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Below Is The Transcription For This Episode: 

Matt: Hey everybody. Happy Friday welcome in, it’s 10am Eastern, we're live. This is totally live pre recorded. We do these every single Monday through Friday Live. My name is Matt. I'm guest hosting for Dave today, and we're here for Wake Up Legendary. And I'm just pumped we've got an awesome guest, I've never met her, but we're just gonna, we're gonna dive in and sort of explore her world and her journey of getting started in the online space and it's always an interesting conversation, you never know what's coming, and I'm excited to sort of see what comes up during the conversation so if you are here live with us. Let me give me a little comment let me know that you're here live with us, and we're going to get rockin, I'm going to bring in Chrissy right now. How are we doing?

Chrissy: Good! 

Matt: All the way up from Jersey. How's your morning so far?

Chrissy: Pretty good, I have to excuse myself if you hear a dog in the background. I have a nine week old boxer and I tried to run them around this morning so she'd be quiet.

Matt: It's all good, I like my eight year old Westie just chillin right next to me. There's a, there's a decent chance that if the mailman, or somebody the landscape person or something comes by she loses her mind. Exactly. You know, it is what it is. Exactly. So, we've never met before. We met one minute ago, two minutes ago. Tell us a little bit about you and bring us back right so, So that we get the full context of why you came online, tell us a little bit about, you know the different jobs that you've worked in sort of what that did to you, or, or how that made you feel and and where you're at now.

Chrissy: Okay, so I was a bartender. A 911 dispatcher, and I do nails in a salon, but I don't have nails because I hate nails but I do that. So COVID hit, and obviously lost the job at the salon bartending was out of the picture, And then I was still doing the 911 Dispatch but even our hours there actually got reduced so I downloaded a TikTok because I was bored at home, and I found a person Dawn Sargent and I kept following her and kept following her. And she really. I love her, I love Dawn Sargent and she's, you know, really a great mentor. So I didn't take action until a year later, and I had gone back to work, obviously didn't go back to bartending I went back to the salon, and even in the salon like I've lost a lot of clients because they were still scared to come back, I was like, Alright, I gotta do something and I always, I've always been intrigued with the whole making money online, but I just didn't know how to do it. So, One year later, I went, continuing following a couple different people Amanda's mentoring Don Sargent. And I said, I'm doing this, I'm going all in. I'm going to see how this starts and it's funny because I had talked to my coach one day and I said, Listen, I can make $500 a month doing this that would be great and I didn't realize that I would be making more, doing it so I'm really happy about that, and I'm a beginner, I'm still a beginner, I'm still learning. I try to learn something new every single day. But, yeah, that's where it brought me, and I haven't now I haven't gone back to the dispatch job, I haven't gone back to bartending. I'm still working three days a week in the salon, and I'm doing this on the side and hopefully one day I can do it full time and not have to go back to anything.

Matt: So all of your other stuff was sort of pre-COVID Right. Yeah. Is that then a little bit impacted by COVID?

Chrissy: Yeah, well, bartending was definitely impacted on the dispatch, you know, drive. Nobody, nobody was out and about, so it was quiet, it was so quiet, they didn't need as many of us on.

Matt: Yeah, so when interesting so when all that happens and you're sort of like it's, I loved how you put this in, we do a little for those of you who are newer to our show, we don't do a lot of set questions but we do have the guests fill out just a short little brief, like hey here's a little about me and you put something like I want to live a little bit more balanced life, and he said for years you would jump from one job to the next just money chasing right yeah,

believe me I was going, I was working at the salon and leaving the salon at five o'clock and being at my bartending job at six. Yeah, like one, two o'clock in the morning.

Matt: Bartending is not easy. 

Chrissy: Now, the older I listen, I'm 40 years old, and the older you get, you just, you can't deal with people anymore when they, I understand you're coming to the bar, because you have a problem because you just want a drink but listen, I'm just here to get a job, it makes money.

Matt: You sound like you sound like you'd be one of my favorite parts. I like the I like for, no bullshit, bars, and you got the little kind of northeastern Jersey kind of thing going on to do it. In that, in that combination happens it's like okay we're not. If you want shenanigans get out of this bar. Take him. Take him to another place. So, COVID hits, all this stuff, whatever, you're sort of, you're sort of lurking in the background which is also interesting because we get a lot of people who are in our community who will, they're sort of shamed for lurking in the background like hey where are you going to take action, you know, And I always tell people, anything with anything new, there's always this little Limbo or incubation period where you're sort of just, Hey, am I okay with this, am I am I actually going to be happy doing this and that's totally an okay thing. So you jump in, you're like, Hey, maybe I can make 500 bucks a month, we don't make a lot of income disclaimers but you've made more than that, so congratulations you're, you're doing well as an affiliate marketer. What I mean is, when you're on TikTok you're doing things on social media. I mean, okay, ex bartender dispatcher doing all these hustle things. Yeah, what has been hard or was there a big hurdle?

Chrissy: Extremely hard and you know I went so I did, I did work in the salon and did bartending for years and years and years, and then I think I want to go I need to do something I need to do something different I guess I had that like midlife crisis. So, three years ago, four years ago, I took a class to become a 911 dispatcher because in my mind I wanted to help people. I want to help people. I want to get them through hard times. Well, I was a year into dispatching and I said what, What am I doing, what am I doing because society in itself, I mean I don't know about you but do you call the police when there's a bear in your yard, do you call the police when there's a raccoon in your yard. It's like you have to handhold these people and it really is like I'm not helping these people. It just really…and COVID hit and it really puts it in perspective like this isn't what life is all about. I really examined things during the whole COVID And I said I want to do something different. There is something better out there and I've always wanted to help people and doing the police dispatch was not working out. I was getting more aggravated at people. So I said, you know, let me give this a shot and let me learn something, and that way I can help others learn as well and be able to stay at home and make money.

Matt: Oh sorry, I was muted. I said, Yeah, so with you currently and I wanted to I wanted to just, here's the cool part about this show is that I really like about the show but the thing I love about this show has been that people from all different walks of life from all different age groups we've had young 18 year olds we've had. We had a guy on the show who was 81 or 82 at the time, I mean, the huge range. But, you know, particularly like with your following. We've also had people who have had hundreds of 1000’s of followers, and people have had, you know, 1000 followers 2,900 followers, yeah. How about like what's your routine like on TikTok, I just, I just want to hear videos. I just saw one of your, your most recent video or there's like some sort of dog. Oh, it's your new little puppy. Can I pull this open? *plays video*I just saw the little clip with just grabbing your hair. You're having so much, it looks like you're having so much fun with it. What, what's your routine like creating content, how many, how much do you create per day like, how do you get in that rhythm?

Chrissy: I try to create three a day, sometimes even more if I can. And I just, I've been trying to do like one in the Mormon one mid afternoon. One that night, and I will, I noticed something. It's funny how the more you do this, the more you realize like this one tick tock I did, I mean, I think it got 40,000 views, but it was a lot of kids messaging me and I'm like, Okay, that didn't work. So you, you learn as you do these TikTok like okay this is working. This isn't working. But, you know everybody says consistency is key. Consistency is key. Well, since I got this puppy. Obviously, I have been in. Believe me, I could have taken five minutes to do TikTok but between going to work, getting him outside going pee going whoa Come on, let's go, let's vote without I been maybe putting two up a day, and my views have gone down. So, lesson to beginners. Consistency is key. Keep doing it.

Matt: Love it. Yeah. And, and I, so, there's also the bigger I wrote about this last week but the bigger, deeper piece to that too, that a lot of times people miss is what that consistency does this will help you sort of boost and create awareness like this is, it's not just like an online business thing it's like, you want to drive revenue to your pizza place want to drive revenue to your nail sounds whenever, like, like consistency with social media, it just has to be social media right now but maybe it was back in the day consistency with radio ads or TV ads or whatever. Now it's YouTube ads or now it's a tick tock channel or Instagram or whatever, that level of consistency, what happens there is Pete you're, you're literally garnering free attention like Gary Vee always talks about how attention is the commodity, the commodity that's being traded in the world right now on social media that commodity is people's attention. Right so consistency not only gets you in front of eyeballs, but it's also the benefit is it builds a habit. Like It, it, it, you know for 21 days, at least 21 days but I would say, you know, 60 days 90 days, you do that consistently suddenly there's a habit there. Right, there's sort of a reward, tangible reward you've got more followers. Also, you're growing your revenue. Yeah. Does it feel habitual to yet or is it still building?

Chrissy: No it feels habitual now. It feels eventual now I just started learning, you know a little bit about Pinterest and promoting on there as well. Yeah, my next step is going to be, I want to start on YouTube and so, you know, for the beginners out there and I know a lot of people are I don't want to show my face I don't listen. Once you do a couple. You're like, hell yeah I'm going to do some more. I'm going to do another one, I'm going to do another one, it gets easy, and it's just people don't care what you look like half the time my hairs up in abundance all over the place. Just put your face out there, give some people some information and it doesn't work.

Matt: Yeah, it does. And I think the whole, whole piece about like I don't want to show my face, like, the interesting part about this is, over the last couple of months that I don't want to show my face, that's always been a thing, and it always will be. And I actually think it's legit for some people, but it is interesting, because when I then describe or show specific examples of people who have built a full time income without showing their face, people do that, they still won't take action and try to sort of, Oh, that's a great case study I'm going to try that. They won't even try, they won't even go into it because why not? Well, I'm just overwhelmed with maybe the video editing or how do I do voiceover right so then it's like, okay, so the problem again isn't really that it's your face. The problem is really deeper than that. The problem is, you're stuck, and you're unwilling to get unstuck like an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur. I mean it's, it's like, it's like there's a problem, and, and an employee will go to their boss and say, I, I don't know what to do. What do I do as an entrepreneur, can't say that. An entrepreneur is like if I don't fix it. There's literally no one else to fix it. So it's sort of retraining. So, sometimes it's just a simple reframe of like I have to figure this out, the vibe I get from you is I feel sort of that you have that energy, or like, Hey, I've got to figure this out. Oh, this wasn't as bad as I thought.

Chrissy: Yeah, believe me there, there was when I was learning. There were definitely some crying episodes, saying I can't do this, I can't do this. But, you know one thing, a lot of your videos, and I loved how you put that like, Google it. Google it, you can find anything by googling it can answer your questions and it really can, there's a lot of people, and believe me I'm here to help out, however I can. But sometimes, messaging, or I've even had a couple calls with, with people that have gone under me. It's a little hard sometimes to explain it so that's why I just say you don't type this into Google, it will. It'll take you step by step how to do that.

Matt: Right, you know what I started responding to people with it. So what I would do before when people would ask you know how I do ClickFunnels or how do I integrate my autoresponder I used to respond with that, with the AWeber or ClickFunnels link, or whatever, here's the Help link. I respond with a Google link, and it's a link to my search on Google, answer I'll say hey look, here's a quick, you know, type this into Google just like I did hear, and then boom, it spits out the search results so then their brain is like, oh, I can just type that into Google, I don't have to wait a day or two from that to respond to me via email. So it's just a fascinating sort of, you're so right though, that the ability. I don't know how, You know, I think growing up in the internet age helped me but I've you know people who struggle with this skill but I don't know how I figured this out or whatever but I learned to Google search in YouTube everything. And I always just thought, Man, I probably can solve this on my own. Let's just figure this dang thing out, and, and it really helped me build a skill set where now I feel more competent, if there's something I don't know. I feel pretty dang confident I can figure that thing out, doesn't really matter what it is and it's just from one generation to the other. My dad, he was here a couple weeks back. And he said, Yeah, I mean, if I'm out there fixing my motorcycle or fixing my car, I can find just about anything on YouTube. Every model of motorcycle, every car, every brake pad, I mean, there's a tutorial video from some random guy in his garage right. The cool part is that a random guy in his garage is probably making money about my dad watching right which is hilarious right, one of them qriocity What's, what's your, are you getting going on Pinterest are you just kind of feeling out the waters?

Chrissy: I just started creating pins on Canva and guess I'm just testing it out saying I've heard, Pinterest is great, so I'm gonna give it a shot and see how it goes.

Matt: Cool. Yeah, seems like an untapped market we were just talking about that the other day, where there's, you know a lot of noise and energy on TikTok right now and there has been for a while and I feel like there's a secret society on Pinterest you're doing cool and very powerful things on Pinterest so that's cool you have to keep us updated on just how that goes and

Chrissy: Absolutely, yeah I want to start doing some YouTube videos to show all that good stuff.

Matt: Yeah. And what you can do is you can take your TikTok and you can, you know, there's all sorts of tools where you can download those without the Tiktok. Without the TikTok watermark on it. Yep. And, and put them on Instagram reels, put them on YouTube shorts, and be able to leverage content to different platforms before YouTube came out with sports that wasn't really possible. It didn't really make sense, different, different forms of contact, but now it's all sort of function.

Chrissy: But yeah, so and again, you know when I first started learning before I went on, went through dawn, I, I was like let me try doing this through YouTube because you can find everything on YouTube. Yeah, again for beginners and listen. After I took the 15 day challenge, I did go. I still learn from people on YouTube. But, before taking the 15 day challenge I figured, let me go on YouTube, let me try and figure this out on my own. It gets you, because everybody has a different perspective of affiliate marketing. And if you don't know the basis first you're going to get more and more confused. So that's why I tried to tell people through my TikTok like, get your basis down first. And then, you know, go on people's YouTubes and see what everybody else is doing, but trying to learn it from day one. You get so confused. It's very confusing.

Matt: Yeah and that's a good point. And that's, that's part of why like, look, there's me even admit this that Legendary like there's a lot of ways to make money on the internet a lot, we're not the only game and train only business model, but, um, but I will say that, that no matter which one you choose, you should choose to actually learn it and implement it right so it's like for legendary if you if you choose to go through our 15 Day Challenge. You're going to learn a specific business model, high ticket affiliate marketing or high ticket, high ticket Digital freelance marketing, and that's the bit, it's, it's based around information, selling information. And that's sort of our, you know, business model we like to teach because it's what we have experience in as what's worked for us. But there's e commerce there's dropshipping and there's a lot of different things that fit people's needs and desires and sort of quirks, better or differently right and so I think the big piece, sort of like you said is, there's, there's all these scattered pieces out there but if you can find a program or find a community that really fits your needs, fits what you're looking for, stick with that because there's less confusion and there's more clarity.

I think. 

Chrissy: Yeah, I've never tried any e-commerce or anything like that. A couple of years ago I started my own little site called bottles up on Facebook but I was too for extra money, I was taking. I went to school for graphic design so I am an artist. So I was taking wine bottles and painting them and putting little wine cork lights in them. and it really, it took off, it took off, and I was like oh wow I can actually do this as a side business. Well, last Christmas, I got so busy, and then I started shipping. Now, I said. I'm done. I'm only doing it for local people. I'm not shipping anymore. It was too much. Too much. Not for me. But hey, other people are doing it, good for you, I could not do it.

Matt: Yeah. And also, I mean think about just the logistical nightmare that I've done with different shipping types of stuff, more like for actual companies that are shipping their products or retail products, disasters, I mean, UPS, busting packages. Oh yeah, we're not receiving them and just, it's just selling information is so much simpler. So much more straight to the point. Yeah, absolutely and for beginners affiliate marketing, I let me tell you, when I was first winning. No, I would say no this is not easy, but now, looking back, I laugh. It is easy, it is easy to get going and get started there's going to be days, but once you get through them all, you're golden.

Matt: Yeah, and I think, I think the big key the big kicker is, well, yes, I think you're right. I think the word that I tend to use is simple. Like, like, there's a, there's this sort of immediate learning curve. And after that as long as you're sort of really focused and you have good guidance, it becomes more simple, like there's not a lot of complexity to it. What do you do as an affiliate? I drive traffic. That's it. I get people's attention, whether it's social media or paid ads or whatever, and I drive traffic. That's it. I don't do customer service, I don't do support. I don't do refunds, I don't do chargebacks, I don't do merchant accounts, I don't do any of that. Right. And that's a simple business model. Totally. Okay, so there's, I want to let you have the last word, but I want to preface it by saying, there's a lot of people on here, and a lot of people watch this as a replay, and many of them are newer, they're newer to our community but they're also like they're newer to like just the online space like some of them bought our challenge yesterday, some of the purchaser accounts. So like, very new, very fresh, what, like, and you're not all that like, I mean it's not like you're a veteran here, and if you can think back to that day when you're starting out, you're like, I can do this, what would you tell somebody who's newer who's here, who's looking around and it's, you know maybe struggling to take action or or commit or something like that?

Chrissy: Well that's, you know, definitely. As a beginner you doubt yourself all the time you're trying to learn the funnels when you try to learn email autoresponder me, never. I'm not, I'm not a techie person. I've never done any of that before. But definitely changing your mindset that you can do it and Rich Dad Poor Dad. Definitely read that book, it was an eye opener. So I would suggest any beginner, get that book. It's a great book, and just keep going like,

Take, you know, there were days I was spending on the computer. We just lost your audio. Sorry about that, but I just got a text or something. Yeah I did. There we go. It's all good.

Um, but yeah there were days that I spent like eight hours on the computer and if you just walk away. Just walk away and go back to it again. Get your mind refreshed. But keep going. It's definitely beneficial, and the commute. I know people are afraid to ask for help, but listen, I Michelle well she County, Barb MacAllan reach out reach out to me. I reached out to these girls. The community itself is wonderful. It's they're just real people, and we're all here to help one another, get going and get started so don't be afraid to reach out to people. Everyone's here to help.

Matt: Yes. 100 Times Yes. Yeah, this, it's weird how this community is in there, it's really been, you know, it's just a combination of a lot of things but yes, I we hear that all the time and it's, it's never this like here let me afford my secrets, it's always like, hey, you know like what I'm doing and let's rock, you know, and it really is this sort of thing that really lifts all boats, it's, it's been really cool for me to watch that's it's been just been incredible.

Chrissy: Yeah. Biggest thing it's fear, you know, everyone's afraid everyone's afraid of change everyone's afraid of, you know starting something new but you know I kind of believe me that was even being a 911 dispatcher I had to give CPR phone to people, you know, learning all of that it's, it's hard it's scary and doing that first 911 phone call. But the more you do it, the more you're like, This is a piece of cake. The little things in life right yeah keep doing it keep plugging along. And, you know, reach out to people if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask.

Matt: Yep. I think sometimes we have this piece of us scared of, you know, people, what are they going to think about me or I don't want to be observant than or something like that. You gotta

Chrissy: We have those trolls on Facebook or on TikTok that will comment on scam.

Matt: Okay, well I guess it didn't work for you but it's working for me. And now I just, I don't get upset, I just, I laugh at them, and I try hard not to. I try hard not to make a video back to them and it's mostly just like, it's mostly I would say just like, you know it's an insecurity thing and they're, you know, there's probably some pain and they're jaded, the more I'm in this industry, the more I have empathy towards people who respond that way because they it immediately tells me that they, you know, they've probably not just in this industry, their whole life, probably spent, like, a lot of time, you know, being told they're not enough or being told go through something and so they try something but they have too much fear and it's right. Well, Chrissy, thanks for coming on. Have a good weekend, having me. Being on. Yeah, please share, like, if you can go into our group and share a photo of you in the dog. I'm so happy. And just, and just share a little bit about like, you could just share a little bit about your experience on wakeup legendary or just whatever I mean, it's not a big deal but I just want more of dog content sucker for it. But anyway, have a good weekend. Thanks for coming on.

Chrissy: Hey, thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thanks everybody and I'm glad to be on.

Matt: Awesome. Alright guys, happy Friday, and happy weekend to the weekend warriors Let's rock. It's time to, you know, I always say a lot of times people are like, oh weekend, take off. I know when I was starting the weekends were my moment I mean it was like the time where I had a little bit of, you know, Time to myself and time to actually like grow my business and and put in place some ads create video content, stuff like that, but we've got a long, long weekend here in the US. So stay safe. And, yeah. Have a good weekend, everybody. We'll see you back here on Monday. Same time, same place.

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