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Dave:  Hey, what's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. Now, this morning we have a returning guest, somebody who we've actually had on the show once or twice. We have a mastermind coming up this week which is something that I'm really excited about. You know, we actually I'm really excited about this one because, you know, we've got returning guests who were literally guests at the last mastermind, who are now speaking at this mastermind and that last one was just, you know, a few months ago. I can't see the months running together for me, but whenever the last one was, I think it was in the beginning of December 2021. You know, here we are. Matt says yes, here we are. Where are we? We're so what, five months into this. I mean, we're talking about six months ago, when the last mastermind took me like five minutes to do that math. But yeah, I mean, that's pretty exciting. That's a pretty cool thing. So you know, when everybody's listening to these every day and you're wondering, where is this going? And of course, you hear from guests, you know, every morning, but also know that there's people who are coming to masterminds. There's all kinds of ways that you can engage and grow. You know, whether you're going through the challenge right now, whether you're wanting more accountability and wanting to get more serious. So you've gone with the blueprint program. Maybe you've even said hey, I want to put myself in the environment. I want to meet people I want to network. I want to just be there in person because there's a different level of learning that happens in person. You can see people for some reason, it becomes more real. And also you get to see that other folks are really actually just human beings just like you. They actually put their pants on the same exact way. And a lot of times you walk away from situations, a lot of confidence that you didn't have before because now you're like, wow, you know, there really is no difference like that. Everything is all in my head. It's just about what I believe is possible. It's just about what I believe is possible. And I'm only going to grow, I'm only going to earn, I'm only going to, you know, I'm only going to achieve what I believe I can do. If I don't believe I can do it. I'm usually not even going to give it an effort. I'm not even going to try because I'm scared. You know, so there's a there's a unique take away from live events where you get to meet somebody and just really sit down, have a cup and humanize this whole process instead of you know, it being this faraway thing with these people on video that look you know, sometimes we idolize people when we see them on video. And then when we meet them in person, we're like wow, this you know, this person is a real human being. So in other news, this weekend. Let's see here if I can actually share this we'll see. In other news this weekend, my son, my youngest son, got his first haircut, and there he is. He's doing his thing. He's taken after my dad. On the mechanical side of things there. Maybe he's gonna get into some plumbing or something like that. Who knows if he wants to. He's got a pop pop who will teach him so anyways, with that being said, let's welcome Sarah, to the show what's going on Sarah, and today everything's good.How many times have you been on the show so far? Is this your second or is this your third?

Sarah:It's my third time.

Dave:  Unbelievable. Yeah. So

Sarah:  I started this time last year, like just getting started. So

Dave:  Okay, so for those who don't know who you are, give us that nutshell snapshot of where you were a year ago?

Sarah:  Okay, so a year ago. Honestly, I had a vacation planned in July that I didn't have money for seeing these people on tick tock making money. I thought I might make an extra $500 If I do this, that honestly was my goal. I mean, I never I never dreamed it would go as big as it is. And that's this morning getting ready for this. I was just thinking I actually hadn't even started making content yet. It's just so crazy how far I've come in a year, just because of that simple decision I made to take a little course you know, I never dreamed it would be this big for me.

Dave:  Well, what does that mean? I mean what has happened over the last year is that it is big for you because I actually, you know, your last time I talked to you I'm sure you've done much more since then. So give us a little snapshot and earnings disclaimer: what she's about to say isn't average or isn't what you should expect. You should expect to get out really whatever you put in and I'm not going to do the old Well, she's not typical and you shouldn't be either because the truth is, if you know Sarah isn't typical. And I think anybody who comes in and actually even finishes the challenge is typical, because I get to see the behind the scenes of a lot of statistics of people who are just statistics, I'd never actually know who they are because they're just buying and then they don't even start or finish things. So that was my earnings disclaimer. So tell us you know what, what this big actually means? How is your life different?

Sarah:  Well, first of all, I never went into it wanting to quit my job. I really like my job. I'm a PTA. My job has meaning. Everything's good. There. You know, as far as that goes. But big for me is that I've almost doubled my income doing affiliate marketing as a side hustle. And so, you know, I see other people like you just said with your earnings disclaimer. I honestly do. This is completely a side hustle. I have a full time job. My husband owns his own business and he's an umpire and a referee. One of my kids does travel. I mean, I don't have time like this. It is totally one to two hours a day for me sometimes at the top. Honestly, I don't have a lot of time. And I've still nearly doubled or I have doubled my income as a full time healthcare worker. That's big for me.

Dave:  Just so I'm clear about what that means. You've kind of taken the same amount that you're making as a health care worker and you're making that same amount in your online business. Is that what you mean? Or you're making twice as much in your online business? Or you're not making the same amount as much in your online business I didn't like I'm trying to be to understand and I want to make sure that we're clear for everybody else who's who's watching because, you know, there was another you gotta be careful out there on the internet because the gurus and the goblins say they did a million or $2 million. And you don't well, they're you don't know what their overhead star is. And so if somebody says Oh, I did a million and said, Well, there's a big difference between gross and net and leave and ask you a question. What sort of expenses do you have on a regular basis on a monthly basis? I guess if we want to just look at it from that standpoint. So we can understand how much of that income is actually you're putting in your pocket versus is going back out into advertising or whatever like that. Are you doing 100% organic or, and I'm not talking about taxes? So everybody, you know, just assuming that you're paying taxes. What are your expenses on an ongoing basis?

Sarah:  Yeah, we for sure pay taxes unfortunately. I'm 100% organic. I have not done paid ads. I'm not saying that's not something I want to look into. When I get bigger I'm able to quit my full time job and do this full time. Also, obviously I did the blueprints which was just a massive value to me. And it's so hard when people ask Yeah, but did you buy the upsell? I'm like, yeah, and the return on investment is amazing. Like anyways, I bought the blueprints and it was great. And then I have AWeber and click funnels, and those are monthly business expenses. I don't mean, I really it's so obvious I've paid some out, but nothing like I don't pay $100 in ads every week or anything like that. I had a lot of fun.

Dave:  Yeah, I mean, most people who are probably earning what you're earning are, you know, if they're running ads, it's certainly taking more than $100 a week. It's probably taking 1000 But yeah, you have no idea because you're not you're not even you're not even dipping your toe there yet. And you don't need to be and that's one of the things that I really want to ask you is how do you decide where you put your time because what I hear a lot, okay, what I hear a lot is somebody will have a video that goes viral. It's almost a gift and a curse because now all of a sudden they've got tons of messages and comments and things that they're responding to. And now it's like, where do I go from here? You know, everything was simple and clear. Just a day or two. I was just creating content, but now I've got actual people that are responding whether I'm growing my accounts, growing my list, whatever the bottom line is. Now I have people who are noticing me and responding. So now what do I do on a daily basis with my time? Do I continue to create content and email my list at least one email a day or do I respond to all these DMS? Do I try to do both? Can you clarify that for us? What does that look like for you?

Sarah:  Yeah, so that's so funny that you say that because I have an Instagram and a Facebook that I'm not consistent with at all. But when I have like I'll post a video maybe on Instagram, let's say and it'll go viral. And I'll get all these DMS and I'm like, oh, wait a minute. I don't. I don't have time for that right now. Like so. Most of my content is through Tik Tok. Obviously that's where I get most of my organic traffic from. And I just honestly, moments when I find time to work and I am an early bird I get up early and I probably do about 20 minutes to my business and then sometimes during the work

Dave:  Like is that like responding to messages or are you creating content right off in the morning?

Sarah:  Well, you know, I've had a few Tik Toks go viral of me and my robe without my hair done. I mean, it's rough. But people respond to reality I think and that is I think

Dave:  It's almost a better word that authenticity is reality. Because it's like there is I think the funniest kind of memes or like you know, little pieces of content that go around or the Instagram versus reality. stuff. And everybody can relate to that. Like people just know when they're looking at reality and when they're not. You know what I mean? When they're looking at you've Okay, you got that's a perfect picture for Instagram. And we're all like, we know the difference though, don't we?

Sarah:  Well, I mean, it's obvious if you've watched any of our Tik Toks and and sometimes I'm like oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm even about to hit post. And then I do and there's like 6000 views and I'm like, Okay, well, people like that for some. But I tell people there's a few people that I know that if started to do this are interested in it. My best tip is to just be yourself and be honest about it. You know, and like you said with the guarantee on what I've made, honestly, it's just I've just learned what to do and I'm doing it you know, you can't guarantee that for anybody else. There's people who have started after me who are blowing my results out of the water, you know, and some art that I just take solo moments like yesterday. I did three Tik Toks while I was trying to get sun on my kids' trampoline. I was laying on the trampoline and creating content, because it was just coming to me, you know, stolen moments. That's when I have time.

Dave:  Yeah, I like that. I mean, there's, there's a need to think and I was having a conversation with Papa DOM last week. And he said that, you know, he was talking about the fact that you need to think and I could relate to that, you know, entrepreneurs, creators, we need to think if you ever think that you're going to be creative, where you're not creating space for those moments to come. And then when they do come those ideas to come if you just immediately shout out, say oh, that's stupid. Imagine saying that to you, like you are a little person as a little child. I mean, really? Let's take off the tough guy suit for a second and just really imagine, you know, and I'm doing that right now with my 16 month old son that I just put a picture up I mean, I'm being reminded of how delicate, my inner child is my you know what I mean? And I'm not going to say Let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya. But what I am saying is, is that when an idea comes up, if we just are like, Oh, that's stupid, I'm not going to do it. Of course we're gonna stop bringing our creative mind and stop bringing ideas to the table. But I love what you said I was laying on the trampoline. I was getting sun. I was doing some self care stuff and an idea, you know, and it took some time for me to think and just or just clear my head. Sometimes thinking means clear my head. And guess what when I when you did that, ideas came in when they came you ran with them instead of pushing them down and saying that's a stupid idea. Sara and I love that. I just wanted to highlight that.

Sarah:  Yeah, also something I saw yesterday we were on a golf cart ride. And we went to a gas station and it said the sign at the gas station said, your dreams only work hard if you do an ideal market. And I was like, Well, nobody's dreaming of working at a gas station. But the first part of that is so true. Like, I had a dream that I want to take my family on vacation. I just don't want to struggle through life. And so I didn't think about it like, you can only achieve those things with some action money. And I'm not saying this is for everybody. And I'm not saying everybody's gonna make enough to do that. But if you have a dream, if you have a goal, but you're not doing anything to achieve it, then you can't really have any complaints with that. Like, you've got to have action behind your desires. That's kind of what keeps pushing me. Because, well, I've never wanted to work from home but the reality of it in my mind is almost like it's here. It's right here.

Dave:  You mean like You're like not only do you have the opportunity, it's about season or not season it but also, society as a whole is kind of moving towards that in a way. Right.

Sarah:  Right. Well, I mean, I just see it as an opportunity for me more than ever before. It was just never like I said at the beginning when I first started doing this, I never dreamed I'd be thinking about quitting my job. Ever.

Dave: Did you have any experience doing any other sort of business or work from home? Anything? No Okay. So that's why it's really a big kind of like you never imagined doing that. You know, that's, that's interesting. There seems to be a lot of people like that in our community who this is legitimately their first time. Be even starting a business having a business you know, and that's really ultimately what we're doing here. We're starting a business. I mean, throw around so loosely, you know, as if it's just a hobby. I started collecting watches and I started to trade baseball cards. You know, I started a business how do you have how although you have little time, do you treat your business like a business at home? How do you communicate that to your family? How do you set certain boundaries so you ensure that you do have that time if one day your kids are all over you or somebody? How do you treat your business like they're at home?

Sarah:  Well, luckily, my husband is very supportive and sometimes it's even, Hey, I just need 15 minutes. I need 15 minutes in this quiet room by myself to do this. It's funny to my daughter, she has traveled softball, and because I'm on takeoff, it's amazing that I have as many followers as I do. And so sometimes between games I'll be off by working on my business and they're like, can we be in your Tik Tok? It's amazing. They think it's so cool. Oh, I'm sorry. I just want to step away. Even though like I said, if it's just for 15 minutes to make time, because if not, every other parent that's listening to me is going to understand your time can just be consumed by anything. And sometimes I even catch myself scrolling through Tik Tok instead of working, you know, constantly looking at ideas or you know, just stuff I can pull from because I want to, like I do relate to most other people. But I just want to communicate to them that if I can do this they can too. I never dreamed this would be my reality, but it is. And like you just said I knew nothing. I had nothing and I just took this course and went for it.

Dave:  Yeah yeah, that's that's that's crazy. That you know, somebody from where we're in the Midwest or you from, from Kentucky, Kentucky. Yeah, I remember you telling me when I first talked to you about sort of describing your town and your upbringing a little bit and how difficult it was. How has that evolved at all? Have you people still not know what you're doing? Do they think they know? How do you handle those conversations? Those comments, those questions.

Sarah:  Well, you know, when it first started noticing that I was doing it, they would be like, Hey, I saw your tic tac toe. Those are pretty funny. Like that kind of thing. Like out there, but maybe you're

Dave:  kind of crazy, like, kinda like but almost a little shaming too and passive aggressive, a little bit too right?

Sarah:  A little bit. But I don't, I don't like to say I brag. I told everybody how much money I've made. So at the time, maybe I'd made like, you know, over a certain amount and I'm like, Yeah, they're pretty funny. It's pretty awesome. You know? So now people are like, Oh, and you can admit I need you to tell me what you're doing to make that money. And I'm like, Okay, I mean, cuz now I see that it's legit. I wouldn't be spending this much time on it. If it wasn't something but something I don't do. And I'll never forget because Matt said this in the training. If you're not a person, like if you see something come up that you don't understand, or that you're just like, I don't get this. If you're a person who would rather have somebody tell you how to do it and do it for you. Like you might struggle with this you've got to have in your mind. I'm gonna learn how to do that because I want to know how to do it. You know, you've got to have that desire not to have somebody do it for you. You've got to have the desire to want to do it for yourself. And so sometimes people ask me how I'm doing it. I'm like, Hey, listen, this is the course I took. It's $7. It's gonna teach you all about it. And if you're hungry, go for it. You know, I don't try to sit there and explain every step I took too long because they've got to have that desire and motivation to do it themselves. It's not something I can do

Dave:  Wow. You know, I wonder if you'll get to the point or if you already feel like this because I certainly do. It is, you know, I really like to prioritize my, for the people that I feel like deserve it nowadays. And, you know, what I what I've realized is that, you know, most people, oftentimes, even my friends when they're in a tight situation, you know, when they, you know, it's difficult for a person not to be selfish, you know, it's difficult for them, not to just think about themselves. And so it's hard for a friend or, you know, sometimes not to see us as like, I don't know, you know, as like a almost like a source of information or like, like, like, let me sort of, let me not now I don't have to do the work because they did or something and you know, maybe at one time like you described they they sort of laughed at you or world it and now they want to come back. And it's hard sometimes for me to know, the nice part of Dave says, Hey, man, I don't know maybe you've got you got blessed or something. Give back what you can. People are struggling. And there's another part of me that says, I don't have time for this guy right now. what the hell's values he'd bring to my life in the last five years or 10 You know what I mean? Like, I mean, people that kind of pop up or become successful, something weird in this world. I mean, you know, people treat you differently. They treat you differently and you have to protect your time and you have to protect your reputation, because people will also know all of a sudden they want to get into business with you and all this and you got to protect your reputation. It's a whole you know, you go from and it's fun, because your options now, you know, I'm not gonna say it's overwhelming. You have choices. Now you're the one with the you know, and there's pride that comes along. You know, no shaming yourself or shaming others is never going to get you you know, anywhere. You know this one thing that I noticed about? I've been watching the NBA Playoffs a lot lately. And one thing that I noticed is each and every play even when a player totally screws up the coach's job. The coach's job is to not do this. Jesus, you know, like everybody in the crowd is doing okay, all the other assholes and idiots in the world. That's what they do. And everybody does that. When you screw up now when you do something good, they go. You're my favorite person. But when you screw up, I'm telling you you can do the whole thing and relate this to life. So I'm using this as an analogy, folks. And I keep looking at these coaches. You know, players screw up, they go stay in the game. The game, stay focused. You know, that's the kind of people that I'm trying to be around. So Francis, you may be feeling shame, but hey, let me let me tell you something. Stay in the game. I mean, stay in the game. There's no shame about it. And here's if people make you feel ashamed. If people make you feel badly about yourself, that you know what I'm taking it way back to just real simple humanity. This is like just real simple human principles that will help determine whether I keep people in my life these days. If you're like the rest of the peanut gallery, and you're only when I'm helping you, But you're gonna when I don't do something that you like, I need a coach and I need my teammates even when I screw up because this road is hard, this road of success in this road of entrepreneurship. I need some people that when I screw up they go stay in the game.

Sarah:  Right? Look what you've already done. Like look what you've already done like for Francis, you bought the course so you already know that you think you can do it just keep going you know nobody's seen you not nobody in this community. And you guys I will say that for legends the community support is amazing.

Dave: I mean, you know what, there's people even in this community eventually, when we got to work with them, to just remind them, here's how we talk to our teammates. And here's how we talk to ourselves. Because I mean, it's just a big deal. It's a big deal, the strategies and all this kind of stuff that we teach in the course the mechanical aspects of this are important, but but this road of life and business is difficult and meet people in your corner and I need people in my corner, that when I screw up when it's when like you described your husband, your biggest supporter, like right, it's like stay in the game. Sara, you got this.What Would you say to people who maybe are having a hard time getting their sports spouse to support them? Would you say just make them money and helping them right over or advice that

Sarah:  You have that's hard for me to relate to because Jay has been supportive the whole time. But there are just so many people who have done it, it's proven. You know, if you do the work, if you do the time you're you can be successful you can and I have people that I know now who are doing this and when they get discouraged and just like just stick with it, just stick with it. It's proven. Just do not give up like every step is not going to help you reach that goal, for sure. And that same friend we're gonna talk about, she started because of me and Sarah, how did you do this? You jumped into this and you didn't have anybody like you didn't know anyone that had done this. You had nobody that you could speak to and say Yes, I did this and it worked for me. And I was like no, but I don't know these. See these people like because when I first got started, and I will tell you that I was all in you know, when I walked I listened to wake up legendary every single, you know And just drawing from people in this community helped me build my competence and what I can do, because you've got to have that confidence in yourself. Because if you're going out there and all you're seeing is no results because you've done it for two weeks. You just have to keep going. You know, it's gonna take more than two weeks. Here I am. I know it might be easy for people to say oh, she's just been doing it for a year. But like I've had to grow in that year to get here. You know, it's about growth and continued dedication to what you're doing.

Dave:  It is and it really it really it really takes a mental toughness and the mental strength is really what this is all about. I mean I would love to I would love for it to be just a mechanical thing like I would love it to be like is all you gotta do is is just follow steps one through through 10 and just set this up and then press that final button and but it's all about the mental toughness in each moment. You know, whether you're recording a video or whether you're getting ready to go through a piece of training. There's something that you say to yourself and there's a there's a you know, there's an inner soundtrack plays, what is some common things that you say to yourself, that are the opposite of limiting beliefs like, oh, I can or that, you know, nobody's gonna care to hear what I have to say. What do you say to yourself instead of those things in those moments where you're about to record or whatever, and you might be feeling a little bit insecure or whatever it is, what do you say to yourself to, to, to to, you know, get yourself in that mindset to do it verses to not do it?

Sarah:  You know, I just think you can't talk too seriously about it. It's funny. I just recorded a tic toc before I got on post before I edited the caption or anything and I was like crap. And then I thought oh, well, I mean, it's out there. Just don't take it to your area. You know, just let yourself give yourself some grace. You know, this experience and something I say often is every affiliate marketer everybody who's done this even you dive because you talk about it. You all start with no idea of what you were doing. You know, it's not something that or I know it's not something I was taught in school for sure. No, but you can work from home and make this kind of money. They want you to go to work and work for somebody else. So I just tell myself, you know, I've got the training. I've got the knowledge. If I don't have the knowledge, I know where I can go find it. And just don't do it, just be yourself. Put yourself out there. It's working people. You just need confidence in what you know. And just once.

Dave:  That's true, I saw a goodwill one time when my wife and I had just gotten together so I was probably 24/25 years old. And we said it was a sign and I bought it. I don't know where it is now. Maybe we must have thrown it away. I don't know where maybe it's buried somewhere but I'll never forget it. Don't take yourself too seriously, nobody else will and caught that stuck with me for so many. Until this day. It's one of the things that I remember the most. And God I live by that because it's so true. The guy who takes himself so seriously. Is such a deep being like yeah, bro, you know, it's like it doesn't matter where you're at, like, if Let's smile and just like laugh it off. And I don't know if it's really the secret to life. I feel like the people who can relax a little in like what I when I see somebody like in a real high pressure situation like like watching an athlete perform like watching the NBA playoffs and I see these these guys and WNBA in their in these moments of complete and total just, you know, for a lot of people thinking about the moment would be so scary but man they're laughing and they're having fun. Because they've they know I mean if you really thought sure you could totally freak yourself out, you know, but it's like every day, you know, it's what I do is really that not that consequential. One video, or this one email that I'm about to send is not going to shift humanity you know, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna my entire following or so I might polarize them and get more people to love me and more people to hate me and that might be a good thing.

Sarah:  Yeah. you misspell a word and and tik tok and it gets like 10,000 views and you're like, Oh, well. I don't know how to spell but people really liked that. I saw a quote one time that said Stop Hating Your Body. Nobody else does. Because I like so many talented people. Tick tock like oh man, like my shoulders look big or my nose looks huge or whatever. But really, number one, nobody else is probably thinking that number two, if they do forget, like to care. Like you've just got to be who you are and put it out. Because that's the kind of people I asked do I have to make videos which you don't see all

Dave:  Right. I mean, this is totally not a conversation. I really want to go down the rabbit hole on because it could just go in so many different directions. But one thing I will say is I know like obviously I've been with my wife for 14 years. And I mean, you know, I've heard all of the things that a woman says, and I chase her around the house now more than I ever have in my life. I mean, you know, and I'm just just overwhelmed by everything about her beauty and body and everything. And you know, she's had a couple of kids and, you know, I’m 38 She's 40 You know, neither of us look the way that we did when we met each other. You know, we're not trying that hard right now. But you know, we'll get back there. Actually, she's getting ready to go to Pilates here and in 10 minutes, so I actually got to jet soon, but man, it's amazing how critical we are of ourselves and I have no idea. Uh, you know what you experience as a woman and going through everything that you go through. I just know how critical I can be of myself. I mean, so I can imagine if it's equal or greater to that, then you know, it can be painful and they're there. What do you do? I mean, what do you do, what do you do? Do you just kind of throw, you know, kind of close your eyes sometimes like you were talking about and then you just are blown away by the feedback and that's made you kind of not care anymore. Did you? Not care? I mean, what would you say to the ladies and the guys who are hung up on body image? And you know, who really think that who really have a real legitimate fear of rejection and quite frankly, the world can be mean anyways. So what would you say to those people who are maybe somewhat paralyzed by that fear?

Sarah:  Well, that kind of goes back to what I said in the beginning. The reality of it is that most moms who are my age, like your wife, had two kids. We don't have time to go to the gym for an hour every day. I'm just a real mom. I don't have you know I don't have a Beachbody. I don't know if I'm not always well manicured. But I think people respond better to that realness. I just, I feel like I feel like people like to see reality. That's just me, like, who gets on here and it's, you know, 510 and weighs 100 pounds and it's perfect. I'm like, well, good for them. But that's not me. So I'm not going to be able to do that. You know, like, here I am. I've just made two kids crazy busy making this tick tock and the five minutes I have to do this tells you that you can do this too. You know, to me, that resonates more with me than shows other people in my situation. Wow if she could do it, so can I because none of us are perfect. And so the perception of perfection shouldn't even be out there. So it's just not.

Dave:  Yeah, perfection is a you know, it's a complete fallacy. It's a fantasy, but we love to chase it and we love to fantasize. about it and we love to romanticize it. And just, you know, will go on, it's just not perfect. I can imagine that I'm going to redo it and then you're going to redo it 100 times and you're like oh my god, this business is so hard. You're right. Oh my gosh. I mean, I take so much pride in what I do these days. You know, I just I think that's one of the real powers of going live like when you go live you will get comfortable on camera with all your you know, oohs and ahhs and arms and or whatever you do, and because you're not going to stop the live every time you'll be better not. And you'll just realize it's not that big of a deal. Nobody cares. I mean, if you're editing or redoing something, it should only it should never be, you know, because you had a human. You said a human word like ooh, or um, you know, it's, you can. The other thing is a lot of times with content, you can edit it and nowadays with the tools you can kind of edit it down and stuff like that. But are you I can imagine that you rarely allow yourself to have multiple takes just simply because of the time that you give yourself.

Sarah:  No, I don't. It's rare that I do multiple techniques. I mean, even sometimes, like when you're making a long video, I like shooting. If I erase that, I'm not going to remember what I said. Right? I mean, so if I say um, or if I look in the distance, that's just me and like

Dave:  I'm always looking in the distance.

Sarah:  Probably just kicked the dog outside and I'm like, Dude, I gotta go out there and take care of that after I make this video. Right but

Dave:  That's fine. I mean, that you're not looking right at the camera. Like, that's so natural and normal and

Sarah:  Yeah, it's not serious. It's real life. You just roll with it.

Dave:  Yeah. It's it's a skill you you know, you do have to do it. I don't want everybody to think that the way we're describing this is like you either got it or you don't know you got to do it sometimes into a place where it's not so awkward and brand new. And yeah, exactly. Just like anything. When you first you do it. It's weird and you're bad at it. And then practice, practice. Practice never makes perfect but right. That's the that's the lie.

Sarah:  Yeah, well, and then you've got to think about who you're marketing to. And you learn that and the challenge so I'm not marketing to people who already have perfect laughs like I'm marketing to the parents and the moms who are just tired and busy and if you can't relate to me being tired and busy then not that I don't want you to follow me. I don't mean that but my content might not be for you. You know, it might not, it might not be what you're looking for and that's okay. If you're looking for perfection or for something else, go somewhere else because this is just me, you know, you're just gonna get me and why do you think you got confident in who you are and what you're doing and not worry so much about the people who aren't doing that work, but people who are

Dave:  Well, what I just heard from you is clarity, clarity about who you're talking to and clarity about your message, which is so important. You're very clear. You're not talking to people at the country club, not talking to everyday people who are working nine to fives, who are essential or have just been deemed non essential sitting around wondering how they're going to pay for that vacation that they booked during the summer, right? Well, hey, listen, congrats on your incredible journey. And yes, we'd love to have you as Matt asked you sometime in the near future to mastermind in or not, you just I love having you a part of our community here and just keep rockin in doing your thing. And thanks for you know, coming on here and sharing for the third time.

Sarah:Thanks for having me. Always enjoy it.

Dave:  Alright, Sarah, I'll talk to you later. Yeah, see ya. All right, my friends. Have a fantastic Monday. If you want a text message just quickly, text the words WUL to 8132968553 and get a little text message reminder when we go live each and every weekday. I don't think we've ever missed a weekday rain shine, you know, sleet, snow, holidays or not. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. We go live with a show at 10am Eastern time. And, you know, it's just there's a lot of valuable things that I heard Sarah say was, you know, when I first started, I listened to this every day and it really helped. And, you know, success leaves clues. What are you listening to? Who are you listening to with that half hour that you have when you're walking the dog or maybe that you need to just clear your head? What are you listening to, you know, sometimes if we want to replace the soundtrack that's been playing, you know, full of limiting beliefs and all those I can send I shouldn't send whatever. We got to put a new soundtrack on, play a new soundtrack to get that brain on a different, you know, on a different path. Sometimes we need to rewire things and just be listening to different people in total immersion. That's one of the things that I agree with Tony Robbins about is that if you want to really have a big change, totally immerse yourself in the world. And when you get to do that, you have an opportunity to totally immerse yourself in this world if you want to learn it, know it, and be able to win at this game. And so we'll see you tomorrow, and we'll see those of you who are coming to the mastermind meeting at the end of the week in Orlando. Alright. Going out of here. Be Legendary Peace.