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Kelly: I'm learning, doing okay.

Matt: Right on. Welcome to the show. Thank you for coming on.

Kelly: Thanks for asking me if I was on Joey and I. I am still trying to figure out why you guys did but hey, here I am.

Matt:  Well, I mean, even from the time where you like you filled out your even from the time where you filled out your questionnaire I think you had like 13,000 followers or something like that. And you have 19,000 now so it's pretty cool. And it's also really fun to see a teacher. Are you still teaching?

Kelly: I am still teaching. Yeah, I took the day off so it was super cool.

Matt: Even in the chat Rowena just said Is she the high school teacher, like, literally, they're literally famous on the internet. That's why we wrote your book. Cool. Tell us a little bit about Yeah, what do you do for teaching? What do you teach? Tell us a little bit about your bowling career that would be awesome. And bring us into your world but you've got what got you looking for something to start online?

Kelly: Well, um, I've been teaching business. I've been teaching high school business for last 15 years. I've been coaching, softball and bowling for the whole time that I've been teaching and obviously teaching is a pretty busy or is a pretty busy life. Um, but one of my favorite classes that I teach is entrepreneurship. I've taught that for 15 years and my kids, really over the last several years have been asking me how people make money online. I couldn't answer that question. I you know, I we've, for 15 years I've been taught to teach brick and mortar our curriculum was always you know, teach them how to run a shop, teach them how to make T shirts, teach them how to, you know, various things, but it's to me starting to be a little dated. And so after I'd had so many kids are like, tell me how to make videos on YouTube and make money. How do people make money on Tik Tok? Well, I guess I better figure that out. So I started looking. Once I started researching that, that's how I came across the course. So I joined the 15 Day Challenge and halfway through that, I was like, wow, I think I can do this. So I jumped in and my kids have been basically following along with me ever since they kind of taught me TikTok. I'd never think I'd been on TikTok one time before I actually got my account going. So my high school kids kind of showed me how to put music and how to do certain things. It was it was pretty funny. They we talked about it all the time in class and so they love it but yeah, so I coach bowling. It's something that I've been doing for a long time. I started bawling when I could walk. My mom was a professional bowler for a while and so it's something I have in my blood. I guess both of my parents both in college I bowled in college. But it's something we do. 

Matt:  Yeah so that to me is crazy. That's super cool. You've got people from that that's like a little bit more rare, I would say for our show to have so many different people in so many different areas of your life pitching in and sort of helping and so when you get on TikTok the post will take us through your timeline. So when did you purchase the challenge? When did you find legendary and were you just kind of searching just generally like how do I make money online kind of thing or how did you find us?

Kelly: Okay, so when I started doing research I was on Google and YouTube of course, looking for basically what you can do to make money online and I knew influencers affiliate marketing was something that was a pretty viable option. And so I started searching for some of that information and I found a whole bunch of YouTube videos, and they're great and you can learn a lot on YouTube, but there was no flow to how it was supposed to work. There wasn't anything that I felt like I could just be comfortable going ahead and jumping into with enough knowledge to get myself started. So anyway, I purchased it. I want to say I started once I purchased it in the middle of February. I think I finished the 15 Day Challenge in like four days. I don't know why I binge watch instead of binge watching Netflix. binge watch the champions.

Matt:  I've definitely been there before.

Kelly: Bonnie was my business plan advisor and I talked to her so many times. And she was fantastic. I actually had to sell a car to pay for the blueprints. My husband looked at me and he was like, that's a lot of money. And I said yes it is. And I think it's going to be worth every penny. And he said, Well, he goes this has to be something that if you're going to do it you actually have to commit to doing it. Like you're not just going to pay for it and then not do it and I said well I'm gonna do it because I want well I love teaching I hate I don't like everything that goes with it. The requirements on teachers are becoming quite overwhelming. And I've just worked really hard over the last couple years and watched my health just kind of decline. So I told my husband I said this is my opportunity to find something that I can do and still teach people but not be in the classroom. So I purchased the blueprints. And I took two weeks to get well. 10 days took me 10 days to go through everything that I kind of needed to go through to get myself started. And then I set up my back office processes so I set up my funnel builder, my auto responder and some of my emails which I didn't even have my emails ready when I started posting on TikTok. I was building them as I went right because I've been busy you guys

I mean I just because I really didn't know what I wanted to say. My husband made fun of me because it took me a solid like two or three days to do my bridge page video to like, get that ready because I just couldn't. I couldn't do it. I just couldn't do it. I teach audio video production and I hate being in front of the camera. Is that so um, my kids always ask me Hey, can we do an interview? No, I don't want any part of that. So I got on TikTok the very first day that I posted on TIkTok was on February 27. And we, my students and I, every single day I tracked how many followers I had. And once we got close to 101 of my students, Marissa. I told them I would give them a shout out to my budding entrepreneurs. Hi guys, because they're gonna watch later. I love it. Um, but they, Marissa was like, I'm getting you to 100 followers because I was at like 95 And my goal was to get to 100 before the weekend was up and so she got me to 100 and then from there I went to like 436 And then from 436 I went to 1200 and then from 1200 I've gone now I'm at 19,000 I guess or 19 Yeah 19,000 I guess so. It's been a wild ride. It's been a lot of fun but I have two kids. I have a wife, three kids. I have a 22 year old daughter and a 19 year old son who both are on TikTok and my son makes fun of me all the time because I'll be in the house doing my TikTox and he'll walk up the stairs and be like, Are you kidding me right now? I'm not kidding you.

Matt:  I love it. I love it. I think you know for me personally I just feel like that's one of the coolest, like most inspiring things ever. It's like watching a parent do something vulnerable, hard, new like that. It might sound cliche or it might sound weird, but like, I don't know that to me is like that. That's the coolest thing. It's something that very few parents I think take on and I think it's a really powerful lesson. Like, sure people learn by hearing things in the classroom or whatever, but like watching and observing so somebody model entrepreneurship to you or like, you know, something like content creation or making money on the internet like it's a really cool thing. And I just want to commend you for that because they're, they're really lucky to see that like, so for instance, like my mom when I was growing up, I was like, I don't know, I was 10 years old, but she was always entrepreneurial. So she worked a job, but then started a hair salon and our house because she needed to be home with me when she had my dad and she built our little Hair Studio in the front, literally the front room of our house. I mean it was like I don't even know how like I would wake up in the basement from from sleeping in the morning walk upstairs and there would be people there and my mom would turn the chair the other the other way like rotate the chair so people can see are like grungy kids walking through their hair salon was just life and we had a sliding door so I was like eating cereal. And you get to hear the bowl clanging in the other room. And and so anyway, but she she then she did that and still does that now like 35 years later or 30 years later, but she also what she did when I was really young as she she forced me to do a paper out and she basically forced me to work at drop from like 10 years old or something but she did the paper out with me on we did it on bike so we each had baskets and like bags and stuff that we have and and she forced me to do that and I hated it but we would wake up at 5am every morning and and we would bike around our little town and like deliver papers. And I looked back and I was thinking back and kind of reflecting not that long ago in therapy and I was like you know what? Like I was trying to figure out where this whole entrepreneurial thing came from and then it just became so clear it was like wow, this was modeled to me from basically birth and and it gave a sort of empowered me to try new things or try hard and things like Dave is always talking about, you know, one of the most valuable lessons that he's he's sort of teaching his kid right now or he feels like it's valuable is showing them how to start something like how to start something that you don't know how to do and you just do it and you're like you're you're wildly successful like I don't want to over like height tests or anything. Even very successful in a few months. And it's impressive. It's really cool. What like learning lessons or Takeaways Have you had throughout this process and journey and stuff.

Kelly: What I'm learning is, I just need to be me when I'm on when I put my TikTox out there. The the videos I put out that crap and tick and are just me talking and what I would normally do in front of my high school kids or just with my friends or whatever those seem to be the ones that people relate to the best and just kind of get that has always been a strength of mine in my classroom. It's just something I do. I'm really good at building relationships with my high school kids. We just get they just get me and I don't know if that's my crazy sarcasm or if it's I'm not really sure what it is but just something that I do. So I find it easier to just get in front of the camera and talk than I do getting in front of the camera and pointing and playing music and doing that kind of stuff that I like doing that too but that's definitely one of the takeaways. But the big one for me was when I built my TikTok when I started my TikTok on February 27. I told my high school kids, I said it in class. I looked him in the eyes and I said I'm going to do this for 30 days, two times a day. I'm going to do this for 30 days. So they hold me accountable to that. And they looked at them and watched my videos. They liked my videos all the time. Sometimes they'll comment on my videos. I mean, the funniest part about them is that they send me sounds like they'll send me trending sounds or videos that they think that I should do something like or were a big help. They are a big help but what do I was like when we were first trying to figure out how to get it going. One of my girls, one of my girls, Gary said you need to find a trending sound and then just turn it down in your video and put it in the back. And I was like, oh, I need to do it. She was like yeah, okay. So I met a lot of people. I do it every time now.

Matt:  Right? Yes. Even if you're talking just just turn it all the way down because you might as well try to leverage as much of the algorithm as you possibly can. Yeah, yeah.

Kelly: I will say one of the other takeaways I have is that you guys talk about a lot in the courses and the classes and all the videos. You have to take the bits and pieces that you need. And then you got to put them into action. And then you learn more and then you put that into action. The trouble that I have a lot I am one of the people who will learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, and in the 30 days that I was waiting to make my first commission I did get distracted like I was looking at all kinds of things like oh gosh, what what else is out there? What can I know, I'm waiting for you to get it's like, like you're just sitting there twiddling your thumbs and trying to figure out what you want to do, like what you can do next. That might work faster, you know? But the more I looked around the more I realized it's not going to work any faster. Regardless of what I do. I can watch all the YouTube videos I want. I can pay all the money I want to look at other courses or to do whatever but it's not going to work any faster. So I just put my head down and got to work and that was it. I just stayed consistent. I posted every single day and the first time that I made my very first commission was like so little. And I was doing happy dances in my house. Like my husband was laughing at me. He gives me high fives. That's his job when I ask questions he gives me high fives but um so instead of getting distracted, I just said, Okay, what else can I do now? What else can I do now with this business to make it better? And so then I would start working on my emails. I am terrible at writing copy. Terrible. So I know that I need to get in and watch all the videos on how to write a copy. And that's something that I'm working on. I've watched like half of them and as I watch them, I do something and then I'll watch another one and then I do something sneaky you just have to do you have to put it into action as you go.

Matt: Wow, cool. That's super cool. i i Wow there are so many takeaways from that I feel like the thing that really just stood out to me the way that you explained that was the the process of of like yes, you could go through a bunch of more courses you can go through more courses, more information, more information, but I liked first up commitment again like to actually do something and then the follow through on it, but also like I you know, there's a lot of different one thing that's like standing out to me a little bit is like there's a lot of different business models. You can run online. There's a lot of different businesses. But it's interesting to me that even just in a short amount of time, a few months, you were able to sort of identify the faculty, were able to know yourself and kind of look at the platform, see what's going on and be like, okay, like, I'm gonna match my existing skills. And my existing what I know and sort of combine this stuff into, into into a little cocktail and mix it together and spit out some content. And I do what I find. I'm a little bit perplexed but I yeah, you have sort of this. I think it's confidence. I was trying to find the word but there's sort of like, but it's not like off putting, it's more like sort of just like it feels a little bit like damn like she's just doing our thing. And like doesn't really care and is gonna really be her. I think that's it. I think it's like there's some there's some realness. There's some like vulnerabilities a buzzword these days, but it feels a bit like vulnerability. And I just think that's super cool. And it's no wonder it works so well. The other thing I wanted to say about the algorithm was you're kind of mentioning how you know, you can do the point thing but you like to talk about it through sort of looking through a lot of different tick tock accounts and stuff. I do find that people who do a lot more talking and a lot more like sort of self expression and who are a little bit more vulnerable, but still confident. Like there's a difference between being like, Oh, I was up all last night because I was, you know, like I was depressed or something and it's like people were like, Why didn't come here to feel that way. Like, you know, there's a difference between that and like being really honest about you and your process and, you know, whatever. But I do feel like you know, that type of account and that type of content tends to get shadow banned less tends to get reported less, rather than just sort of pointing like, Hey, I'm just gonna point for a few things and people are like, well, like, Who is this person and this doesn't seem real or legit or something. As is where I do feel like sort of people having a bit of self expression in their content. Helps Pete helps their viewers connect and there's probably a higher level of quality built into that account. It makes it a better long term account, less likely to be banned or have your content taken down or something like that, which happens to everybody in every niche and industry. 

Kelly: I feel like I agree with that. I get that a lot. A lot of the comments that come up on my posts are just telling it like it is and my high school kids laugh about that because they're like, that's exactly how she is in the classroom. I mean, you know, they step out of line and I'll just let them know what you're doing isn't right and it needs to stop. You know, I'm just very straightforward. I always have been, I think honesty is and being very transparent. It has always been really important. To me. So that's just something that I tried to bring across in my posts and you know, I just do my best at just making sure that it's me and it's authentically me because I don't know that I could be any other way. I just really don't think I could and yeah, the pointing thing while I have fun with the dances, I don't know, just talk is easier. But like I can get up in front of a group of high school kids or even an auditorium of high school kids and have no problem. But coming on here knowing that there would be adults watching this is completely different. Check Now I'm just like, oh God but that was the same with TikkTokk so no one in my family knew that I was doing this except for my husband and my kids. I kept that a really, really downloaded kind of thing. I didn't post on Facebook because I was worried that my family would just be like, Heck and then I found out the other day that some of the teachers at school follow me

Matt: How do you deal with that, like how do you not deal with it? But what do you think about it? Because a lot of times people are like, Well, I'm just like, do this thing and like I don't want the whole world to know because it feels it is a little vulnerable. It's like this is like, really vulnerable to create content every day. You know what I mean? Like it's just a real thing. It's like people are gonna see you. Sometimes, you know, with bad lighting or a bad angle or like, you know, and it's just like, you have to be able to deal with that. And but how have you because I feel like you're more open about it than most I mean, you've got, you know, students and your husband, kids and just people who are just like really in the mix and you're just sort of like, Screw it. I don't care.

Kelly: My thought process? Well, you know, at first it was just it was just my classroom kids and my husband and my children that knew and so but then I think my high school kids started telling people you know, we're gonna Roberts Facebook fame or Facebook Fan we're gonna make Mrs. raps tick tock famous, right, like that was the thing. And when I legitimately had 10 followers on Tiktok, all of my kids were like, listen, you're gonna be detecting this. I said, No, no, no, no, no, I'll be lucky if I have 100 100 followers. Get to 1000 I was thinking it would take me like, I don't know six months to get to 1000 And anyway, so now I have other kids that just walk into my classroom and say, I hear you have like 15,000 followers on Tiktok. And I'm like, yeah. I told her at Easter dinner with my husband's family. And my sister in law found out because I shared a video with her on Tik Tok, and she got my username from there and then started seeing my posts. So we were at Easter and we were talking about it with my family. And my niece who's like 13 I think she goes, you're on Tik Tok. Just kind of I said, Yeah, I'm on Tik Tok. And she goes, Oh, and I said, and my son says, yeah, she has like 15,000 followers. And she goes, Well, are you serious? I do. I mean, the kids get mad because I have more followers than they do. And it just bothers them.

Matt: Way more, way more?

Kelly: Yeah. But I mean, I, you know, I kept it kind of a secret but then I was in. I went on a field trip with some Future Business Leaders of America students, and we were in a hotel for a couple of days. And mind you, I'm committed to Yes, I feel like and I did a post about it too. But um, I am committed to two videos per day and I don't batch create normally. Sometimes I do like if I know I have something going on, but we were in this hotel. And I'd like to make some videos. So I just started making videos while it's in the hotel room and one of the teachers that was with me just died laughing while I was over there, like because I was doing the lip synching one and, and dancing one I think and she was just dying. She was laughing. So hard. She's like, What are you doing? To the point where I'm pretty comfortable like I'm pretty comfortable doing it outside. I'm pretty comfortable doing it in my living room like I did one the other day while my son was playing video games on the couch. But um, yeah, so yeah, but I you know, I have a nine year old that is pretty high needs. And he he's, he's part of the reason why this was something that I really wanted to kind of look into to maybe have a little bit more freedom to be able to spend the time that he needs for me to spend with him.

Matt: Good, that's awesome. And I mean, not awesome, but it's awesome that you're doing this for that reason. And you I mean, okay, so I wanted to also just come back to the fact that earlier for anybody who's watching and didn't hear this earlier, Kelly basically likes I don't know what this looks like but a solo car to purchase our blueprints and without giving any sort of crazy income claims. Basically your income wise if you basically recoup that investment, right? Pretty much yeah, really close. Yeah. And that's basically been the last 30 days for you. Yeah, yep. And you're, I'm guessing from just how your account works and stuff. It's really been recent, like, it's really real. Have you ever tried going live just curious.

Kelly: Okay, so I went live one time for about 10 minutes.

Matt: I was just curious. I was just curious because I feel like the reason I was gonna ask that and we can talk more about it, but the reason I was gonna ask is just, you know, this whole journey of you know, I just I feel like you've got a very inspiring story, a one that's filled with confidence. And bold risk taking. And a lot of times, Dave, and I talk often with people on things like decades in a day or in the blueprints or at masterminds, for instance, right. Like, we talked so much about how people in universities and people in schools are filled with people who have never done with their teaching. So it's like, I'm not a perfect teacher. I get that. Like I you know, I did take teaching. I'm not I don't know, I don't have a degree in teaching. 

Matt: Right, right. But we just talked so much about how it's, it's such a difference maker to have somebody who's a teacher who is actually willing and committed to living it out and sort of doing it themselves and how that changes teaching. And I just felt like you know, if you get up in front of a classroom already and teach people every single day for a job it's like, saying like, you know, you're going to live. It would be easy, like super easy for you to know what I mean? But you've already sort of supercharged your account and your whole business is on fire. So congrats on that. And just as a final you know, for everybody who's listening I'm just because she's had a killer 30 days or whatever. I'm not trying to make any crazy income claims. I'm just saying Kelly's on fire. She's, you know, you'd be good to go look at her channel and tune in and watch what Kelly does. That's the best way to learn, I think. And for everybody who's here, and for everybody who is newer, they're trying something out, maybe they're going through the challenge. They're just, you know, figuring out who legendary is or what the 15 Day Challenge is or whatever. Like, what would you tell those people, probably something similar to what you would tell your students but what would you tell our audience to inspire them or give them a little bit of advice?

Kelly: And I just say, Make sure that the most important part is being consistent but also be consistent with your message and be authentic with it. You need it to be something that you can get across and continue to get across and just be yourself while you're doing it. You know, I? I think that's really important. The consistency part of it and you need to continue to learn it but put it into action. I've been really learning through reading some books. Vulnerability is not a weakness. It's not a weakness. It's actually how you move forward. And so putting yourself out there. It's scary at first and what's scary at first, it will help you get where you need to go. So

Matt: Yeah, what have you been reading or what have you been learning in the realm of anything interesting.

Kelly: Oh, Brene Brown, she's great. Um, Daring Greatly is what I'm currently reading and just in the first half of that book, I'm just wow, she's amazing. Um, I've also read audio but I read audiobooks. I listen to audiobooks while I'm getting ready in the morning, because that's like the time in my day where I can actually do it. So I'm getting ready and I listen to him in the mornings. And so you're a badass was another one. I really love that one. And I'm terrible about affirmations. But I've really started to get into doing daily affirmation multiple times a day. Actually, I write things down to keep myself where I want to be and know where I want to go. So super cool. Yeah. And of course Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Matt: Yeah, of course. On a note, I just downloaded Brene Brown's most recent book. I haven't got it sitting on Audible right now. And it's called Atlas of the heart and, but I've read or listened to everything by her. She completely changed.

Kelly: She's incredible.

Matt: He's really amazing. Yeah, she unpacks things and ideas and I'm like, Oh my gosh, like she's the reason I went to therapy for three years and like, and honestly, I credit. I first heard of her book called The Gifts of Imperfection. And I struggled with shame my whole life. And I read that book and I was like, Oh, wow, like there's a whole different side of this that I've never seen. I spent three years of therapy and healed from Wow, that didn't require anything. And then and, and sort of figured out who I was and developed emotional regulation skills and emotional intelligence to that whole process. And a lot of times people will ask me, you know, like, how did you get this job at legendary, like, What's your most valuable skill, right? Like, are you a coder? Are you a web designer? Are you a great marketer? And mostly, I think there's probably marketers out there better than me. But I think that the skill that I've learned and developed most is sort of the ability to emotionally regulate and also to be intelligent about emotions and what's going on in other people and in myself, and how to make solid decisions or contribute to decisions in a solid way. And it's a very underdeveloped skill, and I honestly have, so much in debt to Brene Brown for that.

Kelly: I mean, I have my nine, my nine year old is very, he has had a lot of emotional issues since he's lived with us for three years. And, man, I've learned a lot just about what you're talking about. Right? and just trying to teach him how to figure it out, how to be emotionally at a level where we can live a daily life, right, like where we can, where we can just even go school for a whole day without huge problems. So that's been quite an adventure for me and I do think that he has changed who I am. He's changed how I look at things in the world and how I empathize with people, and I want to help people do what I'm doing now. Like I. That's my goal. I want other people to see that kind of success and to not have to go to a stressful nine to five job and to, you know, not not be able to spend time with their kids when they want to spend time with their kids. Another big one my son is is a college baseball player, and I never missed games ever when he was growing up and now I miss them. And that kills me. I hate it because he plays in the middle of the day and I don't. I don't get to go see it. So that was another goal of mine was like man, I don't have to teach. I can go watch my kid play baseball like this would be great.

Matt:  Well cool. Let's this has been this has been really insightful and really, like amazing work. And I don't know if it is very rare these days. So like, I feel like finding somebody who's going to say something, say they're going to do something, follow through on it and see it succeed and so it's really cool. Thank you, Kelly for taking the time to come on the show and finding time in your day and stuff. I really appreciate it. This was a really cool episode.

Kelly: Thanks for having me. I appreciate that. It was great.

Matt:  See, Kelly, see? All right, guys. I'm gonna put up what I already did. It's building you online. Alright, so you can find Kelly on Tik Tok. You can find Kelly on Instagram. Building your online BUILDING While you are online, and I always tell people to give Kelly a follow teller founder on wakeup legendary and make sure to like her videos blow up the algorithm for and you know in a couple of weeks when we feature you on the show will do the same for you too. So go find her followers. watch her videos, watch her content. Look how she delivers it, get into the nuts and bolts of how she delivers the content. How did she start videos? What are the hooks she uses? How does she bring people in? Does she talk, you know, what does she talk about? What are some of the topics, get some ideas for your own business for your own content? We'll be back here tomorrow, same time, same place 10am Eastern, every single Monday through Friday with another awesome guest peace out everybody