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Dave:  What's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to wake up legendary this morning we have another awesome guest we are going to be talking about mindset we're going to be least talking about leading with value we're going to be talking about all kinds of awesome stuff as usual. Josh, Welcome to the show, brother.

Josh:  Hey, thanks for having me David, I am pumped to be here.

Dave:  Tell us how you know what brought you online in what you know, what led you to look for legends where you're looking for us and and a little bit about what's happened since then.

Josh:  Okay, so basically, I've been in the online market for the last decade or so. So I'm a freelance artist. Traditionally, I'm an animator and things like that. So I've been online for a while. And it was April 2020, when everything in the world stood still. I was working 14,15 hours at an Amazon warehouse. And I was looking for a while. I was looking for something else to do. And as we, as most of us do, came across a TikTok of some guy talking about affiliate marketing, saying that he was making this amount of money online, he was able to take control of his life. And I was like, Wow, this sounds incredible, right? How do I get in? And as I kind of looked into it, I became more reserved about it. I put up the obstacles I did what most people do. I said, it won't work for me. My family wouldn't understand. I wouldn't want my friends to see me online. I taught myself pretty much every line excuse to not take myself up on the offer. Then 17 months later, I moved from the UK to Puerto Rico. Not allowed to legally work over here because it's part of the United States. And all I have to rely on is my savings and all those things that I have built up over the last couple of years. So I was like okay, well, I need to think of an alternative. I tried all the side hustles mobile game Testing, testing websites, you name it, I tried it, but it didn't work out. Then, you know, the TikTok came around again, someone said hey, try affiliate marketing. And I said to myself, Okay, well if I'm gonna do this, I'm going to do it differently than I have ever tried anything else in the past. I'm going to tell myself that whatever happens, you've got to take action with those steps, and most importantly, don't quit. That's why I came across the legendary and it was pretty much what I said to myself was what you were saying to everybody else as well. Like, don't quit, tend to be uncomfortable, make those decisions to push yourself every day. And because it kind of aligned with what I was telling myself anyway, it was like pretty much fate in my eyes

Dave: Nice, so you said there was over a year gap between the first and second time you saw us?

Josh: I didn't sign up the first time I saw it. I was like, looks great, but everyone just seemed super successful and I just thought, a guy like me from a small city in the UK. He just wasn't going to work. So I kind of just thought you know what, it just faded off into the distance. And then when it came across again, I just said you know what the hell with it. There's never going to be a better time to start them now. Let's see what it's all about. Let's do it.

Dave:  Well, the best time to start is 17 months ago. 

Josh:  Yeah, absolutely.

Dave:  So for those of you who may or may can relate to that, you know, I cannot tell you Josh: how many stories I've heard like your somebody has come across somebody talking about legendary or even signed up and started the challenge and then dipped out because for whatever reason and then came back some months, or I mean, in this case over a year later. It's just fascinating to me. You know what I mean? It wasn't really particularly an email that brought you back. It wasn't that you were on a list, it was that you found yourself back on TikTok in another video that was sending you to the challenge that came across your TikTok. Right. 

Josh:  Just came across me again and you know, I this I use myself as the case study, you know, when people say like, oh, I want to look into a little bit more I want to do all of these things before I start and I say Take it from someone who wasted 17 months, okay and did nothing with it. Like, you know, I try not to live life with regrets. But in this business. The only thing in my head is what would have happened if I decided back in April 2020. What could have I achieved, you know, how much more and I've expanded this business and it just motivates me to really keep going this time and to really hit the ground running. So I just tell people like, Hey, I found it didn't do anything with it. Don't make my mistake.

Dave: Yeah. And what a person to hear that from. I mean, you know, it's so easy for all of us to just say everything but coming from somebody who actually did it. You know, who signed up who then took 17 months to get ready to get ready and just got distracted but also dealt with your mindset and that was one of the things that I noticed. We sent you a couple of questions when we invited you on the show when you mentioned mindset quite a bit. I mean, the things that you described there were 100% all in your head. It was just a small guy from a small town. I mean some people call them imposter syndrome. Some people call them what for you though? Has something changed? Or was it I mean did those voices still come up and you just push through them? I mean, talk to us a little bit about how your mindset works in this journey. 

Josh: Of course the mindset. I have found whenever I talk about affiliate marketing, whenever I talk about Legendary and getting started, I talk about the four fundamentals. Now three of them are your equipment that you use your phone, laptop, internet, everyone's got them pretty much with the fourth thing is like your core pillar, which is your mindset. And yeah, like, like most of us do. I have good days and bad days. You know, I struggle with things like I'll check TikTok one day and I don't get the views that I kind of anticipate from the content I make and it kind of still gets to me a little bit. But it's having that mindset to think okay, well that didn't work. Okay, what do I do differently tomorrow? What do I do differently today to push through and some turn that mistake into a positive because I'm such a data oriented person. So I look at figures pretty much every day. And they do play a role in how I feel with this business.

Dave: Do you look at anything more than just your Commission's 

Josh: Yeah, so I look at how many people follow me, how many people engage with me, how many people I really look at, like the percentages of likes, email opens and things like that. It works for me in my head like okay, that email worked with this many people. It didn't work today because trying to work out what reason there was but the mindset

Dave: When I back when I first got started I many days today, the only data that I look at is just my commission so that's why I was just trying to just re you know, see if you were the same type of back because I look at all the you know, the dashboards and stuff that you know, we pay hundreds of dollars a month at this point here as you grow your business and you're more dashboards my eyes just glaze over you know, we have smarter people in the company that understand those things. I just go look at the sales thing and I say cuz you know what, one a while look at the sales, cash, it solves everything in a business. There's not a single problem in a business that cash flow won't solve, you know, so, but it's great that you're looking at all these kinds of numbers in the analytics. You know, I, maybe four years ago, five years ago, something like that made kind of a commitment or intention to not make decisions that weren't really data driven. You know, because I was so non data non analytical and I would just make decisions that were based on how I felt, and feelings don't tend to typically be facts all the time. And so yeah, now we try within our company here to only make decisions that are based on Unreal data, you know, not taking things away and really looking at the numbers so that's that's good. You know, TikTok, for example, gives you amazing data for those of you who haven't looked into analytics. And you mentioned some of the things about email open rates and stuff like that. So that's cool stuff. So um, what else you know, we mentioned that, you know, in the headline for the show, leading with value to skyrocket results. Talk to us about it and we're gonna put your, you know, TikTok handle up here. So people It looks like you've got a couple of different TikToks. 

Josh:  I got two that I run and then a few like the scale accounts that are popping up.

Dave:  Right. Right. So um, so talk to us a little bit about how you're kind of building and creating content. What are some of the things that you found that are working really well? You know, what does value mean? You know, when we, when we headline a show like this, leading with value to a brand new person, that leading with value, that doesn't mean anything, you know what I mean? So talk so give us your definition of like, that actually. Means leading with value, and then talk about how you're incorporating that into your videos and what have you learned?

Josh:  Yeah, so basically, it was probably the biggest mistake I made when I first started this whole business. And it's a common mistake I found most beginners make and it's having the mindset of making money. Because most of us have seen a TikTok against this business because someone has said, I make this amount of money from home because of affiliate marketing. So we naturally go into this business wanting to make money and we focus on figures and we focus on commissions and we automatically see every person who speaks to us as a number as a potential customer, and we try and get that person to buy from us. And one of the things I found out was if you do that people can see through it, and they know that you don't necessarily care about them. I had a conversation back in October with a guy that I was like, hey, I can see you want to make money online. This is how I started with affiliate marketing. If you want to, here's the course I started that changed my life. And all he kept saying to me was, is this a robot? Who are you? Is this a scam like and it really hit home that My intentions were to show him a way to solve his issues with money and to find a way to make money online legitimately through something I'd done myself. But the way I was going about it was focusing on making money. And as soon as I made that mindset shift to only focus on providing value to my audience and genuinely helping people, giving them like, the steps on how you set the benefit marketing business, give you the tips on funnels, email autoresponders be that the main focus like give people as much free value as possible. And then the money takes care of itself. And the people who are just starting out for all of the beginners are crazy to hear that because it's like, oh, I want to make this amount of money. You know, my business plan says this, I want to hit this amount of commissions by this point. But trust me from someone who has had the wrong mindset and made the change as soon as you put your audience first, because you want to imagine you're talking to yourself just before you start the challenge. What would you want to hear from someone? Would you want them to genuinely tell you that I'm here for you? Whatever questions you've got, I'm here to answer them for you. If you sign up for the challenge, come back to me with your questions. And that's how you build a sustainable business where people actually want to buy from you. They don't want to necessarily buy the products. It's you who is the brand and that's who they trust.

Dave:  Yeah, I couldn't agree more. My take on delivering value is that this was a real breakthrough for me because I was uncomfortable with selling and I was uncomfortable with even mentioning prices or telling somebody to go buy something when I first got started. Because I was just so uncomfortable with money and I was uncomfortable with asking people to give me money or to buy something from me. And so what I learned was that I could do education based selling where I actually never sold anything and the only thing that I ever did was teach, and so I would say hey guys, essentially I would say hey guys, come over here. Let me show you this cool tool. It's helping me, you know, send emails to people automatically without having to do it one by one or manually. It's called an auto responder. Let me show you how it works, you know, and so hey, if you want to learn more about this, specifically how I use this tool to build an automated online business that provides income, then hey, don't click the link and click this and take this course and hey, let's learn together, right? Let's build a business together and you can be on that same journey. Right? So that right there, I mean, there's obviously a little bit of pitching. There's a little bit of hype and excitement. There's a little bit of urgency, I mean, selling. I encourage everybody to embrace selling, even though that's not really what we're doing because there's so many principles that are so powerful, but at the end of the day, the simple point that I wanted to make was that, for me, providing value was just simply teaching stuff. And it was just simply being entertaining and that's why we call it edutainment here at legendary is because it was just me teaching stuff. If I was an affiliate marketer getting started today I would be on Tik Tok. I would be on Instagram. And I might not particularly be doing things that make me totally that are totally outside of my personality. But I would absolutely be on that app every day three to four times a day. With videos that teach little ideas, little one minute nuggets, little stories that give value and teach stuff. But again, I think the big word there is teach if we adopt this philosophy of learning, do it and then teach it. What is fascinating about that is not only that with that philosophy, but you'll also learn a lot faster. Those of you who are having a hard time really understanding some of this stuff you feel like you're stuck with some of this stuff. Begin trying to explain it to others. begin teaching it just trying to explain it to others because when you teach something yourself you actually not only do yourself a favor and build your audience and probably make yourself some money by giving people value but you also simultaneously learn it better and faster. Because you're you're you're re explaining it which is it's just it's powerful. I mean you see children doing it. I see my five year old doing it all the time when her mom will tell her something and then you know she'll go around correcting me when she sees me doing it. You know the five year old teaching me, you know, all she did was she just, you know, she's just reteaching something that she doesn't even hardly understand. You know, but it's just helping her learn even more. So that was what came up for me. What um, what about what I just said resonates? I mean does that is something that in Did you have a challenge with that Josh: the teaching piece? Did you feel like Hey, Who the hell's gonna listen to me?

Josh:  When you start out you. You have a difficulty like putting value on the information that you now know. And like putting yourself in a position of power like, as soon as you start the challenge, even if you're on day one, you know more than the person who hasn't started. And the best way to learn is like what you said by teaching and this is something I found throughout my life my entire life. When I was in college, I taught a little bit because I wanted to have that position if I could teach it. And that's the thing that you want to do with affiliate marketing and going through legendary is like every bit of information you take, you can then give to somebody else you can then practice what you're preaching to other people and give them the little bits of value that you're getting every single day from the challenge.

Dave:  I actually like what you just said, and I can't. I'm gonna butcher it but it was something like every single thing that you learn, you should turn around and try to teach because if you can't explain to somebody else and you may not understand it yourself on the desert, yeah, you got to keep learning and you got to keep explaining until you can explain it clearly to somebody else because if you can explain it clearly clearly to somebody else, then you'll never forget it. You'll never be stuck. Yeah, you know, I mean, this is the mind but look if I was watching this show every day for the last six months, and I just heard what was just said right there within the last five minutes. My mind might be blown a little bit if I was struggling to get started or kind of getting ready to get ready or not really feeling like I'm qualified to talk. Here's Josh: here's Dave Sharpe match pride back there ever we got everybody everybody's giving you permission right here right now we're saying and I'm saying that this is what we must do. To learn something faster we have to learn it, do it, teach it and we should try to teach it the same day as fast as possible. Because the quicker we can teach and explain that to somebody else. The quicker we know that we're grasping the concepts. I'm having a mental breakthrough right now. Josh:, I don't know about you, buddy.

Josh:  100% Yeah, it's, it's when you can take something, take a piece of information and explain it in any way to get somebody to understand it. That's when you know, you understand what you're actually talking about. I actually was going through and living the other day. And I was talking to a lot of people and they were like, but I don't understand the business. I don't understand affiliate marketing. And I said to them, I actually used an analogy of someone saying you wanted to learn to play an instrument or you wanted to learn it to learn a brand new language. You would do it in a certain way. You know, you would follow a structured proven system of success. You would gain access to that instrument. And it's the exact same way you go with a business online specifically going through with legendary, it has a proven success system. So you want to be taught by someone that you can replicate their cell. And me giving that analogy was me finally realizing that okay, these people now understand because I was able to take what I know and apply it to how they would resonate with it.

Dave:  Yeah. Well, that's when you begin to get somewhat more advanced with your communication skills. And I saw a comment that came through before that somebody said content creation is hard. Content creation or No, no, she said content creation seems hard. Well, so did walking when you were a baby Sodhi talking, so did everything else in your life so to drive in a car probably so did going to college showed it being married so did raising kids, but you get it so don't come up all up in here talk about, oh, I want to be financially free. But then it's like, yeah, you're gonna have to do some hard shit. You want to be something that's so big that so few people have. You want to be financially free. You want to be you want to be? You want to have time. freedom you want, time freedom. They know you know what you're asking for? You're asking for something that is a big deal. It's not just handed out. Yeah, it's earned, not given. Yeah, you know what I mean? Here's what we're telling you. Here's what we're telling you that you got to do to earn it. It's not you got to go. Get shredded, you know, run a triathlon, you know, become a DECA athlete or whatever. And wait 10 years and spend $50,000. We're just saying, learn some shit. Learn something, go through our course, go through somebody else's course. Whatever. Yeah, do it and then teach it and try to explain it quickly. Try to explain it quickly because just like parenting and being married and all these other things that were really hard. This is going to be hard at first. This is gonna be hard at first. Logging onto your computer was hard at first. You trying to figure out how to work your iPhone was hard at first, but you were so excited. I couldn't wait to get on like Candy Crush, you know. So you push through. Yeah, you know, but we don't see what's possible. On the other hand, We've not experienced time, freedom, financial freedom, but kind of these things that we like to talk about. What we don't really push ourselves through to achieve it. Because it's hard. Yeah. So my my, my big takeaway today is yes, it's hard and you have to get into here's a guy Josh: from a small town in the UK, who told himself that he wasn't shit. Nobody was ever going to listen to him and how can he be successful? And here he's online crushing it. Because you're, you know what, you know what, you know what an entrepreneur is. It's somebody who breaks the rules, right? And it's and you know, what the exact not rule breaking is in life. It's, well, I'm gonna go through and I'm going to really take my time and take a couple of years to master this stuff. And maybe one day in a couple of decades, I'm going to turn around and I'll have something to offer. I mean, it's sort of like what we do in society. I mean, I have absolutely nothing against any professor or person that works in education. But you don't have to have built a multi million or billion dollar business to be a professor in college. So there's people all over that are teaching things that they may not have experience with. What I'm telling you today, folks, is that being an entrepreneur is about being a risk taker, and it's about breaking the rules. And so you're learning something and you're not going out there and line, which you're using creativity. To say, let's say if, for example, if you are in the make money online niche, every single morning we're teaching concepts. Every single morning we're teaching things and quite frankly, no matter what niche you're in, you can take concepts in even things that we teach just here on this free show and repurpose them into your content. But you have to be willing, you know, to break the rules a little bit you have to be willing to to be uncomfortable. Going through that learn, do teach process at the beginning and Josh:, that's what you did. You got through as Brian Brewer calls it, the valley of despair in those first 30 days. And now, it's not as hard anymore, is it rather?

Josh:  Not exactly that. Society teaches us to stay where we are because it's easy because it's comfortable because it's what our friends are doing. It's what our parents are teaching us to do. It's what everybody wants us to do to stay in the bubble. But the people that make a difference are the people that break out of the bubble like you say: Being an entrepreneur is going against the grind, going against them breaking those rules, you know, nothing is going to be perfect in your business. You know something is always going to go wrong. So just do you know, just hit the ground running. Don't start tomorrow. Don't wait till Monday. Don't wait until the afternoon. Get on your phone like you're on your phone all day. Stop being a construct, being a creator, and then things in your life. will change.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah. Hey, man, you said it all my brother. Well, listen, Josh, we have your TikTok handle up there. I mean, people can go and check you out and follow you and connect with you. If somebody was on the checkout page right now and they were, you know, they had never signed up before. So you know, we're not talking about somebody who signed up 17 months ago. We're talking about somebody who signed up for the very first time or is thinking about signing up at the beginning of this journey. And they really are looking for something. I mean, they're looking for a business that they can do that's not going to be wildly out of pocket expenses. 10s of 1000s of dollars, it's not going to take a bunch of their time. So they're looking for something but they're just not sure they're skeptical. What would you say to somebody based on your experience with at the very least the challenge

Josh:  just jump in. Okay, jump in with two feet because the community is there to catch you. I have never been a part of a community as strong as this. And you know, we have legendary but we have affiliate marketing as a whole. I have met people from different causes and different backgrounds and come from different mentors. And 99.8% of the people you meet online only want you to succeed. All of these things that the market is too saturated and you know, there's never going to be enough money to go around. There is enough for everybody. Okay, when you want to sit there at the checkout point you're deliberating whether or not this is going to be for me. You're never going to know unless you press that by now sign up do it today button. Okay, now work out the rest later. Okay. Because the longer you put it off, the easier it's going to be to never do it. Okay, so start that uncomfortability and then it gets easier to start to do that's all I can tell people.

Dave:  That stars now and figures the rest out. Later is like a life motto. Yeah. You know, I love that and I think that's the biggest today we're going to leave it right there. And we are going to, of course, flash your TikTok handle for everyone watching it’s @Joshp_official but as I let you go, I'm going to keep that front and center start now figure the rest out later from Josh Appreciate your brother. Keep us posted on your journey. Stay legendary my friend and we'll talk to you soon okay, appreciate it. Thanks. Right buddy? Well, there you have it start now figure the rest out later. You are already there first, from a young man in a small town in the middle of the UK. Who thought I am not shit. I can't ever succeed at this. Why even start 17 months later the second time and is crushing it and you just heard how and why. So go connect with Him, follow Him, support Him and as much as that. Make a decision today. For yourself and your future. Grab it right grab the bull by the horns. Start now. figure the rest out. Later.