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Sara: Hey!

Matt: Indiana, right? 

Sara: Yes, from Indiana.

Matt: Cool. And you've been on the show a couple times. Is that right?

Sara: Yes. This is my third. I'm very grateful. dang cool.

Matt: That's super cool. Okay, well, welcome back. I feel like I was. I feel like I've interviewed you once. 

Sara: You were the first one to interview me.

Matt: Okay, cool. Cool. Cool.

Matt:  So you found Legendary. A while back, it's been a long time. But like, nine months ago or something, maybe?

Sara: Yeah, I found you guys back in August of 2021.

Matt: Okay, for people who haven't seen you yet. Haven't met you. Bring us into your world a little bit. How did you find Legendary? What sort of brought you to search out legendary or find Legendary and what's the last nine months been like?

Sara: So how I found Legendary was on TikTok. An older woman around my mom's age had a bunch of content saying that she was able to quit her nine to five job, started her own business. And I thought for sure this was a scam and I'm like, Okay, well, she's either lying and I'm gonna lose $7 Or she's actually right and I could change my life. And at the time, the company I was with was Maverick transportation. I was a fleet manager for them and we were all sent home to work from home during COVID. And then they decided to bring us back into the office two days a week in July, and that lasted for a month because then COVID hit again and then we were all sent back home, but that one month I was in there for two days a week and a cubicle again. I thought I was in jail. I was like, there's gotta be a better way to live. I was looking around and I'm like, There's no way I can be bored. 3540 years old and still doing the same job with the same people in the same space that you can't breathe and you can't listen to music. You can't get up and move and I was like, Okay, there's more to life than what I've been told my entire life. So then I just dove in and took action and now I'm literally living such a beautiful great life. I didn't know I could be so happy.

Matt:  That's super cool. And I also echo that like just a stuffy cubicle thing. It's funny because I feel like everybody's got a taste. Yesterday on the show  we were saying how you know for the last like, eight years or 10 years or whatever. Everybody's made fun of him because he worked from home or he had like this, this work from home thing. And everybody's like, Oh, he doesn't even have a real job. And now everybody's like, got a taste of it. And they're like, I'm not going back to it, it is horrible. Which is like it's such a disruption in the way people think about work and in the way that we're working. Yeah, that's so interesting. It's so you have this you have this fleet job. You go through the challenge. You basically started your business as a shift or trend. I mean, you didn't fully shift because you were still doing this in your spare time. But finding the time to do that and then also was the shift to becoming a content creator, like a business owner, like a lot different than a job? How did that have some entrepreneurial characteristics in your personality? Or was it like, hard, easy? What was it like?

Sara: So to create content and start I was very nervous about it at first because I never really used social media at all. I was somebody who didn't have a TikTok until I started with legendary. didn't post on Instagram never really went on Facebook, just kind of like an observer more than a producer which I then became so I switched from being a consumer on social media to producing and that helped me because you can get a lot of negative feedback or credit critiques when you start posting your personal stuff on social media. So taking a step back and realizing like this is for my future. This is for my business like I'm not using it for personal use anymore. So I was very when I went on social media, I was on it and then was off. You know, I wasn't scrolling and looking at other people like I was on there for a specific purpose. And once that purpose was satisfied, I would jump off you know, I wasn't trying to be wrapped up in what everybody else was doing. I knew what my focus was and I did it and then I would, you know, give myself a break.

Matt:  Cool, cool, super cool. And in your like in your experience of going through, we'll see you when you went through all of our stuff you went through. You went through the basic the 15 Day Challenge and then you also went through our blueprints and then from so basically for the last nine, or let's say seven, eight months, something like that. You've just been going at it and grinding. What are some lessons that you've learned since the beginning in August? And like what are some hurdles that you've overcome? And like cuz cuz everybody thinks kind of, like, you know, you know, I'm not gonna make a big income claim here, but you've made well over $10,000 online, and that's super cool. And most people don't honestly, like, I'll just give the full disclaimer like most people don't even get close to that. Most people. A lot of people don't even start the training. But that's just real in all of life. It's just true. But it is true of our training. Not everybody really implements things. Not everybody is committed and consistent right and but you've done that, I'm sure over the last like eight months, there's been a lot of learning lessons like what would what takeaways Have you had what's been easy? What's been hard?

Sara: So my biggest thing that I preach is consistency plus action equals results. If you can sit especially when you're first starting, like the biggest hurdle is to start like just get over your fear. If you got to be comfortable being uncomfortable. And once you step out into your uncomfortable zone, that's when the growth starts. And then you're consistent you know, when I first started, I was posting three times a day on Tik Tok and then once I had enough content to have backups for to create new content on Tik Tok, I would use my old content and repurpose it on Instagram. So it was that I was always a step ahead on one social media platform versus another one. So that helped me in the beginning and I still utilize that a hurdle that I faced was back in December I went life changes like I quit my job in December to focus on my business and you know, pardon my French but shit hit the fan personally for me, so I thought for sure like okay, this is when I'm gonna grind this is what I'm gonna, you know, scale up and rocket, you know, go from 10,000 to like, 20 30,000 and, you know, whatever we believe in, but God had a different plan. For me. And so I took a step back from my business, I did not have the mental capacity to continue to learn and put one foot step in front of the other. I had to focus on myself personally, I got my mind right. So now I'm like, okay, here I am in my new place. I'm ready to go. And then boom, this opportunity falls into my lap and I'm like, Okay, I'm on the right path here yet, but during that whole entire time, I was still doing stuff but I wasn't doing it as much as I was like, I wasn't creating content once a day for like five hours because I'm the type of person that I like to just sit down do it all and then I'm fine for like a week and then I don't have to worry about it for like six days. So I put a halt on that. And I found that all the content I had already had was still working for me like I was still making Commission's and my system was still up and running when I was literally not even touching it. And I was like, wow, this is why I committed. This is why this works. And if you just start and you're consistent, especially in the beginning, you will get results if you're taking action. Bottom line. I don't care who you are, what you're doing if you take the time to learn these marketing skills, because people don't understand that like yes, what I learned was through a course but the course taught me it's kind of like school. You know, I paid to sign up for this program. I went through the program, learned it and then benefited from it like I'm making money online. I didn't know that that was even a thing not many years ago. And here I am able to quit my career job because of Legendary Marketer. I'm very grateful like anybody that's watching I highly recommend.

Matt:  Totally, totally super cool. I feel like there's just this element of you speaking with a lot of certainty and I think that that's a big testament to your success. Because there's a level of when somebody who's done something you want to do speaks to you with certainty. And it's a clarity, you know, consistency. What did you say consistency plus action equals results? Yes. Yeah. And I think that sometimes when people start, they get into that first week or two, and they don't start seeing results yet. And their expectation is sort of off in terms of like, what does consistency and action mean? Like how long are we talking? You know what I mean? They're kind of like, okay, great. Yeah. Well, I could do something consistent over 10 years and yeah, but like, I don't know if I want to wait 10 years, you know, as we're I think other people are like, Okay, if I really knew that after 60 days of being consistent and taking action every day, that I was gonna get a result. I can do that. I can do that. But it's the degree of certainty, right? And so what I've found, and I've done a little mind hack that's similar to this but what I found is that if I if I sort of imagined or I put this expectation that it will come, it will happen, the results will be there and it's a guarantee. I take a lot more action, and I act differently. I think of one example when I was first getting started online, a good mentor of mine did this thing as training and he called it the millionaire. What did he call it? The million dollar day? Okay, so basically, what it was is you would create, in the days leading up to your million dollar day you would create an exercise. You create a huge list of everything around your house or your health around your mental emotional health. around your yard, or maybe your backyard or whatever it is, but all of this stuff that you've been wanting to fix light bulbs and you know, your water heaters, like for the last month and constantly acting up, right? So all these things that are linked during and building up this sort of pile of, of anxiety, I guess, like things that are just like, oh my gosh, my closets are full of crap and all this stuff, and you would accomplish it in one day. You take the day off work or you do it on a Saturday. And the bargain or agreement is okay if I'm able to do this. I will make a million dollars. I got a million that's my prize right and it's not in reality. I don't have a million dollars to get myself but the thought is that in conjunction with all of that accomplishment, and in conjunction with ridding yourself of all of that baggage. The result is that over time you relieve all of that baggage from your mind and body and all from your energy. And over time that releases a creative fuel for entrepreneurs and this was a training for entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. That's everything. That's your livelihood. That's your business. That's your ability to make a million dollars if that's your goal, whatever it is is fun exercise. And I've done this a couple times and the amount of things that you can accomplish, but also it helped me. It helped me really go after it and make decisions and act fast and I sort of transformed that day into a different person. And it reminds me of what you're talking about with this sort of consistency in action with a degree of certainty behind it. Because I think when people see it as like, this is a certainty. This isn't a if maybe it could be whatever. If you're able to sit down and believe with certainty that your consistency and action over time will result in what you want. Whether that's to make money online or to whatever. It'll work. It'll happen and you'll transfer you'll literally become a different person, you will function differently and you'll be like, Yeah, I didn't know like, I didn't know I could do this. That's like why we get people on this show like you and Don yesterday who's 78 because there's an element of which people are almost shocked by their own accomplishments. Their own ability to like to do something they never had imagined. Maybe you didn't even know a year ago that this was possible, more or less that you can do it. Which is super cool. Sorry, I'm rambling but it made me think of how confidence and certainty changed things for people.

Sara: Yeah, absolutely. I was listening to a podcast yesterday because we were talking about how people you know, if you're not consistent Oh, like in 60 days, you know, maybe even a year, but we as a society are so used to or think that things just pop into existence right then right now like if we don't get our cup of coffee from Starbucks in five minutes, like, Oh, we're bad or if our Amazon package is a daily God forbid, like, the whole world is falling like the world never used to be that way. You know, it was a grind like you wouldn't like our parents, our grandparents, like we would walk to school in the snow, like you know that we're not in that age anymore. But just because it doesn't happen with the snap of a finger doesn't mean it's not going to work. Like if you quit. Well, then obviously you're never gonna get to where you could have been like, you could be here and here's the line. of success and you're like quitting right here. It's like, well, you know, failing. That's not even a thing. If you just consistently continue to work on yourself and all areas of life, then you're gonna go this way. I mean, if you stop and you're just always in your own comfort zone. You're never growing. And that's why like, yes, my original goal was Okay, does this work? Like am I really going to make money online and now that I know that it works, my goal is like, Okay, how many people can I truly help change like, this is a mindset this is a way of living. This is not just like here I am making money online and I'm free myself from the job of, you know, the American dream. No, my dream is to help as many people as I possibly can get out of what we are programmed to be because that is not a dream. I don't know who ever was born it's like oh, yeah, I was born to work until I'm 65 years old. 40-60 hours a week for somebody else. So they make a bunch of money and I get two weeks of vacation. Whoo. Like I'm ready. I want to stop working by the time I'm 3035 Maybe but even then I was getting bored with the time I had on my hands like I got myself a part time job. So I could go out into society again and socialize because I can and because, you know, why not? I don't have kids. I don't have two dogs. You know, I don't have that much. responsibility at home so I needed something that wasn't the bar wasn't you know, going out and spending you know money to go so a huge thing for me that I've learned too is like how much connection people are losing the give and take of working from home.

Matt:  Totally, totally. And also. Oh, yeah. And also on top of that. What just came to mind too is like, I think all of that happens, all of that process and everything as cool as that all sounds. For all of us. It happens in this very real way. Like, like you were just talking before we got on about working part time at a boutique so you can actually socialize. Like, I just feel like people while I loved that. I saw that in your questionnaire too. And why I loved that was I thought like, you know, the point of this whole like online business thing is mostly just freedom, right? Like money, but that leads to freedom. And I felt like I was like you know, there's like cool boutiques and like people who are actually cool business owners that are kind of fun to work for sometimes. Sometimes, and and but like you can do what you enjoy. That's the whole point, like it is being able to have a degree of freedom that feels internally Right. and it's like, I feel happy. You know, maybe happiness is the goal, but also just like the ability to sort of look around and be like, What do I actually want to do? You know, and I think that's just super powerful like, I loved that example. And I loved how real and relatable it is because I think most people in our community are like, that's what we're what people are doing like we're hanging out, you know, whether we're working one job or two jobs or I think that's the reality for most sort of freelance digital marketers is figuring out how many jobs am I going to work? How am I going to fit in my side hustle, take my kids to wherever take care of my dogs and get them walks every day. And, and sometimes people are like, oh, man, when you quit your job, it's like, it's like, you know, it's a binary thing. It's like one or the other. And I think the reality is like, it's a little more messy than that and sometimes people are like, well, if I'm still working a job, I'm a failure, you know, but the truth is, is like not it's not like that. It's more like life is really long. It's sort of a journey of exploration of self and of income and of money and lifestyle. And anyway, I just I don't know if I felt inspired or what the word is, but I was just kind of like thing that's cool, that people are just kind of going from and that this online thing you know like that you could not post for a month or a couple of weeks or something and just like hey, that thing is still that system still going like still moving still shaking. You know, I think that's super cool. That's like my favorite part about the online world and online spaces like I when I first came online, I heard this guy talking about how he used to go sell vacuums door to door and then he discovered the internet and realize that the internet is basically like he has a million of him walking around neighborhoods all around the world while he's like you know, taking a bubble bath or on the golf course or something, you know, and he's got these little clones, and it's his pieces of content. It's his ads that are just doing all of the legwork for him selling everything that he's used to selling. We live in a pretty wild time, I would say.

Sara: Yeah, it's a great time like the world is changing but we can be the change for the better. Like if not who is not you who If not now When like I always say that. I just don't. People just need to get on board and believe in themselves. They need something to believe in and dig deep and you'll find it in yourself for sure.

Matt: Totally, totally. For everybody who is new to the challenge. Take yourself back all the way back to being new to the challenge for somebody who's newer. To legendary marketer newer to our challenge. What would you say to that person who's feeling out the challenge feeling out like could I do this? Is this really possible? And that's kind of a lot of types of questions like a little bit skeptical. Could I really do this? What would you say? to that person who's watching this show right now?

Sara: I would say if you are looking to start or you've thought about it, thought about it, like just do it. Start now. This is the only moment that we really truly have like you can say, Oh, I'm going to start next week or I'm going to start next month or I'm going to do it in the summer when my kids are on vacation or off school. Like what if you aren't able to even make it that far, like we aren't even guaranteed 10 minutes from now. Seriously? So start right now because that's all we really truly have, like give yourself that you deserve that and if I can do it, you can do it. If the people that are on this show daily with Matt and Dave can do it. So can you like it if not, I just You got to believe in yourself. I can sit here all day long and say yes, you can do it. If you believe in yourself and you put your nose grind and you learn anybody can do it but they ultimately have to believe in themselves and once they turn their fears into a drive and a vision that they can actually succeed and do something more than what they thought they ever could then they'll be able to and the challenge is 15 days long. I think the first video is maybe 15 minutes like you could do that before you go to work after you go to work during your lunch break before you go to bed. Just listen. That's all you gotta do is listen to somebody else and learn. Take some notes if you feel the need and just start. That's what I would say. Because you won't you will always say like oh well what if well, what if this changes your life? You'll never know if you don't try?

Matt: Totally, totally agree and be consistent and take action. And that's the theme and cool, Sarah. Thanks for coming back on the show a third time.

Sara: Fourth time for having me It's such an honor I seriously I'm very grateful.

Matt: Oh of course. Thanks for taking time out of your day.

Sara: Thank you.

Matt: Alright, we'll see you on the fourth one. Is this the best place for people to find you?

Sara: Yes, that is the best place.

Matt: I love it. Cool. Sarah, have a good Wednesday. Thanks for coming on.

Sara: Thank you. You too. Hey, everybody.

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