Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Every once in a while my friends, every once in a while we have somebody who has tried other things before to make money online. You know sometimes they've searched for months. Sometimes they've searched for years. Rarely do we have somebody who's tried other things before they found Legendary Marketer. Yeah, right. Come on, we can all relate to that, for God's sakes, can't we? This morning we have somebody who has searched for years to make money from home and in her own business. And it seems like at least from what she's told us that she finally found the answer. We'll hear it directly from her. Kate, welcome to the show. Hey, nobody can relate on this show who is either sitting in this chair or listening to trying other things before and I'm not really working out. So I'd like to welcome you as our very first guest who's ever had that going on in your life.

Kate: Oh, thank you so much. I feel so honored to be the only one

Dave: Really the only one. Yes, the only one. So. Yes. Welcome to the club. You're in the right place. There are many entrepreneurs you know, some call us entrepreneurs, right? Because we want to be entrepreneurs. You know, but but it takes the, I guess the right timing in some cases. It takes the right opportunity. So we'll hear about what has made this this time here at Legendary, I assume. I'm also assuming what you've been looking for, or at least something that's finally worked for you so give us a little bit of the backstory

Kate: I’ve been a stay at home mom for seven years. And back in March 2020 When the pandemic hit, you know, we thought for two weeks and had a great time. Well, I got unexpectedly pregnant. My third and then I was like, oh now we really got to figure something out. My husband was like, you know, just going on TikTok. It's fun. They're funny videos, and I was like, No, that's for teenagers. So I ended up getting on it. And, you know, found some girl talking about all the money she was making with affiliate marketing. I had never heard of affiliate marketing like it's been around for how long and I've never ever heard of it. So I watched people make money like a lot of people here. I watch people make money and I think I would say it's amazing because you're watching real time. And so you're seeing every day like okay, they're making stuff and they're progressing and you're, you're still in the same spot. So like, are you going to do something or are you just going to keep watching them do it? I bought the 15 day business builder challenge in April, and I I didn't actually make my first TikTok or take action until August.

Dave: So that's April, April. Let's rub that. Oh, but April, May, June, July, August for what? And you know what? Look, we all think we're unique. But you're not the only one. So but that's a regret. Okay, so you said you have it and what's happened since? Did you say August?

Kate: So I started posting like once a day and talked through August like kinda you know, here and there. And my husband was again like you need to be posting more every day. And I was like, whatever. And I really beat the drum. He's a teacher so he likes to be a teacher you know, let's be Wes. Alright, Wes. Yeah, so I actually sent one of my videos, my crazy Labor Day weekend, and that's when I started like, okay, okay. And I started ever since then posting consistently, and trying to help people to be honest like, I just remember being where everybody else is. And needing that one video that was motivating. You know, like, no one's coming to do this for you. Like, step up and do it. You're not gonna get anywhere.

Dave: Do you believe when it comes to creating content and marketing you're only one video away from really kind of your business taking off? 

Kate: Yes, I do. Because that was what did it for me. I realized, oh my gosh, I can actually reach people and people want to hear what I have to say. And you know, I get feedback now sometimes where people like I really needed to hear that today. Thank you so much. And that's huge for me. Like, I love talking to people and helping people. So I wanted to be a counselor.

Dave: Yeah. Well, in a sense, you kind of are like, you're counseling people. I mean, counseling people have had different counselors, such a broad term. So of course, there's many different lanes that you can go to but ultimately you're helping people you know, and or lower their suffering and finding peace. And, you know, give hope, you know, offer tools, you know, offer experience. And in the sense of course, we don't want to label ourselves that if we're not licensed and qualified and all the enemy we can get in big trouble but in a sense you know, I've always looked at marketing as I'm doing the one thing that I actually can transfer to people, which is I can give them hope. The all the other things a human being has to actually develop on their own they have to get on their own you know, hopes the one thing that you don't have to work for, to kind of get right like you you the listener, you know, you have to work to go develop copywriting skills or work to develop organization skills, or those type but hope is the one thing that you don't have to you can just sit there and listen and I can give it to

Kate: Yeah, and I can choose to take it or not take it and that's a choice. That's amazing. That's what drew me to your program is honestly the motivation and how to go in another direction. It doesn't have to be this one way. It was an incredible message for me. I really grasp it and I took it and ran with it. I mean it never heard anything like that before it changed everything for you. Yeah, They changed everything for me. I've no not you know, like I knew all these things had to change. But honestly, I never knew I never thought about passive income and multiple streams of income. Like I feel ridiculous. I've been through college. I've been through all of it. Like I feel ridiculous for not even considering that for myself. You know, I don't know. And now I have multiple streams of income and I'm starting. I'm starting affiliate marketing in my own way with parenting. I have a lot of experience with kids and parents, and I think I have a lot to offer in that aspect. In the digital world. You know, parents always need advice. Kids are crazy.

Dave: Wow, that's amazing. That's amazing. So that's the vision and direction that you've taken your businesses to serve other parents.

Kate: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I, you know, you think about, you know, like, oh, blog takes forever and is at an app or a website or whatever. Well, this isn't isn't a sprint, it is a marathon. So the fact that I was given the tools to figure out how to actually start that process was incredible for me. Like I just didn't know where to start. I didn't know how to even go about, you know, starting that. So this whole entire process has been eye opening.

Dave: So you needed that you needed that that that start that both the high level dynamics in but you also needed the mechanics and is that what you found as you were going through even initially the challenge?

Kate: Yeah, moments. Yeah. The aha moments were okay. That's how you you, you get somebody to the point of trusting you, and then they're listening to you and they're, they're, they're, they're going on your recommendations because you've now you've now created a path for them to see it unfold and I didn't know how you went from a to b. Online, to show people that, you know, and I do think too, you know, TikTok has been a huge I mean, it's been a huge way to really get people to listen in real time so, you know, those two things combined. I think we're just what I needed, you know?

Dave: Have you tuned in and listened to other people like how much I know you're a busy mom, which is the busiest job in the world. Have you had time also to kind of tune in to the community and listen to other stories? And if so, how has that been a part of your journey?

Kate: I tried to tune in when I can 10 8:10am his playground outside, you know, we're doing that kind of stuff. So what I'll do a lot of times, I'll just put it on my phone I'll listen. And it's incredible to me how many regular people have found your program and been successful with changing their lives in this way. And I take from it that these are regular people. They have regular jobs or they are stay at home moms, they're trying to figure out how to not pay for daycare. Daycare is like two mortgage payments. It's crazy. And so I think for moms a lot there's this Okay, do I go out and get the job and my whole entire paycheck goes towards daycare and I'm missing out on that. Time like is or do we bite the bullet and go down to one income home and struggle. And it doesn't have to it doesn't have to be that way I'm seeing now. It doesn't have to be?

Dave: Yeah, yeah, that's fine. Thank you for that. Well, thanks for taking the info and running with it and coming back and telling us how it applies in the real world in your wet in in your life because that's what completes this whole thing if I was just ranting and raving it No, everybody was listening, but nobody was applying it all be just kidding. None of it would be as powerful. It's like, it's like a marriage. It's like a relationship. It takes two people you know, one who's speaking in teaching and sharing and one who's listening and applying. So yeah, this is really amazing. And I think this is such a big deal for your speaking in such plain language today, up to two people's real life problems I saw yesterday a post by somebody who is a friend of mine and that's what hurts and he's like is that does anybody pay a living wage and people were like, well, this place is hiring and this place is hiring. And he's like, you know, that's that's they don't pay enough money for me to be able to survive, you know, basically, and, and I just thought Damn, you know that you know, because in America here we've we've also had massive the cost of living cost of living inflation. Inflation has gone up 6% With no with no. Raises. Well, no. Well, yeah, inflation is something that's like a natural phenomenon that takes off and there's Yeah, just getting the government to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour is literally like pulling teeth. But who wants I mean, yeah, it's like, who wants to be, you know, in that position, right. It's like, want to be there, you know? And so, I just had mixed feelings when I saw this guy's post because here he was, and I felt empathy for him. And I felt terrible for him because I know he's got children. And on the other hand, I said, we have a choice and I just thought about why I started as an entrepreneur. Like I don't get into that preachy anymore. I used to when I was young, and I had less empathy. I was just, I was just dumber, you know, honestly, and I was like an entrepreneur. just pounding the table, but, I mean, the truth is, is that everybody's not cut out for this. You know, everybody's in it. Mostly. It's like mentally it's not physically. Like, yeah, it's like being a parent. I mean, it's like, out for that mentally. You know what I mean, but I'm working on it. 

Kate: Yeah, that's an unfolding thing every day. That's like, yeah, it's gonna happen today. We're gonna find out.

Dave: Exactly. Sometimes my motto is just keep the kids alive.

Kate: Yes, that's it. Yeah, we survived today. That's a big thing. Yeah, they want to do that. My second is, I don't know if it's seriously a second child. thing. I never thought it was but man, he fits the mold. He is. He is wild. And I also was like, you know, I started making TikToks about the ER visits. How am I gonna pay for ER visits? You know, we're gonna have three boys. Someone's gonna break an arm. And I've got to figure out a way to.

Dave: My son, I've got an 11 month old he likes to ride around in this little kind of heart. It's because it gives them more freedom. He can stand up in it. As he's being pushed Well, anyways, he's never fallen out of it while we were moving. But the other day, we were standing still and he just reached over to get something in, literally just toppled or right over. Boom, hit this head. And I'm talking about leaving a mark.

Kate: Yeah. Yeah. And it's terrifying as a parent because you had moments like that were like, Well, how did that happen? Like what I've never had I know.

Dave: Well, and we were contemplating taking them to the emergency room. Yeah, I know. And going back to your comment about how am I going to pay for that? I mean, thankfully today because of this business, it's that's that's not a concern, but I can remember when I can remember as if it was yesterday when it was and when one medical bill would wipe our entire family with damn near we'd have to decide do we want to have a home or do we want to pay this medical bill? And I think we can all relate to robbing Peter to pay Paul shuffling around bills like how can they get away with not paying the electric bill?

Kate: Yeah. And you know what? I have friends whose parents are in their 60s and are still doing that. And I said to myself, I don't want to be in my 60s still doing that. I don't, I don't want to do that. But the only way you're gonna change that is if you dive into something and you make it work, like I don't know, like, you know, I went I went to college. I got my second psychology degree, right. I think the first two years of college were like, incredible for the experience because I was out on my own. I had a party and hung out. It was a great experience. But then all of a sudden, they're like, What do you wanna do with your life? And you're like, Well, you didn't really talk to me about that at first. The first year I was there. And I didn't realize that, you know, I really need my masters to do what I want to do with this degree. And then babies happened and life happens and you know, it's just, it adds up and I'm paying on student loans. That I've not gotten that return on so.

Dave: We're so quick to call some courses online a scam and I don't mean you are we're me, but like, you know society.

Kate:  Yeah, but like I was, I was skeptical. If you're not skeptical. I think that you might be too naive. You should have a little bit of skepticism. But you have to do your own research and based on the research you do, either decide you're going to try it out, go for it or you're going to continue to think that things are a scam and not not progress.

Dave: But we go into college because it's been pounded. Into us since we were a little kid with zero skepticism, right? Nobody. I feel like there's a little bit of manipulation. Maybe more than a little bit of like, like, yeah, just like manipulation. And it's like a systemic problem. Because there are some people who need to go to college and in your case, to work with people if you end up ever being a therapist, now that you're doing this, which you know, who knows. But yeah, to work with people's emotions and their hearts and their trauma, or work on somebody's physical body. There are things that yes, I would like you to have like eight to 12 years of college. But like for every single kid coming out of high school, and their kids who literally feel shame, like they Oh yeah, game because they don't go to college. They didn't get a scholarship or whatever. And

Caroline Okay, so we have Duke, UNC and NC State. When you go to high school around here, where are you going to college is the question. It's not, are you? So I get that

now. How do we transition to this place now? When is the world going to catch up? You know, because it's such a, you know, in my opinion, it's such a broken system. We need to be talking to kids, as the kids are already finding this out, quite frankly, nowadays. I don't even think it's probably going to be a natural evolution. Because kids already know you can make money online and build a business because, I just talked to a 20 year old this weekend. And I never met her before we just started talking and she brought up ecommerce and all these other things. And that's already out there for that age group. Like they already don't need to do anything. Like I know it's not it's not going to be some, you know, 86 year old senator who's going to come and it's right. It's a natural evolution. That's just gonna happen. 

Kate: Yeah, yeah, they're already seeing it. They're already I know, I know. 1920 they're in college and they're, they're making this money while they're involved. Like they're not bartending, you know, I mean, they're there. They're in their dorms like, yeah, flipping sneakers or whatever.

Dave: Yeah, I have a kid down. The street. He's in college now. But he's started and he found a product. He's been pushing the product and he's making it. I mean, it's crazy. It's crazy. He didn't mean as normal looking at him as we're like, like spending our last money on diapers.

Kate: We talk about diapers. Oh my god, like another mortgage.

Dave: I know. I know in our let's just not. I just wasn't happy that I have, you know, some money coming in and have saved a lot of money from this business and all that because it's expensive. As shit to just live the American dream. You know what I mean? Just have kids in a house. Without a picket fence. You know what I mean? It's only expensive. It's only getting out of home. Just think about the folks' homes here where I live. have a single family like two bedrooms, one bath or three to like, if you want to really really live it up. We're talking it used to be 200 ish 250 It is now four to 450 Yeah, like that is a starter home now and there's a lot of people who believe that it's not going back. So I mean, it's kind of like it's kind of like the price keeps going up. And you it's like we can either sit around and complain about how prices are going up and think it's a bubble and wait for it to come back down. Or we can roll the dice because this may be the new bottom. You know what I mean? Like this may be the new bottom for us to live the American dream. And the longer that you wait to get that income cranking and build that business that is that cash cow for you. The longer you're rolling the dice on potentially not being able to buy that home and start that family or grow your family. If that's the position you're in then we can talk about all the other facts of luxury items and keeping and maintaining like now you've got the house now you got the kids but now you have to maintain it. Like it never ends. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah. When your AC breaks down or you need a new car or whatever, right.

Kate: It's like it's happened. 

Dave: Yes, no, I I know. I know that we live in Florida. You know when this AC goes out down here it's hell it's an actual hell like. So, where have you and you seem like I can imagine that. That it's not been incredibly difficult, but that's my assumption for you. Talk to us about some of the challenges and about how you found comfort in creating content. How have you become comfortable with it or are you not comfortable with it yet?

Kate: So I've gotten more comfortable riding a bike like once you do it a bunch of times it becomes second nature a little bit. So the content making has actually come a lot easier. But it took me a full month to get used to like, you know, like I over analyze every video that had to be perfect, you know, and now it's just like, people just want to hear your message. So, you know, make it fun. The most difficult thing for me was getting over the technical stuff, you know, and it's once you do it like the funnel building and the email autoresponder and once you do it you're like I really did not need to make that much of a big deal about this like it. I just needed to give it the time. Right, I would go in and I would start and I would be like now I’ll tomorrow and instead of just just sitting down and doing it, right so that that's one thing I wanted to get across is like, I think that my my business changed to once I once I actually created my email sequence and set that up. Right, I didn't do that for a while. I actually just just, you know, put my funnel out. And so that's the biggest advice I kept telling myself like, you're not going to be successful until you go the full route. You know, you got to set this up, you gotta do it. And so once I did that, it also became more personal to, you know, when I started getting emails from people, I was actually starting to help them right because they had access to me now. That wasn't just TikTok. It was we're emailing now and I have a problem with this. And I would say Oh, I had that same problem. This is what I did to fix it or this is what I did. The beauty about this business is there's so many different everyone's at different levels right and it just depends on where you want to go with it. How much time you have to put into it and what time you want to put into it. And so for me, it's just been like a slow build up until it became like, let's go and now I'm like crankin now.

Dave: You said a lot of important things. But a couple that I heard that I just want to hit on are. I didn't I didn't really. It really didn't take off until I kind of took ownership and just said, Hey, I'm going to personalize this to me, right because until you do that you I feel like you just have like this cookie cutter thing that's just like business in a box. You know how there's some assholes out there who want to sell up your business or budget you get it in it's literally just, you know, it's there's no it's not yours. You know what I mean? It's not yours, right? And it's nice to use templates. But to write and put your own spin or Spiel or personality or some of your story in there is literally when it's your business when you both feel more ownership. over it but also begins to take off because people identify it feels more personal feels more real, right? It's not just generic. Me too. I've seen this before. It's the wow this is this person's personal story that they're more interesting. And it's not because of their personality or whatever. Like somebody who's thinking will ever beat a person. It's like when somebody reads an email and they start getting stuff that's more personalized to you. It just feels different. And I think when we talk about the show over again, you hear students and clients here saying, Well, you got to just just I just decided to be more real. Well, I think this is a practical example of that. It's not just how I'm showing up on video or whatever, but it's also taking that ownership and just kind of doing the best you can write. I mean, I assume Kate you're not considering yourself at this point. A world class copywriter. You just took a stab at it and probably were like, Wow, that's pretty good, right? Kate: Yeah, exactly. And you know what, the only thing I can do from here is keep working. on it and keep building it and keep getting better. That's it. I started right. When you start you have a baseline, your foundation. So now there's no going before that. It's just going forward. Yeah. And I think that people just want to relate a lot and when you and, and there's so many different ways to relate to people. You know, like I don't have a construction background. I have no idea what that work is like, but I know my toddler is having a tantrum when my baby is screaming and how hard that can be. So like people just want to relate and I think when you and I actually posted a video about this the other day. People that are on you're doing this are making theirs real, this is a real result because they're putting the work in. Just find the person you relate with and go with them. You know, don't skip around to a bunch of a bunch of things. Stick with what's proven and what you like, and you can relate to it.

Dave: Yeah, follow less people for inspiration. Right? I mean, is that kind of what you're saying?

Kate: I think you get confused when you're, you're you're watching all these different people. And you're you're you're you're you're you're watching all these different even business models, right because there's business models, when you decide that you're going to go with the one, you know, stick with the one and then follow one or two people that are doing well. You know, like don't get overwhelmed with all the opinions from so many other things.

Dave: I think that's a massive God, this is everything. I mean, I actually think what you just said there's been so many things in this episode that are that are powerful and I'm glad people are hearing you say but this what you just said, has so much power and importance. Okay and let me give you an example of how this applies to my life. I have just as many options to follow people and to get into things as anybody else. Okay, and with all of the newest hottest trends like what cryptocurrency is doing, these new NFT's all these new stock trading bots and all this kind of stuff that's come out. You know, there's just as many get rich quick gimmicks and even get rich quick maybe, maybe get rich quick opportunities and things that come across my you know, my desktop every single day just as everybody else. And interesting people to follow in terms of workout fitness, interesting people to follow in terms of right, it's so easy to hit that follow button and it's so hard to hit that unfollow button. But I have for example, in the area of streams of income I have I have two ways in which I invest my money. I invest in real estate and I invest in the stock market. I have some other things that I do to kind of hold money like maybe buy some watches or whatever I buy the right ones so they hold their value but my investment strategy is very simple. I don't own a single piece of crypto, I don't own a single NFT. I don't own any of this new stuff or do any of this New Age stuff that's coming out that would require me to kind of start my learning curve all over again. Right then, invest tons of time and probably even money to learn that thing. Why? Even though I see people all the time saying you know, Bitcoin and Sheba coin and Doge coins go into or NFT's these little you know, I just weighed 200,000 on a JPEG you know, like all that stuff. Even though I see it, I ignore it all. Why? Well, some people might be saying, well, you could make money off of that day. Why wouldn't you make money in anything? That you possibly can because of focus, because I understand that there's always more to the game than what initially meets the eye. And I understand if I want to become good I want to become an expert. I want to make real money at that. I need to really invest time now. Some of you guys know that I like wristwatches there, I have spent an incredible amount of time learning which ones hold their value in which ones don't. That's kind of a hobby for me. It's not really a business. I'm not in it to make money. But my point is, every single thing that you do is going to require work and timing for me. I have blinders on some of the things that I do if I unfollow people. I unfollow people on Instagram. I unfollow people on Facebook. I unfollow people for 20 tweets, to the tune of 1000s of people on my personal Facebook page because I go on there because we have Facebook groups and stuff. I unfollow people to the tune of 1000s because I didn't want to slosh through other bullshit to be able to get to a post from a friend that I liked or to get to one of my groups right. I unfollow people on Instagram. I don't have a big following like, TikTok I'm personally not. This is my content strategy right here and doing the show every day. So I'm not there constantly. Now Matt is our CMO. He's researching how we run ads there. But my point is what you just said about focusing and only following a couple of people's fitness. Okay, I'm interested in one fitness guy right now who is inspirational to me and who has this kind of ancestral approach to diet and workout and that's interesting to me, and it works for all the gym rats. That I could do following who have you know, they're posting their workouts and stuff. Look, that tip gets overwhelming because before you know it, I've got 15 or 20 different guys saved in their workouts saved in my thing, and it's just where do I even start and then you shut down

Kate: Because now you're overwhelmed. And I don't even know where to go because I've gotten all these different opinions and all these different, you know, you know, strategies, instead of just saying, Okay, I like this and I'm going with this.

Dave: Yeah, you have more ideas than you realize. And I'm speaking to everybody who would just be within your head already via the training that you've already gone through. Like a lot of us we wake up like if anything, what if you're if you think that you need to follow a bunch of people and be taking in tons of information every day because that's giving you ideas. Look, just from now on just talk, just start jotting down ideas. Like whenever you have a video idea for tic toc or something, jot it down. That's what I did and here's the other cool thing. Keep a notepad and a pen that's old fashioned or a no. Every time you're thinking or doing something, write down an idea and you say you do that.

Kate: I have a little pink notebook that is my affiliate marketing notebook. And I've had it from the very beginning and I started using it for Okay. These are three ideas that I want to get out today or tomorrow, whatever, I draft a lot of videos and then the content behind them. I've already written now and I am old school like you know my husband's constantly like would you use your phone for your calendar and I'm like I mean a real calendar. I need to like writing it so I don't know if that strategy works for me.

Dave: Cool. Yeah, well listen, you've you've aside from your parenting goals and visions in doing work inside of the parenting niche you also have a make money online niche and we've we've given everybody your TikTok handle so they can go in like follow you find you connect with you support you. Listen, I hear you've got the busiest job in the world. Thank you so much for your time today.

Kate: Thank you for having me. Y'all are very motivational. So I really appreciate you having me and continuing to do this. I watched this and I think a lot of people really do and it sends an amazing message and it keeps you motivated. So thank you.

Dave: You know what the biggest secret that I have is, it keeps me motivated. You know what I mean? Yeah, and that's an interesting kind of choice. Is it a dichotomy? Irony? Is it what you know, whatever it is, I'm a ninth grade dropout. I go with big words sometimes. But my point is, is that, you know, a lot of times we're waiting for somebody else to help us in our business, like who I need that special mentor. And it's like, the best way that I've learned to help in order to get help is to help others. And I learned that in recovery, right. I was like, How do I make this recovery thing work? Like how do I stay sober? Back in 2008? Somebody, one of my sponsors or some I can't remember who like so many people say this. I've heard it all over, but they were like, go find somebody to help. Stop making it all about you. Right, stop needing to stop being somebody that always helps you. And you know what, because it's never going to be enough. Go find somebody to help. And it'll just be your world. 

Kate: You're gonna say that right? And you're like, okay, but then once you start doing it, you're like, Oh, I get it. I get it. Even with starting affiliate marketing, like I'm helping people. I'm not a genius with this. I don't I don't, I'm a beginner. And I'm finding that well, while helping others it is helping me to help others better. Right, because like, I'm getting feedback from people. That was really helpful. Good. Good to know. Thank you for letting me know. You know, that's the biggest thing. That's huge. 

Dave: Yeah, well tell Wes. We said hello as well. 

Kate: Well, he's watching the children right now. I might not be back for a while.

Dave: Good luck with it all. Let me know how we can help and I can keep you posted every couple of months on your journey if you would, because I enjoy talking to you. Well, thank

you so much. It was really nice talking with you guys.

Kate: And thank you for having me. It was amazing. Thanks for everything.

Dave: Stay Legendary, see ya. Alright my friends, fun conversation. Great person. Definitely, definitely right that diamond is starting to shine, but she's a diamond in the rough that's gonna grow and grow and grow and it'll be fun to watch her journey. Be a part of it, support her and learn from her. Remember I say this every day. How do we support each other? Well, it's not that hard, right? And you get out of the universe or whatever you want to, however, focus on who you want to get but I believe you get back what you put out right? So go in support and share how we support each other. We like each other's stuff. We comment on each other's stuff. We know we connect and we send somebody a message. It's not always like hey, how can you help me but hey, that video your contents really rockin Keep up the good work, right? I mean, those are the things that I would encourage you folks on how to support each other it just raises your vibrations, man. You know what I mean? It'll raise the level of attraction that you have, right, that Attractor Factor about you. So once again, Kate, fantastic message, great conversation, give her a follow. Show her some support. And yeah, we'll be back here tomorrow for another episode of Wake Up Legendary. Get outta here. Peace.