to do to think about, is to think about when, how powerful it can be. When you apply storytelling and what is storytelling? You never tell a story without making a point you never make a point without telling a story, right. So, stories are some of the most powerful ways to tell your to prove your point, to make the point that you're trying to make, and we tell stories sometimes we use metaphors, a metaphor is I'm telling somebody else's story I'm telling a story that doesn't particularly apply to me, or an analogy a metaphor an analogy or the same thing, or a parable, if you want to talk about a story that's related to the Bible. Right. A lot of people look at the Bible and they say, Well, those are parables, right, those are stories that may or may not be true. But Jesus uses them or who I'm sure other religious leaders, Mohammed or whoever else and other religions use the same thing Joseph Smith and Mormonism, these parables are used because people understand story and metaphor and analogies. When you put it, when you make a point, by using an analogy that they can understand, for example, I'll show you a quick one right here, and I use this all the time. And you're immediately going to recognize it, but I always talk about the, you know the mechanics and the dynamics, right, the mechanics are the, you know where to click and you know how to, you know you're setting up your, your autoresponder and what funnel builder are you using and kind of all this stuff, and the dynamics are, you know, learning how to not quit, and learning how to do some of these things that, you know, understand your psychology, work on your discipline, things of that nature. Well, I use the analogy of the iceberg right because the iceberg is like the mechanics are like the way in which something is done or practicalities or details that's like your autoresponder setting up your Facebook ad right, that's like a mechanical thing and everybody puts all the focus on the mechanics as if they're the most important part of the business and they are important. They are important. It's just they're not the most important, the most important are the dynamics which are the forces or properties which stimulate growth development or change with a system or process that means your ability to be able to, like we were talking about a second ago. Take it instruction, make a decision, apply it, and then follow through with it right. That's the first step of actually being successful with something well that's part of the dynamics, it's the ability to be humble enough and patient enough to take instruction from the teacher, and apply it. And the reason why this analogy is so powerful is because it, it tells it makes my point for me so easy, because I can explain to somebody the mechanics which are probably what you think are the most important thing what's funnel builder should I use connect my autoresponder what my domain name is going to be the colors of my, my, my brand, whatever. These are the things that people always talk about, right, the 99% of people who are unsuccessful. But the 1%, the people who are wildly successful with what they do, they understand there's the mechanic and the dynamics are part of that iceberg, you don't see, but it's, it's really the most important part. And when I use that analogy, right when I use that analogy. It helps me to prove my point to tell my point to make it simpler for people to understand. And so you're sitting here using martial arts, as in you're doing it you're in flow, you're using it as, as in you're relating it to business. And what I would invite you to think about Brett is to build your persona in your brand and what you do if you're going to talk about making money online in your content to build it around your persona as a martial arts instructor, because it's different, it's unique, and it would allow you to be able to talk about things that you understand and use them as metaphors and stories and relate them to business and I would also invite all of you guys here, to think about what you have an expertise or experience in. And when we create a brand and we tell a story in our business. It's important that there's details, right, that's like how I use the construction worker, and the ex recovering addict and I, and I put those pieces together, so you can get a visit you, there's, there's depth to me as a marketer, there's depth to me as a brand and as a spokesperson for this company, right, which is part of the reason when I talk to people, they're like wow, when I, when I watched the video Dave of your sales video about the challenge or whatever was so genuine and authentic and I just felt like you were a real person. Well because I told you stories about me. And I and I and I and I allowed you to get to know me, and I put what I was saying in terms that you would understand construction work. I told stories about that. So Brett I would just invite you to think about that my brother because it really is a powerful, powerful tool that you have, that I think is sort of like an untapped goldmine.

Brett: It is untapped just because I really thought until today, because I really thought about this for a really long time, but until today, I thought that nobody would ever want to listen, somebody speaking, like, who is a martial artist, you know like, I thought that, it's like, what is this you know  it's kind of like crazy moves and how can they know about it.

Dave: You know, that's interesting. You're such a smart, you're such a smart guy and see it does not matter how smart or intelligent we are, we come up with these stories out of our head, that are not in our best interest, right, and so that's why I really invite all of you guys who are listening today, to really not try to look at what are the tools that I have at my disposal, and not and look at it objectively not look at it with your own emotion tied to it because surely we are sick of hearing ourselves talk because we've been listening to ourselves, our whole lives. But when we can deliver what we're saying in a unique way. This is one of the biggest things that I think is overlooked in marketing, is that when you deliver what you have to say it's unique, and it's different, there's an element I want everybody to write this word down novelty novelty novelty, what is novelty novelty means new right, new, and when people feel like they've come across something that they've not seen before, they're interested, but if they've come up with if they come across something or someone that they feel like they've seen before. It's kind of like when I was growing up I was going to school sneakers were a big deal, Jordans. So if I came into school with a pair of Jordans that all my friends had seen before, they'd be like, Man, I've seen those before. But if I came to school with a pair of Jordans never seen before. Here's what they do, they go. Daaaaang. I see those people, right, the reaction. Totally different. So one of the reasons why one of the biggest breakthroughs for me in my marketing career was when I stopped trying to look and sound like everybody else. And I was really embraced by you, neatness, my story, the elements about my life that I can use in my marketing to when somebody heard me or came across the video, they went, they might not go ‘dannng”  Like in their head, you know what they would do they'd say, this is different, I'm not, I'm not hurt. And it's not even do it's just a subconscious thing right. It's not even a conscious thing that people do when they hear you, framing things taught in talking about business or making money online or whatever you're talking about, in a way that they don't hear other people talking about it. It's novel to new and it will, it will, it will separate you from the masses so think about it, brother and I'm here to help you in giving you feedback, I want to see you, I want to see you use the tools I want to see everybody using the tools that you have at your disposal to be the best version of yourself and as successful as you can be. How's that feel brother?

Brett: Oh it feels awesome. It feels like now I I don't know why is that, but when I hear you talking about is this exactly what I had in my head about exactly this, but for some reason, our brain really come up with an idea that nobody talks, nobody wants to see much as things, you know, but now I know. Now I know that because it's who I am, it's, I really like to talk about it and I've, I started doing martial arts when I was 15 years old. And I remember when my teacher said hey, now we're gonna go in your seat and you're gonna teach, and I said, but there's gonna be people watching there's gonna be people who are like 35 years old 40 years old and I’m only 15, how they are going to listen to me. And you know what he said? He was like, wow, you have to make them listen. And I was like, okay, so I started teaching, and if they're older than me, I said hey you gotta do this you're going to do that, and usually meant I was already like instructors so they were listening and nobody.

Dave: Just, I want you. I want you to tie this story into something that has to do with what you talk about every single day making money online, whatever. So finish this story, and then I want you to tie it into a point about making money, or about what people need a skill set or something that I want you to tie it in somehow to people starting a business online.

Brett: So, basically, the idea was that I have to change something inside me to not only act like I am the boss in there, because this is my school, this is my classes, and these people are there because they want to learn something from me. So, when this change happened. I started teaching, nobody ever came up to me and said, Hey, why should I listen to your only 15? Because, whatever I told them was correct. So now, I think that people who want to do business. And it doesn't matter what kind of businesses, they just need to be their boss, they just need to have in their mind, the same thing that ‘my product is the best’, because I believe in, and I am the creator, and I think that it will help you to do x, y, z. And if you think that you create a product but you think, ‘Oh, nobody will read this’, then nobody will read this. So it's really, it's everything in the mindset.

Dave: See that brother. Do you see how Yeah, how that made your point that you were making, right, the point that you made there at the end so much more interesting, because you tied it into an analogy, right from a story that you told from your own life, from martial arts, and I just walked away from that. If I was the listener of a video that you were creating, you know, he's right. If the only way for me to get somebody to listen to me as I got to stand up in front of the damn class or the crowd or the camera I gotta, I gotta fuckin act like the boss. You know I gotta act like I know what I'm talking about. And I gotta, I gotta project myself as I know what I'm talking about, or else nobody's ever gonna listen to me.

Brett: Yeah, exactly.

Dave: Moments. Now I'm now I'm indebted to you, Brett. Now I'm thankful to you I'm leaving comments on your YouTube I'm subscribed to your email of buying things that you recommend, because that one simple story was so powerful because you you put it in terms that I could really understand it instead of just preaching or teaching, you use the story in your own life, to be able to deliver that message. And it just, it landed for me so much more powerfully and I knew you did it. I knew you would do it, because you've been doing it all your life, you've been teaching people all your life, and what I think we all we all can realize is we've been communicating, talking, telling stories, even if you haven't been teaching you've been hanging out with buddies you gather people around you tell a story you talk on the phone, your girlfriend, your, whatever. We all have this unique ability to be ourselves and to tell stories and to share thoughts and do them confidently you don't think when you're talking to your friends go oh god I wonder if they'll listen, you just go. Listen to this shit right here. Right. We talk like that and then all of a sudden we get in front of a camera like making a video I don't know if anybody's gonna listen and then you jump off the video, and he get back on the phone with you, boy, like yo, right and then we go back, so it's just about transference of emotion into what we're doing and some of you guys may say well what if I don't know something? Or what if I don't have success yet? Or whatever it is, it's like, like, what do you do know so much, you're listening to these shows you're going through our curriculum, and quite frankly if you use what the hell we're teaching you, you wouldn't get results. So that's what's like you got to follow through with this stuff, if you follow through and you make a decision actually use it you will get results, and, and things will change, but Brett, I gotta go but this brother, this is, this has been an absolutely, I could talk for another hour because I'm fired up this Monday morning.

Brett: I could talk, I could talk about stuff like this also because, especially when, when I first started Legendary, and I've seen these videos like this one. I said, Man, Dave is a really cool guy, I wish I could hang out with him. And then in a month. I got an email saying hey you know I was gonna have this, this call, can you do it and I said, Of course I want it because a month ago, I actually wished for it. I didn't know I didn't know it's gonna be like that good with what you just said because right now, after this call is like, I, I know that. Exactly what I have to do, because I have to be just me, you know. Thank you for that. 

Dave: Thank you for being willing to come on and give your time and come back and share your story, it's absolutely my privilege and we will hang out in person one day my brother and I can't be a big bear hug and learn a couple of moves to, hey I want to I want to, you might have wanted to learn what I know, but I want to learn what you know brother and you know what, I just My hope for you is that you don't save it for me. My hope is that you go out and you share what you know, in a way that can help you build a business and help other people. Then let me, I'll go watch some of your videos, you don't have to wait to start teaching, sharing your knowledge until you see me brother. I want you to go out and share it with the world, and then come back in three months and tell us how it's gone. Okay?

Brett: Cool, thank you, I will do that.

Dave: Alright see you, Brett. Talk to you soon buddy

Brett: Cool cool. See you Dave, bye!

Dave: Alright my friends, have a fantastic Monday, more value delivered today than most people charge their $997 courses. Can I get an a- men. I love you all go and follow Brett I don't know if we've got his thing up, he's got a YouTube channel, success with Brad he's got a  TIkTok channel we've got it up there, go follow him on TIkTok, connect with him hold him accountable. I want to see some of those analogies and stories about martial arts tied in with some of your marketing and your, in your content. And let's, let's lift him up, and let's continue to connect with, with everybody inside of this community because one of the best things that we can do is to, you know, connect with each other and lift each other up, that's what this is all about. Alright, so, see you tomorrow. Be Legendary Have a fantastic day. See you.

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