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Matt: Hello hello everybody welcome in it is let's see what they say Wednesday, September 15 And let me adjust my microphone here a little bit. This may be loud. Okay. All right, my name is Matt. Welcome in, and if you're here if you're new, let us know where you're tuning in from. This is another edition of wake up legendary Dave hosts most days I host a couple days a week, or one day a week sometimes randomly host here and there just to help out. But welcome in pumped that you're here. We got Willie in the house we've got Colorlines in the house we've got Jessica from Pennsylvania, but Tracy Luna, good to see all of you, and we've got an awesome guest and if you're unfamiliar with our wakeup legendary show what we do is basically highlight people from around the world today from Australia, from Melbourne and. But we highlight people and their story and their journey and their where they're at and how they got here so in the comments if you're here with us live, and you're, you're tuned in, you're watching live on Facebook. Give us a little clapping emoji to welcome our guests Neil to the show. What's up, Neil?

Neil: I'm good, I'm doing well.

Matt: It's uh, what time is it over there.

Neil: Well, right now. It's past midnight.

Matt: Okay. Yeah, totally different timezone i It's 7am here so I get up at around 6am, but it's still a little early, because I'm on the West Coast, East Coast is 10am 7am here. But yeah, good to have you on. Thanks for coming on. Tell us a little bit about everybody who's, who's newer to the show or hasn't met you before. Tell us a little bit about you and your journey and life and where you've been and how you come online.

Neil: So yeah, I like to say I live in Victoria, or Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. you've been here 20 years, but I'm from Nottingham in England, originally. And, unfortunately, I did actually lose my sales position, I've been in sales for the last 30 years. An older seller. I lost the sales role in March last year 2020 due to care and I've been in sales, a long time, many direct sales so in selling my face to face. So selling my home improvements, he might be solar or artificial lawns and things like that. So I'm just going to shop around the world for shafted list propositions. Now I get what else I've been going to last. So, we went to lockdown and I was looking for things to do maybe a little bit online but not seriously just like, see what's around you know, see if the software can earn a little bit of money, don't float down to the last. So, long story short, I didn't do anything online. It's still around. So, I probably wasted a year. You know, because I've worked all that COVID All the time unfortunately in Melbourne, which is the most lockdown place in the world. So, it's a bit of an elephant in the room, so it was a case of not applying for a job, and then we'll be locked down again. That was just very messy. For many, many people, we're currently locked down as we speak. So, there's a case where you're going to do something where you've got some time for your family, and I started looking online a bit more seriously. And I discovered a little bit about how to earn money from affiliate marketing. And I actually found Legendary in February. 

Matt: So, during this year?

Neil: This year. Yes, yes so background on that I've never been an online business before very very new, inexperienced, no test skills. So to be completely New Delhi for me.

Matt: Interesting. That's Do you feel like there's been a pickup of or an increase maybe of, like, just people in Australia because you kind of talked about the lockdown like people in Australia, looking for something online, or like, I mean what else you gonna do right I mean, that definitely happened here in, in the States.

Neil: Yeah, I mean, it's definitely a lot done here. By convention, we'd be knocked down more than anyone else in the world. So yeah, people realize it's coming to an end, I've got to do something now. The general thoughts out there, there's a lot of people looking to give something online, and, you know, not necessarily legendary looking to do anything, so it's been a bit of a panic mode for a lot of people a lot. Hopefully, it'll be negative about the world, but things are looking up, you know, positive things will sort itself out people will be able to get back to work, and then go back to their jobs and you still got their own jobs, and those who happen hopefully it'll be a farm workers things pick up. But yeah.

Matt: Do they, do they like to compensate you or like, What, how do they keep people like paid there?

Neil: I mean, in my case, I wasn't in that I was selling solar panels, and I'd actually started that job in January of 2018. And unfortunately, when coke hit in March I was there long enough to get government support. So I think I got there in just three months or just under three months so the timing was really bad for me, because they've been an excellent time for the government to pay. The pay is so much of your actual wage 17% of your actual income. So unfortunately, I missed out on that service case that looks like you're being on your own, you know, and obviously a little bit of savings but that's disappeared over the journey. But fortunately the wife does work. The wife is a careworker, so she's been very busy. She's. She wasn't laid off at all obviously so she supported me and worked together.

Matt: Yeah, jeez that's crazy man. I mean, yeah, It has an intense kind of time and it's cool, I mean, it shouldn't say cool it's just, it's a, maybe some measure of silver lining. I don't know that, you know, the internet exists. You know I think back to, like, times in history and stuff like that kind of happened, it happened. We were just like, there was nothing, I mean there was nothing for anybody there was no way to make an extra income, it was all labor.

Neil: Absolutely. Yeah, I mean, like I say I'm 56 years old. So according to this online world relatively late. But as you say this is an apple 20, 30 years ago that people wouldn't talk about less of an opportunity to do something like this. So, the positive news is that an opportunity is out there for people to find something they want to do and I'm going through.

Matt: For sure. And I kind of feel like on your end, do you feel, I'm just curious how you feel about it but has it been hard. You're not like super old or anything so I'm not trying to like make you feel bad or anything because we've had, we've had 78 year olds, 82 year olds, I mean, you're a young spring chicken compared to them Gary Vee talks all the time about how people in their 40s and 50s and maybe still that gift 30, 40, 50 years ahead like there's so much time and Laurie just commented down here, she just said hey I started at 59. And I think, I think there's just a lot of potential, there's a lot of, but what I was what I was getting at was, Do you feel like coming online and learning these skills. Did you find it hard? Did you find it easy, was it easier than expected, how did you do it, how was your engagement with that?

Neil: Well keeping it simple man. It's unbelievable the information and the knowledge is out there. It's just a matter of finding it. So, the hardest thing I've found was messing about on YouTube, looking for different videos to get excited about particular business I might want to get involved with. And then suddenly you see another one and you know the old cliche, you're all over the place and, again, nothing. Right. So, I've definitely gone through that and at that point it's like Neil, come on. And he just usually got feelings, and go with it I mean that's, I'm so thankful for Legendary. At that time I thought because it brought it all together for me, and he was like, that's, that's it now, that's what I'm looking for so I'm only, you know, I'm actually all this. And that's the sort of decision, and mental seat I've only made pretty recently. Because I'm still in a lot of looking for a job mode and that type of thing I'm sort of without being too harsh on the world. Isn't it lovely and stroking is a case of law. So to me, That was good, knock on the door. My family is like this. Look in the mirror now. You know, men and women in crisis in government can't make a future with my family. So that’s up to me, that sort of felt like a big moment for me to wait and say, Guess what, now. Since then, things are starting to happen a little bit for me so it's just making that decision to go right. This is how I've got to take this seriously and go for it.

Matt: And I feel like, you know, my wife and I were talking about the string COVID and everything, and I, what I, what we determined is basically look, whether you like it or not, the real only way to sort of, you know, there's sort of this like lingering control and lingering sort of like, you know, you have you have certain freedoms or liberties, you know that America would call liberties that are taken away or sort of at least hindered. Right. And we sat and kind of looked around at the world and thought, you know, you know, who's, who's the people that this is relatively going to not impact, and there's some impact to every business to every job to all of that but it's the people who control their financial, You know well being, it's, it's the business owners, or even people who have real skill sets, where they can go out, and regardless of what's going on in the world be able to sort of create something, or own a business where they are in control to a certain extent, obviously, you know, there's, there's always sort of lingering control of other people and governments and taxes and stuff like that. But by and large we kind of determine Hey, the only way that we're going to, you know, avoid something like this, having so much impact on our lives is too basic. It's basically money. Like, it's basically having financial freedom.

Neil: Yes, I agree. I think there's more people who are waking up to that now. They are being restrained by decisions made by others, which is, I guess it's, it's been away for a long time, of course, but the good news is, as you mentioned before, there is now opportunities for people to look at other ways to have that safety that life for their family moving forward so it's exciting time really you know, not taking away from those obviously suffering, what's going on in the world. But there's some positivity there as well.

Matt: Yes, there is everything is everything is as you see it, right, everything is as you see it, everything, the truth of it is sort of your perspective, and that just is the reality. When you get onto something like TikTok and YouTube. Did you find it or how did you find it? Did you find it to be easy? Did you find it to be a struggle? I mean, what's that been like you got, what, four or 5000 followers on TikTok. You're getting going, what's, what's that deadline too tough to start creating content?

Neil: I explained to my older teenage daughters that I was going on TikTok and creating a lot of clarity around the house. But they’re not liking it so much now. All right. But yeah, we've looked at tick tock to realize that it serves a really good way, based upon information I found out and then discovered myself watching in the business I realized that's an extremely good way to put yourself out. So it's actually a question game, it's strange at the beginning. Yeah, and. But yeah, it's been great, like I say there's a lot of people who did a lot better than me on TikTok, looking, I've had growth, you know a little bit of growth of light. You know, a couple of videos were originally good for me so it's exciting. It is a learning curve. And you learn, you know, getting the message across clearer than initially did so on YouTube saying, you know these are areas I need to focus on. And YouTube as well, learning curve. Obviously it's a lot better for long, longer videos etc. And, but yet, that big learning curve, never done it before. So it's exciting.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, of course it is, it's exciting to learn a new skill, it's exciting to actually see some results too you know what I mean. Like, like, can I, as I was looking through your channel can I pull it open? Are you cool with that?

Neil: Absolutely. 

Matt: Cool. I was, I was wondering if you're open to me giving you a little bit of feedback on your channel even. Okay. I will. And the only reason that I offer this is just because I feel like you've got a really really great head start here and I think we can pour some gasoline on this. And for everybody who's here in the chat, and who's live with us or watching on a replay I'm going to give you a little free lesson here. On the second part of our lives today. But what I was thinking, so here's first I wanted to give you feedback on what I think you're doing really well. I see the theme happening with this 50 years old and out of work. So I think that that messaging resonates because if you scroll down there, there's, there's a one or two videos I feel like that have that name right here, are you 50 plus like me 131,000 views I think that's your most viewed video. Yes. And, and, if I were to use this little tool called. Are you aware of the tool called sort for TikTok?

Neil: No

Matt: Okay, so there's a tool on Google Chrome called Sort For TikTok, and it's a Google Chrome extension, and basically what it is, is it sorts your videos by most watched to least watched so now I've got your most watched videos here. Now, do you think it's any surprise that look at the top three videos so we kind of have an idea here Neal of what's working. And dude, you know, I haven't seen anybody do that before, and it actually worked. So, you know, first of all I think kudos to you because you found a little trend or you found a little, a hook, an angle that's really appealing to people right. So Here's what I think you can do better though. 

So this type of video right here, and I see this, I do at man I see this with people who come from sales, all the time. It's, It's the difference between sales and marketing, right. So what you're doing here in this video is you're doing sales. Now this video could really take off and I think you should keep the hook, but I think you should adjust some of the content. So here's what I mean. If I go to this guy's channel, his name is Spencer. Spencer, he's got 480,000 followers, she's a brilliant affiliate marketer, but if I sort his channel. I'm going to store his channel by most watched the least watched okay and I'm going to focus on a few of these, like, like, let's see. I don't see his 6,000,001. Let me see if it's here. Oh here we go. I don't think it's sorted pieces aside so here's one of his videos that has 6 million views now, just for context of what a 6 million view video would likely do, it would probably bring you close to $100,000 by itself, somewhere in the range of 50 to 150 200,000 followers that it'll depend on a lot of things but you will get if you get a video up to 6 million views, a year, you're easily going to have 100,000 followers, and you will have a lot in commissions you'll have a lot in traffic and revenue and sales. That much is, is pretty, pretty guaranteed. The short for tick tock kits is a Google Chrome extension. I just put it, I forgot to put it in the chat, but I just put it in the chat or the comments of this, you can just google search it and you'll find. Here, he has a similar hope to you kneeling in that he says, you know, the beginning of it starts with. Here's a side hustle zero competition. Right, so you could start out with something like, here's a side hustle for those of us who are over 50, Here's a side hustle 00 competition. He's being, he's doing marketing here right so what he's doing is he's creating a lot of like whoa, zero competition. Let me listen. Right, so what he's doing is he's not selling anything he's not telling people willing to take action. He's just opening people's minds to what's possible. And I think for your audience in particular, you can keep that angle, if you want it to you don't have to. If you don't have to stick with the 50 Plus crowd at all, but you can see here's what I would do Neal, if I would, I would test and try both ways. So, test the same video with the 50 Plus hook angle and then I would remove that completely and I would create video content just like what we're looking at here for Spencer, and I would create content here let me, I need to reshare this screen, bear with me one second. I need to make sure I've got some audio on this bad boy. Share. Okay. So what I would do is I would test them both, and I post basically the same video but I would have just slightly different intro right. And I would just watch what happens. Like I would post one one day, and then I'd wait 24 hours and post the next one the next day and it's like, maybe one gets 800,000 views and one gets 20,000 views. Well, I learned something there, right. But in this case, what's different from what you're doing is that he's going through a very specific formula for how to create videos specifically in this industry which is to make money online, but I also watched people do this in the dog training niche. I've also seen people do this in the health and fitness niche, Lots of different niches, you can do this in, but you give a hook, and you sort of give this curiosity base like, Oh, this is interesting, and you did that with your 50 Plus, but the reason this is going to be more powerful is because the hook isn't based solely on age, it's based on somebody looking for a side hustle. You see the difference. So now you've got the, the amount of people who are sitting watching is exactly the audience you want watching. And so you think through those first three seconds and it's like who I really want, I want. And in your case, maybe you're saying I want people who are over 50 And I want people who are looking for something online. Okay, so I'm going to do it. Here's it, here's a, here's the secret. Here's a super secret side hustle for people over 50 that most people don't know about has very little competition. Now, what you're gonna see Neil is that there's a formula where he's holding his camera I mean he's literally holding his phone right here and he should say like, Hey, here's the silence to your petition bla bla bla. And then he's going to, he's going to stop the video and he's going to flip the camera right. She's gonna do the little camera flip thing so that now it's on the back camera, and he's gonna point at his computer screen, he's gonna say first. You go here and you do this then you go and do this now. This is the big kicker that I tell everybody, all right, on our business blitz Thursdays I tell everybody this over and over and over, like, it's like banging a drum non stop, but I tell people this type of content isn't proprietary. Okay So think through that. I can create the exact same video and teach the exact same skill and all that I'm really doing is maybe mixing it. So here's a good example. This guy, Austin, he, he blew up TikTok, Last year in October or something September, and he had this video that went to 350,000 views and it was how to create an E commerce t shirt, or how to create a shirt business with zero inventory, and that was the video, and I created the exact same video, except I used a different website he used something like, I don't remember what it was but I was more familiar with Printful, and he used to default, so I was like you know what, I'm gonna make the same damn video, I'm just gonna switch it out, like, use a different service that I know. And so, literally, he had 250,000 views. I had 500,000 views on that video. But the trick there is to let the algorithm, whatever the algorithms already said works, just, just trust the algorithm, rather than trying to figure it out and reinvent the wheel right, so here's a good example now, after I've kind of ranted on this. Now check this out. Does the fact that Spencer has so many followers make 6 million views more likely less, so he had 6 million views but he, this was one of his earlier videos this is actually from last year. And it has been, trust me, views on TikTok videos have nothing to do with how many followers you have, if you're in the 6 million range. The only way to get to the 6 million range is if you've got a very, very, like, well done almost perfect video. So listen to this one, and check out what he does to really, really get views.

*video plays*

Now you see how he's jump cutting this, and can you hear this Neil?

Neil: Yes.

Matt: Okay. So they're quick, they're quick, it has to be quick and he uses his voice inflection, there's a, there's a C, everybody who's watching this, there's, there's little tiny skills where he said, and we have we've had him on wakeup legendary multiple times. And he sat down and he literally was like, What is everybody who's successful on tick tock in this niche, what are they doing, and he noticed inflection and you know what he noticed he knows they use the word side hustle, they don't sit and talk about affiliate marketing or network marketing. They don't talk about digital marketing, they talk about a side hustle because everyone in the world. They understand that lingo, they understand side hustle. Right, and I see people posting videos about here's how. Here's the number one way to do affiliate marketing like no one wants to do affiliate marketing, people want to side hustle. They want to feel like they're hustling. Right. That's admirable affiliate marketing is embarrassing culturally. So he does that, but he jump cuts twice, And this kind of this kind of like picking apart the video is key, because you really start it's no longer I'm looking for business opportunity or how to make money, I'm looking at how does this person create this. So, he does two little things where he kind of uses his voice and blockchain says, Hey, here's a side hustle with zero competition. And he uses kind of a voice where you're like, Hey, what the hell is going on here? You know, you kind of lean in like what is going on? All right, well we keep going.

*video plays*

Now, if you're watching this, no matter what niche you're in, getting weight loss dog training, frickin cocktail making cooking recipes and making money online doesn't matter, but here's the thing. Notice how fast he's going in whatever you're creating this video content for. It has to be fast and quick because the goal is watch time, so if you can get people to watch this and be like, I missed that one detail. He said, they're gonna watch the frickin video again, and if they watch it again, then that's when you start getting all those for you page fears.

Alright, keep going.

*video plays*

So he's, he's so the big kicker here, is he does this thing where you don't even have to do that and there's, there's, I wouldn't and the music is not important. I just want everybody to know the music and the hashtags and all that kind of stuff, it's not important, and I'm done. I'm done trying to skirt around this. I've been telling people, it's over and over and over again, when I, when I went out and created viral video I still do we still do to this day. We create channels on TikTok, and we do this in lots of niches and I'm telling you, the music, Isn't it the hash tags the description. All of that crap, it doesn't matter. I've posted videos that have got 500,000 views with no hashtags, no description in the video, and, and it was the first video to the channel. And it absolutely doesn't matter. All that matters is this little formula, and I'm just telling you yesterday. Yesterday, I had an email exchange with this girl, Eric. Alright so, Erica, probably pull this up. She was. She was. Let me see if I can pull, I want to pull this up and see if you just see this. I sent her an email because I kind of keep track of like, oh who's, who's driving sales for our company at Legendary right like who's newer affiliates kind of going at it, maybe we can highlight some of them to show off what they're doing. So check this out, let me see if I can pull this open. Alright, so she had a day where yesterday she was, she was basically at top all sales in terms of affiliates for challenge sales at our company now, guys, if you're not an affiliate for us that's okay it's not required or anything. And, and I sent her a short little video where basically Neil I just described what I described here, and I said hey, just go watch this video. And a week later, that was when she had a bunch of sales flowing in and I was like, Hey, what happened, you know something looks different here, because about six months ago she was crushing sales and it kind of slowed down over the last six months, she emailed me and said, Hey, can you give me a little guidance a little assistance, and basically what we just unpack there Spencer is exactly what she started doing posted a video about three days ago has 600,000 views, and, you know 20 ish sales in a day or something like that, maybe more than that, I'm not sure. And from basically that and a couple other videos but virtually every video on our channel. Well, you know what, let's just pull it open now if I'm going to be able to find her exact one.

Let me see if I can pull this up and I'll show you. She took this formula, and almost all of her videos have over 10,000 views on them easily. Oh yeah, here we go. I think she's got 30,000 followers. She had 30,000 followers. And she's only been posting for three days, real fears she has not. I think she has nine videos, watch this. Some people are like tick tock is dead. Okay, so anyway here's Erica. And, yeah, she has nine videos. Nine, I can't scroll any further 6,000, 12,000, 12,000, 67,000, 10,000, 605,000, 31,000 Right, and these ones that don't have it quite yet, they'll get there, right 30,000 In three days, my friend. And really, that's the formula. That's it, that's what she's doing is she's finding the side hustles she's creating, I don't know if she's doing the spreadsheet method but I've taught this method many times where you basically create a spreadsheet of any videos that you can find that are viewed over, let's say 500,000 times, start there and go find those videos and recreate them, but put your spin on them, put your personality, use your 50 year old kind of hook on that because that that's what you're passionate about, you feel passionate about it, and then no, we're the last piece that I will give you advice on as tinkle of that selling piece that you have, Because you're probably good at it, and you're probably have a lot of conviction about it, and take that to the lives. So, the place where you can start to do that kind of content is in your lives. And that's a place where it's okay because it's more like a webinar where you can really sit down and talk through like, hey, I really believe in this, or hey I want to sell, you know, coaching, this challenge or this, you know, whatever it is, but you can give a little bit more kind of real raw, and that's where I think that that 50 plus thing really work right, so a lot of people now go live with like a green screen behind them and then they have notes up above their head, and you can just be like, side hustle for 50 Plus, you know, best side hustle for if you're over 50 Right. And check this out, and then you could be live and people be like hey what's going on, you know like hey I love your videos like what are you talking about, because I've seen a lot of people who have viral content on Tik Tok and other channels and stuff that they, but they're like hey I just, I don't know they're not turning into sales I said have you gone live before, and suddenly it's like the faucet of sales flows, because now they've, they've sort of converted from a space of just I see them, creating these weird side hustle videos that are interesting but it just seems a little weird into now it's like, Hey, I've got a link in my bio dammit, go by, right now, you know, and they offer a bonus like a 15 minute coaching session or something like that. And they, they sort of stack the value and then they, you know, on a once a week webinar that's actually just a I'm just hitting go live on my frickin Tiktok, on a once once a week thing they might have a, you know, pile of 10 to 50. New customers that come in and, and now they're super highly engaged, they might do a little free 15 minute thing with you or with her. And now they're really hot, they're super engaged now you're going to get higher conversions on your high ticket sales as well on any coaching or anything like that that is sold on the back end, that makes sense.

Neil: Those you haven't heard before regarding the shows as well. And I know it's a chicken and egg scenario, you want to sort of get enough people some people come to see a lie but I just got to go for it to one person in the room, guess what you're going to meet somebody and have a chat with them, and we can practice, practicing and nothing else. So, I've definitely stopped doing that.

Matt: And I would just try to set it like for a certain time each week, you know, Dave and I both have funny stories about 10 years ago where we would schedule webinars and no one would show. And, at least, you know, in those cases, no one knew that no, but we would do the whole webinar, and like, but on TikTok the benefit is like, you can just choose one thing you want to teach right so like if you wanted to take a mini portion of like the 15 Day Challenge let's say whatever you're promoting if it's the challenge or if you're promoting a weight loss product, you can take a bite sized piece of it just kind of teach one principle, right, like you could even just teach like the difference between selling with a website versus selling with a sales funnel, right, and that one thing could be a good 10 minute lesson or five to 10 minute lesson. People overthink this, they think it needs to be this big grand presentation that comes on for five minutes and just, you know hey here's three reasons inside the house that a sales funnel works better than a website. And here's XYZ let me explain it what questions Yeah, you know, and then Pete by that time people start asking some questions, and you can expand and really just engage one on one with people, and that's where the power comes in, then they're like, take this guy's just given me. You know, this is actually valuable like this. Why is this guy doing this? This is really nice. And you go from sort of marketer to now a friend and sort of almost like, hey, This person's actually in it to help me out here, like this is interesting. See what I mean?

Neil: Absolutely that’s what excites me to be honest. I've learned so much since I've been doing this exciting part. Yeah, implemented. You know, that's like a wedge on the thin end of the wedge at the moment, so much. And that's so exciting. Finally, I love it. So, yeah, I've got to just clock in and get on with the girls live for example and then in between the eyes as I say.

Yeah. And, and I do want to just encourage you, because you know sometimes people. Sometimes people, they'll get on and they'll do, you know, they'll post videos for months and months and months and have zero, or very little traction. And it's just like their channel seems like it's not going. So, I don't see that on your channel. So what I want to just sort of hammer home is, you've got a channel with a bit of traction and every indication from that channel says it's primed and ready to go super viral there's nothing sort of holding it back. So, I would try a few things while being in Australia. I will try a few things I tried posting at different times during the day. Very different times, try to capture different audiences from around the world, some of the, some in the, in Australia, some maybe in the UK. And I would really try hard to post using sort of that formula that I laid out. And, and, you know, try out going, I would say that going live is a little less important than is that formula for creating real hyper viral growth is that will really set your channel off. And, you know, occasionally, you're going to have some of those when they go super viral, they're going to take them, they're going to delist them, you just have to do a simple appeal to it and it'll come right back. So just know that be ready for it, it happens, it happens on most. I shouldn't say most but a lot of viral videos, like people who wipe out on skateboards, like that happens all the time, people who, you know, get, like, it's like a fake dog attack or something, it gets taken down, like it just happens all the time so it's not a big deal but you just have to kind of keep pushing through that but I think your channel, what I wanted to convey was, I think your channels ready for it. And I think if you were to post that content. You know, I don't have any way to guarantee or anything but I think that you are primed and ready to rock. Yeah, I mean, you've done a really great job so far, you've posted a lot of content and you've been consistent,

Neil: Yes, if nothing else that I’ve been consistent, like the three to six months of growth in recent times I only had four followers for about a month. 4000 now to be fully taken, appreciate your sharing. 

Matt: Cool. Awesome. Anything that you would say, let's say to the 50 plus crowd, who's out there trying to create content, worried, nervous they feel a little insecure, what would, what, what would you say to those people who are just getting going?

Neil: You know, business,l take your business seriously, be careful as well. Emotionally joking, all sorts of little things and getting consistent. At the end of the day, you just don't really know which ones are going to go viral, and take off anyway so you've thrown out there, and wanted to work as well you get to keep going. 

Matt: I love it. I love it. 

Neil: You know, one thing I've learned from sales. So, other things as a sales role. The important thing for me is mindset. Just accept any sorts of doubts in your business. If you know that going into it in this flat period. You'll be the last thing on what was expected of this. I'm going to create a bullet to keep going. Toss and pick up and hopefully, and then capsule treatment is really foreign and when it's not a small sport and more experienced.

Matt: Yeah, and I think you know, the more, the more you focus on that skill and the more that you really start to develop that skill. It's just more fun when you wake up to 10,000 followers or, you know, whatever 30,000 followers like Eric in three days, but she's, you know, people, people got to realize she's been working on this for a while she's tried a lot of stuff that didn't work. And it was sort of like she needed a recalibration of like, what am I doing wrong here, what, you know, I need this sort of come back to the light a little bit of like, and then, you know, waking up to 30,000 followers that makes that gap, close a little bit, it becomes a lot more fun.

Neil: Yeah. There's nothing better than looking at that and seeing the growth overnight. Yeah, go ahead and follow so, and then obviously the growth of your portfolio down the line so it's exciting.

Matt: It is very exciting. Neil thanks for coming on. If you need anything from us and let us know. I'm going to close this baby out and then we can chat after the show. Yeah, thanks for coming on. Guys, make sure to go give Neil a follow. We're going to wrap this up, and we'll be back here tomorrow, they will be back tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. Same time, same place we've got guests lined up, they're going to be awesome. And you might do yourself well to just rewatch the show is, there is a lot of little powerful nuggets in here and you know I think some people, you know, have said, Oh TikTok’s not what I want so, TikTok might be hotter than it's ever been and it might just be heating up again.

So, let's keep it rockin, have a good rest your Wednesday, peace out everybody go give Neil a follow  Shenton123 Give him a follow and say hi on TikTok on YouTube as well. See you guys.