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Dave:  Hey, what's going on my friend? This is Dave Sharpe welcome to Wake Up Legendary, the infamous show. Heard round the world, my friends round the world, in the marketing universe, and we'd like to welcome you here to yet another exciting week of stories and interviews. Just an enormous amount of value in training. That is, it is pretty much right at everybody’s fingertips a lot of times we even have people that want to be like us. The gurus and the goblins out there who copy our you know our strategies, and wonder how so many people in our community are succeeding and they can even Come on wake up legendary and listen to the strategies that we share with them. Like friendly so openly. And so and so hopefully and also and also, hello to anybody out there who you know, you know, wanting to copy our strategies, a special shout out to anybody who's in the DMS who’s actually showing up the Facebook lives and hitting up our clients and students trying to pitch them what are garbage courses are, quite frankly a waste of time and money. Let’s jump into it though, From Fast Food Worker To Digital Marketer. Davis, welcome to the show. tell us how you got started and you know how you found Legendary Davis.

Davis:  Actually, I wanted to say this. I've been visualizing every single day, to be on a call to be on an interview with you, Dave like every single night I imagined talking with you and now it comes through so I'm very excited today and a bit nervous as well.

Dave:  That's a real honor man. Thank you for sharing that and and it's it's it's just as much of an honor for me to be speaking to you, buddy. So but that is the power of visualization, isn't it and and just thinking about what you want to happen and I think the majority of the people that I meet, think about all the bad things that they don't want to happen. But when you step back and look at it well, you're spending all that time thinking about all those bad things in the world. It has a weird way of giving you exactly what you're thinking about, and also giving you exactly what you're most afraid of. Right. So thanks for sharing that man. And that's really powerful. A lot of people wonder how I have become, you know, where's my training and where's my speaking training or public speaking training or any of that kind of stuff. And it all comes from that same thing, visualizing myself being in that environment, whether say I'm going to do an event, visualizing myself speaking in that environment and rehearsing that over and over again. And then when I get there, it's almost like I've already been there. I've seen myself crushing it and it's not as scary because I've already prepared it so we could talk about that for an hour. 

Davis: But first you know, there's lots so much to talk about. But anyways, tell us a bit about you. And thank you for sharing that you know what you just did?

Davis:  Okay, so my name is Davis and currently I'm 19 years old. I live in France for my studies and I've always been originally from Vietnam. And I'm currently I do affiliate marketing beside having my first year in college and my goals on on this call with you on this interview is to share as much value as possible to inspire others and you know like to talk about my biggest defeat mistakes so that everyone can avoid that or maybe if someone has already done that, then you can find the way to fast track so that you will never make that mistake again and you have to get out of it.

Dave:  So you're 19  And you say that you're currently where right now.

Davis:  So I'm in France right now.

Dave:  You're in France right now and you're originally from Vietnam?

Davis: Yes. Exactly. 

Dave: And you're there at a university , is that what you're doing? And on the side you're actually also doing affiliate marketing?

Davis:  Yes, I'm doing good marketing on the side.

Dave:  Sheesh, I know grown people in my town that've never gotten on an airplane for God's sake. And you're and you're halfway around the world and you know, doing studying and then you're also doing so that's a lot first and foremost. I want to know just what is driving you to do so much. I mean are you are, you know, it's got to be something more than just your parents want you to do it because you wouldn't then be taking additional action there in France.

Davis:  So actually, like I've sworn in a low income middle class family and you know, like, I've been through a lot of rough times. So have I in my entire life. I've been working hard to, too , like to try to live a different life, to try to do different things from my family because I don't want to do the same thing that my parents did. I don't want to be stuck struggling financially and never have enough time. So I always go up and hustle whenever I have time to be able to have my dream life in the near future.

Dave:  Yeah, How are you going to college? How is that being financed?

Davis:  So actually, I have spent like one year learning French and I came here I think since 2020 to have navigated to learn French here. So this year I am able to learn from the college. And actually when I learned French, in French, the tuition fee was basically free.

Dave:  Oh wow. So So Wow. So you figure that out? If you learn French you can go to France and go to university for mostly free for low to no cost. Is that right? 

Davis: Exactly. Exactly. 

Dave: Okay, friends, I want to just point one thing out. I mean, I don't. I'm just meeting you now for the first time but just the resourcefulness of that alone is really impressive. So now you get to France. You've been practicing French back in Vietnam. Now you're also continuing to practice French there in France and you're learning but you're speaking to me in English. Now where does that come into the picture? Because you know, that's not what your family says? Is it? They speak Vietnamese, right?

Davis:  Yeah. So most of the time I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos and I tried to talk the way they needed and just, you know, like to intimated what they did and try to speak fluently in English. And I know that I will be doing business in English in the future. So I try my best to speak fluently in English.

Dave:  Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Davis. I mean, The reason why I'm asking you these questions. You are giving us value by just helping us to see everything that you're doing and everything that you've done. And you know, we sometimes I know, I know I sometimes I have no idea what it's like to be born into a country like Vietnam. I don't know. Maybe you had a wonderful life. But you were just saying that you had a lot of poverty that you grew up around. And the other thing that I'm noticing is that you had to leave your country for a bigger opportunity. That's also something that is a whole that's a whole different level of having to go after it. I mean, it's just so so that's helpful to me and to people who were born in America who there's all the opportunity in the world really is here. And that's one of the things that I scream out to my American friends for god sakes. You know, and I'm not you know, I love America. And I love my American friends a lot of the time, you know, I'm just like, hey, look, there's a lot of opportunity here. So did I get that right? Did that feel like that fit that you grew up around a lot of poverty and then had to watch your parents struggle and you basically had to leave your homeland for a bigger opportunity. And eventually where do you see yourself going?

Davis:  So I've been dreaming of big scenarios when I was really young, like, I've been dreaming of living life without worrying about money. Different life. Wow. Really? Yeah. So like, I didn't know how I could do that? i The only thing that I knew when I was young was to study really hard at school, trying to get the best rates so that I will have the opportunity to go to another country. That's the only thing I know and I was just thinking that I am going to learn really hard. And I'm going to get a new high paying job in another country. So that I will be able to live a new life and also help my parents.

Dave:  Okay, so ultimately you're just where you're probably thinking and been dreaming about just traveling the world and just exploring and who knows where you're going ultimately. Maybe you're gonna have a house in America, a house in Vietnam, you'll have a house in France. Alright, let me ask you this question. Where does affiliate marketing in online marketing fit into all this for you?

Davis:  So actually, it is a long story like, last year I started my first ever job in my entire life. I didn't have any prior experience or experience in the pandemic, so it was really hard to get a job. And eventually I found a job in a fast food restaurant like the Japanese fast food restaurant, and I was paid like $8 Now minimum wage, and I was working really hard

Dave:  worked and that pissed you off? That pissed you off. You're like no, this is not good enough. You're like this does not fit my dream. You know, this is so so again what happens tell us see he's talking about some pain right now, folks. He's talking about something that's uncomfortable that is the worst thing possibly that could happen to you right? You've been dreaming about being wealthy and successful your whole life and now you're making minimum wage, continue with the story.

Davis:  So I because I didn't have any experience like I have never been cooking for others my entire life. And that's why my boss mistreated me, not only my boss, but the college ministers that bullied me and verbally abused me and that made me really hate my job. I felt stressed. I lost my self confidence. I had low self esteem. Like basically I felt really crappy when I had to go to work. And at the time, I also liked that it was an equal social life changing because I was also reading the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. And I just adopted every single book that he gave me like Robert gave me and I just embraced the mindset and that made me even hate my job. I hate my job even more. And that's why I tried to find a way to make money online.

Dave:  Oh, wow. You were reading that book before you came online?

Davis:  Yes. Because I was looking for ways to I want to find a way to get my dream life and I couldn't just do the same thing like most other people are doing so I need to read more books to expand my mindset, because I know that current version of myself and my mindset couldn't get me to my dream. So when I started everything okay,

Dave:  So what led you to Legendary and bring us current now to what's happened here over you know, when did you find legendary How long has it been? To give us some timelines and some ideas of, of how things are happening. You're looking like you're more excited to talk about this part.

Davis:  Sure. So, in March last year, like 2021 I started my first entrepreneurship journey beside my restaurant job. So I actually got into growing thin pages on Instagram. I bought a really successful entrepreneur on Instagram and I tried to learn every single knowledge by good. And actually, that cost was four promises because the guys who sold me, he told me that if you bought this car, you're going to learn how to make three paid by PayPal, but it didn't didn't have to continue because that cost just taught me how to, like on mass on your novel strategies on Instagram, but they didn't teach me how to do it. They didn't teach me how to monetize that. So I started just selling my service for $90 Trying to help artists to create a brand on Instagram. And I have been dealing with that from March until August. It has been like five months of hustling for $90 on my service, and it was really tiring for me. And that's when I I saw many, like real flip modules on Instagram. Hi, I just give it a go like, Okay, I need to change. I couldn't do it anymore because I couldn't just tell him I searched for $90 and help a lot at the same time. It just led to the now so I discovered good marketing. I watched your videos and I just enrolled in Legendary Marketer right away.

Dave:  In August last year? And what's happened since then.

Davis:  So I started actually like in real struggle where like many people are watching this live stream. So in September, in the beginning of September, I started to post my videos on TikTok. I was very fortunate to have three days of posting on TikTok on Pinterest on Instagram. I got my first commission, but it took me one month to get another commission. And the thing is that I was just thinking that affiliate marketing is just about to have the pre made sales funnel pre made even marketing part. And I just need to create as much viral content as possible. My mistake was that I didn't have any target audience. I didn't know what I was doing. I just think I was just thinking like, okay, so I'm gonna create a lot of bio content and I got a lot of news so that I can make a lot of money but I wasn't sure.

Dave:  Yeah. So you so you, you learned you're saying are you saying that you thought that getting in and being successful in affiliate marketing was just about creating viral content?

Davis:  Yes, that's what I was thinking back then. 

Dave:  And what have you learned? What what what how would you describe if I was to ask you now how I can be successful in affiliate marketing? How would you describe the formula if it's not simply making viral content in doing that only? What is that formula?

Davis:  Okay, so, before I go, I'd like to talk about my device so that I can lead to the lessons that I have learned. So I

Dave:  I want to talk about your defeats first. Yes. Yeah, that's great.

Davis:  To November last year, into Monday through my TikToks, zero 40 to 43k followers, and afterwards majestic top thing is that my videos went viral in the countries where Legendary doesn't work with and people replied in common in their own in which we which I cannot understand and they reply to my email marketing in their language has grown so I have like almost 4000 subscribers in my email list. They were in the target audience and they couldn't be monetized as well. So when I discovered that, and whenever I saw the videos, I was really, I was feeling really terrible that whenever I fought a video, myself going viral, I changed the privacy of that video to only me so that it couldn't go by anymore because I don't I didn't want anyone who, who who are not from the countries that I want to watch the videos. And, and I have been at that point for like, two three weeks. Yeah. And then I was in a really big benefit. And I was in a really terrible situation. And one two weeks of being really depressed, feeling terrible, and myself feeling like a loser and that was the biggest defeat that I have. I decided to you know, I'm gonna start over again and I deleted my email list of 4000 subscribers and also, I thought that the new Tiktok with a brand new thing i Because failure I discovered managing new and I treated the failure as a lesson as a teacher not something that could make me quit. So

Dave:  So what did you do differently because what I'm hearing that happened was every time and let me just make sure that I got this correct. Every time I do I begin to go viral. It would attract people from countries that didn't speak a language that you understood and like for example, this has absolutely positively nothing against people from this country. But we found that India will, you know, eventually basically have to stop taking customers from India, because we experienced a lot of fraud and stuff like that. 

Dave:  That was from countries that, you know, either, you know, places like a company like us didn't accept customers from or spoke a language that you didn't understand. And so every time a video would take off and go viral you would actually set the video to go private. And so it didn't go viral. And then you had an email list also with 4000 subscribers who are mostly you're saying, these, these, this group of people, and so basically you looked at that you said, Hey, this, this is a defeat. I'm going to start over. I'm going to start from scratch. And you did, was that right? Yes. Okay, I just wanted to make sure that I got so then what happened? Anybody who's just coming on or needs a refresher? I said what do you know? How would you describe the formula to be successful affiliate marketing, and he said, Let me tell you first about my defeats. Let me tell you about my failures. So what you just described was sort of you described it like, Hey, this is defeat. Let me start over and with a new outlook. And with new wisdom and tell us what happened next.

Davis:  Okay. So first, I tried to find out who my target audience is because I know that when we try to target everyone when we do, like general content on any type of social media, we would attract a lot of different types of people. So I want to make sure that I only attract my target audience. So I tried to define my type of audience. I tried to look back at myself, like in the past, when I was an actor, what makes me to table and like try to figure out my pain points and my desire and try to put that into the content. So first of all, to have a target audience, you need to target audiences who can relate the most to you and you can understand the most so it should mean the old version of yourself. And then what I do is that I've changed the content strategies and also started to learn copywriting, storytelling, funnel building, so I tried to write my own email.

Dave:  You changed you changed the messaging in your content is basically what you're saying and what it what did you change it from and what did you change it to?

Davis:  So before I was creating content like how to do like, make 20 bucks per hour with Google, for example. 

Dave:  See, we're doing the quick, the quick, whatever ways to make money, blah, blah, blah, but everything everybody does, and what do you start doing?

Davis:  So I started to target my boss. So I started to create content for my audience. I tried to, like, try to be authentic, tried to show myself tell my story.

Dave:  And your stories are wonderful, by the way. I mean, the real challenge that we all have is how do you tell and I looked up at the clock, right when I said, when you had gotten when you had told your story about going to France and being in college, and doing affiliate marketing. You know, we were about 15 minutes into the show and the question or the challenge that everybody has is how do I take that story and condense it down into 30 seconds or 15 seconds? And that's, you know, you all have heard me do that over and over again. You know, I'm like, Hey, my name is Dave Sharpe. I'm a former high school dropout. You know, teenage father, you know, recovering heroin addict who had no future, you know, convicted felon. I mean, I got arrested right when I was 18 for running from the cops and they put you know, so this business allowed me to overcome all that in build a life and a future despite not being able to get hired for dang near a minimum wage job in my city because of my you know, my past and kind of mistakes that I've made. So anyways, I you know, I've been telling that story over and over again and for you and for all of us when we're creating the content is getting shorter and shorter. And, you know, we've got to figure out how we can deliver value, how can we tell a story, how can we create, you know, how do we do that in 15 seconds, or do we have to do that in 15 seconds? Maybe we don't. A lot of it is putting more effort into your bridge page video. You know, that's where you have a bigger opportunity there once you've collected the email to tell more of your story and bond with your potential customer, right before they go in and see that sales page. So maybe we don't have to tell our story all in 15 seconds, but But anyways, now that you've told us a little bit about your failures and your messaging, I want to know a little bit about more about your messaging and how you went from the kind of copycat content that everybody else does. We all do it when we first come in to finding your own voice in finding your own message, telling your own story. And you know what, here's the other thing, folks, when we talk about delivering value, that means let me break it down and you’ll understand this because I'm going to speak real, you know, I'm not going to trust me. I'm going to speak in plain English right now. Okay. Don't make shit too complicated.

Dave:  What do I mean? That's how you deliver value. You just say okay, is this some shit that I understand right here. Landing Page you know, the concept of a landing page, okay, because if I don't understand it, then I'm gonna go over here and try to deliver value and no, it's not going to work. What I realized, my friend, is that delivering value was a lot simpler. It was just, I'm delivering value all day in my life. I'm trying to be helpful and valuable everywhere I go. If I enter into a conversation, and I know something about the topic, I say, Oh, here's my experience. Wow, that was helpful what you shared. Here's my experience. If I walk up to a group of people, and I don't know what I'm talking about, I don't add value by just popping in like an asshole. And talking about something that I don't know anything about. Right? I listened a little bit and I learned but here's my point, I'd like to know if you believe this to one somebody's gone through the 15 Day Challenge. Let's say marketing and making money online is your niche. You've got enough information to talk about some things you understand enough to be dangerous, and you know, say dog training is your niche. Well, if you've been, if you're even thinking about doing dog training, you've probably owned dogs, and you know stuff about dog training. And so that is stuff you talk about. That's how you deliver value. But we make it so difficult because we say oh delivering value must be talking about something like rocket science or something. And it's really not. So So anyways, you found that telling your story in doubt, that was authentic to you was more helpful than just kind of, you know, here's five ways to make money with with Amazon and just doing a video that you saw somebody else do, which by the way, folks it's not a problem. We're not saying that. That doesn't work. It just might attract your wrong audience.

Davis:  So actually, like I've tried to, including myself in the content like why did I start? What pain did I have when I and what was my desire? Like I want to quit my job. I hated my job. I was working in a stressful place. I hate to have to come out of the restaurant at 11pm Almost every single like three days a week for example. So attractive, included my pain, the reason why I started my my journey like goes

Dave:  and that like most important stuff. That's that, you know what? Because before there ever even before they even ever care about the mechanics of what you're doing to make money. They just want to know that you really understand what they're going through. And that you can relate that you understand that you're not their asshole boss, but you're somebody who's been in their position. And you're saying, I hated my job. Maybe you do too, or I hate my job. Maybe you do too. Right or whatever it is, but in your case, it was hey, I hated my job. Right? And you started talking about the pain, even abuse. You're talking about things that are real stuff that evoke real emotion that they bring out real motion. I think a lot of people can, can, can relate to. Did my boss just verbally abuse me? Well, I think that more than then people talk about and so for you to come out and be so courageous to talk about that. What has been the response to you sharing really powerful and vulnerable, you know, vulnerable in a good way in a courageous way, not in a weak way. What's been the response to things like that?

Davis:  So like I started doing that I got a lot more DMS from people who also felt the same pain, like they shared their story in the DMS with me on incidents and I also felt to them and I tried to, you know, like so I totally felt how you feel. So this is what I do. And this has helped me to do this, do that and I tried to give them the opportunity, provide them more value like how you can do that step by step. And then tell them to you know, like, this was the challenge, though, you can do it too.

Dave:  A lot. of times they don't even need a call to action. I mean, you just it's, they already see what you're doing. They know and a lot of times people are watching you and they're just waiting to really see if you're that person who they really can trust you know, and the way that they big the people trust you as the you open up in give them a piece of your dirty laundry or a skeleton from your closet, or a secret or something that's vulnerable. And you say that's the way that we bond with other humans. We bond in the way of giving, hey, I give you some bread or some food you give me some food my son's doing it right now. I see he's one and a half. And he's like trying to feed everybody because he thinks that's everybody's feeds everybody because we've we've some he's, he's very independent, but sometimes he still likes to be fed right so he could. So also, the other way we bond in society, you know, as humans is, through, obviously love in romantics. Sexual attraction, we bond with with parent and child we bond with siblings in relatives, but we also bond with with with friends when we open up and share something or even strangers we bond with strangers. Actually up to better strangers when we open up and we will reveal something about ourselves.

Dave:  That I want to share with you and you would be amazed you know, I know people who are running such simple businesses, such simple businesses in affiliate marketing is such a simple business. They have an email list of a few 1000 people, you know, anywhere from, you know, usually if they've been in the game these people have 10-20,000 people or more on their email list but but not hundreds of 1000s and, and they have such influence over their small audience because they bond so deeply with their audience, their audience loves them so much. It doesn't require a huge audience. Because the people that are following you and listening to you are more trusting of you. And I think that's been one of my big secrets is just I open up in my videos and my sales videos in all of my stuff. I kind of open up and I give every single stranger a piece of me right out right in the beginning. And I say hey, here's something that you can use against me. If you want to hold it against me you can use it against me if you're that in or but you know this is but this is who I am and here's what I've done about it and here's what I've done with it. And in absolutely the person could take it and run and go oh this guy's a piece of shit or oh, I don't like this person or whatever. But you know what, that rarely ever happens. The worst thing that happens is they either leave a shitty comment which is never about me. It's always about how shitty they feel about themselves. Or here's the worst thing that can happen to them X out of the screen.

Unknown Speaker  That's it that I don't believe just I don't even feel that I don't even know. Or

Dave:  The opposite of that is I've I've won over a fan of you know, somebody who's, who's who I've earned the respect of somebody. I've earned the trust of somebody. And that is so much I mean, people don't give what is the same, they don't know how much you care until you care how much something like that. They don't, they don't care about how much you know until they know how much you care. What's coming up for you and tell us more about how you know how this has played out for you.

Davis:  So, also I tried to focus on storytelling because it is one of the keys to success in online marketing, which I believe because like when you tell your story, more people will relate to you and they will know and trust you more and they will understand that they can do it too. And the more you share your story, not not only in content, but also in the funnel or especially in the email marketing. I will suggest that like everyone's has like pre pre-made funnel or pre-made email marketing that suggests writing your own emails, so that you can truly learn skill, like maybe create the funnel in your way but you also share your story. And then you actually learn a skill and once you learn a skill, you will actually get on the right way instead, instead of just near like a great continent. continent having like premade things to make fun of or even nothing you need to share your story like write your own email, create a funnel, and that's how you develop that skill and that skill, a long term success for you.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah, I agree. I agree. And it's one of the reasons why we at legendary here have moved away over the years from like, too much pre made stuff, you know, done for you emails. Done For You traffic done for you funnels, you know, the reason why people sell that kind of stuff is because it stops looking at things from the eyes of a consumer and looks at it from the eyes of a marketer. You could sell done for you stuff all day long here at Legendary, it's easier to sell.

Dave:  To deliver a quality product to somebody it's hard to deliver a unique product, a product that's actually going to stand out in the marketplace and it's one of the reasons why when I was doing network marketing back in the day, I I you know, the number one way to fail was to use the company replicated site, you know the same and send people to this, you know, it's just if and that's even affiliates a lot of you out there using the same bridge or the same landing page as everybody else and it's like, customize a little bit. You know, customize it like Davis is saying customers stop asking to stop being addicted to you. Stop being addicted to doing your email, stop falling for this stuff, stop falling for all this bullshit out here. I'm serious. I'm on another level lately. I think from now on just about you know, look if we're in and I've got this to get people's attention or else nobody's going to listen. Nobody's going to listen. And they're going to keep getting either hurt or falling for the gimmicks that are sold because people are always going to be selling it. Always going to be selling done for you easily. And I'm not saying I'm perfect. I'm just saying I'm a guy who even when I use the word easy, I think twice like damn, is this really an appropriate use of this word because I don't want anybody to think this is easy. It's so easy that you just pay and then press a button. It's not. But here's the point is there's about 30 to 90 days of just learning stuff or just being new and just being the new person. You're just a new person. And you know what you're doing and maybe you've made a you know, maybe you do what Davis did I don't always recommend just wiping everything and throwing stuff out like I don't I don't personally think that that's what everybody on this on this live should do. But it's what Davis felt was right for him and now he's back rocking it and you know, do you have any regrets? And if so, what are they?

Davis:  So, probably my biggest regret was that at first I didn't truly learn the skill. I was just creating content and I didn't learn copywriting storytelling. I didn't learn anything except for contemplation. But right now when I started to spend time learning skills, and things, you need to learn a skill before you can succeed, but not only the skill, but you also need to work on yourself, on your mindset, on your own limiting beliefs. Like notes, most people will never succeed in the first three to six month years of their business. I wasn't successful at all in my first three months, only four or five months. I wasn't like that right now. So I would suggest the learn skills and also 90% of the time like magic percent of the work you should be focusing on your own mindset, your limiting beliefs you need to work on that because if you think yourself like a failure then you will always be a failure you need to change the paradigm the way you think you need to. Like most of us quit because we listen to our own emotions, but like to use your mind to decide, don't use your emotions to decide when you feel bad. Don't make any decisions because you only make worse decisions. Try to use your mind more and then track anything that can make you be more positive and learn how to do the exact opposite of what your emotions tell you to do. Because when you learn how to discipline your emotions, your life has changed. That's how I am happy to be learning in this journey.

Dave: It's weird man. I've got quite a few Asian friends that I just feel like you guys are really skilled at this. Is that just something you learned on your own and you're just 19 years old you're just like, Hey, I gotta get a hold of my emotions here. Or where did that come from? Because I think that's a big thing, there's a lot of other things to talk about. on that.

Davis:  So you my entire life I was surrounded by and we just like undisciplined people and I just didn't want to be like them like to watch motivational videos. I tried to read books like Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, something like that. It changed my mindset and whenever I go to bed, I try to watch motivational videos and any number of things keep running in my mind. Whenever I feel like quitting I need to rethink why I started. I need to persevere through this. I need to stay consistent. And that is like the mindset of an achiever. So I tried to adopt it. And I know that when we change our thoughts we can change our life. And everything just starts with your own mindset.

Dave:  Yeah, well I couldn't agree more. And basically what you're saying is, that what you're what you're doing right now, it has just simply come from looking around as a young man in really having some examples of some things that you didn't want to be like and I can I can absolutely relate to that. So there's actually more similarity in, you know, in our culture than differences. Isn't that interesting? Isn't that interesting? Isn't that always the case when we really look deeper? So this is an amazing story and an amazing, you know, journey that you're on and the beautiful part is, that you're just getting started. I mean, you're just this is it's it's it's sometimes the show I feel like I'm like, hey, congratulations. But it's like I mean, congratulations for getting started. Getting started. I mean, and that's what I want everybody to also realize and understand is that you are sitting where you are in an apartment in France right now?

Davis:  So I'm in a shared hostel.

Dave:  You're, you're just in an apartment, you're you've got room. I mean, you're, you're just the very beginning of your journey. I mean in it. It doesn't even matter that you're 19. I could be talking to anybody. The majority of people that I talked to that are on the show are at the beginning of their journey, the majority Now occasionally somebody comes through and has maybe a year or three under their belt but most people are new like you. What does that mean? Are you able to even imagine what's possible and I asked it that way because I could have never imagined how my life is today. I have time freedom in the most valuable thing that I'm not willing to give up. It is the flexibility and the freedom that I have to pivot on a dime in go and just be with my son or be with my wife or that flexibility. I don't want to be famous. I don't want to be traveling around speaking on stages, being the guru of gurus. It's just not that I'd rather be rich than famous. Now you let me know in the comments if you want to be famous. I mean, look, there are some people in our community that can teach you how to be famous. But let me tell you, being rich is so much more fun than being famous. Because being famous. You can't go anywhere. You can't do anything and everybody's all up in your business but being rich is the ultimate life. It's the ultimate life being rich and nobody knows who you are and that's what the internet does for me is that I have my business life here on the internet in a section of the internet. And then once I turn the camera off or I go offline, or I put my phone down because I can enjoy it with my wife and my kids. And I can turn it all off by just going right into relaxation mode. And I don't think people really understand that. For me, let me go back to what I was talking about. What I was asking was I would have never imagined how good that would have felt. Also financial freedom, all that being able to buy the things that you want and all that but can you begin to see some of those childhood dreams about being financially free, even wealthy. Can you see a path to those actually becoming a reality with this with these business models?

Davis:  I actually right now I can see it but before I couldn't see it because like I didn't know about this opportunity and if I didn't take action that I could never believe that it can come true. So unique to like, dream big. Give yourself at least six to 12 months of learning this business model to actually learn how to do it the right way. And try to think the way successful people think track to this and do their live stream like every time like when I first started for three months, three, four, almost every single day. I have been watching your life. And that's what I did. I tried to think like the way successful people think and like to try when we take action when we imagine it , like it just comes to like the law of attraction and like some principle of the subconscious mind. It just comes in, think about because an obsession becomes your dominating thought. And the more you think about the more you can imagine the life and possibility of achieving, like everything you want with this.

Dave:  Here's the other thing. For those of you who hear what Davis is saying, let me add to that. Here's what I also think is really important is those dreams in that vision and that obsession that you have inside of your head that you're talking about. Find a place to speak it out all the time. Because if you just keep it in your head, it eventually is gonna take a washing machine. It's eventually just gonna you know, another loads gonna come in, you know, and if you get it you got to speak it out because then what happens is you get a reaction from people. You either get a oh, you know, that's stupid or grow up and then you're like, Alright, next, next, and then you get from the next person or two people or three people, they're like, Damn, you know, I'm listening, you know? And or they like or they comment or they go and give their email address or they buy and then you're like, oh shit now you got some competence. Now you have some confidence. Because I am involved in this business and the internet is the perfect place to do this, because it's not like you have to go stand on your street block with a microphone. You don't have to do that. You can do the video in the privacy of your own home, you know, just speak it into the phone or whatever. But you got to see what happens. Follow it up with action. Now what's the action? First of all speaking is action. But also, you know, write the email, take that same story and put it into the written form. And then just every day, just practice that, that storytelling, that delivering of that message both verbally and also in the written form, and eventually, both of you get better. You get better at doing it. You get better at doing the video you get better at delivering the message, but also, you've built up momentum and people are buying now that's where the obsession goes to addiction. And now all of a sudden it's like man, I'm not just obsessing about potentially this happening, it's happening. Now all of a sudden I got people who are responding and even even relying on pieces of content, new things from me, new emails, you'd be amazed how people will know how many of you right now this show and what we're doing here at legendary is important to you. I don't know that until I get on the live and speak to you but I have to trust that it's important to until somebody comes on and tells me that it's important and then I'm like, oh shit, okay, it's really important to them, and it matters and then I keep doing it and the sky's the limit. But I'm glad that you can begin to see a little bit of a path to some of those dreams that you had as a child coming true because what will happen in my opinion and this is my experience, is that the goals that you have right now. You'll shortchange yourself. And you'll achieve things that are beyond what you can imagine beyond your little goals list that you made you cute goals list, we all love to sit down and make you write your goals. That's what we go to a seminar and they tell us right? Oh, wow. You know, I learned how to set goals, you know, and it's like, let me let me show you how to execute. You know, I don't want to show you how to set goals. I want to show you how to make the goals that you set look like a child wrote them to where you look back on them and say I can't believe that I wanted so little for myself. I wanted so little for myself. I really didn't feel that I deserved more than a two bedroom house. Do you know what I mean? I mean, just seriously. I mean, I encountered this all the time. I mean, I understand. Look, I understand you get to a level of greed. We're seeing it happen over in Russia right now. We've got a man who's insane. He needs to be taken out. I said it. He's greater. You know what I mean? It's like you got a lot of land, bro. Chill. But he wants more. You know what I mean? And it's like, I understand they're sick, toxic greed. But what you know from reading books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad and also seeing Sara says this. That's a passion and that's a passion. If you've not experienced that somewhere before, it's okay to stick around. We'll show I'll show you more passion. I'll show you more passion, and you'll see a lot more from a lot of people on the show. I see everything that comes through but just I gotta focus on the guest when something funny comes. I like to occasionally respond to it. But here's my point really is that you know, we shortchange yourself, when we set goals and when we try to try to imagine what's possible and much better the majority of us to focus on the pain of what we want to get away from at the beginning, rather than what we want, what we want to achieve, because it's hard to even imagine what's possible. But what I am crystal clear about is what I want to get away from and what I want to stop hurting. And that's also what people can relate to the most when they're watching my marketing and and that's why marketing that talks about, you know, people's pleasures, and hey, this is going to help you achieve all this in you're gonna get you're going to take your your four pack from a four pack to an eight pack or you're gonna get healthier or you're gonna get more motivated. People are like, cool, man. But I'm telling you, if somebody's got, you know, tooth pain, or they're about to get evicted, they're down to their last little bit of money. They just lost their job. They're like that pain. Is so motivating. And that's why it's really important as marketers to get really good at talking about that pain. In that, you know, I won't forget that you originally started this conversation off by saying that was one of the things that you've really started to focus on. In more of your content. So that's fantastic. Davis:, what would you leave us with? What final piece of information, advice or experience would you leave us with as we wrap up?

Davis:  So I would like to share more about how to overcome negative thoughts because I know that when we first start we have a lot of self doubt and like negative thoughts around it. So when they whenever you think about a possibility, like whenever you think about failure you just think about it, that's a fact or is that just your own opinion? And if that's your opinion that that's not true, then just forget about it. Write out every single thought like, boss you have, at the end of the day like journaling and like to eliminate the old negative thoughts about yourself in your life, and new ways of thinking. Instead of thinking like I'm a failure, I could make money online. You can even think I'm learning how to make money online, and I'm gonna be successful even though I fail at first. Check, try to change the way we think. And then our life will change accordingly. Yeah,

Dave:  yeah. powerful men. A lot of this game is about mindset and the dynamics. I mean, it's more than just a mindset as you've . We've covered a lot of this in the last hour, a lot of the really important and really, I think simple ways to get started to help yourself to be a little bit more focused in a little bit less emotionally volatile. And, you, I have another way of saying what you said earlier, which is something that I learned in treatment, you know, I had entered into treatment in December of 2004, I think and did 16 months back then. And that was sort of my first experience into sort of treatment and in recovery, but I over II was one of the ways that I remembered intellect over emotion. Try to remember to make decisions that were based on that really, yeah, we're not those big emotional decisions. And one other thing that I wanted to add to your amazing advice from earlier, is that oftentimes a good night's sleep can do absolute wonders for your your mental, your mindset, you know, if I'm tired, I can want to throw the business out the window, but if I'm rested, I've got a different perspective. Sometimes it's something as simple as that. That will change the game. For your simpler eating habits, you know, to where you're not, you know, not eating for, you know, half a day or three quarters of the day and then all of a sudden, you know, panicking because you're starving. I mean, there's little things that we can do. I learned that it was self care. I didn't know what that meant for many years, caring about myself, that wasn't a priority. But self care is something that helps me be a better entrepreneur, and helps me be a better marketer. When I take care of myself I don't have to be you know, I don't have to be Mr. Olympian. I just try to get a good night's sleep have some exercise when I can fit it in and try to eat in a way that doesn't leave me panicking or rushing to go get something and then I'll just grab some fast food and maybe then I'll be in the bathroom for the next hour and a half, you know anyways, Davis, my friend. It's been a pleasure and honor Keep up the great work and please come back and see us again in the future.

Davis:  That's for sure. Thank you so much. Thank you to everyone who is watching the live stream. I hope that I can deliver as much value as possible to you guys.

Dave:  You did, my friend. It was wonderful. And we'll talk to you really soon. Okay,

Davis:  Thank you so much. Goodbye. Have a great week. See you Davis.

Dave:  All right my friends. You can find Davis of course we've had his instagram handle up on the screen at masters wealth, Masters wealth, spelled exactly how it sounds masters with an S masters wealth. You know, sometimes it requires a clean slate. Sometimes it just requires a good night's sleep. You know, I mean, it's amazing what some of us need to feel like we're in a position to start over. And I think the skill of starting over is as powerful as the skill of getting started. Because a lot of times we feel like well, this is old, it's done. I've screwed it up. Forget about it. But starting over, coming back. Trying again. Do over is an important skill to learn how to come back to something, pick up the pieces, put it back together and continue to stay in the game. An athlete when they get an injury. They don't throw in the towel completely. That's the last thing they want to do. They need to recover and then they need to get back on the field. That's what they want. That's what we do as well. Tune in tomorrow for another episode. Thanks again Davis. Have a great day. Get out of here. Be Legendary. We'll talk to y'all later. Peace.