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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What is going on my friends, welcome to Wake Up Legendary. It's a special Memorial episode. Happy Memorial Day to all of anybody who's celebrating particularly here in America. Yeah, thank you to all the Vets. And, you know, those who are in our community that have served here as an American that's a freedom man, freedom. It's an important thing, and it's our most important and treasure thing, and allows us to have, you know, the life that we have which, you know, as you guys can see this morning I'm gonna be with my son here. We're going to be doing our normal stroll here around the pool here. This is our kind of little. This is our little laugh track that we take quite a bit, and we're all after freedom, aren't we, that's why we do what we do. And so that's a good, it's a good having that gratitude for freedom this morning. Well, we got the sprinklers on so we could avoid getting wet here too. That's an inconvenient thing. Okay, my friends, well we've got a young entrepreneur. This dude has been hustling since he was 11 years old with some Instagram accounts and we'll hear a little bit about how he's been able to grow his TikTok account to over 100,000 people, and just rock and roll. So with that being said let's bring in James to the show.

James: Hey, how's it going? 

Dave: What's up, my man. How are you doing, brother? 

James: I'm doing good. Doing good, happy to be here. You're a young buck man tell us how old you are 

James: I’m 19 Right now, man. Wow, wow,

Dave: That's that's incredible to be doing what you're doing at 19 You know I feel like a grandpa here with the old school back when I was 19 You know I was, but I won't hit you with that, you know I was doing very different things when I was 19. So, you've got a, an awesome start but this isn't, this is this isn't the first chapter of your journey, tell us a little bit about what you've been doing, you know, for many years now, and kind of how you, how you see the internet being something that's a tool for you that you've been using ever since I guess 11 years old, right?

James: Yeah, definitely. so I'm pretty much when I started, I pretty much just started an Instagram account where I was posting things that I thought were funny. And all my friends followed it and you know it was going good, and then that's when Instagram kind of released their popular page feature. Back then, and occasionally my posts would get on the popular page and you know before I knew it I had about 7, 000 followers, and this was not me showing my face or anything like that you know strictly just reposting content I thought was funny. 

Dave: Memes right? I mean as we know them now as names right? 

James: Yeah. Back then they weren't called memes and people just thought I was weird, but yeah. 

Dave: Even though you're young, you're an OG, in the meme game. 

James: Oh yeah, definitely, definitely. And got to about 7000 followers and then that's when other accounts started trying to connect with me, asked me to do like shout out for shout out, so we would pretty much shout out each other's accounts, and you know it might sound easy but you know it was a hustle because each shout out with like 15 minutes so you had to be there to delete it and then ask them to repost it things like that. I would come back from, you know, 6/7 grade and have to be hustling on my Instagram accounts, and before I knew it, it's, you know, about three months and I had actually reached 100,000 followers on Instagram. That's probably not that impressive nowadays but back then, you know, when it first came out that was like a gold mine. 

Dave: That was like a very impressive bro I think that's even impressive nowadays but continue. James: Yeah, so, um, and then on my account and actually the day I reached 110,000 followers I remember I was sitting out back, and had a company, reach out to me on direct message, and they were offering me $750 For a shout out, and then I was like what's a shout out, you know, I had no clue what was going on I solely started this Instagram account, because I thought it was cool, you know, the followers, they were like a bonus, you know, everybody on my school thought it was pretty cool and then, you know, I was like, oh wow this is actually a way to make money, and, you know, from there, I would do shout outs, and I was kind of doing too much and I noticed the more you would do, the more your followers didn't like it. So you know I kind of found the way to steal it out what I would do one or two a week instead of doing them, you know, every day, and I was too young to have a PayPal account and I had one set up anyway and I remember my account had reached the $5,000 mark and that's whenever they make you verify with an ID or something like that. I wasn't able to do that and that's kind of like told my parents about everything because they were pretty skeptical, not gonna lie. And they were like, You did what? It was pretty cool you know they didn't really, they still really don't understand what I do but they know it works. But yeah and then from there, from that Instagram account. I started gaining up other ones so I had a little monopoly so anytime an account would ask for a shout out, I'd be like, Yeah, and I have all these other accounts, and ended up getting to a million followers on a couple different accounts, sold a couple of them a couple of them got hacked. And then whenever my biggest one got hacked. That's whenever I kind of transitioned away from Instagram. I put literally years worth of work into an account just for Instagram to do some back end stuff for employees there and completely take it from me. 

Dave: Wow, you think it was employees? 

James: God, yeah we have it all proven, but really nothing we could do about it. Super driving, but got out of that and actually I got on the bike a little bit more. And then my calendars disappeared one day whenever they deleted the app, but yeah I went from Instagram to fine back to Instagram for a little while and then I took a little break, started a Social Media Marketing Agency, and I still have packed going, and now I do the TikTok stuff.

Dave: Okay, awesome! How many clients do you have in your agency? Is that is that is that are you are you doing what, and we'll talk about the affiliate marketing thing here in a second but I was just wondering what are you doing with the agency because that can be fairly overwhelming for people to get clients but then, most of all, service those clients, and keep them on retainer which is where the kind of longer term money comes from. So what are you doing to what, what, what's included in your social marketing services and how long have you kept clients?

James: So, great question, the longest I've actually had a client, it's the planet still to this day. About a year and four months. It is definitely harder to keep them, you know intrigued in the social media marketing,

Dave: But so are you getting you know they've got to ideally see some sort of result right I mean, that's, that's kind of the biggest challenge is if you're going to keep somebody on retainer they got to be seen some sort of result but so and so what are you charging and what are you doing for them, I'm just somewhat curious, not that I want to advocate for that model for most of our clients here but I'm just curious because you're a savvy young guy and I'm just curious what you're doing.

James: So yeah, the bare minimum I would charge is sixty, a month, and that would include Instagram. Instagram, you know, running an Instagram account running Facebook account managing the Facebook advertising, and if they would want YouTube advertising their email marketing done anything else, extra, it would be, you know, probably about 150 more, but I like to look. Oh, yeah, like that's a month

Dave: $150 for email marketing and YouTube though that's cheap.

James: Well, yeah, I would pretty much be with YouTube I wouldn't include anything extra. I would pretty much be running the same Facebook ad that I would create for them on YouTube as well.

Dave: Right. Which, which in some respects, the creative that works well on Facebook doesn't always work well on YouTube question with clients and I just think, just to kind of move the agency piece along a little bit is, I think the question for a guy like you, who's developed your marketing skills, and you're at a place now to where you kind of know how to get results. And then, the question I think becomes time management, and then out, you know, like, where you spend Where are you going to get the most bang for your time. So, I think, I think the question that I would be asking myself if I was you and I'm curious if you've asked this and what the answer is, is, why not go 110% into your own stuff and just, just leave all the client stuff alone, because is it, is it not stepping over dollars to pick up dimes to be wasting your time and it's not a waste of time it's generating income it's, you know, but if you don't have a plan to keep a long term agency, are you stepping over dollars to pick up dimes, to still be keeping on these clients, or have you gotten systematize to where it's only a couple of minutes a week or whatever you understand my question?

James: Yeah I definitely see where you're coming from, um, so, pretty much, I kind of do have things almost on autopilot right now obviously I do have to go meet with my clients thinking like, in the month reports and the take pictures, things like that, but I have a majority of their Instagram, Facebook posts scheduled at the beginning of the month of content planned out, it's already, you know, click a couple buttons, and it's that you know posts, going up every Tuesday and Thursday on this account every Wednesday and Friday on this account. So there's not much you know there's not much. I can't really forget to do anything because I take care of it at the beginning of the month, but I definitely see where you're coming from. Landing a client is definitely hard, keeping them is even harder. That's kind of why I kept my theory that I know they're gonna stick with me, and, you know, went all in on affiliate marketing so I look at both affiliate marketing and my marketing agency is passive, but like you said, it's definitely not minutes a week but, you know, an hour a week for an extra, you know $1,500 bucks a month really doesn't hurt you. 

Dave: No, no, no, and I the reason why I'm asking the question, is just to kind of give listeners also, That, that kind of question to keep in their back pocket as you grow your business, things that you did at the beginning of your business to kind of scrap dollars to just put money in your bank account because that's what you do at the beginning of any business is you do whatever you got to do to put money in the bank, you know what I mean like you do whatever you got to do you, you coach. I mean, a lot of times if you're getting into coaching or something, you might take on a couple of clients for free or agency work just to get some testimonials, you know what I mean. But as you grow your business and have more success. It's really all about making decisions about what is the 20% that I'm doing that's getting me 80% of my results. And what is the 80% that I'm doing, that's giving me 20% of my results, that if I let that go, even though that's hard, even though it's hard to let 15 $100 A month ago if I use your example. If I let that go and freed up that time space and that mental space. How much more could I generate. If I went all in on the big levers in my business, you know, because there's big levers and they're small levers and usually in my experience, and again I'm talking to everybody here not just you James is my experience is oftentimes the things that are tedious and stressful and kind of take up the most of my time, oftentimes are the things that bring in the lit the least results in for example I'll give you all an example, people who pay $7 for our challenge, are the biggest, complainer's, and I appreciate every single customer. I really do. I love you all, but I'm just telling you not to talk to you but get you to think about it. Also, what to expect in this industry, in any industry, the freebie seekers, the people who spend the least always have the most questions and complaints, and the people who spend the most who are not who are, who kind of have an abundant mindset, we're not, we're willing to invest more into their education, you know, who, you know, our, our, our, the higher pain premium clients always have the least amount of complaints because they take more responsibility. Right, so. So anyways, I mean, again, back to my point, which I'm just bringing this up for everybody, is that oftentimes as you grow your business, you have more choices, you do have choices you may not feel like you have choices, but you do have choices. And the choice, oftentimes becomes, what do I need to take off my plate. In order to create more space for the things that are generating the most results in the most revenue with the least amount of work. Does that make sense to you, James?

James: Yeah, yeah, definitely. 

Dave: So how did you get into affiliate marketing and what's your, what I mean, I saw your TikTok you're over 100,000 on there. How long have you been on TikTok, to talk a little bit about finding Legendary. Talk to us like this next because you've taken us through the first few chapters of your life which are super interesting dude, super impressed by talking us through these, these latest chapters, how is that going?

James: So yeah, obviously, the marketing agency was a bit harder to scale. I knew I knew I needed something else I knew, you know, even if it wasn't the marketing agency needed to be something online, and that's actually, when my friend Braden Ebert. Do you remember, he actually, you know, we're from the same hometown Houma Louisiana, coma, yeah yeah about 4040 miles south of New Orleans. 

Dave: Nice man some south east folks, I'm over here in St. Pete, Florida. 

James: Gotcha. But yeah we he pretty much reached out and he was like, pretty much, I'm like known around town, make money online, I know what I'm doing, he reached out and he asked me, you know, man, you're like man you got that offline presence too. But he pretty much asked me, he's like, you know anything about Dave Sharpe? And I was like, No, not really. And he was like, you know, I'm about to enroll in this challenge I don't really know how it's gonna go for me, that he started up, and I was actually trying to get him to work with me on my marketing agency because you know around here, there really aren't that many people that want to, 

Dave: Or anywhere but I feel what you're saying is like in the South. Right, it's like, people can be super skeptical, right.

James: Yeah, and Braden was like, you know, he didn't really want to go in with, because he wanted to go all in with this, you know challenge and I was like, bro, you're probably wasting your time all this and all that, and you know it, probably about two weeks later and it's like I'm gonna start promoting on TikTok all this and all that I was just like yeah go for it, whatever, whenever it comes back and he's like, Dude I made five grand my first month. Right, well, what were you doing like them out, look you're over here you're over here, posting on Instagram for 650 a month. Right. Exactly. And, you know, I did my own research on you and came across the challenge to enroll in it myself. And here's the thing while I was taping the challenge I was just like, wow, because for years I sold people Instagram shoutouts that would literally go to a funnel, it would go to you know a $3 ebook and I was like, There's no way these people are making their money back from paying me $300 For a shout out, and now I know how the business model works and it's just like could have been doing this for years, you know.

Dave: So, that kind of was your introduction into really, really not only affiliate marketing, but also kind of using marketing funnels and more complex sale systems right yeah definitely 100%. Nice man, so what's your experience? When was that? 

James: Oh, So this was probably about two months ago. 

Dave: Wow, man. Wow, so. So in the last two months, how have things changed? How is life in business different?

James: So honestly when I was running the marketing agency I knew I could be lazy with it so I wasn't always you know trying to achieve more, I would just have like waves of motivation, and I'm like yeah I'm going to land on these clients and then time would come around, you know, just really wouldn't happen but you know what affiliate marketing, I like that I don't really have to deal with clients, and I'm a lot more motivated to do work, you know, I know no matter what I have about an hour of work to do each day, and other than that I'm done, but I really tried to make myself put in the hour each day. Really just keeps me motivated you know and especially seeing. I know it's not good to compare yourself to other people's results but seeing other people get good results, and you know having the Legendary community, you know the Facebook groups, things like that, it's just, it's all it's all really motivating and it's great. What you guys got going on.

Dave: Thanks, man. Thanks. Well, it's, you know, I'm sure people are watching you right now, feeling the same way, you know, and I constantly challenged people to get into being inspired versus, versus being being critical of yourself, you know, when you see other people that are succeeding, but I'm sure people are inspired by this conversation what you're doing as well. I want to you know I want to zero in a little bit on that, like how I don't have to deal with customers, you know, I think it's kind of a funny thing to say but it's so true right it's like when with all this other, with, with every other business model, you got to deal with customers, I mean, every other business model on mine, you got to deal with customers, I don't give a damn what they say in the webinar, right, it's like Amazon drop shipping, particularly marketing agencies, even coaching, consulting and events which is one of the things that we teach in selling information, there's kind of four business models we teach, but, but really if you're new, we encourage people to do affiliate marketing first because focus on the marketing aspect you can focus on one kind of department of your company, which is the marketing department, and you can spend as much time as you want or need in that department, getting good at, you know, creating content running ads, writing emails, dialing in your message, right, getting clarity on who you're talking to all those things you can take as long as you need and still make significant income, Because, because of the model because if you partner with big companies, then you can then they'll take care of that stuff on the back end. And it kind of really is the most timeless business model that's existed on the internet. And I think that looking at how some of these other companies like Uber and Airbnb and stuff has kind of taken the model to like a whole nother level of connecting people who have products to people who want those products. And, but, but, you know, I mean, obviously they've taken it to the next level because they're doing customer support and stuff but it is kind of affiliate marketing because they don't own any of the products, they don't. He doesn't own any hotels, Uber doesn't own any cars. So it's, I think it's your perspective here of the marketing agency stuff this morning and how it compares to affiliate marketing not that good, bad, whatever. What I'm looking at is what's better, what's worse versus for, I mean it's not kind of like that. It's just, just, just one eye wide open. Just understand the game, understand what's what, what is available out there if you want to go in, like if you're doing affiliate marketing those of you here's another thing that pops up a lot. It's like, okay I'm doing affiliate marketing, I'm getting pretty good results with affiliate marketing, I've got a little bit of momentum with affiliate marketing, now all of a sudden, like somebody reaches out to me and says, you know, will you build my funnel, or will you, you know, Do you know take on my run my ads or whatever, you've got to carefully balanced that in if you're going to take on a job, to, to bring in some extra income. That's cool. I kind of encourage that in some respects, that if you, if you have extra time, go put an ad up on. Go put an ad up on freelancer and, and, in do some copywriting games, right, must be eyes wide open about how you spend your time, and if you're having momentum with affiliate marketing. Then, then, be careful about shiny objects, and just become a garbage can of whatever you know opportunity comes your way, because that's one of the ways to get distracted. Right, and lose momentum. And I don't know if you've, it sounds like you've been pretty focused on what you've been doing. But I also think that we're all vulnerable to that because we're business opportunity seekers like we're entrepreneurs. So it's kind of like, you know, like I saw one of your textbooks and you're like, you know I'm making money online, and I'm not making it from Dogecoin I'm not making it from this I'm not making it from that. Some people will make $1 however they can. Great. Desperation mindset. But my point is that building a real business who succeeds long term has a lot to do with focus, insane notice right. Tell me what's coming up for you as I'm saying that because I think this is going to be something that's going to be important for you in the coming months and years.

James: You know, with having a TikTok I've had a lot of, like, random little cryptocurrency people ask me to, You know blow up their coin that offers they've gotten pretty good money just to make you know a couple of videos about this like, why am I. These people who put their trust in me and, you know, to help them start their own affiliate marketing business. Like why would I do that?

Dave: Like to go all on your account and be like, go buy this coin go buy. Yeah bro. Yeah, that's some shady ass like right like that you have to make right is like do I want to take do this quick cash grab. And maybe violate my audience's trust. I want to play the long game.

James: Yeah, and you know, I was pretty good money, you know, they offered me like 700 bucks or three, like to make free videos like for each video, and I thought about it for a little while but you know at the end of the batch really could. And you know I just do things like that and I'm gonna have to keep my guard up for it because I know obviously the bigger I get the bigger, they're going to be offering, but you know it's things like that kind of watch out for. Definitely, definitely see what you're talking about.

Dave: So being a content creator being somebody who's good at this, I mean, obviously you've been doing it now for eight years or so like creating content on Instagram and various platforms, TikTok now and in two months, year over 100k And you know what you're doing. So, give us some things that if you, you know that you've done in the past two months to kind of, kind of blow up your, your account like maybe two to three tips are things that you do, that anybody could kind of take and run with and get results with.

James: Yeah, definitely. So, um, you know, first things first TikTok. Personally I feel like they're looking more like quantity over quality. You know, if you, if starting off, I really recommend you try to post eight videos a day it might sound like a lot but it just takes one of those videos to go viral for you to make it, or whatever you want to call it. Eight posts a day, as soon as you can go live on target, Definitely go live, when you go live, they push out your old content like crazy trying to get you new viewers to stay consistent to, you know, my two months and I think I've only taken three days off. In total, where I haven't posted anything which has absolutely been instrumental in sure but, um, you know, I just, I see the bigger picture, you know, always, always try to look at the bigger picture. And a big thing you want to avoid know that there's no difference between, there's literally no difference for anybody on TikTok account, at least there's no difference between me and you like I, obviously there were hard times when trying to gain it and I thought anybody that gained a TikTok account they just got super lucky, you know, it's really not the case there's like a proven strategy if you post, they're gonna push your content out. It's really just up to you how much you post, and you know, the quality of content you put out there, but provide value, you know, provide value for sure.

Dave: You got a, you gotna schtick it all? Do you know what I mean by like a schtick, like, it's kind of like this is like your thing, you know, like, a couple of my sticks are, like, some like the brand name that I like always try to kind of wear the same thing so my, my image, always.

James: I have to wear a black shirt and the same jacket every time I'm making TikTok. Also if anything I don't have my brand on it but I feel like people can see me more and more, they probably see the same thing they recognize me and maybe follow.

Dave: Right. Also like I saw a guy this morning on the talk that was like this, Dan, like he was like a. He was like a, like, he was not in our niche or he was not even doing affiliate marketing it didn't seem like he was just doing content creation, building up his, his account but he would go to the gas station, and he would jump out of his truck, and to a to a song, and do a little dance right there at the gallery. He was like this kind of, you know, you know this, this, this kind of stocky, well built, handsome cowboy looking guy. And, you know, like I said he would, he would, he would hop out, you pull his like 90, plus percent of his videos for him pulling up to the gas station hopping out of the gas station. Out of this truck is doing a little dance. And then we had a guy a couple of weeks ago, who did his name but he was super cool. He was in his bathroom right there, his schtick was that he was in his, in his bathroom and his whole concept was like learn how to make money online from your bathroom. Right. And usually comedians have shticks, you know, like when you're a performer, you kind of, you want to be known for certain things, certain lines certain jokes, certain, you know, certain stories, certain parts about your personality, and I'm kind of, I'm kind of saying this because it's, it's, it's a great strategy. It's great to be known for something, because if you're not known for something or you don't have something that kind of sticks or stands out, that you do over and over again to kind of become that guy or that girl. You can just blend in, right and then you just, you know, it's like, it's like you don't really build a brand like every great brand is known for something, you know what I mean they're known for something. So do you have any kind of sticks or what comes up for you as I as I as I talk about this. Do you feel like you need one you thought about it I mean, obviously, the clothing deal going on. 

James: I mean, obviously, we got it, I think I definitely need one. You know only, only like random sort of thing I could think that I have going is like James is the guy to go to if you want to you know find out about a side hustle if it's legit have run with it, you know, but no, no, like, I guess physical kind of brands or no, what do you call it?

Dave: A schtick. Like, there is like a thing that like, it's like a word that comedians use, right, like, it's like a weapon. Your song and dance like your act like your, you know what I mean, like, but it doesn't particularly have to it can be just like hey stick is he's always got like, I don't know if you ever remember flavor. Flavor the rapper, he always had the big clock as a necklace or, you know, I mean, somebody might always, like, wear a certain kind of hat or be in a certain place, so for us as content creators and online marketers, again, a good example of his shtick is the guy who's always in the bathroom. Right. It's just something that catches your attention, and it's just different. Right. And for me, I guess my schtick has kind of been my story right my store I've been so transparent and open when I get on a video I'm just like, I'm an ex heroin addict who is homeless, that's kind of been my stick right it's kind of like, it's a dramatic, like, almost embarrassing like most people would be super ashamed. Most people never share anything about that kind of stuff. Right, it's kind of something that even if you had it you just kind of people are just embarrassed about it for whatever reason. Maybe it's because they, I don't know, it doesn't matter to me why they're embarrassed I just I'm not and maybe it's because I'm sober right I don't get high anymore. So it's, You know I can talk about it. But anyways, I'm just, I'm just offering this because for you, James. I think that you're so you're so good at, at, you know, you're you're savvy, you're so good at creating the kind of content you get it, you understand the platforms, how they work. And I think that if you developed a bit more of a shtick. Like, what's your thing, what's your thing that you need to use sometimes for us content creators. It can be something that we say at the beginning or the end of our videos like I always say, be legendary. Right. Like, that's kind of a shtick, you know, people say that back to me, You know what I mean, they say, be legendary. You know what I mean. And I got like the hat. There's a guy on Instagram, in social media called Ed my left, he's a big, you know, kind of motivational personal development guy, and he should schtick is max out, you know, like max out your day max out your life max out everything he's like max everything out. Anyways, it's just, I think it's for everybody to think about is, like, what are you known for, you know, if you're not known for something, then you're going to be just blend in with everybody, I mean if you think about brands that are really like look at popular brands and ask yourself what are they known for what is what is what is what is what is Apple known for, like, what is like somebody's Legendary brands, they're known for things, when they've got a schtick and you look at content creators if you kind of look at really successful content creators and marketers online. Oftentimes they have a bit of a stick and even if it's something that they say somewhere every time. Just what are they known for, you'll, you'll, you know, it'll take you to the next level if you can develop that. Right, that's absolutely. So, well, what, what, what would you tell somebody man who says, I love this story to about Braden and you and how that I just helped funny as that was he both, he hated know what the hell he was doing now he's crushing him and he's, you know, I mean he's just taken off, you would never think you would never know. He was just, it's hard to think of people when you see them succeeding and confident that they were just as unsure about what the hell they were doing, as, as anybody else. You think that gives us a lot of transparency and such a good thing to know. And then you too. It's like you were like a waste your time that come over here and, you know, posts on Facebook for clients with me, you know, I mean, your brain was probably going to make a 100th of what he's making to come over and post on Facebook accounts and stuff with you and, and then eventually you kind of followed in his foot track footsteps or, you know, got involved in all this as well, and now you're taken off to the moon, it's just it's incredible, man. It's incredible how this works when you're open to opportunity, and you're not closed off right. 

James: Yeah, exactly, exactly.

Dave: Crazy man. So if somebody was sitting on a checkout page right now and they were like, thinking the same thing skeptical about legendary and about what we have in our training and stuff and just unsure and not do I want to spend the time or do I want to spend the money, what would you say to them?

James: I'd say, you know, look at every opportunity, like a scam that really holds you back. The legend I get is that you know there are scammers out there, like, don't get me wrong, 100% online those scammers oh wait on one second. Sorry my back, I had a few computer scammers out there online, but I mean all you have to do is do the research, I mean 15 Day Challenge by itself wasn't featured on Forbes entrepreneur. It's a great program, you know if I could go back, the only thing I would do is take it sooner, in all honesty, it's been, it's been a road, there's definitely work to put in. Like when I promote the 15 Day Challenge and make sure people know like, you don't just watch the 15 Day Challenge and money shows up in your bank account or anything like that. There's definitely work to put in. But yeah, it's definitely worth it. Don't get me wrong, it's taught me a lot, even being an experienced marketer the 15 day challenge, you know, legendary marketer opened up new doors I didn't even know existed. And it's been great so far. So, I mean, you know if you need to do your own research to do it but you know this is just me talking.

Dave: Talking that 19 year old Louisiana like write that off that offline, OG meme legend. Yeah. Well, my man. Look, it's been really, really great to chat and, and, you know, I know I contributed quite a bit to this conversation but hopefully what I said also is helpful to you, because that's, you know, I mean, time is precious. We don't do these shows just, you know, just to, you know, prance, you know, successful students and clients out to show I mean, I want this time to be valuable for you too. Because you know what you're taking time out to come on and share your story and your content and that's the value. I want you to know that I mean I want everybody who comes on the show as well as those who are listening to know that I value your time. I bet and hopefully that's a confidence builder for you because you know most of the time we're not told that our time is valuable in this life, we're treated as if or we're taught as if our time is not valuable so we don't value our time. Right, we don't we don't walk and talk like our time is worth 500 An hour 1,000 An hour we walk and talk like it's worth $5 Now or like it's not worth nothing, you know, give it away to people who don't deserve it and, and eventually I think we just begin to believe that ourselves. And so, you know, I really appreciate you taking the time because your time is valuable and you've got now, nearly a frickin decade I mean, eight years of experience, I mean that's valuable so I hope you leave this show, and take your content and your marketing, even to a higher level because of the confidence you took from coming on the show and crushing it and knowing that you added a ton of value to our lives today in the show man so keep up the great work and I hope that you'll come back on and continue to let us know how you're doing. 

James: Definitely man, thank you for having me. Thank you for having me. 

Dave: All right, James will tell your parents I said hello to and tell them that I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you. Brother, keep up the great work, and I will talk to you later. Alright see you buddy. All right my friends will again have a great Memorial Day, and again I want to thank everybody who, you know, has, in any way shape or form contributed to my freedom, particularly those who are in our country and anybody who's had a family member that's entered a service. Their sacrifices there that go along and oftentimes that's the thankless job right, a family member. You know anybody who does anything on a daily basis to contribute their family's freedom or their own freight it goes the extra mile, which is each one of you guys I want to shout you out as well and leave the show like I started it with a mindset of gratitude about the freedoms that we have, and the freedoms that we're all continuing to work for, which is what this is all about. Alright, so be Legendary my friends, we'll see you back here tomorrow. Okay. and in the show's wrap. Peace.

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