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Matt: Hello, hello, welcome everybody Happy Wednesday. It's September 8 My name is Matt live for Wake Up Legendary. We host these every single Monday through Friday at 10am, Eastern, so we go live on our Facebook page you can find us on the Legendary Marketer official Facebook page and welcome it. If you're tuning in live with us and you're joining us and you're, this is part of your morning or maybe your evening routine or afternoon. Let us know where you're tuning in from in the comments, love to hear and see where everybody's tuning in from. We have people from places like Australia, New Zealand freakin all over the place so it's always cool to see real people tuning in live with us. We've got an awesome guest today, and for those of you who are just joining us, and just tuning in, it is. Jordan's birthday. So if in the comments, as we bring Jordan on Could you all wish him a happy birthday, and Jordan, what's going on. Jordan: I'm good, how are you? 

Matt: I'm good, I'm good, I'm doing well. Hey, so, first Happy Birthday, I'm not gonna sing to you, cuz that would be pretty terrible but tell us a little bit about yourself. Tell us, you know you're only well now 19 I guess but tell us a little bit about you. Tell us, you know how you came online or how you got curious about online marketing and tell us where you're at in your journey.

Jordan: So, basically, I've always been interested in like business, not all this type of stuff so I don't have a thought form that like some point planning at scrolling through , I came across a tech talk on affiliate marketing and I was like this, like, just makes sense like other things like dropshipping like looked into it, but I never tried it just seem too complicated. There's too much to deal with and stuff, and I came across affiliate marketing like I just looked into the board. And I did the research on it because I like to know and then to show it to me. So, I did a little bit of research and came across the 15 day challenge. And then I jumped on it, and since then it's just been an amazing journey.

Matt: What do you feel like, tell us about you as like a person, like what do you feel like there was anything unique about you that made you look to do something online or like, are you going to university or kind of were you out with like, you know, where do you see this going?

Jordan: Right now I'm in my last year of high school. So, this year, I don't know if I want to go to college and I'm not too sure yet. I still like figuring things out, but this year, Like hello, take this to the next level, or start making good income from it, but I don't really know. I want to do something cool in my life to be cool.

Matt: So like, So, in your journey you find the 15 day challenge you start kind of like figuring this whole thing out you're playing around with like different, you know, stuff like that. What was that hard was that difficult was it easy like, Tell us a little bit about, you know, going online and starting content creation mode, what was that like for you.

Jordan: When I started I felt scared. Just going all show my system. But then, like I came to the realization just thinking like, I have to be a factor like no one's really gonna care at the end of the day, like I just got to get myself like, build my own brand, and just not let it happen, because I just didn't like not just gonna let me from my potential, so that fear factor, really helped me, like, develop as a person in general as well. I'm just, yeah. 

Matt: Yeah, cool. It's, I feel like it's a tricky thing to, I don't know, it's just, it's such a difficult tricky thing to try to navigate, you know, and figure out and every person's different than when you started on TikTok, I mean, what was your strategy, what, like, what did you, what was the end goal or like what did what did you start doing how often did you post?

Jordan: I really didn't have an end goal in mind, I just was still trying to figure things out like I pletely knew this, like affiliate marketing clue, a marketing job before I started. So, I just looked at the best, like even Brian Brewer, these guys just looked at my content, what was working and I just put my own spin on it, and then just kind of from there. And since then I've just been drawn and evolving.

Matt: When you post I mean are you just Is that all you're doing as you're just posting, I do go live. Do you do anything else?

Jordan: Well I have a TikTok, and it's not really active anymore, but I'm more focused on Instagram at the minute. I want to learn really deep into some stories and can't go live in the future. I got there TVs and stuff I got there but I'm still figuring things out

Matt: That's cool. Is it Instagram you feel like? What's the reasoning behind sort of shifting more towards Instagram?

Jordan: Actually, like, just better to me or something, and TikTok I don't know what it is about TikTok, like, the leads just aren’t as good. Maybe because the younger generation usually just want to talk. It's not really for the adult version. Well it Scott is basically anyone can go on a show and make a TikTok about Patreon I just feel is better in my opinion. Yeah,

Matt: I see that. Yeah, I think that my evaluation. I've seen a slightly higher LTV meaning customer value, but I see way more purchases coming from TikTok like TikTok to me is, if anybody's brand new, just getting started in virtually any niche, I would say start creating content on TikTok first grow that audience get started, blow that up. And then if you want then to sort of move your audience to different platforms to diversify so I think you're kind of following that script to a tee, which is cool. How's Instagram going, How many followers do you have?

Jordan: Right now I have like 2300 I think, best I've been really busy with school and stuff so I'm just looking for ways to grow. I get like Instagram mentors and stuff to help me out that are so, so learning a lot. I just need to keep growing and stuff, come up with new strategies, be unique, look for different things.

Matt: Yeah, totally. Now, I was going to give you a little bit of feedback on your marketing, and we can do this more later too. But one thing on, for instance like reels and even just posing that I've seen. So, we've got people, there's really like two styles of content and on our Thursday business blueprints webinars we go through a lot of people's content, and we go through. Tik Tok, we go through Instagram we go through sometimes YouTube different styles of content. And typically when people get into very specifically how to content, you've got a good amount of that on your Instagram, but I think you can do more of it, just my take. So, it's just, you know, I tell people to take my take with a grain of salt. Okay, so don't consider my word this gospel, but the How to content avoids a few things. Okay, so, yeah. A lot of people right now are thinking that TikTok is slowed down or is dead. And then when I go look at their channel. Yeah, well they, A lot of times when they, when they are on TikTok and they are either shadow banned or they're not getting as many for you, page views as they used to. They've gotten away from the How to videos, the educational style videos. And then, on Instagram, it's the same thing except on Instagram, what's happening is they're not getting shadow banned, they're actually getting shut down on the platform. Right, so their entire account is getting shut down on Instagram. What I was saying guys is, a lot of people have said on TikTok, that TikTok is slowing down quote unquote slowing down. This is not true. We have opened up new accounts, we try out different styles of accounts in different niches and the TikTok algorithm is not slowing down at all, what's happening is when the people say that it's slowing down or that it's not what it once was. It's mostly because they're starting to get away from posting edutainment style content. So, the educational, entertaining style content that gets a ton of views and goes viral, they started posting things like trying to sell the product right they became sales people. So Jordan, what I was just saying was the reason so many people are seeing tick tock. Oh, you're all good man. Tik Tok, They see their tick tock slow down or their Instagram gets banned or something, is they get away from the actual helpful how to style content and they try to start selling people, right, and I see that a little bit on your Instagram channel, where it's like should I debating to buy this course or people saying even even the sell videos of like when I bought the $7 training, you know or you if you hate your job right, and then they're trying to push purchases. That's the kind of content that I see gets people's accounts shut down. Even if they make a good chunk of money, and they sort of drive a bunch of revenue, their account is in this weird Limbo stage where they're always on the edge of being basically shut down or on tick tock, I think what happens more on tick tock is people's accounts get shadow banned, and then they're like, oh my gosh my account died and oh yeah, tick tock, they're done, but then they go and I'm like hey wait hold on go create another account, and, you know, this didn't happen exactly with Laurie but in the last six days this lady named Laurie got 30,000 followers in six days on Tik Tok, and blew up right. Same thing with Ryan, we've had a bunch of guys on in the last like few weeks, and we're just exploding but the reason is because they've stayed clear with their edutainment style content. They've taken all of their selling. Hey, go buy go to the link in my bio to purchase. They've taken all of that to their lives, and they've driven sales that way and they've driven sales through their email marketing. Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, absolutely, yeah.

Yeah, and I just think that it makes sense a little bit when you think about it from a just a critical standpoint of content creation, it's like, why are people here, why are people watching my stuff will probably learn something, or be entertained there's entertainment so people, you know like Jake Paul or something like that, who were, who are just like entertainers and you watch them to just be like, Man, this dude's life is crazy. But then there's other people who were like, I'm trying to sit down and I want to learn from Jordan, I want to learn exactly his strategies, I want to learn different tips and tricks on how to make a little bit of money online or I want to learn how to train my dog better so they don't bark at the mailman, you know, or whatever, like they're trying, I want to learn how to shed, two inches off my waist, right, like people are there because they want to learn that stuff, and they're gonna buy from somebody that they're entertained by and that they trust and so, anyway, what comes up for you as I say that?

Jordan: You're perfectly right or like I've like struggled to make content like, as I said before I'm completely getting this game, and like, even a few months back I was like still I'm struggling like to this day like creating like the content like, ideally for my ideal audience, like it's very hard, like from a my point of view, like to really narrow down on who you're trying to target is a very big problem, like I said like beginners make. I myself have to make it very hard to do, it's very hard to do.

Matt: Yeah, well how do you how do you, how did you solve that, or how are you solving that?

Jordan: Oh, basically just trial and error, like, and just look for different ways to come up with titles like different strategies that we're going to say, what I'm going to add my hook one another semi hook, what am I going to talk about my call to action stuff I got there, so it's just, it's just a whole learning game.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, totally. And I always tell people to like, don't try to reinvent the wheel, you know, like don't, you don't need to try to reinvent the wheel, like typically when people come in to like, certain industries, like, here's a good example okay so I was showing this the other day and I just think this is such a powerful example of what's possible, but, like this guy for instance so I don't know if you can see this but this guy has a little tick tock channel about weight loss right now he's an affiliate marketer. Alright so if you were to follow this all the way through, I think that was opened in a new window but basically it's, you know, it's for like a free diet plan, And then, well, here let me see. Okay, here we go. So, I'll show you when you click on his link in his bio right he's generating leads on this, on this, get a low sugar diet with delicious recipes that tells you exactly what to eat to lose weight and get healthy fast right. Get a diet plan now. Okay, so, custom keto diet, right, this is a clickbank affiliate marketing product. So, now, my guess is, and it probably be anybody's best guess that this guy, Dave here, Dave's Weight Loss is, is probably making a good bit of money with 500,000 followers in the amount of traffic that you can generate from that. But my point is, is like, if I was to get into the health and fitness niche, right, here's what a lot of people do, they get in the major just starts talking about, I want to make a video today about weight loss. Okay here we go. And here's my journey. Now there's nothing wrong with telling your journey interspersed throughout your content, or on your lives. But what you should do is something like this where you start out by using a little tool called sort by TikTok, or sort for TikTok. So, for those of you who are newer and haven't heard me talk about this there's a little tool called sort for tick tock. And you can do this also for Instagram videos we've done this and shown this to work, but go to sort for tick tock, and then you come here and it sorts all his videos by most watch the least watch, and if I'm brand new, here's my here's my marketer. Let's put our marketer minds here for a second. Okay, so if I'm brand new. And I'm like, Okay, I want to figure this out, I want to figure out how can I break through the weight loss niche, I'm gonna start looking, and it's gonna say drink one cup of, of this before bed to lose weight, five Foods You Should Never Eat, if you want to lose weight. So I'm now seeing that all of his video content creation is just copywriting, that's all that it is a skill of copywriting five ways you should never eat again. Five alarming signs your blood sugar is too high, these are all just copywriting headlines and what, what this communicates to me is that people in this niche respond to these types of little tips and tricks, Right. So you start out with a headline that's like, two tablespoons a day will melt your belly fat away, and then you start out with a hook, and you get there, you get their entire. You get their entire attention, and you hold that attention until you reveal what it is at the very act, and that creates more watch time, which then creates more virality with your videos, the disconnect that a lot of people have with this is, well, what's the point in getting millions of views for something if you're selling something else. Well, a portion of all of your viewers and followers are eventually going to go and click that link in your bio, or you're going to go live with what we call a mini webinar strategy and you're going to go live, and you're going to sell, you're basically going to talk more about, you know, your story, your journey, do a little storytelling and then say hey by the way there's a little link in my bio, you can go and purchase to get a custom keto diet plan for you. Built for you and look I'm a real person, like now you can see me I'm not just out here posting videos, and the amount of people who drive sales from going live is insane, because that real element to it even with only five to 10 people on live with you. You drive a ton of revenue, but my larger point, especially for people who are newer to this and newer to, you know, creating content is on whatever platform you're doing is, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok. This strategy overall, you can apply to any of them, and Jordan has done a good job of that Jordan I know he's done this, I know that he's taken this in right Jordan?

Jordan: Yeah, yeah, I’ve done that before.

Matt: Yeah, and you don't have to. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, you don't have to try to start this all from scratch and figure it all out on your own. The truth is that there's a lot of people out there who've been successful in whatever niche you want to get into and all you've got to do is find those people who have 50,000 followers or 100,000 followers. Okay. Now you might experiment with different types and styles of content, sure, like, if you're, but I tell people all the time, one solid piece of content every single day will outperform five mediocre half assed pieces of content, any day of the week, because that one solid piece of content that's modeled after something that has 9 million views is likely to get a ton of views, as we're all this other stuff you're trying and, you know, throwing out there as an experiment, trying to see if it'll maybe work, it's like it's not gonna work guys, it doesn't work, it's not, it just, you're gonna get it. You're gonna get a couple 100 views on each of them, totaling 1000 views a day, or this one video can get you 500,000 views a day. Exactly, exactly right. Yeah. What, um, what is there any strategy that you have for that or any, I mean, other than just sort of looking around searching via hashtags is there any strategy that you have for doing that.

Jordan: Not necessarily No, no, just really looking around. Yeah. Just lost interest again on trains, put me on personal terms not related to my target audience and stuff, so. 

Matt: Yeah, nice. And you're growing an email list?

Jordan:  Yeah, well actually a reefer you first already got a response so one at night, just made a new one, a couple of weeks back. So, two, three days on I think. Yeah. 

Matt: Nice. That's awesome. That's as people think that that's a small list and I'm like dude, no, that's, that's a great sized list, especially when you're just getting started. That's awesome. Good for you, man. What, um, so what would you, what would you say to the people who are out here who are trying to get started on Tik Tok or Instagram or YouTube and they're a little hesitant to post they're not sure what they should be doing, and they're sitting right here across the screen from you, what would you say to those people?

Jordan: Just have a clear bio, like in your bio, make sure it's very clear. I actually wrote some down here. It's like thinking of your bio as a party application. Under content as the party. Like, you want them to match so that you can deliver the promise to your followers. Like, this all has to match, like your buyer must be talking about. So you're selling something like health, fitness, health fitness expert in your bio when I got there, and then your contents about health and fitness, just very broad, but probably narrowed down and stuff. 

Matt: Yeah, I think that makes sense. Yeah, I like that the bio is your party invitation, and the content is the party I like. Yes, super cool. Nice man. Well, Jordan. Happy birthday, dude. What time is it over there? It's afternoon?

Jordan: It's 3:24 Yeah. 

Matt: Yeah. Cool. Awesome. Well, have a good rest of your afternoon, and thanks for coming on, on your birthday of all things, and if you need anything, hit us up let me know. Well, I will. Thank you very much. Matt again.

Matt: My pleasure. Alright guys, hey I didn't put his bio up, but go find him, both on TikTok, and Instagram. There we go. All right, go, go give a follow and let him know, let him know, shoot a message let him know what you thought of today, and Jordan thanks again for coming on. It was awesome, and everybody went give him a follow, like, subscribe, all that good stuff, and we'll be back here tomorrow, Dave, we'll be back tomorrow on Thursday for another edition of Wake Up Legendary peace. TikTok & Instagram: @jordantheaffiliate