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Dave: What's going on my friend this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I love this topic that we're going to be talking about with Joshua Dean today. He's our guest, and I'm excited to hear from him and learn from him and talk with him. As you can see the title says how comparison can basically just kill your dreams. It's such a thing. It's such a terminal illness for businesses all over the world, particularly solopreneurs and like online marketers because we look at everybody and then we think we're not good enough, etc, etc. And it's such a powerful conversation I think it's gonna be so relevant for all of you guys out there. Plus, who knows what else we'll learn. So with that being said, Let's welcome to the show Joshua Dean What's up, brother.

Joshua: Hey Dave Good morning man happy to be here.

Dave: Hey, all the way from Denver, right?

Joshua: So, born, bred and buttered in Denver, Colorado, living in Northern California now.

Okay, okay, but I see you, I saw you reppin, the Broncos so diehard diehard yeah. 

Dave: Nice, dude, nice. Good work. I know you work in the healthcare industry, did that take you out to California or did something else where you were chasing somebody? How'd you end up in Cali?

Joshua: Yes, a little bit of both actually grew up like I said, Colorado, first like 29 years of my life and then work took me and my wife to a Wyoming, where we got into the healthcare industry, and then actually followed her job out here to California, and I kind of, honestly got lucky and in landed in a position here in California after we moved.

Dave: Nice, nice. Are you full time still in the healthcare industry and doing this sort of as a side business?

Joshua: Exactly, yep yes I put in, you know about 50, 55 hours a week I mean COVID And everything that happened last year, didn't do anything to cut hours but yeah so still, it's still doing that and, you know, trying to get my, my business up off the ground. In my spare time.

So tell us I mean having a good gig obviously you and your wife I mean in the healthcare industry, you're probably not, you know, starving right i mean I'm not saying it's, it's everything you want it to be but it's, it's, it, you know there's potential there there why also do you want in online business, either to transition to that full time or as, as having it on the side, talk to us a little bit about why why an online business, what what is appealing to that. 

Dave: Is it money like what's your motivation? 

Joshua: Yeah, so it's not so much the money, and this is really a great question and honestly, I'm kind of passionate about this one. For me it's really free, and it's time and freedom. When I was younger, I think I spent a lot of time and energy fixating and focusing on, you know, upping the bank account right which it's not really a bad thing to do, but I kind of started to think, when I got older and I lost. I lost my father, I started to think back about all the time that I spent trying to chase that number in a bank account. Instead of could have spent, you know, doing things that I enjoy with people that I love. And when my mom got sick. It kind of was there was a switch, right. And I you know I just kind of, I just kind of realized that I don't I don't want to spend my life, you know, doing 5055 hours a week to spend a little bit of time, you know, earn a little bit of money actually doing the things that I that I enjoy with people that I love right so, like, hundreds and 1,000’s of other people. You know I kind of got online and looked for ways to kind of help make close to right the, the amount of money that I was making. But with nowhere near the time commitment right so my big thing right now is just kind of freedom.

Dave: Yeah, well, I mean, super. You got a big why right there, you know, and when, when that pain hits close to home, it's like a wake up call, and although I'm thankful to still have both of my parents alive I can only imagine how much of a motivator that is to look back at your life and, and ask, How can I do things, to where I can. Or how could I have got more time or how can I make sure that I have more time with the people that I love here so if something, well it's destined nobody gets out of this thing alive right. When, when, when it is all said and done, I can really say, Man I soaked up every minute, you know what I mean like I did everything that I could, because at the end, bro. I mean, you and I both know this man I mean any, any, any sane person would have to admit, and I think, not saying but common sense is that, like, Dude, I've imagined myself on my deathbed before, and, and nothing about that visual is me saying, I got like all this money and because of that I'm totally satisfied with the way that I live my life, it's totally gonna be. Am I on good terms with my people, like, are my kids on my side, is my wife there, did I spend adequate time with them, like that is the deal, man, I really feel that, well I think everybody can relate to that, you know?

Joshua: Yeah I mean I heard a quote, so powerful. It's so close to home just yesterday morning. And it was you know I was listening to a podcast. The guy said the one thing you'd never see behind her first driving down the street is a U haul truck. For real, man, you know, it just, it got me it got me thinking man, you know you can't take it with you. The only thing that you can take with you is those experiences and the time spent so that's what I want to, that's where I want to try and focus the rest of my life.

Dave: Yeah, well to be it's a it's a big and important goal and I know you'll I know you're gonna achieve it because you are so clear about it and I really think that's what the difference between people who achieve stuff and people who don't is is are you super clear about what you want. And are you super clear about what you need to go about, you know, go about it to be able to get it so you're using online marketing as a vehicle, what led you to Legendary?

Joshua: You know, I think this is a perfect example of social proof, right, so one day I finally bit the bullet right I've been putting it off putting it off, I finally bit the bullet and just downloaded Tic Toc, right, like so many other people in the pandemic, and I just kind of started started scrolling through right and I hit the financial side of tic toc and I saw tons and tons of people speaking and talking pretty passionately about affiliate marketing. And, you know, I got to the point where I was seeing so many people talk about it, that, you know, because first off you know I started looking at you know drop shipping and E commerce and I put down the you know the scary road of MLM there for a quick little minute didn't didn't dive in or anything but started doing research and then when I came across affiliate marketing, how many people were being successful in really, in what I would say a relatively short amount of time, we're being able to achieve the goal that I was, my like my main goal right and have more time freedom, that's that's really what really what looks right. So, like I said just scrolling through tick tock and coming across. Some of the people that I think have been doing it on this app and it before this app really well. That's really cool.

Dave: So that's that's so funny dude I mean, like, I actually think if it wasn't for this silly little app that many of us just wouldn't know each other, you know what I mean, like, cause YouTube's not as addicting, you go on you watch a couple of I'm not saying YouTube doesn't work really well as a marketing like technique and strategy because it does but TikTok really opened up a whole new can of worms and opportunity for marketers and now you're turning around and using it right. So talk us through the first couple of the first sort of phase of your business and what it was like and how this comparison itis piece came up for you?

Joshua: Yeah so, I think, honestly, where, you know, as I try to stay away from conventions because it's so easy so I think I was I was putting a lot of undue pressure on myself because of my why I thought that you know because other people were doing it that I could be, you know, super hyper successful overnight. Right. And so when you know my own business or my tick tock videos, or my you know traction wasn't seeing the same kind of success that I was seeing other people getting doing seemingly, you know, the same kind of content kind of pushing out the same kind of message. It really, it really kind of struck home and it can be discouraging. Dave: Right, yeah, you know, you do you put out a piece of content, and it gets 100 views or something like that, not, not any real traction and then you're scrolling through the app and you see somebody else do something similar, you know, and it's got hundreds of 1000s of views, you kind of start to compare and you think well, you know, what are they doing, how are they built for this, and it just, to me, it can really be a slippery. Slippery slope. And really what brought me back home or you know, TrueNorth if you want to call it that was just kind of remembering. Everybody's got their own journey. You can't. You can't compare the steps that somebody else is taking and apply them to your life, everybody's got a different set of circumstances everybody's gonna see success and in different ways. So, yeah, yeah it's it's as I said and I think I said this yesterday I've been saying it a lot lately. I mean, I said at the beginning of the show I'm just restating comparison. It is truly a terminal illness if there ever was one for businesses, because, particularly new entrepreneurs. Notice I didn't say newbies there guys, I don't like that word, and I think how we label and describe ourselves is really damn important and powerful. So do entrepreneurs do marketers not newbies, not so I'm struggling, I really just please guys please, all of you who are listening, be very mindful of how you describe yourself, because we create self fulfilling prophecies and in the name in the spirit of this whole collect thing almost got into like a whole like church or in the name of the spirit of the holy phenomena. but in the spirit of comparisonitis  right, it's kind of all in the same boat, right, like when we, the wave, it all kind of is the same. It's all in the same bucket. Describing ourselves as struggling or, and that's really just limiting beliefs popping up. Self Sabotage, it's, you know, I just got off of a training where I was kicking off a decade and a day for our blueprint students and I said that all your self sabotaging like limiting beliefs are all going to come up at the beginning of your business. At the beginning of you launching this business, all your shit, man, all your garbage, dirty, like everything, all those self sabotaging things are going to come to the surface, and instead guys of just repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different result letting that soundtrack be the be the soundtrack for this new chapter this new movie. It's like we got to gain some awareness that oh there's that song again. And I need to sing a different tune. So Joshua, What were some of your old soundtracks, some of the things that played inside of your head that you said yourself, and what are some of the new soundtracks that you're trying to play now?

Joshua: Yeah, it's crazy that you mentioned that because that self sabotage in the beginning, whose limiting beliefs. I will be completely candid and honest here, the moment or the very few moments immediately after investing in and purchasing blueprints. I'm not too proud to admit I had a bit of a panic attack in my immediate thought was, or my immediate I guess mind frame was going back to limiting beliefs and self sabotage right I immediately wanted to know, okay, how can I get a refund, how can I get my money back for this right and in staying up in bed that entire day, and it actually took my wife to kind of push me away from those those bold thoughts and with that bull sound soundtrack that it really kind of like focus on my why and really dive into it right so the one of the things that in the in the seven days that really spoke to me was, or I'm sorry the 15 days, that really spoke to me was the dynamics right and that mental mind shift that you have to go through, you know to be successful and really just get out of your own way. And I think that's the new soundtrack right for me now as compared to. Okay. Did I just make a mistake, and how can I fix it. And that's the old mindset, the new mindset is okay. I just, I jumped into this opportunity, how do I make the best of it?

Dave: Yeah. And what Josh was talking about there, everybody. What he's talking about is, is, is this concept of and this is the visual that I sort of use now to explain this mechanics versus dynamics the mechanics are really the, you know, basically the tools that you use the thing, it's kind of like the mechanics for a carpenter would be, hey, Joshua what's, what kind of sauce, do you use what brand of hammer do you use do you use RYOBI or dwell, Right. But, if that's what everybody sees right you see the carpet or you see the truck that the carpenters driving, you see the tools that he has on the back of his truck and you might think, oh, that's what makes him successful. So, another guy could go out and purchase that same exact truck and those same exact tools and be an utter flop, because he played himself and thought, oh well I have the same exact tools and the same exact truck. Why, why aren't I successful, right. And what, what that second Carpenter, doesn't see is that big part of the, the iceberg that's underwater, which is the dynamics, and that's his ability that that first carpenters ability to read blueprints, it's all the ups and downs that he's went through that's developed his mindset is his it's his discipline that he has, it's it's habits that he has. It's all of the perseverance, the grit, it's his ability to be able to market himself and sell jobs right, it's all those other pieces that we don't see, right, that are sort of beneath water but are really the large part of the avalanche. And so, you know, what are some of your big dynamics man I mean, what have been the big deterrents like the big big levers inside of your business that you know like, this is what I need to do is consistency. Is it attitude, you know, Is it that it isn't that self taught, like what do you think your big dynamics are, that have, you know that move the needle for you specifically?

Joshua: Yeah definitely, you know, you have to cut out the negative self talk right any, you have to be your own biggest fan, right, because you can. It's such a powerful, powerful thing your own judgement of yourself and like I say with comparison, your own judgement of yourself I think is so much more powerful than anybody's outside judgment of what you're doing so that Bill flipping just attitude and being your own, you know, biggest fan just to keep pushing forward. Being consistent right, doing the things that you always want to do that you know are going to benefit you in the long run, right you just you just have to keep that attitude of positivity, right.

Dave: Yeah, no I, it's so true man. We are, what we think of ourselves, is the most important person's opinion of us, and that's one of the reasons why I say that self esteem is the bedrock of success, because without self esteem. You know I'm not going to have the confidence to shoot and then post. Right. Right. Right. I might I might I might keep that bad boy on draft you know what I mean, like, oh man I gotta do a whole file a draft, maybe. I'm listening. The other thing man I used to do this all the time, bro. Honestly, this was back before I was, for whatever reason, I don't know, but for whatever reason, when I started I used to ask my wife to stand there and hold the camera woman. I didn't make her but I said, Honey, would you hold the camera and filming, and I don't know why just didn't get a stand or something but I, you know, it'd be our she'd be staying there, because I'd go, hey guys how's it going, this is David. Oh crap, Let me start over, and then maybe is right because, because she'd be like hating me she hated me. Right, because she didn't cheer, see what I saw of course but also I I'm a miserable son of a bitch doing this because my self esteem, I think I'm I you know I think I'm so I'm such a big deal. I'm so self absorbed and I was so insecure that I thought that people were going to pick apart my speech as if it was like a presidential address or something. I mean I'm posting a frickin video that at the beginning probably wouldn't get any views anyways, right, and I'm sitting here meticulously trying to get it to be perfect or whatever and it's like as I've built my self esteem, first of all, the words just come out smoother. And the second piece that's happened Joshua is, if I stumble or fumble. I just, I'd like that's just who I am, that's just who I am authentically in this moment I'm just this myself, I just had a bubble or a stumble or farted or did whatever I did, and sorry that's just me and what I found is, The more that I've embraced my own authentic self and built my self esteem. Also, the more people have embraced and enjoyed my content. So, what comes up for you as I say that?

Joshua: Yes, that's that goes all the way back to that comparisonitis right trying to try to, you know, it's really, it's really easy to compare yourself to others and then start to kind of, you know mold into, or do you know shape shift out of what you are being authentic and unique to yourself to try and match what you, what you see or what you're comparing as as success and I think that it's just, it's super important to just kind of, you know, follow your TrueNorth state stay true to you because I think, if anything, if I've learned anything about just this whole online businesses, regardless of how unique you think your idea or, you know, a piece of content might be, chances are on the internet, somebody has already done it right. So, the only thing that you have that they can really unique and authentic to yourself is yourself. Right, so that's why you gotta kind of put up the blinders when it comes to comparison. And my wife says it all the time just Do you boo boo.

Dave: Boo boo. We should have said Booboo Dean this morning that might be the new TikTok handle. 5280affiliate is your TikTok handle?

Joshua: Yes sir.

Dave: What's the 5280 just curious?

Joshua: Mile High City 5280 feet tall now.

Dave: We're elevated. High is high, you know, we were not progressing over here. Florida is all over on that west coast road I mean we're still making a big deal out of a couple of bugs, you know, I don't smoke, personally, but see, I'm the recovering drug addict who's got to make the conversation about drugs. You know what I mean. 

Joshua: It's unique and authentic to you.

Dave: Yeah, and I agree, like when we when we go to, it's funny I mean going back to that center of the universe self absorbed thing like, it's just so funny how much importance, we put on it's like I'm going to make my first video, trying to come up with, like, what the video is going to be about I mean we literally act like we're, we're debuting a movie at the Sundance festival or something. I mean, it's like, it's like, bro, chill. It's a, it's a TikTok video or it's a YouTube video, You know, I mean, it's like, it's not that big of a deal and I think that that's a bit of an adjustment because when you go into business, that grand opening. Let's cut the ribbon, that's what we're all trained, that's what we've, that's what we've been raised to think that launches you to business, get ready to get ready. Let's do a launch party. Investors are their customers' family. Alright guys let's cut the ribbon, as if that sort of performance or big to do is going to happen the first time you post the video on the internet, it's like, it's not that it's not that big of a deal, bro. It's not like that that's that kind of business launch Grand Opening does, that's all staged anyways, that's just the movies that shit doesn't even really happen in real life honestly I've seen plenty of offline businesses launched and it's like kinda like, usually it's a fumble and Bumble and oh shit  we got to cut through here and oh, you know it's not anything that's like really put together. So I think learning to just let life in our business happen the way that it's kind of supposed to happen right which is probably not what we expect, or not the, it's kind of like Joshua, speaking from a woman so be very careful. But I've had plenty of people, women, my wife included say that the idea that I had growing up about princesses and getting, getting rescued by a white knight and all this that I watched in movies that fairy tale ain't real life, right, right, right, it's kind of the same thing. It's kind of the same thing with businesses that I think we have this expectation that it's going to look and feel a certain way and then when it doesn't. We're like, Ooh, something must be messed up right?

Joshua: Right I mean nothing has to be perfect. I mean the first big, probably before I posted this set in my drafts for two or three weeks, for I just pulled the trigger right I was just trying to make sure that every little detail was perfect but again when you, when you try to start doing that kind of stuff, you're not being, you know, authentic to you, like that's, that's not me. That's not how I operate right I fly by the seat of my pants, in 90% of my life so the moment that like, it just got a trigger for me it was like okay, why are you spending so much time doing this, we don't spend that much time to anything else in your life. This is just 15 second video


Dave: So how, how long ago was that?

Joshua: So I posted my first TikTok, like mid December of last year.

Dave: So how, what's your method of operation. Now, if you were to describe the things sit in drafts I mean How different is it now. Give us some contrast.

Joshua: So I mean, I used to spend like in the beginning, I used to spend, you know my opinion, I would spend hours trying to, you know, create an edit crappy Tiktok. And now you know the crappy is subjective right so now, if an idea hits me or if a thought strikes me, I just hit the record button, and I think the trick is not to rewatch it more than once, right you want to make sure that your message is getting across and you're not stumbling or saying anything that goes against guidelines, God forbid, but I think the more you watch the more critical, you're going to be and the more you'll start to compare it to other things, because you just watch it once, make sure it's good to go, and then send that sucker out. 

Dave: Yeah. Yeah man. No, I totally I totally agree about watching it, I think that's great advice that maybe is some of the best advice I've ever heard about reviewing content, don't watch it more than one time, right, one time is enough, you just want to make sure there's not a major flaw, but honestly just like Ariana said hearing a stutter or a small misstep in your videos is the most human thing and it gives you so much more credibility. I agree with that. Absolutely.

You know, that's one of the reasons why, why, kind of like going live, you know what I mean. Because going live which you can do on every platform now you can do that on Facebook, which we're on, you can do it on YouTube you can do it on, TikTok, you can do it on Instagram, every platform has the ability with a push of a button to go live. I think going live really if you guys want to really improve your skills like you want to really improve your communication and your self acceptance and to grow your self esteem and get more comfortable just kind of talking to a live audience, and just improve your communication go live, have a schedule to go live, a couple of times a week, or every day. I mean, look at me, man. I mean I'm 10 plus years into this game, and I'm going live, a minimum of four times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes a day man. It keeps me sharp, man, no pun intended.

Joshua: Absolutely I mean it's a skill set, right, it's a skill of being able to kind of fumble and fumble your words, but maintain your track of thought. I mean it's a skill set I think it's really powerful, especially when you're kind of like presenting yourself to the masses.

Yeah, it's powerful and it's profitable. You know what I mean, like, profitable, because, because you, it's a leadership skill. It's a leadership skill because now in any scenario offline with a group of people, whatever you have the ability to know that you can communicate to a group of people. And the real secret to making money online is leveraging tools that allow you to speak one to many. Right, that's what this whole thing is all about. Right, it's videos it's it's whether I'm doing a live and speaking to 140 people at one time, or whether it's putting up a video that's going to get hundreds of 1000s or 1000s of views or whatever hundreds of views millions of views, or, or whether I'm doing a presentation on a webinar to where I'm going to make an offer to 1000 people, right, though, it's leveraging these tools allow us to speak, and sell one to many. And it is absolutely the most profitable skill. Okay, I would say I would 2021 Now, copywriting is right there, neck and neck with it because the ability to be able to write persuasively, it's so profitable, it's so underrated. But in 2021 with all these platforms man that allow you to go live and allow you to post video the ability to be able to communicate. Like, what I call edutainment entertaining and educational. is So, it's the most profitable skill you'll ever develop so that's why I like going live, and I like I like anything that just helps me to anything that helps me to grow right in, and that's going to be uncomfortable, Joshua, what's been your most uncomfortable. But, you know, actions that you've taken in your business recently that you know that you haven't particularly liked but you know that their growth pieces.

Joshua: I think, honestly, the hardest part for me was probably going live, I think there's always like, kind of like a shield or an armor, when you post a video and then you can step away from it, right, and you don't have to worry about, you know, the judgment because as soon as the judgment comes in that's when the comparison starts. So when you post, you can kind of set it and forget it. But like you said going live. It really just kind of puts you in the middle of it, that I've been, I've been trying to do that more and more just to kind of get over, you know that that negative self taught with the judgment that's coming, coming from within, I think that's super powerful. And yeah, I just want to mention, I think you mentioned it yesterday or the day before. In this call in the wake up call, but I just, the, the time that we live in, we're not doing your business to consumer tomorrow we're in that C to C mentality and I think that's where going live like you said is so powerful because its creator, directly to consumer when you go live, you have that, you know, for lack of almost one on one connection with everybody. That's, I think so far that's kind of been. That was the most uncomfortable.

Right, I just got I wanted to, again, like I just wanted to do the mechanics right and it took a lot more to kind of shift that mental mind frame for the dynamics right just posting a piece of content than just letting everything kind of work on the back is, yeah, getting over that spin, but difficult but also super super rewarding.

Dave: Yeah, well, you know, you are, is that I want to just confirm that your tick tock candle five to eight oh affiliate. That's right?

Joshua: That's it. Yep.

Dave: Okay, okay. Yeah, you guys can search him Joshua Dean, or 5280affiliate, I would assume both of those are going to pull up his TikTok on, pull up his account. Yeah man, I did this. That's the whole piece about going live in even doing videos, what I, what I see a lot of people do that is less effective, is when they're like, like they shoot a video and they're like hey guys what's going on. It's, it's, can be more effective when you shoot your videos, as if you're just talking to one person, because then that person feels more connected to what you're saying, versus, you know, referring to your viewers as, hey guys what's going on this is a and I wanted to tell you guys like if you're on a live. And there's tons of people and that might be more appropriate or make more sense but if you're shooting a video. It always and I see even really popular marketers successful marketers who shoot videos and do webinars and stuff like automated videos and sales videos and stuff and they refer to, they call pick say hey guys and Hey guys. Hey guys, this way. Hey guys. Hey guys, it's like he's really missing out on that opportunity to connect more and just look into the camera and just say, when you get started and what I want to show you today, right, it's really a missed opportunity to connect because like you said, Joshua, it's such a huge opportunity, whether you're going live or whether you're doing a, you know, a video to make somebody feel like you're talking directly to them, you know to make somebody feel like you're talking directly to them, and you are, you know what I, what I try to think of when I'm filming or I'm doing lives or whatever is and there's somebody on here may not be everybody certainly everybody that listens. Some people are gonna listen and really not like it, but there's somebody that really is hungry man, and there's somebody that really is like looking, they're taking notes, they're like, written I'm speaking to that person, you, I'm speaking to you, that person that is like that wants this back. It's like here that's like, you know what time it is, you know what where you've been in which you see how powerful that is when I know that, right like clip, like, one of you if not many of you as I was just talking right directly to you you were going on about bits This mother, her nose on here is funny. You know what I mean.This this technology that we have, although it's a double edged sword right it's like we can never get away from it, we got to create boundaries and shit for me anyways I do, so I can get away from screens and enjoy nature and stuff like that but man it's such a powerful tool to build businesses Joshua I'm glad you found that brother, and I'm glad you got connected with us. I'm glad we're connected with you and I'm so thrilled that you. What would you say to somebody who's sitting out on maybe a legendary marketer checkout page about your experience here and if maybe they should consider becoming a member of our community.

Joshua: Oh absolutely lead absolutely leave I think one thing think one of the biggest benefits of joining the Legendary programming in the community is just that right to community of people that are just so incredibly willing to genuinely and truly offer help, and help you along the path right and I think something that really I didn't know when I first got into it but I think kind of why I was subconsciously gravitating towards affiliate marketing is it's, it's more than just promoting right or digital marketing it's more than just promoting some product or some service right it's really it's creating a bond with like minded individuals that you just haven't met yet. And I think going through this whole experience has really has really driven that home for me so I guess my one piece of advice, you know, if you're on the ledge just believe just leap, jump in with your feet and don't look back.

Dave: It's not, it's not as big of a fall as it looks right. Exact right because it looks like, kind of like the story that you shared earlier about after, you know, buying a training program you're like, oh my god I just jumped off the ledge and I'm gonna literally die. And then it's like, oh wow, it's kind of like the, the, the, I don't know the person who fell into the water and it's like I'm drowning, and then it's only two feet right it's a stand up, Brother. Hey man, Thanks for coming on. Thanks for your time today. And, bro. Keep up the great work and I hope you'll come back and keep us posted.

Joshua: Oh absolutely, absolutely. I'm here for the long haul, that's for sure. I think the next one of these, I'll be in. I'll be on the beach somewhere enjoying my time freedom so

nice, nice. 

Dave: Well awesome and it sounds like you've got an awesome wife, so give her our best and you guys, stay safe, be legendary we'll talk to you soon, buddy. 

Joshua: Alright, I appreciate it. 

Dave: Alright my friends have a fantastic Friday we'll see you back here on Monday. Please go follow Joshua also let me throw his banner up one more time. Five to eight oh affiliate you can find him on TikTok and connect with them elsewhere, they're just a lot of knowledge, a lot a lot of good experience for those of you who are just kind of either getting started or starting over and battling with some of these limiting beliefs in this comparison odors and these things that all of us deal with, even that powerful story about buying our blue friend prints and then panicking right after such an authentic and transparent look into what all of us go through. We all have these feelings we all have these similar experiences. Sometimes we think that we're the only ones who do right like, Oh, I'm, you know this must just be me, it's not, it's not just you, right. It's all of us. Right, we're all having this incredibly raw human experience all the time. I know we dress it up in which but it's just that's what I think the more we embrace that, the more successful we are because we get comfortable in our own skin, and we just stop overthinking things stop comparing, and just pull the trigger and just make moves span, and the more moves you make, the more it builds up and success. Success is there somewhere, right, sometimes we stumble on it most of the time we just accidentally stumble on it. And sometimes it's, it's perfectly executed hardly ever, but, but, but it's there. And the number one rule is don't quit. All right, so we'll be back here Monday, be Legendary my friends. Have a great weekend. We'll talk to you soon.

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