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Matt: Greetings everybody. Welcome in, Happy Monday, and if you are here with us, and you're here, live. Welcome in, we've got a free Instagram challenge, starting at noon eastern standard time today. If you are newer in our community or if you haven't heard about this yet, I don't know how you haven't heard about it, we've been sending out emails like crazy, but maybe you haven't heard about it, and that's okay, we'll have another email going out here in about two hours. Or, let's see. Yeah, about two hours from now talking about how to get started and how to create your first piece of viral content fast alright so I am pumped to announce this brand new challenge I think it's going to create a lot of virality in our community, I think it's going to create a lot of virality for you. Alright so if you haven't seen it already, I'm gonna put a little link in the chat and Roxy if you can pin this link. This link in the chat goes over to Dave's introduction to our Instagram challenge. Alright, so he's got a short little introductory video. It's about five minutes long, and he talks about the challenge. And if you're in on the challenge if you want to be in the challenge you need to go to that post and comment. Hell yeah, Dave, I'm in. Alright so this little Instagram challenge is, we're doing it because we've seen a real opportunity in the market marketing is always just about opportunity it's about where can you get the most for the least amount of price or time you're either gonna pay for ads, you're gonna use your time for marketing right so either one of those two things and so on Instagram right now a lot of people are still on TikTok. Great. TikTok has been one of the most viral hottest trends over the last 12 months, or 18 months really that we've ever seen and it's still hotter than ever. I thought you know man maybe TikTok’s like gone down a little bit, no that is not the case we are still on our team right now, we start channels on TikTok in different social media platforms and test them just so we can test to see. Right, and so we've got one now on TikTok that are, I think, three out of the first four videos that we've placed over 10,000 views. We got 1000 followers in like three days, it was just, it's stupid, the amount of views and virality that you can get. Alright so for everybody who's here it is on TikTok, TikTok ain't dead. All right, think dogs. I mean, geez their role in rockin and rollin. But we are going to get this Instagram challenge rockin ‘and rollin' today so what's, what's going to happen is around noon today, there's out it's about a 20-25 minute video I'm gonna post in our group in our Facebook group. All right, give me a big photo, and in fact, you're going to see here's what you're going to see, okay, you're going to see this on. Let me share my screen here real quick. You're gonna see. Oh boy, I think this is it. Let's see. Yeah, you're gonna see this, I was just in Canva. You guys think I don't create my own stuff, I create my own stuff. All right. I was just in Canva creating this five day Instagram challenge photo. Okay, so you're gonna see this in the Facebook group here later today, about two hours from now at noon Eastern, and then there's going to be a link in the post, it's gonna link out to a little short little video, I'm going to walk you through tips to creating your Instagram profile, I'm going to talk through how to get great content ideas, and in that video. Towards the end of it I have such a good tip. Such a good tip for creating your content, it's stupid. Okay. It's one of the coolest little tools you're going to want to tune in and see that so make sure in the comments, there's a little comment I think it should be pinned. Roxy was in private chat with me and let me know if that's a pinned comment. So it's pinned at the very top there's a little post, go get on that post right now or after the wake up legendary show, don't leave the show for goodness sakes but and go comment on that post that you're going to be in on the challenge, the challenge is happening in our Facebook group that's where all of it's happening we're gonna be posting in there every single day. All right, so it will be in the year. Okay. All right, so it just

dropped this link here one more time just in case you weren't able to see it, or you missed it, or something like that. I'm commenting one more time here in the live chat with a link to our Facebook group so go get in our Facebook group if you're not already, and there we go. Alright, so today we've got an awesome guest, and let me stop my screen share here, there we go, we've got an awesome guest on today. As always, if you're newer to our community, we've got a. We do this Wake Up Legendary five days a week at 10am Eastern every single day five days a week, and we bring on a new guest typically every single day, unless you know something, an emergency happens and they can't make it or something like that. Okay. And today we've got an awesome guest, his name's Chris, I'm going to bring on Chris Chris, where are you from, man.

Chris: I'm an Oregon Albany, Albany, Oregon. 

Matt: All right, awesome, awesome. Well, welcome to the show, thanks for coming on, man.

Chris: Happy to be here

Matt: How's your morning? It's early for you to be up? 

Chris: Yeah, quite early, earlier than I'm used to our later use when I get up.

Matt: Alright, so bring us into your world a little bit Chris tell us a little bit about, you know, give us the history you know in your questionnaire you said, you know, for the last 20 years you've done some construction grocery things just walk us through sort of your experience of life how you thought about life, and then bring us into your whole internet journey and what that's been like.

Chris: Yeah. So, like you said, I've been working construction, most of my life started out I had two uncles that, you know, had contractors, or general contractors licensees and so I grew up around it, raised in the country on the farm, hard worker. I thought everything was physical work you know and that's what I had to do and

so I got a lot of jobs working with my uncle's. Most of it under the table at the time, then I got into adulthood. When I had to pay taxes and went and got a job working for somebody who wasn't in the family working construction, did that for 20 years probably 20 years, had an accident, shortly close to the end of my construction career where fell off with a two story house, and, yeah, shattered my school I was in the hospital for good six months, and then another six months of therapy, physical therapy, but because of that, I ended up having a lot of blackouts and seizures and stuff and so it was hard to get back into the workforce because everybody. Anytime I got a job I would be on the job work and all of a sudden just crash or pass out or seize up or something. So, it was hard to keep a job, or hold a job after having a very good work history, always, you know, everybody liked me. Prior to that, obviously, but I had a lot of trouble keeping a job so I had luckily I had a lot of connections to where I could do side work you know here and there anytime somebody needed something done, I could go remodel a house or or do roof or carpeting or whatever, and I was doing that for the longest time, and then pandemic, this whole pandemic thing happened in the end of last year, I, everything just started looking really, really sour for me so I ended up losing my job, the business that I was working for the company I was working for sold out. And a lot of the just every single employee was like at that point,

I couldn't find anything, it was right in the middle of it, endemic and I couldn't get it to work and anybody who knew about my past wouldn't hire me because they were afraid that something bad would happen. You know, so,

how that is a problem, ended up losing my house by two cars, my family that I had had kind of just fell apart. Wow. And, yeah it was it was a mess all that ended up happening between

November, the beginning of November and the end of December are just all just one big goals, that kind of a match, something I wasn't used to. I actually ended up. Yeah, I actually ended up, out on the street, I have kids and I know that if I went to them, they would probably help the dad out but I was too proud, I guess, and I didn't want my kids to have to raise me after raising them so right I didn't say much to them they didn't know much of my life or what was going on, they probably would have stepped in, but I didn't say nothing. I ended up with no house, no car, no job and no wife, and then I was on the street, on the street for. Oh, I don't know if mums are probably living on the street. I thought I was going to change my life into that type of lifestyle. At that time, and it wasn't fun, it wasn't anything that I would ever suggest anybody doing if you have health, I would definitely go get help. Because people are more and wanting to help you than you would ever think and don't let pride get in the way. But yeah, I just, I'm old fashioned and I didn't want my kids to help me out so it just so happens that when I was, I was, I don't even remember where I was going, but I was walking on the side of the room. Picking up cans and bottles. Oh, just prior to this, this event that I'm about to explain. I had purchased the program through Legendary. And I had no money. So a friend of mine showed me a checked on video, and I didn't have any phone or any computer or anything so I just sat there and watched it with him and it happened to be somebody, advertising for legendary, and so I said man that really looks good, you know, I talked to my buddy about it. And I didn't know how I was going to get any money. I didn't even have $7, you know, to go out and spend on it or nothing, so I actually decided at that moment that I didn't want to be on the street, No more. So, immediately went out and started collecting cans, bottles, anything, any way I can get money, and I went back to my buddy, and he helped me order it with the money that I gathered from, you know, pop cans and stuff. And yeah, we ordered the program for the 15 day challenge, and that's how I got started with that. And I was trying to do it as much as I could but I didn't have a phone or a computer or a laptop anything, I'd go to his house every once in a while, check in and do, or the 15 day challenge actually took me nearly a month to complete. Because of this whole scenario but and do it. Somewhere in the middle of the challenge. I don't remember exactly where. But, I was walking down the street black and pop cans, getting food or some money for food and drink and, you know, trying to get my stomach and my daughter, of all people, she was driving down the road and saw me with the backpack, walking alongside the road. And she pulled over and picked me up and she was pretty upset about the whole thing, kind of mad kind of sad. And she told me get in the car and now I'm sitting there, you know, it's not the most beautiful day outside, so of course I got in the car, and I was upset that my daughter had to pick me up, you know, and she said that I wasn't gonna leave on the street in the morning I was going home with her and. And that was, that was pretty hard to take in. Yeah, I support you. I supported my kids and didn't support me. So yeah, it was really hard but on the way to her house. Actually, in the car. I was so emotionally bothered by the whole situation I actually seized up in our car and started having seizures. On the way to her house. She pulled over on the side of the road and got some help, and called an ambulance, but got me to the hospital. Got me taken care of. After that we went to her house and she never get she never let me go back out on the street again. I love my kids and they love me. But that was a really, really hard pill to swallow. After that, I got to use her computer and things started to pick it up.

Matt: So you're taking the challenge and you're sort of like damn okay I see this opportunity. The interesting part, Chris, I'm just so fascinated. I don't know man, I mean, I haven't been on the street, I haven't. But I've been in a place where I technically had no money. I had credit cards right, so I was overspending on credit cards and, and, you know, I basically I was just racking up debt but I was kind of in that place where like technically I probably couldn't afford rent, technically I probably couldn't even afford gas, and I lived that way for a couple years, Just because I was working a minimum wage job and just didn't have money and enough financial resources, and it is just interesting to me, I'm not trying to trump your story or anything but for me too. It was like I'm gonna wake up at 3am before I go to work, I'm gonna sit here and watch videos on Google ads and educate myself on this whole digital thing because it's where the world is going. And I think, you know, for you to go out freakin pick up Hopkins and like, there's just a difference there that's interesting because I listen to and watch and witness and have witnessed over 10 years, people who are in the same situation as you are similar situation, and they say, I mean, can I get a handout, please, or Can somebody please, you know, can somebody sponsor me Can somebody pay for me Can somebody, you know, like, where do I find $7 Or where, you know, Where do I find $1,000, or you know whatever. And it's, I don't know I mean, you know, I just want to say like, you know, good for you, man. I mean, that's, that's a hard place to be in, and, you know. Thank God you've got the DNA that responded with, I'm going to fail, I gotta figure that something out, I have to figure this out and it's on me, because that's, you know, I just feel like sometimes I'm, I feel most blessed I'm not. Whatever I just that my DNA sort of says to me, Hey, man, time to figure this shit out. You gotta figure this out dude like what are we going to do here, and then figure it out because there's other times where people, their programming has taught them, you know when they get in that situation, I can't do anything. There's nothing to be done. And that's hard. That's a harder place to be in. In some ways it's easier because everything else is somebody else's fault. But in, it's a, it's a better place a healthier place to be in like I have to pick this up, I've got to figure this out. So kudos to you man. 

Chris: Well thank you yeah it's really, it's really a dramatic change. I actually owned my own house and both my cars, and with everything that had happened to me is just one pitfall after another. Very bad turn of circumstances that I didn't see coming, I'd never experienced something like that my entire life. My whole life I busted my butt I worked hard, you know, physical labor made a lot of money. No matter what I did. I was really, I was really I don't mean to brag, but I was really good at. Yeah, the labor part of my life was read into me. My parents taught me values of the 40 of the Rich Dad Poor Dad, Poor Dad scenario but wait, I made good money doing, and I didn't know much other than that. Yeah I did try online things you know but

Matt: I wanted to just like it because I read this book and you read the book. Well Rich Dad Poor Dad, it's a great one. But have you ever read the book The Four Hour Workweek? We've heard of this book,

Chris: I've heard of it. I haven't looked into it too much.

Matt: Okay, so this, it's an older book sort of soldier except for that but from about 2007 It's called The Four Hour Workweek and in the book, I would say some of the principles and some of this stuff might be just a little bit outdated. So, but, in the book he talks about a scenario where he says look, most of our lives are controlled by fear, but the fear itself is irrational. It's not tied to anything concrete, we're scared and fearful of things that are abstract and that, you know, we fear or we are scared of losing everything right but what would that actually, what would that actually be like so he does this exercise. This is crazy. He doesn't exercise where he says, for two days, I just, I just went out with nothing and just slept on the street, no money, no nothing. I just walked out in shorts, T-shirt, and had a blanket with me as a pillow. And I just like I was just like okay, and he just went out and he just said like, what if I didn't have anything that I own, what if I didn't have anything and he was, you know, he's, he's a very successful dude, so like he's now off of his phone, he's not doing anything. And he said, You know, sometimes we have this fear of losing everything, right, And he said at the end of the day though. What most people don't understand is on the other side of that is, you can usually pick up the pieces. There's, there's a new starting place, there's a new beginning. And sometimes it's, it's meant to be that way or sometimes it's, it's, there's, there's purpose and meaning in that whole process. And I just thought that was cool and it reminded me of your story because, you know, you, you even tight. You mentioned today for a title suggestion, like it's a new beginning right, and I just feel like some people on this show, like myself, even, like, I'll just be real honest. I very much fear losing it all, and I've thought though recently, you know, man, what if I did lose. What if everything was lost, right, everything, house, cars, every, like, your scenario, right, absolutely everything and I just, it's so inspirational for me to see you sitting here right here today. Now, you know, having gone through like a short little seven day challenge and then, you know, making your first 1000 bucks online like that's crazy, and you think how many people in the world. Don't hit that place, especially when everything is stripped from them. And what a cool inspiration.

Chris: I can tell you without, without any question in my mind that this your program at Legendary has completely changed my entire life, my entire thought process there, the knowledge I've been given knowledge that I've learned and continue to keep learning, reading books, I've been reading, I'm on another book now but it is changed my life so much that I cannot imagine, with the information that I now have. I cannot imagine ever falling into a place where I couldn't get out of it again. Right, and at one point, like there was no hope, not too long ago. Not too long ago, I felt like there was nothing no way I could do to change the way I can get fixed because nobody's going to hire me. I thought I wouldn't ever be back up there again. And there's, there's no words to describe what I have been able to take from this entire process and journey that I've had, it's, it's unbelievable believable, how much this has helped my life. It'll never be the same again. It will never be the same again. I got back into my family, and everybody took me in with open arms, and I knew they would but I didn't want that to happen. I didn't want somebody to take care of me. I'm the big guy, you know I'm the guy who's supposed to take care of everybody else you know. So, when everything started falling apart I was thankful that they helped me out, but at the same time I still had that pride in my head, you know. So, now I'm back to a point where people are coming to me and asking me hey what are you doing? What you were just on the street, not too long. What the heck are you doing, and they think that I might be doing something illegal but they may see how I'm dressed and how I, you know in living, and it's, it's completely, completely changed my life, even so much so that it's better than before, I lost my job, I mean I'm making more now I'm doing better now than I did prior to the entire event happening. So if this event did not happen to me I don't know if I would even be right now where I'm at. Yeah, it's just, it's, it blows my mind even for me to think about.

Matt: It's crazy. It's absolutely nuts. What, so now what I thought would be interesting or what comes to mind for me is that, as you got started, you get started in the challenge you start to create some content on TikTok was that what was that whole TikTok process like I mean, was it. Did you feel like creating content was tough? Was it difficult because you're at like what 13,000 followers or something.

Chris: Yeah, right now, yeah, yeah. I actually. It took me quite a while, it's kind of my story but it took me quite a while because what I did is I jumped on that train right away, and I didn't know anything about what I was doing. I didn't go and look it up on YouTube. I just started doing, right, and with nobody's advice I just jumped right in and actually asked my daughter, she does TikTok, well how do you do this, and she taught me the format of the whole thing. My youngest really. Yeah. And so, actually she's, she's a little upset because I won't promote her right. But anyway, yeah so I had to learn that from, you know, people around me ask my kids or whatever but it really started out slow because like I said I didn't go and look it up or anything like that so I'm moving really slowly. And then after I got some more advice and then I started studying it it really picked up for me really really really overnight. Once I realized how to do it. I just needed to look into a couple other people that were doing it and how they were doing it, that it didn't even take much effort, you know, really. TikTok is phenomenal as far as I haven't posted a post probably for good three weeks, because I've been trying to. I'm actually trying to do this Instagram challenge thing but I've been setting up my Instagram trying to figure it out and watch a lot of videos on that stuff but there's other things on the side, you know I'm doing side work to get in order to supplement what I'm doing here. 

Matt: That's an awesome man. Congrats, that's huge. What, uh, for somebody who's newer and or somebody who's got a following on let's say TikTok or something or they're, but they're newer to content they're new to getting started with that. What would you tell that person if they're hesitant to get started on TikTok and are hesitant to kind of get moving?

Chris: Well, I know from experience, it's really scary to be putting yourself out there, and my very first TikTok. I had been putting it off and putting it off because I made excuses for myself and I didn't realize until later that that's what I was doing, but it was because I was so scared to be in front of so many faces, and I didn't have a prompt on the face, there's no reason why not, why not to just I was scared to. My advice would be, what I get, was, I was so nervous. All I did was I just put the camera in front of my face, and I said, literally, these are my words ago, somebody told me to make a TikTok, so here I am making a TikTok. That was my first video, and I mean it was literally probably 10 seconds long, but it gave me encouragement after I started seeing a couple followers jump in and I hadn't really had any prior to that. It was just that one little short thing I had within a day 600 views, and that's a lot for your very first video I thought anyway at the time, and just those words. That's all I say, and it gave me the encouragement to do the next, and then the next and the next, and I'm encouraged a lot by seeing progress. I jumped on the train right away. But it's getting past your own fears, getting past your own fears. I think it is the biggest thing for most people. Agreed.

Matt: I agree, getting past that voice in your head that isn't really actually even all that defined. It doesn't even really have any sort of, I don't know. Yeah, it doesn't have a definition, it's just this sort of abstract weird fear that's out there and. Who is it, I don't know. Why do you care so much, I don't know, I just, it's scary.

Chris: The majority of people. Majority of people on this earth don't even realize it, but because of history and the way we've been, even just in the United States. It's almost been in our DNA to live in a state of fear, and regardless of what you're doing it doesn't, Doesn't matter. People are just in their minds, or it's embedded. They live in a state of fear, and they don't even know it most of the time. Yep. From experience I can tell you from experience that there is nothing. There is nothing I am aware of. In my wife, that is more fearful, to me anyway, and having my own kids take care. I mean that was hard. That was hard to swallow. So now I get motivated so I get really motivated when somebody tells me I can't do something. So, anytime somebody says, Great, You can't do that. That's impossible. I just, oh yeah, watch this. 

Matt: Yeah, totally. Well, cool, Chris, man. Thanks for, thanks for coming on. And seriously, your story is an inspiration. I think there's going to be a lot of people in this journey, who are really inspired by that Hey, make sure you go in on our Tik Tok, or our Instagram challenge this the next five days it's going to be fun, you've got some viral videos on your TikTok, man. Take those videos you septic God out, take those videos just strip them there and put them on reels that's an easy way to film get those things out so Curtis if you ever need anything man we're here and we're always here to help, but thanks for coming on, man. 

Chris: Yeah, thank you really appreciate it. 

Matt: All right. Okay guys, man I don't give him a follow all right his stories are inspirational, and it's just powerful. We're going to be. It's what is too much on and it's what is too much with the number much on TikTok, you can see it on the screen there. And just as a reminder we're doing an Instagram challenge starts at noon Eastern Standard Time. Today we are going to post in our Facebook group, and on this live if you're watching as a recording there's a pinned comment with the link to that post on how to get involved on that. Alright so, starts at noon eastern standard time today. For those of you who are here to rock and roll, we'll see you on the Instagram challenge. We'll see you back here tomorrow at 10am Eastern we're here every day five days a week 10am Eastern for Wake up Legendary.